Have you decluttered? Has it been helpful?

Oh, for sure! I declutter on a weekly (or more frequent) basis based on products I’ve tested and reviewed and whether they meet (or don’t meet) my keep criteria. When I finally get around to putting those kept products away, then I’ll often take things out of the archive (to donate, give to family/friends, or trash/recycle as appropriate) to make room. It is helpful for me to ensure that the makeup doesn’t push me out of my house!

— Christine


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Celesta Avatar

Definitely! I declutter a few times a year. But what I have found really helps me realize what needs to go is not buying new products all the time. Since I’ve had time this year to really focus on what I have and actually reach for, I have a better idea of what needs to go and what I don’t really care for in my collection. And what it may be lacking.

Seraphine Avatar

Sort of. I removed more than half of my lipsticks and palettes into a big box a few months ago. I pulled only a couple things out of the box since then. Having fewer products on my vanity has made it much easier to decide what to wear each morning. There are so many products I should never have bought in the first place, to be honest. But I’m not ready to get rid of anything yet, except for the four MAC lipsticks that went into a Back to MAC box. I’m sure there are a couple more I could bear to part with. No rush though, as there are no must-have MAC lipsticks on my list at the moment.

Heather Avatar

I have, but not in a focused way—just in a “oh yeah, I don’t really use this [glittery pink lipstick; colorful eye palette; purple blush]! I should put it in a box of stuff for the nieces.”

Even that approach has done a lot to clear out stuff I’d never get any good use out of, though.

Heather Avatar

I do de-clutter regularly as well but was happy to finally let go of some items I’ve been hanging onto and should have gotten rid of sooner. Not sure why some products are harder to let go of then others but it felt good to sever the tie. I’m loving my curated collection now, it’s much more manageable and suited to me. I think that’s key, finding things that I will love and use, regardless of trends and hype.

Brian Avatar

I declutter every so often as I accumulate more. I like to try different brands and different formulas to see what I like and when trying a new brand/formula I have a bad habit of picking favorite shades instead of taking the opportunity to fill gaps in my collection. So when I try duds or find new formulas I like more I end up gifting to friends/family. Then there is the yearly “this is old” purge. Since I do makeup on other people I don’t have as much of an issue with keeping things I don’t use as often because I know I will get some use out of those formulas/colors whereas if I were just doing my own makeup I’d probably have a lot more stuff to purge that I just never use.

Anne Avatar

I just decluttered my makeup aside from lip products (my kryptonite so I’m doing them separately) this weekend and it felt SO GOOD! Now I know what I have, what gaps may need filling at some point, and a lot of things that were on my wishlist got deleted from that because I realized they weren’t the type of products I either reach for anymore or just never have. Definitely something good to do while stuck at home for the time being. Also makes shopping your stash easier!

DVa Avatar

I did, sort of, when I moved last summer.
But really, I just have more room/better designed vanity to lay things out in a manner I can actually see them, so I think I use more of my stash ad share the love.
I wish I had someone to offer my *rarely-used* items to, but I don’t really have any friends who wear much makeup and those who do likely wouldn’t want my cast-offs. I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t want anyone else’s makeup either.
And, charities won’t accept them because it’s unsanitary.
If they did, I’d probably offload more.

Rachel Avatar

Yes! I took out all my makeup last week and if I hadn’t worn it in a year out it went. I also took a tough love approach for my other makeup – if it just didn’t look good on me I tossed it. I kept so much stuff much longer because I spent a pretty penny on it. Instead of keeping my mistakes it was better to let them go.

V Avatar

No but I desperately need to as part of my spring cleaning/quarantine things to do. It will make life so much easier and help me put myself together more quickly.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, I have decluttered a bit and it has been helpful in the sense that I have rediscovered quads and palettes that I haven’t looked at for awhile eg Lancome’s Jade Fever, Wet n’ Wild’s original Comfort Zone and a few others.
I get rid of any lipsticks that have broken pretty quickly and I don’t keep spares of blushes, mascaras or brow pencils, so I am good there.

Nikki Avatar

Decluttering as in getting rid of things? Not unless they don’t work or are in poor condition. However, I did just reorganize my perfumes-the ones that are still in their gift-set boxes will stay there, but I’ve put the loose bottles into 2 shopping bags I saved after previous Sephora trips.

Z Avatar

Yep. Not often as I’ve tried really hard this last year to purchase only things I’ve been drooling over for months (or years) and know for sure I will use them. Having said that, there are still plenty of older items I’ve kept hoping that I’d get use out of them and never do. So I try and just simply throw away old eye products (dried out liners) as I come across them and old lip products in colors I’ll never wear again (pinks). Feels good. I still have a massive makeup collection for one person, but trimming it down to things I love, even if it’s still a lot, feels good.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m way late answering this, but I may as well put in my two cents while I’m home. I try to do a big declutter twice a year, and smaller declutters through the year. The last couple years, though, I’ve been behind on the big declutters.

I had to move out of my makeup room a while ago, and I’m still slowly going through a decluttering process. A couple months ago, I decluttered a bunch of eyeshadow palettes, a blush palette, and some miscellaneous smaller items. I gave the blush palette and about half of the eye palettes to a friend who could really use them. The rest are still sitting in the declutter box, as I didn’t want to send them off when COVID-19 started.

I did find the declutter very helpful. Space is more limited now, though not as much as I’d feared. But it’s good to have room for some newer palettes I wanted. The reason I wasn’t using the ones I gave away were either: 1) the formula didn’t work well on me, 2) they were neutral palettes that were too cool toned/muddy on me, 3) they were DS/budget brand (mostly neutral) palettes that were good, but I have ColourPop or high end brand versions that I prefer, or 4) brand new GWPs (mostly BH Cosmetics or e.l.f.) palettes that I already owned. I also feel less guilty about letting good products go to waste.

Next, I’m going to declutter eye duos, trios, and quads, and start on single blushes.

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