Have you bought tested/used makeup?

Have you bought tested/used makeup? Or swapped for it? How was the experience?

I have many moons ago – probably six or so years ago. It’s definitely an option to score really hard to find items no longer available or to get something that’s been tested or used a few times for less than retail. The older I get, the more germaphobic I get, though, so now, I don’t think I would do it (personally).

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I’ve never done it. Sometimes I am tempted when I see something that was LE and released a while ago that I can no longer get but I always back out at the end. Like you, Christine, I get more conscientious of germs the older I get. I won’t even let SA’s at department stores apply their testers to my face anymore. I don’t judge those who do shop blog sales though–I think it’s a great way to make a little bit of cash/give items you don’t use anymore a good home where they will be appreciated/score some hard-to-find items for cheap! The only thing I dislike seeing is used lip gloss. How on earth would you even begin sanitizing something like that??

well, yep, but how will you know what something will look like on you? and especially the feeling…both finding and not finding out are risky, lol.

If it’s a powder product like eyeshadow or blush, then I know it’s pretty easy to clean. I wouldn’t trust any used lip products though.

Depends on the product. Powders? Sure, but I do sanitize them with alcohol (in a spray bottle, 99% grade). I have been doing MUA swaps lately and never have had an issue. Blog sales have been fine too. I would never buy used lipgloss or wand concealers though…those can’t be sanitized much at all so I think you have to proceed with caution.

Hey Artemis,
Alcohol evaporates extremely quickly. the only reason why people have issues with it on their skin is because it’s drying. If you put it on a cosmetic product, and then let it evaporate, you should have absolutely no issues with being irritated.
Source – degree in Chemistry.

No, I haven’t. Though I don’t mind receiving gently-used nail polish in a swap or something.

I have bought tested/used perfume oils, however. Actually, my favorite go-to BPAL scent (Shub Niggurath) wasn’t always general catalog like it is now. It was from an LE collection that came out right before I got into it. I bought a decant of it, fell in love with, and spent a good 3-4 times its retail nabbing more decants and an original bottle to put it in. It’s also the first BPAL bottle I used up, so thank goodness it’s available all the time now! Or else I’d be paying Tom Ford prices for a 5ml bottle of something that once retailed for about $15. 😉

I wouldn’t buy it. If a trusted friend offers me something of theirs and it’s something I want yes, I’d pay them for it or do something nice in return. But I doubt I’d do it from a stranger.

I have never tried used makeup but have been tempted as you can sometimes swap great stuff that’s barely been used. But the clean freak in me is a bit wary!

I do buy used makeup, but only powder eyeshadows or blushes.
I never bought cream blushes / lipsticks from blogsales (except brand new items).
I still think blogsale are awesome though!
Sometimes you just want to try products without paying full price 😀

Thanks, Christine. Saw some bloggers sell them. One sold her used makeup slightly used and her shoes also slightly used because she was moving. Another sold some new and some used makeup…and some brushes. I see alot from British bloggers also. I personally would not buy them, because I am a germ phobe. But it is fun to see what people are selling. I think your inventory, Christine, would be some people’s dream to obtain.

No, I haven’t. I can’t imagine ever doing that with anything liquid or lipstick, but a powder, maybe. What’s the best way to sanitize a pressed powder or blush though?

Spray it with 99% alcohol. That, or get a bottle of Beauty So Clean, which is pretty much the same thing. This is how professional MUAs sanitize all of our products. I put the alcohol in a little bottle that used to be for eyeglass lens cleanser–works beautifully.

Well, I always wanted to try one, but as of now, nope. I don’t really think that it is a good idea, but I guess it depends on who bought them in the first place. My friend are doing it and they encourage to do, so I guess I’m gonna try it and see what happens then. 🙂

Yes, I have – it’s easy to sanitise and I have no germophobe issues. For lipsticks, just slice off the top with a clean knife edge to make it as good as new. With powder eyeshadow, I just scrape off the top layer with a clean knife edge – scoring in one direction only, otherwise there will be an ugly criss-cross effect. Simple!

yes, i did…last fall a lipstick i still don’t use, only used it for some photos for school, a brown eyeshadow this winter and very recently too, monday a nude alverde lipstick because it’s impossible to find a light enough one unless i buy a mac one which is 24$ here instead of 15$ in the us…and we’re a pretty poor country on top, it’s just outrageous…a lot of people earn less than 10 24$ mac lipsticks a month over here.. >.< my mom earns like 20 or not much more :/

I was given (by my husband’s cousin, who is a SA at Clarins), the counter sample of their “Instant Blush Magic Colour” – an LE product that was in a small pot, like lipgloss and which was sold out EVERYWHERE and which I wanted so badly!!! She took off the top layer and disinfected it and it has been absolutely fine.

No and I don’t think I would. If something has been used it might be old or might have been stored improperly. I would never even dream of buying a used lip or eye product.

I bought used makeup once from a youtuber I watch. I sanitized everything, but in the end it grossed me out and I threw out/B2M everything I bought. I learned my lesson. I’ve been tempted so many times like with foundation, but in the end I think I’d rather pay the extra money just to know for sure it’s clean, plus a bunch more product!

YES! I’ve recently been swapping a lot through Reddit. it’s a great way to get rid of things that didn’t work out for me that I can’t return anymore (I’ve made some money selling my stuff). But it’s also a fabulous way for me to try out products I don’t want to pay full retail for. I’ve swapped things for liners, shadows, brushes, blushes, brand new products, minis – usually mid to high end. I just swapped my NARS pressed setting powder and a liner for two other NARS blushes. It’s fabulous, and addicting.

I do it all the time, but a lot depends on the kind of applicator. IME, brushing or wiping off the outer layer of lipsticks, blushes, e/s and other creme and powder products will suffice as far as hygiene is concerned. However, I will avoid buying a product with a dip-in applicator (e.g. lip glosses and tints, some powder eye shadows etc.).

No. I’m not even a germaphobe or anything so it’s not necessarily that which bothers me. There is just something about used makeup that doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t care how LE an item was lol. Similarly though I can’t handle the thought of buying previously worn clothing and shoes. The only pre-owned items I could see myself buying are handbags (like vintage Chanel or something).

Yes, I have bought powders, eyeshadows, eyeliner (you can sharpen to “sanitize” pretty easily.) I haven’t ever bought lippies because (like another commenter said) I have no idea how I would sanitize that. My gma would always tell me about her friend growing up who used someone else’s eyeliner and developed a cyst and eye infection that left her legally blind. I thought she told me this so I would stop using her eyeliners, but it sounds plausible. I shop blog sales sometimes for hard to find, LE, or Discontinued items. I recently got Urban Decay’s discontinued 24/7 liner in 1999 🙂

I´m pretty sure your grandma wasn´t lying to you, and I say this because I know someone who contracted a life long eye infection through a used eye product. It may seem like something implausible until it happens to you or someone you know but I wouldn´t risk my eyes for any special or limited edition product I could get, they are just too precious.

Ewww…gross! No way, no matter how nice a product.

BUT if I have a new powder eyeshadow or blush that for whatever reason didn’t work for me or I cannot return it, I will offer it to someone who might like it. Note I use only clean brushes, never my fingers, to apply. That said, I never think to pass along any eyeliners, mascaras, or lip products because I know I wouldn’t use ’em if they were offered to me!

Uhmm…I don’t know and being uncomfortable with the suggestion isn’t a good sign. I get completely grossed out by testers in stores and do most of my shopping on-line. I see used things on eBay occassionaly and in my own head, I think there is no way in hell I could do it. I believe I would have less issues with powder products over cream. Okay, if it was Chanel Joues Contraste in Caprice, maybe I could get over the mental hurdle.. LoL I do not have any sisters so never grew up sharing clothing, makeup, etc.. I do not think my stance on this is necessarily logical. I think if the item came from a friend or family, I could..maybe.. get over it.

If you see used makeup or other cosmetics in eBay, REPORT, please. That’s not only disgusting, it’s a violation of eBay rules. When you report it, eBay takes that gross stuff down ASAP. 😉

I’ve bought a coule used nail polishes before, just because it’s such an unforgiving environment for bacteria, fungi, and the like. But that’s the only thing.

I have. I got something on Makeupalley that was no longer being produced and I do not regret it. It was eye makeup so I scraped off a bit of the top. I lost product but it was worth it! If its a site like MUA that has swap ratings, thats always good.

I haven’t bought any, but I’ve been given some. Old lipsticks, (Just scraped the top off of) eyeshadows, (I really don’t care since I know the person) and pencil eyeliner. (Just sharpened the pencil) I’m really not a germaphobe at all. I just don’t share any eyeliners that I use on my waterline, and I do occasionally share mascara with a friend but it’s pretty rare.

Yes. Usually only for very rare, hard to find items. That’s how I got my MAC Ripe Peach blush, and several of my MSFs that are rather old, and sell for a fortune on eBay. Since I don’t want to pay $80 for an MSF, or over $100 for that blush, it has worked out nicely! I have done “swatched” lipsticks with people I trust, but it usually ends up being more than “swatched,” and I have to sanitize it and wipe it down. Same with eye pencils, which I am VERY cautious about due to the infectious diseases of the eye that are so easy to pass on. Sharpen them with a sterile blade, then spray spray spray with 99% alcohol. Sounds like a pain, but $4 shipped for a full size 24/7 pencil is pretty nice, and way better than any discount I already get!

I have never bought used makeup.
Interesting note, did you know the contact time for alcohol (amount of time for its to completely disinfect) is 20 MINUTES! I have seen other reports of 10-20 minutes, but definitely not a few seconds.
How many times Mac have you seen them just quickly dip the lipstick in the alcohol to “disinfect”.
I am cautious of buying used makeup because I don’t know how well they took care of it etc so it’s a big no-no for me. Several of these ‘limited editions’ have comparable dupes maybe no in packaging or style but something that will look similar on your face.
See this link on the CDC for more information. http://www.cdc.gov/hicpac/disinfection_sterilization/6_0disinfection.html

I may be in the minority, but I have absolutely no qualms with it at all. I’m not a germaphobe in the least and never have been, so I don’t mind testers or used things or swaps or whatever.

Yeah, me neither! A big portion of my collection was bought used from Specktra and Livejournal, and I’ve never had problems!

Yes, I have bought and swapped for used make up. I would only do this for things that I thought I could ‘clean’ like eye shadow, blush and lipstick. I would not buy used mascara, eyeliner or lip gloss.

Yes. Lipsticks can be sterilized with rubbing alcohol, and powders can be cleaned up. There are even products for these purposes, for example, BeautySoClean.

But NEVER lipglosses or anything that is liquid and has an applicator stuck in it – eeew! – what a breeding ground!

I only do this for limited edition or discontinued items. I prefer BNIB, though.

I actually had! When I was younger and would love to try lot’s different cosmetics without breaking the bank.I sold used makeup too. In this way,I got to try tons different foundation, found my perfect shade. But that’s when I was in Taiwan, where return/exchange is most likely impossible to do so (unless you have docotor’s note shows that you really cannot use the product or allergy reaction or so…).

At the time, I would buy foundation (most liquid, some times powdery compact foundation too), eyeshadows/blushes. I would not buy mascara, lip color, nor eye liners.

However, after I moved to U.S and as I have better financial situation, I don’t buy used makeup anymore. But sometimes my friends and I exchange stuff that we don’t need/like/use.

No I have never bought anything used or tested, but then again I never buy anything online for me the counter is the absolute only option of purchasing anything. But even if I did buy something used for some reason it would have to be nail polish and not something else, I have heard they sanitize used products and I guess that could be possible with a lipstick if you slice the top part of the bullet maybe, but how can you sanitize a lip gloss in a tube? The kind that has a wand applicator is it even possible to sanitize that? Well in any case I like everything I use to be new particularly something that I would use on my face, the only used products I would be open to using would be perfume and nail polish.

I bought a lipstick once that was swatched by one person in line in front of me at the store. It was new (just put in the display when we got there because the store had just opened and it was launch day for that collection) and the lady in front of me swatched it on her hand…but the SA realized it was already sold out (pre orders got them all). I asked if they sell the tester since she was going to have to take it back out of the display after all. She said yes and sanitized it in front of me with a BeautySoClean wipe…I re-sanitized it when I got home. If I wasn’t positive that it was brand new prior to the woman swatching it in front of me I never would have bought it…but I felt ok doing so in that situation. That’s they only time I’ve ever purchased anything used…not sure I would ever do it again though. It’s just not something I would normally do. I had just been dying to get that LE lip color and knew it was already sold out every where else (and no other location locally sold that brand so I knew my chances of getting it from another store before it sold out IF they still had it was slim).

Just want to comment about a person I know that had an experience with a used product. I have been reading some comments here that say that it´s okay to use powder eye shadows and blushes that aren´t new, now I don´t know about blushes since I guess the worst thing that could happen with them is getting acne or a rash maybe, but PLEASE don´t buy ANY used eye products, if anything those are worse compared to used lip glosses or lipsticks. The eyes are a very sensitive area that is very precious for us that can suffer irreversible, devastating damage if we aren´t careful. I know this because a friend of my mother a few years ago went to get her hair and makeup done to a beauty salon for a wedding, and the makeup that was used was from the salon. She got a terrible eye infection from a contaminated EYE PRODUCT that had been used multiple times and now she has a life long eye infection for the which she would have to take medication for the rest of her life, and of course she can never use eye makeup again but I´m sure that’s the least of her concerns. I felt like I just had to share this experience.

I would imagine in that scenario the salon didn’t practice good hygiene. They either didn’t sterilize their tools (brushes/applicators) or they double dipped in products (or didn’t sterilize their powder products between clients which they should do if they are a salon that values their customers AND their reputation). Now things like mascara or liquid eye liner aren’t something that should be used among multiple people UNLESS sterile, disposable applicators are being used every time and not double dipped. No one should ever buy used liquid eye products because you can’t sterilize it but properly sterilized powder products can be purchased and used. Sorry that your mom’s friend went through all of that but you have to really be careful about the MUA’s you use…just because it’s a salon doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed that they will be hygienic. It’s sad but there are plenty out there that just don’t do what they should. Nail salons are the same way…you have to choose carefully and demand that they use clearly sterilized tools on you (a good salon will open the tools in front you and will properly clean foot bathes before EVERY client). But I digress lol

I swap/buy used nail polish all the time. I haven’t but I might buy a lotion/creme that is in a squeeze tube. I’m paranoid about my eyes so I would never do a shadow. I wouldn’t for lip stuff either.

I’ve only bought used limited edition blushes before. However, just as Christine mentioned, I am an extreme germaphobe at this point in my life. I highly doubt I would buy anything used again.

I must admit I was really tempted, but my OCD got the best of me so I never did. I’m not a sucker for LE/ discontinued items, so the urge isnt there. I think also, my financial situation would allow me to indulge once in a while and get things I really want, so i’m never in a bind. But I wouldnt knock anyone though, my advice is go with your gut feeling!!

Absolutely not…for makeup? I’ve been an avid makeup wearer ( junkie) for 30+ years. Lord knows I have missed out on some lovely items that sold out before I could get to it. However I can’t and I won’t buy used. It’s just not that serious…..

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