Have you been skeptical about a brand at first but ended up a big fan of?

Have you been skeptical about a brand at first but ended up a big fan of? What brand?


In a way, every brand beyond MAC I was skeptical of initially. I really just fell in love with MAC and makeup, and anything outside of that world was a little, “Hmm…” I think I could be a little more concrete and say Chanel–I was skeptical, tried a few products and remained skeptical, but after trying more products, I’ve really come around and become a big fan of the line.

Thanks to Vivi for today’s question!

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for some reason i was skeptical of MAC! then finally at age 29 when i could not get the perfect match in MUFE i walked to the MAC counter at Nordstroms and fell in love.

Same, actually! for so long MAC reminded me of teeny-boppers who didn’t know how to use makeup (I guess that’s what repeated exposure to prepubescent use/abuse of lipglass will do to your brain) so I steered clear of it for a long while. I’ve come around.

i was skeptical of MAC too. it just seemed like too many products for any of them to be good. now i love their lip products because they are still high end but more affordable (relatively) than more expensive designer brands like chanel and giorgio armani.

I guess before I was ever into makeup, MAC sorta scared me because of how extreme some of the MUA were. I’d walk through the mall, and I’d see these workers with crazy makeup on. Now, I LOVE IT!

For me I’d say it’s NYX. I didn’t quite believe in cheap makeup before – I thought they would always damage your skin, and, I’d think, why not invest in some quality makeup? Now I love to always have some drugstore products and NYX is one of the brands that I always like to check out.

Oh my… BOBBI BROWN. Before I became more familiar with makeup, I had always thought that Bobbi Brown’s products were tooooooooo expensive, especially when I saw that she focuses more on NEUTRAL SHADES. ” OLD PEOPLE MAKE UP,” I thought, but I ended up loving the brand; the quality of the products are just incredible. They rarely fail me. Big fan, big big fan .


I thought to myself ‘Geez, she’s definitely ripping me off’ at first, but after trying one product and comparing it to other brands I owned… nothing could compare. Now I’m completely sold.

Korres and Stila. When Christine was doing a bunch of Korres reviews I was not intrigued, but then I came to really like a couple of their products. Same with Stila

I’d have to agree with the first two commenters MAC except I was scared of by the prices. I thought drug store makeup was the best stuff out there and that I would never pay the crazy prices of MAC. Was I totally wrong! A couple of years ago I became hooked. And now have changed my career. Would love to be a professional MUA. I owe it all to MAC. =)

MAC. I never would care about their collections or stop by their counter. I agree with others in that I thought it was targeted for young teenage girls. I thought they came out with too many collections & everything was just mass produced….they had nothing of quality. I just am now getting into MAC. It happened last month. My boyfriend keeps asking me “are you sick?” He had always told me to give MAC a chance but I would just roll my eyes. I am glad I did! MAC gives you the opportunity to play and experiment…I purchased three items tonight for only $50. I am really into Chanel & I could never get 3 items for only $50 at Chanel. The quality is a lot better than I expected & it is nice to have so many choices as well.

Milani. It’s so cheap and the displays are tacky, so I never would have believed it was of good quality if I hadn’t tried it for myself.

I was so skeptical about MAC but when i discovered Temptalia and read the MAC101 and some reviews I became a believer. The first product I ever bought was the do it up dazzleglass creme and since then I couldn’t stop buying MAC.

Benefit for me, I had bought their Some Kind of Gorgeous, and it was so greasy looking I returned it. That and their “makeup artist/sales person” did some weird makeup on me that made me look like a man! So I really thought their line was total crap, but then so many people said they loved Benefit and when Coralista hit, I knew I could trust them again.

MAC! I used to walk past the counter and never went close because I just felt intimidated by all these young girls standing around trying things. Not that I’m THAT old, but I’m far from being a fashionable young girl, lol. Anyway, then they had the Electroflash eyeshadows out and I really liked Odd Couple, so I went up to the counter, but it was sold out already. Once I managed to track it down (and ended up with all 9 eyeshadows from that collection), I checked out the MSFs and loved those too, so I started following Mac more closely.

I was also sceptical of high end make up in general, always said I wouldn’t spend loads on mascaras, lipglosses, etc., and look at me now, lol!

I don’t know why but I was very skeptical about Shiseido but when I tried face powders and new eyeshadows and lipstick’s formulation I’m falling in love with this brand!

mine was fusion beauty – specifically their lip fusion, i found it crazy to pay almost $40 for gloss, but after i received one as a sample from sephora – currently owning 8 of them means i’m officially hooked

Estee lauder. Because it seemed like a brand for oldies. But boy i was wrong. The foundations kept shine at bay and doesn’t smudge. And their lipstick are the best. Will keep on buying stuff from estee lauder forever.

Pop beauty. the eyeshadows, nail polishes, and general innovative and quirky products continue to draw me in, and if at first i was skeptical, i now love the brand!

Aussie brand Chi Chi Cosmetics. Love the super pigmented eyeshadows and lovely lipglosses. Was originally put off by the bright and cheerful teen style packaging … now I love it for it’s sense of humour.

I was really skeptical about buying NYX products as the products are cheap, so I wasn’t sure if the quality would be good for that price. But to my surprise, I’m in love with NYX products. Their l/s are AMAZING…love the variety of shades NYX offers

to be honest it was MAC for me too. I saw how a lot of girls had that obvious jawline (either too light or too dark). and the way they just caked on the foundation was NOT pretty! although i loved colors, the ads were a bit to bold for my taste at the time. I thought that MAC was not wearable and a bit too extreme. but now i’ve changed. i realize that it’s a great product and it’s all about how you use it. Totally love it and worth the money now. 🙂

I agree with Christine. Although, I was skeptical about MAC too, because sometimes there’s such a big hype over something, and then when I try it, I feel like it’s over rated. But the latest experience I had was with Chanel. I used to use Chanel eyeliners and Chanel skincare. Now that I am obsessed with makeup, I feel like the eyeliners are no way better than UD 24/7 and yet the price is more. So, I said I was never going to buy Chanel makeup. But when I was intrigued with Chanel’s Rouge Coco, as soon as I tried it on, it was love at first try. Now, I think I am going to watch Chanel launches, just like how I watch MAC ones.

yes, I was skeptical of Urban Decay – a lot of their packaging looks cheap and immature to me (ex – big fatty mascara packaging, the cream shadow packaging, the horrrrible pocket rocket lipgloss packaging), but once I tried some of the items I was really surprised at their quality – I’m loving the deluxe book of shadows – their shadows are great quality!

It was MAC for me! I avoided the store just…because. I don’t think I ever knew why. My love affair started when I went to have false lashes put on for a holiday party…the MUA was wonderful…she fixed the smoky eye I had done myself (and told me she was putting “sex on my eyes!” hahaha). She and I have become good friends, and now most of my go-to makeup is MAC.

Napoleon Perdis for sure…I have heard about this brand on YouTube before and when I visited San Francisco last summer, I found a store in one of the shopping centers. I went pass it like 4 or 5 times and each time I want to go in but there were 2 MUAs and no customers. Anyway, when I finally decided to go in there was only 1 MUA in there and I was lucky because later I saw a lot of comments saying the male MUA is very mean and pushy. The MUA that served me was very nice and told me everything is 15% off so I though why not try something. I went with a eyeshadow palette. Tried it out the other day and I fell in love with it. Went back and bought 4 more palettes and 2 lipsticks….

Please don’t hate me for saying this. Chanel! Lol. I tried Chanel makeup for the first time when I was really really really young and I just didn’t get it but now I know the problem was just that I wasn’t using the products right. In all honesty, I’m still not a huge fan of the eye shadows or blushes but I couldn’t be without the foundations, powders, bonzers, lipstick, lipgloss and so on.

Wet ‘n Wild. Their products are so cheap, and the NAME is so cheesy! But after reading raves about their eyeshadow, I decided to try a palette (they’re so cheap, why not?) and ended up loving it. Now I have three. I wouldn’t rate the eyeshadow as the highest of high, but they are not far down.

I was skeptical of MAC. I was always kind of intimidated by MAC stores and counters. I felt like if I didn’t have a full face of makeup on, they’d look at me weird. While I still am not a huge fan of MAC employees (I’ve had to deal with the notorious snotty MUA at my MAC counter), I am now obsessively watching for the next collection. I don’t wear makeup normally, but I’m slowing dipping my toes into the MAC pool so to speak. I blame youtube haha

I was very skeptical about Urban Decay. I was a little scared of the packaging and the glitter but I was pleasantly surprised when I grew to love all of their products. Now, most of my makeup consists of UD products. lol

I was highly skeptical of MAC cosmetics. I was really set on buying drug store make-up products. I could not fathom how people spent so much money on make-up when there are such a wide spectrum of products at drug stores. Then my cousin started working for MAC and I was intrigued by everything MAC. First, it was an eyeshadow. Then an eyeliner. Then a mascara. Then a foundation. Basically, I fell in love with MAC.

Since then, I’ve wanted to venture out and try other brands but it seems like I’m set so in stone to MAC. I love MAC products.

definitely was skeptical of MAC. i just couldnt figure out why people were willing to pay $14 for a lipgloss or lipstick when there were soo many drugstore option. up until august 09 i had never even heard of MAC cause ive never been into makeup except foundation eyeline and mascara then i started watching youtube vid on makeup and everyone was using mac makeup and in feb 2010 i finally decided to give mac a try and now that all i use.

Actually I was sceptical of mac. I didn’t see what all the hype was about and why people would only buy mac, I thought there is more fun in having a variety to choose from but I fell in love with their LE collections and now I am practically all mac

I too was a drug store makeup person, never going to the MAC counter because i thought it was too expensive and the MUA are intimidating, but now I’m totally in love with MAC! Thanks to YouTube and Temptalia! 🙂

for me it was anything that wasn’t drugstore. (mac, clinique, anything at sephora, etc.) . i thought the prices were crazy and never really knew how great the products were. until a couple of years ago i was so sick and tired of my drugstore eyeshadows creasing (UDPP was my first ‘expensive’ buy) and fading and not being pigmented at all!!!! i was always like “yea it looks like a pretty color in the pan but it wont be that color on my eyes”. and so i started to branch out. my friends think im crazy for spending the money for 1 eyeshadow, but i tell them i thought that too and now i know its soo worth it. (and mac is cheaper than a lot of other brands)

GOSH cosmetics form Denmark. I noticed it in Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and was extremely skeptical until trying the shadows. Wonderfully pigmented and a great colour selection.

For me, it was MAC. I always thought of MAC as the “cheap” one out of brand name makeup, even when I had never once tried any of their products. Then I tried one of their blushes (I think my first one was Stark Naked), and loved it! I thought the price, quality and quantity were unbeatable, and it completely changed my mind. I don’t know if it’s a good thing, though. I’m now obsessed and love your blog for all the info, being a newbie to MAC!

I’ll say I was a bit of a brand snob and was skeptical of MAC until I saw all the hype about it in the online communities. I think I started using MAC in 2006, and since then, my make up collection has become predominantly MAC! One thing that I’ve learned from this experience with MAC is cost =/= quality. I’ve even tried mineral eyeshadows from generic websites (at least, I’d consider them generic). I’m still spending big bucks on foundation though, because there aren’t any MAC foundations/powders that I like.

When I first started getting into nail polish a year ago, I was initially skeptical of any brand other than OPI. I’ve definitely expanded into other brands (CG, Barielle, Orly, etc) but I am still highly skeptical of any drugstore brand nail polish like Revlon or Maybelline. I’ll admit it, I am a nail polish snob when it comes to formula!

I was skeptical of SMH e/s singles, a lot of people claim they are very similar to MAC e/s’s. Once I bought them and used them, I was plesantly surprised. They sure ain’t no MAC but for the $ they work very well.

I was scared of MAC the people that worked there looked way out there and unapproachable. I tried them out a long time ago and I ended up looking like a transvestite so for years I stuck with Chanel, Lancome and Estee Lauder. Well I’m glad I gave them another chance and now they are one of my cosmetic preferences.

Stila for me. I just didn’t see anything that was “wow” to me. I picked up a bronze smudge pot on a whim about a year ago, though, and it’s been love ever since. It’s now even my HG foundation brand! I <3 me some Stila (yes even though your crazy idea of a train case that does makeup tutorials, lol)

Dior 🙂
I am more into pro makeup brands, such as MAC and MUFE and somewhat skeptical of other high end brands. I thought they might have pretty packaging, but the quality of eyeshadows are not up to par with MAC or MUFE. However, I am completely sold to Dior shadows now! So easy to blend.. I still use MAC or MUFE for my kit, but Dior for myself 🙂

I was skeptical of NYX cosmetics because they seemed to be too inexpensive to be good. Turns out, I love their shadows. I think they’re amazing! I also use their brow powder and I like it A LOT!

i think it’s Cargo, i haven’t give attention to their products until my sis’ bought a kit which was on sale. damn, i fall in love with it!

I am pretty much skeptical about everything before I try it. Even MAC. I was i think 26 before I even owned a single thing from MAC! I have one or two products from several different lines and I find it hard to buy something outside of what I know, just simply out of fear!

I was skeptical of Mac. I went into a Mac store and the girls that worked there were kinda mean to me so I was turned off by the whole store. I eventually went to a different Mac store and fell in love though.

Benefit! I wasn’t going for liquid brush whatsoever until I tried Benetint…They are amazing! And to be frank, it saved me quite some money as I’m no longer looking for any other brush, power or mousse, even the new MUFE HD brush can’t get me. This one is def. a keeper!

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