Has social media influenced your makeup style?

Oh, I’m sure. I don’t think in a conscious way but I’ve certainly changed techniques or enjoyed a different look/aesthetic based on how popular it gets over time. Plus, I inevitably end up wearing a lot of on-trend color combinations and products since I am fortunate to be testing those new things!

— Christine
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I think it has to some and I’ve definitely picked up a trick or two. However there is also a lot of bad makeup advice being expressed too and a lot of cookie cutter looks and a whole bunch of makeup hoarding disguised as being a service to you. I find myself bored and burnt out on makeup quicker with the abundance of youtubers, bloggers and reviewers. It’s not a matter of honesty either. There is just too much from all ends of the spectrum and I sometimes think it was better in ways before social media!

Not much, I feel hopelessly out of step with the trends. When taupes were all the rage, I loved warm tones, and now red/orange/pink tones are all the range, I prefer cool tones!
Only thing is, I probably wouldn’t bother with highlighter if it weren’t for they weren’t so ubiquitous right now online.

Temptalia and YouTube are the two that have influenced me the most. I don’t think either of them has actually changed my style, but they have taught me how to do my makeup better and introduced me to products and techniques that I didn’t know about. I don’t use other social media, such as Instagram or Twitter.

Definitely. I’ve learned a lot from (binge-)watching YouTube tutorials and picked up on a lot of techniques and tricks that have led to me trying out new looks. I’ve gone from basic smokey eye to fancier (at times) smokey eye LOL.

I don’t think so, or at least if so, only indirectly. I’ve never been one to follow fashion and I tend to wear what I like, probably “incorrectly”. Perhaps to the extent that seeing lots of different styles has led to a demise in rules?
It can make me more hesitant to try things, because I see all these ultra complicated techniques, am aware that I don’t have the patience, talent, or tools, and I retreat into my comfort zone. I’ve yet to try contouring because I’m led to believe you almost need a degree to do it properly.

Yeah, I think so. Before social media made it a thing I wasn’t using highlighter, now I highlight my cheek bones until they’re sharp and reflect light. And I guess I try to do a lighter version of the Instagram Brows on the daily, but personally I like Instagram Brows. But I don’t do full coverage, contour, etc. on the weekdays because doing makeup like how you see it on social media takes a lot of work!

I think it’s inspired me to try more bold and colorful looks, but I’ve never been into the more recent beauty trends, i.e. halo cut crease (or cut crease looks in general), super overlining my lips and using 10 different lip products all at once, a lot of bronze/contour/blinding highlight, or wearing fake eyelashes on the daily or using a ton of powder or baking. This mama doesn’t have time for that ish!

I basically keep my face light coverage, use a little bronzer to give my face soft definition and use cream blushes and highlight, and go colorful with my eyeshadow using techniques that flatter my eye shape and colorful lipsticks or glosses.

This is exactly how I feel! Was wondering what the heck is that cut crease! Have seen it done on ytube. Nope, not doing that. Halo, idk. I don’t think for me. And, all that contouring, etc. no. Not for me either. I, also love colorful lipsticks, glosses, & changing up my eyeshadow looks that flatter me & doesn’t take 3 hours to achieve, lol.

Exactly! I use highliter but have no idea on cut crease and colors ntouring ir cooking/baking fad. I’d love to bake brownies in my oven though. Lol!
I do use primer especially in my hoidedxeyes but hat all that extra step now they come with lip primer…everything prime! Too much! I’m no movie star just live to play with makeup but keep the hobby fun no sweat.

A little bit. There are some products or techniques I’ve tried because of social media, but I think I’ve picked up more of my style from “in real life” people and visual media like movies, shows, etc.

Yes; most apply far too much for my taste. I’m over using 6-10 eyeshadow colors, exacerbated by very little blending. I’m crazy about those who use less, blend more and keep the look everyday wearable (or nighttime dramatic, but still very wearable). Less just seems fresher to me now.

Absolutely. Especially in terms of technique I’ve learned over the years. YouTube has definitely helped me adjust my application to my maturing skin! It has also helped me draw attention to certain areas while masking others.

With regards to Temptalia, I’ve been able to spend my money wisely on products that suit me and control quality. Now I just need to control quantity!

I got my start with makeup later than some (late 20s), and it kind of happened alongside the rise of social media, so the two have really gone hand-in-hand for me. I don’t pay a lot of attention to trends or try to copy tutorials that I find on social, but I feel like the social media aspect has definitely driven my interest in it, from wanting to purchase more products to review on my blog to wanting my makeup to look great on Instagram. And definitely being able to discuss things on social media with my friends, sending each other Instagram posts of new releases or makeup looks we love or hate, or think the other will have an opinion on.

For that matter, the makeup look in my profile photo here was from a little social media makeup challenge conceptualized by me and two of my belly dance friends (they came up with the idea for a challenge, we all chose themes).

It has, most definitely. Slowly but steadily, it has made inroads into how I currently apply my makeup.
For instance;
1.) using contouring, highlighting and blush together on the daily instead of only special occasion
2.) taking exceptional care to do my brows when only 4 or 5 years ago, I was just using L’Oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa Eyeshadow on an angled brush. Now I trim their length with safety scissors, as well as my usual tweezing. I use a brow pencil to give better, cleaner definition to the shape of my brows before using the aforementioned brow powder.
3.) using the much praised, and highly effective UD All Nighter Setting Spray. Never would have given it a second glance had I not been hearing so many good things about it on beauty related SM sites!
Those are only but a few examples, I’m sure there are a few more, though. 😉

Not much, if at all. In fact, with so many of the looks I see on social media, I almost want to ask “Do you actually go OUT wearing that look?” (I wouldn’t – it would be rude but still, I can just imagine people’s reactions at the bank, the library, the coffee shop….)

Exactly! I have a thing with high schoolers graduation photos. Omg! Some young kids with the nicest skin covering it up like those Instagram gurus. Way too much!

Only tangentially, as I’m product driven. Might think, I wonder what X thinks about Y.? and google it. Only know a few SM folks due to looking up swatching/reviews on new products. Had to watch some Graveyard Girl, when that palette came out. I think the only app techniques I’ve picked up…and they get modified…are from Wayne Goss. The straight line crease for hooded/semi hooded eye has evolved into a few triangles that can make an easy 3-4 color look. Occ will try simplified versions of C’s looks, etc. But insta brows and blinding highlighter? Warm matte nude lips? No. If I HL, it is likely to be offbeat and subtle. Far to old to care about trendy, basically do what I want. I’m also a bit too nonconformist in general to follow others.

The makeup style not at all. I learned/improved some techniques but most of the makeup shown on the social media, especially the editorial and Instagram type, is not practical for me and it does not suit my style. Personally I prefer the type of makeup closer to the French style, that does not change my face and my features, but emphasizes them in a natural way. When I was in France with a student exchange program I had the chance to meet a MUA who studied morpho-psychology; the makeup advice provided by him, taking into account my features, proved 100% accurate along the time. I still follow his advice to this day.

Only in that I learn about new products. Style-wise, I don’t see anyone looking like me on social media (which is probably good for the influencers — I can’t claim to be an example to anyone so they really wouldn’t want to look like me), and I’m in no hurry to look like anyone I see on social media. So, to the degree that social media introduces me to new products to absorb into my style … yes; but, for learning techniques, placement, etc. … no.

Oh definitely. Before temptalia I had one mascara 2 or 3 brown shadows a shimmer for the lid and 1 foundation for special a B.B. cream and one blush.

I found makeup overwhelming and confusing- temptalia changed that for me! I was able to invest in products I knew were good. I bought mattes and started using them in the crease. I use primers. Just 2 examples. I started watching YouTube and learned some great techniques. I can now almost do a wing and can apply strip lashes.

I like Instagram for new releases but I need to go no buy now.

My bathroom looks like the makeup counter at a department store. And it takes me 100 steps to apply makeup but soooo fun

I think so. I’ve certainly learned about new products, techniques, and trends. While I don’t wear “trendy” makeup as a whole, I’ll pick and choose the ones I like and that will go with my personal style.

I wasn’t too bad with makeup before social media but I’ve improved greatly.
I learn so much from Temptalia reviews for quality and eye color looks. I just started watching YT about 18 months ago. From a few vloggers, I’ve learned alternative and much better techniques. I too like Wayne Goss’ format and education techniques. I pick up info from reading too but I’m very visual in general.

Not really. You Tubers have influenced my application techniques, but not the overall style (as in what I like colorwise or what styles I’ll wear). They’ve only helped me improve in product selection and how to apply my styles better.

I have taken in a little bit from videos. I started doing some light contouring,. I get a little inspiration from seeing some of these looks on YouTube. I’m learning about how to use brushes better. But I am resistant to using the concealer as a highlighter. I mean, you just put down foundation, why do you need a highlighter to look like you have a camera flash?

I reject having to use what feels like ten different layers of product. Foundation, concealer, contour, setting powder, bronzer, blusher, highlight, setting spray… Good God. And then there’s the brow products, lip products, and the six-ish colors to blend for eyeshadow, and God forbid they do a cut crease too. It’s just too much.

I’ve watched so many YouTubers put those huge triangles of thick concealer over full-coverage foundation, and I have to ask … “why?” They literally put on enough concealer to blend *that* out as a full face of foundation, and these are women that don’t look like they need concealer to begin with. I have a minor conspiracy theory that companies are paying YouTubers to slather on concealer to drastically increase sales. (Remember when a tube or stick of concealer would last a whole year? Try getting through a whole month with that application method!)

Exactly. I don’t get it. The concealer in the T-zone is lighter than their skintone, and then the contour takes up the parts that aren’t lit like that. You could cut one layer out here. For me, I cut out the huge triangles of concealer. I only conceal under-eye darkness or any acne spots.

The looks are pretty but they are extremely time consuming, especially when you add in the time for skin care.

I would say more in purchases than actual method of applying it I’m pretty simple. Lol! Would just love to master a smokey eye jnstead I blend! Blend away! Sometimes if a smudge can be called the smokey eye then I’ve mastered. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s made me regret thinning my brows a little. I waxed them once and they we’re never that huge and bushy again. They are a fine shape and volume for my face now, before they were more prominent. I just didn’t know that would ever be the thing to have, lol.

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