Has a pet ever destroyed any products?

Thankfully, no! I don’t recall Mellan doing so (he was pretty good about those things!), and we gated Winnie from being able to access areas that had a lot of makeup in more accessible places. So far… so good with Winnie!

— Christine


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anahita Avatar

My last dog Carla never destroyed any makeup but she did chew up one of my sister’s medical textbooks. She was unhappy that we had to leave her alone for a few hours

anahita Avatar

My dog Carla never destroyed any makeup products even though she was incredibly curious about it. She did chew up my sister’s medical textbook because she was upset that we had to leave her for a few hours

Ana Maria Avatar

Any products except the couch and rug areas? 😅

In the days when I was still using beauty blenders, I had to keep them out of sight. If my cat found them, she would play with them and get her teeth and claws all over them. She never completely destroyed one, most of them were theoretically still usable if you ignored the tiny holes and ruptures (after proper sanitization of course).

She also had a period when she was fond of natural hair brushes, and I would find her licking or chewing the bristles.

AJ Avatar

Early into my makeup-wearing, when I only had maybe 1 or 2 lipsticks, my late corgi Maggie managed to get her mouth on one of my tubes of lipstick. It was made out of soft plastic, so she put some tooth-shaped dents into it but thankfully didn’t penetrate to the product. Still, once I had other lipsticks I tossed that one 😉

By the way, you know how most dogs go around eating grass if they’re feeling blarghy? Well, since Maggie was indoors most of the time and there’s not a lot of grass in AZ anyway, she would chew on textiles instead. That I recall, she ruined one belly dance veil and one silk skirt that way, but there may have been other less-precious fabrics that I’ve forgotten in the decade since.

She ALSO had an uncanny ability to find chocolate. You would think it would be very easy to keep chocolate out of reach of a very short dog, but if there was any way to get chocolate, she would get it! One time we were out in the detached garage/workshop on our property and she came up to us with a “fun-size” candy bar (still wrapped) in her mouth. We had never had such candy out there, so it must have been leftover from the previous owner, fallen into some corner and undiscovered when they cleaned out? Thankfully, she never managed to eat enough chocolate to put herself in serious danger, but oh how she scared me the first time she managed to eat some, I was sure I had killed my dog by accidentally leaving something where (I didn’t realize) she could get it.

Stephanie Avatar

My chocolate lab, Wilson, got hold of a MAC217 original natural hair brush and chewed the ferrule so it was bent at 90 degrees. I naturally bent the metal back as straight as possible and washed it well. The dent is obvious but the precious (discontinued favourite) brush still works fine.

Lesley Avatar

One of my cats likes to walk around on my makeup table but none of the products interests him. I had one jump on my while I was trying to insert a contact lens, which disappeared into the air, but he wasn’t interested in the lens. He just wanted a hug.

Denise S. Avatar

That picture made me LOL. But it’s not funny when a pet destroys your possessions.I believe the key is to train them well, and to keep temptation out of their little paws. My sister’s old golden retriever used to jump up on their stove and eat their chicken, turkey even some of the side dishes.She was so sweet and greedy,lol. My younger sister’s black and white rescue cat that she adores clawed and scratched up her wood steps. Pets are like children you have to set boundaries and show them what’s not allowed. Some products can be toxic to them as well.

Nina Avatar

Yes! When I had my dog Lucy ***rainbow heaven sweet girl***. I found out she loved MAC lipsticks. It was the vanilla. She ate through two tubes. Much anxiety and an expensive vet bill, I learned to keep my makeup in my handbag where she couldn’t eat them. Problem solved.

Nikki Avatar

Oh, boy. Two of my now gone-to-pet-heaven furkids did destroy some beauty supplies. My blue healer/pit pull/ whatever? mix, Addie, chewed through a delivery box from Bath and Body works that got left on the back porch instead of in front where she couldn’t get to it. Guess she was enticed by the smell of vanilla? And, my tuxedo colored kitty, Hemi, extra toes and all, used to chew on makeup brushes and drag them around the house when I tried to store them on the counter instead of in the cabinet. I miss those silly critters. 🙂

Carla Ceretti. Avatar

I share with Christine the love for our pets, when I got my first puppy I didn’t have many brushes, one day I was getting ready and she was on my lap, I heard she was chewing something, nothing rare, she loved to chew those bones that clean dogs tooth, I remember that I looked at her and she was chewing the handle of my powder and most expensive brush, I screamed her name and my poor thing looked back at me so scared because I yielded at her I couldn’t take my brush away from her just like that so I hugged and played with her until she was calm and happy, she passed away a few years ago but I still have that brush.
At the begging of this post, I mention that I share my love for pets with Christine because One day Christine posted a photo of her dog sleeping on a Barefoot blanket that she had bought as a Christmas present for a relative, but she let her beloved dog have it.
Finally, let me mention a phrase that I heard one day…”If a person hasn’t loved a dog, one side of his/her soul has not yet awakened.

Andrea Avatar

My yorkie only likes to chew SIM cards and clothes pegs. Whenever she sees me handling makeup “stuff” though, she gets VERY nervous! She knows when I put on makeup I’ll be out the door soon so she gets anxious even if I’m just moving things around to tidy up and she goes into “stalking mode”.
She likes to smell things though (particularly when I’m putting on makeup)… ahah! If sth catches her fancy she tries to get me to lower my arm so she can take a little whiff and see what it is. Makeup isn’t that interesting to her compared to supermarket bags to be honest!
I had a flatmate who had a cat and it found brushes very appealing to play with… when I was holding them- that and pens!- but it never destroyed anything.

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