Has a pet ever destroyed a beauty or makeup product?

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure he has not! I, on the other hand, can’t be trusted not to drop at least one thing in a 24-hour period.

— Christine


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Leigh Avatar

My pug ate my brand new Bobbi Brown lipstick. Never ever got to try it out for myself. Thank God that was the only thing he ever got into.

Seraphine Avatar

No, thank goodness. I once caught him chewing on a rollerball tube of Mugler Alien as if it was a stick of rawhide, but luckily I got it away from him before his teeth punctured through to the perfume. Since then, I’ve been super careful to keep all makeup, perfume, etc. inaccessible to him. But his interests lie mostly in the tissues I use at my makeup table. I’ve caught him running away with a dropped tissue many times.

Hollie Avatar


We rescued a sweet year old pittie who was essentially a 60lb untrained puppy. He has this uncanny ability to choose the most expensive contour brush and lip balm to chew up. Always a contour brush or fancy lip balm.

He’s starting to get out of that phase, thank goodness.

Veronica Avatar

Yup, kids can be very dangerous to the makeup as well… When my daughter was 3, she managed to reach for my makeup tray, dropping it and shattering several eye shadows and pressed powders to draw with lipsticks on the floor… It was several hundreds of dollars worth of destroyed makeup that one time!

rachel c Avatar

A few weeks ago I came home to the unmistakable scent of nail polish and found that one of my darling cats had broken a brand new bottle of Butter London topcoat, the contents of which were then slowly solidifying between the border of my fluffy bedroom rug and the hardwood floor. :/ How he managed to hit just the right spot to cover the floor and the rug I will never know, guess he’s just talented that way. I asked him why he couldn’t pick a near empty bottle (or at least something cheaper???) to play with as opposed to a brand new one, but he just gave me that “you’re sooooo boring” look that cats are so ridiculously good at, and went right back to sleep.
Good news, I had been wanting a new rug and now one is justified. Bad news, the floor is hurtling towards the tipping point of needing refinished and this did not help matters.

Vittoria Avatar

Oh no! This happened to me with LE MAC nail polishes that I really liked. My beloved late feral rescue cat had remarkable abilities for both good and evil. I never figured out how he managed to knock them onto the floor breaking and spilling them all over my rug and dresser. They’re tough to break. Now there’s a new rug and all nail polishes are hidden away in a cabinet. I’ve been meaning to order those acrylic or metal shelves (for polishes) and put them up where my other cats can’t go.

Tara Avatar

Thankfully not. I have a black Labrador who has for the most part been pretty good about not getting into anything. I try to keep my makeup well out of reach from him just in case. He does however, love to get into the trash if we leave it out when leaving the house…

Ginny Avatar

Omg just two weeks ago my cat dragged an eyeliner out the bathroom, knocked its cap off, and ran around with it—she drew all over the walls LOL. The pencil faired okay, though. Just lost its tip ??

I can’t leave my brushes out in an upright container like on my bedstand—kitties love to “groom” them. They’re in drawers now.

Lauren Avatar

My dogs aren’t chewers or eaters of things they shouldn’t be so leave my makeup alone. I think the worst that has happened is the cat sometimes climbs up on the bathroom counter and rubs against my makeup brushes so I’ve had a stray hair fluff on my face before… but easily rectified!

Ana Maria Avatar

My cat considers beauty blenders (and similar make-up sponges) great toys. I mean… they are bouncy colorful and squishy. 😆 If by mistake I leave them to dry in the bathroom and I leave the door open, she will sometimes take advantage. Nowadays, I keep my sponges to dry in a special container with vents (one that I got with a Sephora sponge).
Sometimes she rips them apart completely, sometimes she only get her teeth into it with minor damage (I could simply disinfect and still use the sponge).

She also tends to be attracted by natural bristles brushes, especially when they are new. It doesn’t happen often, but a couple of times I found her munching on a brush head or dragging a brush across the room.

But she never destroyed make-up items, just tools.

Eileen Avatar

I’ve never had any problems with our pets getting to my makeup or brushes. I’ve always adhered to the motto, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” That means keeping everything out of their reach.

Ana Maria Avatar

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” it’s the motto I have learned since I have a cat and I actually like to stick to. I nowadays have minimum items in plain sight (make-up or non-make-up related) and I put things in their place as I use them. I somehow feel much better with clean empty spaces.
If I regret anything… is that I can’t keep plants, I would wish to have maybe some small succulents. She chews on them and I actually request people not to give me flowers (well, it’s less wasteful anyways and I prefer flowers in gardens 🙂 ).

Nancy T Avatar

Almost!! Somehow averted an expensive disaster 5 years ago when my XL Maine Coon kitty Scunci took a flying leap onto the spot where I had my brand new UD Vice 2 wide open and ready to use. Even though I was able to catch him and pull him off before he could totally destroy it, he did leave behind claw marks in several shades.
SAME cat years later, has twice this past weekend as I was recovering, decided to take a stroll ALL OVER where I keep a ton of makeup on my makeshift “vanity” knocking stuff all over the floor!
Idk, but I think he may secretly be jealous that he can’t wear it himself. Crazy cat! ?

Deborah S. Avatar

No, I haven’t had that problem. My daughters cat, Sophie, likes to come and sniff anything new but she pretty much loses interest after sniffing. The one thing she does love though is hair ties. Anything rubber, like rubber bands, hair ties, scrunchies, etc. She can sniff them through closed drawers and will work like crazy to get the drawer open to get a hair tie. She then stretches it between her feet and mouth and makes it fly around the room so that she can chase it. Playing fetch with a hair tie is her favorite game of life. I am glad she doesn’t mess with my makeup as I am not the best at closing drawers or putting things away.

Emily Avatar

Not pets, but each of my kids has tried on a lipstick from my purse all over their face. My daughter, who mastered zippers at an early age, wrecked three! She’s two now, and a wee bit makeup-obsessed. Should have seen that coming!

Veronica Avatar

Yup. Just last month she stole a lipstick from my maybe purge box and destroyed it. You would think she is a puppy by her behavior, but she is actually 12 years old, and apparently, likes makeup.

Debbie Avatar

I had one dog that was a lipstick thief, and one that did destroy a purple handled powder brush. She was a puppy at the time and if she could get her mouth on something it was gone. She also destroyed a six hundred dollar pair of eyeglasses.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

Yep, my sweet kitty (RIP) decided to bat around a MAC single in the clamshell and knocked it off a chest, dumping all the powder on the floor. Thanks, little guy.

Vittoria Avatar

Yup, all sponges and powder puffs are difficult to keep with cats. I’ve surrendered many powder puffs and flat sponges to my cats. The deal is that they leave my brushes alone! My egg shaped beauty blenders stay well hidden, especially the dense blue ones from IT Cosmetics since the cats loved stealing these and nibbling on them. I’ve learned my lesson. After I wash them they go right in the refrigerator in a little egg cup. ?

Karen Avatar

My two kitties were racing around the house just having a great time. I went to investigate because they usually don’t play together like that unless they’ve caught a lizard. Turns out it was my Beauty Blender, not one of my $5 sponges either, the $$ one. I learned two things, 1) to keep my sponges where they can’t get to them and 2) to quit buying overpriced sponges when there are so many others that I like just as much if not more than the original!

Gamze Avatar

My nr. 1 cat (RIP) was such a lady that she had never touched any makeup items, she would just sit and watch me apply makeup. So, I was caught off-guard when the new orphan kitten I took in one day decided to spray all over my stash! Thankfully, I was right there and immediately emptied the acrylic drawers to wash them. The lipstick drawer was hit very badly, but nothing had penetrated inside the packages. I had to throw away a couple of single eyeshadows that shielded the others from the pee. And I had to clean everything one by one, especially the eyeliners.

Now that ı have nine cats, everything’s in drawers and cabinets. Especially Beauty Blenders, since they are magnets for cats and they don’t last long in their paws!

kellly Avatar

Ugh, yes. My malamute ate and ENTIRE BRAND NEW JAR of some kind of moisturizer I had just bought. I freaked out because I thought it would make him incredibly sick. Luckily it was all-natural ingredients so his only sickness was “the runs” for a couple days because of all the oils in it. I was not happy, mostly because I was scared it would poison him, but I guess that was a lesson for me to 1) buy only all-natural products and/or 2) keep them away from where he can get at them.

Donna Avatar

My dog loved the smell of some of my lipsticks. I would leave them in the table after work. The next morning I found the carcass on his bed and dark plum smeared on the bed, his fore paws, and his muzzle. Thank god eBay sells discontinued colors!

Karen Avatar

One time my cat was acting interested in a lipstick I was applying so I held it out for her to smell. She was moving toward it, which I didn’t realize until I bumped her in the mouth and some got on her tooth. Almost immediately she started foaming at the mouth and shaking her head. I thought I’d poisoned her! Long story, short, she was fine and I’ve never “shared” any of my makeup with any of my cats or dogs since then. 😉

Heli Lahteela-Tabone Avatar

Yes. My cat chewed through my Too Faced Melted lipstick tube. I’d rescued them several times. Finally I once took out Ruby and squeezed and all the colour escaped through a cat-tooth-shaped hole on the bottom.

Bonnie Avatar

My puppy, Miley, started hoarding Essie polishes and EOS lip balms. I think she liked the shape of those things. We found a little stash. No damage, other than some slobber and teeth marks. She did, however, chew up 3 empty Ipsy bags. Now the door to the beauty room is closed when I’m not there.

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