Happy 175th Anniversary, P&G!

P&G is celebrating their 175th Anniversary!  To commemorate this momentous occasion, P&G Beauty brands are creating a time capsule filled with your favorite P&G beauty products that have helped you create the iconic beauty looks over the past years.  Brands like COVERGIRL, Olay, and Pantene have rich beauty histories and decades’ worth of products that have been incorporated into many of our lives, and this is a moment to think about how beauty trends have changed and how beauty products have innovated over the years.  P&G wants YOU! to vote for your favorite products to be included in the beauty time capsule.

VOTE NOW for your favorite beauty products!

To mark the year, P&G is also going to include iconic products that you can’t live without in 2013, and they’re looking for your suggestions!  Is it an iPad? This year’s best-selling book?  A peplum top? Can you imagine how much more will change and happen in the next 25 years?  The beauty time capsule might provide some comic relief when it is reopened in 2038!

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Check out vintage looks at P&G Beauty through the years!

1951 50th Anniversary Ad for Gillette

As a young teen, my first shaving experience involved the Gillette Venus razor in pink. Even in the past decade, since first using one, there have been improvements and changes to the product. I had no idea how long Gillette has been a brand and how far they’ve come. Isn’t it crazy that they’ve been improving razors since 1901?

1973 Head & Shoulders with Scratch & Sniff

The boys in my life all seem to have had long-time relationships with Head & Shoulders. I remember my dad using it for ages, and my husband, Shaun, uses it religiously. He even tried to stray from it one time, and it was such an awful experience that he’s fully committed to Head & Shoulders for the long-haul! (You can read his “review” here, one of my favorite lines: “I imagine the people at Head and Shoulders are Witches and Warlocks who sit over a boiling brew stirring their magical elixir and having forest animals bottle it. It’s magic!”)

1974 Herbal Essence Ad

When I was old enough to pick out my own shampoo, I immediately went for Herbal Essences. I remember my sister and I would both use the giant bottles you bought at Costco.  There is something about the scent of Herbal Essences that takes me back, instantly, and is comforting as a result.

Here are some more vintage looks at P&G Beauty brands through the years…

1986 Olay – Dawning of a Beautiful Ritual

1989 Aussie Product Line-up

1935 Clairol Print Ad

Debut of CoverGirl CG Smoothers Hydrating Lipcolor

Pantene Department Store Display