Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Update on 10/21/14:  I know a lot of people were looking for the Rouge Parade Rouge G and Meteorites, which sold out at most retailers–Nordstrom just put the collection up this morning, so everything is in stock. 🙂

A night at the Opera is a night of celebration. Guerlain’s 2014 holiday collection rejoices in the radiance and beauty of this magical experience while paying homage to its classic Coque d’Or perfume. First launched in 1937, Jacques Guerlain created Coque d’Or as a tribute to the opera as well as to his friend Diaghilev, the founder of the Russian Ballet.

Coque d’Or’s sensual breathtaking bottle was comprised of dark blue Baccarat crystal and finished with a thin golden layer. It drew its shape from the bow, worn by men on gala evenings and in the ballerinas’ hair. According to the legend, this ribbon offers the secret of grace and eternal seduction to those who possess it.

Coque d’Or Perfumed Shimmer Powder ($95.00) (Limited Edition)

A magical light-as-air loose powder surorunds the skin and hair in a silky halo of a golden shimmer, softly illuminating hair, face, shoulders, and the top of the decolette. A mere press of the bulb releases the powder, leaving the captivating Coque d’Or aroma in its wake, a chypre composition based on bergamot, rose, jasmine, and patchouli.

Petrouchka Palette for Eyes & Cheek ($90.00) (Limited Edition)

Illuminate the eyes and add warmth to the complexion with this Petrouchka Palette. Perfect for touch-ups, it features eye and blush applicators and five shades of sheer iridescent eye shadows—from champagne to coppery brown—for brightening up the eyes. The four matte and iridescent blushes may be worn alone or layered together: the fresh pink and coral shades revive the cheeks, while the rosewood and brown shades perfectly sculpt the cheeks.

Meteorites Perles d’Etoiles Illuminating Pearls ($60.00) (Limited Edition)

The subtle pearly finish of the 6 Meteorites shades, ranging from matte beige to iridescent pink, veil the complexion in a luminous radiance. The holiday edition reimagines this cult-classic product in an all gold design, featuring the famous Coque d’Or red bow and a matching red powder puff.

Rouge G de Guerlain ($54.00) (Limited Edition)

For holiday, Rouge G reinvents itself in a festive red lacquer for this limited edition collection.

  • 820 Rouge Parade Luminous red (Limited Edition)

Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine Lipgloss ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

  • 901 L’Oiseau de Feu Sheer top coat with golden pearl
  • 920 Rouge Paradie Deep black cherry

Ecrin 2 Couleurs Eyeshadow ($44.00) (Limited Edition)

  • 10 Cygne Noir Shimmering silver black with a deeply pigmented plum
  • 11 Cygne Blanc Silvery ballerina pink with frosted white

Le Vernis Nail Lacquer ($25.00) (Limited Edition)

  • 400 Coque d’Or Metallic shimmering gold
  • 901 L’Oiseau de Feu Decorative gold leaf effect

Availability: October 2014 at Guerlain boutiques, Saks, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, SephoraSephora (I saw the palette and Rouge G available now), Nordstrom

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Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014
Guerlain A Night at the Opera Collection for Holiday 2014

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I love the look and construction of that palette but I fear it might be a bit too warm for me (that blush looks quite peachy, though a beautiful peach indeed). The red lipstick – THAT I really want (and maybe that palette – I’ll have to see it in the flesh)

Oh-my-God!!! These are the definition of beauty! I cannot wait to see the palette in the first picture and the gold top coat. And the glosses. And the pearls. I am in love.

Well, if this isn’t all just ridiculously glamorous! 😀 I’m not sure where to start, but it’s all making me want to go get my fancy gown and opera glasses and head out to see La Traviata. Or something. 😉

What a collection! I want the eyeshadow/blush compact, the lipstick, the Meteorites and the lipglosses.The perfumed powder I’d have to try on as perfumes are so personal, but the bottle is so pretty I wish I had room for a real vanity, with a three folded mirror, sitting on a ridiculously thick white carpet, facin a window looking out at the sea. You get the picture 🙂
I think this is the holiday lollection I’ve liked the most, so far.
I hope they’ve sent the collection to you, Christine so we can get swatches and revievs.

Amalia, 😀 Haha! All the way in Greece… I sure hope all finds you adorned in red & gold at the Opera House! If there’s a possibility, I hope you win the entire collection! I’m just drooling and moving things around in my full cart at Sephora, going mad with choices and budgeting for gifts as well myself. If there was anything I could do for you, I would! Cheers <3

OMG! A drop dead gorgeous palette named after my late, great 80s Malamute, Petrouchka! Well, it’s really named after the Stravinsky ballet + it’s amongst my favorite music. With all the disappointing XMAS stuff, this needs checking out. Petrouchka the dog was no puppet (like in the ballet) large and in charge, a truly iconic animal. I LOOOVE when m/u has a personal association. But, it makes you think they were channeling you + you need it. The Rouge G looks like my kind of color, as well. Not so much a fan of Coque D’Or as Jicky, Mitsouko, and L’Heure Bleue, but nobody could persuade me that classic Guerlain does not have it all over modern perfume renditions. What’s next, Rite of Spring for 2015? Would not be at all surprised. Truly lovely holiday collection…at last!

I loved your comment! “Rite of Spring for 2015” – Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! A girl can dream, no? I think we need Firebird for fall 2015 to kick things off. Romeo & Juliet for spring 2016, Imagine if they’d decide to use ballet and opera for all of their releases! I would be a very happy, albeit, broke camper. Tie-ins with the Met and Royal Ballet, Puccini retrospective collections, Aida for summer, The Barber of Seville mini launch for men, special packaging with lacquered music clefs, tissue paper with the scores! OH, the possibilities!

I just gasped audibly when I saw the gorgeous, gorgeous, absolutely captivating blood red packaging of the lipstick…

I guess I know which company’s having my money this season!

I’m not one for jumping at things the moment they are released but i just couldn’t help myself but order that Petrouchka palette. Absolutely gorgeous!! Put my order in right away, hahaha!!! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Unfortunately, that meant I had to ‘give up’ the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette but something tells me I won’t regret it!! Thanks Christine for the heads up!!!

I would also give up the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette for this! The three shades looked the same when applied, if you have read Christine’s review…I am quite dsappointed to see that. But this! This collection is so classy! I think I am getting the Petrouchka palette too and the lipstick!

I had my order ready for the Ambient Blush Palette and quickly changed it for the Petrouchka after re-reading Christine’s review. I read elsewhere that this collection won’t be released until November. Somehow Sephora has some of it now… The Coq D’Or powder isn’t going to be released until December (this type bottle hasn’t be reproduced since 1937 I’m eyeing that at well…along with several item). It’s good that these releases will be spaced out to help keep the damage control at bay! I was starting to think I would ‘get away’ for the holidays without spending much money as nothing really tickled my fancy…till THIS!!!

Hi Christine,

Do you know if Guerlain will also be releasing a pressed palette version of the meteorites? I love the colors of this years holiday collection, but really don’t prefer the pearls.

I don’t think there is. I checked beauty blogs, counters and they have no pressed. I’ve seen the displays as well. 🙁
But no hard release date? I’ve budgeted for this.

It’s really hard to find info on this but I did read on another blogging site that the official release for the Holiday Collection at Guerlain counters is November 1st…the Coq D’Or will release in December. The lipstick and palette are available now at Sephora.

Been awhile since we heard from Guerlain, eh? That lipstick looks gorgeous, but everything else looks too warm for me. I do like the holiday packaging, though.

I’ve already pre-ordered the Meteorites which have a beautiful red powder puff. I sort of want everything from this collection and am talking myself down from the palette right now.

I almost always wait for your reviews before I buy anything, but I just ordered the Rouge G from Sephora. The last LE, Rose Grenat, was probably the best impulse buy I’ve ever made, so fingers crossed that this one is just as lovely!

The purple/black eyeshadows looks lovely and I’m interested in the gold lipgloss. However I am a tad disappointed to see yet another gold and red holiday collection. I hope you get a chance to review the collection!

Gorgeous packaging as usual. That being said, I don’t think I want anything from this collection, except maybe the Meteorites, but Holiday LE versions are usually super sparkly which is not what I want.
The eye/cheek palette is an interesting new product, but to be honest the eyeshadow colors are so classic that I probably own multiple dupes for each and every one of them. The blush part looks more fun but then I’m afraid the pans are tiny. I’ll need to check them out in person!

I want that lipstick but Sephora has it listed as $65 CDN. Yikes! I have 2 Rouge Gs already though and I love the formula…decisions, decisions!

I’m curious to try to the shimmer powder but probably couldn’t justify the price unless it brings me heaven lol. I’m pretty sure I’ll get the meteorite balls, I’m hoping sephora will have it and it’ll coincide with F&F or VIBR/VIB/VI event. And… I already have quite a bit to buy during this period so my wallet is going to cry big time. *in denial*

Oh! Omg! Holy shit on toast, this is IMMACULATE! #NowSaving $$$ O.O!!!! I could die.. Literally salivating with bug open eyes.. Will you be reviewing THESE? Oh, PLEASE!? Guerlain simply cannot fail like others! I won’t have it! I must knoweeeeww!!!! Holy crap. Damn. My world is rocked thoroughly. THANK YOU, Xtine! (Do many call you X-tine, written as that?)

Oh why did I not wait all year for just this? I’m going to stare and snap pictures now. Major Guerlain fan & lover, here!! Now it’s getting hot.. Finally. But must wait for reviews.. Then find a way to restrict myself from purchasing lol.. But collecting is ok, YOU SAID SO. 😛

All I want are the 3 lippies, lipstick & 2 glosses, and of course, METEORITES! But the palette intrigues yet deceives me in its dupable though enticing description. Maybe the perfume.. I’ve seen the lipstick. YOWZA YA! Givenchy made their own LE in Red leather casing.. Hmm.. I LOVED THEM, in my cart, but I do not like leather! Why did they ever do that!!!! It makes me physically I’ll to think of animals killed for a lipstick case.. That’s going too far.. Faux is fine, can be unidentifiable if done well, and costs much less! So the lipstick, while luxe, is mostly so expensive due to the special leather.. Not fair to use the lippie. So I’ve eyed this, but.. Ok. Meteorites will do. 😀 (Sorry, quite excited. I’m in bed sweaty and sick, this has my fever crazed. I must research! TMI? Sorry again. 🙁 )

Nope, must do fragrance/shimmer now as well! Patchouli.. Ugh, I’m dying.. Coque d’ Or… Mmm. Revised Holiday Lidt!! 😀 oh yeah..

To me, this is what a holiday release should look like. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the theme! I’m a fan of Stravinsky music and the fact that they’ve used it as an inspiration just warms my heart. I’m bummed they didn’t have a voyage compact meteorites this year. My wallet would have no chance. I would have caved, no doubt! Everything looks stunning! The price for the palette is very reasonable considering that we’re getting 9 shades. Mine!!! Chanel – your move.

I always buy myself an extravagant little present for Christmas and now I know what it will be this year – the Petrouchka palette! It’s gorgeous and while I wouldn’t pay $ 90 for a palette at any other time of the year, the holidays are a perfect time to treat myself. BTW, has anyone else noticed that while Guerlain is calling this collection A Night at the Opera, the names of all the products have a connection to the ballet – the great classic Russian ballets, actually (Swan Lake, The Firebird and so on)?

Hi Montréalaise,

I believe the Opéra in the name of this collection is referring to the Palais Garnier which is also simply known as the Opéra. It was build as the home for the French national opera and ballet companies which are both preeminent in the world of music. The Opéra is one of the jewels of Paris and is considered an architectural masterpiece. Anyone visiting Paris should see the Opéra and better yet, attend a performance there. Google images for it and you’ll see just how luxurious and old world it is.

Thank you so much for your explanation! Now of course it makes sense – I had been wondering why they hadn’t called the collection “An Evening at the Ballet” with all the references to famous ballets.

Beautiful– those pearls! But I’m not sure they’d be different enough in practice from the standard ones to justify actual buying them.

Christine will you be reviewing the Petrouchka Palette? I’m debating on whether to just purchase it now or wait until you review?…It’s so gorgeous! That lipstick looks great too but one of my 20 reds must be similar enough so I’ll pass on it…

OMGosh. Begging for swatches of the palette as soon as you have it and are able. Looks gorgeous but am a little worried about it being described as sheer.

The packaging is beautifully luxurious but (and I totally feel like the odd man out here) I feel like the palette, the other eyeshadows and the lipstick are not all that unique, save for the pretty coral red block of the blush. The gold gloss is pretty, I have a few gold nail polishes, it’s just kinda meh for me.
I will say that the perfume powder definitely sounds like a scent I could get behind.

I hope you can swatch the Meteorites, Christine! They look very intriguing, and I doubt any local counter/store will have them to check out in-person… One reason I haven’t tried the brand is due to the fact that we get very abbreviated collections in my area, if anything, and I hate buying blindly. Yours are really the only swatches I trust online…

I just had a makeup’gasm still gasping at the thought of seeing this collection in the real. I know I need that palette and the lipstick and the meteorites oh gosh, here I go again.

I would love Petrouchka. But I have a really tight budget. 🙁 The Meteorites are in contention and on my wishlist and budget (even made an excel sheet!) I’m going to have to see if I will want and perhaps use the Rouge G.

That palette, though not right for me, is stunning! The Meteorites are beautiful, as always, but I haven’t even made a dint in the ones I purchased last year. If they’d made a quad instead of two duos for the eyeshadows, that would have been harder for me to pass by… so thank goodness for that! LOL I DO NOT need any more eyeshadows! (But I can’t control myself!)

Am feeling quite faint as blood has left my brain and is pooling in my wallet!! This collection looks a bit gawjus and I may have to go where my wallet leads me……Guerlain counter, here I come….

Oh, wow…how gorgeous. All of it. I adore Guerlain’s lipstick cases. They are always so pretty. I just wish I could afford the pricetags.

The shimmer powder must be mine. Skipped last year’s because I didn’t like the packaging but I MUST HAVE COQUE d’OR!!
That lipstick packaging is beautiful too but too pricey for me.

I just looked and the Petrouchka palette is $108 Canadian (plus taxes, of course) which I find a bit shocking, particularly in light of the fact that I think the one blush is just too orange toned for me. I’ll need to check it out at The Bay but at this price point, all of the items have to be perfect for my colouring and preferences.

These look so lovely! Every item that I’ve purchased from Guerlain has been such a pleasure to use. I have high hopes for the Petrouchka palette.

I knew Guerlain would come up with something gorgeous for their Holiday Collection Meteorites – I can´t wait to see these in person to confirm it is true love :D! I’m also impressed by the beautiful lipstick – the color and packaging are beyond luxurious! Guerlain really knows how to put together a stunning holiday collection!

I really want to get that palette. The theme is really lovely, and a high quality double decker palette is great, as usually that kind of packaging ends up being awkward, but this looks quite useable. The shadows and blushes look like practical elegance, could be used every day, yet one would still feel luxurious using it. This, and the chanel highlighter are gonna be my big splurges of the season.

Thank you for the update about Nordstrom! I was able to order some items through my SA, though I was interested in the polishes but was waiting to see if Sephora ever got them (haven’t seen it). So I thought I would order from Nordstrom-but wow, they have 901 L’Oiseau de Feu listed as $95 and the Beauty specialist I chatted with hasn’t been able to confirm the price. $25 is reasonable but unless it’s real gold, that is steep!

Bloomingdale’s API (back-end technology) is showing me $25 for it (but it looks like it sold out). I can’t imagine it being $95.

I can confirm that Sephora may have Meteorites in stores. Went to Valley Fair. About 12 in stock (because I brought 1). Not online. They may not have the palette until the hard release in November. Some Nordstroms have gotten them in early early during Trend Show (San Francisco Centre).
Nordstrom is all backordered.

I love that palette, but given where I’m at, no chance to see it in person. Is there any chance oyu’ll be reviewing it or anything from this collection?

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