Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Oh, Giorgio! That’s Just Mauve-velous!

Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow ($32.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a subdued mauve with hints of plum and muted gold shimmer. MAC Universal Appeal is lighter, pinker. MAC Hypnotiznig is grayer, less pink. NARS Lhasa is darker, smokier. NARS Charade has more purple in it, less plum/mauve, and has a matte finish. Tarina Tarantino Fantastical is almost the same, slightly less plum. MAC Circa Plum has more purple, less red tones. MAC Tendersmoke is similar but less plum.

Looking at the color overall, I think it’s less nuanced than some other shades by the brand (but more nuanced than some of their least impressive–color-wise–shades, too). It’s somewhere in-between full of depth and more readily duped. It’s a gorgeous shade, but judging by the number of similar shades I was able to pull out, it’s not uncommon.

I love when these types of products apply with full color coverage both dry and wet. It just makes it a much more versatile product. When it’s used dry, it is lighter, less burgundy-tinted. When it’s applied damp, it smooths out a wee bit more, and it takes on a deeper mauve/plum coloring.

The texture is finely-milled, soft, and applies smoothly both wet and dry, though slightly smoother when applied wet as the product pulls together better.  When I tested it out for wear, it lasted a full twelve hours with no fading or creasing.

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Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #27 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani #29 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #29, #27, L’Oreal Smoldering Plum

Giorgio Armani #29 Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadow
Giorgio Armani #29, #27, L’Oreal Smoldering Plum (12 hours of wear)



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@michybelle I don’t think it does at all. I have the tough as taupe color and htat’s a gray-taupe, fairly dark. This is mauve and plum with shimmer. They’re not even in the same color family to me.

blueraccoon I was reading this the same way and getting even more confused with all the taupe references ’cause I’m just not seeing it.  This whole ETK business has been confusing to me.. *runs around in circles pulling hair out*

@michybelle LOLOL! Okay, now I don’t feel quite as “What the heck was she thinking?” Hee. I haven’t seen the plum in person but I don’t think you’re the only one on here saying that! Although *points up* Christine says it’s purpler and redder.

Christine-Temptalia Thank you, I saw they weren’t quite dupes by comparing their photos, it just reminded me of it in some way 🙂

I dunno…swatched on the hand it looks like a cool copper-silver combo, with depth and ..layers. But then on the eye it is just…Mauve. Lots of mauves out there already.

I love seeing the first pictures of the Eyes to Kill in the pan, and the different colors in each one…and then scrolling down to see what they combine into as the actual applied shadow.  I think that’s fun.  I like this color, but it’s not my favorite.  Overall I think I like the ones that came out last year better!

@KK Visually, I know exactly what you mean because it’s fun and like a little mystery..but it also drives me crazy!!!  I think to myself “Exactly what colour is it???”..  I want to know before I buy!  Definitely these are the type of shadows you want to read/see a review before considering a purchase.  Not only because of the $$, but also so you have some rough idea of the darn colour.  LoL!  A good example is #24 and #25.. they look virtually the same in the pan, but they are so different swatched.  I completely scrooed up the other day and ordered the same darn colour (#24) when I meant to order #25.  Gah! 

Not close to the Maybelline tatto Taupe color.. .the Eyes to Kill is much more burgendy- less gray.  I have them both- they are very different.  Texture is different too. The armani shadows are so smooth and awesome!  I love them- I was wondering what kind of brush are you guys using for these?  And how do you apply them wet?  I don’t think I would apply them wet though because I don’t like what it does to my $32+ eye shadow when any type of water gets in there LOL  So what brush dry??

annedreshfield whaaa..I’m actually not familiar with Charade.  Gotta look that one up and neither am I familiar with Hypnotizing. I’ll look that one up as well.  Apparently not on my game today *grin*.  Anyhow,  I’m trying to stay away from MAC personally.  Here’s the thought that passed through my head today in all seriousness:  I wish I could take my big box of MAC shadows and exchange it for a box of MUFE shadows.. seriously!   The only MAC shadows I have a love affair with anymore are those tried and true shades which has been around for quite sometime.  They really are not the company they used to be in my opinion.  I was salivating over a ton of MUFE matte shadows today and picked out 10..TEN..that I would really love to add to my collection.  I love matte shadows like crazy and use them all the time as a base for layering. I’m actually not very good at using shadows wet, so I rely on my limited skills to pack a matte shadow and then apply shimmers on top if I want more of a glistening look.  More info than you ever bargained for once again!  Ha!!!  

wwendalynne NARS Charade isn’t quite as deep purple-y — and it’s matte. But it makes for a gorgeous smoky eye for day (and night if you pack on the purple, which I rarely do). Which MAC shadows do you like/which do you think are overrate? I was thinking of buying a palette and filling it up with shadow trios. Here’s what’s on my list to try…ya ready?!Shroom, Ricepaper, Wedge, Bronze, Woodwinked, Orb, Naked Lunch, Mythology, Swiss Chocolate, Cork, Jest, Vex, Print, and All That Glitters.Which MUFE shadows are you loving? I’ve never, ever tried their shadows. No idea why! 

annedreshfield The palette idea is great to save money and wasteful packaging!  It’s interesting, but you have really nailed all the classics .. Instead of ricepaper, I would go with Grain, but that’s me.  It’s a really pretty light brown shimmer.  Print it a really nice grey and I get a lot of wear out of it in the fall/winter.  Here’s a colour you need if you are going the MAC route:  Patina!!!  You can thank me later.. You’ll love it, I guarantee!  Also if you are going MAC route, stay away from the new collections and you should be fine!  Like I mentioned, you have listed a lot of their cornerstone products.  I love purple for a smokey eye.. esp. a muted purple.. eggplant purple rocks on my olive green/golden eyes.  Pair purple with copper sometime..seriously..I love the two together.  You go easy and put the emphasis on one or the other.I’m slipping over to my Sephora account to pull the numbers for you on my wishlist.  I probably have dupes for a number of these from either MAC or UD so I will review completely before I purchase, but this will give you a sense of the colours I’m wanting in matte form.  The MUFE matte formulas are really good and I know at one point, Christine reviewed the works in a series of posts..  Kafka gave me a link to the greens on facebook last week.  Okay, so here is my hit list..#35, #39, #40, #76, #157, #160,  #166 and not a matte shade #171 (chartreuse of which I can’t seem to get enough of..).   Now I’m not in the mood to champion UD right now, but their individual eyeshadows are really really good too.  I don’t care what everyone else says, but I swear the naked palettes are not the same quality.  One of my all time favourite UD colours, Tease, is total crap in the Nakeds palette II and yet my single is buttery soft and goes on like a dream.  The palette version is chalky with little to no payoff even when I pack the sucker like crazy.  Anyhow, you have to check out MUFE..because I can honestly say I have never been disappointed in their shadows..EVER.  MAC is so hit and miss these days I worry if they are screwing around and maybe even messing up their tried and true products.  Most of my shadows I have had hanging around before MAC started going down the toilet with the quality.  Check out Christine’s reviews of MUFE colours in her archives to get more information.  I will make one exception to my MAC bashing and that would be Patina and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get a good one.  The colour is really unique and it looks amazing on everyone from super light to super dark skin.This is turning into a novel..oh dear!  Hope this helps and doesn’t confuse!

wwendalynne No Wendy, this is AWESOME! Thank you for the tips. I’ve added Patina to my list…I’m hoping to build up some great neutrals and then add in some “specialty” colors to spice things up. I’m off to check out MUFE now. You enabler you..! 🙂

Voxy Hi Voxy:  I’m having the same issue looking at Nordstrom’s swatches which are really horrendous this time around.  I got very confused between #24 and #25 as well.  Of course, they do look almost the same in the pan.  Here’s what I see:  #27 Oxidised Silver is this one here on Temptalia..  If you look at the #28, it has ‘gold’ bits in it, not ‘silver’ bits.  I just think the Nordie swatches bite!  I wrote about my angst regarding these eyeshadows in a another comment.  I love the look in the pan, but it can be incredibly misleading!!!  

wwendalynne I had the same issues you all are having.  I ordered mine from Nordstom and #28 Red Platine is the copper color and #27 Oxidised Silver is the Plum color.

@NeenaJ Kicking myself I didn’t order them all really.. instead, I’ve tortured myself mentally through even single review and then succumbed a couple of days later and ordered.  LoL!  I have 3 separate orders for some of these colours from different sources.. 

Pretty color, I definitely like it better in the jar though. In the swatch, it really looks a bit too much like a deeper version of L’Oreal’s Pink Sapphire 🙁

This is an exact shade of the European version of a L’Oreal infallible shade my friend has. Since they are both made by the same company it doesn’t surprise me… but the only issue is the european version is less than half the price of the GA. Which makes me wonder if the GA are really worth the $32 dollar price.

Christine-Temptalia Okie thanks for checking..they have colour names and numbers on Nordstrom for some strange reason and this colour appears light grey on my screen.. not that any on-line store I know of has decent swatches ;0)

Christine-Temptalia That’s exactly what I should have done..just closed my eyes and ordered the whole enchilada rather than torture myself each and every review only to cave in the end. Ha!

I wore this yesterday to work with the ETK copper color, #28 and both are just gorgeous.  Nothing I have in my stash comes close to being as beautiful a plum as this color.  It makes my hazel eyes pop without screaming, “purple eyeshadow!”

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