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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: 10x elf lipsticks (they released new shades in the formula I reviewed recently), Phytosurgence cream eyeshadows (new shades, not here yet), and Moira Gel Liners and Signature Lipsticks. Not entirely sure about the priority on swatching the lip products quite yet as I’m not in dire need of lip products to review quite yet so my focus will be on eye products to review!

Weekend plans: I might do some photographing/swatching today but might just spend some time with the puppies before I take Winnie for a meet & greet at a “dog academy.” They focus on building confidence, impulse control, and problem solving with different games and activities. Hopefully, Winnie is a good match 🙂

What does your typical evening routine look like? Since I’m up earlier, I tend to get into bed around 8PM and wind down before trying to sleep between 9-10PM. I often scroll through TikTok and cuddle Winston or do some light reading. Right now, with the mom + pups I’m fostering, my nights are a bit busier, as I just started the weaning process so I give the pups a night time feeding around 8PM in case mama says “not to tonight, sweethearts” for nursing. They lap up all that puppy formula in less than 10 minutes, but then there are nine milky lil’ faces to clean up, which takes three times as long!

Psst… since it’s Friday and we’re heading into the weekend, if you have some downtime, consider playing one of the games hubby and I have created! 🙂 You’ll find all of our games on Awordy, but here’s a breakdown of what we have so far:

  • Adoptle (guess the name of an adoptable pet in six guesses)
  • Concludle (figure out the subject within six clues)
  • Mislettered (guess one letter at a time to figure out the phrase/quote)
  • Word Frenzy (find as many words from the letters available before the shark devours them)

This week's doggo photo/video...

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group!


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Seraphine Avatar

Recent Purchases: Rouge Dior Matte Lipstick in 625 Mitzah, MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection, and MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare. Also, I did my final two Back-to-MACs and got Sweet Deal and Smoked Almond lipsticks. The only good thing I can say about MAC ending this program is that it prompted me to declutter 24 old MAC lipsticks.

Rediscoveries: Lip pencils in general. I haven’t used one in ages because I haven’t felt I needed one with the matte lipsticks I’ve been wearing, but when I picked up a MAC Amplified finish this week, I knew I’d need a pencil to keep it from bleeding outside my lips.

Weekend Plans: Music lesson, visiting family, chores, and trying not to snack so much (doctor weighed me today and I put on a few pounds).

What does your typical evening routine look like? On a work night, I’ll change into something stretchy as soon as I get home, then have dinner. I might go for a 20-30-minute walk with my husband, if I’m not too tired. Then I’ll play one of my musical instruments for a little while. At this point I’ll have my final snack of the day, then wash my face and brush my teeth. After that, I’ll either read or watch something on cable, Netflix, or Hulu until it’s time to go to sleep.

Genevieve Avatar

Sometimes when we have dinner early, I feel like a snack or two – trouble is so many of them aren’t good for you, so I know what you mean.
Both those lipsticks you ended up getting are gorgeous shades, with Smoked Almond very
similar to one of my favourites – Maybelline’s Mauve for Me. I am sure you are going to be very happy with them.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I made a walmart order and this heart shaped cheek & lip color from Lotte London hopped into my cart. It is very cute! I need to be more conscientious about spending going forward though since I have gone ham lately!

Weekend plans: The usual: housework, art, reading, walking the dog. I will finish season 1 of Next in Fashion (on netflix, with Tan from Queer Eye) and start on season 2 probably.

What does your typical evening routine look like? Most days it is dinner around 5-6 with either me or DH cooking. We mostly take turns cooking though this isn’t completely formal. When we got married 20 years ago he did not know how to cook at all, so i am beyond grateful he’s picked it up and actually kind of enjoys it. We will watch TV, either a fiction show we are watching together or MasterChef reruns on Hulu. Once the pets are fed and the dog is taken out one more time we will go to bed and wind down. I usually do my Duolingo challenges for the day (I am over one year on my streak now!!) and then read–or more likely look at tumblr and Instagram. I am trying to be better about not just scrolling social media but it is a constant battle.

Genevieve Avatar

My husband for 45+ years didn’t know how to cook when we got married and he is still pretty hopeless now! However, he does do a BBQ really well.
It’s great that he enjoys it and is willing to make different kinds of meals. One of my best friend’s husband does nearly all of the cooking and I envy her!

Mariella Avatar

Same here. I always laugh when men claim they can bbq….seriously? Most of the time, it’s the women who prepare the marinade, do whatever prep needs doing for the protein portion or the vegetables and the men just stand there with the turner and the tongs, turning the meat (usually more times than is either needed or wise). As I’ve lamented here in past, if it comes to actual “cooking”, my husband’s repertoire consists mainly of grilled cheese, scrambled eggs or hot dogs (on the bbq!) He really has no interest in learning at all and I have to cut him some slack since there are so many household “things” I don’t want to learn to do either.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing this week, though I am very tempted by Terra Moons Spring release and may pick up a few that intrigue me. I’m so happy they’re coming out with new shades in the original shimmer formula! It’s my favorite shimmer formula.

Rediscoveries: Nothing that I can think of. This week I just grabbed things at random.

Weekend plans: Hopefully resting. Both my husband and I have been slammed at work this week.

What does your typical evening routine look like? After dinner, either my husband or I gives our son a bath while the other cleans up the kitchen. Then, I either shower and/or wash my face. We play with our son and listen to music or watch a show in the background, then all electronics off for some quiet time before my son goes has a snack and goes to bed. My husband and I will sit and spend some time together, then I brush my teeth and read in bed for a while before I go to sleep myself.

Mariella Avatar

Good to see that the puppies are thriving and growing. I’m amazed by their will to survive and by your dedication in caring for them with such amazing devotion.

Haul: Sephora finally restocked Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask so I ordered a jar, which arrived on Monday (yay!). I also picked up a jar of that Aztec Secret (it can’t be THAT much of a secret!) Indian Healing Clay (I’ve been interested in it for years but found a tub of it at Winners for next to nothing). I also purchased a Sephora gift card for my daughter for her birthday which is in 2 days.

Weekend plans: it started this morning with a trip to the gym followed by brunch with our daughter and grand-daughter (son in law had to work, unfortunately). Face-time call tonight (tomorrow for them) with our youngest and his wife in Japan. Tomorrow, gym in the a.m. followed by a nice long shower, hair wash and getting ready for my favourite niece’s stag and doe party (they’re not my cut of tea but I love my niece so will happily go for her sake).

Typical evening routine: there isn’t one, really. Hubs goes to 2 dinner hour gym classes every week (it irks me but what the heck…) so some nights we have dinner and some nights we don’t. Every weeknight, almost without fail, I watch Coronation Street. On days when I teach or when I’m working out with the trainer, I’m up early so I usually try to be in bed by 9 pm, after a warm shower, cleansing my face and doing my night time skin care, tooth brushing and setting my Saje diffuser and (in winter) the bedroom humidifier.

Genevieve Avatar

Happy birthday to your daughter Mariella and I am sure she’ll appreciate the Sephora gift card – I hear that they are having a massive sale, so it will be great for her to stock up on all the products she loves. That’s why I get my DIL a great big massive skincare and makeup bag of goodies (ones that I know she likes) for her birthday too.
Lovely to read that the weather has toned down in your area so that you can all go out from brunch. How is your youngest son and his wife doing in Japan? You must miss him.
And I hope that the Stag and Doe party turn out to be more enjoyable than you’ve anticipated – it’s not exactly my scene either. But the things you do for your family, eh?

Mariella Avatar

The Tokyo Connection are doing great (though we woke them when we called – it was pre-scheduled at it was 8 AM Saturday their time…still, they were sound asleep and groggy. They are having the time of their lives. My DIL now has a job which is something she’s very pleased about (she’s legally allowed to work something like 30 or 35 hours a week) – it doesn’t sit well with her at all being “a dependent”. Son has taken up skiing with a vengeance (odd that it’s happened now, considering he grew up with a ski hill literally around the corner!)

I don’t know about Australia but here, Sephora doesn’t really have much in the way of sales, except when stuff is being discontinued or phased out of their stores. But this way, she can indulge herself a bit at Sephora and also at Roots (got her a giftie for there as well; her first reaction was “oh, I can get something for Jemma” – typical mom, right! I said “no, spoil yourself with it” – also typical mom reaction!)

The weather is nice…for the short term. I imagine in a week or so, we might be buried under MORE snow but maybe not…

Nancy T Avatar

I’ve been LOVING all the puppy content on IG that you’ve been posting since Bri had her Steaklets! Living vicariously through them, as my apartment complex has strict rules concerning # of pets and they forbid some very specific breeds… interesting, since I’ve met more people bitten by those little Chihuahuas and other small, skittish breeds.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Forgot that I had ordered UD Eden Primer Potion last week when I ordered a new pair of PJ’s from Macy’s. Rediscovered the simple beauty of an old ColourPop quad in Virgo (fun fact: I’m not one!). Very soft, yet eye brightening look from it!

Weekend plans: Pick up my sweet Clarissa’s ashes this afternoon, I’m thinking? That thought makes my heart feel like it just dropped 10 feet. I haven’t really let myself let go and grieve fully yet. This could dramatically cause that.
Tomorrow is my Zoom meeting, and I’m going to have to try to get ahold of some laundry $ at Fry’s on the way back, because it certainly feels like our warmup is close by. So, yes, I’d like to get everything together so that my spring clothing is ready to wear.

What does your typical evening routine look like? Take off makeup if I’ve worn any that day, wash face, change into PJ’s or nightgown, begin my skincare routine, watch YT videos in between steps, cuddle Penelope Pie-eyes, do a nightly Bible reading and Daily Text @, pray before and then a much longer, more in-depth prayer once I turn off the lights and have no external stimuli. That’s when I go very deep, introspective and completely in tune with my Creator.

Nancy T Avatar

Yes, it has been for little Penelope and me, Genevieve. She was so bonded with Clarissa! I went up for her ashes yesterday instead of Friday afternoon like I had wanted to. The male kitty (Penelope’s littermate, Cole) hasn’t acted any differently, though. But, I’ve only had him for 6 months, so he never got chummy with Clarissa.
My spiritual routine and relationship with God has certainly helped keep me more grounded this time around. I’m also thinking that losing 3 beloved kitties in only 6½ years has also made me get “used to” this eventuality; that we usually do outlive our fur-babies.

Rachel R. Avatar

The steaklets are getting big! They’re so cute. 😍

Terra Moons Cosmetics pressed duochrome eyeshadow in Venus in Chains and empty 20-pan Space Themed Magnetic Palette. MAC x Whitney Houston Nippy’s Rose lipstick, NYX Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Color in Sugar Pie, some NYX Shout Satin Lipsticks, and a couple NYX x Avatar lipglosses because they looked funky and were on clearance.

We’re having the warmest weather of the year this weekend, around 60°F, so we’re hoping to take a nice drive Saturday with our younger son and his GF, and have dinner out with them.

Sunday, I need to do job paperwork and help my son with some health insurance stuff. I’ll also help his GF fill out some paperwork for a neurology appointment.

I work from home in the evenings. After work, I eat dinner. Hubby usually gets home from work between 9-11 p. m. and then he eats dinner. Then we catch up on the day. We might watch TV and chat in the living room if he gets home early enough. Or I might journal or read and cuddle kitties. We’re usually in bed between midnight and 1 a. m. I have chronic insomnia and chronic pain, so I typically fall asleep between 3-5 a. m.

Genevieve Avatar

Glad to read that your weather has calmed down and produced some decent sunshine so that you can go out for a drive with your family and have a lovely dinner out. I hope you do have a happy day in the countryside.
Gosh, your husband does come home late and works long hours.

Rachel R. Avatar

It was 65° F (18.3° C), and slightly hazy. We had a lovely 45-minute drive to and from the restaurant. The wild daffodils have bloomed, and the grass and ivy is very green after all the rain and snow. The ivy winding up the trees made up for tree leaves not coming in yet. Of course, we always have tons of evergreens.

It was a lovely, relaxing drive and dinner. Sadly, the restaurant’s location in our area did not survive the pandemic, but we were happy to see that the two originals were still in operation. There were some new menu items. My son’s GF had seafood tortellini Alfredo, and I got the the wild mushroom ravioli in creamy pesto parmesan sauce. We traded bites, and both were excellent.

It was just what we needed after so many weeks of bitter cold and various winter precipitations.

Rachel R. Avatar

Genevieve, sorry, didn’t mean to ignore the rest of your reply. Hubby works a split shift, usually starting around noon. Depending on meetings, etc. he occasionally starts in the morning. He’s a process engineer at a company that makes scopes, measuring equipment, etc., and the odd shift makes him available to two manufacturing shifts. Plus, he’s on-call 24/7 in case there are issues only he can handle.

brendacr1 Avatar

Oh my gosh those puppies!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing.

Weekend plans: I’ve had a migraine for the last three days so I’m not planning anything besides walking the dog.

What does your typical evening routine look like? Sit down and watch tv after dinner. I’ m either cross stitching or I’m going through the news and my email on my laptop. I wake up every morning at 6 am with hot flashes so I don’t stay up too late, I’m too tired.

Genevieve Avatar

The puppies are growing up and they are so gorgeous and healthy, thanks to your dedication and love. I am sure that Winnie will love his dog academy session, with just the right amount of activities to keep him interested and challenged.
Recent Purchases: Nothing really, still waiting for my CP order to arrive
Rediscoveries: Lorac’s Soileil palette, Laura Geller’s Battery Bronze lipstick

Weekend Plans: Yesterday (Friday), I caught up with a girlfriend of mine for a long lunch at a nearby shopping centre and it was fabulous to have a good chat.
Today is probably going to be one of the last truly hot days of summer (yay) but generally it hasn’t been as hot a summer as we have had in the past. I am going to babysit my grandchildren tonight whilst their parents go out for a much needed dinner to themselves.
Tomorrow it will be grocery shopping and just some housework I think.

On a sadder note, my twin sister’s doctor has discovered a suspicious lump in her right breast and next week she is going in for an ultrasound, mammogram and probably a biopsy to determine its status.
It has been quite difficult for her doctor to get her the relevant appts. in radiography due to a lack of resources in her area. In addition to the suspicious lump, she is also seeing an eye specialist regarding the cataracts in her eyes and a cardiologist regarding an irregular heart beat. So quite a lot of health issues she is facing at the moment.
She has so many varied medical appts that I have created a chart for her, detailing the dates, times, location and purpose of her visits so that she knows where she is going on a particular day. I have offered to take her/go with her etc but her partner is doing this.

My Evening Routine: We ususally have dinner around 6 pm and after the dishwasher has been loaded and the kitchen cleaned, I have my evening shower and apply my facial oil and HA serum. I generally do a load of washing to put out on the line in summer and bring whatever is on the line into the laundry.
Then I do some word puzzles and online jigsaws. After that, I usually read or watch some series on TV that I am interested in. I will often ring up my twin sister in the evening as well.
I usually go to be around 11pm (now that I am not working).

Mariella Avatar

Thinking good thoughts for your sister, G. If it’s any comfort, my husband has had cataracts removed from both eyes and is delighted at not needing specs except for reading (he’s worn glasses most of his life; he was nervous about the first operation but it was a breeze and he was very relaxed the 2nd time); my best friend also had hers done. I’m “waiting” – apparently mine are growing very slowly – eye doc said I might live the entire rest of my life with them as they’re so slow-growing – but my vision is getting worse and there’s a limit to how much glasses can help because of the cataracts. GRRR!

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, I have a slow growing cataract too and her partner has had one of his eyes done as well. It’s quite an ‘easy’ operation and his vision is now excellet. But hers have deteriorated quite quickly and she can no longer read at night.

Genevieve Avatar

Your kind thoughts are appreciated Nancy – we are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It’s the waiting around for results that is most worrying, as you would know.

Sarah Avatar

Recent rediscovery: Clinique color pop blushes; Lauder primer; Tilbury Bitch Perfect and Gracefully Pink (formally Amazing Grace) lippies. Color Pop blushes are one of the few Clinique products that have aged gracefully with me.

Sarah Avatar

Recent purchases: Nothing this week!

Weekend plans: I have lots of projects (mostly involving cleaning and organizing) to get done! My boyfriend just brought me some new cabinets to organize my craft room… so I’ve actually got to clean it. 😂

Nightly routine: We eat dinner around 7:30 so after that we watch a show or two, or play a board game of some sort. I try to be in bed by 10 or 10:30, then I read a few chapters of my current book. Then it’s time to sleep (aka lay there not being able to sleep for hours, love that).

sarah Avatar

Omg those dogs are cute! I’m dying!
In an effort to rediscover/use my existing make up I created a “theme” for each month based on birthstones. Please don’t judge. March is aqua marine, so I’ve been using my blue eyeshadows/liners and combining them with peachy hues (MAC Samoa silk and Layin’ Low paint pot). In Feb I did purple shadows and in Jan I did cranberries. I’ll do whites/Sparkles for April. Nerdy but fun!

New purchases: MOIRA cream blush set (fav so far is I Miss you), MAC Layin’ Low, Benefit WANDERful blush in Crystah Strawberry, two Fenty Concealers, Fenty Flypencil Lady Lagoon (electric blue). Lisa Eldrige Je Ne Sais Quia lipstick and her cream eyeshadow in Maya, perfume: Byredo Slow Dance. I love the Lisa Eldridge products, I am going to buy some more lipsticks and cream eyeshadows when I save up some.

Weekend Plans: Go to yoga or the gym, then have a big brunch, cook for the week and watch TV.

Evening Routine: Wash my face and change into my jammies right after work (lol), I have a snack then read, right now it’s the Cormoran Strike series and fall asleep with the puppers!

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