Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #671

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing yet!

Weekend plans: Our Saturday bakery run and that’s it! I wish my wrist was healed so I could do more.

What’s your favorite board game? Scrabble!

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P.P.S. — I worked with hubby to develop our own games! You can check out the games we have at Awordy, which include Concludle (trivia) and Adoptle (figure out the name of an adoptable pet in six guesses), and Mislettered (figure out the quote by guessing letters).

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Seraphine Avatar

Recent purchases: UD 24/7 eye pencil in Whiskey and two Huda Power Matte Lipsticks: Dirty Thirty and Prom Night

Rediscoveries: UD Naked2 Basics and Naked3 Mini palettes (I bought them several months ago and put them in a drawer, but now I’m finally using them.)

Weekend Plans: Visiting family, going out with a group of friends to see “Moonage Daydream,” and trying to relax after another stressful week at work

What is your favorite board game? Trivial Pursuit

Seraphine Avatar

Too much work, not enough staff. It’s the fault of the top execs. There has been a hiring freeze for the past couple of years, so every time someone leaves, we all get more work. We are now 7 people doing the work of 14. I’ve been here for 20+ years and getting close to retirement, so I don’t want to switch jobs at this point. I’ll just ride it out until then and hope the stress doesn’t kill me first.

Genevieve Avatar

Seraphine, this is the situation my youngest son is in at his accounting firm – lots of staff have left over the past 2-3 years but they haven’t been replaced with equally skilled people. He is pretty disenchanted now and his workload has increased dramatically.
I really feel for you – you seem to be in a no win situation here and they probably know it. Apart from the fact the execs know they can count on you to get everything done right too. Because you care, because you’re committed. It’s hard to face a Monday when you are feeling like you do. Take care.

Lesley Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: e.l.f. Camo Powder Foundation. This was basically a fail. I was hoping for a reasonable (for the price) dupe of the Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Powder Foundation but it doesn’t wear nearly as well. The Fenty stayed on decently for most of the day but the e.l.f. was a shiny mess by early afternoon. It turns out that the Fenty contains talc and kaolin, the clay that absorbs oil, but the e.l.f. doesn’t.

Weekend plans: Flea market at our housing complex with food trucks and (oh, joy) a shredding truck so I can clean out some papers. Also a neighborhood household hazardous waste disposal event so I am going to clear out some nail polish.

What’s your favorite board game? I don’t play board games these days but I did love Scrabble. And I just signed up for a beginner Mahjong group.

Genevieve Avatar

What a useful idea that one is – a flea market with food trucks, combining a shredding truck and a waste disposal one. We are able to have two ‘hard rubbish’ collections per year – that involves furniture, whitegoods and everything else (except hazardous materials). That’s pretty useful too when you want to get rid of a stack of stuff. We are in sore need of one of those, but I am just waiting for a decent (weather wise) weekend to do so.

Nancy T Avatar

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing purchased this week. As for rediscoveries, last Saturday, I searched for and finally found my missing MAC Mehr lipstick. Wore it in conjunction with my “rediscovery” of all the much cooler shades in my Huda Beauty Rose Quartz palette, shades that I favor much more during our little slice of cooler weather. But was able to use due to my lack of getting much sun this year.

Weekend plans: Just TRYING to get my new kitty named Cole (named by his previous humans) to trust me and come out from under my bed and get acquainted with each other! So frustrating and something that I’ve not had a problem with when it comes to cats. 🤷🏻‍♀️
He DOES like my other kitties, though! So, at night, I literally have a party going on with them all tearing around and playing with each other, 😹
Tomorrow morning, my meeting. Other than that, everything will be low-key and nothing beyond perhaps getting to go to Smart & Final for a couple of things that I need. Hoping that I will finally get to pet Cole. I have decided to keep his name, as he obviously seems to hate change, and I don’t want him to feel anymore confused than he obviously is. It’s really a shame that his previous humans didn’t keep him. They had found him as a VERY young, abandoned kitten, bottle fed him, so his bond with them was very strong. They were the only parents he ever knew beyond his first 4-5 weeks. Poor baby!

Favorite board game? No one to even play a board game over here!!! If there was, I would say Othello (does that one even still exist, and do I still remember the rules and how to play?). And, I do still love Scrabble! Played it often enough to know that I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Genevieve Avatar

Your new kitten seems to be delightful and he will certainly take some time getting to know you and your place. Keeping his name is a good idea and I can only imagine what they get up to together at night – so at least Cole is making friends easily enough. Frustrating for you though!

Nancy T Avatar

Well Genevieve, Cole sure is a challenge! But, at night, though, he comes to life. Last night with the lights off, he actually started making his rather peculiar sounding “meows” and jumped up on my bed, walked over to where I could let him sniff me and did at least get one or two little pets in before he bolted to the foot of my bed; and just STARED at me! And then after I had fallen asleep, Cole got up on my “vanity” (2/3 of my low dresser) and knocked over a bunch of my lip products that I use more regularly, the clatter of which woke me up just enough to push them together and hoping he wouldn’t think that they were toys! This little guy is quite a CHARACTER! 🙀🤷🏻‍♀️🐈‍⬛

Mariella Avatar

Purchases: nothing (I was going to go to Shoppers yesterday to buy more Embryolisse and also Lancome’s Taupe Craze palette, but just couldn’t get up the steam to go); Rediscoveries: Make Up For Ever’s discontinued Artist Eyeshadow in the colour Golden Khaki/D320. It is such a gorgeous shade and with something like MAC Vanilla or All That Glitters in the inner corner – just a lovely, quick and easy eye look.

Weekend plans: dinner out tonight, gym tomorrow and Sunday. I want to do some baking (lemon blueberry muffins and lemon blueberry loaf….a whole lemon blueberry “thing” goin’ on) and there’s a street festival in my neighourhood that I’d like to go to except that they’re calling for RAIN that day.

Favourite board game: it’s a toss up between Sorry! (which is a great game to play with kids or adults; I have a friend who still delights in playing with my now-adult children) and Trivial Pursuit. My husband worked with one of the developers and we had one of the original run of 1,000 games. We were REALLY popular and got invited to all sorts of dinners, pool parties, etc. and always with the proviso – “oh, and please bring that new game you have” – everyone wanted the game but it wasn’t in production. Had hubs started with the firm 6 months earlier, he’d have had the chance to buy a share in the company (which he probably wouldn’t have done as he was just out of law school and we had debts up the wazoo). The people who did invest at the very start got very, very wealthy! But we had the game (and still have it! and some of the newer add-ons).

Genevieve Avatar

I think the Taupe Craze palette would suit you very well Mariella – and MUFE Golden Khaki is one that I’ve always liked too – but could never find here.
Blueberries are my husband’s most favourite berry and I often make a rhaspberry and blue berry shortcake for him – mind you, the grandchildren love it too!
Gosh, to be at the developing stage of a brand new game must have been pretty exciting for you and your family Mariella and it is one that has continued in its popularity for decades.
Have a great weekend.

Mariella Avatar

My husband wasn’t involved in the creation of the game. His first job after law school was at the firm where one of the guys behind the game also worked and Ed was, apparently, always coming to the other lawyers asking them to invest in this or that scheme he was involved in. My husband joined the firm about 6 months after Ed was asking the other lawyers to invest in this game that some of his friends were developing – they needed the investment money to get the first test run (it might have been only 500 games, not a thousand) done. Had hubs started earlier and been offered the opportunity to invest, well, as I say, we were pretty strapped for “spare cash” and if he’d come to me wanting to give it a go, I’d have quashed it (though I don’t think he’d have felt we could risk the money). So in that sense, it’s good that he missed the opportunity entirely because we’d probably have been kicking ourselves (Ed, the “silent partner”, left the practice of law and , among other things, purchased a winery; one of the partners in the firm bought an amazing home on a marina…).

My husband also loves blueberries but I find them pretty flavourless unless they’re baking into something – a buckle, coffee cake, muffins…hence all my baking (the LAST thing we need!).

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: My Hallobean palette came in! I also purchased the ND My Dream palette and e.l.f. Halo Glow and they both should be in sometime today.

Rediscoveries: nothing in particular!

Weekend plans: Shopping for Halloween decor and general boring adult things.

What’s your favorite board game? Oh it’s been so long since I’ve played a good board game. I have a lot of the super nerdy ones, but most recently (which is not recently at all) I played Disney Scene It (where you pick a card and have to find little details on a massively huge board that pertain to what’s on the card). It’s a good family game to play with my son and husband.

Caroline Avatar

Recent purchases/Rediscoveries: Clionadh eye shadows in Estate, Iron Gate and Hedge Maze. The colour payoff is amazing – so glad I bought them!

Weekend plans: Work

Favourite board game: Monopoly

Zia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: It wasn’t this week but my Clionadh bundle arrived!
Weekend plans: We’ll be baking some bread from scratch tomorrow and plan to eat it warm with herbed oil and brie!
What’s your favorite board game? Dixit! There’s nothing like it!

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: I received a bunch of liquid lipsticks I ordered from Unearthly Cosmetics that were on a steep sale, most likely as they were the last batches using up the old Alien Cosmetics packaging.

WEEKEND PLANS;. Nothing concrete. My husband tweaked some rib-area muscles, so helping him out. I have some work paperwork to do, bills to pay, and household stuff to do. Boring.

I rarely play board games anymore. I like Scrabble, Life, and Sorry.

Our family usually plays Monopoly because the kids like it. I like it OK, but it’s not my favorite.

Genevieve Avatar

I was never really a fan of Monopoly either – it just took too long to play for my liking. I hope your husband is feeling better – nothing like an unwell man around the house: they’re either well or their dying! I hope you also get some time to yourself to relax too Rachel.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing cosmetic related… apparently this year brands aren’t too keen on sending codes for birthday month. 😆

Rediscoveries: I hate skinny brow pencils. I don’t know why I didn’t just repurchased the MAC Veluxe eyebrow pencil. I need a thick brow pencil.

Weekend plans: Chores and preparations for my Tuesday dental surgery. Yey! I’ll try to go hiking since after that I’ll be out of commission for 1-2 weeks.

What’s your favorite board game? I don’t play board games too often, but when I do I prefer something fun and active like Activity.

Genevieve Avatar

Dental surgery doesn’t sound like much fun Ana Maria – can I ask what you are having done? I hope the surgery goes well and you are not in too much pain afterwards. And I hope you get to go hiking to this weekend – and that the weather forecast for your neck of the woods is favourable.

Genevieve Avatar

Any parents of toddlers can relate to this video! Poor Winnie – all he wants to do is rest! The puppies are so cute and full of life.
How are your hands going Christine? Are they starting to heal or are they still very painful?

Recent Purchases: Nada
Rediscoveries: PMG Sublime Platinum Bronze palette. One aspect I do sincerely wish about the palette is having the names of the shades written on the palette. It’s quite annoying that they are not there (for me).

Weekend Plans: It’s the first weekend of our September school holidays here and the weather is pretty awful – cold, wet, grey etc. I don’t have any real plans apart from some cooking, grocery shopping and housework.
Our eldest son had his birthday on the 15th and the whole family went out to celebrate it at a local hotel restaurant that had a fabulous playroom for the kids. Little Harry was in his element and loved everything, including eating the rest of his big sister’s ice cream desert (she had eaten most of it and then went off to play).

Favourite board game: I don’t really have one nowadays, but we had a game Journey Through Europe that our family played a lot when our children were younger.

Mariella Avatar

I’m with you regarding names on palettes. I’ve used a Staedtler Lumocolour marker in red to write the names on things like my Kat von D Monarch palette and several others that don’t have the names on the front. Even though the packaging of most of them is black, this red marker still shows up slightly against the black cardboard but it doesn’t work well on the PMG plastic palettes. My other “names on palettes” rant is the ND Glam palette which I know you have too. Those “suggested use” names really throw me off. I think I’d prefer numbers or even nothing because there’s something about the way it’s labelled that to me is almost tyrannical (I know it’s silly but I feel I’m really getting it wrong if I use the inner corner shade on my entire lid, for example….).

Mariella Avatar

I don’t understand why I let it matter so much to me and why I can’t just ignore what it says but, honestly for someone who prides herself on being (or having been) a bit of an iconoclast, I don’t understand why I can’t use the shadows as I want without feeling constrained a bit (or more than a bit). At least I’m not alone if you have that same feeling…

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: AF94 (the Walmart-exclusive diffusion arm of Halsey’s About Face brand) Push to Start mascara in Semi Charmed, a pinky mauve shade. These days it’s so hard to find mascara in any colors stranger than red!

Weekend plans: Worked all day yesterday, got the new bivalent COIVD booster today, weekly grocery run tonight, vaccine side effect recovery tomorrow.

What’s your favorite board game? I’m not a board game person, and I don’t even remember what the last board game I played was.

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