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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Dior lipsticks

Weekend plans: Enjoy some peace and quiet now that fostering is over, lol! I made it! I also need to rest in general because I actually (likely, still need to confirm via MRI next week) broke my hand/wrist one day after I picked up the puppies to foster, so my left hand/wrist being mostly out of commission has made everything a little harder. Winnie slipped and then wouldn’t put any weight on his rear right leg yesterday morning, and we took him to the ER, but x-rays came back without showing any fractures/breaks, so he is on rest as well. He has been putting a lot of weight on his leg today, though, so hopefully one of us is on the mend!

What are you looking forward to in August? Rest & relaxation. Well, maybe the latter!

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Seraphine Avatar

Hi Winnie!

Recent purchases: I couldn’t let National Lipstick Day go by without at least one purchase, so I picked up Yves Saint Laurent’s Slim Velvet Radical Matte Lipstick in the shade 311 Released Nude for half price. Also, I bought a travel spray of Mugler Alien. I’ve been a Mugler fangirl since the 1990s, when I used to like Angel. I bought Alien when it came out in 2005 and it has been one of my top favorite fragrances ever since. Sadly, I have only a few precious drops left of the original version. L’Oreal reformulated it when they took over Mugler, so I’m going to see if I like the new version before splurging for a full bottle. (I predict disappointment.) But at least I still have plenty of Alien Flora Futura, Angel Muse, and Aura.

Rediscoveries: MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow. I don’t usually like pearl, shimmer, or metallic finishes on myself, but I used Satin Taupe for a look this week that I absolutely loved.

Weekend plans: Chores, visiting family, catching up on the latest episode of “Only Murders in the Building.”

What are you looking forward to in August? Nothing. This is going to be a rough month due to a lot of difficult family obligations and annoying changes that are happening at work.

Genevieve Avatar

Satin Taupe is a perenial favourite of mine – it works with everything and the finish is subtle enough to go with matte shades too.
I’m sorry to read that the coming is going to be a tough one for you – personally and professionally. I always use to ‘shudder’ when work announced changes because they weren’t always for the best. I hope it all turns out to be better than you thought it would.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: Catching up with people to share vacation memories or vacation plans. Also planning around some medical stuff. The regular chores and things around the house, hopefully get some rest and reading.

What are you looking forward to in August? Participating in some local activities, attending musicals and other events.

Nancy T Avatar

“Hi!” back at ya, Winnie! Hope your leg/paw gets better really soon 💙

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing purchased this week. Nothing rediscovered that I actually used this past week. Did I even wear a makeup look this week? I’m so not sure! Been dealing with my asthma and an upper respiratory ordeal almost all week. I know it’s from the combination of very high humidity on top of allergies. But, to be absolutely sure, I did use one of my free rapid COVID tests. It was negative, as halfway expected.

Weekend plans: Convention online at tomorrow. Other than watching the downloaded segments, resting and trying to get back to normal. If I really begin to struggle for breath, I will get over to the ER.

What are you looking forward to in August? Hopefully feeling well enough soon to get back to doing my face, and going down to the pool. Otherwise, nothing special…. until September!

Genevieve Avatar

Now this is interesting Nancy – even though it is winter here, everyone is still experiencing allergies to high heaven. I am continuing to take my hayfever medication, if I don’t my eyes water like crazy. And my husband, whi is an asthmatic, has found that he needs his puffers more than ever.
So I can really understand how the combination of high humidity, heat, allergies etc are affecting you. I hope you are feeling better by the end of the weekend.

Nancy T Avatar

I’m so sorry that you and your husband are also being tormented with severe allergies for you and asthma for him! Something is so horribly messed up with the entire Planet Earth climate due to global warming and such. I do hope that you both also get some relief from your’s, too. Yesterday evening we had some very severe thunderstorms… again. Did damage, stranded vehicles in flash flooding, and downed some trees. Only a few days ago, another severe storm downed power lines leaving 9,000+ people without power and air conditioning.

Denise S. Avatar

Aww gee those cute puppies put a (loving) hurting on you and Winnie. I hope your wrist heals quickly and glad Winnie X-ray looked good. Me and daughter are supposed to get our foster cats next week. Hopefully not too many mishaps, lol

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Danessa Myricks Lightworks lll palette mainly for travel since I have the larger palette that I was babying because it’s not available anymore. Julia’s Place Garden Of Life palette so far I’m impressed. It has a couple multi-chrome shadows.

Weekend Plans: Have to tackle my hair. Dinner with a friend on Saturday. Organizing my makeup, I really struggle throwing out makeup. Chilling out, reading and watching Netflix.

What are you looking forward to in August? : Got a list of house repairs I need to get done. Taking my Mom on short trip to Niagara Falls, it’s on her bucket list but I’ve been several times.

Rachel R. Avatar

*Sydney Grace (sale): E/s singles including Heartdog and Mielke Way (extras for travel), plus some purply-taupe shimmers, and the California Coast Palette (Light) (GWP).
*Camera Ready Cosmetics: Lethal Cosmetics MAGNETIC Pressed Highlighters in Halo and Stellar, and the MAGNETIC Face Powder Blush in Hybrid; the 1UP Collection Lip Glosses.
*ColourPop (sale) — x Star Wars Darth Vader Palette, Ballad 5-Pan Palette, x Star Wars Dark Lord Lux Lipstick, x Star Wars Elite Lux Lipgloss, Lux Lip Oil in Cosmic Clique, and mini of some kind of face tint in N1 (GWP).

WEEKEND PLANS: Taking my older son shoe shopping and to get some things for a trip, and food shopping at a Japanese market. I also need to take my younger son jeans shopping. Otherwise, stay inside in the AC, as our heatwave forecast has been extended for a few days.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO IN AUGUST? A few things: 1) My 31st wedding anniversary is on Aug. 31st.
2) My younger son’s GF’s birthday is in about 2.5 weeks.
My younger son’s work is giving their employees that week off as a “wellness week,” so we’re going to try to schedule a mid-week camping trip on the coast. GF has never been camping and wants to try it.
3) On the 10th, my older son flies to Georgia to meet a friend and take a road trip back here to Oregon. His friend and he are going to get an apartment together. Meanwhile, his friend will be staying here until they find a place, so that’ll be a full house indeed! Lol.

Genevieve Avatar

There’s a lot happening in your household Rachel – it’s funny, even though your ‘kids’ are older they are just as much work – that’s what we have found out ourselves.
Happy birthday to your youngest son too – Harry’s birthday is on the 27th. A good month.
It’s really lovely that your youngest son’s work has given them the week off – my eldest son David’s work did the same thing a month ago – but he was not included at the time because he was so ‘valuable’. Anyway, when he was a bit sick last week – his boss told him to take the week off because he had earnt it.
Best wishes for your camping trip and I hope his GF really enjoys the experience. Best wishes to your eldest son too on his road trip from Georgia (a long way away) and hope he travels well.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Christine, you are not having any luck with your hand/arm are you? I hope the MRI confirms that nothing is broken, it must be so difficult for you and you would be in pain.
From the looks of it, Winnie may also need a rest after the little puppies have now left. It’s good to see that he is doing well.

Recent Purchases: Nada
Rediscoveries:: ABH Sultry – an amazingly good palette, plus bareMinerals The Scenic Route. Spectacular, the olive shade, is just divine.
I recently updated my Eyeshadow Palette list, as I have decluttered quite a few palettes in the past year or so and, of course, added some more. I am due to declutter a few lipsticks too.

Weekend Plans: Nothing really much on the horizon, some much needed shopping – as I have cooked a lot for my family this week and the fridge is bare. Housework and ironing is on the cards too.
I will be settling in to watch the Commonwealth Games as well.

Looking forward to in August: Harry’s second birthday is on the 27th, so I am going to be on the hunt for a birthday present for him. He loves his books, so I already have a few for him, but I think we are going to get him a balance bike – I just need him to be with me when I choose one so that I know it will fit him.
I hope you do get some rest and relaxation Christine, especially with your hand at the moment.

Mariella Avatar

Purchases: nothing much – just the bottle of Clarins eye makeup remover. I nearly bought a Smashbox lipstick (not that we have Lipstick Day or Week or whatever) but decided that with my backlog of Craving backups, I should probably not be buying another lipstick just yet.

Weekend plans: Last 2 days of the July challenge at my gym. I’m in 2nd place with no chance of catching up because of the day I missed when my granddaughter was born but I still want to finish a the head of the pack so gym tomorrow and Sunday and then going to visit our daughter, son in law and new baby, taking dinner to them and doing some house tidying/cleaning for them. Monday is a holiday here and friend has invited me to binge watch the 5th season of Line of Duty and stay for dinner (hubs will be coming by for the dinner part).

What I’m looking forward to in August: the end of the July challenge at the gym (I can sort of get chunks of my life back!) Also, a cottage trip with 4 other couples. Our best friends bought a seriously massive and wonderful cottage a few years ago and since then, they’ve made it a tradition to invite 4 other couples – we’ve all been friends since uni – to spend a Monday to Friday with them. It’s always a total scream!

Mariella Avatar

Oops, I forgot an item I ordered from Amazon and have used just once but am impressed with. I read a review on Makeupalley for Neogen Lemon Peeling Pads and ordered them (deliver the SAME DAY!!! – magic!). I’ve only used them once but I am really impressed. After just once use, the pores on my nose are almost invisible and this annoying milia or whitehead or something on my jaw line is smaller than it was before I used the pad.

Genevieve Avatar

Best wishes for finishing your July challenge at the gym – it’s honestly amazing that you have done so well to be second (silver medal!).
How is your daughter, son-in-law and bubba going Mariella? I hope they are all recovering from their respective surgeries and the baby is starting to get into some sort of a routine.
Bringing them dinner- hmmmm – that is so, very familiar to me!
I have to say thank you for bringing my attention to those Laura Bush’s Cowboy Cookies. The other week I was thinking about what kind of cookies I could make for the family (that I haven’t done already) and I remember you writing about them some time ago. I looked up the recipe and had most of the ingredients (choc chip melts never seem to last in our household!) and off I went. I made the full batch and let me say they were gone in less than a week! So thankyou.

Mariella Avatar

Did I tell you (or did you read) the interesting story behind the “First Person” cookie contest (as Bill Clinton also took part, I guess it can’t be called “First Lady” anymore)? The recipe I use (Laura Bush’s) calls for an egg and an egg yolk but after the first time or two of making them, I figured I’d try out just using the 2 eggs (less fuss, less waste) and it works perfectly fine. Around here, chocolate chips are fairly safe unless they’re milk chocolate (I have pretty unsophisticated taste, I guess, and prefer milk chocolate to the swankier semi-sweet or dark versions). Son in law is all healed up; daughter is doing well and our little Plum – she’s gaining weight, nursing well but being a little thorn at night – she’s up at night a lot and snoozes away in the day (I told them to sleep when she sleeps; I remember getting that same advice but it’s never easy to follow!) Thank you for asking after them all.

Mariella Avatar

As I’ve got older (or maybe it’s Covid), I’ve turned into a real home-body and wasn’t all that keen for the cottage get-together (I’m waiting for knee surgery and a lot of the cottage hi jinx aren’t conducive to a clapped out knee!) but we always have such a great time even so. As for the baby time – oh, it’s bliss!

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases, but I wore Milani Color Fetish Matte Flora Peony lipstick for the first time today to celebrate National Lipstick Day. I also discovered today that the grays in the ColourPop Darth Vader palette on eyes with REM Beauty Miss Neptune (the lilac shade) highlighter on cheekbones is a great combination!

Weekend plans: Weekly grocery run tonight, work all day tomorrow, maybe (still very much up in the air!) pick up Sunday what the stores didn’t have tonight.

What are you looking forward to in August? My family’s party celebrating the July birthdays will finally happen after being postponed.

Helene Avatar

I hope both you and Winnie will heal quickly and completely very soon!
I got an order from CP yesterday, it was a wrong one, so I’m gong to contact them today. I also got two nail strengthening products, I’m now trying a sort of serum thingy that I have to use every day for 28 days, I’m not sure how to continue after that. It’s called Isdin SI-NAILS. The other nail product is called Hard as Hoof, it’s a cream you use around the nails at least twice a day, I think it said. I’m waiting for a third nail strengthening product to arrive. Yes. my nails are quite awful, peeling and brittle and dry.
UD lipstick in Venom, I did know I liked it, so perhaps not a real rediscovery.
Boring me, gardening, dog walking, it’s quite warm here so he gets to take baths during the day time walks, he loves taking a huge leap into the water and then walk and jump around attacking the surface, eating a bit of water.
I’m not really looking forward to anything special in August, more gardening, more of the same old. I might go for a swim if the water is warm enough, maybe play a bit with Stubbs in the water.
Stubbs is going to the vet in August, I think it’s going to be expensive, they are going to check his teeth and surgically remove some of the gums that have swollen and is now covering his lower front teethes. It’s a side effect from his liver medication. I really hope the insurance company will pay for the surgery, or it’ll be a big blow to my economy!

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