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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Dior palettes!

Weekend plans:

Photos/swatches, per usual! Hopefully, I’ll see my parents sometime as well.

How are you doing? Mental health check-in 🙂 These days, just okay – some hours are better than others, but more in a state of adjusting, coping, and handling, which is an upgrade from most of 2021 for me.

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Agona Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I don’t know why but on a whim, I picked up Physician Formula’s Sultry Nights palette. It’s more pigmentated than I expected but the shadows also have inconsistent textures–not on purpose like CP with their different formulas. I’m trying to decide if that annoys me or not. I know the packaging does…in general, I’m not a fan of the flimsy/cheap plastic for drugstore brands.

I bought CP Xtra Celestrial palettes and a couple of Unleashia (Korean brand) Glitterpedia palettes to compare. I think CP has been drawing inspiration from Asian beauty a lot lately, which I love, because while I love Asian beauty trends, their eyeshadows are not as strongly pigmented as Western brands. I feel like I get the best of both with CP. I also picked up a couple of Missha Glitter Prism singles (Rose Prism and Kitten Prism…which I suspect may be inspired by Stila’s Kitten Karma shade) in my Korean order.

Weekend plans: Renaissance festival Sat afternoon!

How are you doing? …I’ve been better. Hubby’s got stuff going on at work and it’s been stressful. My job has me on a project that I don’t think I’m going to be able to pull off well and I’m getting no support/help to help me team it. …so…yeah.

Ana Maria Avatar

Renaissance fair sounds so nice, hope you’ll have a great time.
I realized last weekend that with the last 2 years I lost contact with all the local fairs, shows and other events… and most of them seem to start to take place again, but since I’m not in the loop I missed some out.

Genevieve Avatar

It’s tricky when you pick up an eye palette on a whim and it turns out to be….inconsistent at best and hard to work with at worst. The last few times I picked up palettes on a whim, I was lucky because they turned out to be goodies – Flower Beauty Gimme Gold (stellar) and my perenial favourite now – Maybelline’s Burgundy Bar.
Yes, the workplace can be extremely stressful, as well I know. And sometimes it’s not the actual work but the personalities involved that make it tough or tougher than they need to be. I hope your husband’s situation improves in the next week.
And really hard for you to be given a project task and not the support to do it well – that is really bad news. Again, I hope someone can come to your rescue.
Enjoy the Renaissance festival – you both sound like you need a break.

Joyce Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Dewy foundation, Wet n Wild BareFocus pressed powder, Wet n Wild Sunset Striptease bronzer, Wet n Wild Vitamin face mist, Physicians Formula Eye Booster waterproof liquid liner pen, LA Girl Fantasy lipgloss, Real Techniques The Wanderer brush set, Clinique Summer Day Essentials full size set, Clinique Intense Black eyeliner

Weekend plans: Hoping for yet another quiet weekend. Last weekend we didn’t leave the house once—not even to get groceries and it was actually really quite nice and relaxing. I need to strip my towels really badly tho 😵‍💫

How are you doing? Generally okay, I suppose. Things aren’t as intensely desperate and worrisome as before but still waiting for All The Things to just be better again.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new, but I’m near the point everything will finish soon so I’ll have to buy a ton of stuff. 😅

Weekend plans: Hopefully not something rainy. 😅 I’m still taking things slow, I’m still debating on doing a musical or opera on Sunday, but neither offerings this weekend entice me.
Besides the regular stuff, I have some planning to do for end of May – June, which will require a big chunk of time to coordinate everything.

How are you doing? Mental health check-in
I’m… doing. 2022 has been a rough time for me in many ways. It was hard to accept in the first months that years do go by and we age and shitty things happen and we don’t always make the best decisions even if we are happy with them. But sometimes it’s OK not to be OK, I wish society and ourselves would allow us more to live the bad times as they are and learn, grieve on our terms and not force us to get better.

Nancy T Avatar

“I wish society and ourselves would allow us more to live the bad times as they are and learn, grieve on our terms and not force us to get better”

Some of thee wisest words I’ve read or heard spoken in ages. I so agree with you Ana Maria. Toxic positivity is literally KILLING people. Because people have become afraid to show their sadness, sorrow, anxiety for fear of being judged as “weak” by others. The narrative must change.

Sarah Avatar

I agree as well. We are so afraid of grief and death and ‘negative’ emotions that we force them out of a conversation when millions of people have died in 2 years and we are on the brink of a global war and authoritarianism is rising globally. Le Pen just got 42% of the vote in France!

Genevieve Avatar

Hopefully you are getting better steadily after all of the setbacks you have experienced this year Ana Maria. It has been a very difficult year for you and you certainly had your share of shitty things…..
Maybe going to an opera or a musical will lift your spirits? Or are your health issues still preventing you from going out?
And you are quite right – people need to grieve on their own terms – there is not timeline for grief.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing this week, but my Terra Moons order came in that I purchased with the gift card I won! I had fun organizing everything into a new palette, but have yet to swatch the new pretties.

Rediscoveries: Nothing in particular! My brother got me a late Christmas gift of a small bookshelf to store my eyeshadow palettes, so it’s been really nice to see all my palettes in one place and get to pick and choose between them and see the ones that have been neglected in my collection.

Weekend plans: Easter was postponed because my son was not feeling well last week; he’s feeling much better, so we’re heading over to my in-laws to celebrate this weekend.

How are you doing? Oh man. I’ve been in a FUNK. I don’t know if working from home is getting to me (finally) or what, but I feel like I’ve been stuck inside a cloud and getting motivated to do much of anything has been hard. Last night, I thought of all the things that have been swirling around in my mind that I need to do and things I’m worrying about and got really anxious, so, today I decided that I just need to start doing some of the things I have control over to take some of the weight off. i.e. I’ve been clenching my jaw while I sleep AND worrying about cavities because I haven’t been to the dentist since before the pandemic, so I got a cleaning today at the dentist, got a good bill of health there, and a scan for a mouth guard. And, I feel a little better. Now I need to write some of my to-dos/worries down to get them out of my head and on to paper and that will free up my mind some.

Agona Avatar

I had an emergency root canal a month into lockdown. Let me tell you how not fun it was. Even worse, because the crown was considered elective, it was several months before I could get it. I avoid nuts, hard candy and popcorn that entire time. It was sad!

Genevieve Avatar

What a good brother to get you the very thing you need to house your eye palettes so that they are easily accessible (not that you don’t a few to choose from….)
Good news that your son is feeling better so that he can experience Easter with his grandmother and family. As our grandchildren came second in their school’s Easter Egg raffle, they received a huge bag of various chocolates, which their mum promptly confisccated and will doll out gradually. I didn’t get them any Easter eggs, just some Easter pj’s, a book each and some playdoh – which they loved.
I think working from home has its benefits, but there are also drawbacks too and motivation is one of them because your workplace is your home…. Having a list of things you can do (starting small) will definitely help.
Good news too about your teeth too – they are expensive little creatures and having a mouth guard will stop you clenching your jaw whilst asleep. You must have been feeling really anxious Celesta.
I hope you have a lovely time with your family and that maybe the very thing you need to relax you.

Celesta Avatar

Thank you, Genevieve! I’m relieved to know that my teeth are in good general health, even with the jaw clenching. I’m taking control of what I can (my own health and what I consume) and that is helping some.

Nancy T Avatar

Too funny! At first, he does the whole head moving and facial expressions, then looks thoroughly disgusted and walks away! 😂

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing new this week purchased. But, I’m so very happy that I placed that last minute order with MAC last Friday. NW30 is absolutely perfect for how I’m looking lately. Also, it feels wonderful to have a b/up of Cosmo Amplified Lipstick! My other one has lost its vanilla scent and so I can only guess how it may stink of crayons in the not so distant future. Cosmo is my perfect light pink, and an HG product that I feel I need to always have.

Weekend plans: Going out later with my friend to pick up a new microwave and a couple other items, like dry cat food and a new laser pointer for Penelope. That little kitty has quite the addiction to chasing those around here! Other than that, nothing of note other than still recovering.

How are you doing? Surviving. That’s about it. Especially since tapering off the Percocet. That low dose, only 5 mg., was probably the BEST antidepressant I ever had. And so I did some research on its connection to Major Depressive Disorder, and they HAVE used it successfully in patients who haven’t had much relief with the usual meds. My doc has pretty much exhausted all other options. Thing is, I do not want to be dependent on opioids to feel “normal”. It gives me no high whatsoever, but does cause me to become much more focused and task completion oriented, and also more socially appropriate and friendly. It’s as if I no longer am crippled by my depression and autistic spectrum disorder. Something so unexpected from a pain killer pill.

Genevieve Avatar

It sounds like that medication was the one for you Nancy, if it helped you so much in so many ways. So maybe when you feel like a dose of depression is coming on you can go back to it for awhile. Is is addictive? Is that your major concern with this drug?
How is your rehabilitation going too? I hope you are able to get out and about more and it’s good to hear that you are shopping with a friend to purchase some much needed items.
Buying a new lipstick always makes me happy!

Mariella Avatar

Purchases: that hypochlorous acid water spray that someone here mentioned (love it), a bottle of Elizabeth Arden All Gone eye makeup remover, Soap and Glory Hand Food (my tube is almost entirely used up) and a big tub of Palmer’s cocoa butter stuff thick buttery stuff.

Weekend plans: grocery shopping for baby shower, stringing together banners for the shower, wrapping the gifts for the shower…basically all shower related stuff and a trip to the gym!

How am I doing….pretty good. Got my 4th Covid shot yesterday and I’m a bit achy but other than that, okay. Mental health here is pretty good – I just wish the risk takers and those who deny how serious this virus still is would stay well away from me rather than getting in my face to tell me why I shouldn’t be wearing a mask and how the virus is no big deal!

Genevieve Avatar

I am so excited for you Mariella that your baby shower is coming up really soon – there would be a million and one things to do and buy. I can remember in the days leading up to Anika’s one that I made sausage rolls one day, slices the next, setting up the tables (food on our large dinning table, another one for presents), cleaning the bathrooms and the rest of the house….it was go, go, go.
I am getting my 4th Covid shot and my flu shot together next week – and apart from a sore arm, I have had no reactions at all. I still wear a mask when at an indoor shopping centre because it is still raging here too. My best friend’s son (an adult now) caught it a couple of weeks ago and was sick as a dog – high temperatures, sweats, coughing, vomiting, headaches. She was really worried about him living alone on the other side of town. However, at least she was able to cross town to drop food and goodies on the porch. …As for those who say the virus is no big deal – well Gerard is an extremely fit, healthy 38 year old with no underlying health issues and it has taken him 3 weeks to get a negative result back and he says he has never been so sick in his life.

Lesley Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: None. I am very satisfied with what I own,

Weekend plans: My husband is in the hospital so I will be hanging out with him there and with any luck, getting him home.

How are you doing? My husband is undergoing chemotherapy and did not react well to the first round so it’s been pretty stressful. I am anxious about his outcome and I am anxious about world events and local things as well. I am not a natural optimist so I have to work hard at staying positive.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Lesley – how awful for your husband to require chemo – I have heard that the reactions can be quite brutal and it’s just as hard on you having to stand by and watch it all. No wonder you both are living under considerable stress – it would be pretty tricky to stay eternally optimistic at the moment because you have no idea how it is all going to work and how many rounds he needs.
And it’s not just Covid internationally we have to be worried about (and it’s not going away either), but the war in Ukraine is extremely worrying too.
I hope that the coming week finds your husband and yourself in a better place.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Alison Avatar

Hi Lesley, It’s a lot to undergo all at once, so be kind to yourself, and if possible, find a friend or two who has the bandwidth to be there for you and listen– as you care give. I agree with what Nancy said about toxic positivity. There’s been a kind of myth that people must stay positive, but being real and having friends or relatives with whom you can feel what you feel — allows the emotions to be released psychologists are now finding.

Z Avatar

I finally purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick during the sephora sale. It was my one frivolous pick up and I even had a giftcard to take the price down a notch. Which is good. I don’t mind paying money for a high quality lipstick experience – it’s my favorite makeup item and where I want to *feel* my money – but the formula isn’t better than some of my drugstore offerings. The color of CT lipsticks where your money is going. Despite it being a little pinker than I reach for, it does sink in to my lips very well and would only need some minor thoughts about eyeshadow pairings. I also spent the couple of extra dollars for one of the pretty bullets – my shade is in Nude Romance – that I can then pop something else in to later.

Deborah S. Avatar

I am not sure that Winnie likes classical music. He looks a bit more like a rocker to me!

Haul: So, I did pick up the lighter shade of the CT highlighter. I haven’t received it yet. Since I was there, I thought I would pick up a lippie. I got the M.I.Kiss Matte Revolution lipstick and pencil. I needed another berry shade of lipstick really bad, LOL!!

Weekend plans: I got my fourth COVID vaccine, actually my second booster, yesterday and so I planned on just taking it easy this weekend but other than about an hour of cold chills last night and a sore arm at the injection site, I am feeling pretty good so I will likely continue going through boxes and weeding out what I want and need to keep and what I can get rid of, in anticipation of potentially moving this summer or fall.

Mental health; Like you, Christine, I have good days and bad days. Prior to the last election cycle, I generally didn’t get involved in politics and mostly only followed local politics. Because of the situation, I ended up watching news and commentary almost all day long before the election. I continued to watch a lot of news and I have found for me, I just can’t immerse myself in the whole situation. I am working my way back to watching practically no news programs and trusting that if something big happens I will know about it. That worked for me in the past and I am hopeful that it will help me fight the depression, anxiety and anger that I have found more prevalent in the past several years. That is about all I would say about that part of my mental health, as this blog is a politics free zone. My mental health is also tied quite securely to my decisions about whether to move or stay or split my time. I managed to get through the winter without falling and then exactly 24 hours after bragging about it to my family, I fell inside my house. I am not 100% sure what I did but I think my socks might have slipped on the ceramic tile which is just out of my bedroom. It was about 3 AM and I had heard a funny noise on my front porch. I got up to investigate and one step out of my bedroom, and just at the bottom of the stairs, I went down. I landed on my right/back side on the three bottom steps. I had the presence of mind to hold my head up so I didn’t hit my head but I did end up badly bruised on my right hip, elbow, shoulder and knee. I laid there for awhile just taking stock and then got up. Most of my falls are secondary to the type of migraines I have but this one was mechanical, I think. Anyway, so back to wondering about pushing harder to move.
Our weather is also slowly changing and so I have hope that Spring is just around the corner. We did get snow 3 nights ago but the daytime temperatures melted it off pretty quickly. I have hundreds of Robin’s bopping around in my yard. They are so fun to watch. I have a nest on my front porch and so I have to avoid being on the porch too much as I want the Robin to use it again for nesting this year.

Genevieve Avatar

We have a federal election going on here Deborah and I just tune out…..I don’t watch the news very often either – way too depressing and nothing uplifting at all. So it seems like a good idea to wean yourself off the news and watch shows that make you laugh or enjoy.
Only you can decide whether it’s worth moving, but being as isolated as you are in your present home can certainly have its drawbacks. Good news that you were able to right yourself up after your fall – it could have been much worse and there wouldn’t be anyone nearby to help you. I am sure your yard is looking pretty at the moment with spring coming to your area. What does your daughter think about you moving?
I hope you are able to keep on going through your possessions and deciding what is worthwhile and what is not. Keep well and stay safe.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Genevieve. It is funny, but not in a haha way, that my brother and I have never been particularly political but with the last election we both got involved and luckily, we are on the same side. That isn’t true for my sister who is on the opposite side of almost every issue. My mother and father, when he was alive, were on the same side as my brother and I. So, my sister is the odd one out. Normally, I don’t care that we are on opposite sides but the side that she is on, is pretty much led by racists and when you have a mixed ethnicity child, as I do, it is hard to over look her position. I have severely restricted my contact with her and so when I am around my brother, he goes on and on about it and that just gets me worked up again. The situation bothers my mother so much and she would like us all to be on the same side. I told her that I love my sister but I don’t like her very much and I don’t feel a pressing need to have a lot of contact with her. So, divorcing myself from the news is likely the only way to avoid it within my family.
My daughter wants me to move really badly. I had told her that I wanted her to start making a life for herself that was separate from me as having had her later in life, I am not going to be around for the majority of her life and I know that my passing would really have a negative affect on her. She told me, “Mom, there is no way that I am not going to be completely devastated when you pass away. Living separate from me isn’t going to have an affect on that. I would rather have you here and spend all of the time I can with you now.” I have to admit that I hadn’t really thought of it from that perspective and so I am really leaning towards moving or at the very least, going over to Seattle during the winter months and staying here for the summer months. It is a good solution as my Mom is here so I want to be able to see her frequently. The flip side of the issue is that my daughter will never live here again so what is the point of keeping the house and leaving all of the issues for her to deal with when I am gone. My brother has a full basement and he has a bedroom down there that you can enter from the outside directly into the basement so I could stay there during the summer months. I am leaning towards the later option of selling and then living between the two places.
Thank you for your always generous comments and your sincere caring. Between here on the blog and my IG I derive a lot of mental health support. I feel like I have so many friends even though I haven’t met anyone or know anything personal about my “friends”, except, I know there makeup preferences, their skin tone, their buying habits, etc. LOL!!

Lacey Avatar

Recent purchases/rediscoveries – just ordered a few Terra Moons to add to my collection: Galactic Blossom, Coalescence, Neutron Star, Siren (bright springy colors). TM eye shadows bring me JOY to quickly swipe on with a finger. Wear LaLune and Shattered Stars a lot, pretty one and done colors.

Elf hydrating concealer is surprisingly great! Inexpensive, decent colors, no problems with it playing nicely with SPF, tinted moisturizer or foundation drops. Hoping it replaces Nars, which is great, but SO expensive per the amount you get in a tube.

Seconding all the comments about being real in trying times. Work multiple jobs, lost a few bf’s, now wildfires (I’m in NAZ). It’s a challenge to deal with all the moving parts. Own your actions and be kind seems to work well. I hope all you lovelies have a beautiful weekend. 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

It’s good to read that you are enjoying your new TM purchases Lacey. And it was a good find on that Elf hydrating concealer too – Nars is always overpriced.
As I live in the outer East of Melbourne Australia, we are very familiar with wildfires and how quickly they can get out of control – so I hope that your community is safe. You must be quite exhausted from working your multiple jobs, so I hope this weekend you get some time to relax.

Genevieve Avatar

Well, Winnie seems curious about where the music is coming from, although I am not so sure he likes the sound!

Recent Purchases: A new Clarins blush brush that was on sale (my Real Techniques one is not that great) and that’s about it. I have a whole skincare bag stash and I am not buying anymore skin care products until I finish the bag!

Rediscoveries: Just rotating more of my eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks.

Weekend Plans: It’s another long weekend here in Aus – Anzac Day is on Monday to commemorate the soldiers who have died or been injured in wars. I am going to make some Anzac biscuits this weekend for Olivia and Lachlan to put in their lunch boxes (In Australia parents have to make their lunch boxes for school), as school starts again next week.
Probably I will go out for a drive on Monday and take the grand children out with us for lunch.

How are you doing? I am sure Christine that the issues with your hand are making things very difficult re this blog and it must be alternatively frustrating and painful for you. You are allowed to have a holiday you know…..give your hand a rest to heal. Now that our family aren’t living with us anymore, my right hand is starting to heal quite well and the baby is walking and running around – he doesn’t need lifting up as much as he did – which caused most of the damage.
These days I am generally very good now that we have our house back and there is less mess, washing, cooking etc to do. It has taken me awhile to relax and I have started reading more books and watching some Netflix for relaxation again.

Mariella Avatar

Happy Anzac Day to you, Genevieve. Some years ago, a Canadian magazine (Canadian Living) printed a recipe for Anzac Cookies. I never made them but was always tempted. Now I have to try to locate that recipe….that should be time consuming, to say the least!

Genevieve Avatar

It’s a pretty easy recipe as recipes go – 1 cup each of rolled oats, plain flour, sugar. 3/4 of a cup of coconut, 150 gr. butter, 2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup, 1/2 teasp. of bicarb soda and a tablesp. of boiling water. Combine the dry ingredients and add the butter/golden syrup (mixed together) with the dry ingredients. Mix the bicarb soda with boiling water and add to the mixture. Spoon out onto a tray – with baking paper on it, leaving room for spreading. Cook in a slow oven for 20 min. Allow to cool.

Cristiana Avatar

Recent purchases/ Discoveries: My byTerry Ombré Blackstar shadow pencil in Misty Rock hadn’t dried out after not using it for a long time!

Weekend Plans: Resting This week has been a lot of running around.

How are you doing? I’ve been better. I’m so overwhelmed sometimes with making sure my Mom is taken care of properly. I want to do it right, but I’ve never done some of these tasks before and I don’t know if I’m doing them right.

Genevieve Avatar

Are you taking care of your Mum Cristiana? That would be quite overwhelming, depending on her health issues and pretty hard to do. Just making sure that she is taking her medication at the right time is very tricky, plus all the other things you have to do.
You are a very loyal and good daughter, I am sure.

Cristiana Avatar

Yes, I’m an only child and responsible for her care. She lives a ways from me and likes to forget to take her meds and eat. Nurses visit, but not every day. I am overcome with worry at times!

peach Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Colourpop’s Glowing Lip. It’d be perfect if it didn’t have a scent.

Weekend plans: Gardening- or try to. I also have a mountain of things to do and I don’t like mountains. I think Friday counts as the weekend? I’ve been redecorating a town in a zombie survival game (with the zombies turned off) unfortunately, I forget what time is.

How are you doing? I could be better in so many ways. I hear everyone’s valid woes and I hope you all remember that you’ve gotten through every tough moment, hard day and rough times. Don’t forget your strength and don’t forget to rest it.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
Still waiting on my ColourPop order-it’s expected to arrive Tuesday.

Weekend plans:
Weekly grocery run tonight, work all day tomorrow, pick up my prescription Sunday.

How are you doing? Mental health check-in 🙂
Okay, although my frequent sinus/allergy problems can make me feel kind of low sometimes.

Helene Avatar

Winston seems to love the music, and then don’t. Maybe a note didn’t agree with him.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got my order from CP, it got here fairly quickly. I bought a brow pen in Ash Brown, I tried it yesterday and I think I like it a lot. I might stick to it for the future, if the don’t DC it, of course. I also bought am eyeshadow quad, Wet on Sapphire, it was on my WL and it’s rather lovely. I used the lightest shimmer shade as a one and done yesterday, and I liked it.
I bought two lip products, Girl, Please and Lucid Dreams. The latter was the reason for the order, and it’s such a lovely shimmery gloss. The lipstick was a nice surprise, it’s my first in that formula and it’s so nice on the lips.
That’s it. I don’t think I rediscovered anything this past week.
Weekend plans: Gardening.
How are you doing? Mental health check-in. I’m OK, I mean I have a chronic depression and anxiety, and though I’ve not quite learned how to live with it, I’m doing OK. I feel sad though as it’s coming up to a year since my lovely Miniature Schnauzer Maserati passed away. In about a week it’ll be a year since he and I looked each other in the eyes, after that he was in a coma of sorts when I visited him. I still can’t look at photos of him, or even other dogs of the same breeds and colouring without feeling empty. I am so grateful my Standard Schnauzer is here, he is good at comforting, but he too misses his little brother.

To all others who suffer, read what Ana Maria wrote. It was so well formulated.
And remember we are OK even if we aren’t jumping around with optimism!
Take care, everyone! <3

Alison Avatar

Recent purchases: After buying just one eye palette all last year, I just got two palettes this past week and am very happy with them both. The first was the Viseart Bridal Satin, which is great for cool toned girls and has four pastels, so it’s kind of a baseline for pastel looks which I am wearing all the time. As Genevieve had mentioned last week it also has some versatile browns– both a warm and a neutral light brown, so I’ve done a few neutral looks which is new for me, as I typically avoid browns. I also got the new Huda Beauty Color Block palette in the Blue/Green combination and used it for the first time today. These are my colors for summer so I’ll get a lot of use out of it. (I hope Christine reviews it.) As some shoppers have mentioned the cake eyeliner is excellent. And so is the variety of shades. I like that it has periwinkle, purple, green, yellow and bright blue– in addition to the teals. If I wore orange, I might consider the other orange/purple palette– but I don’t.

In terms of weekend plans, due to COVID it’s rare for us to eat in a restaurant. But today we found an Indian place with less spicy food and outdoor tables so we had a nice long lunch and enjoyed the food and the sunshine. I also have several phone calls with friends and on a project; and am finally getting on top of organizing files and stuff.

Concerning mental health, for the last two years, I’ve had an extremely stressful situation with a relative. I won’t get more specific except to say that when people hear about it, they are shocked and enraged. I had held out hope this person would change their behavior and I’ve come to realize that I need to accept that they are who they are, no matter how much I wish it was different. I’m looking ahead to some possible movement on this problem and am hoping for a way out. Even the prospect of that, though not certain, has brought some relief. My mood is improved and I feel more hopeful. Ironically, following some of the world news, concerning as it is, has helped shift my tendency from the focus on this personal problem. And I would be more anxious– not knowing, than staying informed. However, i don’t participate in social media discussions and debates as I just don’t have the band width for those.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases: Do books count?

Weekend Plans: Errands, cleaning, reading

Mental Health Check: I deal with chronic illness and last week was a BAD week which affected my mental health. I have a good support system but sometimes, in the face of all my issues, it seems overwhelming.

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