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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:

I ordered the new Patrick Ta blush duos, and when I did so, I also noticed that there were blush/highlight duos from Iconic London–a brand I’ve heard of but not reviewed. I’m a little “low” on cheek products, so I picked up those duos along with Iconic London cream blush/bronzers (their liquid highlighter seems stupidly priced relative to the rest of the range).

My Urban Decay Wild Earth palette FINALLY arrived. I had such trouble getting this one that the press sample ended up showing up a week before my actual package, so I’ll be donating this one. I’m so thankful that I found a local organization that has a place for extra products (all new). They do great work in helping families (including pets!) avoid homelessness.

Weekend plans:

It seems like I’ve been using the week to gear up for weekends of taking photos and editing. I’m actually going to try and shift where I try to do things in smaller batches, but it is hard. Sometimes I just don’t want to get in front of the camera, but it’s a necessary part of swatching cheek and lip products (universe, give me 200 new single eyeshadows to review, eh, eh!) so it ends up that I have to “gear up” to do those and want to do as many as I can in one go rather than showing up twice for it, lol! My face sweats wildly while swatching (thanks mom for that genetic find!), and it can be frustrating when my camera lens refuses to auto-focus on my lips and I have to take 40 shots instead of 5-10.

What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far?

I’ve been doing a little bit of side work for hubby’s site, which is just a different way to work (by no means challenging!), but it is nice to see traffic increase on his site because of my work. Temptalia is more established and really more of a stabilized site, so it’s rare that writing one post really moves the needle traffic-wise (it all contributes but it’s more of a collective of content that keeps the site going).

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P.P.S. — Check our hubby’s new site for video gaming guides — good if you (or someone you know or your kids!) is into video games (or even Wordle, lol)!


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Mariella Avatar

Haul: I’d planned to go out yesterday to get a few things but the weather was so dreadful, I passed on it (I’ll go next Thursday – Seniors’ 20% off day at SDM). I did get some Joico shampoo the other day at Winners and ordered from Amazon some workout clothes and also this Jergens face cream (the one with the really old looking labelling) that never seems to be available anywhere in store here in Canada.

Weekend plans: maybe the gym tomorrow but that’s about it….making soup on Sunday and freezing some of it for lunches during the week. Monday is a holiday here in most of Canada – it’s Family Day – and tagged on to today’s Snow Day (we had a major melt and tons of rain yesterday which then froze as the temps dropped in the evening and then about 4 inches of snow fell on top of the ice) – anyway, it gives me a really nice long weekend!

What I’m looking forward to in February – we find out tonight if my daughter and son in law are having a girl or a boy. And this weekend, my son and future daughter in law will be trying the knot in Vegas as a prelude to their move to Japan in a few weeks (that’s both exciting and kind of heart-breaking as he’s not likely to be here in July when his sister has her baby and also because we’re going to miss them like crazy)

Genevieve Avatar

Gosh – I hope you’ve got some really good books to read too Mariella with all of that cold weather, ice, snow and storms.
Finding out whether you are going to be a grandma to a boy or a girl will be exciting – and so useful too when gathering bits and pieces for the baby’s arrival.
Best wishes to your son and new daughter in law on their nuptials and I hope you can get to see them before they move to Japan (is it for work?). Yes you will definitely miss them and they will miss being around for their niece or nephew’s arrival.
But Japan is a lovely place to visit – one of my best friends has a son and his family that live in Japan (it broke their heart when they moved there) and they think it’s a lovely place.

Nancy T Avatar

Sounds like so many major, exciting changes going on within your family lately, Mariella. I totally understand about your son and his soon-to-be wife moving so far away. My daughter moved to Ohio back in April of 2021, and I haven’t seen her or her baby boy in person ever since. There’s “empty nest”, and then there’s “flew the entire coop”! Nothing quite prepares us for this possibility, either.

Mariella Avatar

It’s a GIRL….we just found out Friday night (cupcake reveal) that they are having a little girl. I am so excited because the clothes for little girls are (or were – maybe they’ve improved) so much nicer than those for boys which is really the only reason to prefer one gender over the other. I’ve pulled out some of the patterns I used for my kids when they were little. Daughter has put the kibosh on some of the adorable Laura Ashley things I made for her when she was little but does approve of the Burda pants/overalls and jacket patterns I am so glad I hung onto (and was able to locate!).

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases: I picked up Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Love It! for half price at Ulta and just bought Pat McGrath blush in Nymphette. Very excited about both!

Weekend Plans: Reading! I review books via NetGalley and I am as injured for about three weeks and am behind. Gotta log some hours with my iPad this weekend!

What am I looking forward to in February? Getting my haircut on Tuesday and stepping down off curbs. I had a knee replacement over a year ago and recovery has been…terrible. (Not the fault of my PT team.) But I am doing well now and am able to step down off curbs without a mobility aid for the first time in years. So that is what I am excited about!

Genevieve Avatar

Thank goodness that your knee is starting to heal and you are becoming a little bit mroe mobile. My brother in law had two knee reconstructions a while ago now – the first one – is left knee went really well, no problems. But the second one a year later, was awful. He had a lot of problems regaining his mobility. So I can really sympathise with you there, Stepping off curbs is a major achievement as you are really using and testing out your knee joint. It sounds like you’ve had a really tough time and buying some makeup will give you some joy.

Mariella Avatar

I’m facing knee replacement this summer (I hope/think). I’ve put it off for so long but the last 9 months, it’s got pretty limiting. I’ve never had major surgery before and I’m worried about the outcome (that I’ll either push myself too hard or not hard enough….I know there’s pain afterward and I’ve no sense of what my own pain threshold is in order to gauge how much to work in physio afterward). You must feel so delighted at getting mobility back (I know walking downstairs or stepping off a curb is a dicey business for me). It makes sense that you’re excited and I’m wishing you even more improvement ahead!

polishedhippy Avatar

Since I am a camera nerd 😀 I think I recall you are using a Nikon D800 or D810? I sometimes use a D800E at work with the Nikon 60mm f/2.8 macro lens, and I will say that my newer Canon 6d Mark ii and t7i focus WORLDS better than the older camera, or my older Canons. Now, with mirrorless, the autofocusing is even a lot more fast and precise than my later model DSLRs. If you have not done so already, it might be worth looking at upgrading again, specifically for the leaps in autofocus and processing speed, even though the Nikon D800 series is still fantastic for image quality. I save SO MUCH TIME with the better autofocus. It is literally a relief when I am on a deadline to know I can nail the shot in a single go than have to constantly double check on focus or have episodes of focus hunting when photographing something shiny or of largely one color. For someone as prolific as you, especially if there are tasks you dread like lip and cheek pics, the time saved may be a such a relief! These leaps in technology really do make life better as a photographer on a quick timeline.

Wednesday Avatar

That’s a sweet looking run for Winston! He looks so happy and also a lot more mature.

📍My TF Ebene Fume arrived and I think it’s a perfect addition to my scent library. I really like wearing it as a base and then layering. Lost Cherry as a topper creates this fabulous boozy, smoky cherry concoction.

📍I also picked up yet another shade of Fenty Blurring skin tint.. I love the product for days where I want quick light coverage, but finding the right shade has been tricky. I also find it is so much better applied with a brush than with a sponge. I’ve been using a brush more often as I am work myself towards less and less coverage.

📍Addicted to Brazilian Bum Bum shower gel so grabbed a big pump jug of that.

📍Last, purchased Briogio Rice water protein treatment. I madly bleach my hair and it works beautifully for my ultrafine poker straight hair.. far better than Olaplex.

🏅Weekend plans: I have company coming! It’s a long weekend here, and January was brutal. I’m surrounded by water and really got pummelled with lake effect snow; back to back to back storms. I’m so looking forward to seeing my gang.

🏅February is fabulous because you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of winter and also get to enjoy noticeably longer days.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Genevieve Avatar

It’s so great to read that you are able to socialise once more and have some friends over. Do you live near to some big lakes Wednesday? Was there a risk of flooding to your home? I hope the weekend weather forecast for your area is pleasant so that you can enjoy your gathering.

Nancy T Avatar

Watching these Winnie videos breathes life into one very topsy-turvy month over here! 😊

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing purchased, but I did begin looking through my regular tube lipsticks now that I have KN95 masks and can now wear my regular lipsticks and lipglosses again, as I only put my mask on while boarding a bus, getting into a cab/Uber/Lyft, or food shopping. So many beauties that I have truly missed wearing out and about!

Weekend plans: Of course, my regular Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Provided, of course, that my very out of date, 4 year old phone cooperates and let’s me connect. Other than that, I’m thinking about making my Mom’s pot roast recipe. It’s different from what most people do, as it has only onions, salt and pepper, with roux added at the end. Very soothing, and it reminds me of her. Honestly, I really feel like I need her now more than ever. I’m in the midst of trying to process a whole ton of things these past couple of weeks. Some very promising, wonderful and hopeful, others, deeply saddening and devastating. Life can be quite the roller coaster ride.

What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far? Finding out that I do indeed have some very supportive, caring friends who aren’t going to jump ship just because I have a serious health challenge, and a few other wonderful blessings just very recently realized. The kind that gives one hope and the strength to go on.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes February has been a tough month for you Nancy and I hope that everything is falling into place with you. How are you going health-wise?
I think when we are feeling fragile you do miss your mum – no matter how old you are. My mother was a pretty caring and motherly kind of person and I still miss her.
I am so relieved to read that you having some wonderful friends around you too.

Nancy T Avatar

Hi Genevieve! Sorry for my late response, but I literally waited all day for a friend to pick up and drop off a very needed prescription. Unfortunately, the pharmacy closed at 5p.m., so I didn’t get it. Such is life!
So far so good with my health, all things considered. I do find myself feeling much more fatigued than usual and last Saturday and Sunday, there was a more ominous sign, but my Doc called me back right away Sunday night and reassured me that this was normal even for early stages, so I had a great sense of relief after speaking with her.
Totally agree with you on us needing our Mom/Mum during the roughest of times! Then again, I realize mine would have been in her mid to late 90’s and this would have devastated her. And so I’m glad that she was spared. Sure do miss her, though!

AJ Avatar

I love seeing Winnie on his treadmill 🙂

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing this week, been going around with a naked face.

Weekend plans: My dance teacher has been wanting to get together with me and one of her other dance friends, because we all have some pretty similar opinions and ideas about our particular dance style, art, creativity, etc. Our schedules finally lined up to do a Zoom tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it! I think it will be one part geeking out and one part rant and rave 😉

Other than that, probably just some errands and takeout. It’s a three-day weekend for me thanks to President’s Day, and I think I might use Monday to work on my editing biz.

Best part of February: Getting together IRL with my friends the other week. I’ve had so few in-person hangouts during this pandemic, so each is precious to me. This one was extra nice because we went to my friends’ house which meant we got to pet their cat, too (I really miss having pets! I have to live vicariously!).

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new, I need to re-stock some items, but I was waiting to see if there’s any good deals for President Day.

Weekend plans: Given recent events, I’m not making any plans. I’ll just do some walking and reading, chores, cooking, call my mom and brother, double and triple check all the rules and tests needed if I plan to travel back to Europe in the next months.
I’m to the point that I might work on Monday even if it’s a day off just to keep my mind busy.

What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far?
Well… at this point I fail to be able to see a good part of February, it might just be one of the worse months ever. I’m just looking forward for time to pass, and pass.

We all have good moments and bad moments, but I really liked this week’s longer responses from Christine.

Genevieve Avatar

I nearly always find February a challenging month too Ana Maria – but for us here in Aus it’s usually because the weather is so darn hot. When I was teaching full time, it always seemed that the hottest days were reserved for when the kids went back to school. And for you, it is the very cold and wet weather.
I hope your family are doing well and it would be lovely if you could see them in the coming year. Good luck with your plans.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I did manage to snag the Oden’s Eye Hela palette, so looking forward to that and I also found the Nars Radiant Reflecting Foundation at a good price.

Rediscoveries: Starting to use foundation again, which I haven’t in ages. It’s all been BB creams.

Weekend plans: Going to the Children’s Museum tomorrow with my family!

What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far? It’s been nice to get some snow in my area, and now I’m looking forward to warmer weather again. February tends to be pretty cold in the Midwest, so there’s not a lot to do.

Genevieve Avatar

I think you are going to enjoy the Oden’s Eye Hela palette Celesta because it looks so beautiful and I can see that it would suit you well.
Children’s Museum’s are a fabulous place to go to when the weather is either too hot or too cold to do anything else. Your son will love it.

Celesta Avatar

I think the Hela palette will be so fun; I can see so many possibilities when I look at it, and I love that.

We had a great time at the Children’s Museum! We are members there, but it had been a while since we last went because of Covid and family sickness, the holidays, etc. it’s so nice to just let my son run and explore.

Genevieve Avatar

It’s good to see a happy looking Winston on his Chrissy present that will help to keep him fit.
How is your hand going Christine? You’ve had quite a few issues to deal with lately and I hope it is responding to treatment and it probably just needs some rest…
Perhaps you do need a better camera (expensive I guess) to help with the auto focus and it will ultimately save you time and effort. I hope you do get to go out this weekend and have some relaxing time.

Recent Purchases: Only some clothes this week – some of the autumn stock is coming in and these are usually in my favourite colours, so I don’t want to miss out.
My Fenty Beauty foundation arrived this week and it is beautiful – a really good porcelain shade with the pink undertones. And the Freckle Fiesta as well – but it is so tiny!

Rediscoveries: Still have been using my UD Naked palette this week and it has been lovely to use and reminds me of how great UD once was.

Weekend Plans: Nothing too exciting on the horizon. I am going through some of the baby toys in our numerous tubs this weekend to donate to my sister’s best friend whose daughter has just had their first child. These baby toys are so durable and they have been looked after well and once cleaned and sanitised they can easily be passed on.
I am also redoing my food storage container cupboard and have repurchased some more stock of these as I am still making up meals for my son and his family. I had to go around our backyard to find the rest of my containers as Olivia ‘borrowed’ them when she was living here to make up her magic potions – Recipe – Mud, water, food dye (in various colours) and a decent helping of glitter sprinkles. I have been trying to clean them out, but it is pretty tricky and I may have to toss them.

Best part of February: Hmmm – it was quite up and down emotionally with my family leaving. I really do miss having the children around and seeing Harry’s little face waking us up most mornings with his beautiful smile and cuddles. I miss the conversations with Olivia, Lachlan, Anika and my son Nicholas.
And at the same time – I don’t miss the mess and the noise.
I am seriously looking forward to autumn weather as our summer has been quite brutal – we’ve had it all: searing hot days, high humidity day and night, thunderstorms and relentless heat.
In early March we have both Olivia’s birthday on the 4th and my husband’s on the 5th – so I am also thinking about that too.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Christine Avatar

My camera has auto-focus, but it’s just the repetitive motion of having to click to trigger each photo – I will do about 500-1000 photos in a given session! And then all of the mousework that follows for editing. I don’t know if there’s better so much as some days are better than others, but it’s accumulated damage and not going away, unfortunately (I have been treating it for over two years now). Thank you for the concern! 🙂

Mariella Avatar

Olivia was my first choice for my daughter’s baby’s name but she said it’s the most popular girl’s name right now and she doesn’t want her daughter to be one of 5 Olivias in a class (I remember similar with Sophie and variations of Kate/Katelyn/Cayley when my sons were in school). She didn’t like my other suggestions either and after her husband said NO to Audrey (I agree with him), she seems to have settled on Amelie (like the movie). I hope she changes her mind; it’s pretty buy I’m not wild for it).

I have to laugh just picturing the food storage bins with the immovable glitter!!!! I can just picture it!

Nancy T Avatar

Genevieve, it really must be difficult not having a nice full house after having that true blessing for awhile. Although I also get what you mean about there also being less mess and housework, too. Ever since my daughter moved cross country, it’s felt like Arizona is a very empty, lonely place. I do have one very close friend in the area, as well as several others who are more like well known acquaintences? Most of those are across town, back in Scottsdale.
But I digress. Your situation was much closer knit than my own.
Your February sounds just like our August! Just yucky. Stiffling heat, humidity, storms, just plain awful. Does it let up at least a little bit in March?

Denise S. Avatar

Winnie looks like Mellan on that picture! Winnie lives a luxe dog life, he’s very blessed.My kids gave me a desk bike for Christmas that I love. But I’m a little envious of Winnie’s new treadmill lol.
Recent Purchases /Discoveries: I’ve been using my Temptalia palettes and loving them. I did a one shadow look with Calming Presence blue/purple shade and it turned out beautiful! Just received my Menagerie’s Indigo Ink palette but haven’t used it yet.

Weekend Plans: My closet wall rack that I hang my dresses on fell of the wall. So I’m moving all my dresses to my guest room so I can finally get it fixed.Pick up a good meal instead of cooking. Read, videos and watch tv and relaxing.

What are you looking forward to in February? Or has been the best part so far? :
Me and my daughter signed up to foster cats. We brought the supplies and will take in no more than 2 kitty/cats at a time. You have to take them to Pet stores so people can see them and hopefully they’ll get adopted to a loving new home. I’m excited since I’ve been feeding the feral cats at Walmart for while now. Just not ready to get my own pet because we want to travel.

Nancy T Avatar

Fostering kitties is such a wonderful as well as rewarding undertaking, Denise! My most recent kitty adoption was a semi-feral who lived outside of my apartment building. After I won her trust, I lured her inside and named her Penelope. She’s looking so much healthier and her coat is so silky and shiny now. Tiny mini-Panther! 🖤

Susan Nevling Avatar

I love Winnie’s treadmill. Perhaps I should look into one for my terrier rescue. He’s small, 11#, but can be very active and our Great Lakes winter has been cold, icy, snowy and generally not great for older people walking small dogs without under coats!
As far has cosmetics, we have been staying home. My focus has been on moisturizing products. I recently repurchased my Fresh Rose lip balm and tried a Caudalie moisturizing serum. To soon for an accurate opinion but it does feel better under my standard moisturizer.

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. I used MAC Frankly Scarlet yesterday for the first time in ages. I really do love it and liked how it looks and applies.
Weekend plans: Nothing to write about really. Grocery shopping later today, yay, what fun! (Not.)
I’ll also try to play Lost Ark for a bit, I’m just playing for fun, without a thought about gearing up or getting ready for end game raiding, so it’s quite relaxing. (Lost Ark is an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, I do like this type of gaming, and have found this last WoW expansion rather boring, so playing somethin new is a bit of fun.)
What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far? February is one of my least favourite months, it’s short but boring. Winter can’t decide it it’s coming or going and it’s either cold and dry, with potential icy streets or it’s grey, rainy and cold. Generally it’s just cold.
Today it’s actually a nice day, I found I had to warm clothes on when taking the mid day walk with Stubbs.
But, mostly February is a month when I’ve had enough of winter and want spring to come, and it does, but not until later in March.

Rachel R. Avatar

Recent Purchases: Muji cotton pads. Exciting, I know.

Weekend plans: Tonight (Saturday) hubby, my younger son, his GF, and I are going to see “Dracula” by the Oregon Ballet. Sunday will be shopping, housework, and paperwork.
What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far?
I’m looking forward to seeing the ballet, and then my older son’s birthday on the 24th. Both will be fun times.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
I finally placed my ColourPop order Friday, because the new Valentine’s Day edition Let’s Dance pressed powder blush finally had its second restock! I ordered it, Songbird Lippie Stix, Purple Prose and Left on Red BFF mascaras, and Beyond, Hot Fuss, and Tumble 4 Ya serum blushes.
I just placed a Sephora order: NARS Laguna full-size bronzer (I already have a mini and a sample size, and I really like it), NARS San Juan bronzer, Fenty Pro Filt’r 110 concealer, and Sephora #Lipstories lipsticks on the BOGO 1/2 off deal-Pineapple Express, Spiked, Festival Lights, and Palm Street. That would’ve been it, but then I noticed that they still had about 12 shades of Marc Jacobs Enamored lipgloss that hadn’t fully sold off, so I got the shade I wanted, but didn’t have-Make Me.
Weekend plans:
Worked all day Friday, weekly grocery run yesterday, spent today going back out for a few things I couldn’t find last night and finally taking down the Christmas decorations. Tomorrow we’re probably going to get Waffle House takeout-it’s kind of our holiday staple because the food quality tends to be pretty consistent, even on holidays (this one being Presidents’ Day).
What are you looking forward to in February or has been the best part so far?
I had a couple of unexpected days off earlier in the month due to sudden snow squall. The snow wasn’t great, but the snow days were!

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