Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #630

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: I’m hoping to head to my parents’ house for dinner, but otherwise just hang at home with hubby and Winnie!
  • How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?: It really doesn’t change much, since it only gets REALLY cold here in Arizona for two to three weeks, and otherwise, I’m pretty much inside in a climate-controlled area, haha.

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Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: My Clionadh sale order came in! I purchased: Stencil, Ornamental, Halo, Glisten, Ochre, and Emboss.

Rediscoveries: I’ve been keeping it pretty simple this week, using whatever neutrals are in my arsenal for my eyes with my new multichromes, and rediscovering some mini palettes because of that; i.e. ND Mini Gold and Mini Nude palettes.

Weekend plans: Hopefully wrapping some Christmas presents and continuing to try to get over this nasty NASTY cold.

How does your wardrobe change with the seasons? More layers and sweaters/leggings for colder seasons, more tank tops during warmer seasons.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases: Lip balm! It is so cold here and my lips are so chapped. A mini Ilia lip oil duo which hasn’t arrived yet.

Weekend Plans: Reading, Church, Cooking

How Does My Wardrobe Change With The Seasons: More layers in the winter and a fantastic coat, if I may brag.

PS What an adorable picture of your dog. So sweet!

AJ Avatar

Poor Winston! He’s going to fade away if he has to wait another HOUR to eat!

Purchases: I picked up a new-to-me brand of moisturizer at Target, and got my spouse a salted caramel flavored Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Weekend plans: We were thinking of going to a show tonight, but it’s an hour drive each way and we’re both pretty tired so we might not be up for a late night out. Tomorrow, we’ll go to a craft fair and get some dinner, maybe also go to the bookstore and possibly get some ice cream. Sunday will be for staying home!

How does my wardrobe change with the seasons: Well, having moved to WA from AZ, it definitely changes a lot more than it used to! I actually own waterproof winter boots now, instead of fashion boots that I would wear 1-3 times a year, LOL. And I get to wear sweaters now. It took me a few years to find a coat I really like, but now I’ve got one that is warm and cozy and cute. I’m feeling pretty ripped-off this year, because Fall got really cold and really wet really fast, so I didn’t get much chance to wear my lighter, cuter jackets and cuter, more stylish boots.

Genevieve Avatar

I bet your wardrobe has changed – you’d be experiencing real winters in Washington as against those in Arizona. Some years, here too, we have gone straight from summer to winter and I do miss those slightly warm days with the cool nights and I do like my autumn wardrobe too. You really do miss wearing those pieces.

Nancy T Avatar

Still growing into those long legs, I see! Such an adorable pic of Winnie 😍

Purchases/rediscoveries: Ordered Mac Shadeshifter eyeshadow in Right Before Your Eyes from Macy’s along with another pair of soft jammies and a nice warm nap blanket lined with sherpa for after January’s MAJOR surgery (yeah, more than I was expecting). Placed an order with Sephora just after midnight for Natasha Denona Retro Midi palette and Sephora eye pencil in Flirting Game, as I can see them working well with each other.

Weekend plans: Doing a veritable TON of laundry! There’s a mountain in both closets. So, yeah. Also, my Zoom meeting tomorrow morning provided my old, out of date phone cooperates with getting on. I am in dire need of a new phone, yet I keep buying more makeup! #AnxietyShopping. An update on my upcoming hysterectomy: she is having a General Surgeon go in first to clear out any and all adhesions from my previous surgery, then taking the reproductive organs out whole, sending it to pathology to see if she needs to get some lymph nodes and surrounding tissue, then the GS will perform a hernia repair and finish it up. I need surgical clearance from both my PCP and cardiologist before she can do anything, so we are now looking at early to mid January. I seriously wish this could just wait until I move to New Jersey end of March, which now will be delayed till September so that I can have adequate healing time. I’m so not happy about this development. I’d rather have this done there instead of here. Oy vey.

How does your wardrobe change with the seasons? What seasons, LOL? We have roughly 4-5 months of “cooler” weather usually beginning mid November, but this year didn’t get the memo! Our nights can get quite cold, though, so I will begin bringing a hoodie or eventually my leather jacket out with me since the sun sets earlier and waiting for the bus can mean needing one or the other to throw on. I do wear lightweight sweatshirts and flannels for tops, jeans and yoga pants this time of year. And sweaters in December-March, when we get cold snaps. Oh, and yesterday I pulled out my Doc Martans for the first time this autumn!

Andrea Avatar

I know you’re upset, I could almost hear your voice while reading your words but this is actually great news! Now you know what, how, when and where. The hardest part, for me anyway, is the not knowing because my brain tries to fill in the gaps (and never in a good way).
Now you have a game plan and you know where the finish line is, which means you have more options too. Why not get a tablet to talk to your friends on zoom- you can hold a glass of wine in one hand and chocolate in the other better than with a mobile phone (also better for showing off you *shiny* makeup…)? Who better than them to give you some moral support?
In Europe we often go ahead with exams with one doctor and then take them to another to proceed with surgery. I have family there so I know you don’t have an NHS in the US like most countries over here, still, too crazy a possibility…? All in all, in the grand scheme of things (and your life) a year isn’t much, given this will give you many more to make good memories and enjoy your retirement in NJ, eating those Entenmann’s Blackout Cakes. Whoever said “this too shall pass” was right, it’s a matter of time and in your case it ends in a few months. Keep your eye on the ball and on those cakes!

Genevieve Avatar

Like Andrea, I can hear the anguish in your ‘voice’ here, but I do think it is probably wiser to have the operation and procedures here because you know the doctors/surgeoons etc and the hospital, whereas in NJ you would have to go through all the tests again so those doctors can see for themselves. It would be extra money too.
Early to mid Jan is only a month away, not too long to wait and then by early spring, you may well find yourself in NJ all healthy and well….
Still praying for you Nancy….at least you now know when everything is happening and the steps involved.

Nancy T Avatar

Yeah, I’m definitely feeling deflated here, Genevieve. Here I had been calling a whole bunch of apartment complexes back in my old neck of the woods, looking up but routes, etc., and then this happens. Life is funny and sad like that, sometimes. Just when you think…
Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. I’m going to need them, for sure.

brendacr1 Avatar

Well Nancy, it sounds like it’s a go, so my way of dealing with something like this is keeping myself so busy that I don’t have time to think about it until it’s time to happen. I find worry a wasted energy, it doesn’t serve a purpose for me. When I was four years old I had a stomach ulcer, they told me it was because I worried all the time, and I did, I worried about everything that you could ever possibly think about worrying about. I refuse to put myself through that again, you can’t worry about anything that “might” happen or “could” be it’s too overwhelming it’s not controllable and I have to be in control. Any way please reach out if you need to talk to someone because talking helps so much! Take care.

brendacr1 Avatar

I know, another thing I will do is, give myself a certain amount of time to think about it then when that time is up, it’s up, time to go on to something else. Then at least you know that it’s there but it is in a box that you can open and close. I hope that makes sense. ((Hugs))

Mariella Avatar

Nancy, good luck to you with your upcoming surgery. It’s scary, that’s for sure, and really puts a dent in the plan you had but think about how much your health will improve afterward. My brother in law is in a similar situation – a hernia and an anyeurism both requiring repair but there’s some question amongst his health care professionals as to which to do first or if the anyeurism even needs repairing. But you will get past this and make that move feeling and being healthier and more secure in your physical health than you are now.

I dread the day when I need a new phone. I’m not at ease at all with technology and having to adjust to a new phone would probably put me over the edge….

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: I took advantage of the Cyber Monday deals (20% off, 20% cash back, lots of free stuff) and placed a Paula’s Choice order with things I’m finishing up soon and backs-ups of my favorites: RESIST Skin Restoring Moisturizer with SPF 50 (mini, for SPF on the go), Ultra-Rich Soothing Body Butter, RESIST Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50, Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm, All Over Hair & Body Shampoo, Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30, SKIN PERFECTING 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel, C15 Super Booster (gift with purchase), Holiday Exclusive Kit (free, minis of
Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA, Water-Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer, CLINICAL 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment, Omega+ Complex Serum)

Weekend plans: Just the usual hiking, groceries, cooking, chores, reading, phone calls with family, maybe a symphonic concert on Sunday (local avenue holds a 251 years Beethoven celebration). With Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders coming in (I purchased more needed stuff than cosmetics) I need some extra time to also organize new stuff, donate or go to special recycling locations for some items (clothes, old shoes, small electronics, etc.). Finding places to properly dispose shoes not in good shape for donating proves the hardest.

How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?: While I live in California, I still keep my Central European habits of getting all the wear I can from my sweaters and scarf during fall and winter. I usually never rotate my “summer” clothes, they become cold weather layering pieces. I just add a warmer jacket (waterproof since winter is theoretically the rainy season), gloves during evening runs, on the coldest days maybe I’ll wear something to protect my ears.
My footwear never changes, I can wear most of my shoes on non-rainy days, I’ll wear boots even in the summer and I never wear open toe shoes (I actually have a phobia of wearing unprotective footwear).

Genevieve Avatar

What a really useful list of products you have purchased for yourself – such great skincare items too. I love sales like that – especially when you get to try a skincare line because the price is reduced and you’ve heard it’s good.
I don’t particularly like open toe shoes or sling back kind of sandals, I can wear quite a few of my shoes in summer as well too. I like my feet to be protected, comfortable and dry. Just like The Queen – same style, a couple of different colours and you’re done. And that goes for my ankle boots as well.

Andrea Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Got UD Vice in Menace recently. Been wearing Mac Captive a lot lately – I was never that crazy about it but it appears to have grown on me…
Weekend plans: Clean, clean, do laundry, clean, complain about the weather and take my Yorkie to the vet to get her 2nd shot for this wonderdrug for Allergies (remains to be seen if the price matches the quality).
How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?: In summer I favour lighter and brighter colours in silky type of fabrics. Then, as it gets colder, I just go darker and heavier until winter. Then in Spring I go lighter again -always with a cardigan nearby- but still stick to darker colours until it starts getting warmer and summer approachs.
There definitely used to be 4 seasons in Portugal where you knew exactly what to wear. Now it’s all a bit of a blur and there are often days when I’m just not sure what to wear at all. Winter gets way more cold (though for less time) and it doesn’t rain as much as before, which I don’t mind tbh so I tend to dress for the cold instead of the rain. Summer is hotter and seems to last longer. Last October I was still going to the beach which isn’t the old normal but the “new normal”. Spring and Autumn seem to have become an extension of summer so I wear “summer clothes” for longer but come winter I’m thinking Siberia and polar bears (minus the snow).

Helene Avatar

You have a Yorkie!
I used to have so may prejudices against the breed, but then I met some cool ones that proved me so wrong. These days I really like them. Nose kiss to the little one from me!
I thought it was summery all year in Portugal, but I guess it depends on where you live in the country. I’ve never visited Portugal, I do want to, some day.

Andrea Avatar

You didn’t like Yorkies?! 😮 Oh my goodness, I’m glad you met the right ones to make you change your mind! Mine barks at anything and everything that moves but she’s all love! I’ll give her a cuddle and tell her it comes from you!
We keep getting these “cold fronts” coming in from I don’t know where, which feel like Siberia, specially at night. Still, I’m not sure know where you are (you sound very British to me!), but given Portugal is indeed warm all year, you might find my “cold like in Siberia” to be more of a mild winter day for you- take it with a pinch of salt! It’s not as terrible as I put it, it’s just what it feels like to my body when a few days ago I was having lunch by the beach and alfresco.
I’m in Porto and I know sb who rents to tourists: close to the beach, or literally next door to a massive mall (part of the same building) and there’s another one which is in downtown Gaia (where the Port wine cellars are, across the bridge from Porto… and a department store with all things beauty 5 min away on foot)! Let me know!
Up north there’s wine country, beaches and Spain close by… I love the Alentejo too but that’s closer to Lisbon and better for a road trip during summer. I love the massive fields with sunflowers -Instagram paradise-, the beaches, the landscape, the pretty villages, the weather… it also had the biggest Jewish community in the world way back when and a lot of it reflects that.
Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world and back in the day it was kind of filthy rich so there’s plenty to see everywhere in terms of culture, art & architecture. The food is great too so I won’t even mention that. My only advice is: there are cobblestones everywhere, which are lovely, but also a bit of a death trap for getting heels stuck and/or slipping so avoid narrow heels and very slippery shoes. Come and visit!

Mariella Avatar

Haul: I wanted to get MAC Bronze eyeshadow only to learn it’s been discontinued – DAMN. I did get 2 more tubes of Craving and the Extra Dimension Blush in Wrapped Candy (but I might actually exchange it because I think it might be defective…I can hardly get any colour to show up on my pale skin and it’s a pretty BRIGHT and DEEP blush); at Shoppers Drug Mart, I got another tube of Embryolisse and another bottle of Paloma Picasso fragrance (I’ve fallen in love with it) and a tub of Soap & Glory Body Butter (a different one from those I have – this has a bit of shimmer to it). And I got a bottle of Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel.

Weekend plans: set up the tree and start decorating for Xmas. I might start some baking for the Holidays too. On Sunday, we’re visiting friends who signed up for a free month of the Disney channel so they could watch the new Peter Jackson re-done version of The Beatles’ Let It Be documentary/film and want us to join them (we’re all rabid Beatles fans from back in the day to today). We’ll be ordering in pizza but I’ll be making and bringing some appetizers.

Mariella Avatar

Did it again – forgot to answer the last question. Yes, my wardrobe sure does change with the season. I live in Canada – in S. Ontario. We have steamy, humid summers and cold, damp, snowy, blizzard-y winters with about 3 weeks of spring and autumn in between… So you bet I dress for the weather! A warm parka or similar (I have a sheepskin coat that’s about 25 years old that is hard to beat but it’s HEAVY), scarves, hats, gloves and boots that keep us stable on icy pavement are pretty much de rigeur in these parts at this time of year.

Andrea Avatar

I’ve lived in the Alps before but when I think of Canadian winters I picture penguins, polar bears and skiing to get to the bus stop! I can’t help myself eheh! You know there’s a group of poor people stuck in a pub somewhere in the UK for days, even sleeping there, because of the snow? In Canada you’d be getting on with it and building igloos, wouldn’t you? Hehehe!

Mariella Avatar

Ahhh – but we build those igloos while stylishly dressed for the weather!

In reality, every year at the first significant snowfall, it’s as if a whole lot of drivers have forgotten how to drive on snow – like it’s a big shock to have this slippery white stuff on the roads. And there are all those people who wait til beyond “too late” to have their winter tires put on their cars! But (in spite of those who deny climate change) we’ve had very “snow-less” winters (not good for farmers or replenishing the water-shed) and some very mild ones (I can recall one year, a day in February that was so warm that people were outside in shorts….just for one day!) and then we’ve had some brutally cold and snowy winters (a few years ago, we had something like 6 snow days – days when school is cancelled because of the snow – which was unheard of, and at least one of those was 2 days in a row, also unheard of). But our summers are getting hotter and drier (in terms of rainfall, not in terms of humidity) and as in other places around the world, forest fires in our western provinces have become a heartbreaking and devastating problem.

Andrea Avatar

In London, when it snowed a little -I’m talking covering the train tracks with a bit of snow-, everything shut down. It’s very different in Italy, it snows enough during the night to make cars parked in the streets disappear but when you get up in the morning the snow’s been cleared -they are beyond efficient.
Where I live in Portugal, it doesn’t really snow (maybe once every 10 years but you’d laugh at “our snow”), but the winter feels “colder” and drier, though when it rains it pours and we have more flash floods that bulldozer everything in sight. Summer is hotter, for longer, and forest fires, which have always been a problem in Southern Europe, seem to be getting bigger, last for longer too and take more lives too.
Climate change is very real here and my wardrobe is the subtle way in which I notice it the most. I used to wear summer clothers for 3 months before and now they’re out for over half the year because I can get away with just adding a coat. I only put them away about 2 weeks ago!

Helene Avatar

It’s much the same here. The snow comes as a big surprise every winter.
I had my tires changed a bit late, I didn’t like driving to the place that keeps and change them, it was slippery to say the least. They didn’t have time for me earlier in the week, but, lesson learned, change them mid November next year!
There’s always chaos in traffic when the first snow comes, lorries standing in rows as they can’t get up a little slope, cars beside the roads. I’m just happy I actually learned how to drive during winter.
At least my dog loves the snow. 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

Did you know that a really good dupe of MAC Bronze is Paris from the ABH Mario palette? It’s probably one you’ve hit pan on… I so hate that when brands d/c their much loved favourites and you don’t want to buy a whole palette or so for just one shade.
Teak from the Sultry palette is another good dupe too.
I hope you enjoy the Let It Be documentary, I haven’t watched it myself, but I would like to. I’m a fairly keen Beatles fan, having grown up in the era, but my husband is more of an Elvis vintage…

Mariella Avatar

I have both Paris and Teak (big surprise, no?) but I really wanted Bronze. The SA was surprised it was dc’d (the other SA had to tell her) and the three of us plus another customer (who was also frustrated in trying to get Goldbit, which is again discontinued!) were all talking about how MAC ditches some of its very best shades (mostly eyeshadows but lipsticks and blushes too) and without warning, while keeping some of their crummiest shades (CARBON!!!!). I was just so surprised that it was no longer available.

The couple we’re visiting used to have a Beatles trivia game and we played it together and I blew EVERYONE else out of the water, even remembering the name of Bob Wooler (the DJ that John Lennon punched in the face in the very early days).

Helene Avatar

The winter certainly sound cold! I find dampness and coldness mix to make it feel so much colder than it is according to the thermometer.
I live on the coast, so we also have quite a damp climate, making roads tricky as they can be icy even though it’s not been snowing.
We had our first taste of real winter this week, parkas, boots, wool panty hoses, wool sweaters and cardigans, scarves and even a warm winter hat along with the warmest gloves, and I was still freezing when walking the dog.

Mariella Avatar

Canadian girls know that mittens keep our hands much warmer than gloves and if you can get Little Hotties or similar (little packets of I don’t even know what but you shake them up and they remain hot for 8 hours or more…I slip them into my mitts when shovelling snow or going for long walks or I put them into my pockets so that when I put my hands into my pockets, it’s toasty, blissfully warm in there!). They’d be great for dog walking, if you can get them where you live.

Helene Avatar

I have mittens as well, and gloves going from summer ones to really warm ones. Back when I used to ski in a very beginner style downhill I had a pair of silk gloves and a pair of mittens over them, it really kept the sometime arctic cold away.
I was out yesterday shoveling snow, it was thawing and today it’s frozen and icy. Stupid winter!
The hot packs sound nice, I think we can find things like that in sporting goods stores.
Oh, I hardly ever wear the summer gloves, no one does these days, except for Elisabeth II. I like having them, they belonged to my grandmother.

Lesley Avatar

Those feetsies❤️

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Danessa Myricks Evolution Powder and. sample of the foundation in shade 4. They also sent me a generous blister pack of Vision Flush in various shades that I am looking forward to playing with.
Weekend plans: Chores. I have some deep cleaning tasks.
How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?: I live in a four season climate so it certainly changes. I try to layer things so that I don’t have too many single season items although I do have a separate summer wardrobe and footwear is somewhat specialized.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases: Chanel Legendaire and Emblamatique from the No 5 Holiday collection. I really love the Chanel rouge Allure reds and can’t resist the LE ones. These do not disappoint.

Rediscoveries: I found a KVD Shade and Light Contour quad in Plum. A wonderful matte formula that is so easy to work with. I add a gold lid (I almost always do!) and I have a great look.

Weekend plans: Doing some painting and replacing the many doors on my bathroom vanity. Then doing the Christmas decorating. I always have dog walking to do (2 labs) and somewhere in there I have to get my Moms gifts all ready to mail.

How does your wardrobe change with the seasons? More layers and sweaters/leggings for colder seasons, more tank tops during warmer seasons.

Genevieve Avatar

That KVD Plum quad is really nice. A couple of years ago I was looking for a plum/taupe matte single eyeshadow for my twin sister – and I had such trouble finding one. I ended up with a Revlon quad (Yikes!) because that had the right mix of plum and taupe. But this quad looks quite good; she would only probably use the plum shade though. And it might be too plum….

Genevieve Avatar

Poor Winston, waiting an extra hour for dinner – his face looks like Olivia’s and Lachlan’s when they are told to STOP foraging in the pantry because dinner is going to be ready soon!

Recent Purchases: Just purchased some new foundation and mascara (DB’s Centre Stage) for my daughter in law to put into her Christmas beauty bag; some more Weeleda skin food, which I love and the most exciting Black Friday purchase was a new iron (Fabulous, no?)
None of the beauty retail shops had anything in particular that I liked/needed/wanted.

Weekend Plans: On Friday I caught up with my best friend for lunch to give a present for her granddaughter who had just turned two. And, as always, we go out for dinner and went to a new restaurant (for us), which was lovely.
Saturday – housework, washing, shopping for the week and the family are putting up the Christmas tree. The children are also going to get their Santa photos and I have purchased for them some beautiful Christmas outfits to wear. Harry looks so cute in his Dear Santa I’ve Been Good T shirt and shorts, with his brand new shoes.
Sunday – probably some Christmas shopping to finish off. The men in our household are extremely tardy in giving me ideas for them and it’s driving me crazy. They are so hopeless!

Wardrobe Changes: Melbourne Aus certainly has weather changes and sometimes we have 4 seasons in a day. And you can never really put away all of your winter clothes either.
Our summers are becoming increasingly hot and humid (like Tuesday and Wednesday of this week) with afternoon thunderstorms. And it can get up to 43 deg C plus on certain days too.
Our winters can be quite cold, with a big wind chill factor – so you definitely need winter gear and a thick parka to beat the wind.
In summer I wear light clothing and flowing dresses.

Helene Avatar

I had to Google Melbourne. I imagined all of Australia was warm all the time, now I know better. Even if it’s not below zero, the wind chill can make it really cold. I read that though snow is very uncommon in the city area you can get it in the surrounding mountains.
I think it’s so much fun, how much I learn about various parts of the world, here on a make up blog.

Genevieve Avatar

We live at the base of some hills in the outer East of Melbourne and just about every winter some snow falls on those hills and we often drive carefully up to some of the hill villages to experience the snow. It is such a treat for us.
In south eastern NSW there is an area of mountains that has snowfields the size of Switzerland where most people go skiing and so on. We have quite a few snowfields in our state as well.
But huge parts of our country are definitely desert and very hot and dry.

Helene Avatar

I think I forget how big Australia is, and how far south it lies. I do know, but somehow looking at a map doesn’t make it as real as for example flying over a country, or a continent.
The kids must love going to play in the snow, even if we have it every year, I recall how much fun it was when I was a child, my son also loved playing in the snow when he was a youngster.

Andrea Avatar

I know Australia can get a bit chilly – I watched McLeod’s Daughters and Offspring! hehehe- but somehow in my head I always picture it as being a bad summer day for me in Europe! Australia is so mysterious and alluring!

brendacr1 Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive 2 orders.
Weekend plans: It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m planning on doing nothing!
How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?: Winter just hit in time for my birthday, thank you not! I found it extremely cold shoveling the driveway today, so winter boots, warm socks, mittens, sweater, winter coat, if I’m going for a walk I have to wear something over my ears. It gets to the -30C and that is without the wind chill. I can’t wear sweaters indoors I have to layer because I still get hot flashes and when I do clothes have to come off! This last summer it was flip flops, shorts, tank tops and a ponytail, it was beautiful and hot and I hope it comes back next summer! So definitely we have seasons, a few days ago I was wearing a leather jacket outside it was fall weather. Spring can be rubber boot season.

Mariella Avatar

Happy birthday, Brenda! Enjoy taking it easy – it’s such a luxury! I have to wear a hat almost all the time in cool weather. I think when I was a kid, I must have had mild frostbite or something because my ears get really cold – painfully cold – easily.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Since I made it to Seattle and back again, you would think that I would have purchased something makeup related but I didn’t. We had a very low key Thanksgiving and didn’t venture out of the house much at all. I had so many things I wanted to go look at and swatch and then didn’t do any of it. My pocket book appreciates it a lot.

Weekend plans: I am trying to do a deep clean of my house before Christmas. My house is a disaster area and while I have good intentions, my back has been bothering me a lot lately and doing floors, lifting and moving things would only aggravate it. I really want to get it done and may have to see if I can find someone in the little town I live in to help me for a few days. Other than that, I am working on a couple of Christmas gifts for my daughter and her BFF. When I get in the creative mood, I usually spend the whole time working on whatever project I have going. I just finished an origami tessellation wreath for my daughter’s apartment. It took a lot of time as you have to fold grids for each of the module. If you are interested in seeing it, I have a picture on my IG at “debkaysor” . It isn’t a great picture as it is lying down but you can get the idea. I am currently working on a diorama of a snowy night.

Clothing change for seasons: Yes, yes, and yes!! The temperature difference between summer and winter here in Montana is huge and even completely bundled up, blowing snow freezes your hands and feet. I wear gloves and you have to change them fairly frequently to keep warm. I also use chemical heating pads inside my gloves and shoes to keep from getting frost bite. I have diabetes so I have to be very careful of my extremities as I don’t have great feeling in them. I have been known to be sitting around my house with blue toes and not even feel that they are cold. My daughter would look at me and say, “Momma, aren’t your feet cold?” She would come and touch my feet and tell me they were freezing. The really funny,(not in a haha way), is that as soon as I go to bed at night, I start to feel my feet freezing and it feels like there is literally a wind blowing over my feet. My father, who was a severe diabetic, use to tell me he always felt a draft on his feet and back when he was in bed, regardless of the temperature outside, electric blanket, quilts, etc. I didn’t pay much attention as I had not learned anything regarding this sensation in nursing school. Now I know exactly what he meant.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are safe and healthy.

Deborah S. Avatar

I know, I hadn’t heard anything like it but now that I experience it, I must say it is a weird feeling. You know there isn’t a draft as you are under covers and yet, it feels exactly like the wind is blowing over your feet. I had an aunt who was also diabetic. She would always tell me that I must have a door or window open as she could feel the draft over her back. She didn’t say it exactly that way as she had some issues related to organic brain damage but that was the gist of it. I always just ignored it because it was 90 degrees in the house and no drafts anywhere. Makes me wish I had been more understanding. Anyway, you keep safe also, Helene.

Deborah S. Avatar

A trip to Montana to visit Glacier National Park and Yellowstone Park is something everyone should do at least once. I always make at least one winter trip to Glacier each year. I like the stillness of the place and not having to deal with a hoard of people. Going To The Sun highway is one of the marvels of our state, When I was younger the snow and cold didn’t bother me as much but now it does. Ideally I would close my house in winter and go south or west for the winter but that isn’t an option for me. Anyway, I have a few pictures of Glacier and my area of Montana on my Instagram if you would like to look. My IG name is @debkaysor.

Genevieve Avatar

Thank goodness you made it safely to Seattle, I was quite a bit worried for you. I’m glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving, which is one American tradition I would like to adopt here – as we have so much to be thankful for too.
Yes, as a diabetic you would have to take care of your hands and feet especially, I have read. It’s important for the circulation of blood to your extremites. I hope you have an electric blanket Deborah – I couldn’t live without mine in winter/autumn etc.
You are so creative and I think that origami tesselated wreath sounds so beautiful to me. Your daughter is really lucky.
Yes, with my son and his family now living with us (Nicholas, Anika, Olivia, Lachlan and baby Harry) due to their rented house being sold last April, deep cleaning is certainly a feature in our household and one that we are going to do before Christmas. With all the toys, clothes and now Christmas decorations, our home is chock full. It is a constant battle to keep the mess at bay and is almost a full time occupation for me. I cook 4-5 evening meals a week for 8 people with widely differing tastes and it is a big challenge.
And adding lockdowns (big ones here in Melbourne), plus remote learning for the 7 year old was really hard for all concerned. It definitely didn’t get better with practise!
So we have to take deep breaths and start….. I understand where you are coming from Deborah and I think getting someone in to help you would make all the difference.
Take care Deborah and I am thinking of you.

Deborah S. Avatar

Oh my, you are busy, Genevieve. That is quite a house full. I know with the new Omicron variant I am so glad I got the booster shot. I do wish it had made me a little sick as that increases the immune response but I didn’t have any trouble from the booster. I did feel sick a little and had a rash for about 24 hours after both of the full vaccines. My body may just have already developed the antibodies and not needed to develop more at this time. No one here wears masks as Montana is a big red state. You know, cowboys and their guns, militia, etc. I double mask when I go out and don’t care who is bothered by it. The county that I live in has had 29 deaths which doesn’t sound like much but given that there are more cows, deer and turkeys than people, that is quite a few. We only had 6 deaths in the whole state until early summer and then the numbers have climbed as people stopped social distancing, masking etc. We are approaching 3,000 deaths.
I think my daughter feels privileged to have me as her mother. As everyone knows, we are super close. I wanted her to move and start to develop a life separate from mine and we talked about it while I was in Seattle. She wants me to come there so badly. After talking about it, she told me that nothing that I or she does is going to lessen her grief when I pass. She freely admits she will be devastated. She told me that she would rather have me close and spend as much time with me as she can before I pass away. Her best friend and my nephew have both promised me that they will get her through it as long as she helps them through it, LOL!!
I thank you for you continuing support. As I have said before, you are one of the kindest people I have ever known. Always positive and supportive. Though we have never met, I am happy to call you a friend. You take care.

Nancy T Avatar

Deborah, I’m so glad that you had an enjoyable, even though low-key time in Seattle and are back home safe and sound now. Since I do follow you on IG, I get to see the very beautiful and intricate origami creations you put together, and enjoy looking at them! I’m all fumble fingers lately, or I’d perhaps get into it myself. It just seems so fun and rewarding.
As someone who’s been prediabetic for at least 13 years (A1C’s between 6.4 and 6.5), I oddly do know what you’re talking about. I have to wear socks to bed in our short “winter” here. Usually, by now I’m already there, but our November was ridiculously warm, even hot, this year. I’m craving cooler socks to bed weather!

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Nancy, thank you for following my origami journey on IG. It is an easy hobby in that getting paper or using recycled paper is really cheap and while some models are super challenging, I tend to want to do more “pretty” models. I am not into the dragons, monsters, insects, etc. Those are super hard and time consuming. I love looking at them but wouldn’t enjoy making them.
You know what I mean about the cold wind/draft. It is an eerie feeling and hard to explain to someone who doesn’t experience it. Hope all is well with you and that you had a happy Thanksgiving. Hard to get excited about the holidays when it feels more like a beach day! When I lived in SoCal, we went to the beach on Christmas day. That is just so wrong, LOL!!

Colleen Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
I got a Charlotte Tilbury mystery box over last weekend. I wanted MI Kiss and Filmstar Bronze & Glow so it made sense to just buy it. I’m annoyed that some of the items are minis. I thought it was all full sizes.
Weekend plans:
We went to dinner with our son tonight which was great! It’s so rare to get a teenager talking. I have to work Saturday but it will be fun.
How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?:
I’m Canadian so it’s 100% a new wardrobe for me! Lots of layers and sweaters. I have a pretty extensive wardrobes of coats and winter accessories I’m excited to bring out again.

Genevieve Avatar

Very disappointing for you that the Mystery Box from CT contained only minis – for the price it should have been some full sized items.
It’s quite an ordeal to get a teenage boy to talk and having a lovely dinner seemed to facilitate the conversation. I hope he is well and happy.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Over the weekend I found Milani’s Black Friday sale and bought a bunch of baked blushes-Rose d’Oro, Berry Amore, Bella Bellini, Petal Primavera, Sunset Passione, online exclusive shade Cocoa Felicita (actually a deep berry rather than brown), and Cherry/Cherry on Top. Milani threw in 3 Color Fetish Balm lipsticks as free gifts: 2 pinks-Crave and Voyeur-and what will be either Roleplay (red) or Lustful (peach). Everything’s expected to arrive Wednesday.
Weekend plans: Laundry tonight, work and weekly grocery run tomorrow, pick up a prescription Sunday. We might get the tree up sometime this weekend, if our contractor neighbor has time to come over and help.
How does your wardrobe change with the seasons?: I wear jeans year-round, with the occasional short/skort/Capri in summer, so the main changes are coats and boots in winter, changing the sleeve length on my tops depending on the season, and sweaters as weather and indoor climate systems require.

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: I went a bit crazy with the all the Black Friday sales.

*PML Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette Iconic Illumination, ND Mini Love Palette, two UD Perversion Mascaras, and some ABH liquid lipsticks and glosses.
*Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in Hollyweird and Oatmilk, Naked Wild West, Naked3 Mini Eye Palette, (GWP) Mini Lipsticks in Backtalk and Callback, (GWP) Deluxe samples of Lash Freak Mascara, All Nighter Face Primer, and Original Eye Primer. I used up some points certificates in addition to the sale prices.
*Glamlite Wine, Dirty Martini, Ice Cream Dream, Mikayla x Glamlite, Glam Donut, and Pie palettes.
*Moira Beauty Set & Correct Loose Setting Powder in 001 Color Neutralizer, Desert Moonlight Palette, I’m All Yours Palette, Glow Getter Hydrating Lip Oil in Thankful, and Glycerin Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum.
*ColourPop The Mandalorian and Wine and Only Palettes, 5-pans in Rumor Has It and Hi, Society, Zodiac quads in Pisces in the Sky, Crystal Clear Aquarius, and Never Taurus Apart.
*Spoiled Lips Cosmetics Nevrmore Palette; Hell on Wheels Palettes, With Love, Gigi Palette; various liquid lipsticks and glosses; (GWP) mystery palette (I got Day Trip) and Ice Queen White Eyeliner.

WEEKEND PLANS: My younger son’s GF is back and will be staying with us for a few months in prep for moving up here permanently, so we’ll be getting her situated. Putting up our Christmas tree and lights. Cleaning house, etc.

HOW DOES YOUR WARDROBE CHANGE WITH THE SEASONS?: For context, in live near Portland, OR. My usual uniform year-round is leggings or jeans with long T-shirts and tunics. In the hotter summer days, I’m more likely to wear dresses and skirts, or capris, and I’ll wear tank tops outside. Late fall and winter, I love to wear sweaters with jeans or leggings. Sweaters are my favorite clothing item of all time. I have a bad back, so I usually wear tennis shoes with inserts, or Teva hiking sandles if it’s warm enough. If I want to look a little more stylish for a short time, low heels or ankle boots. If it’s raining heavily, combat style-boots. We rarely get snow. I don’t remember if I even own any snow boots.

Our weather varies throughout the day, and our strange terrain makes predicting weather accurately difficult. Layering is key, so often my outfits have coat, jacket, hoodie, or cardigan over them. Or a long-sleeved shirt will have a T-shirt or tank under it.

As far as colors, my base wardrobe colors are black, gray, red, and white. I add pops of brights, neons, olive/khacki, and dark brown all year round. If I wear something pastel, it will be in spring or summer (I can count my pastel pieces on one hand). I like to add in jewel tones or metallics, and heavier fabrics, in late fall and winter.

Genevieve Avatar

How lovely that your son’s GF is moving over to Portland to be closer to him and I hope that the relationship works out well.
Putting up the Christmas tree is always fun and I am sure yours will be beautiful.
You certainly did purchase some beautiful items in the Black Friday sales, which seem to be so much better than the ones we have here. I hope you find some time to have a good play with them amidst all the cleaning, laundry and shopping you have to do.
Take care Rachel.

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’m still waiting for some orders to arrive, and have two I need to go and pick up. So far I’ve got an eyebrow pencil thingy from CT and skincare from Paula’s Choice. I got quite a few items from the Resist line and the 1% retinol.
I did rediscover OCC Pagan and Strange and Unusual. I’m going to use them a bit now as I think they could turn bad soon, they are a bit old. I have to search for the beautiful Technopagan, I have it somewhere. I’ll be sad when I can no longer use the OCC things I do have as the brand died quite a long time ago.
Weekend plans: Nothing fun, just the usual.
How does your wardrobe change with the seasons? It goes from short sleeved tops, skirt and sandals in the summer, via an added jacket to woolen sweaters, cardigans, woolen stockings, warm leggings and socks, scarves and warm hats and warm wind-and rain resistant parkas. Sometime I can get away with the nicer wool coats, but generally it’s too windy for them. Warm boots and gloves, though I’ve never found gloves warm enough.
In the spring wool is slowly replaced by cotton until eventually the parka gives place to a spring jacket.
We have four seasons though I think the spring is getting shorter and shorter, summer comes earlier, but that can be my imagination.

Helene Avatar

OCC had lovely lipstick/gloss called lip tar, a very good name, they were opaque and was available in some wonderful colours. They used to be in tubes with a little lip brush, so not the easiest way to apply or rather re-apply. They later changed the packaging to have the usual king of tube with doe food applicator. And then suddenly they went out of business.
Search Temptalia for Pagan and Technopagan they are gorgeous.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, I do think that some Lip Tars do go ‘off’ fairly quickly and it wise to use them up before they do. I could see those colours on you, they would look lovely.
We are having a fairly routine weekend here too. The older children are at their other grandparents property at Kinglake with the horses, so we are taking the opportunity to wrap up their Christmas presents and see what we have. We’ve been cleaning out their wardrobe, getting ready to donate the clothes they no longer fit into, but are still in quite good shape and so on. Plus lots and lots of washing as the weather is sunny this weekend.

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