Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #628

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: Get the house ready for company! My parents will be doing a lot of the cooking, though hubby will likely help with some prep, but we’ll have my family and my husband’s family over for Thanksgiving.
  • What’s your favorite snack?: If I snack, it’ll probably be on something savory, like chips or crackers, but we try to avoid keeping snacky things in the house (so we don’t eat them, lol).

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Lisa Avatar

Recent purchase I want to share: Sephora brand Oui and Spiked lipsticks! Formula is great and love the colors! No weekend plans, getting my har cut. Sunday and new rugs are getting delivered Saturday. Favorite snack? I’ll say mozzarella sticks for now. Not that I make them, but I like them.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I got sucked into a PMGL quad: The Voyeuristic Vixen. I just got it yesterday; haven’t had a chance to dip my fingers into it, but it looks so beautiful!

Rediscoveries: The CoverGirl + Olay Advanced Radiance and Simply Ageless foundations. They’re so beautiful and feel nourishing on my skin. I’ve said it before, but my skin somehow looks better after taking the foundation off at the end of the day, it’s bizarre.

Weekend plans: Putting up Christmas decorations and cleaning.

What’s your favorite snack? Popcorn! I love it so much.

Celesta Avatar

He’s feeling MUCH better, thank you Genevieve! Thank goodness for antibiotics. He had fun helping me clean and dust and put up decorations. We’re putting the tree up tomorrow, which is always my favorite part. 😊

Meggan Avatar

I recently purchased Colourpop Its a Mood and Cloud Spun. Two completely different palettes but I’m caught between bright pinky/orange looks and grungy fall ones.

Weekend plans are to pick lemons on my tree (it’s overloaded) and figure out what to do with them all.

Favorite snack is probably Doritos or salt and vinegar chips!!

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases: I bought the Bronze Borealis quad since you reviewed it so well and the colors are so wonderful and the textures and wear are amazing. I also bought another Shiseido lipstick during the Sephora sale and a present for my aunt during the Ulta sale.

Weekend Plans: writing some book reviews for NetGalley. Maybe watching some Netflix. Not buying books!!!

Favorite snack: my own homemade chocolate chip cookies (secret recipe)

Lesley Avatar

I am happy Winston has learned the joys of a comfy bed.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Three tubes of tretinoin from AllDayChemists in India.

Weekend plans: Just chilling. We are not doing Thanksgiving dinner this year but will be doing a day-after bash in a restaurant.

What’s your favorite snack? It varies. These days it’s a sliced apple and some peanut butter.

Alice Avatar

Recent Purchases/Discoveries: I bought my friend the Smashbox Petal Metal covershot palette as a hostess gift, and after seeing it in person I kind of want to keep it for myself lmao. I buy myself a yule gift with ulta points every year and might grab it then!

Weekend Plans: Tonight is Illumibrew at the Morton Arboretum, where we get to walk through the “Illumination: Tree Lights” light display and sample beer, mead, and cider. We’re grabbing some German food beforehand. Also final cleaning/planning/starting to pack to leave for San Diego Tues morning!

Favorite Snack: Dehydrated pineapple, pizza goldfish crackers, honey bbq potato chips, peanut m&ms, Haribo fizzy colas.

Genevieve Avatar

Gosh Alice, I was the same re The Smashbox Petal Metal palette. I bought one last year for my daughter in law, as these were the kind of shades she favoured (and she has a similar colouring to you) and loved it so much that I went and bought one for myself. All the shades work beautifully together and sometimes I add a pop of blue or teal to it as well.
The Illumination Tree Lights display sounds absolutely gorgeous with stalls offering different foods is a lovely way to spend an evening.

Nancy T Avatar

Wow! Winnie is going to be a big boy! Is he larger than Mellan was at this age?

Purchases/rediscoveries: My Sydney Grace x Mel Thompson arrived 2 days ago. It looks so much richer and beautiful in person! Yesterday I used all the neutral olive and brown shades, even a bit of Spyder to carve out and build a crease. Firebutts all over my mobile lid, Web in the tearducts. Looked sooo gorgeous…then I went outside to run some errands, and wouldn’t you know it? Those allergy tears wrecked the right eye before I even got to the store! Made me so mad, because I put so much work into getting the look perfected and everything looked wonderful until I got out there.

Weekend plans: Laundry today, Zoom meeting tomorrow, not much else. I’ve been so rundown and tired just lately, so I may just rest up Sunday.

Favorite snack? Peanut butter and Nutella on a caramel rice cake! Or nachos with 7 layer dip! Better yet, cotton candy grapes when they’re in season!!!

Genevieve Avatar

What a nuisance that your allergies ruined your eye look Nancy! I kinda know the feeling as it is spring here (although we have just gone through the coldest and wettest days in November for the past 60 years) and everyone is out mowing their lawns. Plus we have a great big reserve behind us and the council has been mowing the lawns there too. Lots of hayfever opportunities.
I hope you get some rest and relaxation this weekend.

Nancy T Avatar

I’m telling you, Genevieve, it’s been a struggle between the fact that we have a slew of plants and trees that are NOT native to Arizona that developers have planted (olive trees, oleanders, etc.) and just not enough rainfall to clean our air out, the allergy season feels almost never-ending! Would LOVE to borrow some of your November rainfall. We could certainly use it!

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing new cosmetic related, although that 30% off deal for MAC that just popped in my inbox might make me not wait for Black Friday.

Rediscoveries: MAC Prolongwear Waterproof Foundation… I just finished up the Studio Fix one and opened a new Prolongwear tube after quite some time… and I remembered why I love it so much. Plus, I was in office all week for at least half a day (yay) and it wore well under the mask.

Weekend plans: I think I’ll keep it to my beloved boring routine, hiking, groceries, cooking, long phone calls. I wanted to buy tickets to the opera for Sunday, but I kept forgetting all week.

What’s your favorite snack?: Nowadays I keep all my meals consolidated, I eat snack type foods, but usually around mealtime, not during the day.
I love crunchy savory snacks. Popcorn is definitely a favorite, but I hate stale popcorn from a bag. It has to be freshly popped (Stasher bags + microwave + popcorn kernels = perfections).
I also like a lot the Lesser Evil Puffs and Paleo Curls, more than regular crappy snacks. But I also like plain salted quinoa or corn puffs.
Years ago I used to buy some savory snack bars, from a bar called Meditera or something like that (the one with olives and walnuts was perfection). They went out of business and I couldn’t find a tasty replacement.
And I could eat my weight in carrot sticks and sugar snap peas without needing hummus to dip them in (but don’t hold down if sunflower butter is around).
If I crave a sweet snack, it’s usually Greek yogurt with honey and frozen berries.

Ana Maria Avatar

I eventually bought the opera tickets last night. It’s the only one until next year in the area (and in a pandemic you never know what happens in a couple of months), and I would have clearly regretted not going.

My family is well, we’re just all hoping my grandparents continue to be stable and not requiring hospital care. Thank you for the best wishes. Cases started going down out there (although vaccination is still slow), but now other European countries are entering lockdown again… it’s almost an neverending story.

AJ Avatar

Recent purchases: No new cosmetics for me but I did place an order for something for my spouse’s stocking, from a cosmetics company with a theme they will like. I know NOTHING about the brand so I hope it turns out good! (Keeping it vague because I know sometimes they check out Temptalia randomly, and while I don’t think they’d end up in these comments, I don’t want to spoil anything ;)). Oh, and I backed the Kickstarter campaign for Espionage Cosmetics to reinvigorate their brand post-pandemic.

Weekend plans: Sticking close to home this weekend. Lots of work on our National Novel Writing Month projects, some takeout for dinner, maybe go out for doughnuts or fancy tea drinks if we feel like a little treat.

My favorite snack: I like lots of snacks, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be something dark chocolate. Maybe those dark chocolate covered coconut almonds from Trader Joe’s, or the ones with the crunchy turbinado sugar crystals, or a few squares of a gourmet chocolate bar.

Andrea Avatar

I think I see a smile on that dog… Doggy nirvana: a soft warm bed & dreaming of chasing bacon.

Recent Purchases: UD Naked 3 (I was so surprised because I thought it was made of plastic and it’s actually metal, I’d even stood next to it and for the life of me I thought it was just plain plastic! haha), UD Vice Liar & a Mascara from Maybelline (this one I got to qualify for free parking).

Rediscoveries: A TRESemmé spray to protect hair and a bunch of makeup brushes I’d been looking for and finally found tucked away in a cupboard.

Weekend plans: Deciding whether to clean -it’s looking like a pigsty- or keep it this way and adding to it so I can rent it out for shooting Babe 3 – Babe would surely feel at home. Looking for all things Christmas (I moved home, did I bin it or did I keep it? If it were summer where would I put Christmas balls? Food for thought). Laundry (otherwise I’ll be going commando soon :D).

What’s your favorite snack? 1) Easy, just open the bag and eat: Prosciutto flavoured chips. 2) Me putting in the effort: grilled chorizo (a good wine chorizo because it tastes gets crispier). 3) Sb else putting in the effort: I have many favourites but right now, at this very moment, I’d love a “bifana” (a dead-cheap pork sandwich w/ magical powers- the ultimate snack for when you go out partying, it helps you remember where you live and it’s like a cosy blanket keeping you warm and safe on the way there; the Portuguese equivalent to the British Kebab).

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: I haven’t received anything but have placed a ColourPop order for the most recent Star Wars palette, I think it is the Mandalorian. I also picked up the Orchid Me Not palette.
Weekend plans: Getting ready to make a trip to Seattle for Thanksgiving. I am a little worried because there are nothing but storms coming and I do have a mountain pass to get over, Snoqualmie. I don’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle so not sure. I don’t want to travel that far in really bad weather, alone. So, I want to be ready to go in case there is a break in the weather.

Favorite snack: Is chocolate a snack, LOL! I unfortunately, crave anything sweet, as I am a diabetic. Nothing really sounds good to me except sweets. I usually will reach for an apple and put a little bit of Nutella on it. Not the best snack for a diabetic but I sooth myself by telling myself at least it is a fruit.

Genevieve Avatar

First of all Deborah, many years ago you were raving about the Chosungah 22 foundation so much that I bought the last porcelain one from Mecca Aus that they had before the shop d/c the brand. When cleaning out my ensuite cupboard – there it was. So I decided I had better use it since it had been there for a year or so. It is truly fabulous and is now my favourite foundation to wear ‘for best’. So thank you for saving my bacon on buying a really good foundation to attend special events for. I have used it a couple of times recently (and will tonight for my joint birthday celebration with my twin sister).
I can understand your concern re getting over the mountains before the thunderstorms hit as we have had nothing but storms in the past week. It’s best to leave early and get to Seattle before they hit. Driving on mountain passes alone in a thunderstorm would not be my idea of fun.
I hope you have a wonderful time in Seattle too.

Deborah S. Avatar

Still my favorite foundation, ever!! I have one left and like you, I am rationing it. It is getting old but I think because of the housing mechanism, it still seems to be fine. I have never worn the foundation without getting compliments on it. I miss it! Yes, I just talked to my daughter and told her that I will be ready to leave at a moments notice but that I wouldn’t come if there was any bad weather to contend with. She is living with her best friend so they will at least have each other, although it will be the first holiday we don’t spend together. I am still hoping that there will be a day in the next several that is nice enough to go over the mountain. A truck driver today told her that he expects the weather to be okay on Monday and that is when he is going to try and get over the pass. He is staying in Seattle until it improves. He apparently doesn’t like having to chain up. He told Aislinn to tell me not to risk it unless it is completely cleared up, which I had already decided. Happy holidays to you, Genevieve, although you probably don’t celebrate Thanksgiving down under, LOL! I am sure I will have contact before Christmas. Take care.

Genevieve Avatar

Like Helene, I had to google Snoqualmie to see where it was, and my word what a road to travel on – beautiful on a sunny day, but very dangerous in wet and snowy weather. I hope you got there safe and sound or waited for a better time.

Deborah S. Avatar

Right now, I am shooting for Monday. There appears to be a short break in the weather that is starting late Sunday night and then suppose to be okay until Monday evening. I will make an early start. When you live in a northern state you have to balance when to leave as too early and you have ice to deal with and then later it is the snow. I really think they should move Thanksgiving to the summer time, LOL!!

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Rachel, yes I have been watching it. I had thought about going south through Tri-cities, over to Portland area and then up I-5 to avoid the mountain pass but that is a good two day trip and I would rather go a more direct route. At least the road, I-90 is well travelled so I don’t have to worry too much about being stranded out with no one around. When I was younger I wouldn’t even have thought about it but as I have gotten older, I have become more cautious. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Rachel.

Ana Maria Avatar

I had to also Google myself and got lost in the pictures… and now I want really bad to go on a road trip.😅
Seems that “snoqualmie pass road conditions” and “snoqualmie weather” are very popular searches.

Deborah S. Avatar

Yes, they have a road cam so you can look at actual conditions but it has been down for 2 days. The pass was closed to both directions until yesterday due to collisions and spin outs. The conditions were just too bad so they shut it down. It is a beautiful area. Well worth a trip in good weather.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought a Sisley mascara. I’m a little embarrassed by that.

Weekend plans: The spousal unit and I are going on a nice date to a steakhouse Saturday evening. I’m a little nervous, but we’re good on our shots + we’re scheduled for our boosters so I know with precautions we’ll have a great time. I’m looking forward to dressing up and putting on makeup for a night out. 🙂 Then Sunday I bake bake bake for my company potluck on Monday. I was raised by Lutherans so we know how to potluck. ;D Jokes, I make them.

What’s your favorite snack?: My favorite healthy snack of course is green grapes! Super refreshing, super yum. And if you put them in the freezer for a little bit, they make a really fun snack for summertime. But I’m not always healthy, and on my cheat days I crave Little Debbies, so I’ll eat a Zebra Cake as a snack. 😀 All in moderation! Life’s too short to eat only the green grapes and ignore the Little Debbies.

Thomasina Avatar

Recent Purchases: The Lorac Fairytale Forest palette! I was so happy you gave it a good review. I’m wearing it for the first time today and I really like it. A lot of very shimmery sparkles-kind lf reminds me of old ABH palettes. Definitely a winner.

Weekend plans: Meeting friends at the San Diego Zoo and visiting family in Orange County. It will be busy but fun!

What’s your favorite snack?: I’m a huge potato chip fan-mix some Wavy Lays with Hot Cheetos and you have my heart! If I’m trying to be healthy then golden kiwis….they are so delicious! My toddler is also obsessed with them.

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Thomasina for your opinion on the Lorac Fairytale Forest palette – I think it would suit me and I am really loving the colour story in it. I’m glad to read that you are enjoying the palette so far and this one is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist.

Mariella Avatar

Finds: at the tail end of the VIB sale, I picked up Fenty Skin Total Cleans’R and I ordered (because in spite of what the computer said, Sephora did NOT have it in stock) the Tarte Marcuja C eye cream which I really love. Yesterday at Shoppers, I picked up a full size of the Clarins 4D mascara that I’ve come to love from the sample I received.

Weekend plans: gym tomorrow, dinner with a friend who hopes to be moving to my city “soon as possible”, some good quality relaxing!

Favourite snack: chips (all dressed or Miss Vickie’s) are a real weakness and I love home baked coffee cakes and similar “homey” baked goods.

Genevieve Avatar

Aww- Winston looks so cute snuggling up in his bed.

Recent Purchases: By Terry’s Bonjour Paris and Lorac’s Soleil palette
Rediscoveries: I have found myself reaching for Lorac’s Noir palette mostly this week.

Weekend Plans: On Friday I went out to lunch to celebrate my best friend’s birthday (hers was the 19th of Nov) and mine (today’s) with a couple of our mutal friends. It was lovely to catch up and see each other.
On Saturday I am going out with my twin sister and some of her friends for dinner to celebrate our birthday. Thank goodness the restaurants and shops are open so that we can get together.
On Sunday, I think I have a date with the ironing board….

Sarah Avatar

Recent purchase: I just received both the Age of Opulence and Wilderness palettes from By Beauty Bay and they are gorgeous.

Weekend plans: Just some chores, do some art, we’re having a friend over for lunch on Sunday.

Favorite snack: Tortilla chips and salsa (if I want something salty) and ice cream (if I want something sweet)!

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: From the last 2 weeks or so

*Dreaming Tree Soapworks is back open, so I placed a huge order of soaps, sprays, and some candles. We can’t run out of their sprays at my house; it would be anarchy! lol

*Too Faced Christmas Coffee Travel Size Eyeshadow Palette (LE); Besame Black Spider Lipstick (LE); ColourPop TNBC Collection; ColourPop x Temptalia 15th anniversary SSS in Koosh and Frog and Lippie Stix in Climax; Sample Beauty The Blooming Lovely Palette.

WEEKEND PLANS: Tidying up the house in preparation for the holidays.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE SNACK?: Granny Smith apples with low-sugar peanut butter and a touch of honey

Helena Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Now that their products are all vegan and free of plastic glitter, I decided to finally place my first Auric order for the holiday Smoke Reflect bundle. I received it yesterday and started playing with them today; hopefully I have time to actually wear them on my eyes soon. I also ordered a couple of EVY sunscreens from Cult Beauty, and am hoping they a. Arrive safely and b. Are the answer to my sunscreen woes.
Weekend plans: Work (pet-sitting), preparing myself for a very busy Thanksgiving, getting a COVID test in preparation for seeing the in-laws next week.
Favorite snack: I’m generally weak for potato chips, and in particular, I could eat a whole party-size bag of plain Poppables in one sitting if I didn’t care at least a little about my health. My alternative is popcorn with some coconut oil spray (I have an air popper) and salt (plus MSG and nutritional yeast if I’m willing to go through the ~effort~ of two additional toppings).

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My second Sephora VIB sale order-Charlotte Tilbury Gracefully Pink lipstick and Sephora City Bags Miami and Vegas makeup bags-arrived today! I’m still waiting on my direct-from manufacturer NARS eye bundle, currently scheduled to arrive tomorrow-Climax palette and mascara and Broadway high-performance liner.
Weekend plans: Not much happened today, work and grocery run tomorrow, not sure about Sunday.
What’s your favorite snack?: Lately I’ve been into sweeter snacks-either cereal or chocolate chip cookies-but when I’m in more of a salty snack mood, I go for either regular potato chips with the 2-ingredient dip recipe from the side of the onion soup mix box* or barbecue potato chips without dip.
*The recipe’s a packet of powdered onion soup mix-I strain out the actual onion pieces because I don’t like the texture-stirred into 16 ounces of sour cream.

Lydia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I decided to buy some of the 50% off Rephr brushes yesterday so I’m hoping they’re good and not 50% off for a reason! 😂
Weekend plans: CLEANING and running to the grocery store probably five times. We have a weekend of birthdays and a party to get ready for.
What’s your favorite snack?: anything sweet- cookies, candy, slice of cake, Nutella from the jar…

Helene Avatar

Winston looks very comfy. He has grown a lot, the adorable little guy.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases, rediscovery ABH Sad Girl liquid lipstick.
I’m trying all my liquid lipsticks to toss everything gone bad, or have colours I just don’t care for, or feel too drying and/or uncomfortable in any way. So far it’s about 50/50 between keep and toss.
Weekend plans: Nothing special.
What’s your favorite snack?: Chocolate and ice cream. I always have some 85% dark chocolate at home.
I also love fruit.

Ilene Avatar

Hi everyone!
First of all, Happy Birthday Genevieve! We have 3 family birthdays in November in my immediate family. Hope you and your sister have a very happy one.
Recent purchases- I got a lot of things from the Sephora sale, some for my daughter, some fragrance for my son( Nov babies) a few things for myself but mostly replenishment, Jo Malone Wild Bluebell, Charlotte T mini powder.
I just placed a Lancome order for an Ivy eyeliner and 2 of the Mademoiselle shine lipsticks.
Rediscoveries- Nars sheer glow foundation. I really like all the base products I have from this line and the translucent loose powder esp.
Weekend plans- as I type this on the East Coast where the sun has set way too early it’s already Sat late afternoon. Nothing of note planned to report aside from cleaning, assembling needed T day ingredients, etc.
Favorite snacks- I have a terrible sweet tooth so mostly candy ( chocolate) and I do love a good carrot cake. I also enjoy clementines which are much better for me.

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