Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #627

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: Head over to my mom’s house to help her plan Thanksgiving this year, since it’ll be a dual family affair… goodness knows I’m NOT cooking!
  • What’s your favorite side dish?: Something with carbs, LOL. Like good bread and butter is *chef’s kiss*.

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Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I got a few months of the BH Cosmetics birthstone mini palettes; still waiting on those to come in!

Rediscoveries: I broke out my BH Cosmetics Naughty palette this week… that palette is lovely! The shimmers are so rich and sparkly!

Weekend plans: Taking care of a young boy recovering from strep throat!

What’s your favorite side dish?: I love a good homemade mac and cheese, but I also love roasted veggies and mashed potatoes.

Celesta Avatar

Thank you, Lydia! He’s been a trooper and is feeling so much better. I hope this doesn’t become a frequent thing for him; he’s already been through the ringer with ear infections in his short life.

Nancy T Avatar

LOL! We had a cat named Rocky (she was a Tortie) who used to steal our socks and hide them all together and pretend that they were her kittens! Poor girl must’ve had a litter before we got her, and before her previous owners had her spayed.

Purchases/rediscoveries: I just placed my order for Sydney Grace x Mel Thompson Tiny Marvels Palette. After really agonizing over the choice, I could see that there were indeed some lovely, more unique colorways for winter that I would enjoy putting together, so I pressed Afterpay.

Weekend plans: Well, my STUPID phone hasn’t been letting me access my Zoom meetings lately, so I’ve got to get some technical assistance from the brothers in my congregation who are tech savvy. Also need to get some laundry done and a little bit of food shopping.

Favorite side dish? Anything “naughty”! Mac & cheese, fettuccine Alfredo, mashed potatoes with butter or gravy. But, what I love most is what comes after dinner…. dessert!

Genevieve Avatar

How are you feeling Nancy? Have you been back to the doctors to find out when your next procedure is happening?
So annoying when your phone doesn’t do what it is supposed to do – I am not really tech savvy, I let my sons help me with that.
I think the SG x MT Tiny Marvels palette would work well on you with your colouring. Very pretty.

Nancy T Avatar

Well Genevieve, I have an appointment on November 30th with the oncologist. The true gravity of the whole situation really hit me hard when I received that call on Thursday. The appointment is the surgical consult and setting up the time and day for the hysterectomy, which will be a full one, plus some lymph nodes for good measure. Other than feeling both tired and very nervous at the same time, I suppose I’m feeling pretty good. For now.
As for this old, outdated phone; I know that I need to save for a new one. The only tech savvy person in our family is my daughter in Ohio.
As for this new palette coming my way, the only slightly iffy shades are the pastel green and lavender. However, I will use those during spring into summer as pops of color. Otherwise, this palette is solidly in my wheelhouse of shades that will bring out the green in my eyes! I like that it will challenge me creatively speaking.

Andrea Avatar

Dessert… Hmmmm! Homemade chocolate mousse, Oreo mousse, passionfruit mousse…! Ahhh! All things mousse…! And the “Portuguese bolo de bolachas” my favourite since I was a kid and which I only got to eat at restaurants because it’s a calory bomb!

Andrea Avatar

Oh Nancy! I blame Christine! And you, because you were the one to mention dessert an hour before I had lunch! I’d never heard about that cake of yours but just googled it and I can understand the love and the name! I wouldn’t mind a slice… or 2! It looks a lot like the Brazilian Brigadeiro cake. OMG I had dinner an hour ago and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to eat tomorrow! hhahaha!
PS. I’m thinking of you at this difficult time, let us now when the big day is. Stock up on probiotics, tea, comfortable clothes, paracetamol and ice packs for when you’re back home (and chocolate!). If you haven’t, ask the doctor if you’re going to need a compression garment of sorts and whether you should get it in advance. Is sb going to be with you during the first days at home?

Nancy T Avatar

I’m really bad when it comes to ruining people’s diets or something! LOL!
Sadly, there is no one I know over here to come stay with me, even just during waking hours. Makes me feel very apprehensive about getting the surgery before moving to either New Jersey or if I cannot, then at least Scottsdale, where I do have plenty of support. My understanding is, correct me if I’m wrong, that sarcoma is a slower developing/growing cancer as opposed to the typical uterine cancer. If so, I’m putting it off until I can get to a better place.

Andrea Avatar

I just talked to my mom who’s a retired nurse and worked in the OB and the GYN units. You’ll stay in hospital for 4 to 7 days and when you leave you should be fine to stay home by yourself. It’s like a C-section, they’ll send you home when you’re ok to leave. You should go home with the stitches and there are two possible surgeries: one I think is done from “under” (her words) and w/ the other they open the belly. You should probably buy an appropriate compression panty and she said the key is to have a good professional do the surgery. Don’t delay it, a lot of women go home by themselves so don’t worry. While you put it off more malignant cells will have the chance to spread and grow: the sooner you do it the better. Don’t be scared and don’t put it off. Make sure you leave things prepared at home. Don’t put it off! Go and see the surgeon!

AJ Avatar

Recent purchases: My ColourPop and Sephora orders both arrived this week. I want to try actually wearing some of what I bought. I didn’t buy much so it’d be easy to try everything over the course of a week.

Weekend plans: We’re thinking of going out for dinner and ice cream, visit a new cider tap room, and go to one of our favorite stores… but if it’s too rainy we might trim those plans down. Mostly, since we are both doing National Novel Writing Month (and again, it is very rainy) we will stay home and WRITE! Maybe also finally subscribe to Disney+ so we can watch Shang-Chi.

My favorite side dish: Homemade cranberry sauce! Every year, when the bags of fresh cranberries start to show up in the store, my spouse does a “practice” run for Thanksgiving, because we just love cranberry sauce so much, lol. But I am also a fan of carby sides. Crusty bread and butter on the side of a bowl of soup or stew, cornbread with chili or BBQ, chips and salsa with Mexican, and basically every form of potato known to humanity.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: A Paula’s Choice order, 20% off and 11% cash back, along with my Vitamin C serum finishing clearly convinced me to not wait for Black Friday.
I got the Gentle Cleansing Cloths (in case I actually get to travel in the next months), SKIN BALANCING Pore-Reducing Toner, Retinol Skin-Smoothing Body Treatment,
Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm,
CLEAR Purifying Clay Mask,
CLINICAL 1% Retinol Treatment (mini), RESIST Super Antioxidant Serum (free gift)

Weekend plans: Saturday I have to get my car in service; while I’m waiting I’ll go to a shopping center nearby to drop some items I’ve been saving for Back-to-MAC.
On Sunday I’ll meet with an university colleague I haven’t seen in like… 8 years. He recently moved to US as well, lives across the country, but it’s visiting the area this week with his wife.

What’s your favorite side dish?: Anything roasted, winter or summer squashes, onions, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. Add a little bit of parmesan or feta, because cheese makes anything better.
I’m also a salad lover as side dish; gimme all the crunchy stuff, lettuces, cucumbers, bell peppers, sugar snap peas… and skip.the dressing, I hate a wet or soggy salad. 😅

Alice Avatar

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: A backup of IT confidence in a cream that came with a 5pc GWP and also 5x points at ulta. The Mandalorian palette from Colourpop. Non-makeup, I sold and donated a bunch of stuff that had been sitting in the basement so to reward myself for finally getting it all out I bought chocolates from Vosges and a couple rings from Enso.

Weekend plans: We leave for San Diego in 10 days (will be there for 8 days) so this weekend I’m finalizing the menu for nights we’re eating in, making reservations for nights we’re eating out, and pre-paying/getting tickets to anything that needs that.

What’s your favorite side dish? oh this is a tough one because I LOVE vegetables, bread, salad, whole grains, and beans. So maybe top 5 lol: mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade bread with garlic herb butter, re-fried beans, wild rice, green beans sauteed with fish sauce/cashews/red chilis.

Lesley Avatar

That pup just gets cuter and cuter.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: A backup of Olaplex 3 to take advantage of the LE 8 oz size at the Rouge discount plus I tried the new formula Living Proof dry shampoo and it really does clean my hair.
Weekend plans: We are having unseasonably warm weather so I will be going upstate to see some fall foliage before a windstorm takes it all away. And I need to repot some houseplants before they go dormant for winter.
What’s your favorite side dish?: I am a vegetarian so side dishes for me are the mains. My favorite would be corn pudding and/or corn bread.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: at the VIB sale, I picked up Charlotte Tilbury’s The Rock Chick e/s quad, a jar of Anastasia Dip Brow in Taupe (I have it in Medium Brown but have to be so careful as it can look way too much) and I also got Olaplex #3 as a gift for my former trainer. At Winners, I picked up an OPI set that is base coat and top coat for natural nails and a Sephora brow brush #20 – it so much like my Anastasia #12 but it has plastic covers for both ends of the brush so I really prefer it.

Weekend plans: gym tomorrow and on Sunday, we’re heading into Toronto, picking up my son and his girlfriend and then going to meet my cousin (we were raised together and he’s more like a brother) for the first time in almost 2 years.

Favourite side dish – probably Chef John’s Romanoff Potatoes. I saw the recipe in YouTube a few years ago and, honestly, it’s a dangerous thing to make because it is SO delicious that we can’t stop eating it. Actually, any mashed potatoes do it for me and I also really like Chinese Restaurant green beans (a recipe from Fine Cooking magazine some years ago). We all (even the kids) also like skillet roasted Brussels sprouts. I know the lowly sprout comes in for a lot of jokes but these are delicious and my kids fight over them.

Genevieve Avatar

Mecca, Australia’s own version of Sephora, has just added Charlotte Tilbury to it’s stable of international brands and I saw last week, for the first time, her quads in person. The Rock Chick looks perfect for you – all very cool toned shades in soft greys. I am thinking of getting that for my daughter in law for Christmas to put in her beauty bag.
I am getting the feeling that you are one excellent cook Mariella and I am looking at that Chef John’s Romanoff potatoes – we call this kind of dish here Scalloped potatoes – and I agree with you, it is so, so yummy. I haven’t made this for awhile, so this some inspiration for me. I use sauted leeks in my equivalent.
I also use roasted Brussel Sprouts too. I saw a chef cook them in chicken stock, then in a frypan he cooked shallots, added speck or bacon, add 200ml of cream – reduced cream by half, then added seeded mustard and folded in parsley and creme fraice.
Just beautiful.

Mariella Avatar

You do know that it’s all thanks to you that I got The Rebel a few weeks ago. I know you’ve spoken highly about it for quite some time so I knew I’d love it but, again, seeing it in person is what pushed me down that rabbit hole! So it was the same with The Rock Chick! It’s not as “hard edge” as the name would suggest – I’ve worn it every day since getting it and no one yet has asked me where I’ve parked my Harley! But again, being able to see these products and carry them home with me (and not having to lay out money for shipping, duty, exchange, etc.) are all factors.

Here in Canada (in the US too) scalloped potatoes are sliced thin whereas (if you’re seeing the same recipe – there are several floating around with the same name, I think) the Chef John ones are baked a day ahead and refrigerated overnight before shredding them and combining them with all the other good stuff – the sour cream, etc. – and then baking. As for the sprouts I do – easy peasy with just garlic, a bit of oil and/or butter, 1 TB soy sauce and 2 TB water and a quick browning in a big skillet. Sadly, ever since visiting his brother, who was working on a commercial pig farm, my husband won’t eat anything that was ever on a pig! When we ordered in the prepared Thanksgiving dinner, it included sprouts with bacon and there he was, sitting there and picking out every little cube of bacon that he could see. He can be such a stubborn goof!

Helene Avatar

Please tell your husband I completely understand. I am a non meat eater. I sometime eat fish, and I eat eggs and cheese, so I’m not a vegetarian, I tend to say I am if invited somewhere as it’s easier than to tell the poor hostess/host what I can and can’t eat. 🙂
I had Brussel sprouts a day or two ago, I just trimmed and halved them and tossed them around in a saucepan with butter and a tiny bit of salt until they were soft, but not too soft. Yummy!

Mariella Avatar

He used to eat pork until we visited his brother on the pig farm. He refuses to eat fish even though he grew up in a strict Catholic family that had fish on Fridays. He does have a severe shellfish allergy but as he doesn’t eat anything that comes from the water, he only learned of that after undergoing allergy testing some years ago. He’s not a vegetarian but won’t eat lamb and now the whole pork thing and even if I make something with smoked paprika (like a wonderful roasted potato soup), he’ll balk and ask “is there bacon in this” and then – this from the guy whose cooking skills extend to making grilled cheese sandwiches – will off his totally worthless critique that “I think this would taste better without the smoked paprika”. When I first made this soup and he said that, he was lucky I didn’t upend the whole bowl on his head! He’s not a vegetarian – he’s just Mr. Fussy-Pants!

Lydia Avatar

Good heavens! You ought to just make him eat his own grilled cheese sandwiches till he gets his head straight. Probably take two days 😂

We are also fish-eating Catholics and my husband grumps on Fridays because practically *all* he wants to eat is meat!!

Mariella Avatar

Lydia (I can’t reply to you as this thread has “threaded out” too much). If anything were to happen to me, that is precisely what he would do. He’d survive on peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese and the occasional fried egg sandwich. He has absoluely NO interest in cooking (though now that he’s retired and I’m still working he is doing a bit more but mostly as my “prep chef” or “kitchen b*tch”. But it’s just not his thing and as fussy as he is about eating certain foods, he’s not actually that fussy and would eat pasta (with store bought sauce) from now til the next decade.

Mariella Avatar

He’s actually a wonderful guy. We’ve been married for 41 years and he’s treated me well, indulged me and protected me for all that time and he’s a wonderful father to boot. But that food thing…it tries my patience. The funny thing is that our daughter – in her 30’s – dislikes mushrooms and HE has cannot understand why she would have this aversion…I mean, you’d think that he, of all people, would understand food aversions!!!

Helene Avatar

I don’t doubt for a second that he’s a great husband. I’m sure you wouldn’t be married to anyone other than a wonderful man, and you deserve it.
I’m a fussy eater myself, that’s why I say vegetarian even though I eat some fish. My son is another fussy eater, his dad eat most everything.
I laughed at your husbands reaction to your daughter not liking mushrooms, I have for most of my life been terrified of spiders, I screamed, cried and run at the same time when I saw one, but I had a hard time understanding other peoples phobias. Just the way we work as humans, perhaps.
Now please say hi to your husband from me!

Lydia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I took Ms. Andrea’s advice and ordered a daily sunscreen from La Roche Posay, my favorite, but that’s it. I’ve been wearing the same exact makeup every time I put my face on, lol.

Weekend plans: We’ll be having a celebratory dinner with friends on Saturday for my husband, who just successfully defended his PhD dissertation! One more cancer researcher in the world!

What’s your favorite side dish?: Yes to the carbs! My favorite is probably (my) homemade Mac and cheese, or salad, or if we’re talking Thanksgiving, canned cranberry sauce, haha! If it still has the ridges from the can, mores the better. 👌

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Winston, you look so, so cute and adorable here with Mama’s socks!

Recent Purchases: My birthday palettes that I ordered on behalf of my son and husband have arrived: By Terry’s Bonjour Paris palette and Lorac’s Soleil. I have wrapped them up waiting for my actual birthday. I was hoping they would arrive in time for the 20th of this month.

Rediscoveries: Smashbox’s Petal Metal and bareMinerals The Wild Thing.

Weekend Plans: Well it’s absolutely pouring rain and freezing cold here this weekend in Melbourne Aus, so we are looking for things for the kids to do. We’ve had some lovely days this week, but our weather is sunny one day and wet the next.
On Friday I got together with a group of teaching colleagues that I used to work with and a former principal that we all got along well with and it was lovely to catch up with everyone for the first time in a long time, due to the lockdowns.
Saturday and Sunday will be spent doing household chores and some Christmas shopping. Nothing really special.

Favourite side dish: We are roast vegetable fans in our household, with Olivia managing to eat more roast potatoes than anyone I know. Our local bakery makes pizza bread and I add garlic butter to it when it is cooking in the oven and that goes down well too.
Personally I am known as the ‘Salad Queen’ in my family for the wide variety of salads that I make and that goes down very well in summer too.
My husband and Olivia are big mashed potato fans (I am not) and that is something I make for them as well.

Mariella Avatar

I’ve never had anything from By Terry – the combination of the price tag and, again, not being able to see in person are both impediments for me (maybe a good thing?). Early wishes for a happy birthday to my Southern Hemisphere Makeup Twin!!!

Those Smashbox little palettes are real treasures, aren’t they? I have the Smoky one that Christine reviewed here years ago and it’s fantastic (it was my first foray into burgundy shadow) and then 2 neutral ones she didn’t review – Minimalist (my new “travel palette” because it’s small, practical and, most of all, replaceable) and Punked.

Mariella Avatar

You can blame me in the same way I blame Genevieve for “making” me buy the CT Rebel quad and Christine for pretty much every makeup item I buy!!!

I don’t think of the Smashbox palettes as “mini” but rather “compact”. I think they have as much product as lots of other palettes but there’s little wasted space. I hope you’re enjoying the Minimalist palette!

Helene Avatar

I really like it a lot. It’s versatile, but then the “mini” palettes does have 8 shades.
You talking about CT Rock Chic makes me really want it. I have Uptown Girl from the brand and it’s one that I come back to whenever I feel the larger palettes overwhelming. I like it, it’s a bit like champagne and oysters, not that I eat oysters, but I have tried, and maybe it just sounds off putting, but that is what I think when I use the quad.
I have been looking a lot at Victoria Beckham Tuxedo, a grey and grey leaning quad, all matte, but think that perhaps the Rock chic would be funnier to have as it does have shimmer, and I always feel I need something shimmery.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got my first order from the Sephora sale this past Tuesday-travel-size Maison Margiela Jazz Club cologne, UD Eternals Cosmic Eternal and Cosmic Mission eyeliners, and Charlotte Tilbury Wedding Belles, First Dance, and Pillow Talk Medium and Intense lispticks. My other Sephora sale order-Charlotte Tilbury Gracefully Pink lipstick and Sephora City Bags Vegas and Miami makeup bags-just shipped today and last I know is expected by this coming Tuesday.
Weekend plans: Tomorrow I’m picking up a prescription and my mom and I are getting our COVID booster shots (library work involves a lot of personal interactions!) and treating ourselves after by stopping at Starbucks for fancy drinks. Worked all day today and got groceries tonight-normally Saturday is grocery night, but I don’t want to aggravate my vaxx arm. What we do Sunday will depend on what side effects we have.
What’s your favorite side dish?: I love bread and butter too, especially the honey wheat bread or whatever kind it is that they serve at LongHorn. I also love a really creamy mac and cheese, bacon optional but welcome. I like deviled eggs, but they have to have plenty of paprika on top! More specific to family holiday parties, my dad makes a really good creamed corn in a Crock-Pot.

Mariella Avatar

My husband is waiting for his Covid booster – he has to wait a few more weeks for the proper time to elapse since his second shot. I’m waiting for the boosters to be opened up to my age group, which should happen soon but I think I also have to wait til early December for the proper time “gap”. Maison Margiela fragrances are so special, aren’t they? I have By the Fireside (and bought it for my daughter as well) but should check out Jazz Club next time I’m at Sephora.

Andrea Avatar

Socks apppear to be a thing…! That and clothes, my Yorkie just lays down on them to keep them safe and she does her best Rottweiller impersonation whenever sb tries to grab it back!

RECENT PURCHASES/REDISCOVERIES: I got a few pencils from Essence. I didn’t know this brand but it rates well here so I decided to give it a go; got an eyebrown pencil from L’Óreal (it seems broken though as it can’t be retracted); and some perspex organisers to my makeup a bit more organised. I would love to be be able to say I “rediscovered” a mascara I bought recently but I just can’t seem to find anywhere!

WEEKEND PLANS: Catching up with some friends for a “cup of coffee” by the beach and picking up some nice pebbles my niece can paint. Possibly going back to get some more of those organisers if I can work up the courage to go to Primark on a sunday! hahah

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SIDE DISH? Side dishes aren’t really a thing in Portugal, apart from salad. We usually stuff ourselves before the main course and that’s where the fun is!!! I love salad with peppers grilled on hot coal (or just the grilled peppers :-D), grilled chourizo and sth which tastes a LOT better than it sounds “chicken gizzards” (this is the ultimate “side dish” for booze so maybe I should have just gone with that! hahah)… I’ll stop now because I still have 1 hour to go till lunch and all I can think about is food!

Z Avatar

Ugh. I slipped up and ordered something from Rituel de Fille based only on their marketing photos (which, honestly, are straight lies. I now own about seven things from them and they’re………….very different in real life) instead of waiting for real person swatches (which are SO hard to come by) and they’re obviously wildly different in color AND formula. And as it turns out that greasy ass lip balm they call “eye soots” gave me dermatitis on my eyelid. So, yeah, weekend is off to a great start.

On the flipside, I picked up the final Melt Digital Dust highlighter that was missing from my collection and it’s beautiful. Phoenix is way too dark to be an actual highlight on me, but it’s stunning on my pale skin and will live with the other dark highlighter shades in the “precious chosen blushes” section of my drawer. I’ve fallen in love with using highlighter as blush lately. I have dry, *very* pale skin and often overapply regular blush. But highlighters are generally less pigmented and come with a beautiful built in sheen.

Helene Avatar

Winston is just adorable, of course one must grab socks and show them to mom! Such a good boy.
I used to take old socks, and tie them with as many knots possible as a cheap but appreciated play thing for the dogs. I have always been afraid they’d eat socks, (it’s happened to others I know of) having to have sock removal surgery.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought some items from the Temptalia 15 years CP collection, Truth, Frog and Rest More eyeshadows, Parallel blush, The strand and Let’s Play lip products and Going Coconuts just because I’ve looked at it a long time.
I’ve used Parallel ever since I got it, it’s lovely, but the winner is Let’s Play. The shimmer, the colour and the staying power, impressive!
I still have to try the eyeshadows.
I have talked about this a lot, I think, but an update is in order.
In July I ordered the Glam and the Retro palettes from Natasha Denona. They shipped on the 20th. Late October I reached out to the customer service as I still hadn’t received the package. I got a refund.
This week my palettes arrived!
Now I have to e-mail ND customer service again to let them know and offer to pay.
But now I have the two palettes I felt I lacked, so far I’ve only tried Glam and I really like it a lot.

Weekend plans: Nothing really. I have the most boring plans for weekends! 🙂

What’s your favorite side dish?: I love a creamy mac and cheese, I also love vegetables in all shapes and forms. Some potato dishes are lovely, like Hasselback and any other type of roasted ones.

Andrea Avatar

1) The Natasha Denona palletes look heavenly and 2) You’re so honest! Holy moly! I don’t know many people who would offer to pay in your shoes! Where you aware they were going to take that long to be shipped? From July to October… yikes!

Helene Avatar

The palettes are lovely. I don’t regret getting them. I used Glam for two days and today I tried Retro. I must say the quality is very good in both of them.
They shipped in July and arrived November 11.
I think it was said to be up to two weeks shipping time, but then they have this, I just forgot the word, but it says due to Covid 18 the shipping may take longer.
I often find that it pays off to be honest, and I imagine having the CIA after me for not paying. You know, men in dark suits with dark glasses sneaking around outside. I know, I’ve seen far too many movies. 😀 (I know the CIA wouldn’t be the ones, it’d probably be an e-mail when they learn that the package was delivered, and if not payed I’d not be able to buy directly from the brand.)

Andrea Avatar

Gosh! Your post just conjured up images of (sexy) Men in Black in my head! hahah! Her palletes look gorgeous but that’s almost half a year of waiting, they should give them to you for free at this point for all the hassle!

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