Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #623

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Makeup by Mario Lipsticks, which I was hoping to swatch by now, but alas… plans have been foiled.
  • Weekend plans: Mostly rest. I threw my back out on Monday, so I’ve been trying to take it easy–moving, like walking around the house, working at my desk, but trying to avoid anything that bends/twists my back, e.g. taking photos/swatches).
  • What was the last game you played?: I don’t play much in the way of games at the moment, so it’d be an iPhone game – Mahjong City Tours, lol!

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Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases: I repurchased Lorac Noir after hitting pan. I also purchased a Shiseido lipstick in Code Red and rediscovered my Colourpop Blushstix!

Weekend Plans: Laundry!! Reading. Maybe playing with some makeup depending on my mood.

Last game played: lol none. I loathe games. I don’t know why.

Lydia Avatar

I hope your back feels better! That’s the worst.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I am about to go order more Lisa Eldridge lipsticks (Blush Lightly and Love of my Life!) if that counts! She’s the only brand I buy sight unseen. I wore painterly yesterday for the first time in forever, and it set well enough to not get on a mask!

Weekend plans: Rest and celebrate! We just found out that our new baby is a girl so I’ll be looking at pink baby clothes for the next five months or so, starting this weekend.

What was the last game you played?: My husband is way more into games than I am, but I play Pokémon Go all the time out walking, haha!

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new cosmetic wise.

Weekend plans: Most of my weekend plans are postponed to the next one, as I wasn’t able to make proper reservations in time. On the good side, the weather is going to be quite warm and sunny during the weekend, so I’ll definitely go for a long hike. Besides the regular chores, cooking, calls and groceries, I hope to squeeze in more reading and rest.

What was the last game you played?: Where are the good old young days when I was enjoying Stronghold, Roller Coaster Tycoon or Transportation Tycoon… 😅
The last game I played was Among Us, with my colleagues at work; we kept a tradition of Happy Fridays and during the pandemic we played wither Among Us, either Trivia games.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hello to all long term readers of the blog and new followers. ! I sort of disappeared for awhile and am now back. I am happy to be able to read the blog daily and missed my interaction with other blog readers here on the best makeup sight in the world, IMHO.

Haul: Part of the reason I hadn’t been on the blog in awhile is that I wasn’t buying, wearing or even thinking about makeup. This week, I actually purchased some makeup and felt bereft when I had no one to share my purchases with!! I picked up the Violet Voss Cool Eyeshadow palette which had been in my cart for forever and I just decided to get it. I love cool toned shadows and this palette is all neutrals so it is a work horse palette for me. I also purchased MAC Plumb Dandy which was directly related to a blog reader, when I saw it on her IG. Surprised I had never purchased it. I am headed to Seattle next week and will be able to shop at a real makeup counter so I am sure I will have more to share next week.

Weekend plans: Getting ready for the trip to Seattle. Tearing up some carpeting in my upstairs loft and checking to see what the hard wood, that is under the carpet, looks like. I am getting ready to put my house on the market in the spring and so the winter will mostly be fixing little minor things that I just haven’t messed with while living here.

Last game I played: It is a good thing my memory for past events is good since I haven’t played a game in forever. I think I played Pacman back in the early 80’s while staying with my sister and here boys. That is a long time. I don’t really enjoy gaming or even board games. I do like Boggle but even that hasn’t been played in years. I did take up Origami folding during my long absence from the blog. It has become a bit of an obsession for me.

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you, Rachel. I did sort of go off the deep end for awhile. I was so sick for awhile and not just physical but my mental health was very up and down. I am happy to be feeling better and hope that you are well, also. It is great that you have been doing some traveling. I really miss just jumping in the car and going some where.

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you Sarah. Yes, it can be difficult and as the one suffering, you don’t always make wise choices. I have become convinced that living in the country, long winters, not much interaction with others, etc has contributed greatly to my depression. I have made the difficult decision to sell my home in Montana and move to a more metropolitan area. I thought about keeping my house and using it in the summers here but housing in other places is so expensive that I am not sure I could keep up with two mortgages or even one and a rental. I can still summer here but stay at my brothers place. So, come spring my house goes on the market and hopefully, I will sell it pretty soon. I have the winter to do some odd repairs that I have been putting off and then it will be ready. Thank you for the welcome back and I have missed everyone so much.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Nancy, I have missed you all, too. I know you have been busy also and time really is rolling past at a phenomenal speed. So much has happened in the world. I have loved your recent MOTD posts on IG. Just beautiful. Truth to be told, it was your beautiful MOTD’s that pushed me to get back into it. I need to catch up on what is new and actually make a few new purchases.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Lesley,
Thank you for the welcome. I will try to be here everyday as I was before. I was really sick for awhile and then with COVID, I didn’t go anywhere, wear any makeup or even have much interaction with other people. Between this bizarre illness, my underlying health issues, diabetes, migraines, back injury, etc I fell into a bit of a depression. It was a case of not recognizing it until I was pretty immersed in it and my daughter became concerned. She moved home in March and started working remotely. She was instrumental in my getting help. I am feeling much better. Still don’t know what the weird illness was but since I am fine, I am not going to worry about it. I have missed contact with everyone and look forward to seeing what is new and what people are liking, doing and buying. Great to be back.

Deborah S. Avatar

I will Helene and thank you for your support. As a RN I have always felt strong and mentally healthy. I thought I would recognize if I was having problems. Clearly, when you are the patient, you don’t always recognize the symptoms. Anyway, I am feeling better now!!

Helene Avatar

I know the feeling Deborah. I used to work as a nurse, in the operation theatre. I thought I was so good at handling stress and anything life throw at me. Turned out I wasn’t. Turned out it wasn’t normal, waking up at night imagining that something I’d done during the day was a fatal mistake, it never was, but once a night turned to five, six times, still normal, I thought. as this crept up over some four years. It wasn’t until I started crying like mad for the second morning in a row that I got that something was seriously wrong. Sounds stupid, I know. This year it’s been 18 years since I could even hear someone saying, “you must”, “you should” or even “can you?” without having a panic attack. I can’t work, I’ve tried.
So to anyone who reads this, listen to your mind and body.
Me, the cautionary tale 🙂

Deborah S. Avatar

I am so sorry for your suffering. I cannot even imagine what nurses are going through now with the pandemic. We are generally a group of over achiever’s and place tremendous stress on ourselves to be perfect and right at all times. We work long, hard hours and never question it. It is truly a calling and not just a job. I was unable to return to work for almost two years when my father passed away. I couldn’t force myself back into the hospital. Like you, I would start to feel my heart race and I would get sweaty and almost feel scared. I thought it was just the grief and let it run its course before I went back. My feelings for nursing never returned though and when I fell at the hospital and hurt my back, I gave up trying. I live in near solitude for much of the year and that combined with physical ailments and the world situation, just became too much for me. I know that I need more stimulation and so I will be selling my house next year. I still need to figure out where I will be moving but I have a long winter to think about it, LOL!! Thank you so much for your understanding and support.

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you Genevieve, I have missed you also. I needed a dose of your always positive vibes! My daughter is doing great. She has finally managed to make a move towards fulfilling her dreams. She moved to Seattle this month with her best friend and they have rented an apartment. She has her cat Sophie with her and is having to work two jobs to make ends meet but it is a step in the right direction. I have been so anxious for her to really move out on her own. Of course, she was living alone in Kalispell, Montana but that was only 3 hours away and I was able to make the trip easily whenever she wanted me to. Seattle will be a different situation with the distance and a mountain pass between us. I have long feared her future when I pass away and how she would cope without any close family that she would stay in touch with. There really aren’t any and she is going to be devastated when that happens. We all grieve a loved ones passing but we are so close that it will be doubly hard. Anyway, she is doing really well and I am very happy for her.
Thank you so much for your welcome and I am happy to be back.

Rachel R. Avatar

I hope your back gets better soon, Christine!

Recent Purchases:
*PML Celestial Odyssey Eye & Face Duo in Galactic Sun; bareMinerals Gen Nude Blonzer in Kiss of Pink.
*Oden’s Eye Cat’s Breath Palette, Giant Wolves Eyeshadow Palette, Red Dragon Eyeshadow Palette, Hummingbird Eyeshadow Palette, and GWP scarves and liquid lipstick.
*All the Makeup Revolution corpse bride palettes.
*Too Faced Cinnamon Swirl Sweet & Spicy Eye Shadow Palette (birthday gift). Hopefully it won’t make my eyes itch! It smells pretty mild.

Weekend plans:
My birthday is Sunday. We brought my son’s BFF now officially girlfriend home with us to visit for a few weeks, so we’re all going to the Oregon Coast for the weekend. We’re going to the Aquarium and to see the natural sites, and do some thrifting at the antique and estate sale shops.

What was the last game you played?: Pyramid on my phone. I’m not a gamer.

Rhonda Avatar

Wow, hi Rachel,
Normally I kind of lurk here, although I have been around for almost 4 years now.

I wanted to butt in and say the husband & I just came back from the Oregon coast 10/17. It’s lovely down there. My husband took 2 weeks off, the 1st week for mental health and then we celebrated our 35th by going to our favorite restaurant at Depoe Bay called Becks. We got as far south as Newport, which has some great consignment shops. And oddly, Seattle is a sea of empty shelves–Newport was fully stocked, drug stores, groceries–everything. I hope the weather holds for you & your family. We lucked out as it rained at night–like it should.

I haven’t bought much, because I get easily annoyed by the fact that 30% of the items I want are out-of-stock. This is doubly frustrating since I am an autumn and I should be rushing out and buying because it’s the only time stores stock colors I look good in.

Speaking of which, does anyone know how to find khaki colored eyeshadow in Christine’s database? Or has some recommendations for me, please? Thanks in advance.
PS I like your new profile picture, Rachel.

AJ Avatar

Purchases/rediscoveries: I have once again rediscovered my ColourPop Mint to Be palette. Even though I don’t wear a lot of mint green shades in my clothing, I really like the colors in that palette and I’m glad I bought it.

Weekend plans: My spouse’s birthday was this week, so we’re going out tomorrow to celebrate. I am taking them to the Fluevog store to pick out a nice pair of boots. I feel like that’s the sort of present that is best to pick for yourself rather than getting a surprise! And then we are going out for dinner and cocktails. We have outdoor reservations and the weather is supposed to be the best it has been all week, but still not great, so we shall see!

The last game I played: On my computer, Elder Scrolls Online, which I play for a little bit each day. Off the computer, I think it was A Little Wordy, which we played in our hotel room on our trip to CA.

Nancy T Avatar

Well, they *were* clean, lol! 👕

Purchases/rediscoveries: I don’t know what I was thinking, but I impulsively placed an order with MAC for 2 of the Rosalia R lipsticks. One normal tube lipstick, Nuez Moscado (perfect!) as well as a Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Spicy Pimentón. Wore the Spicy Pimentón to my Remicade infusion center which is in Banner University MC, so masks are mandatory until they close your curtains after placing the line in. Well, it looked AMAZING at home…but when I took my mask off, it looked like I’d messily devoured a bag of Cheetos, the hot ones! Thankfully, I was able to fix it. A few nurses complemented me on it saying that red-orange looked great on me. One even asked where they could find it! I was kind enough to warn her of the Hot Cheetos effect.

Weekend plans: Laundry by the mountain. I really just haven’t felt up to it the past couple weeks. But now I have to muster up the strength to get to it. Also, my Zoom meeting tomorrow morning, if my phone cooperates.

Last game you played?: Honestly, I have no idea. At least not with “standard” games, anyway. As infantile as this must sound (and it’s seriously embarrassing) I do those silly Facebook games. At least I get some laughably amusing results sometimes!

Genevieve Avatar

How are you travelling Nancy? I hope the Remicade infusion has done its job and you are feeling better. I am sure that lipstick looked beautiful on you and I have the same problem when I remove my mask too.
I hope you are feeling stronger to tackle the laundry monster and that you are feeling better overall.

Sarah Avatar

Get well soon! A back injury is always the worst. 🙁 I’m so sorry.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing makeup this time! But I did get a little more nail acrylic…oops.

Weekend plans: Winterizing my home, and maybe a fresh set of nails if I decide I hate this current set that much. Last week’s set fell flat, haha!

What was the last game you played?: I play FFXIV regularly; that’s my MMO du jour. But when I’m not playing that, I’m on my Switch. I currently have the latest Legend of Zelda in my Switch, but my husband also got me Hades recently and I should play that.

If anyone else plays FFXIV perhaps we can start a cross-world link shell. 😉

Lesley Avatar

I am sorry about your back, Christine. Wishing you speedy healing.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases. I have rediscovered Colourpop SSS blush in Bandit and actually hit pan on it.

Weekend plans: Recovering from sinus surgery.

What was the last game you played?: It was likely Charades at a Thanksgiving dinner five or six years ago. It is a tradition in the hosting family and opting out was not allowed.

Genevieve Avatar

How gorgeous is Winston! Baby Harry is not so much interested in the laundry basket, but in everyone’s shoes – all but his own. He hates wearing shoes at the moment and takes them off – refusing to walk with them when in the park (where he needs them most!).

Recent Purchases: Nada
Rediscoveries: Nothing really much here either – just rotating my eye palettes and combinations.

Weekend Plans: We are still in lockdown land and the weather has been very topsy turvy – one day warm, the next cool or cold with lots of rain.
I bought the kids some halloween costumes (Harry Potter robes for Lachlan, a ghost fairy costume for Olivia and the cutest little pumpkin outfit for Harry) and they have loved wearing those.
Hopefully this weekend I will be able to go for a drive.
On Sunday I am taking the oldest two to a park for the afternoon to give their parents a break.
But that’s about it.

Last game played: I don’t play video or phone games, but I love the online jigsaws from Jigsaw Explorer on the computer.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My replacement PMG Celestial Odyssey palette came this week and is in perfect condition! A quick hack for anyone who’s interested: I took both my Mothership Mega palettes and stuck the shade diagram labels on the backs of the boxes so I can look up the shade locations for each palette by turning the box over once instead of constantly flipping the palette over. The Celestial Divinity label wouldn’t peel off without leaving the paper backing stuck to the palette case, and it looks like I also tried and failed at this when I first got it last year, so I just used my home printer/copier/scanner to make a copy of the label and trimmed and taped it to the box. The Odyssey label transferred without issue.
Weekend plans: Worked all day today and did laundry tonight. I’ll probably take it a little easier than usual tomorrow and Sunday-the weekly grocery run got divided into 2 nights, buying heavier items Thursday and lighter ones tomorrow-because I’m getting my annual flu shot tomorrow, provided that the sweet pharmacist who’s really good at giving shots (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also cute!) is there.
What was the last game you played?: I’m not a big gamer, but I have been getting into a few iPhone games. The latest one I played today was Word Lanes-a word search game where you drag your finger along the letters of each word-but I’ve also been liking Disney Emoji Blitz and Funko Pop! Blitz. My only problem with any of these is that the last 3 mystery Pops I’ve bought in Pop! Blitz have all been Back to the Future-themed and I’m getting a little sick of it!

Helene Avatar

He has very expressive eyebrows! He’s a very pretty dog, and growing fast, I think.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases, no rediscoveries.
Weekend plans: Nothing fun, just the same cleaning and chores. Doggy walks, and that is fun.
What was the last game you played?: I do jigsaw puzzles on Face Book, real game, WoW but I’ve had a hiatus for a bit now.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: Nothing though I am planning a trip to Sephora tomorrow.

Weekend plans: gym today (Saturday) and again tomorrow; trip my local mall where the Sephora is to get a few things and also to get a PSL (my first and probably only one of the season) at either Starbucks or Second Cup; starting to pack for a trip to friends’ cottage and then to Ottawa – leaving at the end of next week.

The last game I played: new to us was Taboo, which was a scream. We played it at the cottage of the same friends we’re visiting next week and it was 4 couples, all friends from uni; last week, we played Sorry. 2 of my 3 kids were home and my single, childless friend was visiting and she’s loved playing this game with them ever since they were young children so we had a fun game of Sorry all together.

Mariella Avatar

It was nice – less hectic than in past (fewer people – no massive 25 people for dinner this time and we ordered in the entire dinner though there was still a lot of reheating involved and I wanted home made desserts so made a pumpkin cheesecake and a ginger cake that is legendary from a road side dinner here in Canada). And among some other nice gifts, I got a new pair of Blundstones for my birthday! I did find goodies today and you will be glad to know that I can now BLAME you for the purchase of Charlotte Tilbury’s Rebel palette….all your fault (you now join Christine in the “she made me buy it” brigade).

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got the BH Doja Cat white liquid liner. It seems nice and long-lasting based on my swatches.

Weekend plans: Trying to get my apartment organized, reading, possibly making ruby chocolate cookies.

What was the last game you played?: Toon Blast on my phone. I am actually the leader of a team and over level 4000. I think I’ve been playing for about 3-4 years at this point? My first game was lost though.

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