Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Propa Beauty Lipsticks, Merit Blushes.
  • Weekend plans: Crossing fingers that my family is able to move here at the end of the month! I’m still ahead on my posts, and I’m continuing to work toward staying that way, partially so that when they are here, I can spend time with them!
  • What’s your decorating style?: I don’t think I have one… eclectic? Somewhere between more modern and a little woodsy. Sometimes I call it modern farmhouse but more modern than farmhouse!

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #591

After we redid the backyard, Mellan became a very attentive landscaper, regularly checking in on the water levels in the fountain and perusing plants for bugs and overgrowth. He even inspected underneath trees! When he first got to inspect the water fountain, he was extremely confused as to why anyone would put such a small pool in the yard…

The patch on his side is from an allergy flare up that got infected, which resulted in having to have it shaved down. We started to call him patchy, since it wasn’t growing back very quickly. He still had a bit of patchiness over a year later from that incident!

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: So. I did exactly what I told myself I wasn’t going to do and bought Becca backups. I have three of the Under Eye Brightening Corrector coming to me, and it’s taken more work than it should to find those three. That product is practically sold out everywhere. At least I have enough to last me forever or until I find a dupe, whichever comes first.

Weekend plans: My husband and I are going to go on a hike on Sunday, and outside of that, I just plan to take it easy. 🙂

What’s your decorating style?: I don’t really have one. Rooms are a whole mess of decoration. One room has crystals and incense, one room has the video game collections and other geeky loves on open display, one of my hallways has a giant banner of The Who because I didn’t know what to put on it and I felt like it “needed something”. I guess my decorating style is “well loved”, my husband and I just like to display our interests as decor. But someday I want to do more clean and modern, haha!

Recent Purchases: BH Cosmetics Avocado Toast palette, CP Snow Much Fun palette, Becca Dewtint

Rediscoveries: Nothing to speak of, specifically!

Weekend plans: Rearranging a couple of rooms to make room for some shelving, some cleaning, and hopefully some outside time.

What’s your decorating style? I don’t know that I have one? I like colorful unique things and have a preference for Mid-Century modern shapes in furniture and deeper stained, warm wood.

I love watching dogs and water. They always are having such a good time.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Uoma Beauty Drama Bomb Extreme Volume Nourishing Mascara and Afro.Dis.Iac Liquid Eyeliner.

Weekend plans: I will try to go outside. Spring can’t come too soon for me.

What’s your decorating style?: Minimalist. I like black and white graphic prints, punched up with red. I love Scandinavian design and Marimekko. But I also like traditional Japanese design

Marimekko! Design Research, Harvard Square, 60s and 70s, blast from the past. Always on the lookout. Did find a reissue of a blue/white that I got in shower curtain, towels, and comforter at Crate & Barrel, maybe 20 years ago. Score! (Hahaha still had the matching apron, lol.) Then a couple of years ago, Uniqlo had a collab, so 2 tees and pants. Forever in my heart.

In college it was very cool to mount the fabric on canvas stretchers and hang it. Started my obsession then. A high point for me was getting the sheets at the Crate & Barrel outlet store in Woodbury Commons. After 50 years of being on my wish list, I got to Finland and flew Finnair, where the amenity kits were Marimekko. I sent a lot of time and money in the stores and the outlet in Helsinki.

Marimekko! When I was in high school/early uni, I worked at a store called Karelia in Toronto and they sold the entire range of Marimekko fabrics and also aprons, oven mitts, etc. as well as so much other home stuff – glassware, dinnerware – from Finland, Denmark, Sweden – Alvar Aalto, Iittala and so many other names that escape me now. On Saturdays, we would get a delivery of Scandinavian cardamom bread (it was a sweet, egg rich bread, as I recall, much like brioche, challah, paska, kringle – all those rich breads that seem to be part of European and Scandinavian culture). It was such a fun place to work.

I think my most recent purchase is a MAC studio finish concealer palette, the one with six pans. I’ve used this formula before as singles but the palette is amazing. It has every color I need to conceal everything, even the pink is a perfect undereye corrector.

I think my decorating style is affordable eclectic 🤣🤣🤣. But also maybe cottagey? I like mixing blonde or red wood with cheery colors like yellow and mint. I like cozy stuff and I love color, anything green.

Awww, yard inspector Mellan!

Purchases: Nothing beauty related. Had to buy a new desk because my corner desk won’t fit in any of the corners in the office in our new house due to the distribution of doors, windows, closets, and heating elements.

Weekend plans: MOVING. Tomorrow we’ve got to fill a UHaul with all of our furniture. We’re doing it just the two of us because moving furniture while masked up sounds particularly awful, plus what good is it having friends help you move if you can’t enjoy pizza and beer/cider afterwards? It’s gonna be too cold and nasty to share an outdoor meal.

Anyway, the good news is we’ve still got access to our current place until the 15th so there will be time to come back for smaller items, tidy up things before the professional cleaners get here, make sure nothing was left behind in a weird stray cabinet, etc.

What’s my decorating style? I buy what I like and try to make sure it doesn’t clash too much with what I already have in any given room. I like to group things together. I built an accidental shrine to beauty on top of my dresser, with a collection of art prints of beautiful otherworldly women, a dish of gem specimens, some jewelry, and a special scarf, among other things.

This made me laugh – I think a lot of us have probably created an accidental shrine to beauty 🙂

Recent Purchases: just Becca Camellia Luminous Blush – at Winners for next to nothing. They were actually putting out a LOT of Becca, Nars and MAC products (including Silver Dusk loose powder) but it was so crowded (the 2 clerks had 2 big wheeled carts right there) so it was hard to get a good look at things. Rediscoveries: MAC Birds&Berries eyeshadow. I wore it twice last week and even though blue eyeshadow isn’t my “thing”, I loved how it looked paired with Marc Jacobs BravO or Sephora Fall Leaves.

Weekend plans: training session at the gym tomorrow and I want to do some baking and I might cut out a top from a Merchant & Mills pattern to have ready for when the warmer weather arrives. We’ll probably also re-watch another episode of Call My Agent.

Decorating style: Hahahaha – don’t make me laugh!

Your house seems absolutely beautiful Mariella. The walnut inlaid floors and fabric wallpaper (is it in a floral pattern?) in your main living area is something out of a Heritage magazine. You could only really decorate it with furniture that suits the period and the room as the walls and floors are a statement unto themselves.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: Nothing new. 😅 I’m just debating where to go hiking, I am in a mood to both explore the redwoods and the hills (since wildflower season has slightly started).
Just trying to keep my mind busy with housework, groceries, cooking. Probably I’ll have longer calls with my family and friends back in Europe, since next weekend it’s Daylight Savings in the US and messed up the calls schedule for a few weeks.

What’s your decorating style?: Minimalist to non-existent. 😅 I literally only have the bare necessity furniture and only lamps could be considered actually decor. And I like it that way, I hate cluttering my life and space with stuff. I do love a classic dark brown wood look, so that’s the style I went with my desk, bedroom furniture and dinning set.
But while I don’t like decorations in my house, I’m obsessed with viewing how others style their home. 😅 It’s somewhat creepy I guess, since I also get the temptation to peek through windows (which is so intrusive)… I always loved browsing home style magazines, exploring decorated spaces in furniture stores…

Inspector Mellan! These are such precious pics of him checking the yard to make sure all is right and good.

Purchases/rediscoveries: I cashed in my Sephora $100 giftcard. Not on what I expected to use it for either! For some impulsive reason I still don’t understand, I used to towards Natasha Denona Bronze Palette instead of Metropolis. I was afraid that those cream to powder shades would crease like mad on my somewhat oily, very hooded lids. So I chickened out. Also restocked my Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Eye Serum and Farmacy Green Defence Daily Mineral Sunscreen. Received my Fenty Rose Latte Cream blush and my Sephora Birthday Gift of Nars Laguna duo.

Weekend Plans: Trying not to go clear over the edge. Right now, I’m on the verge of having a full mental breakdown because my 9 months pregnant daughter who has Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy and hypertension has shutdown her Facebook page, won’t pick up her phone, isn’t returning texts or voicemails, and I’m terrified for her. This radio silence doesn’t bode well. No argument or anything preceding this whole thing. There’s so much more that I won’t get into, because that’s not my place. All I can do is pray so very hard that she and Baby Elijah are safe and well. And try not to lose my mind. I’m scared $#itless.

Decor Style? Lots of dark wood, black and rich reddish brown leather, touches of red and chartreuse. Bedroom and bathroom both have all purple linens and curtains.

Nancy I hope you hear from you daughter soon. I really love Natasha Denona’s Bronze palette a lot! But the Metropolis palette is great too. At least you brought good skin care. Happy Birthday!

Oh Nancy – what a nightmare for you! Is she talking to her brother, or does she have a partner you can contact? It sounds like she is not in a ‘good place’ at the moment. I hope everything can be resolved before the baby is born.

Happy Birthday Nancy – I do think that you will love the Bronze palette – I found it looked more beautiful when I saw it in person than on a computer screen. And you have purchased some lovely skincare items too.

Nancy, call the local police and ask them to do a well check visit. They are required to follow through. My prayers are with you all.

Nancy, I join others in sending positive thoughts both to you and your daughter. I think ShariP’s suggestion about calling her local authorities is an excellent idea and will get her the help she needs if she is in medical distress of some sort. If she gets mad at mom, well, even so it will be worth it for your peace of mind and to know she and the baby are safe and well.

I hope you’ll get in touch with your daughter very soon. I understand you are more than worried.
Sending positive thoughts.

Hey everyone, I still haven’t heard any news and it’s now Monday. Once I do get some concrete info I will update you. In the meantime, I’m just trying to hang onto hope and what’s left of my sanity. This has been so unimaginably stressful and scary.

Very cute pictures of Mellan. He looked so happy there enjoying new smells and being outdoors.

Recent Rediscoveries: Copying a look from Pat McGrath’s Instagram using Divine Rose I: using Velouria as a base, Xtreme Mahogany to deepen outer V, then applying with fingertip VR Rose Venus over the lid, with Astral Solstice on the inner part and brown eyeliner. I have been wearing this look often, with MAC Melba blush and Urban Decay Ex-Girlfriend lipstick <3

Weekend plans: Last weekend I went on a 3 mile walk through the city and it felt absolutely refreshing. I really want to finish a dry audiobook I'm working on, so I'm going to listen to it on 2x speed while going on long walks each day.

What’s your decorating style?: Minimal with a preference for gray, tan, white, and natural wood, with plants here and there. I like to hang my own framed paintings that I've done of special memories. Right now I've also hung a portrait of a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg for inspiration to demarcate my work from home space.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: 11 shadows from Terra Moons (but they won’t come until end of April or May), two multichromes from Devinah (that won’t come until April probably), a Marc Jacobs Sunset highliner (my favorite) on sale, four eye shadows from Shine By SD Cosmetics (my first time trying this brand). Rediscoveries would be the Lorac Pro Metal palette that I used yesterday.

Weekend plans: I plan to do some dinosaur themed nail art. I’m feeling sick today so I’m going to take it easy.

What’s your decorating style?: I’m not sure but I like white or light painted walls, light colored furniture and I don’t like living around too much clutter or rooms that seem overstuffed or busy. Definitely drawn to very feminine decor rather than masculine decor.

That sounds like something you could call soft or cozy minimalism to me! I am a total maximalist, which irritates my husband, because he would probably like a subtle, clean minimalist look a lot better.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nail primer/top coat and a couple gel lacquers from Static Nails (25%off). Rediscovered the Essense Satin blushes…how are they this good for $2.99 ??

Weekend plans: babies everywhere! Waking up often to check on the new mama’s with their adorable res/white calves, and waiting to see what baby horses we get to see on our friends place. Also, working with our own horses when we are awake.

What’s your decorating style?: Rustic Coffeehouse

Isn’t Mellon so sweet, exploring his new backyard?

Recent Purchases – My CP lipsticks have arrived and they are lovely – especially Slow Dance.

Rediscoveries: Maybelline’s Burgundy Bar and still using a lot of Lorac’s Noir palette.

Weekend Plans: It was my husband’s birthday on Friday and we had little Harry and Lachlan for the day, as Olivia was having her birthday party at a Skate park, which Lachlan didn’t want to go to. It is a long weekend here and her school was having a curriculum day. (A whole school training day).
Afterwards we went out for dinner – which was lovely.
Saturday is all about getting the house back into some sort of order, cleaning, laundry and shopping.
I am not sure what is going to be happening on Sunday and Monday.

Decorating style: Reasonably modern and cosy. With lots and lots of toy boxes around to cater for our grandchildren!

Lots of birthdays Genevieve! It’s my MIL’s birthday tomorrow and my husband’s on Sunday. I’ve been in the kitchen for days cooking and baking. Happy Birthday to everyone! Have a nice weekend.

Thank you Brenda – I’ve certainly been in your place before – chained to the kitchen bench preparing for two sets of birthdays.
I hope your mother in law and husband have a lovely day too. March must be the month!

Love your yard. You had a wonderful supervisor.
We, my husband and I, are getting our second COVID vaccine this weekend so feel we may be able to be out a bit more in a few weeks with precautions. We are both in our 70s with some health issues. I haven’t worn makeup since October. It will be exciting!

Yay, good for you for getting that shot Susan! I work in education, so we are opening up soon, and it is a party in the office every time someone gets theirs. I am happy when anyone gets it because it helps the individual and the whole. What is not to love?!

Aww Mellan the fountain inspector! We’re getting our Grand puppy this weekend yipee! So happy that your family is moving close to you Christine!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: nada
Weekend plans: MIL’s Birthday tomorrow, she is 96 so we will drop off things for her, I baked a delicious pineapple cake and we will buy her flowers. My husband’s birthday is on Sunday and my gift to him was to not spend any money, our credit card bills came yesterday and the balance on all three of mine was 0, it was very hard to stick to not buying anything! I’m very proud of myself. But then again I didn’t go anywhere lol!
What’s your decorating style?: Probably eclectic leaning to elegant. Any time I pick something out to purchase it’s always the most expensive it’s never a reasonable price. I’m looking to replace all the hardware on all the cupboards in the house because they are all the same gold knobs and it’s time that they go!

Love seeing that curious & handsome Mellan checking out the garden!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I have a small Sephora order on the way, but nothing new for a few weeks due to health stuff and the big snow storm. I used the shade Faso from the Juvia’s Place Mini Magic palette today and I am definitely falling back in love with those kinds of shades. It is sorta in the same vein as a UD Moondust shadow, but with no glitter. It has a pretty shift, but it is still very wearable and even kinda office friendly on my skin. It’s a fun color that’s not too much, so it was a great rediscovery!

Weekend plans: I recently got a pretty serious medical diagnosis (not fatal or terminal, but still life-changing chronic illness. If you know me from the temptalia discord, you probably have heard about it.) I am just trying to take it easy as much as possible since I also started a new job concurrent with all of this. This isn’t a sob story, I am keeping y head up, but I gotta keep an eye on stuff so I don’t sink into despair. We are also going to the record store and to get some local ice cream tomorrow and possibly to the park to walk the dog if the weather is nice. There’s a new normal, but I am gonna own it.

What’s your decorating style?: Colorful, eclectic. I really like bricolage, which is layering a bunch of different textures and styles. As a millennial who watched Mad Men obsessively, I do love Mid-Century Modern, but I like a lot of stuff. I mostly look for stuff that speaks to me. It might be a 3 foot tall mushroom statue or a clean-line bookshelf or a kinda tropical-inspired chair all in the same room. I follow What Not to Wear rules for a lot of things like fashion, makeup, and design/home decor: it doesn’t have to MATCH, it has to GO.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been using my collection pretty evenly overall. I don’t have the largest collection, so that is pretty easy. Mostly I’ve been getting into nail polish and nail stamping. That’s mostly what my beauty budget has been going to.

Weekend plans: Nothing special the spouse and I are going to play World of Warcraft all day, and chill, like we have been doing since last March. We might get crazy and throw in another game!!! haha

What’s your decorating style?: It changes. I’m really into design so it alters a bit from place to place. My home tends toward Modern, typically, because that is my spouse preference, and I try to blend our styles together. I tend to like bold colors, contrasts, and comfy furniture with a lot blankets around all other elements are random.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m going to spend this weekend’s Sephora 15% off discount on UD Naked Ultraviolet and Wild West palettes and Marc Jacobs O!Mega Tantalize Glo cheek trio (I feel better going darker and matching my cool undertone rather than going warmer and lighter, so I’m going for Tantalize over Tantastic).
Weekend plans: Worked today, errands tomorrow, Sunday unknown.
What’s your decorating style?: I don’t think I have one either.

I love your out door area. Mellan looks so gentle inspecting it. My schnauzer would jump up on everything , chewing on branches and then pee on the fountain.
Purchases/rediscoveries: I bought a little bundle of lipsticks from Ciate on sale, as well as a mascara, Nice colours and wear on the lipsticks.
I think I have negative rediscoveries this week. I decided to use Naked 3 yesterday and I don’t know, it looked muddy and awful and the falldown was horrid. Maybe it’s the age of the palette.
I also used a PMG lipstick, Full Panic, Mattetrance and hated it. I used it over a balm, took it off, used it by itself and after quite a short time it started feeling crumbly on the inner part of my lips and the lips felt dry. I know I have issues with the mattetrance formula, but had hoped I could make it work. It also feels very lipstick-y, sort of heavy. In short, I don’t like it, and the colour isn’t so good I feel I have to keep it. It does feel hard to toss, though as it is quite expensive. Oh, well, it has to go.
Weekend: Swatching Naked 3 to see it it really is as bad as I thought yesterday. Other than tat, just the usual , cleaning, walking dogs,
Decorating style: I’m really not sure, minimalistic to horder perhaps 😀
Antiques and modern, early 1900 to 1950, and in need of more storage areas. Comfortable and cosy but boring. In short, I don’t have one.

Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. Rediscovered Tom Ford Soleil et Line quad, Tom Ford cream eyeshadow in Platinum, and Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow in Crystal Clear. Finished: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm in Bare Glow. This has been in my project pan for over a year and I finally finished it. Will replace once I make a dent in a few similar products.

Weekend Plans: Grocery shopping, making a lasagne, doing laundry and watching hockey.

Design Style: Knowing who to call for design advice! I’d like a style that is cozy, classic, and organized.

Aw Mellan– such beautiful memories– they give comfort, I hope, as will the upcoming arrival of family.

Recent purchases: None. I am waiting for the Sephora sale to replenish some basic items like eye primer and concealer.

Weekend Plans: We recently moved and just moved out of our old place — and had to leave a lot behind so lots of unpacking. This weekend, I began to organize and destash a lot of my stash for space and practicality. Because of COVID, I can’t recycle a lot of stuff as I would have otherwise done. So literally, Tom Ford, PMG, Suqqu, Viseart etc are going into the trash bin. Dior stuff with its perfumey smell– all gone. A vintage Chanel nail polish collection went out on the street. I wish I had the bandwidth to sell that. But I don’t. All that money down the drain. But am lightening up. If I haven’t worn and loved it, it’s gone. So I am keeping what I love and looking at products, but not to buy.

Decorating style: I have collectible blonde wood mid-century modern furniture, mostly in storage. I’d call our style country blonde wood Bohemian and the new place is under-furnished at the moment. We brought in a few pieces, friends gave us more and we have our most treasured objects and wall hangings– plus us and the cats, so we’re good.

Christina – I thought I posted this comment but perhaps I didn’t or you didn’t want to answer , which I would understand . I LOVE the outdoor rug you show in the pics of your patio . Do you by any chance remember where you got it ? It is the rug I’ve been dreaming about finding for my three season room . Thank you .

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