Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I don’t think anything I purchased arrived this week… yet.
  • Weekend plans: I can’t believe it’s already February! Time really flies. Everything is still pretty much business as usual for us, so that means blogging for me — probably a lot of dupe entering in my future 😉
  • How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: For small accessories, like scarves, just in a dresser drawer. For earrings, I have a round “birdcage” that turns and has a bajillion slots for earrings. I was very poor at storing necklaces, so I have three or so bundles of very well-knotted clumps of necklaces 😣

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #587

These are photos from a trip to a local park where we tried to do some off-leash pre-training (using a very long lead). He was four months (about 36 pounds or a little under half his adult weight). The first in the slideshow has long been a favorite photo of mine; he just has such a joyful look on his face. You can really see his adult facial features and expressions coming through at this point!

This was also his first “public” outing, as he had all of his vaccines and could finally put four paws on the ground! He was very excited to learn about all things grass and get to sniff all of the scents at the park. (We used pee pads on our apartment patio, which was on the first floor, for business prior.)

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Awww baby Mellan. What a sweetheart!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got a Zoeva rose gold powder brush at Ulta, and it is really nice! Very soft synthetic bristles that actually do apply powder nicely. I’m pleasantly surprised. I might go pick up the blush brush in the line eventually too.

Weekend Plans: Work today, after which I will only have one week left at my retail job before I start a new job that’s much more in line with my actual career/degree. Saturday night we are doing the bi-monthly (masked) game night/dinner with my family. We moved back to Oklahoma from the Bay Area to be closer to my family, so it is nice to have a regular family thing to do together.

How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I have earrings sorted into small boxes (stud-back dangles, small studs, or earwire), rings on a cute ceramic swan ring holder, and necklaces in one of those pouch-y things where they all get their own space as to not get tangled. Other stuff is kinda here and there, but I have been better about putting the earrings I take off in the living room when I get home into a container so they don’t go everywhere.

Aww .sweet baby Mellan …. whoooz a good boy…?

Recent purchases …? I picked up a couple Marc Jacobs single shadows on sale “Oh Yeah” . a bronzy plummy shade and
“Perfecto “a light vanilla shade.
Week-end plans ? Taking some painting reference photos of old country buildings on the Island here in B.C. and
Sunday Super Ball…


I LOVE those pictures of baby Mellan! What a little cutie.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Whole lot of nothing this week.

Weekend plans: Pandemic life marches ever onward. We’ll get some takeout for dinner tomorrow night and otherwise we’ll just stay home all weekend long. Probably do a lot of reading and some housework. My indoor herb garden is going great and my mint is trying to take over, as mint is wont to do, so I’ll cut it back and make some mojitos or something.

How do I store my accessories and jewelry: There’s jewelry everywhere, OK? I used to have a beaded jewelry making business and I love buying costume jewelry. There are 8 pairs of earrings just sitting here on my desk because I took them off here so I could put on my headphones. As for accessories, I have three scarf hangers full of scarves in my closet and I really need to go through and purge my collection because I never wear most of them. I love the IDEA of scarves but I rarely think to work one into an outfit.

You have an indoor herb garden! Goals! I just now know I need one as well.
I love scarves and use them all the time, if you just start wearing them you’ll get used to picking one to add the perfect colour next to your face, or for a bit of colour if you, like me go for more black and white and everything between outfits.

The indoor herb garden is a little tabletop hydroponic set up called an Aerogarden — it was my main holiday gift from my spouse and I was pretty skeptical that it would work, but all my plants sprouted and are growing very well! It’s really easy and low maintenance and it’s fun to have some growing things in the house in the winter (I do have succulents, cactus, and snake plants, but they’re not exactly known for growing rapidly, lol).

I used to wear scarves more often, but I think this winter not only have I not been going out as much, but when I do go out I’m thinking more about my mask and such. I might try being more purposeful about choosing one to wear, during this last month or so of cold weather.

I miss wearing fancy earrings! When I had short hair I used to wear big earrings all the time. Scarves are my jam, though. They help make a small closet feel a lot bigger when you can switch them in and out with basic outfits.
Also seconding that I am jealous of your indoor herb garden!

I haven’t been wearing my fancy earrings as much for the past month… they kept getting caught in the ear-straps for masks, LOL. So I’ve just had to rely on my little studs. I’m looking forward to being able to wear big earrings again some day.

I shared the details about the indoor garden in my reply to Helene. It really is fun 🙂

Recent Purchases: Natasha Denona Mini Love palette and a couple items from Kristen Leigh Cosmetics.

Rediscoveries: Nothing really!

Weekend plans: Ahh weekends… they don’t really mean too much anymore now that my toddler refuses to nap, lol. I get more relaxing done during the week! even with work! 😂

How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I have a small jewelry armoire that stores all of my necklaces, rings and earrings. Scarves are in a basket downstairs by the door. Purses/belts are hanging in my closet in their respective dust bags.

One of the world’s cutest faces ever! Sweet baby Mellan!

Purchases/rediscoveries: I cannot remember whether or not I listed this last week, but I ordered the Natasha Denona mini Love e/s palette and Cheek Duo, plus Rare Beauty Nearly Mauve Glossy Balm. Then I also placed an order for Maison Margiela By The Fireplace based on fellow readers raving over it. It smells… interesting. Like a campfire and toasted marshmallows and chai tea? I kind of like it, but it is an odd fragrance on me. Also in that 2nd order, Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in Love Affair and a bottle of Jojoba oil for my hair. At Walmart the other day while doing my food/household stuff shopping, I saw and bought some Elf Mintmelt stuff, Mint To Be quad and Mint For You No Budge Eyeshadow Pencil.

Weekend Plans: FINALLY getting my (late) Remicade infusion. There were some snafus in the infusion center being able to process the order, so I’m feeling pretty rough. On Sunday, the Super Bowl!
And then there’s been a crazy surprise element in my household dynamic…a fairly friendly semi-feral 1 year old kitten that I began sitting outside with and feeding last spring into October before she mysteriously disappeared, Salty Girl, came back Sunday night! I managed to lure her inside. She is all black, long-haired and a touch wild. But she IS strangely litter box trained! I don’t know what to make of her behaviors, though. She meows a LOT. Is rather aggressive towards my poor old Clarissa, so idk what to do. Keep her? Bring her to the local feral and stray cat sanctuary by the Air Force Base? Get a Feliway diffuser? I’m at a loss! Help!

How do you store your jewelry and accessories? My most used 4 pairs of sterling silver earrings are kept in a drawer of a makeup storage unit, my really expensive/special stuff in a safe, my other stuff, mostly just costume jewelry, is in a larger drawer of that same makeup storage unit. I also keep a couple of winter scarves in my coat closet. I wouldn’t even need them here, except for the fact that I primarily use public transportation and it can get pretty chilly at night. I only have one or two cute silky scarves. They are both in my top drawer of my dresser. My nameplate necklace and two rings on my left hand stay put on me.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: a few things from Colourpop! I got the Brut Flute blush which i LOVE, and the Lilac palette which i am now obsessed with cause I also have purple hair!

Weekend plans: Work! I work weekends at a hotel. I’m off thurs/fri these days.

How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I don’t have very much so I have a little jewelry dish next to my bed, and a hanging organizer in my closet for pieces I’ve made.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: The weather is getting warmer here in Californians and trees are blossoming, so I might even go hiking both on Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise, it would be again and again the same activities.

How do you store your accessories and jewelry? Nowadays I don’t wear accessories and jewelry, so I store the few items I have in a box. I have a smaller one where I hold more sentimental items, like the earrings my mother gifted me when I was a child. I used to wear them, but in my 30s I realised that I never liked wearing jewelry (earring, rings, bracelets, neck pieces), they just feel uncomfortable to me.

Gorgeous photos and memories! <3

Recent Purchase/rediscovery:
Becca Dewing Tint in Luminary. Still playing with it.
I rediscovered (picked up on a whim at my local drugstore on sale last spring?) my The Balm The Balmfire Game day Highlighting Shadow/Blush duo. Specifically Victory, which I love on lids and cheeks as a monochromatic looks. It's a gorgeous pink.

Weekend plans:
We choose to stay very close to home here; no family visits 🙁 no restaurants… outdoors only for runs/dog walks/shopping for the necessities we don't already get delivered.
The weekends are all about the beach with the dogs (every day is about the dogs, truthfully).
But on weekends when my husband's not at work, we head out at first light when it's quiet. My boy is a rescue and has extreme fear issues, so we try to avoid too many people and other dogs while simultaneously training. We take long walks and try to vary the location. My girl (still a puppy) is a social butterfly so if the off-leash dog parks look good we'll let her off to socialize with other pups.
Sunday afternoons we have fun dog classes; both dogs are included and go into the training facility separate. It's play time for them, we don't "train" we just let them be dogs.

Storing Jewellery:
I have a necklace stand, some hooks too, for necklaces and hoop earrings. I have a separate box for rings and stud earrings, but I've worn jewellery about 5 times in the past year, so nothing is getting used these days.

I love this photos, especially the first one! Just uplifting. He was so beautiful.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: purchases = Terra Moon El Barrio shadows I was interested in, a handful of Sydney Grace singles, a handful of Give Me Glow singles. Continued loving = Give Me Glow Juicy Olive palette, some of the matte Coastal Scent hot pot stand outs.
Weekend plans: My brother is visiting Sunday for the football 🙂 We’ll be making goat cheese bruschetta, lamb koftas with tzatziki sauce and some chili dip.
How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I’m not really an accessory person (don’t wear belts, scarves or anything like that) but for jewelry I have a big black jewelry box with a hinge top and two drawers below that I love!

How lovable and excited Mellon was to go to the park. He looks so beautiful and cuddly in your photoa. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Recent Purchases: Nothink in the past week.
Rediscoveries: Just more of my new palettes: Lorac Noir, Smashbox Petal Metal and ND Glam.

Weekend Plans: At this present time (early Saturday morning) I am making the sandwiches and heating up the sausage rolss for Lachlan’s 5th birthday party with his friends. We are having it in a park in the nearby hills – and yay! The sun is shining and no hint of rain.
Sunday – hopefully a drive or a Sunday lunch. Cleaning and laundry.

Storing Jewelery – I keep all of my delicate nechlaces in bags, the rest I keep in various jewelry boxes on my chest of drawers. The bags are stored in one of the drawers of my tall chest. I have lots of everyday necklaces, a few bracelets and my rings. I don’t wear jewelry as often as I use to nowadays.

Recent purchases – None Rediscoveries: Guerlain’s Les Fumes quad, which I’ve not touched in years. Goodness, but it’s a lovely and elegant thing.
Weekend plans: also none. I might make a batch of roasted butternut squash and sage soup tomorrow, getting DH to learn alongside. Everything is still closed here (schools will reopen for face to face learning but pretty much everything else is remaining closed) so there isn’t all that much to do and the weather has turned not very pleasant for being outside!
How do you store accessories and jewelry? My jewelry is all in a cherrywood jewelry box (I can’t wear costume jewelry – wish I could – or silver, so all my jewelry is gold ergo I don’t have a ton. Scarves – some are folded on a shelf in my closet; others – those long ones which I reach for most often – are on coat hooks on one wall of my section of the closet. I do have a few “fashion” type hats and they’re stored in hat boxes on a high shelf (because I rarely wear them but don’t want to part with them).

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Heavy rotation and heart eyes for the NARS Afterglow eyeshadow palette and Natasha Denona Zendo palette. Maybe it’s because of the snow and being at home — I’ve been wearing extra summery makeup everyday.

Weekend plans: After reading Atomic Habits (James Clear) and works by Yumi Sakugawa, I got inspired to shake up my routine. I am looking into The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and researching how to storyboard.

How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I keep them in ordinary boxes in a drawer. I put my earrings into a square of mesh cloth. I’ve been tempted to get permanent storage for my accessories, but prefer the simplicity. I keep my more outré alternative fashion accessories in a piece of luggage in my closet. Haven’t had too many opportunities to pull out my boned corset, floral headdresses, or bat eye patch recently XD

RECENT PURCHASES: Adept Plain Jane Palette.

WEEKEND PLANS: Saturday we dmight o a day trip. It depends on weather, etc. Sunday, my sons’ friend is coming over. We also need to stock up on some grocery items, as we get our second doses of COVID-19 vaccine on the 11th, and may not feel well for a couple days.

HOW DO YOU STORE YOUR ACCESSORIES AND JEWELRY? Scarves and hats are on a hatstand. Belts are on a cost hanger in my closet. Bags and shoes are on shelves. Gold and other fine jewelry are in a jewelry box. I have jewelry hangers with hooks for necklaces and bracelets. Earrings, rings, and brooches are mostly sorted into bead sorting boxes. Smaller fish hook earrings are on slotted earring stands.

Sweet Mellan!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought a Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette Roller-Pearl since it was Ulta’s fragrance crush and there’s a multiplier on all fragrances. The scent sounds so pretty I was willing to gamble. Sadly, I missed out on the mini Coach bottles offered for the evening beauty break.

Weekend Plans: Taking my cat Audie Murphy to get bloodwork at the vet, then relaxing at home.

How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I have those flat, wide craft boxes with many small cubbies to store earrings and necklaces.

The photos of Mellan are just precious. What a lovely little boy.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing recent I have some stuff I’ve not mentioned, but I don’t recall when I last answered this so I’m not going to list what I think is new(ish).
I am going to pick up a package of grooming tools for the dogs, sort of beauty related, I think.
Weekend plans: Grooming the dogs, maybe. I also need to go grocery shopping.
How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I have my few pieces of gold jewelry in a jewelry box, I have lots of vintage and some antique pieces on a shelf in a bookcase with glass doors where I also keep my prettiest, also vintage handbags and a few vintage hats. The rest of the hats, mostly vintage are in a walk-in closet on shelves. A lot of my handbags are still in the boxes I put them in when I moved, all of those I bought new, so no vintage ones are “hidden” away.
Scarves are folded in some three drawers, gloves in two smaller drawers, belts hang in my smaller closet. Shoes are either on various shelves or in the walk-in closet standing on their boxes. I have recently found vintage 1940s shoes in my size, those are still waiting to be properly displayed.
I like vintage, as you can read. 🙂

That makes my heart beat faster to hear “vintage” that many times! Where do you buy your things, online or do you have shops near you? I have a vintage store by me that I haven’t been to in forever. I’m inspired to go now!

I don’t know if you two (Lydia and Helene) know that there are several places making vintage shoe reproductions that are absolutely and totally amazing, so here they are just in case (FWIW, I own over 15 pairs of Re-Mix Vintage Shoes, and they absolutely make an outfit- but not all of their shoes fit the same, so call and ask them if you have questions; they are wonderful people!) (and no, I don’t work for them or get anything in return, lol- I link because I love…) :

I have a lot of shoes from American Duchess, unfortunately as I’m in Europe, by the time I’ve payed taxes and fees it gets really expensive and her shoes aren’t cheap, But with her shoes you get what you pay for, I think. I’m going to check the other links, I think I have looked at one or two of them earlier.
I also buy repro clothes and am going to start sewing again, I just need a swift kick in, you know 🙂 I think.
I’m not surprised finding other vintage likers here, but it is a bit off topic most of the time.
Thank you for the links!

🙂 Glad you know about them already! American Duchess certainly does make wearable works of art; such attention to detail and quality materials.

I just got my first pair from Memery (in Denmark, so maybe better for you?) and they are also beautifully made. Haven’t had the chance to wear them out yet, as we’ve got a foot and a half of snow on the ground and the shoes are 1940’s sandals, lol- but the quality is great and they seem super comfy around the house. There is memory foam under the leather of the insole, so it is very foot-friendly. And the color! The best bright blue!

I’m sewing, too! I’ve been making repro clothes that fit me exactly, because for me, RTW always needs tweaks. Also, many big pattern companies are reprinting vintage patterns, so that helps- and if you don’t already know about them, check out the indie pattern companies: Decades of Style or Wearing History- both are awesome (oh, and Gertie!).

I know we’re slightly off the makeup topic here, but the “finds and check-ins” post seems “entire lifestyle” friendly- it all ties together, right? Hope you don’t mind, Christine… we love it here!

I’ve not bought anything from Decades of Style yet, but have many patterns from Wearing History, she had a beautiful new trench coat pattern but so far only as e-pattern, my printer refuses to cooperate with the PC so I asked and it would come as a printed patter.
Gertie is wonderful, I have some of her patterns and two of her books, and follow her on various social media.

Now I’ll have to check out that trench coat pattern- I haven’t looked at their site recently because I’ve got such a stack of projects waiting for me already; so thank you for the heads up! I always find out such good info here. 🙂

I used to live in a city where there were a lot of most everything, including vintage and thrift stores. Most of the handbags are thrifted, some shoes and clothes. These days I mostly buy online, Ebay used to bi visited a lot, but now I’m on a low to no buy after having over spent on art deco and art noveau bits and pieces, though I “accidentally” bought two hatboxes and two hats at an online auction. It could have been worse, I bid on a lot more but had to give up, after all, I need to eat and the dogs need food.
I moved a couple of years ago, and have still to find vintage stores here, but then Covid 19 came.
So much fun finding other vintage lovers or likers here.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I haven’t purchased anything in a while, which I’m happy about! But I do have a Sephora cart with NARS Roman Holiday and Fenty Bikini Martini ready to go and about 1000 points worth of perfume samples, haha! My rediscovered favorite has been Lisa Eldridge’s velvet blush, which is such a gorgeous winter lip color.

Weekend plans: working on knitting projects and staying in!

How do you store your accessories and jewelry?: I have a Jerryrigged earring holder made out of a coat hanger covered in ribbon that I poke earrings through, bracelets go on the hook up top, and necklaces hang on a door nail. Needless to say, I don’t have much jewelry and I can’t wear it because my toddler pulls it off, lol.

Oh, just look at sweet baby Mellan! That face! You just want to skritch that noggin’! Awwww.

As for recent purchases/rediscoveries: I’ve still been enjoying my ND Triochrome Palette, which I actually mostly love, and I just received Colourpop’s Flutter By and Blush Crush (late to the party on those two, I know), and they have really cemented something in my mind: I hate glitter in eyeshadow. Any glitter.
Love mattes, foils, shimmers and chromes (multi and single), but I am just no fan of glitter. There you go. Also got Colourpop’s Wild Child eyeliner, and it almost matches my eye color perfectly, which is swell, but I don’t know if I absolutely love the formula. It seems to pull up if I go over it a second time for more intense color.

As for storage, I have scarves and belts in the big acrylic hatboxes that I got at the Container Store, vintage purses on the pitiful shelves in my tiny 1930’s home’s 2 foot wide closet, and newer purses in bags on top of my auxiliary closet (an Intermetro shelving freestanding closet). Jewelry is everywhere. I have vintage brooches pinned to a framed, vintage tea towel-covered cork board, and necklaces on a coat hook rack on the wall, in boxes, vintage suitcases, coming out of my ears, etc.
Vintage plastic bracelets are strung on a couple of vintage sashes that had seen better days, and are hanging on another wall coat rack with more scarves and a couple of robes. Shoes are on shelves in the teeny aforementioned closet, and in pull out plastic drawers in several places in the house. It’s a hot mess. My goal this year is to get our attic insulated and then make a closet up there, where I can organize properly. Whew.

OOOH! And I forgot- earrings! I have tons, so I have 3 of those spinny countertop displays that I found at Urban Outfitters years ago. The are metal with little birdies on top, and I love them. They hold a ton.

Great to read the story behind the boop the snoot photos! Puppy Mellan was so cute!

Recent purchases: Bobbi Brown Stroke of Luck Eye Palette; Rediscoveries: Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadows, notably Mona Lisa and Jean.

Weekend Plans: Celebrated my spouse’s birthday with takeout dinner on Friday amd special dessert takeout on Saturday. Cleaning and laundry on Sunday, may watch some of the Super Bowl.

Storing accessories/jewelry: I keep dress shoes/heels in their box stacked on shelves in a bedroom. The few belts and scarves I own are in my dresser. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are stored in jewelry boxes, some in sealed pouches with a piece of tarnish preventing film. Costume jewelry is stored in individual boxes depending on the size and piece. Everyday jewelry is in a special pouch in my dresser.

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