Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #582

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in new shades (I only received one of five last week) and the new quads, YSL x Zoe Kravitz lipsticks
  • Weekend plans: I want to tidy up the house a bit, mostly my desk and the kitchen island. Otherwise, it’s the usual – blogging!
  • Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: I didn’t! I don’t find that I stick to them or take them seriously. I’m better off setting goals throughout the year as they come up!

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Recent Purchases: A Lego flower bouquet. I thought it would be a cool thing to do with my hands.

Rediscoveries: Maybelline Dream Urban Cover. It’s so nice! Especially mixed with Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen.

Weekend plans: Taking down Christmas decor and laundry.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions. I do think it is good to have goals though. I have some financial goals I’d like to hit this year and will continue to work toward those.

Recent purchases: Nothing Rediscoveries: Taking a leaf out of Genevieve’s book, I’ve been taking a different e/s palette/quad or assortment of singles every few days. Most recent was the Dior Feel palette – used it yesterday and today and I’m glad I did. I do feel I need to bring in another shadow (something lighter and a bit better quality than the light peach/#2 in this palette – ABH Vermeer, for example) for the inner corner/inner lid but I do feel good using this again.

Weekend plans: nothing more than trying to work out on my own (some weight training, some yoga/flexibility, so cardio). I was off to a good start the other day and want to keep it up.

New Year’s Resolutions: nothing big-time – just to floss my teeth more regularly!

I just remembered – I walked to our local pharmacy with hubs so he could pick up some prescriptions (he was in hospital for 4 days after Xmas – yeeks!) and what do I see hanging on a peg there but Milani eye shadow primer….and it was ON SALE too. So I grabbed it and then totally forgot about it until just now (6:30 am on Saturday January 2) – I’d no idea what I’d done with it or where I’d put it (I had a bag of library books as well and thought I might have tossed it into the quarantine box along with my library materials) but I found it in my coat pocket and now, I can’t wait to give it a try.

Looks as comfy in his bed as I wish I was in mine! 🐶

Purchases/rediscoveries: Purchased Fenty Gloss Bomb Cream in Cookie Jar, Rare Beauty Lip Souffle in Brave, Rare Beauty Confident Energy e/s palette, KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper, The Ordinary “Buffet”. Rediscovered, sort of, because I didn’t neglect either one for very long; PLM Decadence Mothership and CCosmetics Feverish palette yesterday. Using them together looked ah-mazing!

Weekend Plans: Zoom meeting tomorrow morning, have to go out to finish up my food shopping, too. Tidy up my disaster of a kitchen. I made more extravagant meal than usual the other night, and what a mess I left in my wake.

New Year’s resolutions? Nope! Never have and never will. I’m more of a once I’ve made my mind up to do something, I just do kind of person.

Smart design there and what a nice and quiet looking area for Mellan’s bedroom.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: nothing bought. Using lots more lotions right now though.
Weekend plans: ongoing recent process of cleaning out and scanning lots of copies and originals of old recipes, articles. Cleaned out a bunch of old cookbooks and saved the few recipes still useful for scanning. Working on scanning old photos in photo albums, etc. Generally just reducing the stuff we’ve got in anticipation of moving in next 5-10 years.
Resolutions: don’t really do that for the new year. My whole life, I just decide to do something whenever the time is right and then work towards that goal. New Year’s Day, to me, is just closing out certain files and whatnot.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Although I am on an ultra-low buy for 2021, I suspect the Viseart Bridal Satin is being d/c…so I got a backupSephora’s sale on a sale (40% off). I love the one I have so much, I have almost hit pan on several shades, non-dedicated use.

Weekend plans: As little as possible.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: Same as Christine, I don’t keep them. However, dear hubby and I have been using the Bowflex regularly since we set it up last month, so thats a win.

Fun: Goofing around on YT, I found Holly Madisen doing a 2005-2009 era tutorial …total nostalgia (safe for work video…actually her whole channel is)

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I was trying to slow my roll with eyeshadow, but couldn’t resist the MAC Lunar New Year (Moon Masterpiece) Sea of Plenty palette. I loved the ’90s alternative look and have been wanting to try Omega. I hope MAC releases the Moon Masterpiece blush duo internationally.

Weekend plans: I am going running with my boyfriend, and we will cook something elaborate on Sunday. Not sure what. I have been interested in making noodles from scratch, or maybe frying donuts!

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: I am going to try to read a minimum of 10 pages of non-fiction from a book in the morning, and 10 pages of fiction in the evening. Then at least 10 minutes of working out each day. It’s small, but if I can stick to it, I’ll be really proud 🙂

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I finally got around to trying the Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover sample that I bought last summer. I had not used it because it seemed very yellow but I am on a mission to use up my foundations so I went ahead. It has a beautiful finish and it completely neutralized all the redness I get in winter. I did not need the green corrector that I use under my other foundations. More, please.

Weekend plans: I have no sense of it being a weekend, what with a Friday holiday, so, no.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: No. I don’t find a calendar change very motivating.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I am on a low-buy now, so buying has slowed way down for cosmetics. I did purchase 2 Sonia G. brushes (my first!!) from beautylish, and they should be here on Monday or so.

Weekend plans: Working a little, putting away holiday decor, cleaning the house. I suppose we could just call this adulting?

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: No. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, but I try to just be a nice, kind, loving person every day. I am doing a low-buy and a 6 product project pan, but those are more post-holiday use-it-up efforts vs. anything to do with the new calendar year.

Oh, you are going to love the Sonia G brushes. I bought my first set in 2019 and then picked up a couple more in 2020. To me, they are worth the price.

I love Mellan’s little closet nook 🙂

Purchases/rediscoveries: None, but my last holiday gift from my spouse arrived: a silk pillowcase! They did some research on beauty blogs looking for a nice gift to buy me that would be beauty-related, but not makeup, and then found a great Black Friday deal. I don’t know if the pillowcase is really as good for your hair and skin as they say, but it does feel luxurious, and it also came with a matching face mask with a filter pocket and a packet of filters, LOL.

Weekend plans: Keeping it simple again. We’ll go out for a takeout dinner and ice cream tomorrow or Sunday.

New Year’s Resolutions: I don’t do them but I am making a big change this new year! I am switching to part-time work on Monday (I already mostly worked part-time these past two months because it’s a slow season, so I just made it official), and I am going to start working on figuring out what I need to do to transition to my dream career of being a fiction editor. I am REALLY looking forward to only working 4 hours a day on the day job and spending those other 4 hours on productive things like skill development and household chores and a side hustle.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. I finished my hair styling product (which I use mainly to tame my frizz) and started a mini of the Moroccan Oil… I rediscovered how much I love the results, but the scent is so strong for me; I clearly prefer my haircare unscented.

Weekend plans: I went yesterday hiking to Mt Diablo and I explored today the nearly empty streets of San Francisco, so probably the weekend will be more lazy: groceries, cooking, reading, chores, walking around the neighborhood. I do wish to go do something on Saturday… but my jaw is swollen, either wisdom teeth are growing or I have an abcessed tooth, so I should keep it low until I can get a dental appointment.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: I never make New Year’s resolutions. When I want to start or change something, I do it that moment. I never wait for a new year, month, Monday.

It’s so nice to have a walk in robe (as they are called here in Aus) to hang your clothes and keep everything in order. Mellon looks quite at home here in his ‘kingdom’.

Recent Purchases: I decided to purchase 3 of MAC’s lipsticks that I have been ogling for quite some time: Chilli, Devoted to Chilli and Marakesh. My goodness, their website isn’t the easiest to use is it? It kept rejecting my mobile phone number for some time before it all clicked in.
Rediscoveries: Just rotating through my palettes – I have used Stila in the Garden a lot this week – there’s a shade called Juniper, which is a quite unique mix of blue/green – almost a teal. Very pretty.

Weekend Plans: It’s been quite hot and humid here, so in this kind of weather I tend to do hardly anything except the basics – reading, laundry, some food shopping etc.
Hopefully on Sunday we will see our grandchildren and have a BBQ lunch.

New Year’s Resolutions: No, I don’t bother making any – and after last year (I mean who would’ve guessed this time last year that we would’ve had a pandemic that has destroyed many lives and livelihoods?) I think they are a bit futile. I just want people to stay safe and well.

Recent rediscoveries: Clinique Morning Java Eyeshadow Quad that came in a bonus bag. The gold-copper shimmer is absolutely amazing! I’m not sure why I stopped using it but I’ve been trying to incorporate it more.

Weekend plans: Taking down the Christmas trees, eating more of the 13 pound ham we bought, watching Bridgerton, and playing a ton of Historic Brawl in Arena.

Resolutions: Nah, not really. I guess I resolved to actually wear necklaces more often since I have a bunch of cool ones.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I ordered Clinique Even Better Lip Foundation in Enamored and I’m loving how comfortable it feels on the lips without worrying about flavor/scent. I also love the color range: sometimes I just want to look through a variety of MLBB lip colors without being distracted by brights and this provides that.

Weekend plans: Cleaning the bathroom and some laundry.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: Nope

Mellan looks so cozy!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I placed a few orders with Sephora’s sale on sale just skin care products because I’m not using very much makeup so there’s no point buying more. Two of my orders came yesterday I have 3 more orders coming.
Weekend plans: I’m hoping to motivate my husband to finish hooking up our video surveillance cameras, he’s good at starting projects then he loses interest. We went for an absolutely beautiful drive in Kananaskis country west of Calgary yesterday and that would be nice to do again.
Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: I need to help my husband more, I like to be very organized and he is not organized so hopefully I can help him and we won’t butt heads too much lol! I told him we can only be the best version of ourselves that we can be and that is our goal this year not resolution just goal.

Love Mellans new bedroom. It’s nice of him to let you hang your clothing there. 😉
I used some Ulta points to purchase 3 Juvias Place palettes, the Nudes, Taupes, and Violets 6 pans. Then noticed they are made in PRC. I won’t return then because it was my mistake. The palettes are nice, though the Nudes is more yellow than I expected.
Weekend: I want to cook a nice traditional ham dinner for hubby and me, do some cleaning (my office is a disaster and I work full time from home), and work a few hours.
I never make any resolutions. I wouldn’t stick to them. I just try to live each day to my best and with God’s grace I succeed. Happy New Year everyone. I’m hoping for a truly healthy and spectacular year. I’m hoping to stay out of the hospital this year.

Recent Purchases: Give Me Glow Vivid Rose Palette; BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe Pistachio Palette; Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter in Sand Castle/Mint’d Mojito (20% off sale price).

Weekend plans: Take down the Christmas tree; work around the house.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions?: No. I never do.

Recent purchases: Selfridges – Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Eye Filter in Star Aura. While I find CT eyeshadows very flattering to wear, this quad is rather lackluster compared to recent releases (Fire Rose, Bejewelled Eyes to Hypnotise). While a soft focus effect is there, the shades in this palette are light and the deepest two difficult to build up. I prefer to wear it over a cream eyeshadow stick for a quick look.

Weekend Plans: Collect Christmas decorations, review estimates to tame an overgrown backyard garden, and general tidying up.

New Year’s Resolutions: I don’t make them. I do set goals to use/pan specific makeup and skincare products and will give thought to that this weekend. May 2021 be kind to everyone!

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