Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #573

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Fenty Beauty Fenty Glow Trio, Fenty Beauty Full Snap Palette, Kaja Kuties
  • Weekend plans: STILL! so behind on just about everything, so cutting down on sleep hours and ramping up work hours for the next few days to try to make a dent in my backlog. No fun allowed this weekend!
  • What movie could you watch on repeat?: The Holiday

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Recent Purchases: Some replacement skincare items – FAB Coconut Smoothie Priming Moisturizer, e.l.f. Wow Brow, Catrice Prime and Fine Hydro Primer (to see if it’s a dupe for Smashbox Primerizer), CeraVe PM Moisturizer, Milani Lip Fetish Dragonfruit Peach Lip Balm (I LOVE THIS), Pixi Beauty Glow-y Powder in Wednesdays (impulse buy), and I snagged a CP The Child Palette (the launch went better than I thought it would).

Rediscoveries: Nothing in particular!

Weekend plans: Going to a socially distanced Boo Bash tomorrow so my son can get some Halloween fun.

What movie could you watch on repeat?: If I watch something on repeat, it’s usually a show. I could watch Gilmore Girls always and do watch it all the way thru, including the reboot, a couple times a year.

I hope your son enjoys the Halloween festivities and doesn’t overdo the sugar fixes in the lollies and candies. Last year Lachlan went a bit beserk on the sweets and stayed up till nearly midnight. His parents decided they were going to watch him more closely this year….

Sadly, the event was cancelled because of rising COVID cases, but that’s for the best. We were still able to have some fun at home watching Halloween movies, a nice long walk and trip to the playground in our neighborhood, a bath with TONS of bubbles and some treats thrown in. I think he had a good time. 🙂

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Some of my products expire on November, so I ordered refills from MAC; I went with Lighsweep shaping powder as my “highlighter” and decided to fill the soon to be empty slots in my custom eyeshadow palette with Glitch in the Matrix and Power to the Purple.
No rediscoveries.

Weekend plans: Get some restful sleep, spend more time outdoors and the regular stuff. As museums start opening in my area, I’m heavily debating if to visit one.

What movie could you watch on repeat?: I am not a movie enthusiast, I’m more of a book worm, I love to create movies and images in my head. I also rarely re-watch movies. But Harry Potter, especially this time of year, has it’s magic. I am sad that with the whole pandemic, my local concert had to cancel the movie in concert series; there’s nothing better than a Harry Potter movie with a real orchestra in the background.

Aww! How sweet that he sleeps near you while you’re working! 🐶

Purchases/rediscoveries: Lord help me, but I did some serious wallet damage at 2 a.m. last night! 🤦🏻‍♀️
At Sephora: PML Interstellar Icon quad, CT Bejeweled palette and Drunk Elephant Protini Peptide.
Earlier this week at PML: Faux Real LUST Gloss on a major discount. I believe she may be DC’ing this line or something.
And because weight gain, some clothes. Everything but one outfit is going back, though. Shopping online is so dangerous!

Weekend Plans: Other than my Zoom meeting tomorrow, not much. Just spending as much time as I possibly can with my beloved Scunci. It’s close. Really close. So I have been extremely depressed and emotional. I don’t want to lose him, but I am. This is killing me. To cope, I’ve resorted to my drug of choice: over shopping. Definitely not smart, but I suppose I really need the endorphin surges or something. But then I feel so guilty afterwards. Hopefully, my new meds will help with these OCD tendencies/habits for coping.

Movie you could watch on repeat?: Nothing! I just don’t have that kind of attention span to sit through even a 2nd watching of a movie in a row, much less on repeat.

Ah, shoot! I totally forgot; I ordered ColourPop’s Mandolorian The Child Palette and Out Of Quartz highlighter yesterday. I’m telling you, this stress buying will be the end of me. I should have waited until it re-released. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thank you so much, Denise. This has been grueling for me to watch. But I don’t sense that he’s in any serious pain, so that’s the only relief I have from all this. Seeing him lose so much weight has been sobering and heart wrenching.

You nailed it perfectly, KJH. Today, I made Scunci some Critical Care Carnivore supplement mix which has the consistency of baby food, and he licked it all up off my fingers! Perhaps another week…I hope.

Thank you, ShariP. We had an encouraging moment earlier when Scunci ate Critical Care Carnivore supplement that you mix with water right off my fingers! I know he’s not giving up without a fight. But eventually, he’ll need to be put to sleep. It felt imminent this morning and last night.

Oh, Nancy. I’m so sad to read about Scunci. I often think our furbabies are the best things about us. What you are going through is among the worst that can happen. My thoughts are with you both.

I feel the same way, Helene. Something about being a fur parent….it’s just special. Thank you so much for your very soothing, kind words. This past week has been the most noticeably worse out of them all.

Purchases: Just put in my Rouge sale order. Some FAB moisturizer for the spouse, an Inkey List moisturizer for me (continuing my trend of seeing if I can replace my high-priced skincare with lower price items), and the Bite Beauty holiday crayon trio. That last one has pretty disappointing reviews so we’ll see how I feel about it. I’m also considering that ColourPop Baroque palette but I think I’ll wait for reviews/swatches. The colors do look like they’d be amazing with my pewter sequin dance costume, though.

Weekend plans: I took today off of work because I have a dance workshop this afternoon and I decided to use it as an excuse to take the whole day off (things are sloooow). I’m about to pop over to Trader Joe’s. After my workshop, we’re heading out to pick up my kit for a Seattle Cocktail Club event and get some dumplings for a car picnic for dinner. Then it’ll be back home for cocktails and Great British Bake Off (I’ve heard this week’s Japanese theme is particularly cringe). The rest of the weekend we’ll just stay home.

What movie could I have on repeat? None. These days I barely want to sit through a movie once. A one hour episode of a show is about my limit for how long I want to sit in front of the TV. I can only binge shows if I’m working on some sort of craft project.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. Nothing is tempting me. I am trying to use up products that have been languishing in the backs of drawers and rediscovered Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. It is not too heavy applied with a damp Beauty Blender and it doesn’t sink into pores and lines.

Weekend plans: Nothing scheduled.

What movie could you watch on repeat?: I can’t think of one.

“Nothing is tempting me”
Me with this Sephora Sale. 😅 The only thing I would potentially want is a lip balm with SPF (either from Coola or Supergoop), but otherwise I want nothing, although I watched too many recommendations videos.

Purchases: Maison Margiela By the Fireplace (for my daughter for Xmas), ABH Rosette for me (blame the Dior 5-pans because it’s a dupe for one of the shades I’ve fallen in love with) and an empty ABH 4 pan palette. Rediscoveries: I took out the iconic Chanel Empreinte du Desert yesterday to wear and I’m wearing it again today.

Weekend plans: just working out with my trainer tomorrow. We won’t be doing Halloween this year (I feel it’s quite unsafe; parents can buy treats for their kids, set up scavenger hunts in their homes, etc.) – we’ll shut the curtains, turn off the lights and watch Rocky Horror in the family room which is at the back of the house.

Movie I could watch on repeat: Either Charade (can it get any better than Audrey Hepburn AND Cary Grant AND Paris AND clothes by Givenchy – honestly, she could walk down any street in the world in those clothes in 2020 – with a mask, of course – and be the most fashionable and elegant woman on the street). At the other end of the spectrum, the original Ghostbusters (I was pregnant with my 2nd child when I first saw it and had to make my husband stop the video tape – that’s how long ago it was – because I was afraid I would go into labour, I was laughing so hard) or Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

There is nothing quite like that special little quad, is there, Mariella? Whenever I wear my Chanel Empriente du Desert, I think of you and a few other fans of this palette!

Isn’t it funny how that palette is a connection between those of us who have it (you, me, Genevieve and a few others). I can’t think of a single other makeup product that kind of “unites” a bunch of women who’ve never met one another!

That Chanel quad is actually one that I don’t own and could never, ever get – no matter how hard I tried. The places that stocked it didn’t ship internationally. And the big Chanel shop in our largest shopping centre, Chadstone, had never even heard of it.
But it is one that I love and covert. And you’re right Mariella – you, me Nancy and lots of others here are united in our love of good quality makeup.

Oh – it’s strange that I thought you owned it and it’s probably because we both own and love Chanel’s Tisse d’Automne quad. The Bay (“Canada’s department store”) in my city used to have a Chanel counter but it’s been gone for about 2 years now (fragrance is still available but Chanel fragrance is ubiquitous) simply because there aren’t enough women here like you, me and Nancy and so many others who are willing to drop a fair bit of cash on makeup (I’m surprised the Dior counter has survived!)
So I face the same pain you do trying to purchase Chanel cosmetics.

Mariella, love Charade too…..for all the same reasons, LOL.
You’ve mentioned a Dior blush that you love several times. Would you mind telling me what it is? Maybe I’ll order it from the Sephora sale.

How could I ignore a question from a Charade lover? It’s the Rosy Glow Awakening Blush. I’ve had mine for years and I think they may have changed slightly as when I got mine, it came in only one “self adjusting” colour and in bulky packaging that included a brush (and the plastic at the hinge broke very early on). I think the newer ones might no longer include the brush (yay!) but they may also have come out with a warmer, peachy shade. The one I have is in what was the universal colour at the time – a very bright looking pink.

I looked up that ABH Rosette shade and it is a stunning colour. I actually love that shade, even though I am red-haired. It works well with taupes, smoky blues and golds.
The shade is similar to the one in the Intersteller Icon quad of PMG’s that I am very tempted to get.
Love Audrey Hepburn’s clothes – how timeless and elegant they are.

Genevieve, like you, I’m always leery of red eyeshadows (you and I generally have the very same lament and are “singing from the same choir sheet, as it were) but this is more of a browned plum shade, similar to that colour in Dior New Look 5-pan and even closer to UD’s Weirwood Leaves, which is the first shade of that type that I was comfortable wearing. It’s a cool toned browned plummy shade and I think it’s the fact that it does that cooler brown tone to it that makes it wearable for me and at this time of year (you’re moving into summer and we’re in autumn and today is a typical fall day) it is very wearable indeed.

As for Audrey’s clothes….if you’ve not seen Charade, you’ll be gasping at the timelessness of much of what she wears (a few things are “of their time” but most really are the sorts of things you could wear now and stop traffic with how fabulous you look….of course, I personally would have to lose 50 lbs to fit into what she was wearing but that’s a whole other issue! Oh, and her SHOES – low heeled pumps that I could actually wear and walk in!).

Haul: I haven’t received it yet, but I did order two of the ColourPop “The Child” palettes, one for my daughter and one for myself. I placed an on-line order for a shampoo I have been trying for my thinning hair. It is called Hair Therapy. I purchased it as a second bottle as the first one was smaller than I anticipated and I know one bottle won’t tell me if it is working or not. I do notice that it leaves a very slight film on my hair. I don’t notice it when it is dry but no matter how much I rinse, it still feels like there is a coating, while it is wet. I use to wash my hair every 3 days but now must do it every other day. It will be worth it if it at least stops any further thinning.

Weekend plans: I am supposedly making a trip to Kalispell to take my daughter’s snow tires up to her and get them put on. I say suppose to because right now her snow tires are under a pile of snow that has a frozen layer on top so with my bad back, I am having to chip away at it little bits at a time. It is suppose to rain later today so I am hoping it will help melt the top layer! I also plan to finish my daughter’s new Advent Calendar. I have mentioned before that her previous one that I made her freshman year of college, is just too small for what I generally put inside so I am doubling the size.

Movie on repeat: While not the same movie, I have spent whole days watching the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice followed immediately by the 2005 movie version and then start all over again. The other is a series of SHOWTIME seasons of Outlander. There are five seasons so I can’t watch them all in one day or even one weekend but I can seriously watch them over and over.

I have the first five books but haven’t started them yet. I have so much going on right now with regards to getting ready for Christmas, (I usually make all my gifts) and getting things ready for winter but I have a long winter ahead so will read them soon. I have heard they are really good and include a lot that isn’t covered in the movies, which makes sense, given the time contraints.

How is your daughter going Deborah, with election fever hotting up (as well as the Covid kind)?
I think the idea of doubling the size of the Advent Calendar is a good one because then you can fit more standard size products in the boxes.
Have I told you before, you can adopt me as another daughter?

Thank you for your concern, Genevieve. She is about the same. She tries to avoid places that are very political and since COVID has been doubling almost daily here, she mostly stays home. She calls me while she is driving to and from work just in case she has any issues. I am not sure if the election is going to make it better or worse. It will depend on who gets elected. Should Trump be reelected, she will break her lease and move home at the first sign of trouble. I don’t expect trouble here in Montana, simply because it is such a red state. Being one of a small number of minorities has never bothered us up here as where I live, almost everyone is related in some way and she has always been loved and accepted here. Kalispell is another issue with so many white supremacists there. Anyway, if she can get through the winter, she will move home regardless and prepare to move to Seattle. Moving home sooner cuts into her moving money but better that than the alternative. Her Advent Calendar is coming along nicely. I will post a link to my Instagram when I get it finished. It was getting tiring trying to find enough small things to fit into a 1.5 by 2 inch cube. Hope all is well with you down under. Looks like you guys have been having some issues there also. Is COVID under control for you?
I have a neighbor who I get along with really well but sometimes you just want to reach out and smack them. He believes that COVID is real enough, which is unusual for Montana, but he doesn’t believe in doing anything to mitigate the spread. I have tried to explain to him about track and trace and flattening the curve to lighten the stress on the healthcare system and he doesn’t agree at all. He Is all for Trump’s “herd mentality”. I have tried telling him that it isn’t “herd mentality” but “herd immunity” and that it doesn’t mean what people say it means but after about a half hour of talking I just had to pack it in and accept that he wasn’t going to agree to anything unless it came from a fellow Republican. Anyway, the world in general, and the USA specifically, are in for a very bad winter, I think.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: This year has been the year of makeup for me! I’ve been into it so much! Artist Couture Supreme Nudes (just got it in the mail), CT Bejeweled, Sigma Holiday Rendezvous eyeshadow palette!
Weekend plans: I’m transitioning to a new job soon, so I am resetting my daily routine so that I can adjust quick. Grocery shopping and probably shortlisting my Sephora sale (although I might just wait for individual companies’ BF sales
What movie could you watch on repeat?: Love Actually is my STAPLE holiday movie, but in the meantime, during fall it’s – Supernatural, Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter!

Congratulations on the new job – I hope it turns out to be a good move. It’s always stressful to get to know a new place/work colleagues etc, so I hope it goes very smoothly for you.
I have just looked at the Artist Couture Supreme Nudes again, and what a stunning palette it is – just the right mix of shades for autumn and winter. How lucky you are to have got this before it sold out.

That’s exactly how I feel Mellon when I have had my grandchildren for the whole day! Christine, I really don’t want you cutting back on sleep hours – you need your rest and a good night’s sleep is so important.

Recent Purchases: YAY! Shops are open now and I have been, very carefully, shopping in the past few days, but really saw nothing I wanted and needed.
I did look at the Nars Voyager collection at Mecca – especially the one that Mariella loves (and we have the same tastes in eyeshadows), but it was $71, so a little pricey for me. When it goes on sale, I will probably pick it up.

Rediscoveries: Still using the Sultry palette and the Pixi Beauty Reflex Light, plus PMG’s Lapis Luxury.

Weekend Plans: Just being able to visit different shopping centres nearby is fantastic, so I am going to a different one today (Saturday).
We are allowed to have a family gathering from two households, maximum of 5 extra people, so we are going to have a BBQ on Sunday for my son’s family – including baby Harry to come and visit. My husband has only held him, very briefly, once. He is now 2 months old.
So I will be preparing the food for the ‘feast’ later on today and tomorrow.

Movie on repeat: I don’t really watch movies, I tend to prefer series. I have just rewatched the excellent Danish series of “Under the Surface” and I am now watching the Icelandic series, season 1 of Trapped.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: DHC deep cleansing oil, L’Oreal mascara, Wato soap

Weekend plans: Work as well, and a Halloween Zoom with friends.

What movie could you watch on repeat?: Pride & Prejudice. I need to check out The Holiday!

No purchases this week, unless you count prescriptions. Still not feeling well, but definitely on my way back. Thank you all for the well wishes.
Weekend plan is to pick up groceries curbside and rest. We may go for a ride to see the devastation left when the two dams failed. Things have calmed down a bit so we shouldn’t be in the way. You can read about it by googling or YOUTUBE-ing Sanford and Edenville dams. Two huge lakes drained in minutes.
Movie…the one that first came to mind is McClintock. Its an old John Wayne-Maureen O’Hara film with a lot of laughs. But like a couple others, I’d rather read. I can and have reread the Outlander series about 5 times. Diana Gabaldon needs to finish her next book in the series, lol.

I’m so sorry to read that you’re still feeling poorly, ShariP. Being sick, especially when it drags on, is absolutely no fun at all. I’ll keep you in my prayers and hope for a better recovery for you.

Hope you are feeling better soon Shari – your illness has dragged on for awhile and I bet you must be sick of it. I did have a look at the dams collapsing and it would have been very scary for all the landowners nearby.
My husband is a great Outlander fan.

Thanks Genevieve. I guess I’m not completely in the clear with it yet either. The blood flow was “interrupted” to my colon for a brief period. We don’t know what caused it yet. 2020 has been a rough year for most of us I believe. I’m hoping 2021 is way much better.

Recent purchases: I was out of town for a bit last week and was able to get to a Sephora shop in between doing Important Things… I bought two of their own-brand mini eyeliners, in brown and mint, and was going to leave it at that, but the friendly sales assistant pointed out that I had enough points on my account to get a reward, and the in-store options were far more exciting than the ones I’d seen online — so I also picked up a Bite Beauty Agave lip mask out of curiosity (good timing, as my own lip balm took a dive out of the tube the very next day) and two individual sample Natasha Denona eyeshadows (one from the Sunrise palette, one from Bronze). I haven’t tried any eyeshadow brand that expensive before so I was really excited to try them out! (They go on lovely. Wow.)

Weekend plans: If it stops raining I’m going to plant some courgettes in the back garden.

ND’s eyeshadows are very expensive, which is why decided not to purchase the Bronze palette – even though I loved half the shades, I didn’t love the other half and it is too expensive for that.
I hope you enjoy your samples.

Thanks so much for the tip on the telescoping magnet. You can depot 4 CP niners, label, and record, in an hour! It’s a magic wand. Not feeling the love for the Sephora sale, which is fine. Night job is pleading to have me back, but with incidence rising, probably not a great idea. Plans: just being glad i have none. This week chewed me up! No ‘on repeats,’ but there are quite a few i would like to see again. Dario Argento’s Suspiria, a visually stunning Giallo for Halloween. Herzog’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God. Clearly, i must need some heavy visual stimulation, lol. Probably because I’ve been majoring in podcasts, my visual cortex needs a workout.

Recent purchase: elf Wow Brow in Neutral Brown and Colourpop Lux Lip Oil in Local Time. Really impressed with the brow gel. It’s a decent color for me. Dare I try drugstore brow products? I’ve stayed away bc colors were too ashy, too brassy or just too dark and even darker for my liking. Now maybe they’ve upped their game? I’d like to spend less on brows for sure! The Colourpop is decent. It’s the only Colourpop I’m allowing myself to buy since I find their fast fashion approach to pushing products constantly abhorrent and bad for the environment and gross capitalism at the worst. It’s slightly moisturizing and adds a touch of color which is nice for these mask wearing days. It’s nice to something more than just colorless lip balm some days!

Rediscoveries: ABH Prism. I’m obsessed with making that bright yellow green shade wearable. I love doing a soft halo eye with unity, halo and sphere. It’s also refreshing to pull out an old favorite again and remember why you purchased it!

Weekend plans: Halloween movie binge!

Movie on repeat: Poltergeist, Sixth Sense, Wedding Singer, Goonies, Silence of the Lambs, Scream, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Few Good Men and The Fugitive. I watch these movies a lot!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Not rediscoveries as such but I’m going trough my lipsticks, I do that yearly, usually just opening smelling and swatching, this time I try them on my lips as well. I pick a random one, smell and apply, I then wear the lipstick as long as it lasts. I noticed that I have a lot more orange based lipsticks than I could have imagined. I hope when I finish I’ll have fewer lipsticks and use them all a bit more.
Recent purchases. For a low buy year, this last week was crazy. I got all my recent orders this week, so here goes.
From Charlotte Tilbury: Scarlet Spell lipstick, matter revolution formula, Walk of No Shame eyeliner pencil, It’s very reddish brown that goes on and lasts like a dream, Brow Lift in Super Model, I’m on my third one, my favourite brow product. And Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, it seems to do the job well, it’s rather heavy on perfume if someone wants to try it and that is a no no. With the order I got a free eye shadow quad, Pillow Talk Luxury Palette of Pops
From MAC: two lipsticks, Snowfilter and Out With a Bang and two glosses, Spark Joy and Snow in Love.
Does MAC in your various countries offer a sample with orders? Here they do, an “impressive” three items to chose two from, one of them always a foundation. So boring, I think, surely they can do better.
From PMG The mega palette, I had almost given up, it took a long time getting here, but now I have it. I hope I’ll like using it as much as I think I will.
I also got my lipsticks from Lisa Eldridge not long ago, Velvet Jazz, Ribbon and Myth.

Weekend plans: Half way through and so far nothing out of the ordinary. I feel so boring 🙂

What movie could you watch on repeat?:I have a lot of films, I like to re-watch, most of them classic old Hollywood ones, or British ones. I could make a list, but it would be so long no one would read it. I also like re-watching some TV shows, sometimes all of the episodes, sometimes just a few, and I always watch if I happen to come upon an episode on TV. For example the BBC Pride and Prejudice, Friends, Buffy and Angel, my taste is all over the place, it seems.

What a fantastic haul you have going there Helene. I’m really impressed that CT gave you the Pillow Talk quad to thank you for your order. That’s a beautiful quad with shades that will work with lots of different colours from other palettes.
I am not quite sure whether MAC offers products with orders, as I have always found their website tricky to use – especially when they are offering sales and you get to checkout and the sales aren’t registering….very annoying.

MAC recently launched a new website that is much better than their old one was. Not sure they’ve done it world wide, though.

I was so surprised I got a quad from CT, it is quite lovely.

I don’t think it’s boring at all to get a foundation sample. MAC usually allows you to get one to two samples but trust, the samples last forever. The best was getting a sample of the studio fix powder. I was super impressed with how much I got with a GWP. It lasted me like 2 months. And I rather have a foundation sample than Sephora that always forgets to send theirs regardless if you’re rouge!

The boring thing is that you can chose two out of three options, ant there’s no option to chose colour of the foundation, I’m NC 15-20 and have never received a sample I could use, the lightest was NW 30 I think. So now I always chose whatever else there is, generally Fix+, which I like and a blister card with three lipstick samples.

I’ve almost given up on Sephora, it was slightly better when I could visit a store, I got really annoyed when I missed coming in immediately after my birthday for the gift, and when I next visited the store, they were out of that particular item, and didn’t offer me anything else, not even a regular sample of anything. From what I understand Sephora is different in different countries, Here we only have black, not rouge, so these days I don’t buy much from Sephora, there are other stores with better offers, I think.

Recent purchases: Beautylish gift card event – Sonia G. Mini Booster, Classic Crease, and Flat Definer brushes and a Z-palette for depotting my Suqqu blushes and/or eyeshadow palettes.

Our real haul was a tankless water heater.

Weekend Plans: Unpacking and sorting boxes that have been in storage. I’ve been reuniting with some treasures and reminiscing with my spouse about photos, dishes, and decor items that we enjoyed at a different time. For Halloween, we had a few families with young children on the street come by for trick or treating – our bowl was placed outside. I also made Butternut Squash soup.

Movie watched on repeat: Dead Poets Society.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I caved and bought the Colourpop The Child palette, I also finally snatched the Cat’s Eye blush from the Sailor Moon collection and an eyeliner in “Juniper Liner”, a brown eyeliner because I’ve never tried any other eyeliner than black

Weekend plans: November marks the start of NaNoWriMo! With my internship I can’t make time to write an entire novel as is tradition for NaNo, but my goal for this November is to have 10,000 words in a new novel. Also for Halloween my family already found a bulk bag of candy for 50% off, we gave some to my baby cousin who isn’t allowed to go trick-or-treating and we’ll probably have a few pieces while playing Animal Crossing and not answering our door

What movie could you watch on repeat?: There’s so many. Dawn of the Dead, the whole Harry Potter series, Star Wars: A New Hope, About Time, Won’t You Be My Neighbor. I’m a big movie person so there’s so many I would be content to rewatch

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