Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #571

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Dior Face Glow Palettes, Tom Ford holiday
  • Weekend plans: I’m hoping my new lights arrive this afternoon… I had at least one pop, crackle, and smoke (and leak fluid) and my husband thinks the other one might have popped when he unplugged it (which was shortly after I unplugged the one that was exploding). We dropped them off at the repair shop earlier this week, but there’s no real way to rent (and usually, rental costs are so expensive per day)–I’d be lucky to have them repaired and back to me in a week, presuming they’re repairable!–so new lights.
  • What was your favorite movie growing up?: Cinderella!

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Rachel R. Avatar

Recent Purchases: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Cheek to Chic Blush

Weekend plans: Saturday is my birthday. No firm plans. Sunday, hubby and I are supposed to go camping for a week at the coast, but I’ve been having horrible 24/7 migraines the last couple of weeks or so. We may have to cancel. I was a little better yesterday and today, though the prescription medication I got a couple days ago isn’t doing much. My doctor might call in a higher dose for me tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can get the pain levels down to the point where I can at least function.

What was your favorite movie growing up?: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was before VCRs, so kids had to wait for network television to show it — usually once or twice a year. When it showed, it was an EVENT. I was a few years too young to have seen it when it was new in theaters, though.

Kitty Avatar

Happy birthday Rachel!

I’ve suffered from migraines for many years and finally visited a neurologist several years ago. He had me try several different medications until we found one that worked, but that one is a triptan which means can’t use it too often. It’s still the only thing that works most every time.

But over the years I have developed a protocol for if I get on a headache cycle, including using a few other drugs to break up that cycle w/o depending on triptan all the time. It’s a balancing act because the other stuff is really better when the migraine is more background (less intense) so whatever I take has to be compatible with the triptan in case the migraine worsens. Whatever I choose depends on whether I think the pain is radiating from the neck vs. if it’s like a stuffiness.

I like to use what I call support items too, not the main pain reliever, but to buttress the other stuff. For example, I take an extra CoQ10 on any migraine day, as well as the first day after the migraine cycle has ended.

But the big game changer for me has been starting a probiotic called Bio-Kult. The Bio-Kult is really what’s been most effective for me; it doesn’t prevent migraines but rather reduces the frequency and severity of them. I’ve got a spreadsheet of migraine details going back 6 years and since starting the Bio-Kult last October, the number of migraines has gone down considerably.

Year # headaches % days w/headache
CY2014 58 16%
CY2015 88 24%
CY2016 92 26%
CY2017 78 21%
CY2018 60 16% [this is when I started coming up w/support items and other drugs to reduce the cycles]
CY2019 54 15%
CY2020 25 7% [still need data for this month thru Dec]

I probably sound like a salesperson for Bio-Kult and I honestly had no expectations of it working at all but had read about a study in which it worked and so tried it. I took 2 per day for about 8 months but then cut down to 1 per day. It may not work for you at all but could be worth a try.

ShariP Avatar

Rachel, I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday. I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with migraines. I had one yesterday. Mine have increased in the last couple of years. I think some are the result of the increased stress I’ve been under. Three months ago I started Ajovy. My neurologist said it could take up to six months to see relief, but I believe they are less frequent already. The worst part is it’s an injectable, but I was desperate for relief. The second time I wasn’t as squeamish. And its only one per month. I just thought I’d mention it and if you were interested you could talk to your doctor. I understand just how horrible chronic pain is.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I didn’t purchase anything this week, but my Clionadh order finally shipped and one of the palettes I ordered from Shroud shipped as well… so excited to play with them!

Rediscoveries: I always break out my Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks around this time of year… most of the colors I have are very reminiscent of fall and the texture is thicker, which is something I tend to gravitate more towards in the colder months because it protects my lips a bit more from the weather. Glosses just get cold and sticky on my lips when I wear them in the winter.

Weekend plans: My in-laws are coming over to watch my son so my husband and I can have a little date on Saturday. He had an idea where we each go into each other’s favorite store (his being a hobby/board game store and mine being Ulta) and purchase something for the other person, based on what we think they would like, and try to keep it under a certain dollar amount. It will be a fun challenge and I’m curious to see what he picks for me; I’m sure it will be a laugh for both of us.

What was your favorite movie growing up?: According to my dad, it was the Wizard of Oz. So much so, that my brothers and I would reenact the entire movie as it was playing… he got so tired of it that he destroyed the tape ! 😂and told us it broke, lol. The child part of me is indignant and the adult part of me COMPLETELY understands. My son has a huge love for the movie Pixar Cars, but if I have to watch it ONE. MORE. TIME. I WILL go bonkers.

Ana Maria Avatar

My capacity as a child to watch the same movie again and again baffles me. 😅 If my mom rented a movie I liked, I could watch it every day. Re-runs of my favorite episodes on TV? Give me more!

As an adult I need 1-2 years break even to re-watch my favorite movies.

Genevieve Avatar

What a lovely way to celebrate a date night and your son will love having his grandparents around to dote on him.
I think the idea of each of you buying a small gift is an interesting one: I have a feeling that you will be spot on and your husband will be quite lost inside Ulta….
Pixar Cars was a big favourite of my grandson Lachlan for quite awhile there, but now he has moved onto the Lego movie as he quite obsessed with Lego at the moment. So I quite understand where you are coming from.

Genevieve Avatar

That’s so funny Celesta – what did he end up buying for you?
When I was at university I worked at the Estee Lauder counter in the city and a few days before Christmas, a whole stack of males would come in asking for my advice on what to get their girlfriends, wives, mothers and sisters for Christmas. They were generally totally clueless.
I always have a list on the bathroom door for myself as all the males in my household would have no idea.

Celesta Avatar

Thank you, ShariP! We had a really nice time. He ended up getting me the UD Ultraviolet palette. I will see how it works out! He knows I love purple eyeshadow, so it was very thoughtful for him to think of that.

Mariella Avatar

Purchases and rediscoveries: Purchases: The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution and another Sephora Cappuccino pencil liner; for my former trainer for her upcoming birthday, Olaplex #3 conditioner (it’s her favourite). Rediscoveries: Wet ‘n Wild Nutty eyeshadow – I used it for the first time in ages yesterday and what a great, flattering, easy to use/one and done shadow!
Weekend plans: workout with my trainer on Saturday morning; beyond that, no plans at all.
Favourite movie growing up: probably The Wizard of Oz or one of the Hayley Mills movies (but not The Parent Trap) – maybe Whistle Down the Wind or Tiger Bay or The Moon-Spinners – how I’d love to see those films again!

Ana Maria Avatar

The Wizard of Oz reminds me of nights spent seeing American movies on TLC… I got to see so many old classics, amazing movies way better than the 90s “blockbusters” the other channels in my home country used to broadcast. Although Wizard of Oz was one of the only more child appropriate I used to watch. 😅 I somehow enjoyed better movies like Gone with the Wind, Sabrina, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers…

kjh Avatar

Nothing beauty, but got an air fryer and 23 & me through Amazon days. I want to upload to GEDmatch to help with cold cases and have an interest in the ethnic part (no doubt boring whitebread, but maybe a fun surprise.) My PGPs were from Nova Scotia + that GF always said he was Basque. That’s so foolish, I can’t even laugh. I saw the name trace back to mercenaries on the side of the Brits before Rev War, in NJ. (Me, too, Nancy, lol.) I think they went to Canada with the rest of the English who ‘lost’ the American Revolution. I think my father’s male line is Hessian or Dutch, as most of those conscripts were. All my life I have had to answer ‘What kind of name is that?’ with ‘I don’t know.’ How incredibly ignorant that made me feel. Guess now i will find out if I’m primarily Plattdeutsch. Lots of my friends’ backgrounds are also Canadians/Loyalists, but somehow I know that’s not my story. W/e: well, air fry and clean up. (Too old for Netflix and chill…) My house looked ok a bit ago, but now looks like that hurricane that recurred. Kid movie? Lady and the Tramp, 1955. I saw it then in the theatre, and every time it aired on tv. My family favored terriers and ‘tramp’ style dogs.

Lacey J. Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing lately has caught my eye. I am dying for a good cool toned rosy palette to replace my Urban Decay naked 3. I decluttered it because I found the formula to be lack luster and it was getting so old. I am dying for a good rosy taupe palette. Recommendations welcome.

Weekend Plans: It is my fiancee and I’s 6th yr anniversary together. We are trying a new Mexican restaurant that just opened close by.

Fav Movie: I loved twister, there was a time I wanted to be a storm chaser when I grew up. LOL. I am such a scaredy cat. I can’t believe that was ever a thing I wanted.

AJ Avatar

I love Mellan’s soulful eyes! <3

Purchases: I got a tube of ginger handcream from Trader Joe's, and a tub of "Embalmer's Creme" for body and hands from Little and Grim. I guess I was really thinking about dry winter hands!

Weekend plans: COVID cases are up and the weather is crummy so I think we'll stick close to home this weekend. Tonight we've got another virtual scotch tasting, tomorrow I have meeting 3 out of 4 for the online dance intensive I'm doing, and Sunday I'm attending a virtual lecture with dancers from the MENAHT (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic, and Turkish) region. Other than that, chores, reading, gaming, and TV (next episodes of GBBO and Lovecraft Country).

Favorite movie growing up: Labyrinth! I still love it, too. A couple years ago it was temporarily re-released in theaters, and it happened to be playing in our area on my birthday weekend, so my spouse bought tickets. Seeing it again as an adult, I definitely wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone who didn't grow up with it, but I still have nostalgic love for it. And bonus, I think it was later that year, the MoPop museum hosted a big traveling Jim Henson exhibit complete with some of the costumes and muppets and such from Labyrinth 🙂

Erica Avatar

I love Labyrinth and took my daughter to see it in our local cinema after David Bowie died. Everyone stood up and applauded at the end. I don’t think you need to have grown up with it as a kid to enjoy it. Of course I did. Just think you have to enjoy a little magic in your movie tastes😉

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No beauty related purchases this week (if I ignore the mini invisibobles added in with the other stuff during Amazon Prime Day), no rediscoveries.

Weekend plans: Just the regular stuff, just with the backdrop of a late heatwave in California. Hoping to get in a long hike and more sleep.

What was your favorite movie growing up?: Cartoon wise, I used to be obsessed with anything related to Asterix and Obelix (mom used to rent the movies on VCR tapes to keep us busy), movie wise I was only fascinated by Indiana Jones. 😅 But even then I enjoyed more books than actually sitting down for a movie.

Lesley Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My Clionadh order from end of June arrived. Kiln and Trefoil from the Jewelled Multichromes and Embroidery from the Hybrids Multichromes. Embroidery has a gray base rather than the black base the other two have. I have been experimenting with Kiln but I think it’s just too dark for me given my hooded eyes and glasses. It is not very visible. I haven’t tried the other two other than a quick swatch because I am not in the mood for greens just now.

Weekend plans: Covid cases are spiking again so I am going to restock my pantry.

What was your favorite movie growing up?: The early Disney feature length animated Peter Pan on account of the flying.

Nancy T Avatar

His puppy-dog eyes just melt me! 💗

Purchases/rediscoveries: No beauty purchases this week.
Rediscovered my love for all my favorite brown, red-brown, and burgundy lipsticks, but cannot wear them out yet because I rely on public transit and Lyft rides, so I must wear a mask. None of my favorites are dry-down liquid matte formulas though. Oh well, whaddya gonna do?

Weekend Plans: Zoom meeting tomorrow, do my hair today,I guess. Spend as much quality time with my beloved Scunci while it’s still possible. I’ve been seeing him begin to decline. Not enough to have him put down, but I do notice some heartbreaking changes that signal that our time together is growing short. For anyone who’s interested in what’s happening to him or who may want to help, I have his GoFundMe page link next to my name.

Favorite movie as a child: In a dead heat tie, The Sound Of Music and Born Free! I still enjoy watching both even now.

Lindsey Avatar

Nancy, The Sound of Music was my favorite movie as well! I have so many fond memories and remember walking to the movie theater with my friends to go see it. We had so much fun singing the songs back to each other on the way back home. They don’t make them like that anymore; a true classic. I never get tired of watching it and the music was EVERYTHING!! 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

Mellon looks perfectly calm as he watches his mama run around with all kinds of makeup on!

Recent Purchases: Waleeda Skin food – which I have heard is a pretty good facial moisturiser, My ND Glam palette arrived this week too – but I am saving that for my birthday.

Rediscoveries: Have been using Naked 2 a bit this week – I just hope that the glorious shade of YDK never runs out.

Weekend Plans: Still in big, big lockdown land and we are hoping that the 5km distance that we can only move about in is relaxed to 10 or 20 km as our Covid numbers are coming right down. I am desperately hoping that hairdressers will open as well and maybe a few other restrictions can be eased slightly.
On Saturday our grandchildren will be coming over to give some respite to their exhausted parents, as little Harry does not want to sleep much during the day unless he is held. He has gained weight and is smiling a lot more.
Sunday – just housework and cleaning. Nothing much else to do.

Favourite movie growing up – Definitely The Sound of Music!

I have a request from the Temptalia community – my twin sister is looking for a matte taupe with plum leanings and I was wondering if anyone here could give me some suggestions for such a shade and brand, out of all of our collective stashes. I have looked on the internet with no luck – either the shades are too taupe and no plum, or completely plum. I would appreciate your suggestions.

Genevieve Avatar

Thanks Nancy – Harry is starting to smile and react to all the voices in his household.
I thought of Tease myself, but Allison wants it to be a bit darker – more a deeper plum/taupe. I thought it would be easy to find, but it isn’t. It just shows you how few cool toned eyeshadows there are around.

Kimberly Avatar

The only two I can think of come from palettes. Shades 9 and 10 in the L’oreal La Palette Nude Intense fit the description of a “plummy taupe”, one lighter and one darker. However, I’m not sure what the availability of this palette is internationally, as it’s only sold sporadically in the US. The other shade I thought of is “Pretty Cruel” from the Colourpop It’s My Pleasure palette, it was sold as a single at one point but now I’m pretty sure it’s only available in the palette. The problem with that shade is that it’s not a true matte, it’s one of those Colourpop shades that has sparkle sprinkled throughout but is otherwise a matte. Not sure if that’s what your sister is looking for but hope she finds something!

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you for your suggestions, but Allison is allergic to L’Oreal’s products and she is after a matte finish. So very tricky to find because is a taupe plum – quite a cool tone that she is after. No sparkles, shimmers or satins!

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Arena for your suggestions and good wishes for Harry. The problem is that my sister is after a really cool toned darkish taupe/plum in a matte finish. It is proving difficult to find and it shows that cool toned eyeshadow lovers are not catered for in the beauty market at all.
She doesn’t like or use shimmer, sparkly or even satin finishes.

Arena Avatar

* Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Jeans . Rediscovered NYX eyeshadow in Taupe….astounding contour-shade for my skin tone (thank you Stephanie Nicole)
* Weekend plans: Putting the yard and garden to bed for winter.
* What was your favorite movie growing up?: Princess movies. All of them 💕

* Panned items – Samples
* 🥰Armani Luminous Silk Concealer: super nice “in the wild”; smooth, bright and wears very well 8+ hours. I have noticed in an office environment (with HVAC) it doesn’t do as well for me. Would purchase.
* 🤷‍♀️Chanel Ultra Le Teint foundation: this is ok. this was glowy, had about low-medium coverage for 4+ hours at home.
* 🤢Bare Minerals Bounce Blush – Mauve Sunrise. For me, this just didn’t work. Nice color, but the formula about an hour (under mask). At home, lasted about 5 hours. I prefer the Clinique Cheek Pops.
* 🤢Cle de Peau Concealer: I am confused about the hype + price. 1) shade range is difficult (and pulls yellow). 2) formula is dry and doesn’t work under my eyes (for me. I’m not quite 40….). 3) currently panning the original Benefit Industrial concealer (pink pot)….I prefer the Benefit (which they discontinued
* 🥰Chanel LeBlanc Base Lumiere: Love it. I don’t feel it is a long-lasting type base, but it is very youth enhancing and feels like luxury, amazing. The glow lasted all day, even under powder. Will purchase.

Zia Avatar

He looks so kind <3
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Wore Sydney Grace Gold Earth shadow for first time today and it's quite lovely!!
Weekend plans: Shop at Trader Joe's and prepare for my birthday!
What was your favorite movie growing up?: Peter Pan (the 1954 live version with Mary Martin as Peter Pan)

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing yet. I have a few purchases in mind for the next month or so (mostly makeup, including my annual Sephora birthday gift, but also 1 or 2 Disney collectibles not out yet and a preordered Stephen King Funko Pop figure due to ship from FYE any time now), but I’m not sure yet where they’ll all shake out.
Weekend plans: Worked today, partial Criminal Minds marathon tonight, probably most of tomorrow’s SVU marathon, probably errands tomorrow and Sunday.
What was your favorite movie growing up?: Beauty and the Beast! I’ve always loved Belle’s intelligence and strong will, and her refusal to be mistreated by either Gaston or the Beast.

Tracey E. Avatar

Haul: Used an expiring Sephora Rouge Reward to purchase Tata Harper Regenerating Exfoliating Cleanser and Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow palette.

Macy’s: Purchased a long padded bathroom rug after a Lancome foundation bottle that I knocked with my arm went careening off the counter and onto the tile floor, breaking into pieces.

Weekend Plans: Unpacking boxes as we continue to settle into a new house. I’d like to have all boxes out of the entranceway, livingroom, and kitchen by the end of the weekend. Picking up a hood vent/fan for above the stove. Packing away summer clothes and unpacking Fall/winter wear.

Favourite movie as a child: Any Peanuts movie that came to the theatres (they weren’t on tv). Also liked the original Lady and the Tramp.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: The Tarte 101 Blush Palette was a birthday present from a few years ago and I’m surprised I don’t use it more considering it has more blush than I could ever use in a lifetime. However, I find myself using the bronzer more than anything else. It’s the most shimmery bronzer in my collection but still goes on quite natural

Weekend plans: It’s the one-month anniversary of my grandfather’s passing so the family is getting together for dinner tomorrow. We’ve been getting together for dinners instead of a wake, a viewing, and even a funeral, since none of those are possible right now

What was your favorite movie growing up?: I was an absolute movie junkie as a kid so I have so many that come to mind. If I had to pick one it’s The Lion King because I ran down my VHS copy of the movie so much it basically became unviewable

Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
rediscovery – MAC lipstick in Speed Dial;
Recent purchases: I ran out of concealer and will try out PMG new concealer, and somehow the new highlighter made it into my cart too ;). My PMG Celestial Divinity Fleur Fantasia quad arrived (apparently I live right near her distribution center, so I haven’t been experiencing the mail delays others have been experiencing ). I saw Morgan Turner post a review saying there was an issue with Iridescent Orchid and I would unfortunately have to agree. It’s still has gorgeous ethereal shades that make me swoon (and doubles as a face palette for me), so I still am really happy with it. I have been eyeing the Interstellar quad, but will definitely wait for your thoughts, especially to see the dupes to other PMG shades. I wish it had a Blitz formula shadow in it.

Weekend plans: Work, and try to get back to doing yoga more regularly

What was your favorite movie growing up?: Maybe Totoro, Robinhood (Disney animated one)

Erica Avatar

Recent purchases: Bobbi Brown face base and Chanel Cuirve Rose eyeshadow

Rediscovered: MAC Tan pigment

Weekend plans: on the hunt for a complete fragrance free, essential oil free, cleanser and moisturizer for my daughter who is having a major skin sensitivity issue right now

Favorite movie as child: Wizard of Oz, Annie, Anne of Green Gables and Grease were always on repeat!

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