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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: The products I ordered for my mom/sister during Ulta’s 10x points event arrived for them along with my order. I got my sister and mom: Redken All Soft Oil, Bb Glow Thermal Mist, Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer, Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, CeraVe Moisturizing Cream + Hydrating Cleanser, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Mask, Lanolips Superbalm, and Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. For me: beautyblender Liquid Bleandercleanser, CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Cleanser, Face Moisturizer, Hyalu, Double-Repair Moisturizer, and Lipikar Balm Body Cream; Peach & Lily Glass Serum and Mist, Drybar Coconut Colada Detox Dry Shampoo, Smashbox 24HR Primer, Bumble & Bumble Glow Blow Dry Accelerator, FAB Ultra Repair Cream/Barrier Repair Cream/Hyaluronic Primer; L’Oreal Unlimited Length & Lift, IT #220 Brush, Tom Ford Noir Extreme.
  • Weekend plans: Try to relax a little, catch up on writing posts. It’s been a rollercoaster of a week! Yesterday, Mellan had a teeth cleaning, which involved anesthesia, and as he’s almost 13 years old and a slew of health conditions, it’s never ideal to put him under. However, his health has seemed “stable” despite all he has, and it’s been 2.5 years since his last cleaning (which I kind of thought of as the “last” to get him through the remainder of his years). I decided that it made more sense to keep his teeth in good condition while he is stable than wait for them to get gnarly and it become a “must-do” when he’s even older. Thankfully, he had a smooth, extraction-free cleaning, and they also took care of some skin bumps and lumps that he had that he was always scratching at. I’m curious if those patches will grow back as slowly as the patch on his side (which is still not fully grown back after almost 9 months!).
  • What is something you’re excited about this October?: Cooler weather!! Even I’m fed up with 100+ degree temperatures!

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nordie’s is doing a sale and I finally sprung for Cle de Peau’s concealer stick. I’ve only wanted to try it since 2011, but whew is the price eye watering. However, Drake once said yolo so I decided to cheer my covid blues by splurging. This is a very nice concealer. I don’t regret my purchase one bit. And it’s a useful purchase too, because the one bit of makeup I’ve worn daily since lockdown began is concealer. I just don’t sleep anymore, wonder why.

I’ve also began playing more with my Natasha Denona Safari palette, and as a stand alone palette it’s not great, but the shadows are really nice for transition shades or adding depth, so I’ve enjoyed playing with it and reacquainting myself with it. I use it in tandem with all my quads and palettes, and it’s seen more use in the last few weeks than it has in all the time I’ve owned it. I quite like this one, it turns out!

Weekend Plans: I’m preparing for NaNoWriMo, so probably a lot of that. 🙂

What is something you’re excited about this October?: Well, the leaves are turning and that means cool weather. Fall is my favorite season so I’m trying to enjoy it this year, but like all things 2020 it’s harder than normal. I hesitate to say I’m excited for October, but I’m happy we’re watching the year begin to wrap.

Recent Purchases: the BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin palette and am planning on getting the Shroud Cosmetics x Beautbean It’s Freaking Bats palette when it goes up for preorder on Sunday.

Rediscoveries: I’ve really loved playing with my ND Metropolis palette and Coloured Raine Safari Raine palettes this week.

Weekend plans: Going to an apple orchard with my family/in-laws.

What is something you’re excited about this October? October is my FAVORITE month of the year, (all my big life events have happened in October) so I’m excited for all of it.

Haul / Rediscoveries: I haven’t been wearing makeup much but I ordered Bambi eye waterproof mascara (to try) and my fourth tube of Neutrogena bright boost face scrub. I love it and go through almost one every two months.

Weekend Plans: I would really like to watch some scary movies but I have no idea what. Recommendations are appreciated. Speaking of scary movies. My fiancee watched Poltergeist for the first time last weekend. I thought everyone had seen that movie. I was confused.

Things I look forward to in October: I do tend to amp up my reading and coffee drinking, Although I think I am finally over pumpkin spice. I love soups in the fall. We eat alot more chill in the fall and usually try to make beef stew. I am happiest in the fall and I open my windows a lot more because I love the cool breeze. It only lasts for a short time before it turns freezing cold.

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: My little magnet wand. Though made for mechanics, I got it to rearrange my ND and Cat Cosmetics palettes without damaging the shadows. I am tempted to write a review on Amazon and place it right next to the other reviews by a bunch of shop mechanics. I sent one to my former boss and fellow makeup lover. She called last night asking if I made a mistake. When I told her, you can rearrange the ND palettes…her mind was blown. Haha, just like mine was. She sent me pics of two versions already this morning.

Weekend Plans: Tackle my kitchen island cabinet. I had asked my husband for Christmas this year if I could start slowly building my Le Creuset cookware collection as I have a few awesome pieces I found at Home Goods. I don’t need another purse and prefer to just sock that money into my stepson’s final year of college (last one!!). He ordered me a 6 quart dutch oven and cast iron pan (he ruined my Lodge on the grill) since it was on sale.

What is something you’re excited about this October? Halloween! I love seeing the kids on the block get so excited about dressing up. I am crossing my fingers too that all the reorg stuff at work calms down. But in general, I am just grateful it is the last month before the election and the all the nastiness around. I am hoping to start Pilates too. I am NOT excited about the “welcome to 50” colonoscopy I have to do though.

Ugh! My mother passed from colon cancer so I have to have another colonoscopy, it’s drinking the crap before hand that is the worst of it though, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

So right. Bowel prep is the worst. Think of the poor people who do not have reliable transportation. Scoping is far better than the OF way, barium enema. I had an hour trip by subway after one of those, and it was not pleasant. I made it to the 5 year recheck list, yay. TG: with Versed (the drug, not the skincare) it’s not half bad. The anticipation is much scarier than the reality. Believe me, you need that baseline and regular rechecks. R &C CA can develop without you having any idea.

My twin sister has had to have a lot of colonoscopies due to her diverticulitis, her view of the procedure is: ‘When I have smear test, I feel the need to reward myself with a new top. When I have a colonscopy, I want to buy the whole wardrobe!”. From what I have heard from her (in great detail) is that drinking the stuff beforehand is the hardest of all.

Colonoscopies ain’t fun! And I oughtta know considering I’ve had around 5 or 6 of them already because I have Crohn’s Disease. That cleansing out fluid one has to drink up the day before ?. The rest is a piece of cake because you’re sedated/anestesized.

I had to take an anti nauseant that stuff tastes good to start with but when you have to drink a gallon of it it gets old fast! The nurses were sampling it while I was waiting to go in and they were saying it didn’t taste bad, I told them to drink the whole bottle and get back to me!

Because there was bowel cancer in his family, my husband and sis in law have both had colonoscopies and the prep is pretty rough. I have a really strong gag reflex and problems swallowing pills, etc. so I’m glad I don’t need one. Here in Ontario, after age 50, I think, people with low risk do an at home/mail in test (won’t go into details) that is less invasive.

I have a few Le Creuset pieces and when hot and full, they are a real upper body workout! Mine are older pieces from before all the fantastic new colours came out (I love the bright yellow and tropical, almost “Tiffany” blue but I’m not going to replace the ones I’ve got).

Mellan is such a handsome boy and I’m so glad his teeth cleaning went well!

Purchases: Another week of nothing.

Rediscoveries: I rediscovered my own face, LOL. Did my makeup last Friday and I had forgotten how to do my brows and contour. Had to refamiliarize myself with the shape of my face and how to apply products. It was weird. I definitely need to practice my makeup more often.

Also I used Pat McGrath’s VR Emerald for the first time and OMG. I wanna cover my face in that color and just be a sparkly color-shift alien.

Weekend plans: Lots of dance stuff this weekend. I need to film another performance video. The online intensive I’m in starts officially this weekend (we got preview material last weekend). I’m watching a dance show tomorrow night. I need to practice for the intensive. Other than that, we’re gonna get some takeout. Fast food burgers, and then faaaaancy cocktails from a cocktail bar that’s doing to-go cocktails. COVID cases are on the rise here again so I think our weekend plans are going to stay simple for the foreseeable future.

Something I’m excited about this month: The online dance intensive I’m doing. It’s fun to be doing something alongside my friends even if we’re all beaming in virtually from our separate homes. Also I am not ashamed to say PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING (except lattes, I don’t like coffee).

Recent Purchases: I made my first Sephora order of the year. ? I got the Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe set (the one with shampoo, conditioner, scalp scrub, body wash, body lotion, deodorant, leave in conditioner, a comb and a pouch). Mostly because I wanted to try their body products and my deodorant is finishing. I redeemed my birthday gift, only the Hourglass primer and setting powder, although I don’t like loose powder. I got the Moroccanoil mini oil as an offer, redeemed points for a blow out primer so I am set for hair care for a long time.

Rediscoveries: Nothing new this week.

Weekend plans: As the smoke from the Napa Valley fires reached my area, any outdoor plans seem hard to make… maybe I’ll try hiking areas towards south. Otherwise, same boring things, same boring things.

What is something you’re excited about this October? The fire season to end…

Ana Maria, the Hourglass Veil Powder is the only thing I’ve purchased from those highway robbers in about 5 years and I really like it. I hope you enjoy it as well – I think it’s one of my favourites for setting my under eye concealer. I’m wishing positive things for you and all those affected by the fires. So much devastation and loss and suffering.

It makes me so sad that you guys in California and the PNW have just not gotten a break during this fire season, Ana Maria. I see all the film footage on the news and think of all of my virtual friends on here and on FB. I pray that it stops soon. That there’s a good rainfall to douse these fires, just enough not to cause mudslides, though.

Here in Australia, we too have seen vision of the awful Napa fires and hope that a decent amount of rain is coming your way – it’s the only thing that can really stop the fires in their tracks. Our fire season is just about to start and I dread it.

Mellan looks refreshed!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I gave all my money to the painters painting the exterior of my house.

Weekend plans: Cleaning the basement one half done one half to go.

What is something you’re excited about this October?: My daughter and her husband and dog moving in for a few weeks until their house is finished. We went to see their new house and it’s beautiful, can’t wait until it is finished! Also our nephew is bringing his new baby out for Thanksgiving weekend and we will be having a social distancing visit.

A new baby in the family Brenda – how lovely, even if you can only seem him at a distance.
Is your daughter and son in law’s house far away from you? It must be lovely to be moving into a new place. Good luck with the basement cleaning, I don’t think it would be such a fun job to do…

They are building a ring road in Calgary so my daughter’s house is only going to be 10 minutes away now, before it was 40 minutes. They just opened a portion of it yesterday, we are very happy as this has been in the works for many years.

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: nothing new but I’ve taken out UD Thunderbird and MAC Illusionary/Burning Ambition Mineralized Eyeshadow duo – they are such gorgeous, rich takes on brown and bronze and perfect as the temperatures start to cool and leaves start to turn.

Weekend plans: my sis in law is bring my 95 year old mother in law for dinner – foods she can and will eat – glazed carrots cooked very soft for her, home made mac and cheese and, for dessert, her favourite thing to eat – ice cream with no “bones” (she was eating her very favourite, maple walnut, some months ago when she reached into her mouth, took out a nut and said “this ice cream has BONES”. So now, it’s always butterscotch ripple! No “bones”. Tomorrow, we have to start some garden clean up and trimming of the spring blooming shrubs (should have done it a month ago but we didn’t) and I have to do WHMIS – the most boring and pointless workplace hazardous materials information thingy and I wish I’d done it a few weeks ago, when I read all the required stuff online. Now I’ll have to go back and refresh about “oxidizing” vs “flammable” and the various types of labels and other stuff I never, ever have to use! Sunday, I’m going to the gym and my husband is going to come for the first time since the lockdown!

What I’m looking forward to in October – my birthday and Thanksgiving (usually they fall within a few days of one another). In a strange way, I’m sort of looking forward to and sort of dreading picking up some supply teaching jobs. Now that the board has FINALLY issue occasional teachers their OWN face shields (before this, we were supposed to “share” and sanitize after we use them, ready for someone else to use the next day), I feel marginally more comfortable about taking a job or two here and there at schools where I’m familiar with the staff and students.

UD Thunderbird is a perfect brown shade for me – a dupe of it is in Huda’s Smokey Obsessions (#5) and works well with caramel shades and golds. All the shades we love.
I hope your mother in law, who seems to be doing very well for her age, enjoys her lunch and dessert.
Casual teachers in Victoria have been really left in limbo at the moment as schools are still closed and will not be re-opening until October 14th. The teachers are back next week to prepare for Term 4. It has been an incredibly tough year for everyone, but for teachers having to navigate the lockdown learning with inadequate equipment has been a nightmare. I just loved the idea of you ‘sharing and sanitising your own face shields’ – is that hygienic or what? I can also understand your ambivalent feelings about resuming work again – you just don’t know what the landscape will look like.

Genevieve, a while back (pre Covid) Sephora actually sent me a gift package as thanks for all the reviews I’ve posted (I was FLOORED…I’m hardly an “Influencer” and envy those who get loads of free stuff) – anyway, one of the things in the package was the Huda Gemstone Obsessions palette and I couldn’t help wishing they’d sent the Smoky one instead as it’s one I’d actually use (not so with the Gemstones one!)

My mother in law loved dinner last night – none of us has seen her eat that much or that well in a LONG time. I asked her what she would like next week and reminded her of her favourite things (bbq’d salmon, scrambled eggs or mac and cheese) and she replied immediately “oh, macaroni and cheese”. As she was joyfully devouring her ice cream cone, my husband said to her “Wow, you’re really eating a lot tonight” and she replied, jokingly, “Leave me alone; I’m busy”, which was sooo funny to hear her sounding sharp and spunky like she used to be. Usually, she sort of fades out of conversations and sounds so vague and weak.

An online “friend” posted an image of a poster comparing mask use to underwear use and (it was quite funny) – if it’s dirty, don’t use it; if it’s wet, change it; wear it right side out, etc. And sharing those visors is right up there with sharing underwear!

Happy Friday to Mellan!! What a good boy!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: From Nordstrom Rack, I picked up the Urban Decay Party Favor moondust topper palette for a friend in Japan for Christmas. She loves ultra sparkly finishes and Urban Decay packaging, but they aren’t sold there. My Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity palette arrived, and I’m so in love! I feel like cherubs were singing when I opened it up. I can’t wait to the official swatches of the beautiful new shades, especially Venusian Orchid and Dragonfly.

Weekend plans: Work, write get-out-the-vote postcards, and do soccer drills at the park (while the forecast is sunny!).

What is something you’re excited about this October?: My favorite holiday of the year – Halloween! I’m considering going to New York for the first time since March (depending on the conditions), and I’m so excited to see my boyfriend and his family.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: After not buying much of anything for months, I optimistically splurged on the Tumi travel makeup bag I have always wanted. It’s a beautiful midnight blue, and it was on sale. I know it’s crazy. I have no idea when we’ll be able to travel again. But I’m ready! I also stocked up on skincare and beautyblenders during the Ulta 10x points sale. I was able to stack a bunch of GWP offers so I have a lot of new travel sizes of things I actual use.
Weekend Plans: Family movie night at home tomorrow. We pick up the best popcorn at our neighborhood movie theater. It’s a vintage single screen movie theater that is my favorite place. It’s closed because of COVID, but you can get takeout popcorn.
What is something you’re excited about this October?: Voting! Our mail in ballots arrived this week. We are going to drop them off next week.

Thank goodness Mr. Mellan did so well with anesthesia and his teeth cleaning! Sure do wish my own dental clinic would reopen soon, as I am dire need of the same.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Bought replacement skincare items only, so far. PTR FirmX Peeling Gel Exfoliant, The Ordinary Buffet serum, and Ole Henrikson Truth Serum mini size. I’ll get a full-sized version during Rouge. I’m also sitting on ND Glam Palette in my cart. I absolutely love that palette, but I’m not 110% sure I’ll love it on me if it runs too gray. So; buy it and try it? Or give it a big ol’ pass for now? ?‍♀️

Weekend Plans: more food/household supply shopping. Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Loving on my sweet little old kitty Scunci while I still can.

What are you looking forward to this October? Please God, can we get some cooler weather? Please? I have absolutely HAD IT with the 100°+ nonsense day after day after day as nauseum! Went out food shopping late yesterday afternoon, and was overheated, wet with sweat and thoroughly exhausted by the time I got home 2 hours later on the bus ride home. ? I long for upper 80’s, low 90’s as daytime highs.?️

I’ll pray for cooler weather for you Nancy and I can understand how you felt when you returned home after that mammoth effort.
How is your little darling Scunci going?

I am so glad that Mellan got through his dental work okay. My late Siamese cats both had terrible teeth but we stopped dental work fairly early in their lives after one of them had his heart stop during anesthesia. He turned out not to have heart problems but we never allowed him to be put under again.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I finally opened the Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara that I bought last fall during the Nordstrom 3 for 2 mascara sale. “High Volume” is a misnomer, to say the least. I am very disappointed.

Weekend plans: The farmer’s market as always. Maybe dinner out with friends on Sunday. Indoor dining started in NYC a few days ago but I am not sure I am ready.

What is something you’re excited about this October?: I am looking forward to the last season of Schitt’s Creek coming to Netflix.

That’s the thing Lesley, when we are allowed to dine al fresco (because that is the plan now), I am not sure either if I will risk it too. I am so conditioned to being indoors and cautious now.

Haul: The only thing I purchased this week was a couple of skin care items from Good Molecules on Beautylish. I got the Discoloration Serum and the Instant Cleansing Balm which is a new purchase. I am trying out several cleansers to maybe find a replacement for my Tatcha Camelia Oil Cleanser. I am trying to find a slightly cheaper alternative.

Weekend Plans: Well, I got exposed to COVID so I am isolating. My poor daughter came home last weekend and shortly after getting here her best friend and that friends husband tested positive. She had spent 3 days with them in a camper, so in very close quarters. So, me and the Prez are in it together. She decided to go back to Kalispell in case she is positive, maybe she wasn’t here long enough to expose me. Poor baby was crying so hard and cried all the way home. She is so fearful that she gave it to me. I told her not to worry as the President gave it to me!! I feel okay. I have a sore throat which I have had for about 4 days and so does my daughter. Other than that we are asymptomatic. I feel like it will be good. Of course, at my age, and with my risk factors, it could be really bad. About the only system I don’t have issues with is my lungs so I have that going for me. The good news is that my brother is shopping for me and leaving it on my doorstep. Grocery shopping is not something I enjoy so getting him to do it is perfect, LOL!!

Looking forward to in October: Not much. I am so wrapped up in the election that I just can’t wait until November 3rd is over. I am hoping that October won’t be too damp and cold. Usually we have a good fall but this September was unusually cool. We got snow in the higher elevations.

I’m so sorry, Deborah! I hope you get better soon. Since you both have the symptom of a sore throat, I believe you wouldn’t be considered “asymptomatic”, and really hope you get better soon! Great that your family is supporting you through this time!

Thank you, Kira. Yes, today my daughter is running a low grade fever. I am not. We will see. As a parent it is particularly scary for your child to have been exposed and potentially having symptoms. The good news is that now she is moved up on the list to be tested. She lives in Columbia Falls, Montana so a really small community. Overall, Montana has few cases and even fewer deaths. In fact the county that I live in has had only one death. The county my daughter is in has had 3 deaths. There are more deer and turkeys in Montana than people which has been good for us. Numbers are increasing here and my Dr. has told me to stay home and watch for symptoms. I told her about the sore throat and she said that if I developed even one more symptom, I should be tested. Otherwise, she doesn’t want me in the office. If I have to be tested, they will come out to the car and test me. Time will tell but thank you for your well wishes.

We got exposed to COVID back in August thru someone at my son’s daycare; it really is a scary thing! Thankfully we all just ended up with cold-like symptoms and slight fevers for a bit, and it wasn’t too bad… just hope it’s as mild for you, too.

I can only hope I have a mild case if I indeed actually have it. Sadly, I am a 66 year old woman, diabetic, hypertensive and obese. I live alone so if I start to feel any worse, I will go to the Emergency Department, which is about an hour away. Might have to call an ambulance. I am feeling okay except the sore throat. Thank you for much for your well wishes.

My parents and I have all had quite a few allergy/sinus problems over the past year or 2, but all 3 of us had a period in late February/early March where our allergies were like 10 times as bad as the past 1-2 years’ baseline-lots of coughing and sore throats, runny noses, headaches worse than our usual sinus headaches, and just generally feeling off. We didn’t really consider it at the time, but since COVID exploded shortly after, we’ve wondered since we recovered if what we thought was 10-times-worse allergies might have actually been mild cases of COVID. By now it’d probably be too late for it to come up on antibody tests, though.

Oh lordy, no! I’m so sorry to hear that you may possibly have Covid, Deborah. You definitely don’t need that! It’s probably only a matter of when, not if, we all wind up getting it whether mild/asymptomatic or not. Your poor daughter too, it wasn’t her fault and I know she’s been taking all kinds of precautions. I feel so bad for her and you.

Thank you Nancy. Yes, I am mostly sorry for her as if I do develop more symptoms and test positive, she will beat herself up about it for the rest of her life. I am definitely not any worse and still just have the sore throat so I am going with the idea that it is allergies. A few more days will tell the tale. I saw your Facebook post about the temperature today. Oh my gosh, I don’t know how you stand it. I would have been dying. I really hate the heat and as I have gotten older, it really wipes me out. This year was so mild for us that I didn’t even have to use a fan. You take care of yourself, too. I know you can’t afford to get it either. Hopefully we will have a vaccine next year. I saw today that the numbers are rising again in many European countries. This vaccine replicates and mutates so quickly. I was going to get a flu shot this week but I won’t now until I know for sure I don’t have COVID.

I hope and pray that you will be OK Deborah. At the beginning of winter here, I had a sore throat, headaches etc and I got tested – it was negative and we got the test results back in a day and a half. Here in Melbourne, the govt. wants everyone to be tested all the time so they can get a handle on how much of the virus is out there in the community.
You shouldn’t have to wait for ‘another symptom’ to get tested. Anyway, I am sure you are going to be fine and it’s good that your brother is helping you out.

Hi Christine, I see in your haul that you got the LRP Toleriane Gentle Cleanser? If you’ve used both before, would you say the Toleriane cleanses “better” than the Hydrating Cleanser (I’ve never used Toleriane – only Cerave cleansers).

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
Target (Spend $30, get $10 on beauty): type:A deodorant, Wet n Wild Bronzer Sunset Striptease, L’Oreal Infallible Freshwear Foundation, Total Cover Foundation, and Age Perfect Foundation (trying new foundations for Zoom)
Sephora: Fenty Plush Matte Lipstick in Thicc, Sephora Scalp Massager
Sydney Grace 20% off: summer magic, payton’s puppy, honesty, relax, cool brown, drift, speedway, buttermilk, san diego

Weekend Plans: Cleaning and organizing. Trying out my new haul. Hopefully, the smoke will clear up more and I’ll feel better about going out for a walk.

October: I usually look forward to beginning of the fall foliage but right now I’m just hoping that the wildfires and the pge shutdowns won’t be too bad.

He looks really healthy for his age and still has that puppy smile on his face! It’s good news that his teeth cleaning went well and all is little bumps that were annoying him removed safely.

Recent Purchases: Squeal! My PMG parcels arrived this week – the Sublime palette is delightful and I have been ‘playing’ with it for the past few days. Lapis Luxury arrived yesterday and it is on the cards for use today. I also received the mini lipsticks, but I am less enthused about them. I found Flesh 3 hard to use as it tugged against my lips, but I will give them another go.
Cosmetic Capital – an online beauty retailer is having skincare sales so I picked up my favourite Dragon’s Blood daily moisturer with SPF 20, Immortal’s Skin serum, Skin Doctor’s Hand cream and a few other items.

Weekend Plans: It’s pretty much the same here in lockdown land – the toughest lockdown in the world at the moment. Curfew has ended and our State Govt. is in deep trouble over the whole Hotel Quarantine program that has enabled the second wave of virus infections.
At least our numbers are going down and we are hoping that restrictions will be relaxed a bit more.
We have had to have our grandchildren over under the care and compassion ruling as little Harry needs to be fed every 3 hours because he is not putting on enough weight per week. It is believed that he has a dairy intolerance and Anika has eliminated all dairy from her diet for a couple of weeks now and this has been beneficial to him. He seems a sweet, placid little bubba.
Lachlan’s great comment of the week: when asked does he have a good life, he replied “I don’t have a good life, I have a great life” , which is very sweet given the restrictions at the moment.

Looking forward to in October: Hairdressers being open! I cannot wait to get my hair done and I hope that hairdressers can be open sooner than forecast (late October).
In terms of the weather – last Friday week we had the coldest September day ever – it was on 5 deg. celsius and yesterday and today – it’s as hot as.
I can really understand how you are wishing for the cooler weather to arrive Christine – and everyone else. Last night we saw vision of the terrible bushfires around Napa Valley in California and it was just heartbreaking for those communities, businesses and people.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing right now, although I’m considering the Marc Jacobs Cherrific palette and a travel-size YSL Black Opium Neon from Sephora and some UD Stoned Vibes (I know it got bad reviews, especially here, but I have a lot of patience for working with products that others haven’t done well with) stuff-the palette, Raw Energy and Tiger’s Eye liners, and Power High gloss-from Ulta. I do have to go to my local Apple Store to get my iPhone battery replaced on Monday, though-I have a 7, so Apple only charges $49 for the battery replacement. The outdoor mall my local Apple Store’s at has both a Sephora and an Ulta, so I might do some no-touch browsing while I’m there!
Weekend plans: Worked and caught the 2nd half of a Criminal Minds marathon today, groceries and SVU marathon tomorrow. Sunday the summer birthdays on my mom’s side of the family are exchanging gifts. Everyone has to wear masks, but it’s also supposed to be in my aunt’s backyard (there’s also supposed to be a 60% chance of rain, so who knows if the party will even happen?!). My parents have to go because they have summer birthdays, but I’ll probably stay home and FaceTime into the party-I’m a wimp about chilly temps! (The rest of the family offered both in-person and FaceTime as attendance options, so I’m in the clear.) I might do some laundry while I’m home alone, just to be useful.
What is something you’re excited about this October?: Seconding TropicalCowgirl on this being the last month before the election!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I just made a YesStyle purchase for the first time this year. I’ve been on a low-buy since quarantine started, but I’d especially been avoiding YesStyle after hearing a few horror stories about delays and certain brands they usually stock still not being available to ship to the US. Even though it looks like a delay is still expected, I’m running out of a lot of skincare and wanted a new foundation in time for daily-vlogging for NaNoWriMo. I bought the Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream, the Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sunscreen, the Purito Centella Unscented Serum, the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint in “Private”, and the Missha Magic Cushion Cover Lasting BB Cream. Also picked up the Canmake Quick Easy Eyeliner in “01 Black”, a few COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches, some nail art stickers, and the romand Juicy Lasting Tint Autumn Fruit Series in “#12 Cherry Bomb” for my sister. Especially since we’re both living at home now we’ve been making all our beauty orders together

Weekend plans: The family is making a trip to the Korean supermarket, then going to a local Szechuan restaurant to pick up food for my grandmother. It’s both my mom and dad’s birthdays this weekend but they’ve both said to not do/get them anything because “this is not a year worth celebrating”

What is something you’re excited about this October?: A few things, thankfully. The new Star Wars video game comes out today, and then the next season of the Mandelorian comes out at the end of the month. On top of that, it’s officially Preptober, the preparation month for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), so I’ll have lots of writing and video-making to look forward to

Recent Purchases: This at least a couple weeks’ worth —
*Baby Bat Beauty multichrome e/s in Amulet.
*Kaleidos Sashimi City and Lunar Lavender Palettes.
*ColourPop Shook to the Coral Palette, Coast to Coral Pressed Blush. Sale –Flutter By Palette, Mulan Pressed Blush in Good Luck Charm, Pretty Guardian Palette, From the Moon Blush, and Coconut Beach Pressed Bronzer.
*Dior Plum Tulle 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette. I decided I should get a consulation prize for being smoked out of our vacation. lol

Weekend Plans: Reorganizing my clothes closets, and doing laundry. We’re getting smoke from the Napa/Sonoma fires, so nothing requiring too much time outdoors.

What is something you’re excited about this October?: My birthday is the 17th, so my husband is taking off the week after, and we’re going to try again for a get-away. We can’t go to Eastern Oregon as we had planned last month, though, because roads and sites will be closed for winter. So we’re going to go camping on the coast, barring any big windstorms here or on there.

Just wishing all readers, all pets, in fact everyone all the best. The fires, the pandemic, the climate change, health issues…these are scary and uncertain times. I did see something pretty funny on the detour home Friday. An appropriately colored front yard political sign. Boldly: DOGS 2020. Underneath that, in smaller letters: BECAUSE PEOPLE S***. I’m joining the dog party.

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