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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Kosas Light Bronzer, Kosas Cream Blush & Highlighter Duos.
  • Weekend plans: Enjoy the weather! Cooled down a bit, so it’s much more tolerable. With our “winter” (aka hellacious heat during summer) right around the corner, you learn to take advantage before it’s here. We just wrapped up several projects for the house, too, so I’ll be catching up on some photo editing today!
  • One TV show you wish more people would watch?: I don’t watch that much TV, and I feel like most of what I’d want to say is watched by a lot of folks… Survivor and Great British Bake Off!

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Joyce Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing in a good long while. I desperately need to make a skincare order on Ulta though!

Weekend plans: We’re still under lockdown here. The weather is supposed to be super nice this weekend so maybe we’ll get a picnic table and grill for the backyard and hang out there 🙂

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: I have a few—Psych, White Collar, and Barry. The first two are older shows from USA Network that I think are available on Amazon Prime. Psych is a feel-good funny “psychic” crime detective show. White Collar is pretty much a loosely-based Catch Me If You Can show. And Barry is on HBO—a hitman turned actor dark comedy. Love them all!

It’s been a while since I’ve commented here so I don’t remember if I shared or not but I gave birth to my daughter on February 8th! She’s super amazing and looks just like my son did as a newborn. I joke with my husband that we can only produce one face lol I had postpartum hemorrhaging 4 hours after labor & delivery and almost died ? seeing hospital rooms in TV shows still make me feel weird thinking back to the craziness. But I’m doing very well now! I’m losing hair by the buckets now that I’m 3 months out so baby bangs will be advancing upon me rapidly ?

I look forward to reading all the comments on this post ^__^

AJ Avatar

Congratulations on your new baby, Joyce! I’m sorry about the scary complications you had and I hope you and your daughter continue to do well from here on out.

I also really enjoyed Psych and White Collar. This reminds me that I never watched the Psych reunion movie that came out a year or two ago, I should fix that oversight.

Joyce Avatar

Hi AJ! Thank you. I’m a huge fan of USA Network’s shows—I would’ve added Suits & Monk to the list too but forgot. Although I think plenty of people watch Suits 🙂 The reunion movie was just ok… I don’t know. I feel like it lost the close-knit charm of the TV series but it was still nice to see everyone together again!

Joyce Avatar

Oh my goodness I just realized it sounded like I was saying I was looking forward to people’s responses to my comment specifically and that’s not at all what I meant! I meant I look forward to reading everyone else’s answers to see what they’ve been up to!! ❤️

Erica Avatar

I newly aquired the Natasha Denona Safari and Tropic palettes. I haven’t put them down. I love both. The Safari a little more which is weird since I’m not the biggest fan of all matte palettes. I adore the lotus shade. I don’t have any similar pink transition shades like it!

This weekend I’m spending with my daughter. Her birthday is Tuesday so all my focus is on her. Because of Covid, her senior year has been a bit of a bummer. No prom. No Mass Band or final band concerts. Cannot do much for her birthday. Graduation post poned. So I’m trying to make it as special as I can. I’m baking her a Latvian honey cake?

I don’t know what show more people should watch as I don’t pay attention to ratings and just watch what I like (new and old) but a few I’ve enjoyed lately…Dead to Me, That 70s Show, Criminal Minds, Nailed It, Great British Bake Off, Anne with an E, Mary Tyler Moore, Locke and Key, Ghost Whisperer, Barry

Joyce Avatar

That 70’s Show!! Omg I used to be obsessed. My boyfriend (now husband) would get sooo annoyed because I started so many stories with “oh that reminds me of this scene in That 70’s Show…” I think I stopped watching a little before Eric left the show.

Joyce Avatar

Hi Lesley!! Oh goodness get back on it!! I loooove Bill Hader. That man is *chef’s kiss* NoHo Hank is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. And I love everything Henry Winkler does 🙂

Joyce Avatar

Nancy oh yay I’m so happy to see your comment!! How’ve you been?

Oh wow I’m sorry you experienced it too. So… I don’t even have the words to describe. I didn’t know what was happening at the moment but lots of nurses were doing a million things then later when I was better I joked with my nurse how I almost died and she looked at me very seriously and nodded. Well then! Yeah recovery was longer this time around even though I didn’t dear. Praise Jesus for that because seriously tearing is the WORST.

Ana Maria Avatar

I also need desperately a skincare order, mine from Paula’s Choice. It’s the first time in like… years… I don’t have a decent backstock of cleanser, SPF and body lotion.

Psych… so great memories fro highschool… I used to watch it with my brother.

Mary Avatar

Joyce , Congratulations on your new sweet baby girl.!
Glad to hear your doing well now,
I’am a bit of a Victorian period lover , so if you can check out “Vanity Fair “ it was quite fun .

Joyce Avatar

Hi Brenda! Oh goodness I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Truly traumatizing ? I’m so happy to have a daughter. We didn’t find out sexes with either child so when they said it’s a girl I was sooo happy! My firstborn is a boy. I hope they get along well lol

Genevieve Avatar

Fantastic news about your new little one Joyce and I am sure she is a little angel. How is your son going with the advent of a little sister?
I always think that hospitals push mothers’ out far too quickly these days and you never know what is going to happen post birth. What a nightmare for you and your family and it’s lucky that you were still in hospital when you hemorrhaged. That is really awful and I was quite shocked when I read your post. I am so, so glad that you made it through Joyce. Because women in the past didn’t always.
I hope you are getting some much needed support from your family too as this will take awhile for you physically and emotionally to get over.
Take care and once again, congratulations.

Joyce Avatar

SQUEE!! Hi Genevieve it’s so nice to hear from you!! How’ve you been??

He’s doing alright lol at first he had no interest but now he likes holding her and gets concerned when she cries and brings her toys. It’s sweet. He’s saying so many more words now and I think it’s because it gets him more attention lol

Yes I was always afraid I’d get a random blog clot that let to a stroke and die randomly but I guess hemorrhaging is it’s own random birthing issue! I’m very grateful for how promptly the hospital staff took care of everything. I also wish more care was put into mother care.

Thank you ❤️

Mariella Avatar

So glad you are okay, Joyce, and that your daughter is too. You know, we have tended to downplay pregnancy in the last 40 or so years (“I’m pregnant, not sick. Being pregnant shouldn’t hold me back from anything”) and a lot of people don’t realize just how hard it is being pregnant, delivering a baby (there’s a reason it’s called “labour”) and recuperating afterward while caring for a newborn (and possibly other children as well). All 3 of my deliveries were cesarean sections and 200 years ago, I probably would have died delivering my first child (and she probably would have as well). Okay, rant over….

A friend of mine lost a lot of hair after having her children. It WILL grow back and many of us have strange looking hair just now because of the pandemic.

Joyce Avatar

Hi Mariella! I agree pregnancy for me is just the absolute pits. I am so grateful to be pregnant at the time but I’m literally just sick for 9 months straight for one reason or another. There were days where if I sat still long enough I would just immediately fall asleep.

Lol my hair grew back after my son but in slow stages. It’s just so bizarre when clumps come out at once in the shower ?

Tracey E. Avatar

Wow, Joyce! Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your daughter! Relieved to hear you’ve recovered from the postpartum hemorrhage, and that you and the baby are well.

Celesta Avatar

Haul: Just some CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizer because I’m about out of my current bottle.

Rediscoveries: Nothing to speak of, but I have enjoyed setting my face lightly again.

Weekend plans: Hopefully some cleaning! Prepping to take my son back to daycare on Monday.

One TV show you wish more people would watch? Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. It’s like an adult version of Glee, I love it so much.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: nothing. Rediscoveries: The Stila single shadows I have – I’ve been using Puppy, Grace, Starlight and asking myself why I don’t use them all the time.

Weekend plans: It’s Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. No fireworks this year, no gatherings for fireworks. I might cut out some fabulous fabric I got before the lockdowns if I can find a pattern that works and fits (it’s a 1.1 meter remnant).

TV shows I wish more people would watch. It’s old now, but Spooks (MI-5 in the US – apparently there was some concern that Americans would think it was a show about ghosts). It’s such a stylish and cool show. Also Coronation Street! I’ve bee watching it for decades and as silly as it’s become, I still watch because of some of the writing and dialogue.

Genevieve Avatar

Mariella, I am a huge fan of Spooks – I have watched every single series of that one, although Season 1 remains my favourite. My younger son Nicholas and I would watch it avidly when it was on a Friday night. It hasn’t been around for quite some time now.
I really like a lot of British crime shows: Scott and Bailey and Happy Valley. I have also been watching some Scandinavian Noir as well – Trapped, The Bridge and Darkness. All good.

Mariella Avatar

OMG – we really are separated at birth. I LOVE Happy Valley. Sarah Lancashire, the sergeant in it, used to play a barmaid in Coronation Street – a ditzy but big hearted blonde who was often used and abused because she was so innocent and trusting – and she was fabulous in it because she played the ditziness so well. And Happy Valley, in spite of its dark story lines, is sooo good. And it was amazing to see James Norton – who almost always plays good guys – was so dark and creepy and absolutely terrifying. Re Spooks, I’ve never liked Matthew McFayden all that much – he sort of puts me to sleep – so I liked the later seasons more (except for the way season 9 and Lucas’s exit line were written) and I just ADORED Ros Myers! She was soooo cool and kick ass. I remember her taking down a guy who was following her, threatening him with his own pen and then telling him “Try following me again and I’ll get really angry”. She’d diffuse bombs with only seconds to go and without even creasing her eyeshadow! I also really like Scandi-noir – Trapped was amazing but I’ve found The Bridge (all 3 versions – English, French and Danish) kind of gruesome so never got beyond the discovery of the body. Have you seen Occupied (about green energy, Norway and all the political stuff that we ordinary folks can’t even imagine). A friend of mine loves Scott and Bailey and has been encouraging me to watch it but I haven’t yet….I do need to watch it soon.

Mariella Avatar

I’ve not seen all of it though I do think we have it on our external hard drive and will probably start watching it from the start again fairly soon. It’s got some of my favourite people in it – Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid (she used to be on Coronation Street – I think she’s sort of legendary as Ken Barlow’s first wife), Nicola Walker (also a Spooks alumna) and Sarah Lancashire. She really is amazing.

ShariP Avatar

Mariella what will you be making? I’m thinking of making some more masks. I have a maybe odd question, but don’t Canadians think of themselves as Americans? I think of Canadians, Mexicans, and United States as all Americans. Just curious.

Mariella Avatar

Why would we think of ourselves as Americans? We are Canada – a totally separate nation. We had a totally different system of government; we still have the Queen as a titular head of state in a constitutional monarchy. We have publicly funded health care. We think of ourselves as Canadians. I daresay Mexicans think of themselves as Mexican and that feeling has probably been heightened in recent years with all that talk of another Wall for which Mexico will have to pay.

As regards sewing, I’ve done two batches of masks for Canada Sews and I need a break. I’ve got a couple of older “indie” patterns from Loes Hinse and Textile Studio and might look for a top in one of those or make something from a Finnish pattern company called Named.

Mariella Avatar

Well, the continent is North America but it’s made up of 3 separate countries, one of which happens to be called “The United States of America” and perhaps that is where the confusion comes from. But “North America” is like “Europe” – the name of a continent – and I don’t think that Italians would consider themselves the same as Portuguese.

Maggie Avatar

Hi ShariP, just to add further to the discussion…the meaning “American” can change depending on where you are: if you’re in Central or South America, “American” can refer to people from all three American continents. It would be considered gauche, rude or just downright confusing to use “American” in reference to the USA.

Mexicans seem aware of this ambiguity. I do know some old treaties between the USA and Mexico use the word “American” to refer to USA but I’m not sure how modern Mexican publications use the word.

ShariP Avatar

Maggie, I’m in total agreement with you. When I think of the term American it is more inclusive of every country on the continent. When I think of someone from the States, I think of them as United States citizens, who also happen to be Americans.
To use Mariellas example of Europe, someone from Belgium is Belgian, but, also European.
My question wasn’t meant to be disrespectful in any way to anyone. I was honestly curious. Thank you for your input.

Seraphine Avatar

Haul: No makeup, just another cute face mask. If we have to wear masks instead of lipstick and blush, I might as well have pretty ones.

Weekend plans: Zoom happy hour with friends; reading; watching TV, Netflix, and/or Amazon Prime; household chores; ordering from a restaurant. 

One TV show you wish more people would watch? I have to name two: Outlander and Better Call Saul. I know both shows have huge audiences out there, but none of my friends/family watch either show. I wish they did so we could talk about the episodes. 

AJ Avatar

Haul/rediscoveries: Nothing! My recent purchases have all been non makeup/beauty items. I did get a new plant! I added a snake plant to my dance room because I had an empty corner in the space I use as a backdrop for filming and I thought a plant would nicely add some life to things. Now I already want another plant to keep her company.

Weekend plans: Are you ready for it? I’m going to… stay home! We’ll pop out on Sunday, a bakery down in Seattle is doing a pop-up drop-off at a nearby Filipino restaurant we had wanted to try before quarantine, so we’ll get some baked goods AND some take-out. Other plans include the usual online classes and online happy hour, but also there’s a Belly Dance Super Stars online reunion show Saturday afternoon that I’m going to watch.

A TV show I wish more people would watch: I’m going to go for What We Do in the Shadows. It’s so funny! This week’s episode even had Mark Hamill as a guest star.

AJ Avatar

The American one is at least as funny! It has the same guys behind it, so it’s the same sort of sense of humor and the same “faux-documentary” filming style, but now it’s a 30 minute TV show like The Office, and set in the US. There’s 1.5 seasons available so far on Hulu, so I definitely recommend it if you need a laugh! It’s currently one of the highlights of our week.

Lesley Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown. Is something so small and inexpensive a “haul”?

Weekend plans: Warm weather and no rain in the forecast so a walk. Farmers market on Sunday. Our big Saturday market is limiting the number of people who can enter at once and the lines stretch for several blocks. Since it’s not high season yet, I am going to smaller markets where there are entry lines but they are much shorter. I have a Zoom meet up with some close friends later today.

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: I thought The Americans was the best thing on TV in the past few years.

Ana Maria Avatar

NYX nailed the brow game with the shade Ash Brown for me. Even higher end brands with more shades don’t to well a neutral/cool toned color for brown eyes. Warm toned brow products look bad on me, but somehow most brand assume that anything `brown` needs to be warm.

Mariella Avatar

I think I’ll need to try this brown pencil. I bought ABH Dip Brow in Medium Brown which is a tad dark but light brown looked way too warm. Then I got a sample of Taupe, which is much better but I can’t imagine using up a pot of this stuff, let alone TWO. So I didn’t buy Taupe. The NYX pencil sounds perfect.

Aurora Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I actually received my pre-brexit haul from 4 different UK online stores with the last parcel arriving this Monday, so I got quite the collection of items – high-end makeup from retailers that aren’t easily accessible when customs start to apply to the UK too that doubled as a semi-late birthday present. Altogether I got the ABH Jackie Aina palette, ND Coral palette, Cover FX Monochromatic Blush Duo in Soft Peach, Shiseido Visionairy Lipstick in Woodblock, Fenty Match Stix in Purrl and Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow, Hot Chocolit and Sweet Mouth. Aside from the ND Coral, which I’ll be ‘corking’ a bit later, I’ve used all of these for the past week almost exclusively. I’m so happy with the collection of things I got. Everything’s been planned out for a long time and there are no impulse buys in the bunch.

Weekend plans: School, unfortunately. I have a bunch of final assignments to work on; at least we won’t be having the usual barrage of final exams for the most part. I might start doing some gardening for the summer, though. Some flowers for the bees, as usual.

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: This is a tough one; I don’t remember the last TV show I saw that I’d consider universally “must-watch”, but if darker sci-fi interests, Altered Carbon is my latest discovery (season 1 only, I’m afraid – the writing just flopped on the second one, imho) and I loved it.

kjh Avatar

I never thought about that aspect of Brexit. It’s a far more complex issue than the US can imagine. (Of course here, it seems our celeb fan society is far more concerned with Megxit than Brexit.) Glad you got some goodies before the customs/tariffs.

Lauren Avatar

Purchase: got a bottle of The Ordinary’s niacinamide serum to wait on deck while I finish off the current bottle.

Weekend plans: The usual—video chats, getting outside when the weather clears.

TV shows I wish more would watch: Justified when it was on, Fargo, Legion…

kjh Avatar

Anything based on Elmore Leonard is great. One of my fave movies is Jackie Brown. Pam Grier and her bondsman/boyfriend Robert Forster (rip) and heavy duty actors like a Robert DeNiro playing small parts? Not a big Tarantino fan, but that one was a gem.

Nancy T Avatar

I’m sure Mellan is enjoying whatever time he can get out on your beautiful patio while he still can, too!

Haul/rediscoveries: Now that everything I bought this past month is all here, minus the 2 skincare items I purchased from Sephora Rouge sale, I’m finally playing with makeup again. Yesterday, I wore Nabla Nude Cutie Palette on my eyes, and as soon as I was done, there was a knock on the door from UPS with my package from a friend containing the MAC x Selena La Reina collection Siempre Selena Retro Matte Lipstick and Hey Dad Pizza Lipglass that she ordered for me and I paid her back for, plus some extra goodies inside: a perfect face mask handmade by her and a fantastic dupe for ABH Sultry Palette! So good that one cannot readily tell the difference at all. I’m excited to use it tomorrow when I go out to pick up my new(ish) dining room set. BTW; I finally did find the perfect liquid matte lipstick for me in the MAC Retro Matte Lipstick (liquid) formula. Wore it out yesterday even though I also wore my mask. It did NOT transfer or smear on me at all. It did not suck all of life’s moisture out of my lips, either. Perfection!

Weekend plans: Attend my meeting via Zoom tomorrow morning, then get ready and go with a great friend of mine to go purchase a gently used dining room table and chairs. My son will be taking out my old set and bringing in the new for me. I hope he can get a friend to help him out, though.

One TV show you wish more people would watch: Heck if I know anymore. I’m still waiting for my son or somebody to set up my Roku TV for me! It has been 2 whole months since I moved over here, plus, mind you, during a lockdown. And NO TV. ???

Ana Maria Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: Besides the usual, I might try to visit some of my old favorite state parks. Last week I ended up hiking in a nearby state park with redwoods and it was refreshing to go back to my old weekend routines. But I have to go later i the afternoon to avoid crowds and people ignoring any social distancing.

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: I don’t watch TV (I don’t have one or cable or anything like that), I just wish people would watch more documentaries. Lately I remembered old Discovery days with nature documentaries, but even shows like Mythbusters, Inked, the ones with building robots and building machines from landfill items.

Stephanie Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: For a haul, I finally broke down and ordered some things from Sydney Grace; they packaged the stuff within an hour and I am so shocked! And excited! I’ve had Tiara on my list for such a long time, and now it and many friends are coming to join me here. Rediscovery is Missha’s original BB cream, which looks so lovely on the skin.
Weekend plans: Finishing the book I’m reading about Elizabeth Arden & Helena Rubinstein, organizing my closet, and watching my favorite band do a live stream tomorrow (their most famous song is called “May 16”, so it is unofficially “Lagwagon Day.” If you or anyone you know played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, you know the song!)
One TV show you wish more people would watch?: Someone else mentioned Barry, and I second that wholeheartedly. I have been bugging almost everyone I know to watch it because it is amazing and Bill Hader is a national treasure. The other one would probably be The Politician on Netflix. Ben Platt is so amazing and talented, and it goes from a kid at a private school running for class president to full on Greek tragedy and beyond. The cast is great, and Gwyneth Paltrow plays a likeable-but-goopy character that I think is truly underrated (her husband is a producer on the show.) If you’ve liked Ryan Murphy’s other non-Glee shows, you should check it out.

Heather Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I’ve been using a lot of my rms beauty products lately and love the simplicity of application, just fingers!

Weekend plans: Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, hoping my neighbours abide by the “no fireworks” as my dog practically has a heart attack every time there is a reason for people to use them.

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: I am a huge Survivor fan, have never missed an episode in all 40 seasons. I also love Better Call Saul and wish there wasn’t so much time between seasons. There isn’t a big enough following for me to be able to chat with others about these shows.

xamyx Avatar

Haul: I probably bought far more than I should have, but… This is what has been delivered, so far:

Lunatick Cosmetics Lab: Contour Palette Volume 2; I’ve wanted this for a while, so I bit the bullet, and took advantage of the Mother’s Day sale. I picked up the huge box off my doorstep, and it felt a bit heavy, but when I opened it, I was surprised by several additional items. When I checked the packings slip, there was a handwritten note, that basically said enjoy all the “extras”! Included were all 10 of the Lip Slicks, the Elvira eyeshadow palette (which will be perfect for my daughter), a bullet lipstick in Lacrimosa, and an empty “brain” container.

Rituel de Fille: Again, several items have been on my wishlist for ages, so I decided to just go for it… Inner Glow Creme Pigments in Eclipse, Euphoria, & Intuition, and Rare Light Creme Luminizers in Lunaria + Solaris (set), Ghost Light, & Icebow. I also “justified” this order by purchasing 4 cloth face masks.

Sephora: Fenty Bronzer in Macchiato, ABH Norvina Volume 4 palette, and 3 KvD lip liners, Vampira, Outlaw, & Rosary, although the latter didn’t make it into the box…

Plans: Just grocery shopping on Sunday, maybe laundry tomorrow… Stalk the mailman for the rest of my packages, LOL!

TV Show: The only show I’m currently obsessed with, aside from the news, is “Blue Bloods”, but considering it’s being renewed for Season 11 means alot of people are already watching it! It’s a fairly new discovery for me, though, having just stumbled upon syndicated reruns within this past year, and have been doing my best to catch up on past seasons.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Nothing this week. I am still waiting for Sephora sale packages x 2. According to the site, they are still in process. If I don’t get by Monday I will be contacting them for status.

Weekend: Nothing special. More of the same as I mostly stay home so I don’t get exposed to COVID 19.

TV show: I really don’t watch any TV except the occasional Cable news program. There is really nothing that interests me on TV. I use to watch a ton of Cable news but I just can’t stomach much of it anymore. The US is in deep trouble and not just from the pandemic and I find that if I watch it too much, I end up depressed. Not just a little down but stressed and tearful which isn’t healthy so I weaned myself off and only tune it occasionally just to make sure there isn’t anything big happening that I don’t know about.

Rachel R. Avatar

ColourPop SS Highlighter in Hippo. I prefer powders, so when white w/violet shift highlighters became more common, poor Hippo got neglected (and I’m sad to hear, recently discontinued). I want to use it before it dries up, and maybe layer it with a similar powder shade. Fortunately, it seems good as new!

*Ulta (sale) — Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette, Fleshcolor Starshine Eyeshadow Palette, CP Exes and Oh’s Palette (not on sale), and Ulta Luxe Lipstick in Princess Pink, Social Status, and Vintage Wine.

*Apocalyptic Beauty LOTM Club Subscription — Necromancer Theme: I’m loving the twist Alisha gave to classic the gray-black color story. Pigments in Reanimation (lip safe gray w/blue hue), Curse (lip safe black with red sheen), White Walker (lip safe ethereal blue with blue/violet sparks), and Desecration (gray with blue to green duochrome shift and green shimmer).

*Coloured Raine (sales pages) — Eyeshadow in Sea Breeze. Lipgloss in Firecracker, Fancy, Prom Night, Matte Liquid Lipstick in Classy, Homicide, Heart of Stone, Electric Raine, Amazing Raine, and Sugar. Vivid Pigment Empty Magnetic Palette.

*Fortune Cookie Soap Company — OCD Hand Sanitizers in Oogie Boogie, Rum Butter, PJP, and Atlantis in various sizes.

*Nomad Cosmetics — NOMAD x New York Studio 54 Discolighter
 in Hot Shot and Around-The-World Light Infusion Highlighter/Illuminator/Blush Palette.

*Beauty Bakerie (15% new customer discount) — Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Palette and Milk & Honey Highlighting Palette.

*L.A. Girl — Very purple heavy haul! Just Blushing in Just Dance and Just Playful. Shockwave Neon Liner in Fresh, Blaze, and Vivid. Fineline Eyeliner in Plum and Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Eyeliner in Perpetual Purple. Lipliner Pencil in Viola, Deepest Purple, and Pink Fleur. Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Ooh La La! and Carried Away. Glitter Magic Shimmer Shifting Lip Color in Hypnotic and Starry Night.

*CColor Cosmetics — Palettes in Unisex 3 and Unisex 1, Dope (not a drug reference), Feverish, and Clay; Eye Essentials Brush Set; and Holographic Lipsheen in Purple. I’m shocked at the quality of the shadows considering the price. Unisex 3 is a dupe for J* Androgyny, but I like the quality of the shadows better than I do form my real J* Beauty Killer Palette.

*Target — Neutrogena sunscreens, Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Kit, and Lip Smackers in Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke.

Weekend plans: We’re rearranging our household. Hubby has to move his airplane parts to a hanger, bedrooms are getting shifted around, and I’m getting my makeup room back. I keep saying I’ll finally color my hair, but it’s becoming a joke a this point. Maybe…? LOL

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: Altered Carbon, The Witcher, and Castlevania.

Mariella Avatar

The voice of Trevor Belmont in Castlevania is that of Richard Armitage, my huge fangirl crush. I don’t like anime or animated or whatever is the right term for genre, but I’ve watched a few episodes because he’s in it and will probably end up watching the whole 3 series over time.

Mariella Avatar

Rachel, what would be the correct term for that sort of animation? (I’m so old, I don’t know this stuff…) Or is there a term – is it just “animation”?

He has done a whole lot of audio books which are helping me survive the shut-down of our libraries.

brendacr1 Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: My Tom Ford Extreme Eye Bad Ass Mascara finally came from Sephora, I haven’t tried it yet, no where to go!
Weekend plans: We went to Vancouver last weekend because my Mother’s house sold, so we will be staying home this weekend. The difference between Vancouver and Calgary was very noticeable, very few people in Vancouver wear masks, Calgary has been harder hit with the virus and almost everyone wears masks. People were looking at us like we had two heads, and my great niece was afraid of me.
One TV show you wish more people would watch?: Outlander, I came across the books years ago and was delighted when they made it into a series on TV.

Mariella Avatar

brenda, how to you feel about so many of the changes they made from book to script/tv? When the first series aired, my sis in law (possibly a bigger fan of the books than I was) and I both lamented that the Claire in the books was far more likable than the tv version. Ditto Frank, as I recall….

brendacr1 Avatar

Mariella, Oh yes I know what you mean. When my Mother was alive we used to discuss this every week. Also there was one season, I can’t recall which one now, but they added a whole part that wasn’t in the books, it was entertaining but a little weird. I still love watching it and now my daughter watches it. She never read the books so she doesn’t have the same experience though. I try to explain the premise of the show to my husband but he just shakes his head and leaves the room lol!

Mariella Avatar

I also enjoy it as a tv show and it’s so long since I’ve read (or re-read) any but the first book which I loved SO much because I’ve always been fascinated by henges so that book just pulled me in My husband thinks it’s all quite silly. But it’s the same with the series Shetland – not sure if you’ve seen that. The first episodes were adaptations of Anne Cleeves’s books but they just butchered them -adding characters who weren’t even in the books, making the murderer a whole new character rather than the killer from the actual book, changing the genders and ages of characters when the books had been very specific. I still enjoyed watching it but I’ve enjoyed the last 3 seasons – which are “based on characters created by Anne Cleeves” – but have totally original plots. I’m not sitting there muttering “But his child was a daughter, NOT a son….”

Mary Avatar

Can I just say how much I miss swatching! and Sephora and Ulta) I know in the current situation we are all in , and all the sacrifices people are making its so minor
So thank you Christine for all the swatching .anyway….what was the question :)?
Oh yeah Haul discoveries / the only thing I’ve bought lately was Milani Gilded Gold “ palette and i’am pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Blue Avatar

I was going to say the same thing! Even when Sephora reopens it’s going to be a looooong time before I put a store sample blush on my face again. The amazing service Christine provides is more valuable than ever.

We love you, Christine!

Genevieve Avatar

Good on you Mellon, surveying the fruits of your parents’ labour! It looks beautiful Christine. And I sympathise with you about the heat!

Haul: Just some new shampoos and conditioner. There has been a partial step towards easing the lockdowns here and some of the beauty shops are just starting to open. I can’t wait to visit them.
Rediscoveries: Naked 2. What a stunning palette it is.

Weekend Plans: Last Thursday we were allowed to have 5 members of our family to visit, so I had a big dinner with the family.
Saturday – Olivia and Lachlan are coming over for the day, to give their parents a much needed break.
It is a perfect autumn day here – cold nights and a lovely sunny day. The children will be keen to play with the toys here and we will go out for a walk.
Sunday – We are allowed to go for a drive – hallelujah – and we are going up into the local hills. Cafes that only serve takeaway are the only ones allowed to be open at the moment, but even that is good.
I can’t wait.

TV Shows: I recently watched a series on the roots of Country Music in the US. My husband and I both loved it. These are the kind of shows I wish there were more of.

Mariella Avatar

I couldn’t agree more about Naked2. I don’t understand why UD discontinued my favourite Nakeds – the original, 2 and Smokey!

How nice for you to see your grandchildren (and how nice for them…being cooped up is difficult for kids; heck, it’s difficult for all of us).

Rachel R. Avatar

I think it’s very stupid and unimaginative for UD to discontinue excellent products like the Nakeds you mentioned, and the Electric Palette, in favor of tweaking them, and not for the better. UD used to be one of the most unique brands when they started, and now all it seems all they can do is desperately try to make themselves appear relevant by pulling publicity stunts like having funerals for their most iconic product. It makes me so sad.

Mariella Avatar

Given UD’s image as being edgy, creative and “cutting edge”, I guess I can kind of understand why they’d get rid of 3 such “conventional” or “neutral” palettes except that they were such commercial successes and I feel they probably would have sold well all through this decade (I never had the Electric palette, so can’t comment about that one – I need to take a look at it here at Temptalia). Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so. There are people like me would have to repurchase Naked or Naked2 and I feel they would have continued as decent sellers for quite a while. Oh, well – they didn’t ask us!

Rachel R. Avatar

I think the Naked series was duped by everyone and not as ground-breaking (pun not intended) any more, but I though they still sold well. Of course, now we have Naked Reloaded, which I don’t have, but doesn’t seem to be as popular. Electric was the OG that got replaced by the horrible Wired palette. Electric was the only neon palette way before brights became popular, and is still the best IMHO (except for the terrible silver glitter shade; I never understood why UD didn’t do a bright yellow instead).

Mariella Avatar

Oh, indeed, it was imitated by just about every other company but, IMO, it was never “bested” and I still wish it was available. It was always my go to palette for travel but now, I only take it if I’m travelling by car – I wouldn’t risk losing it if I were flying (and who knows when any of us will be doing either of those things – or travelling by train, taking a cruise, etc.???). If I could still replace it, it would still be my travel palette. I’ll have to take a look at the Electric palette. I’ve never worn a bright yellow shadow in my life but I’m sorry that was something that was missing for you in that palette.

Lauren Avatar

do you mean more series on music, Genevieve, or documentary series in general? Ken Burns has had many excellent series, and one was on Jazz. Some of my favorites of his are the ones on the Civil War, the history of national parks, and Prohibition.

Blue Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: At some point I would like to haul Fenty Bikini Martini and possibly Strawberry Drip and Petal Poppin and Glossier mascara and Body Hero body wash. Recently rediscovered UD Fireball eyeshadow.

Weekend plans: My days mostly center around cooking and exercising so uh more peloton I guess. I’ve started incorporating interval training which has really helped me feel excited for my workouts and improves my engagement during. I’m also going to make falafel from scratch using Kenji Lopez-Alt’s recipe. I’ll make pita if I’m feeling really fancy. I grew up with some Mediterranean staples because of Greek Sephardic heritage but we never made falafel so this will be new. Kenji rarely leads me astray so I’m pretty confident they’ll be wonderful if they hold together and I cook them through.

One TV show you wish more people would watch?: What a great question. Cavendish!!!!!!! It was canceled after the first season and is only available in Canada but it’s such a gem. And of course Party Down, for all my restaurant industry comrades. Even though it’s more about show business than hospitality, the degree of accuracy about serving is unparalleled. Even throwaway details are always so dead on. The actors holding the wine bottles correctly, THE GLASS RACKS, the Burgundy and Bordeaux glasses during the impromptu wine tasting… Cavendish was amazing and had a lot of potential and Party Down was IMHO the most perfect comedy series of the last 20 years. Love love both.

Allison Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I switched from using Madison Reed Root Touch Up for my brows to Anastasia’s brow powder, and that’s been pretty good. I rediscovered the bliss that is finishing my old Marc Jacobs Highliner in (Iron)y and starting a new one.
Weekend plans: Hang out with my roommate’s cat and my other roommate’s dog 🙂
One TV show you wish more people would watch?: Battlestar Galactica!! The 2004 version!! Why watch Netflix’s remake of Lost in Space when you can watch BSG? Argh!

Tracey E. Avatar

Haul: Beautylish – Wayne Goss lip pencils on Mauve and Natural Berry, lipsticks in Orchid, Carnation, and Zinnia and lip glosses in Antique Rose and Petunia. Can’t wait to try them!

Weekend Plans: Enjoyed a long walk on Saturday. I’m spending this rainy Sunday mostly doing chores and putting together an exercise regimen for next week. Otherwise, staying in.

One TV show you wish more people would watch: Barry.

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