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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Revlon Glassy Shine Lipsticks, Shiseido Visionary Gel Lipsticks, Shiseido Synchro Skin Concealer/Foundation
  • Weekend plans: We’re in the middle of our landscaping remodel, and trees get delivered today, so that’ll be quite the transformation, I hope! Otherwise, it’s mostly business as usual – I think I’m going to try and swatch through some more lipsticks (leaning toward the Shiseidos I just bought) and some cheek colors.
  • What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: This is an area I struggle with because I don’t really have any hobbies, so I’m always curious about other people’s hobbies to see if something might catch my fancy…

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LOL, I think a lot people aren’t operating at 100% these days, myself included.

Haul: Nothing this week with social distancing, but I may order a couple of things from Ulta next week.

Rediscoveries: My Coloured Raine Safari Raine and Queen of Hearts palettes. I have a new appreciation for both of them; they’re stunning.

Weekend plans: More of the same! Right now everything feels like a never ending Sunday for us. Hopefully we’ll get to spend some time outside?

What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: Crocheting/knitting. I have knitted and crocheted several blankets/scarves/hats, but I haven’t had time to really dive into it. I have a fun little Star Wars crochet character kit that I have never broke into; this would actually be the perfect time to do so!

I used to crochet, but I never got past making scarves. I live in a warm climate, so they’re not very useful. I’ve tried knitting, but it felt so much more awkward than crocheting. The Star Wars kit sounds like fun!

To me everything feels like a never ending Wednesday. 😆 Working from home makes it so hard to draw the line between working hours and free time, especially when working with people from different timezones. And the quarterly deliverables don’t are about the virus. 😀

Awww, sweet Mellan! That just made me giggle from cuteness!

Haul: The most frustrating thing is seeing so many lovely makeup products for spring while living under a shelter-in-place order. But although I’ve been working from home in my pjs with no makeup, I’ve been wearing the rollerball version of D&G Light Blue every day, which I received as a gift last year. Since Macy’s is having a 15% off beauty sale, I felt that a getting pretty new product while I’m stuck here at home would give me a lift, and a light, fresh perfume like Light Blue is something I can wear and be aware of all day. It is supposed to arrive on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it. On a side note, a few days ago I decided to try wearing Opium, which was a gift I received many years ago, but I haven’t worn it since the 70s. I really like it, but my husband (who’s in his late 50s) said it smells “grandma-ish”… and then I couldn’t scrub it completely off!!! It was like it had settled deep inside my pores. It was finally gone by the next day, and I went back to Light Blue.

Weekend plans: Binge-watching, maybe some laundry, trying not to succumb to those Kate Spade ads that have been inundating my inbox offering 75% off their bags. We might need to go out to forage at some point. I feel like a scared bunny hiding in my rabbit hole, like something out of Watership Down (the book; I haven’t seen the Netflix show yet). 

What’s a hobby you’d explore if you had the time? I was into jewelry-making many years ago and it was fun. It’s great to be able to design your own earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think. (I’m talking about beading and costume jewelry, not fine jewelry.) Plus, having the knowledge of how to use the simple tools is very useful if a piece of jewelry you own breaks or needs an adjustment. I have an enormous collection of beads, wires, pendants, etc., but I never touch them anymore. 

Haul: a replacement tube of Clarins concealer (mine was getting low and with 20% off on Thursday, that seemed the best time); I also picked up a tube of that new Revlon lipstick/gloss in colour 017 (I forget the name) – the only shade they had that appealed to me (it was a very truncated collection and, of course, no testers). I’m also waiting for a delivery from Saje – some refill blotter thingies for my car diffuser (they are being discontinued) and a bottle of Ritual diffuser blend, which is a new favourite. I wanted to order another bottle of Safe Hands – an antimicrobial hand lotion; how effective the “anti-microbial” claim is is questionable but it’s a nice hand lotion and with washing my hands so often, I figured I’d get a 2nd bottle – but they’re sold out, so I’m glad I picked up a bottle when I was able to (about 3 or 4 weeks ago).

Weekend plans: try to do some sort of at home workouts. I finally dragged myself down to the basement this morning and did some upper body stuff with a barbell (I think it’s about 20 lbs with no weights added) and 40 push ups and some squats. I need to do more, though. And, really, that’s about it – there’s not much else to do but cook or bake (baking’s a bad idea as then we’re tempted to eat what I’ve baked) or take walks. I might do some sewing to get ready for the warmer weather.

A hobby I’d like to explore: maybe knitting. I took lessons and actually got fairly good when I was pregnant with my 2nd child (he’s now 34! Gives you an idea of how long ago THAT was) – I’d reached the point where, if the phone rang, I didn’t have to make copious notes as to where I was in the pattern. But I’ve forgotten it all and for me, it’s actually quite mathematical, which isn’t my strongest point. So I might take a few knitting lessons at a great little shop in my city, once these things are possible again. Oh, and I’d like to learn Spanish because I’d like to take an extended visit to Spain and I’d like to be able to speak some basic Spanish.

There’s a lot of instructional videos on youtube if you want to give knitting a try from afar. Heck, your local shop might already have something set up over zoom, lots of us have started virtual knit-nights!

Nah – I want to wait and work with an actual instructor. I know that “in person” works best for me. Once I get kick started, I might try youtube (though this wonderful store I referred to has great knitting get togethers in the store.

This video with Mellan cracks me up! 😂

Haul: Nothing this week to report.

Weekend plans: Just trying to cope with this whole social distancing thing and feeling like a prisoner in my own home. I think it’s about time I do my nails, they look pretty ratchet! Still trying to find the link-up to listen to my meetings on Sunday. I’m not really sure how the technology works yet. Probably need to get my Roku TV hooked up to video conference? Still not sure.

Hobby you’d like to explore more if you had the time? Oh, I have plenty of time on my hands now! Learning how to cook new gluten-free dishes, specifically baked products. something of which I’ve already dipped my toe into since living in my new apartment. I made a from scratch chocolate sour cream gluten-free pound cake!
I would also love to get back into horticulture and sewing again. Those were big things for me when I was younger.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing at the moment!

Weekend plans: Routine chores, my weekly trip to the grocery store, and this past week we’ve enjoyed taking drives through local neighborhoods. We’re thinking about moving and this is giving us some ideas of what neighborhoods we want to keep an eye on. We’ll probably do some more of that. And play video games, we are gaming nerds.

What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: I have so many hobbies and not enough time. I always wanted to take up blacksmithing/welding or learn to work on cars. I also wanted to take a performance driving class and learn to drift and do other stunts. Not like I could use these skills in real life (except for working on cars) but I like to collect knowledge. If I didn’t live in an HOA my hobbies would be different, right now I have too many restrictions on torches, kilns, etc. I’ve done silversmithing and gem setting for a number of years when I had access to the equipment, I would love to set up a workbench and do that again. I’ve done lampwork beads and glass work and pottery so a kiln would be handy. But I’ve settled mostly into fiber-based hobbies like sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery. Too many projects, not enough time!! I like to make stuff. Heck, I’d be all over carpentry if I had access.

I’ve always been an avid driver and owned a vintage Porche ..driving stick since I was a beginner driver. Over 15 years ago I did a weekend driving class in Formula 3000 and I will never forget the experience. I’ve never been more proud of myself. We had timed lap test at the end of the weekend and I was the only female to crack the top 5. My ex-husband took 1st place shockingly as I never let him drive ever because he was always so distracted. Put him on a course and he was unbelievable.

I’m on years 25-37 of standard yellow VW beetle. Certainly not a performance car…maybe the turbo, though. I had a passenger who actually said ‘What does standard mean?’ Young’uns. You can’t find standard transmissions anymore, and I’m heartbroken.

Oh the excitement of driving stick shifting with the left on the opposite side of the road playing chicken on windy UK roads no bigger than golf cart paths and also… traffic circles 😆😱😝

Mellan listened to you! That is so cool! My husband really wants a dog but it would be me taking care of it all the time!
Haul/Rediscoveries: I just put an order in to Sephora for skin care items last night nothing exciting.
Weekend plans: I told my husband that he’s going to have to take me for a drive and walk this Sunday because I don’t usually mind staying home but when I can’t even go grocery shopping I’m starting to feel closed in. It’s going to be beautiful and sunny the next few days and in the plus double digits before we go back to some snow again so I really need to go OUTSIDE!
What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: I used to paint and I bought some wood jewellery boxes last summer and I brought them out and they are sitting there waiting for me to get some inspiration. Also I brought home all my Mother’s Brazilian embroidery supplies and I’ve been watching tutorials on it, I would really like to carry on her legacy of this beautiful craft.

Hiya Mellan!
🎶Haul/Rediscoveries: Revlon Glassy Shine Lipsticks. I picked up two quickly on Amazon, Rum Raisin, Glazed Mauve, when I saw the swatches. I may pick up more. Colourpop Making Mauves palette and Lippie pencil/liner in Brink.
🎶Weekend plans: Shelter in Place. I’ve got 98 acres and I cannot see my neighbours whatsoever from my house, so there’s that. I will be hiking with the doggos which is always a pleasure for all of us.
🎶What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: Since I have more time, I’m expending a lot more effort towards my piano practice. I played when I was younger, then dropped because athletics were more compelling (time outdoors). I’m finding practising scales almost zen like.
Have a good weekend all and stay safe

98 acres? Okay, I’m envious. I’m in a townhouse with no yard. I get out to walk the dog, but that’s about it. I played piano when I was young too. Maybe I should take some time this weekend to reacquaint myself with the keys.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing new, but I put on make-up everyday this week. 😀

Weekend plans: Do only one grocery stop to grab some extras for the week, and manage to get to the gas station as well. Otherwise, all the recreational areas seem to be closed, so I’ll be walking up and down the neighborhood socially distancing myself… there’s a creek and a trail nearby,luckily, but I miss nature like crazy. 🙁 Long walks and hikes always helped me soothe my anxiety, and during these times not being able to be outside more makes the stress worse and worse. I’m already having cabin fever and my productivity decreases each day.

What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: Well…my hobbies have always been cooking, hiking and make-up, and I always made time for them. I don’t actually want another hobby… maybe just starting doing more complex kitchen projects, like fermentation, bread starters, my own yogurt.

I love seeing pictures of Mellan and I also want to say, for the record, that I am really grateful to you, Christine, as well as the group, for the reminders about things in life that are fun.

Haul/Rediscoveries: A set of Static Nails in Brown Sugar from the Nordstrom sal I get my silk wraps maintained every two weeks and I am now on week 3. All the salons are closed.

Weekend plans: We aren’t in a position to plan in NYC. We are both healthy and I have gathered up most of the supplies we would need if one of us became ill. I would like to say that was the result of planning but it was more like panic buying.

What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: Sewing. I tried it many years ago but I wasn’t fastidious enough to turn out things I would want to wear. I have the time now to take some classes so maybe when we get out again.

Haul: Didn’t buy anything new, but last week’s order of the UOMA Bahia lipstick and ORLY base/top coat arrived yesterday!

Weekend plans: Going to watch a livestreamed belly dance show tonight, attend a livestream belly dance class tomorrow. Sunday was going to be attempting a long-distance Jackbox game with family in two different locations in NY, Israel, and us in WA, but since the organizing family members just left for the hospital for my sis-in-law to give birth, I don’t think that’s happening 😉 Probably get some pizza tomorrow or Sunday night. Unpack some crafting supplies that have been in the garage for 10 months. Read a lot, play video games, probably play a board game. Spouse wants to take the dog for a nice long walk but I think the weather is gonna suck.

A hobby I’d explore if I had more time: Embroidery. I’m already dabbling but I’d love to get really good at it. I was signed up for a class that was going to happen at a local shop on Sunday but obviously that’s been rescheduled for later in the year! And I’d love to be really good at costuming and cosplay, like building props and armor and stuff.

Aw Mellon – you really have to sleep the whole night through!

Haul: When I was at Chemist Warehouse, they had my favourite L’Oreal True Match foundation at half price, so I picked up a couple of bottles.
Most of our shops have closed down and the remaining that are open are probably closing in the next few days, apart from supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries etc.

Weekend Plans: Nothing very different from the past week or so. Everything is very, very quiet in our neck of the woods. Here are a few amusing stories to lighten up our day:
#1: My eldest son, who is working from home, had a conference call with the MD of his company and another senior exec. yesterday morning. After the call was completed, the senior exec asked David if he heard any noise coming through on her end of the call, he didn’t and she was relieved – the reason for the question was – her two sons had a loud argument in the lounge room, her daughter had jammed her finger in a kitchen drawer and was crying and the cat was vomiting in the laundry….. #life at home working with kids…….
#2 My second son, who is now working from home, had a directive from his MD that when working from home you have to be ‘properly dressed for the day’ – suit and tie, formal work clothes and he would be video checking his staff to ensure that they were professionally attired. My son said he would wear his shirt/tie and be sitting in his boxers…

Hobbies: I am a pretty keen reader and I enjoy going to museums, places of interest etc. as well as socialising with friends. I have started to get more interested in gardening. I also enjoy cooking too.
I hope everyone here remains safe and well.

#2 made me laugh because I just saw a news story about how Walmart has been selling a lot of tops, but not as many bottoms, and they say it’s because of teleworking!

Why would a boss make an employee wear a suit and tie when working at home during a pandemic? I’m very thankful that my boss does not require video for our Zoom staff meetings. (Just make sure your son doesn’t keep the camera on if he gets up to take a break!)

Both those stories cracked me up! Kids always go bonkers when parents are doing something important. lol As for #2…Why would someone wear a suit and tie to work from home, other than for perhaps video calls/conferences with execs or a client? Ridiculous.

Mellan is too cute! Maybe he just wants to play a bit with his snack.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Most stores are closed here and more seem to close every day. I ordered some stuff from the Bay’s President’s Sale almost two weeks ago and it came this week. In terms of makeup, Clinique’s All About Eyes, and the spring gift. Also ordered the new Dior concealer (which came with a bag) and the new lipgloss. Makeup was $20 off a $100 purchase so that made it just over that amount.

Weekend Plans: Same as the weekday ones. Stay home. City is in a state of emergency and unless you have to go out, you are to stay home. Parks are closed up, salons are now closed. Malls are deserted. Maybe go for a walk – tough to do when the allergies kick up.

Hobby: None really. Terrible at knitting and crocheting, don’t care for puzzles. Would be interesting in maybe painting or sculpture.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Tonight I placed my first Sydney Grace order-the Enduring Love Deep palette and Pure Love blush.
Weekend plans: We’ve just put in an order at one of our local grocery stores for some hard-to-find items-pickup is tentatively scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Tonight’s the weekly MST3K double feature on Comet and tomorrow’s the big weekly SVU marathon on Ion. I’ve also started a coronavirus furlough beauty diary, a Word document chronicling every makeup look I wear until things get back to normal-I started it on the first day my library closed, a day I would’ve normally worked (hence furlough), and I’ve been making daily updates. Otherwise I’ve been on the Internet a lot and doing some reading.
What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: I collect dolls and I’m hopeful that all this time at home will free up time for me to update the photos of them on my blog.

Hello everyone! Well, it’s been over a month that I have participated (missed you all!), mostly due to training, being in the process of creating a business and being on a no-buy or only-replacement buy. Plus of course, COVID-19 has it where unless I bought a drugstore product while shopping for essential groceries there’s no possibility of buying makeup in France as all non-essential stores are closed (as you may all have heard). And FYI, my no-buy has been going well, mostly because there’s just little to nothing out there I desire except maybe Fenty’s Flyliners (I’ll have to search where you discussed them and give my opinion). 😉

So onto the topic…
Haul/Rediscoveries: Rediscovered my Jackie Aina X ABH palette (which isn’t light-skinned friendly for day wear, in my opinion), but I made it work for my grocery outing since I hadn’t been out in 10 days and didn’t want to have the “confined meme” look. LOL!).
Weekend plans: Finish scanning my children’s school work and continue MS Minecraft Education teacher training, as many may also be experiencing homeschooling these days. The teachers provide them the same amount if not more work, so I’m rediscovering more than makeup, but also my days as an elementary-highschool teacher. :O
What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: Ah the words of Jim Croce’s song “Time in a Bottle…” come to mind like a Neverland dream when you ask this. I have NO time since the confinement due to handling my children schedules, cooking for everyone and some tad bit of cleaning to do what I need to do let alone a hobby, but I’ll dream here, since that’s why I so enjoy your site Christine, it’s helps me be free in a bubble for a hour or so. I’d paint. I’ve even seem lots of online training to learn how to paint while in confinement, so should somehow I gain time and money to do so, that would be it. And that’s why I enjoy makeup, it allows legitimate me time to “paint” myself.

Hauled: Lime Crime Prelude Chroma palette. Used my Ulta points to purchase and it was half off for their 21 Days of Beauty. Rediscovered my Melt Gemini!

Weekend plans: More socially distancing. Maybe I’ll switch from standing in this corner for standing in that corner😉

Hobby: I’ve picked back up knitting, crocheting & macrame and I’ve crafted so many things I think everything will have a knitted etc cover/cozie by the end of this quarantine 👍😊

🎇 Beautylish (gift card event)
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat, Mood Exposure
Hourglass Ambient Lightning Bronzer Diffused Bronze Light, Nude Bronze Light
Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow Vivid
Natasha Denona Camel Palette
Smith & Cult Ghost Edit nail polish
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

🎇 ColourPop
Nude Mood and Making Mauves palettes
Over Board, Get Paid and Grande liners

🎇 Nordstrom:
Laura Mercier Caviar sticks Intense Amethyst, Rosegold and Metallic Taupe

Weekend Plans: Relaxing, am having my groceries and meals delivered, doing chores leisurely. Self facial and mani on Sunday.

What’s a hobby you’d explore if you had more time?: the moment. I am able to devote my time to what I love presently which is nail polish and makeup. I’ve thought about knitting and crocheting, maybe sometime down the road.

*Ulta Black Magic Carnival Lipsstick in Bahlia. STUNNING!

*Nordstrom (sale) — UD Wired 24/7 Eye Pencils in Amped and Amped and Jolt; UD Moondust Eyeshadow in Solstice; Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Cherry Slime and Monster Cherry; MAC Art Library Palette in Nude Model.

*Hautelook — Urban Decay: GOT Eyeshadow Palette; Mother of Dragons HL Palette; Vice Lipstick in Double Team and Crush, and Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Stix and Bones.

*E.l.f. (sale) — Primer Infused Blushes in Always Cheeky, Always Rosy, Always Fiery, Always Peachy, Always Earthy, and Always Punchy; Primer Infused Bronzer in Forever Sunkissed. Stardust Glitter in Cosmic Silver, Gold Galaxy, and Bronze Comet. Lip Lacquer in Love Bite and Mauve Glitz; Gotta Go Lip Tint in Perfect Berry; Mattifying Blotting Papers; Smooth & Set Eye Powder; Putty Eye Primer in Black; Matte Putty Primer; HD Powder in Sheer (backup); Baked Highlighter in Blush Gems (backup), and two packs of Eyeshadow Applicators.

*Shop Miss A — A+: F27 Flat Top Buffer, F26 Dome Top Buffer, and E142 Precise Pencil Brush. Urban Studio Shading and Blending Brush and Medium Shadow Brush. AOA Perfect Powder Blush in Stunner and Mod, three Paw Paw: AOA Perfect Filter Face Primers, 10-Piece Bon Voyage Brush Set, 2 Piece Travel Bottle Set in Pink, Cala Folding Lash & Brow Comb, 12-Piece Mascara Wand Set, Unicorn Print Pocket Mirror Key Chain, and some decorated hair pins and snap clips.

Weekend plans: Celebrating my husband’s and younger son’s birthdays as best we can. Hubby’s is today (Saturday) and Brandon’s is the 31st, but we’ll need to celebrate this weekend because hubby and I are still going to work. Spending time with the kids and kitties. Other than that, grocery shopping and menu making, laundry, etc.

What’s a hobby you’d explore more if you had the time?: I’d love to learn how to machine sew and quilt. I can hand sew and embroider, but I’ve done very little on a machine.

Haul: No haul this week.
Rediscovery: Bobbi Brown Face and Body Bronzer Duo in Antigua and Bermuda, which I use as blush at this time of year.

Weekend Plans: Just back from spending 2 weeks at home in Canada visiting my mother and mother-in-law. Now back in the US. The preparedness, communication, actions, etc. regarding the pandemic could not be more stark between the two countries. I’m glad our parents are where they are, and thankful for the blessing of good neighbours and friends who are checking in on them. I’m spending the weekend getting my to do list for staying at home in order and watching videos on how to cut hair with attachments to an electric razor. (I’m about a week away from needing a shearing of some sort.)

Hobby: Participating in the beauty community is a hobby of sorts. I’d like to dabble in a few things like exploring healthier eating choices and trying related recipes, reading for leisure, depotting makeup, and learning something new.

Hi people, new here.
Haul: nothing. I have more than I can conceivably use in a while, so I really must rein myself in. (But the pretty things!)
Weekend plans: Stay at home, finish a few e-books, put in a bit of overtime to finish this thing at work.
Hobby: I’m rather interested in sewing. Also want to pick up jewelry-making. I dabbled in it a few years ago in high school, but have been too busy/stressed/mentally off the last few years to really continue.

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