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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Fenty Glossy Posse Set, Fenty Bomb Baby 2, Pat McGrath Decadence Palette, MAC Starring You products, Dior holiday palettes, Charlotte Tilbury highlighter + palette.
  • Weekend plans: Today, I’m spending most of the morning photographing/swatching more products, then editing and getting any sneak peeks up for Saturday. I am trying to make a dent in some of the larger palette reviews, so I’m hoping to get some of those written and ready to publish on Saturday and Sunday.
  • What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over?: At this point, I’d really like to get to less than 100 post drafts before November (I’m at 164 right now – I create a post and add images to it in order to get the photos added to the database!).

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Oh, I know that worried “feed-me-now-or-I-may-starve-to-death” look very well. My dog does it every night! Lol

Haul: ColourPop Smoke Show eye palette (so excited to use this one), Big Tough Girl highlighter (I’m not a huge highlighter fan, but this is nice), and Floating Lights blush (wearing it today and it’s beautiful). And I’m amazed that this package arrived less than a week after I placed the order. Colourpop usually takes so long. Also bought Estée Lauder Knockout Nude lipstick using $10 Macy’s rewards points (not that I needed another nude lipstick, but this one is especially gorgeous). The only EL lipsticks I’ve owned till now are the full-size freebies that come with their gifts-with-purchase. I didn’t realize how luxurious the real packaging was until I bought Knockout Nude. I adore magnetic lipstick cases!

Weekend Plans: Visiting family. Going out to dinner with friends. Chores. Relaxing. 

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over? Lose 12 pounds. I know trying to lose weight between Halloween and New Year’s Eve is a fairly ridiculous goal, but I’m going to try. If I can avoid the Halloween candy (mmm…Reese’s!) and only splurge on the occasional holiday meal, rather than succumbing to treats at work, I should be able to do it. Fingers crossed.

Best wishes on the weight loss Seraphine. I was a good girl until I went on my holidays and then it was yummy desserts nearly every night…..Now I have to loose about 5 -6 kilos or more…..

Haul: I caved… I got the ND Mini Gold palette. I’m not one bit sorry. I also picked up the Kaja Rosewater Shimmer Eyeshadow stack (oh lordy, is it pretty and my most favorite tones and goes SO well with allllll of the palettes I love right now), and the Laneige Kiss Me at Midnight Holiday set, because I’m about out of my original Lip Sleeping Mask (I’ve had that thing for 2 years; it lasts FOREVER) and a Sephora Gel Lip Liner Rose Wine. Honestly, the best lip liners I’ve ever tried.

Rediscoveries: I’ve had the MUFE 12-pan artist palette for a while and I’m starting to get back into it. It has some of the prettiest pearly shades!

Weekend plans: Taking my son to a little Halloween festival. He’s dressing as Charlie Brown because he loves Snoopy after we took him to King’s Island last weekend! Also, my in-laws are coming over to watch my son so that my hubby and I can go out to celebrate our anniversary for a bit.

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over?: Finish knitting the blanket that I started about 3 years ago and go on a low/no-buy the rest of the year.

The Mini Gold and the Rosewater Shimmer Stack – what a heavenly combination Celesta. It hink both would look stunning on you.
Your little one would look so cute dressed up as Charlie Brown and I hope he does enjoy the Halloween outing.
Happy Anniversary too. it’s nice for you two to have some time together and enjoy a leisurely meal.

Haul-I went to the US last weekend and purchased 3 ColourPop glitter eyeshadows at Ulta. I also received my Ipsy bag yesterday, and my add-on of a TheBalm eyeshadow palette (What’s the Tea?).
I ordered the holiday Tarte Chrome eyeshadow set from Sephora, but it hasn’t arrived yet and my package is coming from BC for some reason instead of the warehouse here in Ontario and seems to be stranded there-Canada Post hasn’t changed status in 2 days. (normally my Sephora orders arrive within 2 business days).
Weekend plans-taking my daughter to her first concert, visiting with friends, and the usual houswork.
Goal-to drop some of the 10lbs that somehow crept on over the course of the past year! Carbs are the enemy!

I love Mellan’s expression of exasperation, like “c’mon already and stop with the pictures — just give me a treat!”. My cats give me the same look.

Haul: The new Huda palettes in Light, Medium and Rich, ColourPop Smoke Show palette, KVD Lolita Por Vida palette, Smashbox set of three Covershot palettes (Nova and Minimalist eye palettes plus a cheek palette).

Weekend plans: besides the usual workouts and errands, nothing. I’m feeling the change of seasons here in NY (which I love) but I need to hibernate this weekend.

One goal I’d like to accomplish before the year is over: Resume mediating.

Smart pooch Mellan is! 🐕

Haul: I wasn’t planning on buying anything until November, but I went to Ulta yesterday to return Ofra Retrograde split highlighter (looked really bizarre on me!) and to buy a 2-in-1 hairstyling blow dryer by Hot Tools. Ended up also picking up MAC Starstruck lipstick (looks WAY better than it photographs!) and Star Memoir Lipglass, too. Thank goodness for the 20% off coupon!

Weekend plans: Hair (hopefully no longer an “ordeal”), nails, meeting on Sunday. Last Sunday’s Bon Voyage party was fairly bittersweet. My friend Lea and her husband moved away to Puerto Rico. They have not only been members of my congregation, but my 1 block away neighbors for the past 6 years of my living in Scottsdale. It feels like a huge void in the neighborhood now.

One goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over? Lining up my new apartment to move into on March 1st before January 1st! Out here, it’s all about waiting lists to get into places. So, it’s not so easy finding a place anymore the way it was maybe 5 or 10 years back. This is due to our crazy population growth in the Valley of the Sun, supply and demand, and pickier property management companies.

How lonely you must feel now that your good friends have moved away (and so far away too) Nancy. I remember when I was teaching in my second last school and quite a lot of my friends moved away, it was a bit depressing (courtesy of the new Principal).
I sincerely hope that your find your new apartment soon, so fingers crossed. My youngest son (the father of our grandchildren) would like to move into a new area, a tiny bit further from us, but nearer to the school that Olivia will attend next year, but it is so, so hard to find a decent one at a price they can afford. Housing affordibilty is such an issue here too.

Yep, AZ to Puerto Rico is incredibly far away. His family is there though, so they went to tend to some of his elderly family members, because all the younger ones are on the mainland.

I seriously didn’t realize that the rental market had gotten so out of hand in other lands the way it has here. But, I suppose it does wherever there’s population growth with fewer places to rent. Supply vs. demand. Hopefully, your SIL and daughter find something nice, too, Genevieve!

Btw: thank you! Front facing camera does wonders, hehehe!

I can understand why your friends moved back to Puerto Rico to take care of their families and it’s a credit to their caring nature that they have done so.
The housing market here in Melbourne is just out of reach for so many younger people and families, even those with two incomes. My son and daughter in law rent a small place and would dearly love a bigger home and one to call their own. But it’s not worth them moving at the moment until they can find a house in their preferred suburb. And sometimes the rents really don’t match up with the conditions of the house either.
Your camera has worked really well Nancy!

Haul: Lunatick Cosmetics Elvira palette.

Weekend plans: Putting a vinyl wrap on our mr2 spyder (sports car).

Goal: Sort through the huge bin of stuff I’ve kept for scrapbooks and then start doing scrapbooks!

*ColourPop — Midnight Masquerade Palette, Zero to Hero set (Meg), Smoke Show Palette, Ultra Matte in Friday, Ultra Glossy in Wolfie, Ultra Blotted in BitOSunny, and Lippie Pencil in Bull Chic. The Safiya Nygaard Lipstick Collection is supposed to arrive today.

*Revolution Beauty (30% off) — Conceal & Define Foundation in F0.2, Chocolate Vault 2, this year’s Chocolate Heart, Halloween Eyeball Highlighter (named for packaging, not where you apply it) in Eye See You, Eye Scream, and Terrif-Eye.

*Paula’s Choice — Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser and Advanced Replenishing Toner, and Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

Weekend plans: My 50th birthday was yesterday. My husband and I are going away for the weekend to eastern Oregon and check out the High Desert Museum. So, I’ll be packing for that today. Tonight, the family will be taking me out to dinner to celebrate.

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over?: Continue to keep my blood sugar down.

Me too, Mariella. It seems like a lot and it is but sometimes I forget that I am 65 and will be 66 in January. I still think I am 21 inside my head but when I try to stand up after sitting for awhile, I feel all of my 65 years.

Have a wonderful weekend away Rachel and enjoy your birthday treat.
I read your comment about your blood sugar issues when I was travelling and couldn’t access wi fi to reply, but a number of my friends, even those who are not overweight, developed blood sugar issues post menapause. Apparently it is something to do with T cells (whatever they are) attacking insulin cells in your pancreas, which can affect your blood sugar levels. Needless to say that by exercising daily, drinking water (which lowers your blood sugar) and maintaining a healthy weight (which I struggle with) helps a lot.

Genevieve…somehow I missed this comment in my emails. So sorry! My blood sugar is way down now, and I’ve been taking my medications, walking a lot, and drinking a lot more water. Ousting sugars of course, eating much less carbs and balancing those I do with protein and fiber helped significantly. I didn’t eat a lot of processed foods, but I’ve pretty significantly cut what was there and rarely use them now.

Haul: Nothing this week as far as makeup goes. I had planned on picking up several products but between being house bound and buying additional art supplies, I had to forgo any makeup purchases. I am still hanging in there with skin care so I think I will make it to the sale. It sure seems like the sale has crept up on me this year and I think it was because of the surprise summer sale.

Weekend plans: My ex is only going to be here for about another week and we are still bringing things from my storage shed. I really want to get it done while I have access to his truck and his muscle. My house is literally a storage shed right now with furniture and boxes crammed into every nook and cranny. I will have the winter to go through things and get rid of what I don’t want or need. I think this will likely stress me out since I am a bit of a neat freak but it is necessary. It will also allow me to determine what size storage shed I will need for the remainder of things after sorting. It is suppose to rain/snow all weekend and next week so that adds an additional challenge.

Goals: Getting most of the above done before 2020 so that I can start the year with a clean slate. I am working for the 2020 census here in Montana so that will be interesting and since I am pretty involved in genealogy for our family, I think I will learn a lot. I also really want to have my HBGA1C below 8 for my next appointment.

Mellan is such a cutie. I have been praying religiously for him nightly. I actually pray for more animals than I do humans with the exception of President Trump. I won’t bring politics to the blog but regardless of which side of the debate on Trump you land on, I think he needs a lot of prayer and so does our country. Unfortunately, one of my animals that I pray for passed away this week and his presence will surely be missed . I follow a YT channel called Tiny Kittens and they had a very senior cat with kidney issues and they rescued him and didn’t expect him to live very long. The rescue gave him meds. and he lived about 3 additional years. He never warmed up to humans but he was wonderful with subsequent baby kittens and would let them jump on him, tease him, chase his tail and even let them comfort nurse on him. He would give them baths and had quite a reputation for his fashion forward hairstyles. Grandpa Mason will be sorely missed.

Sad to read about Grandpa Mason Deborah. It’s always awful to lose a pet.
Ditto your comments re President Trump, as Steve Biddulph (one of our most notable children’s psychologist) has said, “it’s all about your emotional age”.
Good luck with sorting out your storage shed, you are an inspiration to me. I am slowing starting to sort out my teaching stuff, as I found it very hard to ‘let go’.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing makeup-wise. I’m actually trying to hold off on color cosmetic purchases until the end of the year because my collection just keeps slowly GROWING. I do need to repurchase some skincare though.

Weekend plans: I have so much to do. I’m a server, so most of my work week falls from Friday to Sunday. In addition to work-work, I’m applying to a master’s program and need to bust out a rough draft of my CV and career objectives for my best reference to look over, plus study more for the GRE and send out some emails.

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over?: The deadline for my application is mid-December, so I guess that’s been my main goal for 2019. Honestly I’m curious to see if I get in. If not, I’m very confident I’ll get in next year, plus I’ll have more money saved.

That’s a really good perspective to have Blue – if you get in – great, if you don’t well there is always next year. Having more money saved is a plus too.
Having your CV done and career objectives ready is quite helpful too. Best wishes.

Haul: 2 jars of The Body Shop’s Japanese Camelia body cream (one for me and one for a gift to my trainer) and 2 bottles of shower gel (Brittany Coast Algae for me and Adriatic Peony for her), a Sigma E52 eyeshadow brush for really cheap at Winners and I think that’s all…
Weekend plans: Training session tomorrow and we have to do a bit of grocery shopping but beyond that, we’ll be taking it easy. Hubs is knackered – a pretty intense trial he’s involved in has resumed after a 2 week hiatus and he said he’d just like to kick back and relax this weekend; I’m all for that!
A goal before the year is over – digging around looking for a serving dish and a few other things for Thanksgiving, I discovered a whole lot of stuff we can happily “declutter” and that is something I’d really like to make at least a start on.

What a great idea to just kick back and relax, especially as your husband has been so busy with the trial and I guess it requires quite intense concentration for long periods too.
You do get lovely gifts for others Mariella, I am quite liking the sound of that Japanese Camelia body cream – is it strongly perfumed, or just a gentle scent? I haven’t seen it here.
Best wishes for your decluttering efforts too.

Genevieve, the body cream is part of the “Spa of the World” line and they’re a bit pricier than the original body butters, though at least now, they are included in the sales (when they first came out, they were always excluded and didn’t seem to go on sale). The scent is light and, as you describe, “gentle” though it does last. Best thing is to see if you can find it in store and then see if you like it. They’ve also got a Kikui body cream with a similar scent – also really moisturizing for the cold months. My trainer is a lovely young woman and she’s just starting her career so I was glad to sign on with her as she builds her client base. She’s delightful and really knowledgeable and encouraging and I was glad to get her a few “little somethings” – I also got her a “specialty donut” and she ate it as I worked out. The other 2 trainers working at that hour were like “Gee, why don’t WE get a donut”. You know the feeling, Genevieve – I sense it in your posts – of how nice it is to do something for others.

I am going into our local shopping centre today and The Body Shop is there, so I will have a look for the Spa of the World line. I find that when I use my electric blanket at night, which I adore, my skin does get a bit dry so these kinds of products are helpful.
Your trainer sounds like a really nice person and I am sure she would have been delighted with your gifts. I have a big bag in my wardrobe full of little body butters, hand creams etc that I keep to give as gifts to those that I come across as a thank you. I think it’s nice to be appreciated.

Genevieve, I do similar – this is so funny that, once again, we’re so alike. I have candles and hand soaps from Bath and Body Works as well as some “better quality” items from Apothecary (they make a line called 905 candles – made locally and all named for local areas – Cootes Paradise, Beach Strip, Devil’s Punch Bowl, Bruce Trail, which just happens to be a nature trail that runs behind my house! – I like to give these candles to people visiting from out of town) – having these all on hand makes for nice last minute gifts if we’re invited somewhere.

Give Mellan a treat on me, lol! He’s too cute.

Haul:15% off at Belk I picked up Dior Happy 2020 Party in Colors palette and the pink lip stick. So far I love them both! On sale at PMG- Pat McGraft Rose palette and liquid set set. Fenty Gloss bomb set. Ordered Tom Ford Soleil Et Lune eye shadow palette using some of my Nordstrom notes.

Weekend Plans: Shopping with my daughter, packing for an upcoming trip. It takes me so long to pack that it’s sad,lol

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over? : Lose 10lbs that crept up on me, Decrease my spending on makeup and clothes.

I know what you mean Denise about packing. One of my best girlfriends has had to go to Hawaii for her son’s wedding. Unlike her usual touristy clothes, she will have to pack lots of ‘good’ clothes, as well as her mother of the groom outfit(s). Over a couple of days prior to the wedding, there will be a few events so both sides of the families can get to know each other – hence the more good clothes.
What she did before packing was to lie a sheet down in the lounge room and place her choice, with accompanying shoes/accessries next to them, so she could determine what to take. I thought this was a great idea. Quite often when I pack things, after a day or so I think – did I pack this? Does this top match with the pants etc.

Haul: Double Wear Nude Fresh (why does everything have fifty names now lol) in Cool Bone as my current bottle’s about to run out. I wish they had a shade of that formula that was slightly lighter and more neutral; it’s the formula’s lightest and I’m currently mixing it with OG Double Wear Alabaster (which I got on a gift card and am just trying to use up.) I don’t want to get in the habit of mixing foundations tho and Cool Bone is just wearable on its own for me.

Weekend plans: hanging out with friends, watching football and fretting over my fantasy football team.

Goal: I have some projects I’d love to finish up by then, that’s about it.

Haul: I bought some stick-on nails for the first time in my life! I naturally grow nice long nails, and I’m OK at painting my nails, so I’ve ever felt the need for fake ones — but these have peacock feathers and glitter on them. Not sure when I’ll try them!

Weekend plans: Not really sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but on Sunday I have a belly dance performance. My weekends have been jam-packed lately so I tried not to fill this one up too much.

Goal to achieve by the end of the year: Go through the rest of the stuff that’s been shoved in the garage since we moved. Not saying all of it will get unpacked and moved out of the garage, but I want to feel like everything that’s out there belongs out there, and that I know generally where things are. I really should have done this earlier in the year because now it’s COLD out in the garage, but I can’t leave it until summer.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I splurged and ordered Pat McGrath’s Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette. Even with free shipping it’s going to be 75€ with tax added at customs but I don’t CAAAAARE. I’m also still waiting for the Liquilust duo I ordered from the Labs sale – should be here next week – and Kevyn Aucoin’s Contour duo and Nabla’s Denude brush set from beautybay. Fingers crossed that they will all be here soon!

Weekend plans: Car stuff, need to get studded tyres now that snow is here to stay. I only just got my car back after it had to have the entire engine changed – definitely learned the hard way to stay on top of services and get a clue ss to which part needs changing and when, especially the timing belt!

What’s one goal you’d like to accomplish before the year is over?: Make some progress on my studies and hand off some responsibilities I can no longer shoulder like before. Definitely making some changes. I’m also planning a makeup no-buy for 2020 among a lot of other things that I look forward to!

Haul: For the past 2 weeks:

– Cult Beauty ($20+ savings) – Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette (the packaging is stunning);
– Selfridges – Suqqu Holiday UK Exclusive – 8-pan Eyeshadow Compact 102, Designing Color Eyes quad 127, Pure Color Blush 117, and an orange shade satin lipstick, all contained in a candlelight themed collection box;
– Sephora’s Friends and Family (20% off) – Tom Ford Glow Stick in Courchevel and cream/powder eye color in Fleur Neige.

Weekend Plans – My mother-in-law is visiting us and we’re looking forward to seeing her. Her visit also comes with a sizable cleanup of the apartment as she is also staying with us. I love the sorting and sifting it forces us to do but also worry that we won’t find items we’ve tucked away. We have plans to go to the symphony on Saturday and have been asked to a friend’s house for dinner on Sunday.

Goal to accomplish before the end of the year: I finally found (thanks to a neighbour) a way of removing stains that we have on baseboards and doorways. It’s not a difficult task but needs focused attention and open windows for ventilation.

How gorgeous (and predictable) is Mellon letting you know that he wants some food!

Haul: My replacement Lorac Rose Gold Pro Metals palette arrived this week. It’s been awhile since the palette was released and I was worried that I would never find a backup.

Rediscoveries: On my quest to discover all my neutral palettes in my stash, I pulled out the old Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone. I am delighted to find that it is still a stunning palette, with both warm and cooler shades in it.

Weekend Plans
Friday – we had Lachlan over and it was a lovely sunny day, as compared to the day before when there was thunderstorms, freezing weather and an Antarctic gale blowing. So we ended up at two parks for the day, morning and afternoon. He was pretty tired (as was I) and he is such an easy going, loving little boy.
Saturday: I am taking Olivia to a Gem Show in our area. My twin sister is meeting us there, as she is very into Gemology and so is Olivia. I have never been to one before, so it should be a lovely day for all of us. The weather prediction is cold, wet and windy but as it is held indoors, it should be fine for us.
Sunday – just the usual cooking, cleaning etc. I might go to a market to have a look around. You always seem to find something different in markets.

Goal for the end of the year: To clean out my spare room!

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