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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Dior Face & Body Glow, Fenty Beauty Liquid Diamond Bomb, Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb II, Bobbi Brown Golden Hour Highlighter
  • Weekend plans: Well, I’m hoping that between now and the end of the day, it’ll be a low package day and I can, perhaps, actually write some reviews! I feel like I’ve spent most of this week trying to get out a bare minimum of reviews while photographing/swatching and then editing those images. ?
  • Do you have any pets?: One dog, Mellan (full name Magellan), who has been with us for almost 12 years!

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Serious doggo is serious!

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Haul: I wanted to get another tube of Australian Gold tinted facial sunscreen, only to learn that it’s considered “seasonal” so all Shoppers Drug Mart stores removed them last month (grrrr); at Sephora, I was happy to see a few boxes of Tarte Maracuja eye cream (I love the stuff and they no longer show it on their website so I was concerned it was gone) so I got a backup when I picked up my Sephora birthday gift; I also bought Pixi’s Endless Shade Stick in Bronze Blaze – WHAT a great product. And finally – the Natasha Denona Gold Mini Palette finally arrived and I am really like it!
Weekend plans: visiting my mother in law tonight and then some grocery shopping and dinner; tomorrow, working out EARLY with my trainer (she has an appointment and asked if we could train an hour earlier…); might start shopping for Thanksgiving and then, on Sunday, I think we’re going out for brunch.
Pets: when our kids were young, we had a cat (Midnight – she lived to age 18) and our beloved Golden Retriever, Daisy (we had to have her euthanized at 14) but since the kids have all left home and hubs and I are finally free to travel without having to arrange a kennel or pet sitters and all the rest, we have no pets though I would love to share a dog with my best friend (it’d work out really well for both of us) but we live an hour away from one another. If we were in the same city, we’d probably be doing it!

Happy Birthday Mariella – is your birthday this week?
So annoying when brands/shops try to tell you that a product is seasonal when the current weather suggests otherwise. The moment it is September here, all the retail shops remove their winter clothes and try to sell summer ones, even though it is still freezing here in Melbourne. And likewise when autumn comes in March when it is still boiling hot.
I am beginning to love Pixi’s products myself. Is your eye pencil part of the Silky eyes collection that Isabella Muse raves over? It looks like a beautiful shade.
The Gold ND mini palette would be perfect for you too.
Have a lovely weekend.

WOW, ladies – thank you so much, Genevieve, TraceyE and Rachel R. So nice of all 3 of you to send along birthday wishes.

Genevieve (hope you see this) – I’m not sure if the shadow pencil is part of that collection. It’s a fat shadow stick rather than a liner and here, the Pixi stuff is all in a pretty simple display stand with nothing in the way of featuring this or that group of products. It’s just a pretty basic display. I’d seen this shadow stick featured in a Canadian women’s mag and loved how it looked (realizing, of course, that there were also probably 8 other products used by a skilled makeup artist on a stunning young model, but I was actually very pleased with how much this looked like the photo when I applied it)

I think I now know what you mean, the Bronze shade is part of the Endless Shadow stick range. I just found it on Amazon. It looks like a beautiful shade of Bronze. I just may have to get it myself.
I often find that the Pixi Beauty stands are fairly basic here too.
I hope you are enjoying a lovely birthday brunch with friends and family.

Haul: My Sephora order that I mentioned last week (Bite lipsticks and Pat McGrath mini palette) arrived on Saturday, but I did not purchase any new beauty items. No rediscoveries either!

Weekend plans: Might go test drive some new cars and talk to the credit union about financial stuff. We’re looking to potentially switch to an EV. Also, on Sunday our local fancy grocery store is having their “Big Cheese Event” where a bunch of cheese producers set up sample tables and you can try cheeses and all the premium cheeses are on sale. It’s a lot of fun and last time we went, we discovered a bunch of new-to-us things, so we’re looking forward to going again.

Pets: We have Daisy, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who will turn 13 in December and is very healthy for her age, thank goodness. We lost our other three pets to a series of unavoidable health issues from Dec 2017-Feb 2019. We feel so fortunate that Daisy is doing well and hope we will have a few more good years with her. She’s an absolute ham who is convinced that every human was put on this earth to pet her and give her treats. I mean look at that face!
Unfortunately, she doesn’t get along well with other dogs (her late sister was her doggy ambassador, and without Maggie’s vetting process, Daisy won’t let other dogs get near her), so we can’t take her to all the great dog-friendly places around here. But we give her a good life at home and take her for walks on less-crowded paths.

Perfect Corgi! Yet another breed my mum nixed, saying ‘You know you ought not have a dog that is smarter than you.’ The first, natch, was a Border Collie.

What a pretty portrait of Mellan!

ColourPop Haul: Lilac You a Lot eye palette, Honeydude eyeliner, and Just a Tint lip color in Z Boys and Gimme S’More. If I had only waited a little longer, I would have been able to pick up a couple of Safiya lipsticks instead of the lip crayons, which are nice, but the scent is too strong. I guess I’ll have to start plotting a new CP order!

Rediscoveries: MAC Brave lipstick. I don’t know why I haven’t reached for it in so long. I love it!

Weekend plans: Get-together with old friends, visiting family.

Do you have any pets? Yes, a small-medium mixed breed dog that we rescued six years ago. He’s about 12 years old now. We have no idea what he went through in his past, but he may have been abused. But over the past six years with us, he’s become an outgoing, happy, and very spoiled little boy!

Haul: Nothing this week. I am still trying to decide what to get for the holidays for my daughter and haven’t spent any time looking for myself. No new beauty discoveries either.

Weekend plans: We are in the process of moving my daughter to Kalispell where she will be working for the foreseeable future. When I say we, I mean her father and I. Her father drove across country from Georgia to help her move and so we are actually using his pick-up rather than renting a U-Haul so we are taking like 5 trips. Kalispell is about 3 hours away so it will be a lot of driving. She is excited to be moving into her first apartment by herself. Over the years at college and while working in Missoula she always had roommates and as we all know, the best way to end a friendship is to live with someone for awhile! She has to work two jobs to pay the rent but it is worth it to get to have her own apartment. Other than that, nothing much happening. While her Dad is here he is going to help me with some projects around the house so that will be nice.

Pets: My daughter got a cat shortly after we moved to Montana but her cat has spent more time with me than her. Sophie knows her “momma” though as my daughter can talk to her and they will have quite the conversation back and forth. When my daughter is home she follows her around room to room and when she is gone she hunts for her and cries for a few hours. Luckily, her new apartment allows pets so this will be the first time she will live with her “momma”. This is Sophie praying.

Mellan has such a pensive, serious expression here! ❤️

Haul: It finally happened! I nabbed the $100 Sephora GC and promptly put it to good use on the Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership Palette! WOOT! Also ordered a few lipsticks from Bite’s site; Hot Harissa and Smoked Za’ater, plus a lip liner that appears to look like it will work well with Smoked Za’ater (I forgot the shade #!) Placed a decent sized ColourPop order, too. I Lilac You A Lot Palette, 3 Safiya Nygaard lipsticks in Brucie, Mrs. Norris and, of course, Berry Me In Lipstick, Me Vs The World Lipgloss and a SSC in…I forgot its name! But it’s the one I had said I was going to buy a few weeks ago.

Weekend plans: Hair ordeal, nails (they fell into some serious neglect this past 3 weeks), meeting on Sunday. My roots need touching up, but I won’t have time this weekend. I’m going on my major monthly shopping run later today or tomorrow. Also taking full advantage of the Sephora F&F sale, too!

Do you have any pets? Yes, I sure do! Two “elderly” cats. Scunci, a very large Maine Coon Cat mix tuxedo. He’s almost 15 years old. And Clarissa, his half sister, at 12½ years old. She’s a plump, fluffy, white goofball! Still VERY playful at her advanced age. Plus the one who still lives on in my heart, Pookie. Funny, she’s been gone for 3 years and it feels like just yesterday.

If a different CS agent hadn’t have informed me about that little hack, I never would have thought to call them on my own initiative, Rachel! But it actually works if they stay on the phone with you until it drops.?

Congratulations on snaring your Sephora gift card Nancy and you have put it to such good use. The Midnight Sun eyeshadow palette and Hot Harissa lipstick are going to go very well together on you.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun at the Sephora sale too.

Oh my gosh, you were able to snag one of those rare $100 giftcards! And then you used it to purchase the eyeshadow palette that is at the top of my wish list!!

How does one go about getting one of those gift cards? If I remember correctly, they are available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but I don’t remember what time.

Tammy, on the advice of one very savvy CS agent, I literally called Sephora the following Tuesday at 8:55 a.m., got connected with a different CS agent at 9:03 and she snagged one for as it dropped! The secret is to to call a good 8-10 minutes before it drops at roughly 9:03-9:06 a.m.

I am so glad I asked you! I would have never thought to call. Hopefully I will get a helpful CS agent.

Also, 8:55 in what time zone? I heard Sephora drops those gift cards at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time but maybe it has changed.

I’m actually in Mountain Standard Time, so I’m guessing that they have a set amount per time zone? The rewards don’t even show as dropping until after 9 a.m. MST on the Sephora app my device!

Haul: I am awaiting some glosses and the bronze eye kit from the PMG sale. I am actually rediscovering my skin care masking…it has been a rough year with my pup with cancer and I’ve neglected that area. My recent rediscovery is an Hourglass six pan face palette I got 1.5 years ago after seeing your posts of the newer ones.

Weekend plans: I am going to have BBQs and pool days. I plan on nails and a pedi this evening after work. I need to be around friends and would like to spend time outside before winter comes.

Pets: Sadly, I had to let my golden retriever Sedona go this past Monday at the age of 8.5 years. Her cancer got vicious and the she started to fade last weekend. It’s been a very rough week. Her litter mate brother Patton and Havanese brother Cujo have been getting lots of hugs. It’s been an adjustment for them. Hopefully, she’s playing in heaven with Gypsy, my chocolate lab.

I have two parakeets Liberace and Elton John who love to mimic the wild birds outside. Elton is a bit of a jerk and prefers dudes…he killed my two females. I had to prevent my husband from letting him out last winter…he loved our yellow bird. I let him rename them after Elton freaked out and started dancing to Little Jeanie. Needless to say, he really loves his mate.

Sorry for your loss TropicalCowgirl. So tough to lose our beloved pet family members.Interesting I didn’t know parakeets could be so aggressive. Great that your home is filled with lots of pet love!

I adopted EJ and his “male” cage mate after their owners were moving across the country. She said DNA verified. All of a sudden “Butthole” (this bird was seriously a screamer and very territorial and would into screeching fits when I fed them) one morning literally got raped. I heard fluttering and saw EJ had her on the cage floor with Liberace and Jennifer Aniston (yellow bird). She laid eggs and they never hatched. EJ went nuts and pecked her. She died in a separate cage from not eating. After that, he flew across the cage when JA was hanging upside down and pierced her.

Parakeets are native to Australia and my bid there explained they are very aggressive in the wild if a female can’t produce.

And thank you. We and her animal family are adjusting. When sad, I go “inside”. He likes to talk and express his thoughts. That is Cancer in me and Leo in him.

I’m so sorry to hear about Sedona. It’s the one most difficult thing about having furbabies. We almost always outlive them, not the other way around. I know from experience how rough it is, especially when they were fighting to stay here in the face of a devastating illness. [Hugs]

How awful for your family Tropical Cowboy. It is really terrible when they get so ill and in pain with cancer and you have to make that decision. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
My son’s family lost their beloved cat a couple of weeks ago and my granchildren still miss him.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing new this week.

Weekend plans: I’ll attend a local symphony concert on Sunday, otherwise I still have room to make plans between chores, groceries and meal planning.

Do you have any pets?: Yes, one cat, 7 years old. My brother got it when she was 4 week; we used to live together at that time, but as we each moved on different paths (he lives in London, me in California) the cat somehow stuck with me. She’s an European Shorthair (the generic `bread` we categorize most stray cats 😆 ), with a big personality (she is very picky with people and food).

Forgot about my Sephora haul. 🙂
We’ll I actually ordered just the Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer as a present for my mom (the only make-up she wears), but I also put in my birthday gift (I selected the Drunk Elephant minis set). I got a mini Verb Ghost Mask (my hair loves their products) with an offer code

Haul/Rediscoveries: I took out Chanel Candeur et Experience after a long hiatus and I was pleased by how easily it produces a basic daytime look for me It is not as pigmented as some of my other shadows but it blends nicely.

Weekend plans: Old friends are coming over for brunch on Sunday. I bought way too much food.

Pets: Walter is a 20 year old Siamese cat who chose us when he was around 2. He is still mourning his companion. Tara, who left us in August.

I think that Chanel quad would look lovely on you Lesley, it has a subtle mix of shades that would create some beautiful daytime looks.
I always end up making way too much food Lesley, but then my grandchildren surprise me by eating like horses when they like what I have cooked (4-5 lamb cutlets each or two bowls of beef caserole or 3-4 pieces of fish plus salad, vegetables etc).
Very sad to hear about Tara and I am sure that Walter misses her companionship, as do you.

Haul: No makeup haul. I’ll be buying a couple things tomorrow, though. This week I hauled some Disney Villain clothes, some really cute printed bras from TomboyX, and some huge, delightful spooky earrings from MTCoffinz (etsy).

Rediscoveries: UD Naked Cherry. It got neglected this summer, but I decided to wear it today with a sparkly lid from Jouer Skinny Dip (also a bit neglected).

Weekend plans: Paperwork for recertification for work. The usual shopping and chores.

Do you have any pets?: Two cats — Jack, a short-haired orange tabby, and Spike, a ragdoll. My younger son has a guinea pig, Renegade. All three are quite the characters.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I put in an order for a couple single shadows from Coloured Raine and Nabla – Forbidden and Blue Magic from CR, and Entropy from Nabla! I love the palettes I have, but these days the selection of good-quality singles is too good to even consider a palette where I wouldnt necessarily love every single shade. I also got the Pat McGrath’s Liquilust007 duo in Femme Moderne from the recent sale, begrudgingly foregoing the Dark Star kits. Let’s see if I like the lippies!

Weekend plans: playing with my dog and decluttering mostly! I recently cleaned out my makeup drawers, but I still have too many clothes I don’t use. I might even revisit the makeup drawer after living with it for a couple of weeks and seeing if it really is being loved as it should be.

Do you have any pets? One silly Laponian herder, two years old in a few days! Love him to bits ❤️

Haul: Hakuhodo Reiwa Set and 3 shader brushes (B004G, J242 and B5007), Viseart Minx and Amethyst Palettes

Weekend Plans: Tomorrow, I will probably check out the recently opened Sephora at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to see what items they carry and doing a little swatching here and there. On Sunday, my friend and I are going to see Joker. I am going to suggest that we have brunch first.

Do you have any pets? Nope

Mellon looks like he is have some serious thoughts about something! Food? A truly beautiful doggie.
Haul: My Pixi Beauty Reflex Light palette arrived unscathed this week and I was going to keep it for my birthday in November, but I probably won’t resist to play with it.
Rediscoveries: Used Naked 1 this week, including some of the matte shades and I am reminded once again about how good this palette was.

Weekend plans:
Friday – we had Olivia over on Friday, as Lachlan had a bout of gastro the night before. He is much better, but feeling pretty washed out. So I took Olivia, with her bike, on the local bike track to ride and playground before it rained. She is becoming pretty good at playing Uno and loves all the kindergarten maths and literacy games I have kept when I was teaching that level.
Saturday – a sunny day, so lots of washing, shopping and chores.
Sunday – hopefully a drive to the countryside and a lunch somewhere nice.

Christine, I hope you had a lovely time with your parents and hope you get a bit of time to yourself this weekend.

Do you have pets? No we don’t. Our grandchildren are enough to keep us on our toes.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Haul! — I dove into the ColourPop pool and got myself the Safiya Nygaard lip set (DON’T need more lipsticks, but I support Safiya and she has provided me much amusement with her “science experiments”). I also got CP’s new tinted moisturizer (6W and 2W, as I assume I’ll need to blend them), Wine O’Clock mascara and Joy Ride creme gel colour, Sol Glow oil in Champagne, the kabuki brush to go with it, a replacement brown mascara, and a blending sponge. Rediscoveries — an Aromaleigh blush called Fortuna, which is very subtle, but stunning in a sweet, innocent kind of way (very not me, but I love the effect on me).

Weekend plans: Yard work. I was struck by an idea for an art project, so I’ll likely start sketching and writing my thoughts. I haven’t seen a movie in a long time, and I feel like getting out there for that, but I don’t even know what’s in the theaters right now, so that probably won’t happen.

Do you have any pets? None.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Just a new pack of Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and a new e.l.f. smudge stick.
Weekend plans: I didn’t have the normal work day today-our library system had Staff Day, where people from all the branches meet up at the main branch for food and seminars. My mom and I work at different branches and went to Staff Day together. We also did the groceries tonight. The rest of the weekend should primarily be spent relaxing, but Mom and I will probably get our annual flu shots tomorrow and let our arms recover tomorrow evening and Sunday.
Do you have any pets?: We have a huge (I’m 5’5″ and when he stands on his hind legs he’s taller than me) German Shepherd, but he’s primarily my dad’s dog (I’d rather not share the dog’s name online for privacy reasons). I’m never comfortable around him due to his size.

I’m sorry to upset you, Stacey! I like German Shepherds, too. Please don’t think I’m judging the whole breed! It’s just the GSD we currently have that I feel uncomfortable around-in addition to being so big, he’s very high-energy (although he will listen to commands, especially from me-weird). The last Shepherd we had (she actually may have been a mix of German and Belgian Shepherds and border collie-she was rescued from a farm and we never knew what all she was) was smaller and calmer, and I felt a lot more comfortable around her.

You didn’t upset me babe don’t be silly I understand some can be strict guard dogs too my nan’s friend had one when my mum was little and she was scared of hers as it tried to bite anyone who wasn’t family as it was a strict guard dog so it took my mum some getting used to ours 🙂

Haul: Ordered from Suqqu’s UK Exclusive Holiday collection with arrival early next week. While I’m looking forward to this, I’m a bit underwhelmed about buying Christmas collections so early.

Rediscovery: Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Mona Lisa.

Weekend Plans: Watching NHL games (yay, it’s back!). Changing seasons prompts putting away summer and early Fall clothes as the temperature has gone from warm to cool in a matter of days. Stopping in to a few open houses on Sunday. We’ve been thinking about moving since last winter (and going from renting to owning). Our new neighbours reinforced that direction for us last night.

Pets: We have Felix, a 7 year old tuxedo cat!

Haul: Colourpop x Kathleenlights So Jaded Palette, Violet Voss Mini HG palette, a couple of Flower Beauty Lipsticks.

Rediscoveries: I love my Lorac Pro palette 4. It’s such a beautiful fall palette and pair so well with any of my cooler toned palettes. That’s all.

Weekend plans: I went to a Renaissance Faire in my area with my family and in-laws. That was fun!

Do you have any pets?: No pets… my husband is allergic to everything and the thought of pet hair being everywhere grosses me out more and more as I get older. I had pets as a kid and it never bothered me, but it does now.

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