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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Anastasia Summer Lipstick Set finally arrived (my order came with the Loose Pigments and Dewy Set, which I didn’t order, and was missing the lipstick set!), Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser, Ciate Marbled Metals
  • Weekend plans: My parents are going to visit me later on in June, so I need to start ramping up my work schedule so that I can have some posts done/close to done when they visit. I love when they come to visit–selfishly–because it is easier to keep up with the blog without having to have everything done in advance. It also means if something new releases, I can still take photos and all that! I shift my work schedule to earlier in the morning (they sleep in) and while they nap/get ready.
  • Are you sentimental?: There are a few things/memories/moments that I am sentimental over (like my wedding keepsake box), but I don’t think I’d consider myself a sentimental person overall (I donated my wedding dress).

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SaffyTaffy Avatar

I’m enjoying the Milk Glow Oil Lip + Cheeks I bought last week, and have my eye on those neon Huda Beauty palettes. But looking at Ace Beaute’s Oceanic palette last night has got me thinking about blue eyeshadow, so this morning I went very against-type and did a colorful eye look with my KvD Pastel Goth palette. It’s one of a bunch of products I love that everybody else panned in reviews. But I wanted blue, and she gave me intense, complex blue. I can’t say it’s a very flattering color on me. And yet, I still want the Oceanic palette.

Nikki Avatar

Add me to the roster of tempted by Ace Beaute Oceanic-I might put it on my birthday list later this year. I look at the palette and see two trios right off the bat that could be made with Algae (bottom row, 2nd from left), the most neon green in the palette-it’d work with Jellyfish (top row, 2nd from left-gold) and Fiji (2nd row, 2nd from left, matte turquoise-matte aquamarine as Ace calls it) or with Blue Clam (top row, 2nd from right-cobalt, as Ace calls it) and Turtle (dead center-forest green).

Jessica Avatar

Haul: nothing.
Rediscoveries: Coloured Raine’s Queen of Hearts palette. It pairs pretty nicely with their Safari Raine palette.

Weekend Plans: we’re days away from my trip to Denver for the International Pole Convention (PoleCon), which I will be performing at. I plan to run my piece and make some last minute tweaks.

Are you sentimental?: Yes and no. I will hold onto some things, like photos and gifts, but I’ll throw a card a way in a heartbeat.

Ana Maria Avatar

I don’t tend to hold on to photos and gifts, but if someone has given me a handwritten card I’ll hold on to it until the paper disintegrates. 😆 There’s something so special in people taking the time to write something…

thirteenthirteen Avatar

No purchases but I dug out my NARS Audacious in Grace recently. It’s so bright and pigmented that I don’t use it very often but I had forgotten how beautiful it is sheered out with some lip balm. It’s so pigmented that you still get a lot of color and the finish is gorgeous. I am not letting it get ignored for so long again!

SaffyTaffy Avatar

Ooh, what is your coloring like? Because I bought Grace online thinking the color would be great, but on me it looks like clown paint. I like to look at it in the tube and wonder, like, “what went wroooong?” heehee.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

I am NC20, with muted coloring. It is really bright on me, I am usually more like a dusty nudes type person. But I often find myself buying things based on how pretty the color is and not how well it will work on me, and that’s definitely how I ended up with Grace – I find the color just gorgeous. But it mostly just sits around gathering dust and mocking me for spending so much money on such a bold color. But I was really happy with how it looked sheered out a little! Very summery!

Alice Avatar

Haul: Black Moon Cosmetics “Zenith” moon topper from the sale. Turbi-twist hair towel 2-pack from ulta. When I pick up my order from ulta I might look around a little, I’m interested in the Smashbox x Hoodwitch cover shot palette but it has mixed reviews so I want to swatch it myself.

Weekend Plans: It’s my birthday today, so tonight my husband and I and 2 friends are going out for tacos and then seeing Godzilla in IMAX, then tomorrow we’re going to Duck Duck Goat with another couple for dim sum.

Are you sentimental: Somewhat, I wore my grandma + my mom’s wedding dress (it was designer from 1952 – google Grace Kelly’s wedding dress mine was similar) and have a handful of family heirloom jewelry, but I don’t really get into mementos or souvenirs.

Ana Maria Avatar

Haul: Just a MAC eyeshadows (Pro Palette format) order to replace some eyeshadows expiring in June.

Rediscoveries: That although I like my morning skincare lightweight in consistency and number of product, a good thick emollient eye cream is what my dry undereyes need! And I’m using again Paula’s Choice eye cream and falling back in love with it again.

Weekend plans: I hope to be able to explore some redwoods on Saturday. On Sunday I have tickets to a symphonic concert (Beethoven’s Ninth), it’s the last show of the seasons in my area’s concert house.
I also want to make some time to get to a local animal shelter to `donate` old towels (I was amazed to find out a long time ago how much they need this kind of stuff) and dry food / treats my picky cat refuses to eat. I always like to mention this because it’s a great way to discard of old towels… let’s be honest, they don’t make good items for donating to humans most times.

Are you sentimental? Overall I’m not sentimental, but I have some items I keep dear to my heart. For example, I don’t wear jewelry, except the earrings my mom bought to me almost 20 years ago; I had lost one earring at the time at school (the earrings I had since birth from my godmother) and she works extra time to buy me a new pair; I didn’t want a new pair, but the earrings are a symbol of the sacrifices my mom did for me and my brother. I don’t like trinkets and knick-knacks also, but I still keep a little angel with a half heart from a previous love (5 years relationship that I don’t regret either having and ending) and a `Dragon year` key ring charm my brother bought me from his first trip abroad.

kjh Avatar

Yes, they always end the Tanglewood season with B9. Freude, scho(e)ner Gotterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium…. There must be an umlaut here somewhere, but idk.

kjh Avatar

Sometimes a single earring can be converted into a lovely pendant, so you could still wear the original, which means so much more.

Celesta Avatar

Haul: Natasha Denona Mini Lila and Mini Nude palettes, Physician’s Formula The Healthy Powder, Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipstick in Isla, and Cover Girl Melting Pout Vinyl Vow in Caught Up.

Rediscoveries: Nothing new to report!

Weekend plans: Working on my lawn. We’re hosting a party next weekend for my Father-in-law and it needs some work!

Are you sentimental?: I get sentimental over photos/videos/memories of my my wedding and when my son was a tiny baby, but I’m not sentimental with material things, really. I’ve moved so many times in my life that I’ve trained myself to purge my clothes, make up, etc a few times a year without any regret.

Emily Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Got the Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 palette at Ulta. ($12 with a coupon, plus I had points!) Egypt is such a gorgeous green; I’m going to be getting a ton of use out of it this summer. I’ve also been trying to do some eye looks using my Looxi Valley Girl as a shadow; it’s too pretty to stay neglected in the back of my cabinet!

Weekend plans: Not much! Which is just fine by me.

Are you sentimental?: Yes, but trying to be less so. I don’t want to saddle my kids with the job of sorting through mountains of stuff some day.

Seraphine Avatar

Haul: I bought my first Natasha Denona product—the mini Lila palette, which was on sale at Sephora for $12.50. And I love it! The color combination is so interesting because there are only five shades, yet I can get several very different looks. And since I already fell off my New Year’s Resolution no-buy wagon, I just went ahead and bought YSL Rouge Volupte Oil-in-Stick #89…and wow, I absolutely adore this formula and color, not to mention the packaging! I also ordered a new bottle of RCMA No Color Powder from Camera Ready Cosmetics, because after more than two years (!) of everyday use my first bottle is just about empty.

Weekend plans: Planning outfits for my upcoming vacation and shopping for any missing pieces, relaxing, and catching up on “The Spanish Princess” (Side note: I’ve heard that some people are complaining that this show is historically inaccurate, but just like other Phillippa Gregory novels, it’s a work of fiction based on real events, so it’s meant as entertainment, not an educational documentary.)

Are you sentimental? I am sentimental when it comes to my mom, who passed away a decade ago. Anything that was hers or that she gave to me (and I still have) is sacred to me.

AJ Avatar

Haul: I finally caved and ordered the Viseart Coy palette with my $15 Sephora coupon LAST Thursday. Despite the fact that I have the 2 day flash shipping it just finally hit my mailbox now. I expected a little delay due to the holiday weekend but this is ridiculous!

Weekend plans: Tonight I’ve got an extra rehearsal with my belly dance classmates and tomorrow morning we perform! We’re dancing at an outdoor festival that invites us every year and we’re putting on a full half-hour show for them. I’m dancing in 3 group numbers and doing a solo. I’ve been working on some new costuming elements for the past couple weeks and I’m excited to see how everything comes together — and of course, a belly dance show is an excuse to wear all the makeup 😀 Sunday I have to run a few errands but otherwise I intend to relax, take it easy, maybe enjoy a Lush bath bomb and binge some TV shows. I’ve been running non-stop this entire month and it’s time to chill out.

Am I sentimental? A little bit, I guess. Not especially so. I keep things more out of the idea that I probably should than any actual emotional attachment. The more frequently I have to move house the less sentimental I become, it’s annoying to have to haul things from place to place just because of some association with a special person or time in my life.

Tammy Avatar

You know I love the Coy palette! If you have some bright, vivid mattes to pair with it, Coy is even more amazing.

I hope you enjoy your performance! I’ve done belly dance and it takes an incredible amount of practice and work to pull off a public performance.

AJ Avatar

Your Instagram posts and comments about it here are one reason why I bought Coy 😀 I actually destashed the bright matte palette I had because I never wore it, but I’m sure I have things in my stash that will play nicely with it. I’m actually going to use it for today’s look since it will nicely match the flowers in my headdress.

Thank you for the well-wishes for our performance! We had a great dress rehearsal last night, the new costumes worked out really well and all our practice has paid off for the dances.

Now it’s time to go put on my face 😀 Nothing like a little daytime drag!

AJ Avatar

Thank you, Genevieve 🙂 I’m not as good as I would like to be, but I work hard to be as good as I can!

Sadly we had some major issues with the sound system at the festival, which meant we were not able to deliver as good of a performance as we would have liked (dance is better when the dancers and the audience can hear the music properly, after all!) but we gave it our best and we sure looked fabulous! After the show we changed into our street clothes and went for margaritas and food, and people kept walking by our table and doing a double-take at our makeup 😀

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate. Somehow I managed to miss it when I did my Sephora sale skin care haul. Shiseido cotton pads and that is it. I am getting ready to use one of my gift cards from Sephora to pick up the Coy palette. I cannot fight it any longer!! Honestly, I was going back and forth between the Coy palette and the Chantecaille Polar palette, not that they are in any way similar, but I like the looks of both of them. Seeing Tammy’s IG pictures when she uses the Coy palette has finally swayed me in that direction.

Weekend plans: Nothing special. I am still in the throes of spring cleaning. I have closets emptied out and piles of stuff every where. I do want to get out into the yard and get some pots planted now that I think the major threat of frost is gone. We had heavy thunderstorms last night and thank heavens they are early enough in the season that everything is still really green and little chance of a forest fire. My poor kitty was so freaked out. The man who purchased the property directly next to mine has decided to build and has decided to put his combination toy garage and two bedroom, connected apartment, right up on our property line. They have been leveling and bringing in fill dirt all week. The noise of the machinery was already bothering her and she sits and looks at me with these big terrified eyes, Just about time the machinery stopped, the thunder and lightening started. She has been all puffed up for most of the week. Her fur is so puffy that she looks twice her size. Poor baby. I am not thrilled either but nothing to be done about it. In the past couple of months all of the land around me has sold and everyone has brought their boats, jet skis, RV’s, tents, etc and parked them on their land. I honestly feel like I am in the middle of a used RV lot. Not sure what that will do to my property value. I should have seen it coming what with all the activity in our little town during the summer time and with water access so close to my house. It almost makes me wish for winter when I know they will not be here!! I have never had to worry about traffic in and out of “my” little cul de sac. Oh well, time will tell. Everyone seems really nice so that is a bonus. Oh, one other little pet peeve, one of them paid to have a dust abatement company come in and put chemicals on the road and in their driveway. She contacted us to let us know the guy was coming and that he would do anyone’s driveway that wanted it done. I contacted her to ask what chemicals they were putting down. I am leery of chemicals after my breast cancer. Anything put on the road is eventually going to be in our drinking water as we are all on a well. I thought it was a bit high handed of her to order this done before talking to any of us. The guy was coming the next morning and I was not in town so couldn’t catch the guy to talk to him. She told me that she didn’t know what they used. I find it strange that someone would just have chemicals put down without knowing what they were and what effect they might have. She also took it upon herself to have the locks on the well house changed out and then asked us all to contribute to the payment. She had a push button type lock installed. The other property owners were not too happy and most declined to pay saying that if they needed a new lock then a simple key lock would have been fine and two copies could be made. They recommended that I be given one of the keys since I am here all year round. She had already done it though. Time will tell how things work out with her.

Am I sentimental? Most people, family included, would likely say that I am not very sentimental. The only exception would be my daughter. She knows me very well. I am incredibly sentimental about things, people, events, etc. I have a pressed rose from a funeral I attended in 1979 of a family friend. I cannot bring myself to throw it away, even though it is long past looking anything like a rose. I have many “treasures” that I keep from family, even though they aren’t anything important. I am the family historian and I think that comes from my sentimentality and wanting to preserve all of those relationships. I have a list of things my daughter “must” keep after I die. Most of the things on the list are things that really are worth being sentimental about. My grandfather made toys during the winter time for children in the community that wouldn’t have a Christmas if he didn’t. I have several that she must keep. I have a youth chair that he made for his grandchildren, the younger ones. I was already out of the house when he made them for about 6 of my really young cousins. One of them was throwing it out so I got it. I have his rocking chair, my aunt’s bed, the bridge lamp my grandmother gave me, the diamond earrings my other grandmother gave me, etc The list goes on for awhile. She will keep them because I ask it of her but most of the stuff I have she isn’t interested in. I have seriously been playing with the idea of having an estate sale or whatever the correct term is if you haven’t died!! I just think it will be easier for her when something happens to me. She won’t have to deal with all the stuff. Yes, I am sentimental and my makeup collection proves it. I mean, some of this stuff can’t be replaced, LOL!!

kjh Avatar

OMG, the side road where I grew up was routinely dusted with Dowflake in the summer, and I just knew it would bode no one good. Surprisingly, I know someone who lived there as an adult, on a paved road by that time. No ill effects reported, but I understand the fear. This is from the fifties, before we were not as knowledgeable as today, and my family was still against it. It was done municipally. That new neighbor sounds like a very entitled handful. Hopefully, they’ll move. Someone renovated a lovely Hopperesque house in my ‘hood, where there still are ~20-25% seasonal homes at the beach. It’s their third home, and they have never been there. Not once. Your newbie sounds major difficult. Good luck.

Deborah S. Avatar

I know we were pretty naive back in the day. All of the chemicals we have ingested and slathered on our bodies can be rather scary, especially with a cancer or chronic illness history. I have a bad feeling about the one neighbor but I will hold my tongue and let things play out as they will. We are technically a subdivision with CCR’s and an HOA. The final lot owned by the man that did the subdividing has sold and he has “left the running to the lot of us!” She approached him about taking over the financial piece of the HOA. We pay $25 per month if you are on the well and $10 per month if you aren’t on the well. So, apparently you have to have two peoples names on the account so he recommended I be added. I have a feeling she didn’t love that but in any event, I am on the account now also. Frankly, I didn’t want to be and would prefer to live in what I call, “cloud coo coo land” but no one else would do it and I didn’t feel like it should be left to just one person so now I am involved. I plan on minimizing my activity and keeping my head low and just waiting it out. I won’t allow anything to damage our water though. That is just too scary. Because of forest fires the county runs a weed abatement program through the summer. They come along every couple of months and spray beside the roads with a week killer. A lot of people who are sensitive to it post signs saying, “I control my own, don’t spray.” I do the same. Doesn’t take long once you are on the lawn tractor to go along the road too.
Anyway, hope you have a good weekend. I have to get my pen and paper and complete my every Friday read through the haul comments to gather items for purchase, LOL!

Tammy Avatar


I got to play with the Chantecaille Polar Ice palette in person before I bought Coy, and though I love sparkly things, it just didn’t call my name. Coy, on the other hand, has totally captivated me in a way no other palette has ever done. I know I wouldn’t enjoy Coy as much as I do if I had purchased it without Editorial Brights. Editorial Brights takes everything I do with Coy to the next level. My instagram pictures are my love song to Coy. I’m glad someone is hearing it.

Deborah S. Avatar

Oh yes, your IG is like a sirens call to me, LOL! As I have said, I don’t have the lid space to do it justice but I think the shades are gorgeous. I will have to look at Editorial also. I remember looking at it but since I have been on the no/low buy, I haven’t really been looking at any makeup on sites where it could actually be purchased. I am always glad to see you post a look as I am open to all inspiration.

Nikki Avatar

Deborah, you should maybe check the regulations there in Montana, but according to Google and Wikipedia, people can hold living estate sales-mostly if they have to sell their property before they can move.

Rachel R. Avatar

Wow, that neighbor has some nerve doing major stuff like that without consulting the other residents. It takes a special kind of entitlement to change the well lock on her own, and then ask everyone else to help pay for it. Hopefully, she’ll get bored and leave soon, because she sounds very controlling, and will probably want to do more.

Deborah S. Avatar

I have to admit, I am getting a not good vibe from her but time will tell. They live about 3 hours away and only come on weekends. A lot of owners in the little subdivision that I live in do that. Some just leave their RV’s all winter, winterizing them and covering them with a custom cover. I have a guy that built a house and has about 4 boats and an RV on his property. I saw him every weekend the first year I moved up here. The next year he came up on holiday weekend during the summer, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. The following year we had those horrible forest fires and he came once to check the house and make sure that everything was okay. Did not see him at all the next 3 years. Last week he was up and got into it with the lady and her husband because they were using his driveway to access the back of their property so that they didn’t have to move one of their RV’s. It is shaping up to be an interesting summer her in Montana!! There are only 4 of us who live here year round. The rest are summer weekend warriors only. Everybody up here knows that I am kind of a loner. I use to do a lot of socializing and interacting with people as my job but my preference is really to be left alone. I am an extreme introvert. I really have to push myself to come out of my shell but anyway, the neighbors know and we acknowledge each other but none of us are party animals.
Seriously, in the winter time when we are out blowing snow we yell at each other to make sure we are all okay!! At Christmas I bake and deliver goodie bags to the neighbors but that is about the extent of it. I feel like in the summer time there is going to be a bit of a click type things going on with those that live here year around and maybe a couple of the others and then there will be the weekenders click. I am going to be Switzerland, LOL!

Karine Avatar

It’s been a while since I bought makeup (I did buy an Adept palette 2 weeks ago to consolidate my collection). Today, I just ordered blacklight from makeup geek (thanks for the code!).

I’m going to my parents house (they have a yard) to do some spray paint. It’s also my mom’s birthday in a few days so we will celebrate her.

I’m a bit sentimental, but not as much as I used to. I let got of many things in the last few years.

kjh Avatar

Adept palettes are my new addiction. One for SG, one for CP, and one for the big V. really don’t need anything else. Total love for stay home storage.

Nancy T Avatar

Mellan, your sweet, gentle eyes totally melt my core!

Haul: I went clear down to the Ulta in Chandler for the 2 Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Drops shades that I had in mind; Melon and Cinnamon. However, before the day is over, I will probably pick up some skincare at Sephora and possibly place a small order for MAC Electric Wonder collection. I hesitate only because of the lack of good swatches out there, especially for the lipsticks on more medium to medium-tan skintones. That Sepia something lipstick looks very interesting! But on such a neutral olive complexion such as mine, I just don’t know?

Weekend plans: Besides food shopping and the usual hair/nails/Sunday meeting….
Just getting through the weekend safely. We had a pretty ugly incident at the apt. complex I live at. It was a racist hate crime against my neighbor by another neighbor. I had the unfortunate vantage point of being an eyewitness to the first incident, where she was screaming obscenities and the *N* word. Worse yet, so were his 2 little kids! That gutted me. Then, on Wednesday night, the 2nd incident. The same horrible language WRITTEN all over his patio gate, plus, a bunch of clothing strewn all in front of the main gate. I wrote an email to our property manager yesterday that moved her to show up and investigate. She gave the woman who perpetrated this a 5 day eviction notice for vandalism and hate crime community violations. We still don’t understand the point of all the clothes thrown in the front of the building by her, though? The other stuff, the horrible graffiti written on this man’s patio gate, we DO. It is disgusting and thoroughly unacceptable. Now, we wait for the fallout, because we already know how vindictive and unstable this woman is.

Are you sentimental? Um, yeah! However, I hide that aspect of myself quite effectively. There are plenty of little keepsakes put carefully away here, though! Mostly things from when my children were babies and all through their growing up, others for kitties I’ve lost over the years, mememtos from our lives back in NJ, or things that belonged to my Mom.

Genevieve Avatar

Hmm – is there a Current Affairs program that you could ring up and state your case about? Or a radio program? That usually brings the police coming.
What a shame they haven’t responded, I mean this is full on dangerous.

Genevieve Avatar

That is awful Nancy and I would have been shaking in terror for days. I hope she moves out. The poor neighbour who was targeted must be completely scared too, as well as his little children. How do you explain all of this nastiness to kids?
I think the police should be involved, especially as you fear retribution.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: my daughter got me some Kiehl’s products for Mothers Day but 2 were items I already had aplenty so I exchanged for a large tube of Ultimate Hand Salve (love that stuff), a tube of their Intensive Treatment (I use it for hands and for my feet – it’s really good) and a jar of Ultra Facial Cream which I’d always wanted to try. Two rediscoveries for me are NARS Stud eyeshadow, which I hadn’t used in ages and MAC’s Illusionary Burning Ambition MES (the brown side), as well as Stila’s Spirit Eyes are the Window palette. I’ve been using those eye products all week long. Christine, I love that YTTP cleanser. It has pretty much replaced my former “go to”, which is the Boscia one.

Weekend plans: it’s calling for lots and lots and LOTS of rain so we’re hoping to get the lawns mowed this evening. Gym tomorrow and then just takin’ it easy.

Am I sentimental? You bet I am. I think having children is a factor and I may have grown a sentimental bone while I was pregnant. I even still have the positive pregnancy home test stick thing from child #3, who is now 26!!!

Mariella Avatar

I know. I’m so glad I got it when it was released in 2016 version (I think the later releases didn’t rate quite as well from Christine and I also think the last one was much smaller/less product)

Rachel R. Avatar

*ColourPop (sale) — Sweetest Fling Set (Main Squeeze Shadow Palette, Big Slice So Juicy Plumping Gloss, and Ultra Matte Lip in Melonade); Slip n Slide Kit (Supernova Shadow in Hazy and Glitterally Obsessed in Disco Lady); Birthday Treat SSS (GWP).

*Sephora (sale items) — Natasha Denona Mini Lila Palette; Tarte Tartelette Flirt Palette; Elizabeth & James Nirvana Gray Rollerball; Hourglass Unreal High Shine Lip Gloss trial size in Sublime (GWP).

*TheBalm — Foiled Again… Foiled Eyeshadow Palette.

*GlamBot — Pat McGrath Labs Mothership III Eyeshadow Palette in Subversive (20% off); Clearance Sale — Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit; Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight; BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Prismatic Amethyst.

*Other — Fuchsia Tweezerman slanted tweezers; Shower Pill Body Cleaning Wipes (for my son to freshen up with at work)

Weekend plans: My son got hired on by the banquets department at hotel he’s interning for, and he starts June 4! Very proud mama here! I’ll be taking him shopping for some black dress shirts and other uniform items. The family will also take him out for a celebratory dinner. The rest of the weekend will be the usual cleaning and shopping.

Are you sentimental?: I am about my kids. Otherwise, not really.

Rachel R. Avatar

Nancy, thanks so much! It’s mind-blowing to me that he went from being a kid who wouldn’t talk to anyone outside the family, and who had to be in a little classroom by himself because he couldn’t tolerate the other kids, to become a young man loving hospitality and sales, speaking on podcasts, and doing Q & A’s and representing Project SEARCH at local events. I’ll pass on your praise to him.

Genevieve Avatar

What wonderful news Rachel, I feel so pleased for all of you. He must have impressed them a lot. A lovely dinner out will be a great way to celebrate his sucess.
And by the way, that Balm Foiled eyeshadow palette, that I just looked up, is insanely gorgeous. It will look stunning on you.

Rachel R. Avatar

I had to get Foiled Again. I really have more than enough neutral palettes, but the metallics are so rich, I fell in love. Plus I like to support theBalm. I think they’re terribly under-rated.

Thank you for the kind words about my son. He’s worked so hard to get where he is now. The hotel staff really like him and are so encouraging. He had two departments vying for him, but the position in banquets came through sooner, so he took it. He’ll still go to the Program classroom on Mondays to finish up his end of year classwork and complete the program. His program graduation is the 25th.

kjh Avatar

Mem day sales are trickling in, crushing the low buy. The vamp stamps are fun, and first attempt was not too shabby, considering I had a hand mirror and was thrown out of art after seventh grade. BTR for a XMAS gift, KA Neo Limelight on sale, Fenty I Quit, not that I needed another greige, and the BM Desert Bloom blush trio. W/E: dog show. Conveniently in the same town as a CCO, hmmmm. Sentimental: more in memories than objects, though I do have quite a few things that qualify, like a carved camphor wood chest that my g’parents got in China in the 30s, Asian silk hangings, etc. And my bedroom set is the one my parents bought for me as a teen, well over 50 years old. I don’t think of them as sentimental, but as functional, rather a different point of view. And someone just stole my parent’s outdoor furniture! I have my gp’s rattan sunroom furniture, too. Stuff made in that era does not quit. Furniture I’ve bought never holds up like that stuff.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh kjh, do you know who is stealing your furniture, is it that lady you wrote about a few weeks ago? That is awful to realise that someone is breaking into your yard, it wouldn’t be making you feel safe at all. Older furniture like the ones your grandparents had were made to last the distance. I am really sorry this has happened to you.

Lesley Avatar

I resisted makeup this week but my $100 Rouge coupon was obsessing me so I went to Sephora with a two item skin care list—-Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Retinol eye serum and the Supergoop eye cream with the SPF in it. The eye cream was sold out so I bought REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA tonic instead. Next day came the e-mail that the Supergoop was back in stock so I ordered it. I also bought the Sephora Hakuhodo large powder brush because all my other brushes were giving me too much bronzer. With these orders I picked up minis of the First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Pores Be Gone Mattifying Primer, which I like a lot, and the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereyes concealer, which I am not sure about.

No plans for the weekend but I will figure out a way to enjoy the sunshine.

I am sentimental about lost family members but I don’t understand nostalgia.

Sarah Avatar

Rediscoveries: Tarte Glide & Glow Buttery lipstick in Berry Cruiser (a sheer cherry red). This has become my go-to lip color for spring/summer…nice sheen, not too emollient, fades gracefully. Not sure I would repurchase at the price point, but I’m enjoying it for now.

Weekend plans: Mostly stay at home and power through the list of chores I’ve been putting off for a while.

Are you sentimental?: I would say so. I love keeping paper mementos like cards, letters, movie tickets, plane tickets, etc. With other things like gifts, clothes, etc, I’m not as attached outside of a few select ones.

Genevieve Avatar

A lovely photo of Mellon.
Haul: Just some eyebrow pencils (Maybelline) and another bottle of foundation – L’Oreal’s True Match in Porcelain Rose.
Rediscoveries: The UD Mariposa palette, which does cover a lot of shades. As I think I have mentioned, the bright fuscia shade seems out of sync with the rest of the palette. And I do miss the mirror too. But otherwise it is a lovely spread of everday shades.

Weekend Plans
Friday – Lachlan to play, but the weather was so cold and wet, we didn’t venture outside at all. Lots of different train sets to play with though.
Saturday – my hair done, shopping and laundry.
Sunday – probably going out to my sister’s over the other side of town to deliver her Entertainment Book ( a book that is purchased and has thousands of vouchers for up to 25% off the value of meals at restaurants/bistros and cafes at different sections of Melbourne. It is so cost effective and I give my sister the vouchers at her end of town, and I get the same from her).

Am I sentimental? Not really, over photos and small mememtos from my family and children I am, but otherwise I wouldn’t say I was.

Tracey E Avatar

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Lovegasm palette.

Weekend Plans: my sister’s coming to visit later next week, so getting the place a little more organized and giving it a good cleaning. Also hoping to enjoy some warmer weather!

Sentimental?: Yes, to an extent. I cherish certain mementos, enjoy traditions, and am aware that certain moments are fleeting.

Pearl Avatar

Haul: Chanel Lumieres Naturelles Quad

Rediscoveries: Jade Jagger collection (Burning Lights quad, Moon Shimmer blush, Sunset Pearl lipstick). I especially love the lipstick and don’t have a dupe for it but I may stop by MAC and use my B2M recyclables to get Touch lipstick this weekend.

Weekend plans: The usual – cooking, cleaning, laying low. Church then manicure and facial on Sunday. Maybe also brunch and a movie Sunday afternoon/early evening.

Are you sentimental?: Yes, unfortunately!

Kitty Avatar

I’m touched by the caption/sentiment in Mellan’s photo. Having been owned by four cats who ended up aging with us and suffering from various ailments, I totally relate to your caption. We even avoided taking some vacations because we worried too much when we weren’t there with them. They all lived happy lives like Mellan and eventually passed away, and while we miss having a cat right now, we feel so much better leaving home knowing that we don’t have to worry about anyone. I don’t know how long we can go without getting a cat again, but the freedom from worry (and need to travel right now) outweigh getting one. Mellan is very lucky to have you to worry about him and love and enjoy him.

I hope you and everyone else are having a great weekend.

Nikki Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: No haul, but I started a birthday list a few months in advance with Ace Beaute’s Oceanic and Paradise Fallen (OMG purple!) palettes, and there are plenty of things I’m still considering buying. The UD Electric palette was a lifesaver during my 3 days without electricity-all I had to do was pick the bright that matched my top of the day and pair it with a matching mascara and a complementary lipstick.
Weekend plans: Worked all day and replaced the cold food yesterday, errands and SVU marathon today. Famous Daytonian Rob Lowe is back in town tomorrow, bringing his speaking tour to the Schuster, the flagship theatre in our local theatre association. I’m taking my mom to the show as an early birthday gift (we’re both fans).
Are you sentimental?: It depends on the event and the item. I keep tickets from movies and concerts I enjoy in a small gift box wrapped in cartoony cat wrapping paper-the Rob Lowe ticket will go there tomorrow after the show.

Alecto Avatar

Late to the party! (As usual.)

Haul/Rediscoveries: I got the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer intending to use it as a transitional foundation (something not sheer, but not high coverage), that includes mineral SPF; on first use of it, I’m sold! It still remains to be seen whether it oxidizes or breaks down on my combination skin, but for now, I’m thoroughly thrilled that I’m wearing a low-coverage product and I don’t look weird. Yes!!! Next step: bare skin (which might take me another year, but hot damn … I think I’m actually going to be able to do this!). The day I can wear nothing but powder to complement my dark blue lipstick, I’m going to throw a party and YOU’RE ALL INVITED!!!) 😉

Weekend plans: As little as possible, though I’m liking the idea of getting laundry all done and put away, and organizing my office a bit.

Are you sentimental?: No, not really; I have one little shoebox of keepsakes from various trips, special days, etc… but that’s it.

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