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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Anastasia Summer Lipstick & Pigment Sets
  • Weekend plans: I need to do some tidying/reorganizing/purging of products-to-review, and I made a small dent in it on Thursday but need to do more this weekend!
  • Do you have any summer plans?: I avoid vacation myself, so that’s a no for me, but I’m hoping my parents will visit!

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Haul: Nothing

Rediscoveries: I actually just used Anastasia’s blush trio for the first time this week even though I’ve had it over a year. Very pretty and easy to use. I also have to give MAC’s lipstick in Nice To Meet You some love. There is a spring vibe to this fresh, pretty red that cannot be replicated by any other lipstick in my stash.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow is gym and lawn mowing in the morning. My son and his wife will be coming from Missouri with our two grand dogs to spend the weekend with us. My oldest daughter will arrive shortly thereafter with her brood (husband and three grandchildren). We’re cooking a meal of Italian Beef, homemade macaroni and cheese, salad, and strawberries. At some point my second daughter and her boyfriend will join us. If the weather cooperates, we will probably go hiking. If not, we will stay inside and play Sequence or a board game. I might put out a puzzle.

Summer plans: Lots of cookouts and homemade margaritas. We have a big birthday party every month for various family members.

It’s that Anastasia Blush Trio in Cocktail Party. Just realized I didn’t identify which trio, lol

Haul: Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush
I’ve had this on my wishlist for almost a year and I finally pulled the trigger and I am not disappointed! I’ve been on a liquid and cream blush kick and got some Daniel Sandler liquid blushes recently and I *almost* like the Shiseido better! I feel like it applies easier and has more interesting colors — but I’m allowing myself to love both brands.

Weekend plans: I have a 5 day weekend full of no plans! I have mini goals – I have some projects I’d like to finish and if the weather holds out I’d love to get the garage cleaned/organized and take some donations where they need to go. We’re also working on opening the pool.

Summer plans: not yet, beyond getting the pool opened I’d like to get the pergola built since we have new townhouses being built behind our house and it would give us some privacy. My other half was injured for most of last year so he doesn’t have much leave at work so if we do get away it will be day trips or an overnighter.

I purchased one of those Shiseido blushes a few months ago and I love it but I keep forgetting to use it. I’d like to pick up one more – the deeper red shade – but will wait til I’ve done a better job of using the one I have.

Haul: For myself, nothing, but I did pick up two drugstore foundations for my daughter. I was in Kalispell to deliver her car to her and didn’t even go into Sephora! That is a first for me. We did go into Ulta and that is where we picked up her foundation. She has to mix two shades to get a workable shade for herself. I wasn’t actively “not buying” anything but nothing caught my eye. Pretty sad.

Weekend plans: I wanted to get out into the yard and do some work but it is suppose to rain all weekend here so I will have to postpone that until early in the week. My new next door neighbor is going to be starting construction on his home this week and is having some leveling done early in the week so I may actually go back to Kalispell to take my daughter a couple of things she didn’t take with her but is missing. She didn’t take any blankets with her because the housing had blankets and no air conditioning so she figured that it would be warm enough but they got snow this week so she needs at least another blanket for a while.
I will take my mother to visit my father’s grave on either Sunday or Monday. My brother usually won’t go as he doesn’t handle it well but Mom always wants to go and I don’t like her going by herself. Sometimes my Mom will drive herself to the cemetery and she will sit and talk to my Dad. It makes her feel better.

You can never predict the weather in Spring, it can be warm or revert to winter. I guess your daughter would be missing that extra blanket or two.
It is sad to go to the cemetery by yourself and it’s good of you to take her. How’s the hoarding situation going Deborah?

Hoarding is much the same, thank you for asking, Genevieve. The first time I gutted her place was about 2 years after my Dad passed and at that time she wanted his room opened up to allow for more space in the living/dining/kitchen area. So, I knocked the wall down, we tore up all the flooring and painted. We furnished with new furniture and everything that had been in the house at the time was put into tubs. I had been noticing her getting more and more upset with the process as I was throwing stuff away and so to compromise I put things into tubs and asked her to sit on the porch and go through things and divide them into keep/donate/trash. Well, as you probably know from your own hoarding experience. Nothing went in trash or donate. When the work was done and she hadn’t downsized at all, my brother hauled all the tubs to the basement. By the next time rolled around, pretty much everything in the tubs was back in the house with additional stuff added. As you know, it really isn’t the accumulation of stuff but rather the things that are actually garbage that rots. Long story short, every time I tried to clean the place we faced the same issues. The last time I did it I just kept filling the back of my brother’s truck and he hauled it all to the dump as I cleaned it out. I had to wear a respirator mask to clean the place and then again, tore up the damaged flooring, etc. I made the decision then that I was never doing it again. About a year ago she started telling me that she wants her kitchen moved down the wall to where my Dad’s room was. She kept asking my brother to do it and he kept telling her that between his full time job he just didn’t have the time to move the water, power, etc. One day when I was there and she was telling me that my brother was lazy and wouldn’t do it for her, I told her that he had told me he would do it just as soon as the place was cleaned out so that he could move things. I told him what I had said and he started telling her the same thing. About a week ago she told me she changed her mind and doesn’t want it moved anymore!! She is with it enough to know what is happening, LOL!! I imagine at some point I won’t be able to take it anymore and will gut the place again. I wanted to hire some people to help me but my brother doesn’t want me to do that because we live in a small community and he doesn’t want any one to know how his mother lives. I frankly don’t care what anyone else thinks but I don’t want strangers having to suffer my Mother’s anger and/or verbal abuse. So, I am not doing anything for awhile. After helping me twice before, my daughter is refusing to help again. I don’t blame her. Have a nice week, Genevieve and thanks again for your concern.

I really do get this – as my daughter in law and son (plus family members and friends) had to get a bulldozer and respirator to clean out their triple garage, whilst Anika worked in the spare bathroom and kitchen (it took her 8 hours to clean both rooms), 6 -8 months later her parents are asking her to come back. Her parents also live in a small mountain community and it has been tricky for them to ask for help, so I understand too where your brother is coming from.
I honestly don’t blame your daughter for not helping anymore either. Their eldest grand daughter and son (who are both adults) said they just can’t cope with it all anymore….it is too overwhelming.
Enjoy your week and I hope you have some lovely weather.

Haul: Oh God. The UD Born to Run palette, the Pat McGrath Subliminal Platinum and La Vie en Rose palettes on Sephora, and then I went back and looked at my palettes and realized I was missing Dark Star after all so I just went to Pat McGrath’s site and got it for full price because…I’m impatient. Then Juvia’s Place new foundation and Tarte’s Face Tape foundation because I always love trying new foundations and those piqued my interest.

I spent a lot on makeup but I’m going to take a break for a bit.

Weekend Plans: My partner and I are going to tear down some pre-built shelving to get 3 feet of access to our electrical panel to be compliant with current electrical code. This summer we’re having a new roof put on, and then solar afterwards, so we want to get started on being compliant with code. It’s not fun, but it’s necessary.

Summer Plans? Well, my best friend from Wichita is coming to visit me next month, and then my parents are finally coming to visit. After that, the home improvements all happen during the summer so I’ll have to be home for that. I guess my summer plans are home improvements!

Haul: Nothing, and I’m not really planning any Memorial Day shopping

Rediscoveries: MAC Scene and how flattering dirty grays look on me (or at least I think they do)

Weekend plans: Resting (hopefully), exploring nature (if rain allows), Fiddler on the Roof musical on Sunday

Do you have any summer plans? I’m torn in between visiting my family back in Europe and a road trip in the US (visiting national parks, both deserts and woodlands and mountains). But I have some paper work issues and I can’t make plans until solving everything.

Not another one… I was already `lost` my perfect blue, Deep Truth. I was trying recently to purchase a replacement for my old one… but none to find on the website…

Awww Mellan, you’re so beautiful!!!
*Paula’s Choice (15-20% off ) Omega+ Complex Moisturizer, Clinical Ceramide Enriched Firming Eye Cream, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid (love!), Clear Ultra-Light Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 (HG), SPF Lip balm, On-the-Go SPF Powder , and Defense Pore Purifier (GWP)
*Sydney Grace (15% off with code BEAUTYCULT) – Danny’s Dream -glad they finally re-stocked!
*Dermstore (20% off) -Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
*Weekend – mix of paperwork, chores, walks, shopping, and hopefully something fun
*Cruise to Mexico!

Haul/Rediscoveries: MAC Aladdin lipstick in Whole New World (I just couldn’t resist. It’s gorgeous!) I was also drawn to Friend Like Me, but when I saw it in person, it looked similar to Blankety, a shade that is too light and looks hideous on me, so that temptation flew out the window.

Rediscoveries: UD Naked3 eye palette. I’m probably supposed to throw it out because it’s so old, but I only used to wear about three of the shades. I haven’t touched it in a years. A couple days ago, I decided to try some of the shades I used to ignore and I absolutely love the look I got. Is it bad to use a palette this old?

Weekend plans: Chores, family, relaxing, and catching up on the TV show “The Spanish Princess,” which I just started watching and seems pretty interesting so far.

Do you have any summer plans?: Just to try to stay cool and dry.

Powders stay good for a long time as long as they’re kept dry. I have some that are way older than that, and I don’t have any issues with them. Unless they’ve changed in color/appearance, smell, or texture/performance, they should be good.

I think it would be fine to use the Naked 3 palette, unless they ‘smelt’ off. But if they have been stored in a cool and dry place, they should be OK. It is a beautiful palette and the shades are so ‘in’ at the moment. You can always use them with another palette too.
The Spanish Princess would be an intersting show for me to watch too and I can’t wait.

Haul: Nothing this week. My only rediscovery, if you will, was that while searching for my my Nyx Esrthtone SLP that went missing, I came upon all my blushes in the lower drawer of my Sterlite 3-drawer storage unit. Looking at them, I brought MAC Sweet Vision and a few others up top into circulation. I had forgotten how beautiful that blush is!

Weekend plans: Nothing out the ordinary. Hair, nails (they look horrible lately, as do my hands in general), meeting on Sunday, GoT epilogue Sunday night. Might go over to Ulta for Flower Blush Drops in Melon. If I have the energy.

Summer plans: I wish! How I would love to take a trip back to NJ and the NYC area for a few weeks! But who would take really good, loving care of my 2 older cats, I wonder? My “sinkbeast” is now 14 y.o., which is up there for a Maine Coon. His half-sister is 12 now, too. It’s hard, because I’m really dying to get to the beach, to enjoy beautiful wooded areas of the region, visit with old friends of 20-30 years and just hang out and talk about life. But I need a TRUSTWORTHY, affordable cat sitter. If my son lived nearby, I would definitely ask him and compensate him for his assistance. Thing is, Kyle just started a new job that pays far better than his airport shuttle driver job, the hours are crazy though. 4 p.m. – 2 a.m. Plus, it’s in the West Valley in Tolleson. Quite a distance!

That’s the trouble with having eldery pets Nancy. When my sister’s cat was old, she wouldn’t take a holiday away from her, so I understand what you mean.
Going back to NJ would be heavenly for you, I know.
Congratulations to Kyle for getting a much better paying job. It’s a great boost for him.

Exactly, Genevieve. Leaving them here for 4 nights last summer when I went down to Tucson was stressful enough, but then to come home and find out that my so-called “friend” only came over twice to feed them and check up on them, has left me with some very serious trust issues as a result. I dare not imagine how much I would worry about them if I went away for a few weeks!
Also, thank you on behalf of my son! He’s been really working on getting into something that pays a living wage and has a healthier corporate atmosphere.

I wish I lived closer, I would come and babysit your sweetie’s for you. I would never want another cat to go through what Sophie did while we were in Europe. I am thankful that she travels with me everywhere that I go by car! People always seem surprised that a cat would travel in a car but she has done it since she was a baby so it is just old hat for her. In many ways, it is easier than traveling with a dog. She has her litter box in the trunk and I just put one side of the back seat down and she can go back there and do her business and I don’t have to stop. She mostly sleeps the whole trip. I am babysitting her for the summer as my daughter can’t have her in the housing of her summer job. She is staring at me right now wanting me to go to bed but she is way early tonight!!

Well that’s a shame that your darling cats weren’t looked after properly the last time. Man, many years ago we were asked to look after a neighbour’s new puppy as they had booked to go camping. He ended up in our place for the whole weekend, including hopping into our bed on a Sunday morning for a little play!
I know at this age of their lives you would be quite worried about them.
A ‘living’ wage is so important – it’s something that is discussed here in Aus a fair bit too as there have been any wage rises for a long time and it’s just too hard for everyone to live. A great atmosphere to work in really helps the stress levels too. So pleased for your son.

Congrats to Kyle on the new job! I know he was wanting to find something better.

I hope you can find a good cat sitter. The last one you had should have checked in on the kitties once a day.

Thank you so much, Rachel! I will definitely pass along your congratulations to him.

The worst part? The person who cat-sat for me last summer was supposedly a friend. I think that’s the part that burned me up besides feeling so angry and sad upon seeing those unopened cans on the counter. It felt like a betrayal of trust.

Haul: ND Mini Lila and Nude palettes. Could pass up the deal on the Mini Lila and the Nude was too cute to resist.

Rediscoveries: Not so much a rediscovery as just a plain ol’ discovery for me; I love using my fingers now to blend in my BB cream! I don’t like having the leftover product on my fingers, but its a small price to pay for my complexion to look this nice!

Weekend plans: I have to work on call over the weekend because the organization I work for has a lot of Memorial Day events they cover.

Do you have any summer plans? Not really. Summer is my least favorite season; I’m not a fan of the heat. But my little boy’s second birthday is at the end of July, so that will be fun! We usually make plans for fall or winter because we love that time of year so much.

I hope you get to have some rest over the weekend, it’s not much fun being on call. Summer is my least favourite time of the year too and I just hate the heat.
Your little boy is at a gorgeous age – so lovable and cute.

HAUL: got a few more of my favorite lipstick formula, Guerlain KISS KISS. Rouge Kiss, Cherry Pink, Very Pink, Red Passion, Red Hot. Very Pink isn’t quite my color but I’m just feeling something bright for summer. Rouge Kiss is bright as well and the rest are deeper reds. Cherry Pink I’ve been eyeing for years, kicking myself for not getting it sooner. SO PRETTY and very wearable muted cherry red. Sister in a way to my beloved DC’d Air Kiss, not dupes but they have the same vibe and versatility. New fave for sure.

WEEKEND: Going camping (cabins not roughing it lol). I don’t have any other vacations planned—I’m not much of a traveler or vacationer either, I prefer day trips or spontaneous weekends. I hate leaving my pets.

`I’m not much of a traveler or vacationer either, I prefer day trips or spontaneous weekends. I hate leaving my pets.` – My last year summed up in two sentences. 😆 Although I take each year time to visit family in Europe (I now live in US), for vacations I actually enjoyed more day trips and weekends (2-3 days of `road trips`). There’s tons of stuff to do in my area and I’m in a `cozy`-`home-y` stage of my life.

Haul: Couloured Raine Safari Raine palette and Nabla the Secret Palette. Both were on sale and have a really cohesive palette story. I know I’ll enjoy the Coloured Raine palette bc Queen of Hearts is one of my all time favorite palettes. I’ve never used anything from Nabla so I’m a little nervous.

Weekend plans: babysitting and planning routines. I have one due in 2 weeks and I have to smooth it out in order to feel comfortable with putting it onstage.

Summer plans: I’ve signed up for some pole shows and I need to work out routines. I have a show, possibly two in July, every month during the summer, and they are all different routines. No repeats. I’m excited and extremely nervous.

The Coloured Raine Safari palette is drop dead gorgeous and I know you will love it.
Best wishes for planning your dance routines too. I am sure it will work out really well.
What a terrific Aunty you are to babysit your nephews. The baby must be growing up fast.

Haul: yet ANOTHER tube of Smashbox Red Rage lipstick; the new Clarins bronzer in the lighter colour assortment (claims to be a blush, bronzer and highlighter; the bronzer shade is so lovely, even to someone like me who eschews bronzers for the most part and the 3 shades swirled together make for a lovely effect) and – FINALLY – a tube of the Australian Gold Tinted facial sunscreen (which I am LOVING)
Weekend plans: a get together of former art department teachers from the school where I’ve taught most often and which is closing in a few weeks; it’s been a few weeks of sad goodbyes – that’s tonight and I just have to put the finishing touches on the appetizer I’m bringing; tomorrow is our 39th wedding anniversary (hey, I was only 7 when I got married!) but as we have a wedding to go to, we can’t really celebrate at all just now but….

Summer plans: we’ll take a trip in 2 weeks to our nation’s Capital (that’s Canada’s nation’s Capital) for a 4 day get-away. We’ll save our big trip for next year – our 40th – and go to Denmark and possibly Norway and maybe even be able to co-ordinate things to meet up with our son who will be in Ukraine (assuming HIS plans don’t change). The prediction is for another hot and brutal summer so I’ll likely stay close to home and try to stay cool.

I really dislike school closures, they are so sad when you think of all the great people you have worked with over the years. We have them here too and I have been a part of a couple as well.
Congratulations on your 39th Wedding anniversay and yes, you must have been a child bride! We have been married for 41 years too.
A trip to Denmark and Norway would be my ideal….
We had a long and hot summer this year and I hope yours is not as bad as predicted.
Enjoy your busy weekend Mariella.

It really is sad, particularly with regard to this school which had a staff that was unlike any other in our board (these people really are exceptional on so many levels) and the most ethnically diverse student body of any in our city (being “inner city”, it was the first Canadian high school for most teenagers whose families were fleeing violence in other parts of the world; I remember our previous principal saying that by reading the newspaper headlines, he could tell where the next “group” would be coming from in 6 months or so – from the Boat People to refugees from Kosovo, then Somalia and now Syria and Afghanistan). I was privileged to teach with these people and also saddened to see the change in the past 5 years, once the closure was announced (a new school was built a few kms away to combine 2 schools that are closing) as staff became a revolving door of people looking to join another school secure their own futures – totally understandable but that amazing, cohesive staff was lost. This is what made this party so special – it was a lot of the retired folks from the “Renaissance years” as well as those still teaching there, etc.

Weren’t you and such babies when we married? That has to be the only explanation, right? Couldn’t possible be that we’re “old” (bah!)

No purchases. Enough to revisit. PML Major Red is terrific. SG Queen of Hearts, that I mentioned previously, just marvelous. Surratt Rose du Soir? Idk, put a metal sticker over the name, can go with everything. It’s one of those blushes-for-you, rather than blush that goes with the look or l/s. Also enjoying L’Oreal Dazzling Doe for a taupe nude sheer. Nothing other than night job Sun + Mon. Good thing that, too, as someone working on my yard stole/liberated half my outdoor furniture. Not my hire or my landlady’s. The woman has many pages in the DSM including impulse control issues, bipolar and alcoholism that she admits to. She’s a character disordered individual who lies like a Persian rug. To boot, I’m afraid of her, and she’s bestie with my night job friend that I transport and help out financially, when she is (always, in a serious fashion) in a bind. Best not to pursue, because that (insert any bad word here) gets even. I forgot a part: both she and the other woman are on disability, and overtly showing that they do not merit it. The other woman even came here on a scooter that she is afforded, as she cannot walk, but she can run up and down the outside stairs like a squirrel. No need to to wonder why I’m back on Lamictal. Oy! Summer plans: for giggles, because the timelines at day job are not even close to possible, let’s have jury duty! All I hope is that I can get in the ocean earlier than 5P; was sun intolerant last summer. Happy Memorial Day to all US readers, and thanks to our servicemen and women.

That sounds like a really scary situation kjh, too bad you don’t feel able to ring the police about it. No-one has the right to come in and take your outdoor furniture. She also sounds like a scam artist too.
Happy Memorial Day to you too.

I forgot the summer plans questions and didn’t remember until I came back to read everyone else’s comments. Does anyone else do that? I mean the whole point of answering is for us to get info on other products. Anyway, summer plans, a driving trip to North Dakota in August, a driving trip to Boise the end of June, a trip to Seattle in July to see Adam Lambert and Queen and a driving trip to California, although, I may push that one back until October. My daughter and one of her best friends just bought tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in Sacramento, in October. Actually, I bought the tickets but they are going to pay me back. When they were in middle school I bought tickets for them to see the Jonas Brothers just before they really hit it big. So, the tickets were for this little tiny venue in Sacramento. They were so close they could practically reach out and touch them. Before the event, they hit it big and the girls were so thrilled that they got to see them up close. Of course, they split up and have just gotten back together and when they announced their tour my daughter and her best friend actually both texted each other at about the same time saying, “Let’s get concert tickets”. So, I will likely wait and go down when they are going to the concert. I would also like to get to Denver to visit a good friend but not sure when I am going to work that into my schedule. I also have some house chores that have to get done this summer including having the outside of my house painted. The summer is going to go by very fast.

That is kind of a scary living situation for you, kjh. I have to say, I crack up every time you answer a question. You have such a funny sense of humor and I love it. Right now a comment that I made in reply to my own post is showing up under your comment here so I am not sure what is happening there but in any event, ignore it!! I am with Genevieve. Stealing your outdoor furniture may just be the start of something. Please be very careful.

Haul/Rediscoveries: From Sephora, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oat and Cannibis Face Oil (to replace DE Virgin Marula) and Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant. It’s the first antiperspirant I have located that is not tested on animals. All the others are deodorants only and they are of limited effectiveness. I also got a sample of First Aid Beauty FAB Pores Be Gone primer. I took advantage of a 25% off sale on the Koh Gen Do website and got the Maifanshi Moisture Foundation, the Pressed Powder, and a small micellar water. That arrives on Tuesday.
Weekend plans: Just chilling. I am looking to get a pedicure and maybe I will go to Ikea. I can take a ferry there so it is a nice outing.
Do you have any summer plans?: We don’t like to travel in summer so we never make plans other than an occasional weekend away somewhere.

I don’t like travelling in summer either here in Aus because it is far too hot. Added to that is the threat of bushfires anywhere in the countryside. Up in the far North is the Wet season and that is so, so humid plus all the cyclones happening. I am much better at home with the airconditioner…

Mellon looks sleepy.

Haul: ColourPop Main Squeeze and Sweet Talk palettes and Slice of Life lip bundle. Barney’s 15% off I brought Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower body butter ( it’s expensive but rich and heavily perfumed) and Musc Ravageur Shower cream.
Rediscoveries: I used my old Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush yesterday and was really impressed with the color and lasting power. Also pulled out my Urban Decay Electric palette for a couple looks because I heard it’s similar shades as Linda Hallberg’s new eye shadow palette and I really liked the looks I did!

Summer Plans: I hope to visit my hometown of Baltimore soon to see my family, I may go to Bali but haven’t booked anything yet. I need to start looking at options soon. Time moves too fast!

*Dior Diorskin Nude Luminizer Blush in Plum Pop.
*Sephora Collection Rouge Lacquer in “What’s My Secret?”
*Glambot: 20% off code — Viseart Editorial Brights Palette and NARS Erdem Strange Flowers Palette in Fleur Fatale. Clearance– MAC x Rossy De Palma Lipgloss Palette Indimenticabile Lipgloss x 3 palette (unused); Bite Beauty Lipstick in Taro and Nearly Neon Orange; MAC Lipstick in Men Love Mystery and Model Behavior; UD Vice Lipstick in Scorched and Jilted; ColourPop Lux Lipstick in La Lady and Humble Pie; and LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick 20th Anniversary Collection in Free Spirit.

Weekend plans: Help my son fill out a job application. The hotel he’s interning at wants to hire him on in banquets. I’m so proud of him! Other than that, just staying home and getting some housework done, and spending time with my husband and the kids.

Do you have any summer plans?: Yes, for once. lol We’re planning a family vacation seeing dinosaur fossils, museums, and national parks in Utah, then going home via CA. In CA, we’ll visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, then visit my brother in San Francisco. We’ll also stop at Crater Lake on the way home.

We live in Utah – you’re going to have a great time and I’m happy to help if you need any advice! We also went to Monterey Bay Aquarium in October and it was so great. My boys are 5 and 7 and they loved it. (Your kids are older IIRC? – but it’s just as awesome for older kids and adults. I could have watched the octopus tanks for a few hours alone.) I hope you’re planning to go to Alcatraz when in SF – it’s amazing. Tickets can sell out pretty far in advance. Sorry if I’m telling you stuff you already know!

Lindsay_MK, thank you for the info! My sons are 24- and 21-years-old, but they both have Asperger’s (PDD), so they can be like younger kids in regards to planning. They have to eat regularly, know what to expect ahead of time, have strategies for crowds, etc.

I haven’t been to Utah in a couple decades, and then mostly driving through. If you don’t mind letting me know what you think the can’t miss dinosaur museums and natural sites are, I’d appreciate the advice. My kids are very into dinosaurs and science. We we’re going to see the dinosaur track site and the petroglyphs for sure, and I’m hoping to get a good night of stargazing in for them. I wish I had a month or two to visit everything!

Thanks for the tip about Alcatraz tickets. That would be a really cool place to visit. We’ve never been there.

Hi Rachel! Sorry for the delayed reply – I did not have notifications turned on! I will try to help. Are you planning to see dinosaur stuff in Vernal (a.k.a. Dinoland), or in the Moab area, or elsewhere? Please give me a general idea of your route.

No worries, Lindsay! Thank you so much for offering to help! I really appreciate it. We’re starting in Salt Lake City. We’re planning to go to the Natural History Museum, but we weren’t sure if any of the other museums in the area would just be more of the same, or worth going to.

We’re going to do the Dinosaur Diamond route. Vernal, Dinosaur Nat’l Monument, Petroglyphs, go on to Moab.
After Moab, we’ll move on to Kodachrome Basin for stargazing, and then to the St. George tracks site. I’m not sure if we’re missing any “must sees” or nice little spots that are easily overlooked but worth stopping by.

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Hi Rachel! While you’re in the neighborhood of the Natural History Museum, definitely go to Red Butte Garden. It’s the state arboretum and right across the street from NHMU. Even if you’re not a big flower/tree lover it is amazing. It’s a fantastic place for a picnic lunch or dinner – you are permitted to bring in any food or beverages you want. (Very convenient to pick up from nearby Corner Bakery chain – not amazing food but good variety and can’t beat the convenience.) You could spend just an hour at Red Butte, or half a day. (If you’re planning to be there in the evening, check the website and make sure they don’t have a concert happening, in which case they close @ 5 p.m. – or you could try to see a concert there, amazing setting and some great mid-size acts!) DON’T MISS the pond/water garden area east of the pond.

Tracy Aviary is in Liberty Park, a 10-15 minute drive from NHMU/Red Butte Garden area. It’s such a great aviary and easily overlooked. You might get lucky and see the 60 yr. old Andean Condor being taken on a walk outside his enclosure. Definitely catch the outdoor bird show if you go – free flight raptors, owls, macaws, etc.; included with admission. One of my favorite SLC venues/activities, hands down.

When you’re in Vernal, you’re probably already planning to see the petroglyphs at McConkie Ranch. Easy to get to and lots to see – don’t miss. The new museum at Dino Natl. Monument is fantastic.

It has been about 2 years since we were there, but if you’re pressed for time, I would skip the dinosaur museum in Moab based on our experience there. The outdoor dino models are cool (although it gets super HOT) but the inside was very disappointing. The interpretive materials were terrible. It’s also pricey. Maybe it’s improved since we went…

Are you planning to go to Arches NP? While you’re in the area, seeing a few highlights in Arches is a must-do in my opinion – especially Delicate Arch. Wake up as early as humanly possible, earlier than you’ve ever believed yourself capable of waking up, so you can A) get a parking space B) not suffer heatstroke on the 1.5-mile hike. You want to be parking at the trailhead around 7 a.m. and it’s a ~45 minute drive to the trailhead/parking lot from the park entrance. It sounds insane, but I promise, it will be worth it! Did I mention you’ll want to get started SUPER early in the morning? 😉

So glad you found Kodachrome – neat place! If you have additional time in that area, the best place to go is Bryce Canyon. One of our favorite national parks; it’s elevation is high so it’s cooler than many places in Southern Utah. Even if you spend just a few hours there and get in a short hike down into the canyon it’s worth doing – such a unique place.

I’m going to give you my email if you have any other questions – so we can relieve Christine et al of this conversation! zelda.t.pinwheel AT gmail. Otherwise, HAVE A GREAT TRIP!!! and travel safely.

Yes, thank you Christine and team for allowing so much off-topic from us. This will be the last one!

Lindsay_MK Thank you so very much! You put so much work into this. I appreciate your e-mail, too. How extremely kind of you. The garden and aviary in Salt Lake sound amazing.

We were planning on the Petroglyphs and Arch NP, but we didn’t plan exactly what to see in Arch NP. I’ll take a closer look at Moab. They now have a 5D virtual prehistoric aquarium, but I’m not sure what else is inside. I’ll check if it’s worth the $$$.

Haul/Rediscoveries: My husband got me a Charlotte tilbury lipstick in super 90s for mother’s day.
Weekend plans: Study and run, hopefully it will still leave me enough time to actually just hang out and unwind. This past two weeks have been a little much with online class, my little 14 month boy, while still trying to run and cook and I also work 12hr shifts.
Oh, I am making homemade animal crackers for my little one tomorrow! I already have the cute animal cookie cutters waiting for me. I got the recipe from bravetart, it’s a great cookbook. So that’s exciting!
Do you have any summer plans?: Finish this class and really nothing much except for probably flying into Tennessee to help my sister find an apartment for grad school.

Beautiful boy!
Haul: Just some more mascara and an eyebrow pencil, nothing glamorous.
Rediscoveries: Nothing much to report there either as I am rotating all my eye palettes.

Weekend Plans
Friday – Lachlan was over, so there was lots of train track building, parks and conversation.
Saturday – Today is sunny, so there will be laundry, shopping and ironing.
Sunday – Hopefully a drive and a Sunday lunch…..nothing really planned at this stage.

Plans for Winter: It’s heading towards winter here in Aus. My eldest son and I are planning a road trip up the East coast of Australia, going to Cooktown (the last town at the top of Queensland) and coming back down through the interior of NSW and Vic. in late July through to the end of August. I am really looking forward to it.

Haul: A little late in the day to post this, considering I bought these a few weeks ago and forgot to post at the time, but UD Game Of Thrones lipsticks in Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen.

Weekend plans: Our garden looks like a jungle, so my husband and I are going to tackle that (with help from our dog Loki who likes digging holes the size of craters!).

Summer plans: Our daughter is moving back in with us at the end of June, so we have to get her room ready and buy some bedroom furniture for it. Also, the spare room is in dire need of redecorating so that will keep us busy for a while.

Urban Decay Born To Run palette ($27.50)

DevaCurl Build Up Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum
DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel Strong Hold No Crunch Curling Styler
Pat McGrath lip glosses Dare To Bare, Secret Lover
Pat McGrath Eyedols Lapis Luxury, Divine Mink, Rose Venus
This order qualified me for another year of Rouge.
That wasn’t the goal but now that the perks are better, I’m excited to see the benefits and changes and I suspect there will be more (or at least better) to come.

MAC Liptensity lipsticks Doe and Smoked Almond
MAC Craving lipstick
Tom Ford Pussycat lipstick
Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Weekend plans: It is midday Saturday and I’m still in my pajamas. It has been a WEEK. I am laying low and actually looking forward to leisurely cleaning and doing laundry and cooking for the week. Might have a potluck dinner with friends tonight but if not, I am firmly planting myself on the couch and binge watching something. Playing with my new makeup goodies and a manicure also.

Haul: Chanel Le Teint foundation (love!), Chanel blush In Love, and Suqqu blush 02 Hanachaori (tea blossom-pink).

Weekend Plans: Enjoy some time outside while the temps are comfortable and before rain sets in on Monday. Put away winter bedding and start tidying for an upcoming visitor.

Summer Plans: Going home to Canada for a few weeks to hang out with family and friends. I just love prairie sunsets in the summer.

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