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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Received my order of all the various spring stuff that launched on Sephora on the 26th. *drowns in spring*
  • Weekend plans: Work through all those new-for-spring products!
  • How did you celebrate the new year?: My family was visiting, so we did our usual celebration – lots of food, watching movies, and spending time with each other.

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Haul: Shiseido Facial Cottons (I’m almost out, so restocking). Apparently I grabbed them right before they increased the price.
Weekend Plans: I have to work tonight. Tomorrow there’s a work party so I’ll try to attend that. I’ll hit the gym tomorrow and maybe Sunday.
How did you celebrate the new year: I spent the evening with my family watching tv and eating delightful food.

Haul: I made it through the first week of my low-buy resolution without buying any makeup!

Weekend plans: Relax!

How did you celebrate the new year? Early dinner with my husband and friends, then home by 9pm, where we binge-watched The Twilight Zone.

Good for you, Seraphine. I also bought nothing but that’s mostly because I’ve been busy at home (my kids were home and I didn’t want to waste a moment of time with them by spending it at the mall) but I fear that will change when I’m back at work this coming week – I want to get some of those Tarte shadows Christine reviewed yesterday!

I hauled a few mascaras to try out in the coming months and maybe discover a new fave. First one is Kevyn Aucoin The Volume. It has a skinny wand and reminds me of MAC Extended play. Easy to chuck on and builds up quickly. Peels off in warm water and leaves no residue (which the MAC one does). Not sure what more I could want but I’ll try the others!

Haul/ Rediscoveries: I got Bite Capricorn to complete my astrology collection. I also picked up Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer (lightest shade). I’m not a big bronzer fan but I really like the soft colour and texture of this one. I placed an order at Sephora that hasn’t arrived yet… Yes, I did some damage to my bank account this week 😀

Weekend plans: Nothing right now. I have a new storage cabinet that I have to assemble, but I sincerely hope that isn’t going to take two whole days. I hope to have some time to do some writing. I’m in the middle of watching season 3 of Broadchurch, which I suspect I’ll finish this weekend, if not tonight.

How did you celebrate the new year? I really didn’t. We were supposed to have friends over but I was sick so we just ended up having takeout at home. Not the most exciting thing, but it was what my body needed.

Hi Kate,
I have several seasons of Broadchurch taped on my DVR and haven’t watched any of it yet. Is it good? I mean, it must be or you wouldn’t keep watching it but don’t want to waste my time if it is just so-so. Happy New Year and glad to hear you are feeling better. Thank you.

Love the Broadchurch series and have yet to watch Season 3. Probably this weekend.
I hope you feel better soon, a summer cold is such a nuisance.

Awwww….now I want to give him treats. How could anyone resist those soulful eyes?

*Sephora — Natasha Denona Mini Diamond & Glow Cheek Duo

*Apocalyptic Beauty LOTM Subscription Service — Ice Queen: e/s in Jadis (ivory with silver sheen & blue shimmer), Icemaiden (sparkly silver-blue with subtle gold shift), Beira (intense sparkly blue); Chunky custom glitter mix in Cryomancer; Lipgloss in Snow Glare (sheer multi-chrome blue to gold shift; It’s gorgeous!!!).

*Target — Two e.l.f. HD Powder in Sheer; two large e.l.f. Original Mist & Set; e.l.f. Studio Duo Concealer/Highlighter in Light (new to me).

??????? ?????: Take down the Christmas tree; grocery shop.

??? ??? ??? ????????? ??? ??? ?????: Watching TV and eating snacks. lol We’re so boring. Sparkling apple cider at midnight (I didn’t feel up to Champagne this year) and my kiss from my husband. Then I actually fell asleep early (for me).

That’s another task you have reminded me about Rachel – take down the Christmas tree!
After yesterday’s searing heat and today is chilly – it was only 11 deg. up in our local hills for lunch. Pouring rain – I had to take my big parka.
We are boring too – nothing much except watching some TV, reading a book and having a seafood feast for dinner.

Those sweet puppy dog eyes get me every time! I’d never be able to say no to him, which could be disastrous. ? Glad to hear that you had a good time during your family’s visit with you!

Haul: Ordered Fenty Fu$$y Gloss Bomb and the new cheek mini by Natasha Denona from Sephora, and Viseart Coy Palette from Muse Beauty Pro. Left two (or 3?) carts on ColourPop and Nordies (possibly Nars, too?) behind in a state of sensory overload and utter indecision.

Weekend plans: Because my Sunday meeting moved from 10 am to 1 pm, I am going in person come Sunday! Doing my hair tomorrow. Have to get back into the swing of things with the upkeep of my manis again. My nails have only had strengthener on for the past 2 or 3 months. They are so neglected!

Celebrate new year? I didn’t! But I always watch NY Rocking Eve on ABC every year, just to watch some musical acts. This year was NUTS. It was pouring rain in NYC, yet warmer than we were here in the Phoenix area. And Christina Aguilera and NKOTB were TROOPERS to get up there and perform in the rain like that! ???

Genevieve, I am so sorry that it took an entire week for me to get back to you! I’m not sure why, but I missed the notification, either because I forgot to hit the button for “replies to my comment” or just missed the email.
The infusion went alright. Just left me wiped out for several days. Remicade is a biologic immuno-suppressant, yet my insurance classes it as chemo, so it is quite potent!
Thank you, I’m hoping it will be, too! ❤️

Haul/Rediscoveries: I have some 45 of the old NYX single eyeshadows (and maybe 15 of the old trios) in my stash. Inspired by your “use the makeup you have” post, I’ve been reaching into the NYX bin, fishing out two random single shadows, and challenging myself to use both in two different eye looks over the next two days (with help from the rest of my stash). It’s been fun and I’ll keep on doing this till I’ve been through them all or get bored. So far I’ve been through Sahara, Warm Cedar, Sparkle Amber, and Intense Apricot.

The biggest surprise came when I recalled that Intense Apricot shadow is a dupe for NARS Exhibit A blush. Wearing it on my cheeks today! I like it much better as a blush than an e/s. It doesn’t apply too evenly on the eyes, nor does it buff out well, but it does great on the cheeks with a skunk.

Weekend plans: Put. Away. Christmas. Decorations. A hated chore, and a sad one. Mani-pedi with my daughter who’s home from college on break. Dinner and a movie with daughter and hubby. Laundry, attend Mass, work four hours, and get a workout in if I can.

How did you celebrate the new year?: We three stayed home. Champagne, the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show, and we worked on a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Haul: Real basic stuff only. Bare Minerals oil cleanser, Radiance Clarisonic brush head, UD green color corrector, and Pacifica deodorant wipes from Ulta; fancy toothpaste and dental floss from Sephora plus a promo Dr. Dennis Gross pigment lightening serum and 100 point Milk blur primer stick; The Ordinary Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid serums from their shop.

Weekend plans: Maybe keep a friend company on a drive to thr country to retrieve his dog from doggy camp. Otherwise same old chores.

New Year’s celebration: None. I fell asleep early. New Year’s Eve is for amateurs.

Did succumb to another Zoeva order. 25%, yup, on already marked-downs. It includes the Cocoa Blend Xmas set; so many readers like that neutral palette. Will report in a mo or so. The 100 USD freeship is permanent. No S, no U, Nordie’s in at least a month, discounts notwithstanding. I’m going to skip the other questions, to relate s.t. I found quite enlightening, but at the same time, a bit, errrr, horrifying. We think we understand ingredients and what they (purport to) do. Guess again. There is a whole other layer, that is not in the least transparent. I was cleaning the refrigerator and found a large bottle of Hyaluronic Acid from a health food store. The intended use was ingestion, not application. Never had read the actual ingredients. The SOURCE of the HA was hen’s combs. Yes, you read that right. So, esp for all you vegans out there, do not be so sure that a listing of HA means that the product actually IS vegan. I doubt there is any FDA or other requirement to list the source of major ingredients. As previously stated, there is an entire under layer to all we use, the information for which is not really available to us. Surprised and freaked, yeah, l’il bit. The implications are enormous. No more info…..

That is unnerving. I like to know what is in my products and I thought I did but as consumers we are often left in the dark about what happens out of sight. You know, how the sausage gets made, sight. I wonder what the comb would provide to the product. I mean it is just cartilage, isn’t it? I haven’t been around a lot of hens combs so maybe there is something beneficial there but for people who are vegan and those potentially allergic it is a scary thing. Thank you for reporting your findings.

All too true. Practically everything I read (even in my own fridge, lol) makes me lose trust. Probably not all HA is made from hen’s combs, but I suspect it has to be an animal product derivative. C’mon, Andrew, weigh in! We take so much for granted. It seems everything is an iceberg, with 80% or more hidden beneath the surface. And ‘they’ don’t tell us what ‘they’ believe we don’t want/need to hear. If there were true transparency, every listing would be 100x as long. Do ‘they’ tell us that (most?)carmine is derived from insects? (hence the significant # of allergies.) No. Many would not buy the product. Now I have to read up on how HA is made/sourced. Call me Pandora. I opened a big box.

2nd reply to Deb S. HA is traditionally made from rooster combs, which is arguably better than being made a more modern way, by streptococcus fermentation. True, as I breathe. Tell me THAT does not have potential for breakdown, allergy, or worse. There are newer biotech approaches. I’m tending to think combs do not sound so bad, after all. This makes me feel very small and stupid. In addition to gullible and lied to. I guess you have to choose a camp… The Ignorance is Bliss camp, or the Knowledge is Power camp.

I have spent my life in the “Knowledge is Power” camp and think it might be too late to change but at my age, I don’t know if I have the stamina to fight an uphill battle. It took so long to get the current labeling which I thought had to list all ingredients that were in anyway potentially allergens, contributed to efficacy or were listed in order of % present. We wanted specific %’s but only got relative to other ingredient percentages which is better than nothing but not great.
Since I retired from nursing, I just let my license lapse the first of 2019, (that was a hard decision) I haven’t been paying as much attention and unless I happen upon some information, I haven’t been going to seek it out. Maybe that is the “Ignorance is bliss camp?”

Haul: nothing Rediscoveries: Clarins Instant Concealer – having been ALL around the houses with concealers (from pricey Cle de Peau to discontinued Cargo Blu-Ray and so many others that I hesitate to list), I’ve rediscovered just how wonderful this concealer is. It’s closest to Blu-Ray in wear and non-creasing and looking natural and not dry or scaly. I still love IT’s BBU but I think I’ll be getting myself a new tube of this Clarins concealer before too long

Weekend plans: getting used to an empty house again. My sons were both home and when older son arrives back, his friends from elementary and high school days all turn up and we couldn’t be happier. He’s 3,500kms away now (we had to have him at the airport at an insanely early hour); I’ll also be putting my clothing back in my closet after the attic leak that was discovered before Xmas; I’m taking this opportunity to purge a ton of stuff, some of which I’d been keeping mostly for nostalgia and because it was high quality stuff. Time for someone else to enjoy it (if they can fit size 5 shoes!); tomorrow, gym and then lunch with a bunch of the women I used to teach with…most are retired but a few of us are still working and it will be nice to get together for an afternoon.

New Years Celebration: a friend who is on her own came to stay overnight; we had lots of appetizers, ordered in Szechuan food, she brought some quite nice champagne and we looked at sewing patterns, watched a “reboot” of a British series we liked and we struggled (and succeeded) to stay up til midnight! What a wild life I lead!

I guess it must be sad for you when the house is empty again after having all of those people. After Christmas can be a bit of an anti climax – all those preparations, dashing around and friends and family to talk to and then nothing.
Purging your clothes is hard too – every outfit has a story about when and why you purchased it and when it was worn. Having lost weight, I got rid of a lot of older clothes this year too.
Nothing is better than lunching with former work colleagues. We all get together about every 8 weeks or so and it is so good to catch up.
Enjoy your weekend Mariella. By the way, I like Clarins’s products too.

Genevieve – my husband’s cousin used to be the Clarins rep at the large dept. store in my city so I started using their stuff mostly to boost D’s sales (with hubs’s encouragement – D was such a sweetheart and had had a really hard life). She’s retired now but I’m still hooked on lots of Clarins skin care and their (under-rated, IMO) makeup (though they discontinue all the good stuff at an alarming rate for a company with a fairly small line of colour cosmetics).

You are so right about the “memories” attached to stuff you get rid of. A dear friend and neighbour keeps trying to give her adult-ish kids (they no longer live at home) stuff from when they were younger – books, games, clothes, etc. and they keep telling her to just get rid of it and she keeps saying “but it’s GOOD stuff…” and I reiterate “but they DON’T want it and you are trying to declutter….”. So I am trying to take my own advice.

I do wish our older son didn’t live quite so far away and I keep hoping he’ll get sent on a course to Petawawa or some other base that is closer and that has a Combat Engineer Regiment but the likelihood of that is pretty slim. He has been sent to Gagetown New Brunswick (1,500 kms away) several times on courses or to teach courses and that’s blood far too but a nicer place to visit. So it he’s sent there again, I think we will visit again.

Wow, someone else that wears a size 5 shoe….I thought I was alone out here. Unfortunately, or fortunately, my shoe closet it bursting. I buy every pair I can.

Well, I’m no longer a size 5 – age and 3 children (loosening ligaments) have slowly worked me up to a 6 or 6 1/2, depending on the shoe. Add to that knee surgery and most heels are pretty much out of the question for me (I was so happy to hear that the “kitten heel” was returning a few years ago but I hardly every saw any shoes with that heel). Such lovely shoes, though,

Haul: I picked up the Lorac Shine Bright Cheek Palette ($14 on clearance at Kohls!!) and I am in LOVE. Blush and Highlighter are my favorite parts of make up, or maybe just new obsessions given the fact that I am overstocked on lipsticks and eyeshadows, and these are such great quality. I haven’t touched any of my other blushes since getting it. I also received my order of UD Hex Remedy mini eyeliner set and Colourpop Flexitarian and am excited to play with both. Gonna be a sparkly/ colorful weekend 🙂

Weekend Plans: Being sparkly and colorful in my recliner while watching tv and napping. I had my mom and family staying with me for the past two weeks and while I loved having her, am so excited to spend some quality time alone and recharging. I’ll be cleaning house a bit too, but only in between naps.

New Year: I celebrated New Year’s eve with my mom and brother at my place. Good cocktails, yummy snacks and watching the ball drop on tv, with lots of Twilight Zone mixed in (ooh forgot I recorded much of the marathon and get to watch that this weekend! 🙂 ). I’ll continue celebrating this weekend by saging my place and msome extra meditation to set my intentions for the year.

Happy New Year all 🙂 Blessings and love to everyone (but especially Mellan <3)

Haven’t bought anything the last few weeks but I’m ordering Dior blush in hologram..from the Dior website tonight. Macy’s had it but it’s sold out. I’d like the viseart but the price is painful.

I used my Juvia s place Dolce palette yesterday looked ok.. still working on using color to look pretty but not overdone crazy!

I worked nye and on call nyd and haven’t celebrated yet working or on call but maybe have a toast and do my resolutions this weekend. I have them in my mind?.

Off for 2 days doing laundry, buying food, running and gonna get back on2 wheels first time since crash.

Christine ::::;;;;what did your Mom say about your hair??

Love Mellon’s googley eyes!!!

How can you resist him?

Haul: Nothing this week.
Rediscoveries: Pulled out my Stila In the Garden palette this week – because I know it has a beautiful sage and taupe shade and it has. Very pretty.

Weekend Plans:
Friday – it was a scorching hot day – 44 deg C in our suburb (111 deg F), so I went with my daughter in law and our two grandchildren to the local swimming pool – which was fabulous. Afterwards they all came back to our place to have fruit and play with the Brio toys under the air con. The cool change (my favourite summer words) came in later on in the early evening and we went out for dinner.
Saturday – much, much cooler and we will probably go out for a drive.
Sunday – my twin sister is coming to visit from the other side of town, which will be lovely.

Celebrated New Year – we didn’t really do much NYE, but had all the family over for a repeat of Christmas day on New Year’s Day. A really lovely time spent together.

Haul: I ordered a bunch of stuff from Sephora NZ because I ended up with a code for 50% so I went a little nuts and order some Pat McGrath lipsticks, Bite Agave lip mask and Pink Salt Amuse Bouche lipstick, some Sephora matte lip creams, FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie (backup) and a ND All Over Glow powder in Light. I also got some Korres mini sets of Wild Rose products that popped up on Mecca. And then I went over to Beauty Bay and got some sale stuff these, Antipodes Aura honey mask, Lime Crime Blossoms highlight palette, Blithe pressed serums, a BH Cosmetics liquid linen mini lip colour set, a house brand Fiery e/s palette and a WnW Reserve Your Cabana because it was half price and I heard it was being discontinued (thanks Nancy T!)… I also received my last 2 Colourpop orders from before Christmas – Sweet Nothings & Rendezvous palettes, Ariel lipstick, Creme de la Creme highlighter quad, the Belle collection and a couple of the new lip balms, which I haven’t tried yet.

Weekend plans: My brother in law and his boyfriend are coming over for lunch and we’re doing a mystery escape room in the afternoon. Sunday will be my final day of holidays before I go back to work, so I need to find my swipe card and other professional adjacent crap (like my phone!) because I haven’t touched them for 2 weeks!

Celebrated New Year: I drank Italian pink grapefruit gin and watched Crazy Rich Asians.

Haul: Well my no-buy is off to a successful start. Nothing this week. I will have to place an order for some skin care replacements in another week or so as I am better than half way through a couple of items. I also am expecting a replacement shade from the Kathleen Lights Christmas SSS quad. When my quad arrived there were two of the shade Vela and no Glisten. They sent it out so should be here soon.

Weekend plans: Not much. We have to do some touch up painting and then paint the trim boards before the carpet layer comes but other than that not much happening. Next week is my birthday and we sort of talked about going out of town but haven’t decided for sure yet. We usually go to Spokane and have brunch at The Davenport Hotel. Just not really into it this year. Maybe we will wait and go to Glacier National Park in another week or two since we haven’t had much snow and I always like to make a trip into the park once there is a lot of snow. I just find the stillness of it to be very relaxing.

New Years Eve: We never do much of anything. When I lived in the city and was working I would volunteer to work the shift at the hospital so that someone who liked to party could go out and have a good time. I don’t like being out on the roads when it is cold, icy and with too many impaired drivers. We usually stay home and watch a marathon such as Sherlock, Bond or Pride and Prejudice. My daughter hates when it is my turn to pick the marathon as she knows I will almost always pick P and P but I like the others as well. We also watch Twilight sometimes. We will stay up and toast each other and then go to bed. We are a lively bunch here in Montana, LOL!!

My husband and I just “found” Sherlock and we’re hooked! Great casting, great dialogue, great storylines — seems rare in today’s tv landscape.

I first saw it as a one off on PBS in the states and since my daughter and I are both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fans I thought she might like it so I taped it. Little did I know that it was such a great series. Sadly, seems like they are done making them for now, anyway. The actors all became so popular they are busy doing other things and can’t make time for the show. There are only 3 episodes a season and only 4 seasons so not a lot to view but luckily, each show is 90 minutes long. Maybe they will reprise it when work for the principal actor’s slows down.

Just watched the second to the last episode last night. They just keep getting better! Fell down an internet rabbit hole trying to see if season 5 is in the works. Sounds up in the air right now. Interesting to find out that the actors playing John and Mary were real life partners until recently.

Yes, they were together through a lot of the filming but then went their separate ways. They have children together and are amicable so hopefully that made it easier to film after they split up. Season 4 the last episode was very intense and left me rather shaken up as I love Mollie Hooper. Also, don’t know if you saw, they made a Christmas special between season 2 and 3 that was the same actors only in canon times. They are all dressed in period costume. It was rather fun to watch although I have to say, the “Sherlock Updated” was what really drew me to the series when I found it. Between the cliff-hanger at the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 the internet went crazy with trying to figure out how he did it and when Moffat was asked he said, “Well he obviously doesn’t die so he didn’t jump and land on the sidewalk. Figure it out yourself.” Hence the beginning of season 3 with the multiple “fan” ideas for how it happened. When they filmed the breaking through the window scene and he kissed Mollie as he walked past was not scripted and he just did it in the moment and they left it in because it was so cute. Anyway, yes, I love Sherlock, in all forms!!

Oh Mellan, with those eyes you can have anything lol!

Haul/Rediscoveries: I’m in the US so I picked up a few items I can’t get in Canada yet. MNY Snap Mascara, CG Exhibitionist Mascara and then some Kristin Ess Hair Products.

Weekend plans: We are heading home tomorrow morning so we will drive all weekend.

How did you celebrate the new year?: Counting down the minutes in front of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and watching the fireworks with hundreds of other people.

Haul: Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color in Rouge Noir (SDM 20% off), Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleaning Ritual Spa-In-A-Jar Duo (includes muslin cloth) and Confident Lips lipstick, which was delightfully pigmented and moisturizing.

Weekend Plans: Much needed massage, visiting with family, watching World Junior finals and NHL hockey, and packing up the last bits of Christmas.

New Years: We had a few people over for dinner (takeout) and to watch a hockey game. Saw fireworks at midnight, which was a stunning and unexpected treat.

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a good start.

Mellan is so adorable with his soulful eyes! Our dog’s begging tactic is instead of turning the sad puppy dog eyes on you, she starts bouncing up and down excitedly, because she just KNOWS you’re going to give her a treat, and then you can’t stand to disappoint her when she’s so cute, so of course you do end up giving her a treat.

Haul: My end-of-year Sephora purchase arrived. It included three shades of the new Bite Beauty shimmer crayons: Molten Chocolate, Violet Icing, and Sugar Flower (which I’ve already worn, it looks great), some brush cleaner, a few things for my partner and a ton of samples. That pushed me over to Rouge, so this week I turned in 2500 points for a $100 credit and used that to buy the curling wand that was part of the Weekly Wow. I am feeling preeeeeetty pleased with myself for getting a $160 tool for $30. It should arrive Monday!

Rediscovery: I’m doing a 30 day makeup challenge, and as part of it I had to do a pink-themed look, and I was pleased to discover a handful of pink and maroon products that actually looked really good on me. It’s not a colorway I normally gravitate towards.

Weekend plans: About to leave for our brunch reservations at an awesome-sounding restaurant! Tomorrow I’m meeting one friend for tea and then we have a game night planned with a couple other friends.

How did you celebrate the new year? My dog is terrified of fireworks so we always stay home. Had a quiet, relaxing night at home, I went to bed at my normal time, though I was woken up at midnight by fireworks and loud neighbors in the hall. I took NYD off of work, and we went to a local bookstore that always has a 20% sale for New Years, and we got some cool stuff, then spent the rest of the day hanging out at home. It was pretty chill over all.


Viseart Coy palette: fell for it. Not sure if my 40 something eyes and generally conservative approach to makeup are going to appreciate it but it was so pretty I couldn’t help it.

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Lip Balm in Flesh 3: swatched when I was in AZ but it wasn’t in stock. My lips are fairly pigmented so the lighter colors that looked so pretty in the tube like Blow Up would be too “concealer lips” on me. Hoping this will be a good everyday staple.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Eyebrow Gel in Super Model: Gotta love all of the CT names for products and colors. So over the top in a way that somehow to me feels charming. I need a new brow plan. I’ve been using MAC Lingering in the skinny version and it just isn’t doing it for me anymore after probably 5 or 6 pencils. Not sure if the product has changed or I have. My brows are getting sparser as I age and I don’t want to look Instagrammy but I do want to have some structure there. Going to try this in combo (I think) with a new eyebrow pencil of some type but I couldn’t pick colors online so I need to go in store somewhere to try a few. Recommendations are welcome!

NuFace Gel Primer: Got a NuFace right before Christmas. Am diligently using the regular attachment plus the ELE one and the fancy red light thingy as well. Not sure yet if I’m getting results, too early to tell. My mom is nuts about it so I figured it was worth a try. Nearly out of the small tube of primer that came with it so need a replacement. Not crazy about how fast this dries and the fuss of rinsing it off after use but haven’t investigated a good alternative. I hear you can leave it on but I want to use my regular serums, etc. instead. Anyone using a NuFace who has tips?

Weekend plans: Lots of relaxing. Got my first cold of 2019 and am in the phase where breathing is a challenging activity :).

How did you celebrate the new year?: Asleep by 10:00. I’m with Lesley on this one: NYE is for amateurs.

Happy New Year to all of you!

PMGL Lip Fetish in Flesh 3 is my favorite. I have pretty pigmented lips also and don’t normally wear a lot of lip balms/glosses for that reason. Picked this up on a whim back in November, I think, and really am loving it. It feels heavy on the lips but not in a bad way. Not sure how to describe it but hope you love it to. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Shelley, I’ve used a couple of other gels that have worked for me w/ NuFace: aloe vera gel (the thickest one you can find), and even better – Dr. Jeanette Graf Copper Collagen Face Mask (from HSN), which I leave on for 30 min. total. With either I use a rosewater or Ole Henriksen face spray for keeping it moist. Hope it works for you :).

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing bought yet, as I had one day off work for each of the last 2 weeks and am waiting for my paycheck this coming week before buying anything, but I do have carts ready on a few sites-Fenty Pro Filt’r 110/Fenty Amber Match Stick/Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions palette/Marc Jacobs Enamored Ch-Ch-Changes gloss on Sephora, Disney Designer Under the Sea and A Whole New World shadows and Belle and Snow White lipsticks on Colourpop, and The Grinch Good Enough to Steal palette on Pur Cosmetics.
Weekend plans: Ran errands yesterday, worked today, might have one more errand to run tomorrow.
How did you celebrate the new year?: One of my aunts (mom’s sister) holds an NYE party every year-food, games, televised ball drop. This time I added a beer tasting to the proceedings, which went well.

Haul: I got a few things from Sephora delivered. Sugar Flower from Bite and Apassioni from Drunk Elephant. I got a few mini’s too.

Weekend: Fam is here so lots of visiting.

NYE: I was in the hospital, ER specifically. from 6 PM well into the next day.

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