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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: It’s an oddly “slow” time for mainstream releases–I’m sort of expecting a deluge shortly–so I haven’t bought much and am focusing on trying to get through some of my backlog/get ahead on reviews.
  • Weekend plans: Staring to prep all my best of posts for 2018!
  • Faux or real flowers?: I love both but prefer faux flowers as they last, you know, for wayyy longer. They also tend to come pre-arranged and stay that way!

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What are we testing today, Mama? ?

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HAUL: As a merry Christmas to me I bought the Wayne Goss collection set (two face brushes and 6 eye brushes). I wanted the new Sonia G set bc it seemed more like the brushes I typically use (rounder and fluffier) but it’s been out of stock. The WG brushes are long and tapered but I definitely like them. I can get precision(ish) on my bottom lash with the pointed tips of the blending brushes, which is so useful in the morning when I’m trying to get out the door. Tonight I’m going to try them on a bold blue look to see if they really are better than my affordable synthetics at blending. So far seems like a good investment. Even my cats approve as I went to use one of the facebrushes and it felt a little wet…. lol! Had to lock the brushes up after that.

Maybe next Christmas I will buy the Sonia G set if it’s still around! Merry Christmas, Christine!!!

Haul: I am waiting for something to be delivered, but I don’t consider it a haul until it’s in my hands. So hopefully, I’ll be able to report on it next week!

Weekend Plans: Chores, family, get-together with friends

Real or Faux Flowers: I love fresh flowers, but it makes me sad when they start to die, so I’ll say faux, as long as they’re really good faux flowers.

Haul: UD Naked Cherry eye shadow palette.

Weekend plans: brother-in-law is in town so we’re going to Christkindlemarket again and also doing some touristy stuff.

Faux or real flowers: neither really. My cat eats real ones and fake ones are too hard to keep clean. I have a jar with dried flowers from my wedding bouquet but that’s it.

Mellan is so eager to see what his Mama is about to put together next! ???

Haul: Other than picking up some Olay Gentle Facial Cloths @ Wally World last night, I had also placed an order on eBay for MAC’s dc’d Vibrant Grape e/s. It arrived yesterday, and it doesn’t appear to be counterfeit! In my mailbox was also a lovely gift box from a good friend containing Too Faced Throw Back Lipstick in Hoochie (looks GORGEOUS on!) and the Pretty Puppy palette. So incredibly sweet of her! And, lastly, I took advantage of PMGL sale and ordered Omi MatteTrance Lipstick in the red packaging because my tube of MAC Cosmo has begun to smell slightly rancid.

Weekend plans: As many here already know, I had that follow up appointment with my cardiologist this past Tuesday. The tests do indicate Stage 1 Diastolic HF. However, my Doc believes that the test are hiding the true severity and giving him a “false negative”, and that it is likely worse. So, he has told me that he would like to perform cardiac catherization to not only visualize what’s going on, but to access what steps to take next. Needless to say, I’m grateful to have a doctor actually listen to me and take my symptoms seriously, yet, I’m also very nervous about having this next procedure.

Flowers? REAL! But I have a Darth Vader Thumb, so fake fare far better, ?. I will never forget the day when my now ex-husband sent a bouquet of a dozen perfect red roses to me at my workplace for my 26th birthday. One of the nicest things that man ever did.

Good luck with the cardiac cath. Not that i’m heart informed, but it seems the logical next step. Next scary step. I just figured out that Omi is for Naomi Campbell, duh. Cool that she is the new face of Nars, although she has a history of total drama mama, and is not the nicest person known to man. It’s hardly believable that she has never had a major m/u campaign. Iconic, if questionable behavior. Yay for Ms Campbell.

Thanks, KJH! Yeah, this ought to be interesting, if nothing else.
And a huge “oh no!” to Omi having its inspiration from the notorious Ms. Campbell. *sigh* I actually thought it was a take on “Oh my __”, as someone had mentioned to me. Unfortunately, it probably is Naomi Campbell.

I had to read it on a reliable source to know. Think it was the Nars announcement of her face/campaign. Hate to say it, but ‘I think we’re in for a bumpy ride’ with Ms omi. She totally deserves it, but FN may live to regret his choice. Linda, Naomi, Kate, Cindy: f’X Sake, their DAUGHTERS are ruling the runway now. No wonder I feel old.

I’m sorry you have to get the catherization. I know that must be scary. But I’m so glad this doctor is taking you seriously and doing what needs to be done. Sending prayers!

Best wishes Nancy for your next brave step into finding out what is wrong with you. And kudos to your doctor too. It’s hard to find a good one.
Will you be sedated for this procedure?

Hi Nancy,
I am the eternal optimist and believe that your test was accurate and while you are having some symptoms, I want to believe that it is a very mild case. Nearly 45 years of nursing and I can tell you that in general, the heart cath is much easier than the persantine cardiolyte or several of the other tests we commonly do. They give you some mild sedation, they use a local at the insertion site, they thread the catheter into position and check everything out. You will have a clear picture of how your heart is doing. Things like heart enlargement, fluid around the heart, heart muscle inflammation, etc. are better seen on other tests but to check out your valves, blood vessels, cardiac outputs, etc. this is the best procedure and regardless of outcome, it will give you some peace of mind. I think knowing what is going on is a relief most of the time. Anything that might be going on and that can be fixed via catheter can be done at the same time such as an angioplasty, stent deployment, etc. My ex husband has had 5 caths and for him the first was the most difficult, partly because he was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but also because back in the “old” days, 1994 when they removed the catheter you had to have a C clamp placed over the insertion site and tightened down for a couple of hours to make sure that you didn’t bleed from the site. He said he would never let them do it again. Of course, when he had chest pain the next time and they wanted to cath him he allowed it and I kept telling him it would be better since they don’t use the C clamp anymore. There are several ways to close the vessel now without the clamp. He has never sweated subsequent heart caths. except for the element of , “what is happening, why am I having chest pain again.” He has had multiple angioplasty’s and open heart surgery so any funny feelings and he is at the cardiologists office or the ER.
I don’t know if I am making it worse or not but truly, it is such a common procedure these days and most people sleep right through it and are surprised when it is done.
Like others here, I am so glad your Doctor is willing to listen to you and proceed with testing to find out what is causing your symptoms. Honestly, that is half the battle.

Deborah – Everything you wrote was precisely what I needed to hear! Thank you!
He does suspect that I’m in reality Stage 2, but that is NOT a “death sentence”, as many may think. It is treatable. He did say that he will likely fix the congenital ASD while he’s in there, as this is what he believes may have caused my TIA 12 years back. Other than that, he wants to get a better view of heart’s blood vessels, output and scope of any structural issues. I definitely appreciate that this cardiologist and his 2 NP’s treat me in a dignified, respectful manner. Not talking down to me as if I were a 5 y.o., as I had been through for many years with my previous Doc and his NP, when a year ago she said that: “your heart has forgotten how to rest in between beats, dear. It got a little tired.” This new practice is upfront and honest. Very refreshing in comparison! My [figurative] heart goes out to you and your ex for his having to do this 5 x’s. That sounds so daunting! But that it became easier for him after the first time gives me hope. And thank goodness that the old way of doing a Cath is no longer in use. I’ve heard about the whole laying down for hours on end. NOT fun! Now it’s just the waiting to receive the appointment date…im trying so hard to wrap my head around it all, even though I realize that this isn’t so bad in comparison to other procedures, like OHS.
I know this may sound ridiculous, but my fear is that if something goes awry, who will be there for my son with HF autism or my daughter? Or my 2 elderly cats?

I hear you when it comes to what will happen to loved ones who depend on you. When I had my breast cancer my daughter was 5 and she has never been close to her father’s side of the family, or him for that matter. I was worried that if I succumbed to the disease, he would move her across country to his family and she would likely never see my family again. The sun rises and sets on my daughter as far as my side of the family as she is the only granddaughter. My father has passed, of course, but when I told him about my fears he told me two things, to fight harder and to know that if the worse happened he would use every penny he had to fight to keep her close to my family. Thankfully, that didn’t happen so my best advice to you is to fight hard!!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a much better 2019. I know that 2018 has been a challenge for you.

Deborah, i will fight this latest hiccup just as I’ve fought all the previous ones! And most importantly, I will put complete faith in God to continue to give me whatever strength I need to get through this. He has never let me down before, so I trust Him always!

Thank you Deborah for setting this procedure out so clearly, should I need it myself in the future. And to Nancy, I completely understand where you are coming from re your family.
I am the main person my son and daughter in law turn to when there are issuaes with their children (our grandchildren) and generally just life issues too. And I know how much they rely on me for all things big and little. I think the same is for you – your family value you and your practical help, advice and wisdom.
Keep strong and you never know that the problem will have an easier solution that what you may think. Fear and doubt grow when faced with uncertainty and your faith will help you too.

So true, Genevieve! That strong faith is what has always gotten me through any and everything that life has thrown my way before. God has never let me down. And because He knows that my family needs me to stick around, I have to believe that everything will turn out way better than my fear would have me think!

Haul: Nothing.
Weekend Plans: I’m off this weekend! My birthday was on Wednesday, so I’m going to dinner with friends tonight, Saturday I’ll go to the movies with friends, and Sunday brunch with my sisters and then to my grandparents house.
Faux or Real Flowers: they both have their place but I don’t think anything could beat a real flower.

Oh gosh! I completely lied. I forgot I purchased two bottles of African black soap from Narganics. They’re an indie brand based in Nigeria. I ordered the evening of 12/14 and I received it this morning. I’m amazed by how quickly it arrived.

Mothership V: Bronze Seduction
LuxeTrance Lipstick in Sextrology

PAT McGRATH LABS LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio Skin Show – Omi, 1995, Flesh 5. (yeah still wanted the other shades.)
IT Cosmetics Tightline™ 3-in-1 Black Primer – Eyeliner – Mascara Black – 0.067 oz/ 2 mL (For Mom)
LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask – 0.7 oz/ 20 g
Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask Mini – 1 oz/ 30 mL

McCall’s Patterns last order from them as they never to any sales. lol

Lime Crime Birthday palette and Red Holiday set.
Foreo Luna in purple (finally) for $70CAN, they also had the Foreo LUNA fofo.
3 Too Faced Lipsticks and 4 Bite Amuse Bouche lipsticks.

Weekend plans: Work… Get Christmas off only because it’s closed. lol

Faux or real flowers?: Real flowers are lovely! But Faux so I don’t feel sad when they die. lol

PS That is my favourite Metallic/Metal palette on the table there. 😉

Haul: I nearly bought ABH’s Amrezy highlighter (according to the computer, my local Sephora had it in stock but when I got there, it was not in stock – GRRRR). Instead, I went to Shoppers to get some stocking stuffers and decided to get the Milani Afterglow highlighters. I think this was really serendipity (or kismet?), since the colour is actually much better for me and it’s about 1/4 the price!

Weekend plans: wrapping, cooking, more wrapping and more cooking and wiht any luck, I’ll have time to go to the gym tomorrow. We’re having the “family” (30 people) Christmas on Sunday (nice to hold it early) so that’s why I’m doing a fair bit of cooking tonight and tomorrow.

Faux or real flowers – REAL every time. To me, artificial flowers are basically just dust collectors. The beauty of real flowers (as well as the heart-break) is that they don’t last forever and therefore are a special treat. And they smell so lovely (well, some do).

How is your brother in law Mariella? Has he improved?
The Milani Afterglow highlighters are a great choice and are much more budget friendly than ABH. They are really nice shades too.
30 people for an early Christmas dinner – I am weak at the knees at the thought of this. Are others contributing to the feast?
I hope your house in getting back to order and I hope that all works well on Sunday. I will be thinking of you.

My husband and son took J to his appointment with the specialist this week and the news is positive though J will need surgery to remove a cataract (this forms during this procedure so it’s normal and what is expected – it’s the “scar” that forms during healing). His vision hasn’t returned but I gather it will but slowly if all goes well. Since he hasn’t been able to see from that eye for several months, any return of vision will be a plus. Thank you so much for asking. Our Xmas dinners always run around 30 people and yes, in theory, each family contributes “pot luck” style, but there are always those who offer meaningful help and those who think bringing a bottle of wine or a plate of store bought cookies is “contributing”. And 30 people in any house is a challenge – most of our homes and kitchens aren’t really meant for seating and feeding that many people. Sis in law’s house is on the smaller side but she’s such a trooper and realized there was no way we could host this year because of the house repair issue, so she stepped up to the plate and we will all squeeze in together somehow. And we always have a great time but as the family gets larger, it gets harder and harder to do. But this will be MIL’s last Christmas – in all honesty, her health has been so poor and her will to live so non-existent that we didn’t expect her to make it to Christmas this year. So everyone wants to be there and even nieces and nephews from the US who’ve not attended for years are making the trip.

That is great news about your brother in law Mariella and I hope he regains his sight over time.
By now your Christmas dinner may well be over (due to time differences between Aus and Canada) and I hope that it all worked out well. We have a large house, but fitting in 30 people would be interesting.
I know what you mean about those who really contribute and those who do the absolute minimum. Those who help clean up and those who flit around like a social butterfly….
I hope that your mother in law enjoys the day and has a wonderful time reconnecting with all of her family. What a lovely gesture by your sister in law to offer her house. I have learnt that it doesn’t really matter about the size of the place or whether the windows are cleaned enough, but the love and joy of a combined celebration and a good catch up with distant relatives.
What a beautiful family you have Mariella.

*Dior Rouge Blush in Hologlam. Officially the most expensive blush I own. So pretty, though!

*Bite Beauty (sale + Temptalia code) — Four LIttle Bites (gift for someone else), Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick in Stir, Cava, and Kohlrabi and Lip Pencils in #52, #54, and #56.

??????? ?????: Wrap Christmas presents; start Christmas cooking.

???? ?? ???? ????????: I usually don’t have any in the house. I prefer real, but due to my husband’s allergies that’s always possible. I had to have faux flowers at our wedding, even.

Haul: I am staying strong in my resistance to new stiff but I am finally getting around to using some things I bought during the earlier sales. The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores primer from the first days of the Rouge sale may be the answer to my primer prayers.

Weekend plans: Dinner out to celebrate my birthday on Sunday and the regular chores.

Flowers? Only fresh for me but I don’t buy them often. Right now I have an amaryllis in bloom but otherwise I only have them when my farmers market has them available.

My dear hubby bought me the Natasha Gold palette & a perfume by Montale, called So Amber! Wow!

Weekend plans, going to go out to dinner with our son, since he has to work on Christmas Eve, & Day ?

I prefer faux, because they last long, & like you said, the arrangements are in place. They make such pretty ones now.

Mellon looks ready to start testing! How cute and adorable he is.

Haul – nothing for myself, but I did get my daughter in law a beautiful set of Nude by Nature eye and cheek brushes for Christmas. She hasn’t really got a good set and there’s nothing like beautiful brushes to help you with your makeup.
Rediscoveries: Pulled out Vice 2 this week for that gorgeous green shade Damaged. It is so lovely.

Weekend Plans
Friday – we had Lachlan and took him, with my husband, to a specialist machine tool shop for my husband to get his Christmas present. This shop is to him what Sephora is to me. Lachlan was absolutely fascinated by all the precision tools and equipment on display and he and my husband browsed for a long while….
Saturday – cleaning the house and some basic shopping. I have wrapped all the presents and they are ready to go under the tree.
Finalising my Christmas menu. I have worked out my food purchases, so I am ready to roll.
Sunday – Setting the Christmas table and cleaning.

Faux or Real Flowers: I am not really an indoor flower fan to be honest. Although I don’t mind real flowers for a particular occasion.

Haul: I used my points at ULTA and purchased a Simple Human mirror. I’ve been wanting it for some time and promised myself I would use my points. So far I love it.

Weekend plans: Wrap presents and relax. We’ve had a very stressful week. Hubby had a doctor appointment 5 hours away at a large university hospital to see if they could save his lower leg and foot. They gave us better odds of 50% but said it could take a year. Still, it was at least something.

On top of that we lost our dear cat, Cali. She was a 24 year old Maine Coon. We are just devastated. And I received a call from the nursing home where my mom is (she has late stage dementia). She has bronchitis. I feel so bad for her.

Flowers: I prefer real if I’m giving them away. Real for my anniversary. But silk if I’m decorating with them.

You had such a stressful week. So sorry for the loss of your cat. And, feel bad for your mom. Hopefully 2019 will be good for your husband

Merry Christmas

Oh my goodness, ShariP, I am so sorry that you are dealing with so much all at once. Hoping and praying for your husband’s lower leg and foot to be spared. Not sure what happened, but I know that facing possible loss of an extremity, even partial, is very traumatic.
And your sweet kitty, Cali. ? Maine Coon’s are very special cats. So intelligent, personable and have a presence that’s larger than life. I’ve got one, and I dread the day.
All that, and then your Mom. I am so sorry. Life isn’t always kind or fair, it seems. Dementia is the least fair of all.

Nancy, thank you. My husband was in a severe motorcycle accident and has an open wound in the top of his foot along with at least 3 broken bones in the foot which has allowed his tibia/fibula to dislocate and is now sitting along side his foot to the inside. It’s crazy looking. If you also have a Maine Coon you know just how special they are. They aren’t as independent as other cat breeds. Cali would seek my husband every night when she was younger, multiple times in the day in the last couple of years…just to get her belly rubbed or to put her head on his foot and go to sleep. He was rubbing her belly when she died. We’re just devastated. Thank you for kind words.

Sadly you and I seem to be having about the same end to the year 2018. It started out promising and took a real downturn here at the end. I am so sorry about the loss of your cat. If your cat was anything like mine, totally a member of the family, sleeps with one of us every night, thinks she is a human, then I know how devastated you must be. That on top of the news regarding your husbands leg and foot and I imagine it has been hard for you to get into the holiday spirit. I hope and pray that everything looks up for you and I hope that through it all you can have a nice Christmas with family and friends.

I’m so sorry about the loss of your kitty.

I’m glad you got some better news about hubby’s leg.

I hope you mom gets well soon.

Sending prayers things start to go better for your family. I hope you have a Merry Christmas in spite of it all.

Rachel, thank you. We now have some hope for saving his foot. As hard as it is to not have mom know us anymore, at least she is in a nice facility with great nurses. She’s been breathing better the last couple of days so seems to be on the mend. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Oh Shari, what an awful week you have had! How is your husband coping generally? Is he still in a lot of pain? Hopefully the odds are in your favour for the operation and the recovery will take awhile.
Sad to hear about the loss of your beautiful cat – my sincere condolences to you.
I hope your mother is able to overcome the bronchitis – so debilitating in her situation.
I hope 2019 brings in a much better year for you. Merry Christmas.

Haul: Picked up the Kathleen Lights Holiday eye shadow bundle and two of the lippies. My daughter only wanted one of the eye shadows so got that for her. With the Sephora Rouge 20% off coupon that was only sent to select customers, I wasn’t one of them but my daughter was, I ordered a backup of some of my skin care and two of the Axiology Natural Lip Crayons in the shades Intrigue and Enchant and I also got the RMS lip pencil in Nighttime Nude.

Weekend plans: I need to pull myself out of my funk a little and get some things done for Christmas. As many of you know, my older sister passed away this past week and it was on the eve of my Dad’s birthday. He is gone also as is my older sisters oldest son. Her husband passed away about 2 years ago so her remaining 3 children are having a hard time of it. My sister suffered from early onset dementia and succumbed to that while her son was actually a victim of homicide. It hasn’t felt much like a holiday here but the whole family, including family from the other side of my family, will be here for Christmas so I really need to start doing some things. I have done a little decorating with my daughter’s help. We need to shop for the food, clean house, bake and wrap some gifts so will be a busy weekend and that should help me to keep my mind off of it for awhile.

Real or fake flowers: I think they both have a place. I much prefer real flowers but I honestly can kill anything in a day. So, I do have a couple of fake flowers but I spring for the slightly more expensive ones so that they look more realistic and last better. In fact, I have a bowl of roses on a table in my living room and I can’t tell you how many people have tried to smell them and when I remarked to a neighbor that I have a black thumb and can’t grow anything she replied, “I know that is not true you have those beautiful roses in your living room!” I do plant roses every spring in pots on my porch and I can usually keep them alive for one summer.

I honestly cannot say that I blame you for not feeling particularly celebratory or “merry”, Deborah. The timing of the tragic loss of your big sister is just awful for you and her 3 surviving children, I would imagine. As you know, I am so terribly sorry for your very difficult loss.

Thank you again, Nancy. Yes, it is very difficult for them but they have children to think about and I think that does help to a certain degree. You always try and put on a happy face for your children and since it is the holiday season, I think they want to make sure the kids have a nice Christmas. She had been drifting away for awhile. That is the terrible thing about dementia and by the last several months she didn’t recognize anyone of the family. I am not sure which is better, a quick unexpected passing or a long drawn out suffering. I do take comfort in the fact that she is at peace and she is with our Dad, her husband John, her mother and her son John.

Haul: Nothing yet!

Rediscoveries: Nothing! I am facing a major disappointment moment, I’m too light now for Dr. Jart Cicapair Camoflouge… UG. At least I still have my NARS Skin Tint.

Weekend: I’m not feeling great; we’ve had so many issues this week. Multiple thousands of dollars later… We have surgery scheduled for Elroy and new car.

Florals: I like both equally. I’d say fresh edges out a little in the love category but faux when done well is just as good, even better for a pet owner!

Haul: Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction V and La Vie En Rose palettes, Ultimate Essentials kit from Makeup Revolution, Korres mini shower gel set and a whole buncha stuff from Colourpop that hasn’t arrived yet.

Weekend plans: Busy! My step sister and her husband and 3 boys are visiting from Los Angeles so we’re having some family photos taken on Saturday morning, then we’re off to my husbands extended family Christmas lunch with all the aunts and uncles and cousins and their kids so that will finish late afternoon and then we have a grocery shop planned so we can get the last few things for Christmas & Boxing Day (because there is NO WAY I am setting foot in any shop of any kind on Christmas Eve!) and then Sunday I’ll be up early to make cinnamon rolls and tidy the house before friends come over for brunch. Then a nap on Sunday afternoon!

Faux or real flowers: For general decor and my wedding bouquet, definitely faux. I’m not a fan of huge, ornate floral displays but there is a certain amount of romance and charm in a handpicked cottage style posy of fresh, fragrant flowers. Before we did the landscaping last week, my husband went out and picked some daises from the lawn, lavender buds from the front hedge and rosemary from the garden and put them in a little milk jug on my bedside table for me to find. I thought that was very sweet. But he also bought me a selection of gorgeous silk flower and rhinestone vintage style floral hair clips and brooches one year for Valentines Day which was WAAAAAAAAY better than a dozen red roses.

Beautylish (paid by Beautylish gift cards): Ordered Wayne Goss’ 2018 Holiday Brush.

Macy’s: Chanel Ombre Premiere Electrum Lame eyeshadow single, (15% off) ABH Amrezy Highlighter;

Sephora ($25 off $75): Pat McGrath 6-pan Bronze Seduction and UD eyeliner set;

CCO (extra 40% off): Bobbi Brown Smoothing Cleansing Milk, Brightening Brick in Cranberry (gift), Lip Liner in Red, Foundation Stick in Sand, and Rose Gold Eyeshadow; Tom Ford Extreme Shadow TFx1 and Lip Color Shine in Nubile; MAC 133 Cheek Brush and 247 Shader Brush;

CCO (extra 70% off): MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Cheeky Bits and Hushed Tone and Bobbi Brown cream blush in Fresh Melon;

Hudson Bay Company ($15 off $75): Chanel Ombre Premiere Vert Lame eyeshadow, The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Forest Shimmer Ink;

CurliQue Beauty (30% off): Smith Cosmetics Shader Brush #235, Angled Brow Brush #214, and Eyeliner Brush #202.

Weekend Plans: Flew home for the holidays and spending the weekend decorating, visiting, and getting ready for Santa Claus…and watching hockey!

Faux or Real Flowers: Real. I can’t dust furniture with any regularity, so do not want to add artificial flowers to this situation. I Iove the scent and look of fresh flowers and that special quality that accompanies them.

Happy holidays! I hope everyone has a week filled with peace and good cheer!

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