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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Fenty Fairy Bomb Shimmers + Fu$$y Gloss Bomb!
  • Weekend plans: Trying to get some reviews written ahead of time as I prep for my family to visit later in the month!
  • What’s your go-to comfort food?: I don’t know if tiramisu is considered comfort food, but man, a rough day will often mean tiramisu or butter cake, LOL. Or Indian food!

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Haul/rediscoveries: I haven’t purchased or rediscovered anything. I’ve been completely bare face this entire week.
Weekend plans: I’m off this entire weekend, so yay! I’m preforming Saturday evening, so I will be doing some last minute edits before the show happens.
Go-to comfort food: raw cookie dough. I know it’s bad, I know I could get sick, but it really hits the spot when I’ve had a rough day. The Dove dark chocolate ice cream mini bars are also really really good.

Haul: I gave in to the Ulta 20% off plus 5x points on the top 25 gifts lol! I got UD Naked Cherry eye palette, Andalou Naturals turmeric enlighten serum, Mario Badescu witch hazel & rosewater toner, and a NYX blending brush.

Weekend plans: Menu planning, grocery shopping, and start cleaning for my in-laws visit next week (they’re here 19th-23rd, brother-in-law is staying at our house while parents booked a hotel) because there’s no way I’m setting foot inside a grocery store (or any other store lol) after Dec 16th.

Go-to comfort food: My mom used to always make chili as an easy 1 pot dinner when we were all sick or snowed in, so I tend to go for that with some homemade bread when I’m wanting comfort food.

Do you mind if I ask where you grew up? The reason I ask is that experiences with chili are so regional. Like, I grew up in Seattle, which doesn’t have much of a chili tradition beyond low fat vegetarian health food versions, but my partner is from Cincinnati which has a very unique regional variation as well as more typical Midwestern meat chili. I’m a huge fan of Midwestern meat chilis and of course Texan ones haha

Haul/Rediscoveries: Fenty Fu$$y Gloss Bomb, this is my first one because I loved the color and couldn’t pass it up after Christine’s glowing review…and I love it! I usually hate gloss, but this stuff is fantastic. I also picked up the Stellar Beauty Brilliant Primer, we’ll see if that lives up to the hype. The consistency on it was very nice the first time I used it.

Weekend plans: Work and hopefully visiting with my family for the last time before New Years!

What’s your go-to comfort food?: Mashed potatoes and gravy. Love them, don’t make them often enough.

Haul: Kat von D Beauty Swoon & Bloodmilk singles, and 2 custom Shade + Light pallettes with all the new shades (creme & powder); Urban Decay Naked Cherry, and all 3 On The Run palettes; NYX Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop foundation in Porcelain; Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in 010 Light Beige; Smashbox Holidaze Contour + Spotlight pallette; Beauty Benefts (Markwins) highlighter duos; Lime Crime Venus XS quads in Silver, Rose Gold, & Solid Gold.

Plans: Wrapping Christmas presents, finishing the tree, and lots of laundry…

Comfort Food: This is always changing, but one I always go back to is waffles topped with ice cream (Neopolitan, specifically)…

HAUL: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzer in Antigua. In the pan it does look like a dusky pink blush but on the cheeks it’s like magic- it warms, contours and blushes all in one. It is the perfect in-a-rush cheek product.

I’ve got to finish my shopping this weekend!

Comfort food- If I am cooking it, it would have to be boxed Mac n cheese, which sounds so pathetic but part of the “comfort” aspect is that it’s got to be super quick to make and satisfying to eat (I’m a good cook most of the time!). If someone else is making it it’s gotta be pasta bolognese. I could eat it every day.

Hi Ginny, I wear Antigua in the summer because I don’t tan at all, so it really reflects my summer skin. It’s a beauty. I wear a more brown-red bronzer in the winter, oddly enough.

I know he would love to “help” you swatch if only he could! Mellan’s face always warms my heart ♥

Haul: I took the bus up to Scottsdale Quarter Sephora to use my reissued $25 coupon for Pat McGrath Aliengelic lipgloss and Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio (OMG! LOVE!). The ridiculous situation at the previous Sephora plus this one having PMGL in-store added all the incentive I needed to get up and out.

Weekend plans: Physically and emotionally recovering from the battery of cardiology tests I went through yesterday. Very draining! Even though these are tests I’ve done in the past, something has been feeling very “off” this time. First of all, they insisted that it be done very early in the morning. I got them to move it to 8:45 am. Had to stop all caffeine, including chocolate, by 9 pm the night before. Had to be fasting until after they were done with the Nuclear Stress Test part of it, but thankfully before the 2nd set of images. Then they FINALLY allowed me to have coffee and a snack. I was at the Heart Institute for 4 hours straight for an echocardiogram and then that scary NST. First time my chest ever felt *that* tight during the chemical part of it that simulates strenuous exercise. My head has been foggy and I have a headache ever since. Weekend will just be catching up on some laundry, cooking up some brownies and gf baked Mac & cheese, and chillin’. Haven’t worn a full face of makeup in 3 days, so I will do so at least for today!

Comfort food? : Ooh, Pandora’s box!!! Baked gf mac & cheese, brownies, green been casserole (old skool), sangria, NY cheesecake with strawberries, actually almost anything strawberry, fresh picked oranges from our own apt. complex tree, shrimp, lobster, crab cakes, steamer clams, Fry’s broccoli salad from their deli, Cane’s Chicken Fingers, and of course, a fabulous cheeseburger w/ sautéed onions and mushrooms! Oh, and NY/NJ Pizza! You do know I could just go on and on, right? LOL!

Beaming you lots of well wishes on your results, and hope they don’t prescribe anything difficult. That sounds scary as all hell. Hieronymus Bosch scary. Rest up and play with new goodies. Don’t feel obligated to do your usuals, unless you feel up to it.

Thank you so much. KJH. I did finally do a full face of makeup, including popping Aliengelic over MatteTrance Candy Flip for a super juicy, bright and sparkly lip. And used the lavender-pink highlighter in the trio over MAC Spring Flock. The eyes are inspired by the gorgeous look Christine did yesterday with the UD On The Run palette that has Plunge and the pale turquoise shade in it. Might hop on the bus and go get a Chai at the mall? Idk? I am feeling considerably better this evening!

First of all, Nancy, I hope the testing results will give you some peace of mind. The NST is always a difficult test and most people experience similar feelings/responses during and after, regardless of the result. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. My father actually passed out and had to be resuscitated during his procedure so he would never do it again!!
I think asking you about comfort food right after having been NPO and restricted from caffeine intake probably triggered your response, LOL.

Deborah, I’m just hoping that whatever the tests reveal, something can be done about this constant fatigue and SOB that came on just over the last year. It’s gotten so that just walking into another room leaves me winded. I want my high octane energy back! I’m definitely understanding why your dad refused to go through this test again. It is a brutal one.
And, ?, asking me about anything food related after yesterday might get a smorgasbord of foods live-streaming from my brain to my fingertips typing!

I’m sorry to hear you had to go through such a difficult round of tests. I used to be a medical receptionist so I’ve had a little bit of exposure and I think I know more or less what you’re talking about. This might sound like a weird thing for an internet almost-stranger to say, but I’m proud of you for getting through it. And I’m glad you can get back to the good stuff now. 🙂

I love green bean casserole too. I put broccoli chicken casserole on my list and I 100% mean the one with the cream of mushroom soup and cheddar cheese. <3

Thanks, Blue! For a change, I’m actually proud of myself, too! Going without coffee and getting up so early were pretty rough, but then came the chemicals…and yikes. I’ve been pretty fortunate all the other times I’ve had this test. Most were on the treadmill, though, not the chemical stimulant variety.

And now I’m craving chicken broccoli casserole, old skool style!

Ha! ROFL! So basically all food is comfort food. 😉 As for the heart tests, God bless that it that be too serious and treatable. I’ve been through some of those and the stress test (had me almost out cold after the biking effort). Of course, I tried to show off that I’m not THAT old and could finish the test, but at the end, I was laying on the table trying not to pass out.

Oh man! A bike test, Jane? Now that’s something I would have a big problem with, for real! ? Naw, you don’t want to see me on a bike anytime soon! Although I’m sure it feels better than whatever they injected into my IV, this stuff was pretty wicked.

Rachel, it was quite the day. Worst part had to be first all those changes in my usual a.m. routine, then that crazy chemical injection via IV! ?

And so was I when they got the coupon debacle cleared up, since they’re the ones who not only handed me the wrong palette, but a badly broken one on top!

I am glad you are taking care of yourself, even if it has bright on such discomfort just now. We have to face the things that scare us.

That’s really all we can do in these situations, Lesley. Just face it head-on and get the thing done! I won’t lie. This has been a little bit scary, but there are worse things that can happen.

It actually felt good to go on that mini adventure, Christine! I think I get up that way roughly 3 to 4 times a year?

Yes, I am tonight, thank you. Tuesday is the “big day”. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude!

Best wishes Nancy for a positive result on your tests – a result that can tell you why you are lacking in energy and that the problem is easily solved.
Bravo for finishing all the tests and for going without coffee for so long – that would have finished me off, for sure.
Hopefully you will take it easy over the next few days and have a good play with your makeup. I will be saying a few prayers for you on Tuesday.

Thank you very much, Genevieve. That’s exactly what I am looking for; answers as to why I’m always short of breath and as worn out as an old dishrag. And as you said, hopefully something relatively easy and safe to fix, if necessary.


#1—Accidental Sephora Online Haul: (with code for $20 off $75 purchase) Guerlain Meteorites Pearls 02 Light and Guerlain KissKiss Matte Lipstick in Crazy Nude. It was accidental because I had these items in my cart in the phone app, but was still undecided about it…and then my finger accidentally hit the purchase button (I’m serious, this really happened!). At first I was going to cancel the purchase, but then I thought, what the hell, and let it go through.

#2—JCP Sephora Haul: Now I was only $45 away from my first (and hopefully only) VIB Rouge, so a couple days later, I got three backups of Clinique Mild Face Soap (my everyday face wash for many years) and two Sephora 12hr Colorful Contour Eyeliners in Black Lace and T Rex. I used the $20 off $75 code plus my $50 gift card, and wound up paying less than $9 out-of-pocket! (A bit disappointing that the reward I got for reaching Rouge was just a travel-size face brush.)

Weekend plans: Chores, family visit, dinner with friends

Go-to comfort food: Häagen-Dazs ice cream (flavor depends on mood!)

Haul/rediscovery: Guinevere may be here at last today. Always OOS, and I wanted that markdown! Rediscovered how comfortable a Ofra matte LLs are, compared to almost all others. Got to reacquaint myself with Zoeva through my yearly BF order. Their LLs (3 formulas) are pretty decent, too. Lipsticks? Would not bother. New brushes: always fun to start a learning curve. I’d say the Z brushes are great for the price. Not Wayne or Sonia, but at least as good as most It brushes I have. Plans: wrapping, bill paying, maybe the long walk with Jussi, if I wrap up like a mummy. Not for Patticake, too delicate. New lines and redness and pain from the wind and cold. Oh, yay. Who knew there was a psoriasis like that? SSDW. Comfort food: the new fall one, Lebanese eggplant and pomegranate (RODEN, yes!) done yesterday. My comfort food associated with childhood…hold your noses…is sardines!

Hope your psoriasis heals up quickly. It’s very painful and I get it occaisonally. Very nasty indeed. My husband is a sardine fan – we have tins of them in all different flavours and variations.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I hauled Briogeo’s fancy dandruff shampoo and a refill of my one true love MUFE Full cover concealer for the Rouge discount, but this week’s main rediscoveries have been Stila Patina liquid lipstick and Becca Papaya Beach Tint. My complexion work has been killing it this week btw. 😛

Weekend plans: During my weekend, which was Tuesday-Wednesday, I watched The Devil’s Advocate, the old Keanu Reeves movie, and aced a test in the introductory environmental science class I just wrapped up. The class was really fun and I loved the movie. It was a good weekend!

What’s your go-to comfort food?: It was actually tricky to separate true comfort foods from favorite indulgences or snack foods it’s hard to stop eating but I think my real comfort foods include avgolemono, nachos, drip coffee, and borscht. And most of my mom’s greatest hits like steak, lamb chops, broccoli chicken casserole, cinnamon sugar crepes, and hummus. I love eating dinner at my parents’ house.

I would love eating at your parents’ place too with that kind of menu!
My grandchildren love eating lamb cutlets that my husband BBQ’s for them – they tell him he is the best nono in the world.
Congratulations on your great test results – that was really fantastic news for you.

This picture of Mellan is just the cutest. He does look like he wants to help or at least be close to you while you work. I imagine he is never very far away from you!

Haul: My daughter and I went to Spokane this week and picked up a few things, though not as much as we usually do. I purchased Chanel Ombre Premier Longwear E/S in Electrum Lame, lipstick in No 5, MAC Fuchsia blush, Cherry on Top E/S, Blackberry E/S x 3 and Trax E/S for my daughter. I actually didn’t purchase anything from Sephora while we were there but did place an on-line order when we got home so that I could use the $25 off $75. I picked up a back up of the Blithe Hydrating Essence and Tundra Chaga for myself and my daughter picked up a couple of eye shadows which I cannot remember the name. We mostly did some Christmas decorating shopping as I have everything Christmas related in storage and didn’t want to have to go to the storage shed and pick through things to be able to decorate. In the end, we really didn’t get much and are going to make some of our ornaments as I love origami and so we are going to make some serious origami stars and a few other models.

Weekend plans: Cleaning, decorating and getting ready to have a new door punched through from my craft room to my bedroom closet in the hopes of getting better heat into my bedroom. A brief history here: I purchased my home quite suddenly and after only having done one walk through and that was after dark. After moving in I started noticing small things that the pre-home inspection that I paid for, didn’t point out. One was the heating situation and the forced air heater not being big enough to heat the house. The builder put the heater into the attic crawl space the vents from the ceiling and I have cathedral ceilings in most rooms. Hence, no heat down below. My heating bill usually runs me about $700.00 per month from November to April. So, I put a propane heater in and have been very happy with that except no heat gets to my bedroom. It is just one of a series of ongoing home renovations.

Comfort food: When I want comfort food I always make sour cream chicken, mashed potatoes, squash and corn. It is something that I make a lot during the winter and it is just very warming.

I feel your pain re bedroom heat Deborah. In our first house we had cathedral ceilings in our living area and absolutely no heat got to that room and it was freezing in winter.I could have roasted a leg of lamb in it in summer and frozen it in winter. Of course, our winters are not nearly as cold as yours, so I can imagine how cold it must be for you in the bedroom.
When we purchased our second home, the one we are currently living in, I did not want cathedral ceilings at all. Good luck with the rennovations.

Thanks, Genevieve. I am surprised it has taken me this long to decide to do something about it and though I think this will be my last home purchased, I would definitely forgo cathedral ceilings in the future. The builder just really didn’t think things through very well and since I was moving from California where things are much warmer in winter I was not prepared for how cold it would actually get up here or for how long the cold is sustained. I have really frozen every winter and that just isn’t fun. So, in addition to putting a new propane stove in, I have added a pellet stove into my craft room and it can easily heat up to about 1000 square feet. My craft room is about 400 square feet so thinking if I put a door through to the closet and turn it into a mini-makeup and beauty room, (I still have another full closet), then some heat will move into my bedroom. My brother also said that if I put a small fan in my room the fan will pull the heat into the room. Finally, I had an R38 insulation in my attic which was there from the original build but I added another full R38 of blown in insulation and had weather stripping added to the doors. That is about all I can do to optimize my heat situation.
I think the heater in the attic was also the culprit regarding my roof leak as too much heat in the attic was causing ice dams so I think moving the heat down below will help that situation. We will see when I get a full snow load on the roof.
Over the past couple of winters I have been reluctant to go anywhere as I was afraid the leak would start and I would come home to a mess. I am going to be gone for a little while coming up so it will be a good test of the whole new system. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Better late than never Deborah, and I hope the solutions you devise work. I am surprised that this kind of home design was created in your area, as your winters are long and harsh. A cathedral ceilinged roof looks great, feels spacious but is definitely not suited for colder climates. I also think moving the heater from the attic will resolve your leaks – but houses are like teeth – always needing work done to them!
Best wishes Deborah.

Haul: FINALLY, the Tarte Tartiest Pro Remix palette (or whatever it’s called), a “value set” of Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant that came with several samples sizes of other Dr. Brandt products, another Sephora Cappuccino eyeliner pencil and – couldn’t believe it and grabbed it straight away – a tube of Cle de Peau concealer at Marshalls for under $40! I told my husband he could put it in my Christmas stocking. I also got myself a lululemon Timeless Twist tank (with a gift certificate my sons got me about 4 years ago…it still had a considerable balance remaining!). I also picked up Xmas gifts but those are for others (DH’s assistant is getting a lovely Alien set, for example). Rediscoveries – Stila’s In the Light palette (coincidentally, another youtuber I follow just did a feature on it).

Weekend plans: older son comes home for Xmas TOMORROW and straight from the airport, we’re going to an open house and my daughter’s inlaws (they hold this every year and it’s wonderful). Trying to put our house into some sort of reasonable shape (we had a major leak around our chimney and into our attic and the closet in our room so all our clothes, shoes – EVERYTHING is piled in what used to be our sons’ bedrooms and we’re sleeping in what used to be my daughter’s bedroom so we’re trying to figure out where the heck to put everyone and everything!) We may not even get our tree up this year!

Comfort food – no question, it would be mac and cheese (home made but preferably made by someone else if I really want comfort); if I’m feeling sick, it’s always tea and toast! Mashed potatoes with some melting butter and Maldon sea salt sprinkled on the top is another real soul soothing food.

Oh wow! Flooding such a pain. I hope prayerfully that you are able to get that all taken care of and put up your tree, but if not, thanks to the in-laws for an opportunity to still have a festive holiday. And that you have your children there with you for them. 😉

Oh no! I hope you can get the leak fixed/solved ASAP! What an awful disruption during the festivities!

What is your go-to mac & cheese recipe? What cheese(s) do you use?

Well, it will be a while. My brother in law, who is a contractor and was doing the work with 2 of his guys, had a sudden medical crisis (the result of ongoing crises he’s had since January…he had quintuple bypass surgery then and just recently developed bleeding behind his eye…partly due to the blood thinners and partly just freakin’ bad luck…and the surgery this past week went badly and now he’s stuck quite literally FACE DOWN for 7 to 10 days (most of this in a massage table but he can get up for short periods if he keeps his head down!). So all the work has ground to a halt in mid-chaos! I think I NEED some of that mac and cheese for the comfort! 😉 I have 1 or 2 go to recipes but generally rely just on good ol’ Canadian cheddar, though I’ve made one recipe that also called for Velveeta and, much as I don’t like using that stuff, it sure does give the most creamy, oozy, comforting results!

Oh, my goodness, your poor brother-in-law! It kept getting worse as I was reading. It did answer a question I always wondered about – how would you be face down for a prolonged period of time – massage table, well, that makes sense.

Hope your brother-in-law feels better soon and here’s to a better 2019!

Oh Mariella, I hope your brother in law is improving and that bleeding behind the eye does not sound good at all. Being stuck face down for a week or so must be quite difficult and I pray that he is able to make a full recovery. This is not a fun time for your family at all and it really doesn’t matter about the Christmas tree in the long run, everyone’s health and well being is more important.

OMG Mariella, it’s been one disaster after another for you and right before Christmas too! How rude of that leak to occur – very mean of the chimney.
I hope you are able to get everything dried out – very tricky in winter weather and I think you deserve a medal (a gold one) for putting up with all of this. Or maybe a makeup treat or three.
I hope you can get your tree up through all of this.
Enjoy your time at your daughter’s in laws. My husband is a BIG mash potato fan with melted butter and sea salt flakes too.

Rachel, Genevieve and Christine – you ladies are the best! Thank you so much for your good wishes. Y’know, what has happened with J (brother in law) has made everything else seem trivial – tree or no tree, Xmas lights or not,torn up ceilings – it’s all fix-able and in the greater scheme of things, really doesn’t matter. When I was pregnant with my daughter (she’s 33 now), we were hit head on by a drunk driver 2 blocks from our home coming back from Midnight Mass. He was driving without a license (it had been pulled for – wait for it – drunk driving) and he had no insurance. That year too really put things into perspective for our whole family. But I have to say, all your good wishes and words of encouragement are really appreciated.

So sorry to hear you had major water leak! Water can be so disruptive! Hope you’re able to get it sorted out and everything soon put back where it belongs. Enjoy having your son home!

Haul: Pat McGrath Bronze Ambition & Platinum Bronze palettes.

Weekend plans: Possibly adopt a new cat or kitten. Wrap Christmas presents. Try not to buy any more PmG.

Comfort food: It would have to be a hot dessert of some kind, like apricot golden syrup dumplings or chocolate self saucing pudding or apple crumble – with whipped cream, of course!

Thank God for your even considering adopting a pet! And a cat or kitten to boot! Pray you find a loving, soft and special kitty, just for you. And even if it isn’t at the start, with love and care, he oe she will become that.

Thanks Jane – we got a 6 month old tabby girl called Ruby Tuesday. She’s very little due to a rough start in life but she’s very affectionate and playful. Our other cat is a taking a little while to come around but he’ll get there eventually (it’s only been a day!) and she’s seems smitten with my husband, so that’s all sorts of adorable! 😀

PS. Also failed at not buying any more Pat McGrath – Bronze Seduction is on it’s way 😛 🙂 😉

Congrats on the new kitty! I love her name.

I understand what you mean with the PML…I ended up with all three holiday palettes. I originally wasn’t going to get any of them, but they’re so darn good.

Congratulations on your PMG hauls – lots of fun for you to play with and I think with PMG – resistance is futile!
Lovely to hear you have adopted a beautiful little kitten who has not had the best start in life. She has fallen on her feet now living with you and I am sure she will adore her new home.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Restock on Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch by Clarins and trying a new “serum” type product Energie de Vie by Lancôme

Weekend plans: Prepare for my daughter’s visit for next week and relax. Read.

What’s your go-to comfort food?: Tonight it was chips 🙁 Boo hoo!

Oh, I forgot, a beautiful MUFE brush to replace my favorite, but second cheap Elle brush for my powder. I replaced it with the MUFE 130 Wavy (very big). So soft.

*Coloured Raine (sale + Temptalia code) — e/s in Unexpected, Flashing Lights, Bay Breeze, Glamour, Side of Olives, Pumpkin Pie, and Forbidden; Lip Gloss in Blue Print; Matte Liquid Lipstick in WWW, Of Stone, Mary, and Jade.

*Pat McGrath Labs (25% off) — Subversive Metalmorphosis MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette

*Urban Decay ($10 Reward) — Detour On the Run Mini Palette; Nocturnal Vice Lipstick in Backstab; Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip in Aphrodisiac

*Darling Girl Glittergram subscription: WTF Autocorrect Collection — Pucker Paint in What the Shut (deep wine with blue sparkle), and loose e/s in Sofa King (silvery sage green w/mauve sparkle); Warm Regards, Satan (magenta w/copper sheen, pink/gold iridescence, and blue sparkle); What the Duck? (blurple with silvery green sheen and red, gold, and blue sparkle); and Merge with You (matte orange with lavender, pink, and blue sparkle).

*Macy’s (friends & family sale) — MAC Throwback Lipsticks in Florabundi, Moxie, and Epic; NYX Slip Tease Lip Lacquer in Dexter, Dream Space, and Motel Dreams; GWP MAC Deluxe Samples Prep + Prime Natural Radiance and Stobe Cream.

*Sephora (sale) — SEPHORA COLLECTION Moon Phases Face Palette

??????? ?????: My husband has next week off. Yay! This weekend we’ll buy bows, ribbons, and gift tags and start wrapping gifts. Shopping for stocking stuffers and groceries. Laundry…always lots of laundry.

????’? ???? ??-?? ??????? ?????: Pasta or chocolate. I do my best to abstain eating just for comfort because of my weight. Adult coloring books, reading, and playing with makeup are my substitutes.

That’s a really lovely haul you have Rachel and I am sure you’re going to have fun with it. Hope your husband has a lovely relaxing week off work too. Enjoy your Christmas shopping.

Haul/Rediscovery: I bought nothing this week but I found that the CoverFX concealer I normally use is too pink for the KGD Aqua Foundation I bought two weeks ago so I pulled out an old Kryolan Dermacolor concealer that is a better match and stays on really well. I won’t say how old it is.

Weekend plans: a birthday party for. friend’s 90 year old mom.

Comfort food: Salted caramel ice cream. Sugar does it for me.

Haul: A lot of Bourjois stuff as my Christmas gift to myself: foundation in Golden Caramel, Clubbing eyeliners in Atomic Black and Up and Brown, blushes in Rose Amber and Golden Chestnut. I also got nail polishes from ILNP: Maiden Lane, Poetry, and Iconic.

Weekend plans: Take down some junk and recycling, and possibly go to Bed Bath and Beyond for a new pillow. I have a coupon I want to use before it expires.

What’s your go-to comfort food?: Cheeseburgers, French fries, hot wings and Hot Pockets.

Mellon is so, so cute and adorable in this photo.

Haul – nothing really makeup wise
Rediscoveries: Started using my Guerlain Les Aquas quad this week. For awhile there I thought I would donate it as I wasn’t using or reaching for it that much. But now I have purchased more summer clothes with lots of blue and aqua, suddently it seems the best quad to use. Beautiful shades and pigmentation.

Weekend plans: Friday – Lachlan over as usual. He is heavily into fire trucks, fire stations and rescuing scenarios…
Saturday. We are going to Olivia’s Ballet concert in the afternoon and they will, likely come back for dinner.
It’s been raining a bucket here for the past few days, courtesy of a cyclone in Queensland. Not complaining though because we really need the rain.
Sunday -Catching up on housework and Christmas shopping.

Comfort food: Gosh Christine, we are Tiraminsu fans as well! But it’s not a comfort food for me, as I am a more savoury person. It would be dips and turkish bread for me. Or nuts. I am also partial to Lindt milk chocolate balls, but I haven’t indulged since last Easter.

I have the unfortunate problem of loving both savory as well as sweet…. it is always a struggle, LOL. I am pretty much known to try any and every tiramisu I come across!

Haul: (It’s been awhile so this is from October or so)

PatrickStarrr pigment
Rose and Smoky eyeshadow palettes
Joy To, Make A Wish and P for Pink eyeshadows

Pat McGrath:
Realness, Attitude, LaBeija, Lavish, She’s Heaven, Madam Greige, Fever Pitch, Beautiful Creature Luxetrance and Mattetrance lipsticks

Dark Star, Metalmorphosis, Bronze Temptation palettes with lipstick duos (Omi, Elson, Guinivere, 1995, Forbidden Love, Christy)

Blow Up, Passion Flower, Succexy, Love Supreme, Flesh 3 Lip Fetish Lip Balms

Tom Ford:
Virgin Orchid and Daydream eyeshadow quads

Some OPI, KL Polish and Essie polishes

Weekend plans: Usual chores and laying low before the onslaught of obligatory holiday gatherings all next week. Hopefully I can get together with my parents and spend Saturday or Sunday cooking with my Dad.

Comfort food: Mexican food, breakfast (especially for dinner – eggs, toast/homemade biscuits, potatoes and sausage), my homemade chile verde or balls and sauce. I love to cook and prefer my cooking to most restaurants, unless it’s the mom and pop Mexican restaurant down the street.

Aww Mellan, you kill me with those eyes!
Haul/Rediscoveries: No haul, but I received a gift of a Channel 5 Colour Palette #166 Victoire and I will enjoy using it and it will be sweeter because it was free.

Weekend Plans: Laundry and baking, we’re leaving for Vancouver on Friday. I’m all packed and ready to go.

What’s your go-to comfort food?: Mexican, then I saw you mentioned Indian, oh yes Indian too!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Smashbox Be Legendary liquid lip vault from Ulta (includes Crimson Chrome; Iced Out; Girl, Please; Foiled Brat; Petal Metal; Bad B; Brick Trick), as well as the single called Foil Slick; two of the Lipstick Queen Drops of Jupiter mini gloss sets (for those of you who like really shiny lips, each set has one gloss that is stunningly sparkly, but not gritty; even the base seems brightening somehow, with an almost lacquer-look finish). I also got a bunch of minis and “treat” size items (too many to name) that I’m going to hang on our tree at work and let my co-workers choose from.

Weekend plans: run some errands — food shopping, return a couple items of clothing, get cards, get decorations; possibly see a movie

What’s your go-to comfort food?: Not food: coffee with cream. At one time my go-to comfort food was rice pudding with raisins; I used to make it from scratch on nights where I was hungry, eating alone, and wanting something I could curl up with and just drift away. I don’t buy milk much anymore, and my significant other doesn’t go on many trips anymore, so I don’t make it very often — probably not once in the last two years. Now I want rice pudding.

Haul: eBay ($10 off): Two Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Sprays (original formula); Macy’s (50% off) MAC Fix-it mini trio set (1 for me; 2 for gifting).

Rediscovery: Tom Ford Nico lipstick – I love the multi-coloured glitter in this shade.

Weekend Plans: We’re off to Canada for the holidays later next week, so preparing for our trip, including our cat’s stay at a feline resort, gathering presents to bring, winter clothing, etc. Trying not to get overwhelmed with the to do list or making too many commitments before we go.

Go-to Comfort Food: Probably chips though we don’t often have them in the house, so most readily available would be anything chocolate or with chocolate chips in it!

Haul: I purchased the new Lolita palette from KVD and TF Bella.

Weekend: It’s been a hard weekend already but today is better. I’m going to dinner and play so I hope it goes smoothly.

Go to comfort food: Fettuccine Alfredo or Chicken Noodle Soup.

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