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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Guerlain holiday highlighter/Meteorites, Tom Ford Lips & Boys lipsticks
  • Weekend plans: I’m truly debating whether to skip fall/autumn decorations and go right for Christmas. I love Christmas decor anyway, but it’s sort of out of the urge to decorate but no desire to put fall stuff away in three weeks, haha.
  • What was your favorite childhood movie?: Cinderella

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I’ve had my fall stuff out since Labor Day! You have to start early if you want to get your times worth on the decorations haha.

HAUL: I’ve been drawn to the dazzle—I got Marc Jacobs sequins shadow in Gleam Girl, one of the MAC Holiday shadows in Joy To (have yet to receive), and Charlotte Tilbury starlight pops palette. The MJ and the CT shadows are great. A little mixing medium and they go on with no fallout, wear all day and are truly flashy. I was kind of hoping the MAC shadow outdoes the CT palette so I can return the palette…. bc how many sparkle shadows do I need…. but Idk I really like it!

Weekend: costume party ofc

My brother loved ghostbusters II and I loved Hook.

Haul/rediscovery: I finally got the Dose of Colors x iluvsarahii palette I ordered last week (shipping from abroad can be a pain) and I got one the l’Oreal lip paints, a peachy nude, to replace WnW’s trusty old Bare It All 🙂 I also got a 6500K bulb so I can take better photos, and maybe also work without straining my eyes!

Weekend plans: NONE. I am blowing off everything and everyone and enjoying my peace, and maybe catch up on work I had to miss due to a work trip that was extended from 2 to 3 days. Couldn’t be happier about it tbh!

Favourite childhood film: Disney’s Lion King. I loved and adored it! Maybe less so today but it was my favourite film hands down.

Speaking of lighting, do you have any tips for a home setup? It gets really dark in here and I need a good lmao for my station!

Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette last week. 😉
PAT MCGRATH LABS LUST: Mini MatteTrance™ Trio Colour Blitz (got it on second restock! sound out in cart first time) Finally getting my Elson shade. lol (my last name 😉 )
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil trial size in Do Me Baby – 2 mL

Rouge sale order:
PAT MCGRATH LABS MatteTrance™ Lipstick in Candy Flip
MORPHE The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette (FINALLY!)
PAT MCGRATH LABS MTHRSHP Subversive Metalmorphosis & Sublime Bronze Temptation Eyeshadow Palettes
VISEART Eyeshadow Palette 08 Editorial Brights & 01 Neutral Matte (I’m praying these don’t shatter in transit again like last year!)
VIOLET VOSS Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palettes in Le Macaron & Fruit Sorbet

I wasn’t able to get the PAT MCGRATH LABS Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette in Bronze Seduction which really pissess me off, I didn’t wake up at like 7am, but I’m sick and need sleep before work. 🙁 (praying it doesn’t turn into bronchitis since I’ve had this cold it for over a week now.)

Weekend plans: I’m off because the stores closed for 4 days of Reno’s. And then Half the store is open one week and the other half the following week…. I’m not sure what to do with myself. 😉 I’m not going to make much money this week (only 1 day of work, 10.5 hour shift) but I’ll take the time off. lol

What was your favorite childhood movie?: The Little Mermaid

The Bronze Seduction palette will return before you know it, good on you for choosing your health 🙂 Check out the original version of the Little Mermaid tale if you have some time to kill – pretty brutal stuff.

I actually read the original when I was a kid. Obsessed with Mermaids. 🙃💝🤣🧜🏻‍♀️

Yeah being semi permanent helps and if it does not comes back in stock before the next sale weekend I might grab it off of Pat’s website for 10% off if she has a free shipping option.

A pretty good haul you have there and the Mothership Bronze Seduction will be back soon.
I hope you are feeling well soon, it always happens at the change of the seasons.

Mostly annoyed with getting a cold so soon as I get a vaccine every year now to avoid the customer service plage usually over Dec-Jan. It’s coming out next week the vaccines. lol But half the people I work with are sick now with it. 😛

Haul: Finally grabbed the Bite Virgo lipstick. I’ve been to busy to even try it on yet, though! Much less exciting but more necessary was the massive tub of CeraVe; my skin is THIRSTY with the change in the weather here.

Weekend: Switching out the summer clothes, finishing the kids’ costumes, and getting ready to close on our house sale.

Favorite Childhood Movies: Sleeping Beauty and Star Wars.

Haul: paying attention to Muse notices: A HL order, and from Jet, a few old Nars things you rated well. Not that the car bill and replacement of the gas dryer did not seriously eat the m/u budget. Have not firmly decided on the S or the U 20 yet. There’s another w/e for S, anyway, and not craving popular products (except PM Guinevere.). Not that a day goes by w/o a house horror, the water heater was leaking this AM. I rent, and it’s very difficult to get the landlord up to speed on anything. Hopefully the plumber (new one, please, the old one never returns my calls) will fix the oven (off since a year ago August) and a minor heating thing as well. As you see, i don’t complain much, more of a make do person, but this is getting awfully expensive, and it ought not be my responsibility. W/e: thank god no job Sat, as we are due for a major nor’easter. Stay in and do very little, as everything is broken! I’m about to change Halloween for regular fall/Thsnksgiving, and then either Xmas or rest of winter (blue/silver/snowflakes, crystal, etc) Not feeling very festive.

Oh gosh, KJH, your rental situation sounds like the stuff of nightmares. Not that mine is too hot, either, but at least we can force them to fix things by calling the city Housing Authority. There must be some agency that can get after them for these repairs? Because it’s seriously not your responsibility as a tenant to pay for any of repairs or replacement items, that’s on the owner’s shoulders! Anyway, I will be keeping you in my prayers that everything gets taken care of.

When I got home from day job, after a quick in and out at Sephora, where they did not have hot tryst yet again, went to the bank and fed the dogs, went downstairs and the puddle had become much smaller. Then I got to put all my outdoor furntiure away, as we are having a massive noreaster tomorrow. walk the dogs and do 5 hours more at night job. The heat is on, though the puddle is under the furnace. It can wait a bit, but I will get a new one. I find it easier to get the work done myself and deduct it from the rent than deal with the LL. She has been very kind to me, and my rent is lowish for this area and an ocean view, so I don’t want to incur her ire and a massive upcharge. I would do it myself next month, but the plumber…let’s just say I know folks who have known him for 40 years, and say he was an AH in the first grade…and never improved. Forget an S order, too tired. Don’t have big wish list of popular stuff, anyway. The house inspection may be overdue. They make you do stuff you don’t need that they think is safety. Like install hardwired smoke alarms that go off most times you cook on top of the stove. Getting an outside vented fan will be a huge project in the future. But meanwhile: Smoke in the dining room, EVACUATE!! I have seen/heard this at other houses, too. Many people just drive away! I paid the rent, with the hefty amount for the dryer deducted. TBH, I think the process would have overwhelmed her. Permits, licensed installers, etc, bec it is gas. The dryer would not have been difficult, but I had $2400 of car repairs this month, all due to the bad condition of the roads….and there was another siege earlier, of road induced problems, including a (covered) cracked radiator. It has been an expensive very WTF year. But, paying the rent early, I still have some dough to do some damage at Ulta and Sephora. You’ll laugh: OF COURSE I paid for the dryer with my Ulta card, so will have massive Ulta bucks! And the LL’s stash will never compare to mine! Pick up your brush and weep, Elaine!

Thank goodness that she’s allowing you to deduct the cost of all the repairs from your rent, KJH! Most wouldn’t. After reading about the ocean view and other perks of living there, I would have done the same as you, I believe. Gosh, I miss the ocean! Oh, and I LEGIT lol’d at your ingenious payment method . Gotta get me an Ulta CC! 😂

I paid recent dental and medical bills on my Ulta card just for the points (we already had the funds to cover the cost). I took my husband to Ulta three days ago. I asked the sales lady at the checkout for my points balance and she gasped: I had $170 worth of points. My husband was so impressed, lol.

That is an awful situation you are in and some landlords are just totally disinterested on how tenants live in their homes. They need a total new fitout of essential appliances.
Do you go through a rental agency? Any tenant authorities that you can contact and make a complaint?

I put up my fall stuff a few weeks ago, it’s not much because I didn’t have much so I had to wait for Target and the like to carry stuff and then that stuff to go on sale. I don’t have much in the way of Christmas stuff and that needs to change. I’m not sure I can afford it all though!

Haul: OMG I HAULED SO HARD! Well for my frugal ways anyhow! My Ziip finally came! Hurray! I also just spent a buttload at Sephora. I got the Dr. Jart Superhero’s, Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lilly 3.3 size, a Farmacy Mighties kit for my sister, and minis from Commodity, Fresh, and Morrocan Oil. I wanted to get a lot more but I need to not be such a spender. I need a ton of stuff for the house :/

Weekend: Costco, TJ’s and Whole Foods. Not sure what else. My husband wants to do something different for a change and that might be the sign of the Apocolypse.

Fave movie from childhood: I think it might still be my favorite movie, THE PRINCESS BRIDE!

Mellan…like mother, like son!

Haul: Two NYX Lip Liners in Prune and Burgundy

Weekend Plans: It will be a busy one—a Halloween party, volunteer work, and a family get-together for a relative’s birthday

Favorite Childhood Movies: The Parent Trap (Hayley Mills) and Mary Poppins

Haul: This was a profitable week for my collection, not so much so for my bank account. Although I justify by saying I’m only buying really good deals or something I cannot live without. Both those terms are subjective though, lol.
I missed the Clinique Get Cheeky palette the first time around and was feeling the absence of it as blushes are one of my favorite parts of make up and Clinique is my HG skincare brand. Sephora emailed saying they had re-stocked it at 2:30am about 10 days back and I ordered it within the hour to make sure I didn’t miss it a second time. With a Tory Birch deluxe sample perfume set (<3) in order to get free shipping and a nice freebie kit including Belif Moisture Bomb which I'm afraid I may have to buy in full size.
This week I also received my recent Tarte sale order, including a Color Splash Shade Shifting Lipstick I had been lusting after (Shade: Ocean Floor). It is just as lovely as I had hoped and will get some serious wear.
My funds also fell victim to a Macy's sale on Anastasia singles.

Weekend Plans: Family time Friday and Saturday. We lost someone close to us recently and will be celebrating his life. Sunday will be much needed rest and recuperation which to me means recliner, Hulu and my laptop to shop for makeup I dream of owning, know I don't need, end up deciding I can't live without and eventually order when it's on sale or I get a bonus.

Favorite Childhood Movie: The Little Mermaid


I loaded my Sephora cart yesterday and when I woke up to use the restroom at 3:00 a.m., I placed my order. Mothership V was already sold out☹️

Hourglass Unlocked Palette: I was originally going to pass on this due to small size of powders but I was ultimately swayed by the LE shades, the colors being suited to medium skintones, and the ability to have all my powders in one palette for travel.

La Mer The Powder Brush: This is a total indulgence, I’ve had this brush on my wishlist for a couple years.

Laneige KISS and Makeup Set: I’ve heard so much about this lip mask and thought it would be fun to try the different flavors. I actually think these would make great Christmas gifts.

Natasha Denona Gold Palette: This one has been in and out of my cart for the past two weeks. Many bloggers have put this in their Sephora sale recommendation videos. What pushed me over the edge was Thataylaa’s My 1st Time Trying Natasha Denona Video. Her look was stunning and the quality of the shadows really showed. I am really looking forward to this one.

Charlotte Tilbury Genious Magic Powder (loose): I use her compact powder (it’s perfect) and I’m pretty sure I will love the loose too.

Drunk Elephant C Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream: Gotta have a backup!

Drunk Elephant Beste: Backup.

Tatcha the Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment: I’m always looking for good products for my 5th decade eyes.

Favorite childhood movie: I didn’t watch movies. I was raised on the music from musicals, so my memories are filled with the music from The King and I, Gigi, etc.

Nice haul Tammy! I’ve been taking things in & out of my cart. Lol. But, I am getting the Hourglass Unlocked Palette for sure. I ran out of Bobbie Browns extra sunblock for face. Only one that doesn’t turn pasty on me & is so hydrating for my dry skin.
I’m torn though on the eyeshadow palettes. I’m lemming the gold one by ND, the CT star in your Eyes & the new 6 pan by Pat Mgrath. Decisions, lol. I guess I don’t need any of them, but still! It’s a sale. I heard that magic powder is glorious. I have the pressed, on my 2nd one, & is HG for me.
Enjoy your goodies.
Oh, that La Mer brush. I felt it in the store. Soooo nice.

I saw that it was out of stock when I arrived home. They only had one left in the store when I arrived there, I headed there first and put it in my basket before anyone else grabbed it. Can’t wait to use it. Hopefully they will have it restocked soon!

Sorry you missed the Hourglass Edit. Maybe they will restock before the sale is over.

CT Stars in Your Eyes looks so pretty. I bet it would be beautiful with your skin and hair color.

How is your husband going Tammy? Is he more relaxed now that he knows that his new position is coming up soon?
A lovely haul, by the way. I think that ND Gold palette will look beautiful on you.

Genevieve, My husband has mixed thoughts and feelings, but ultimately everything leans more towards the positive rather than the negative.

I have high hopes for the gold palette. I don’t gravitate towards golds, so we’ll see.

Haul/rediscoveries: My Dose of Colors order came in this week/late last week. I got the Snow Angels palette and Sizzle Block Party shadow. Pat McGrath Dark Star Opulence palette came today. Lastly, I placed an order at Sephora yesterday: ordered the Bite #074 lip pencil (FINALLY managed to catch it 50% off – it ALWAYS keeps going out of stock), one of the Kaja (K-beauty) Bento Bounchy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trios in Sparkling Rose, the Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection pigment palette (50% off), plus one of their sample bags w/ a code, Commodity perfume sample in Velvet (100 point perk), and 2 regular samples (we’ll see if they actually send me what I asked for…)

Weekend plans: There’s an event going on at the Catholic Church tonight. They’re bringing in the Archdiocese’s exorcist to give a talk (sounds spooky and fun). Saturday morning I’m driving up to Youngstown (3.5 hours) to see my parents, but it’ll be a short trip because I need to be back early Sunday afternoon for work. Lots of schoolwork and studying in whatever free time I find.

Favorite childhood movie: Beauty and the Beast!!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Haven’t actually purchased yet, but planning on restocking some hair items from the Sephora VIB sale. I also added about $500 worth of makeup to my cart and slowly deleted each item one by one with my head hanging. The only “makeup” thing I actually have in my cart now is the laneige lip sleeping mask.

Weekend plans: Nothing! Hallelujuah!

What was your favorite childhood movie?: Pinocchio – which is funny because now the movie kind of creeps me out.

Haha! His eyes really do seem to be saying that! But, nah, he’s probably just guarding them…we hope🐶

Haul: Nothing. Yet. The day is still young and VIB Rouge just started. 😉

Weekend plans: Trying to survive? I’ve had a shock when it comes to the medical treatment that I’ve been on for nearly 9 years suddenly being withheld from me by my insurance company. Without receiving my Remicade infusion every 6 weeks, my health will deteriorate. How rapidly, I do not know. I do know that I this new battle has me feeling very worried and deflated. This *evil* Crohn’s Disease almost killed me 9 years ago. So, the rest of today is just sitting (3rd day in a row) waiting for a phone call from my gastroenterologist’s nurse, hopefully, with something promising. My weekend feels blown to bits by all of this.

Favorite childhood movie: The Sound Of Music! Still a favorite even though I am no longer Roman Catholic and the actual truth about Maria Von Trapp is quite different from how she was portrayed by Julie Andrews!

Oh Nancy, I hope you get some good news! Insurance companies can keep you hostage. They won’t pay for my migraine meds even after the dr. sent a letter, but yours is way more serious. I have extreme IBS, my uncle had Crohn’s so I know how horrible it is. I’ll be praying for you!

Brenda, not meaning to unnecessarily frighten you, but if your uncle had (has?) Crohn’s, and you have symptoms of severe IBS, please get checked for Crohn’s. I suffered horribly for 15-16 years with what I was told was just “severe IBS”, until one night I had to go to the ER because I was 100% sure that I had appendicitis. It wasn’t. I was not only told that I had Crohn’s, but that because it went unattended to for so long, it was at the stage where its called “severe active Crohn’s Disease”. Not even a full year after this daunting dx, this monster almost took me out. But; if caught early enough, it is so much easier to treat and get under control! Sometimes, even a lengthy remission occurs!

I waited to reply to your comment until I had gone over my test results from my doctor today. All results were wonderful thank goodness. My chest x-rays showed that my diaphragm is frozen which happened when they took my appendix out 3 yrs ago. That was the beginning of the severe IBS, There was a tumor on the appendix so they put me through every test you can imagine, and 2 yrs later cleared me. I tweaked my migraine meds and took dairy out of my diet and now I seem to be getting back to some kind of normalcy. But my heart goes out to you knowing what it is like to have a problem and not the back up of the insurance company when your health depends on it.

Brenda, I am so glad and relieved that everything came back clean on your tests! It is true that for many people who have either IBS or IBD that taking dairy, or sometimes soy, out of their diet brings great relief from those painful, inconvenient and embarrassing symptoms. As for my seriously nuts situation with my Remicade, I’m just feeling grateful that I finally received it. But the hoops my Doc and I had to jump through and the concessions he was pretty much forced into making in order for me to continue receiving it, shouldn’t have occurred.

Oh sod your insurance company! …shakes fist… That is so fundamentally unfair, I cannot even begin to imagine how horrible that is for you! I’m so sorry this is happening to you and I hope they resolve this very soon. 🙁

Thankfully, the nurse called to tell me that my Doc has a “peer-to-peer” meeting with a Dr. with the insurance company on Monday (Idk what time). My Doc is NOT happy with them pulling this nonsense! All I can do now is to pray and wait for the answer on Monday. Been so tense and nervous over all this, that my head hurts.

That is such worrying news Nancy. One of my friend’s daughter has this horrible disease and I have an inkling of what you are going through. When insurance companies make these random decisions they have no idea of the heartache and worry they cause, physically, mentally and emotional. All of these are triggers. Luckily your doctor is on your side. Crossing fingers and saying prayers for you.
My mother loved The Sound of Music (grew up in a strong RC family) and we watched this show many, many times over. And yes, the original Maria Von Trapp was nothing like Julie Andrews.

Genevieve, my heart goes out to your friend’s daughter, because this is one whammy of an illness. Probably the worst part is knowing that there is no cure presently. Not for Crohn’s or any other autoimmune disease. And they take such an enormous toll on their sufferers on every level imaginable. And, yes, you are absolutely correct; this sort of worry and stress can induce a flare-up of symptoms or accelerate the disease process.

Luckily Elizabeth had it diagnosed early and she has been on varying treatments ever since. But her two pregnancies reeked some damage.
I hope your situation improves with some positive news next week. Let us know, we are all praying for you.

Oh, thank goodness! Those peer-to-peer meeting can really help. When a former insurance company refused to inpatient psychiatric treatment fo my older son, his pdoc called on of those, plus he threatened to resign from one of their boards if they didn’t reverse their decision. I thank God for that all the time. I’ll be praying this is sorted out for you.

Rachel, thank you for letting me know about your own personal experience with a peer-to-peer conference call working out in your son’s favor, because I appreciate that encouragement so much! I’m trying HARD to stay calm and not freak out today, as tomorrow is the big day. Not going to lie, my nerves are completely raw today just thinking about it. Perhaps a trip to the mall for a latte and a visit to MAC will keep my mind to busy to ruminate this matter to death? Idk.

Tammy, yes, VERY terrifying. But, I’m trying hard to remain somewhat hopeful. Kinda difficult considering how horribly our insurance companies are dealing with many of us lately. It’s like a purge of the weakest, sickest, most expensive to treat, has begun.

Mellan, if I had those eyes, I would forgo all eye makeup.

Haul: Fresh from the closest Sephora, PMG Mothership II Sublime, UD Born to Run, it Bye Bye Pores primer, and Bite Agave Treat Trio (to be a gift). The Bronze palettes just seemed so similar to the Viseart shadows I already have and since I didn’t expect there would be a huge upgrade in quality, I went for the Sublime.

Weekend plans: We are going to Spain on Monday for a vacation to celebrate my husband’s recovery from prostate cancer so I will be packing and making the house nice for my friends coming to cat sit.

Favorite childhood movie: Peter Pan. I would like to be able to fly and still endeavor to think lovely thoughts.

I forgot that earlier this week I bought some deodorant from Sephora (no CF options at the drugstore) in order to get the Laura Mercier 500 point perk. I got an LM point perk set a few years ago and the mini matte highlighter lasted forever so I think I am ahead $-wise.

What a fabulous way to celebrate your husband’s return to good health Lesley. I hope you both enjoy your well earned trip. Prostrate cancer is so serious and it must be such a relief for the both of you that he has come out well on the other side.


*NARS — Hot Tryst Cheek Palette and Provocateur Eyeshadow Palette.

*ABH — Sultry Palette

*Urban Decay — Vice Lipsticks in Cherry, Juicy, and Devilish; 24/7 Eye Pencil in Love Drug

*MAC — Shiny Pretty Eyeshadow in Joy To; Nicopanda Lipstick in Kawaii Party; Grand Illusion Liquid Lipcolor in Ruby Princess.

*Target — NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer and NYX Glitter Primer

*Apocalyptic Beauty — Halloween mystery treat bag (each one is random). I got: Exclusive Chunky Glitter Blend in Dark Fantasy; exclusive Highlighter in Ghostly Pallor, exclusive Eyeshadow in Weaponized Pumpkin, exclusive Lip Gloss in Hecate, Travel-sized Badass Setting Spray in Pumpkin Spice scent, mini Liquid Lipstick in Ire, and Eyeshadow in Lamia Daycare. It also included some candies and a cute pen and eraser.

*Strange Fire & Fumery collab w/Hexennacht, two pumpkin gourmand scents (and they really do smell good enough to eat!).

*TheBalm — Meet Matt(e) Schmaker Eyeshadow Palette. I combined rewards money with a sale on and got it for less than $5. It’s quite cute.

Weekend plans: Mourn the fact that the Pat McGrath Bronze Decadence Palette sold out at Sephora before I could get one. 🙁 On a more serious note, put out some kind of Halloween decorations and buy candy, because hubby forgot last weekend.

What was your favorite childhood movie?: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Add to Haul (just arrived):

*Winky Lux Smitten, Cashmere Kitten, Kitten, and Coffee Palettes. Forever 21’s website had then 1/2 off, so I thought I’d try them.

Thank you! I love Hot Tryst. Used dry, even the brighter colors are very easy to use on pale skin. My Sultry palette arrived with some cracks in the two most sparkly shades, so I had to repress with a bit of alcohol, but I should get to play with it this weekend. It really looks lovely.

Oh no. Can you exchange the Sultry for a new one? If the Tryst palette would work for your fair skin, maybe it would work for me then. I’m medium warm. I didn’t pick it up because I thought 2 of the shades would be too dark.

I could exchange Sultry, but it wasn’t bad enough to go through the trouble of mailing it back or driving all the way to the closest mall. A little shadow came of the top. I brushed as much as I cold back into the pan and used a little alcohol to press it back in.

I was surprised by Hot Tryst. It’s really easy to use a light hand with the two dark shades.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, MAC Fluidline in Midnight Snack, MAC Powder Kiss in Shocking Revelation, and more to come I’m sure from the Sephora sale. Trying to resist the urge to go overboard…
Weekend plans: Halloween party & binge watching the new Sabrina the Teenage Witch show on Netflix
What was your favorite childhood movie?: The Little Mermaid and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Haul/Rediscoveries :

In terms of haul, I hauled MAC Shiny Pretty Things Rose Palette, Joy To Eyeshadow and Snowflushed EDSF. And Rave Girl Lipstick in Who Wants Kandi?

Rediscovered NARS Orgasm Blush. I’ve been doing the sun stripped method where you apply the blush over the bring of the nose. Orgasm is such a light pink peach that I cannot go overboard. I like the results

Weekend Plans: I got another 20% code from Ulta so I think I will use it on some Morphe brushes for my daughter. They are on her Christmas Wishlist!

Favorite Childhood Movie: Wizard of Oz. Or OG Annie and Anne of Green Gables. Animated Beauty and the Beast a bit later on!

Haul: The rest of my Makeup Revolution stuff arrived, Newtrals 2 & 3, Iconic Fever, some more liquid highlighters, a baking oil, the sport fixing spray, banana powder (I’m a fan so far!) and some other stuff, Zoeva black eyeliner, Too Faced peach lip balm, Origins Drink Up overnight intensive & Rose Clay retexturizing masks, plus a got a free Mecca beauty loop box with samples of Ciate mascara, Bareminerals lipgloss, Amorepacific tea serum thing and a small pot of ridiculously expensive moisturizer from some Hungarian brand…

Weekend plans: Nothing much at all – I had a very trying week at work and I just want to indulge myself and be selfish for the next 2 days and do whatever the heck I want.

Fave childhood movie: Aliens. I watched it when I was 8 and I still love it. Ellen Ripley was an excellent role model 😉

I hope your weekend is very restful, full of indulgences. That’s the way to celebrate a tough week.
Several years ago, a friend and I, both of us working in different schools, had really tough, tough grades and every fortnight we would meet up to buy ourselves a treat for surviving…..

Haul/Rediscoveries: I hauled a couple mascaras, a foundation, and a color correcting compact from Wet n Wild. Then I used my Rouge coupon to get the Tatcha Silk Canvas primer and the mini Natasha Denona Star palette. I’ve never tried an ND eyeshadow palette and since her palettes are just too rich for my blood, I hope the mini does just fine!

Weekend plans: I hope to finally finish unpacking the last few boxes, then help my partner hang blackout curtains before settling in for a weekend of video games. I didn’t think it would take three weeks to totally move in but here we are!

What was your favorite childhood movie?: Back to the Future or The Little Mermaid. I would watch both of them religiously.

I can just see you Mellon getting into the makeup with your paws!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Soon as I saw those stunning ColourPop lipsticks of Brick, Cinnamon and Chocolatier, I ordered them straight away before they sold out.
I received the Anasasia Sultry palette this week too – and as a model of self restraint, I put it away until my birthday in November, with my other ColourPop lippie order.
Rediscovering Guerlain Les Aquas and bareMinerals The Wild Thing quads as they are such summery shades.

Weekend Plans: Friday – my eldest son has a few days of leave, so we had Lachlan in the morning and took him for a haircut. After repeating, no hairdryer about 50 times, and he sat on David’s knee and mountain of thick blond hair was cut. After that we picked up Olivia from kinder and we all went to a mountain hotel for lunch where Puffing Billy, a local steam train, goes by. Afterwards we went home and Lachlan had a big sleep and Olivia played with all our toys herself.
Saturday – David and I are going out for a drive and lunch to another scenic area.
Sunday – no plans as yet.

Favourite Movie as a child: It would probably be The Sound of Music.

Yay!!!! You caved (or did the sensible thing…yes, absolutely the SENSIBLE thing) and got it! I hope you enjoy it, Genevieve. When I saw it in store, I was sure the glitter shadows would be rough and dreadful; one swatch showed me they are anything but! The glitter on the palette, though – I often have to wipe my fingers after handling it so I don’t transfer a piece or 2 of brown glitter to my under eyes when applying concealer! I think you should allow yourself one trial run of the palette before putting it aside, though! (fortunately, November is almost here)

Thank you Mariella for your encouraging words about being sensible…..and purchasing!
I am pretty sure I will love it, as I know we both like the same kinds of eyeshadows.
Can’t wait for my birthday.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Stopped by Sephora for the Rouge 20% off sale today, and met a friend who could use the 20% off as well. I scooped up the last Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette, MJ Highliner Glam Glitter Gel Eyeliner All that Glitters 29 Gold, Quai Dry Texture Foam, MUFE Ultra HD Skin Booster, Georgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Lipstick #600, and a cover up from Becca, $240 later and no Pat McGrath!! They didn’t have any in store or I would have!
Weekend plans: I’m attending a Halloween Party tomorrow night as Wednesday Adams, I hope this migraine goes away by then, I’m on the second day of it, it’s Chinooking here in Calgary. I appreciate the nice weather but could do without the pounding, nauseating headache.
What was your favorite childhood movie?: Cinderella as well.

Brenda, I absolutely feel for you – I used to have migraines myself and I know how debilitating they can be. Is there any medication or anything you can take to relieve it?
I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the nice weather.

Haul: Dior Airflash foundation, which I’ve wanted to try for a while; the VIB sale seemed the perfect time
Weekend plans: gym tomorrow and dinner out with my sis in law and her fella to celebrate my and my husband’s birthdays; making a pot of chili on Sunday to freeze for lunches for the next 2 weeks
Favourite movie when I was a kid: The Wizard of Oz and The Railway Children.

Thank you, friend. Slight change of plans because sis in law’s fella is really sick (and on antibiotics…looks like it’s strep). But she’s had a hell of a week so the 3 of us are going out to a local Greek place she likes and we’ll do the dinner we’d been planning when John is feeling better.

Haul/Rediscovery: I have rather a large haul that is actually covering what I purchased in Europe and over the nearly 3 weeks I have been home. In

Iceland I purchased the whole line of Blue Lagoon shampoo, conditioner and masks. We enjoyed the Blue Lagoon immensely and spent about 5 hours floating around in the beautiful teal/blue/milky warm goodness. There is a bar in the pool so you can swim over and get a drink. There is a face mask station where they have a huge tub of volcanic minerals in a base that you can slather on and continue floating. Really wonderful experience.

In England I purchased Dior Ambre Nuit perfume for my daughter. The By Terry sales associate saw me coming for a mile and I purchased the By Terry Nude Duo Stick Foundation in the shade 2.5 Nude Light. I also purchased the Nude Highlighting Stick in #2 Terra Rosa, mascara and the blush stick that I can’t remember the name of to save my soul. Finally, the eye shadow palette called Eye LIghts which has a Paris theme.

Scotland: I spent a few hours wandering around Jenner’s Department Store which is a landmark store in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has been there forever. They seriously have the most amazing cafe with buffet type breakfasts and we went there every morning while in Edinburgh. I purchased a few Avene products mostly lipsticks and a facial oil. My daughter and I actually picked up a Ted Baker handbag and some cashmere scarves. Following that we went to the High Street and purchased a couple of tartan print scarves and gloves. Side note: We had the most amazing hot chocolate in this little pub tucked off the street in Edinburgh. It is named for a man who was a grave robber for the medical school in Edinburgh and when he couldn’t get enough he took to killing people to secure their bodies for the college. Creepy but the hot chocolate was so good. You want to know why? Because it had Scottish Whiskey in it. We were addicted.

France: Stocked up on my Nuxe products including the lip balm in both the pot and the tube, the moisturizer and their honey based cleanser which I use daily. We went to Sephora but to be honest, it wasn’t the best experience. It was so packed you couldn’t get up to the displays to get anything. The SA for Huda Beauty was lovely though and she did get us the Smokey Obsessions palette for me and the Coral Obsessions for my daughter.

Rome: We hit the Kiko store and picked up a few loose eye shadows and the highlighting powder and that was about it. It felt very warm to us following our time in Iceland, England and Scotland and with the added humidity it took us awhile to adjust. The idea of putting on a full face of makeup didn’t sound appealing. I usually just put my sunscreen on and that was it and a few days I didn’t even do that.

Florence: We visited the Sephora in Florence and picked up a couple of lipsticks. I got Dior 634 Strong which is a red, 651 Rose Basieur and the lip scrub.

Venice: Seriously, by Venice I wasn’t putting anything on my face but sweat. Venice was amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat but just couldn’t be bothered with makeup. I slathered my lips in Nuxe, applied sunscreen and sprayed some Fix * and that was it.

Greece: No makeup shopping but did make a dent in the hand made jewelry in Santorini and got my Christmas shopping done. I also picked up a couple of kitchy jewelry pieces for myself including a pair of birdcage earrings with little birds on wires, a beaded necklace and a matching ring. Completely not me but they were calling my name in Greece.

Amsterdam: Ilia Multi-stick in At Last and All Of Me and a Satin Lip Crayon is Walk This Way.

Back in the USA: Shiseido on-line order for Synchro Skin Cushion Foundation, Visionary Gel Lipstick, Aura Dew for face, eyes and lips, Micro liner in blackest black and brown, Future Solutions Radiance LX Loose Facial Powder and Clarifying Cleanser for my daughter.

MAC Online: Holiday Collection Shiny Pretty Things Dazzleliner in A Little Moonlight, Midnight Toast and Holiday Time, Powder Kiss Lipstick in Devoted to Chili, Lasting Passion, Burning Love and Shocking Revelation, Shiny Pretty Eye Shadow in Joy To, Make A Wish and P is for Pink. I also replaced quite a few of my single pan eye shadows that were looking a bit old and raggy. I got Mildew, Sketch, Smut, Wedge, Vex, Rice Paper, Quarry, Expensive Pink and Omega.

Pat McGrath 0n-line: Opulence Collection. I picked up all 3 palettes and two lipsticks in the LE tubes. I got OMI for myself and Flesh 3 for my daughter and then went back and got Permagel Eye Liner in Blitz Brown, Lip Pencil in Major, and BlitzTrance Lips in Club Kiss and Rebel Red. If that wasn’t enough I went on-line this morning and purchased two of the Bronze Seduction palettes that were mysteriously sold out about 5 minutes before the VIB Rouge sale went live last night at 1 AM my time.

Neiman Marcus on-line: Chantacaille Anniversary Finishing Powder/Highlighter and Les Perles Eye Liner in Violette.

Dream Dots: I picked up the four pack of Dream Dots for my daughter who is having a serious bout of acne following our trip. While we were gone both of our skins looked amazing and she didn’t have any acne while we were travelling. Not sure why as we were in a lot of different countries, eating different food and drinking bottled water. The tap water we used for washing, showering, etc was I am sure different in each country. Anyway, thinking about Accutane.

On-line YesStyle Korean: Seriously, I am not sure I can list everything. It hasn’t arrived yet but I purchased 29 products including makeup and skin care. I subscribe to Renee at Gothamista on YT and she released her holiday skin care list for Sephora and I went on-line to purchase what I could from YesStyle as their prices are cheaper and I get free shipping if I order a certain amount and I always save my purchases and bulk buy. Anyway, I am trying to cut back at Sephora since I know that products are overpriced. I have my cart waiting while I try and decide if I am going to get everything or cherry pick a few items during the Rouge sale.

Amazon: Innisfree Ginger Honey Ampoule, MIBA Calcium Ion Cushion in shade #21 (may be a little dark as I usually try to get #13 or #15 but this brand only does two shades #21 and #23. I am sure I can make it work though), MIBA Water Drop Calcium Ion Face Masks for hydration, MIBA Calcium Ion Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Makep:Rem Sunscreen, a snow and ice rake for getting snow off my roof this winter and burlap sacks for putting snow melt in and putting along the eves of my house.

So, that is it for my haul. New discoveries: I have reacquainted myself with my facial oils and am loving the increased hydration for our dry winter weather up here. Right now I am using the Nuxe Almond Oil on my neck, elbows and feet and the Avene Facial Oil on my face at night.

Weekend plans: Taking my mom and my aunt to visit their sister who has been placed into a nursing home in Spokane, Washington. She will be 91 the first week in December and still has a very sharp mind. She was in excellent health until she tripped on a rug coming out of a hotel in Boise, Idaho and broke her nose. She lost enough blood while lying waiting for the ambulance that she required transfusions when she got to the hospital. She also suffered a subdural hematoma and with all of that she just hasn’t been able to get back on her feet. She took the flu vaccine and immediately became sick. She insists that she got the flu from the vaccine and while I have told her it isn’t possible, she is unconvinced, LOL.

Favorite childhood movie: Not someone’s traditional movie for a child but Goldfinger would be my favorite! My parents took us to see it at a drive in expecting us kids to all fall asleep in the back seat and while my sister and brother did, I stayed up for the movie. Probably why I am a huge Bond fan even now!

Gosh, being gone for 5 weeks and travelling through 7 countries makes for a lot of memories and favorite places/things to do. Immediately the Vatican came to mind. I was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of art housed within Vatican City and we didn’t even scratch the surface. When you are standing in front of Michelangelo’s very first sculpture and you have seen it in countless books and it is there right in front of you. It brought tears to my eyes. Every square inch of a 400 foot long gallery ceiling is painted with unimaginable beauty. I would say that was the most memorable. I wasn’t expecting to love Italy as much as I did. I thought Paris would be my favorite and it is wonderful but while England, Scotland, France and all of the other countries are very old, Italy and Greece are ancient. Truly ancient. You round a corner and there is this magnificent fountain and the next corner is a stature of Caesar. The original Roman viaducts, the Coliseum, the Forum have all been there for over 2,000 years and you can literally touch them. Magnificent. I loved taking an evening dinner cruise on the Seine and managed to keep from seeing the Eiffel Tower until on the cruise and came upon it just as the lights were coming on. We toured several castles in the Loire Valley and they were beautiful.
Venice was the city that most surprised me as I had seen it so many times in movies, photos, etc and knew that it was a city built on water and that there were gondolas, etc. I think in my minds eye I expected it to be like that in the inner city and that there would be roads and cars and more modern buildings just out of the “quaint” old town. There truly are not any cars, modern buildings or any suburbs. The ambulances are boats, the taxis are boats, you can walk or take a boat but that is it. I stepped out of the train station onto the steps and the Grand Canal was in front of me with boats, water taxis, gondolas and all the Venetian architecture. Stunning. It was like walking into a painting. I would go back tomorrow.
Finally, the extreme poverty of the people who live on the island of Santorini. The millions of tourist dollars do not filter down to the people living there and they are angry and resentful and I don’t blame them. There are the small areas that are beautiful with the white buildings and blue roofs and once you leave the small city of Oia you are faced with crippling poverty. Over 10,000 people a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, come off the cruise ships and descent onto this little city and then they get back on their cruise ships and sail away. It was very sad. I have some pictures on my IG and will be adding more over the next while as I process all the experiences that I had. Please feel free to come and look. My IG is debkaysor and I will link one of my photos. My camera on my phone isn’t the best but luckily I had my regular camera with me so I have good photos but my phone camera is not very sharp. You will get the idea though.

What an amazing journey Deborah! How wonderful was your time away and all the lovely places you went to and experienced.
When we were in Edinburgh, we went to Jenner’s too and also the hot chocolate place. I was thrilled when I read your post about it -so exciting when someone else has been to the same places. Just loved Edinburgh myself.
The Italian cities can get pretty warm and humid in summer – so you did well to survive it all. Thankyou so much for you interesting post and I am sure you are now ‘playing’ with all of your goodies.
I hope your daughter’s acre settles down too.


I don’t even know where to start commenting on your haul. So many wonderful products!

I had the By Terry stick foundation on my wishlist all summer but never actually purchased. What do you think of it?

Those Huda palettes are making the rounds in my family too. I heard the smoky one was the best of them all but I couldn’t resist the new Amethyst for myself. My daughter Lea fell hard for the Emerald and my granddaughter Natalie wanted the Topaz so I ordered them from Sephora yesterday. I think these are so fun for the holidays with their small packaging and bright colors.

The MAC Shiny Pretty Things collection wasn’t even on my radar until I saw Christine’s eyeshadow look using those sparkling singles. What do you think of Joy To and P is for Pink?

I got the Opulence collection too, just the three eyeshadow palettes. I haven’t opened them yet because I am considering sending them back. I haven’t been wowed by any of the online reviews or looks, even though the reviews are all complimentary. I have 30 days to return as long as they are unopened. Have you had a chance to use yours yet? Do these palettes honestly go to the top of your list of favorites for 2018 or do they fall somewhere lower on the scale? Sometimes excellent quality does not equal HG status. For example, I irrationally love my Dior Backstage palette and it’s probably not going to make very many favorites of 2018 lists.

So the Mothership V was sold out five minutes before the VIB sale started? Really?? That makes me angry. That is the ONE palette I most want, and unlike the Opulence Collection, Mothership V is something I am certain I will love.

OMG that Chantecaille Moonlit Perle Glow Powder!!! Just the packaging is to die for! I would rather have this and the Mothership V than almost any other items available right now. I also have the Violette Metallic Eyeliner on my wishlist, along with the Kenya eyeshadow duo.

I follow Gothamista too. Isn’t she wonderful? I would go crazy if I bought all her recommendations, lol. I usually try 2-3 at a time. Unlike cosmetics, I try to finish my skincare products before buying more, lol.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Hi Tammy,
As you know, I was feeling pretty beat up by the end of the trip and then leaving my wallet on the plane on the very last leg of the journey, (Portland to Missoula) was just the icing on the cake. Every piece of identification, driver’s license, passport, every credit card and cash was in that wallet and I was none to happy about how Alaska Airlines handled the situation. Water under the bridge now but needless to say, I wasn’t happy with myself. It was a great trip and I am already planning on when I can go back. Maybe we should all get together and do a “makeup junkies trip through Europe, LOL”.
Where to start in answering your questions. I do have some formed thoughts about the products I picked up.

The By Terry foundation stick wasn’t wowing me when I wore it in England and France so put it away and didn’t use it the rest of the trip. I actually purchased it because it wouldn’t count against my liquids restrictions. When I got home and used it along with a facial oil, I started really liking it. I have worn it several times and feel that it is easy to apply and wear. I smear it on my face and blend with a brush. In my case that is the Artis #7 brush but I am sure any brush would work well. Had I taken my beauty blender with me I probably would have liked it better when I first applied it. The colour match I got is good I think. I don’t think it will work great on dry skin, which is my skin type, without the addition of an oil or a very good hydrating base. The only real con is the price for so little product and if I hadn’t shade matched in person I would add on-line ordering to the list since I would not have been able to see it in person. The SA told me to use the light side on the high points of my face and the darker shade (a minuscule darker) on the perimeter. Frankly, can’t be bothered so just smear the two colours everywhere.

The Huda palettes: So, I had picked up Coral Obsessions and Mauve prior to leaving and had used them a couple of times and really loved them. I was anxious to pick up more and my daughter really wanted the Coral one. I have no hesitation in recommending the Coral and the Mauve. They applied beautifully and blend well. The Smokey Obsession took a little work as the more glittery and shimmery shades need a good tacky base to adhere well and I didn’t bring my tackier base with me (I really hate airline size and volume restrictions!). Consequently, I had glitter bomb city on my face when I wore the Smokey. Now that I am home I am liking it more. Frankly, I wasn’t wowed by the jewel toned ones. My daughter and I went to Sephora almost immediately when we got home. I needed some retail therapy to handle my lost wallet. We were prepared to purchase every one. We both were underwhelmed by the swatches we did in store and left without purchasing any. I am pretty sure they would be fine as I think her shadows apply better than they swatch but we found other things we wanted more so didn’t purchase any. I was all set to order them from Sephora but so far haven’t even placed an order for this sale. I have also seen a green/blue palette from an indie company that I think I am going to try first. I am sure that you and your daughter’s will get them to work just fine. They weren’t horrible by any means and if the colour story works then I would go for it.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things: Oh my, it isn’t like the quality is stellar but they are very good and I am blown away by how much I like them. Christine’s eye look was just the bomb and I frankly can’t stop looking at it and wishing I had young, smooth lids to apply these to. I got Joy To, P is for Pink and Make A Wish and may pick up a couple more. They are fun shadows and Joy To is just stunning. I was surprised that there weren’t closer dupes but after applying it I can see that this is just more complex all the way around. No regrets!

I have only used a few shades out of the Pat McGrath
Opulence Palettes. The shimmers/glitters do need a good tacky base as they migrate during the day. I didn’t have a problem with fall out during application though. The colours are pretty and there are a few standout shades, the blue and green shades but frankly, all of the other shades are pretty easily duped if you have a decent stash. I do think her shadow selection for the palettes is becoming a bit redundant and she should think about some more unique shades rather than just shimmer and glitter on already pretty well represented shades. Having said that, would I purchase again knowing what I know now? I am not sure but would probably pass on them. I could use the money elsewhere. I am happy to have them in my collection and I will use them. The quality is nice but none of them blew my skirt up the way I thought they would. If I had had an opportunity to swatch them before buying and noted how many shades I have that are close and are easy to apply I don’t think I would have purchased them. Overall, her quality control is excellent though. Now Mothership V is another story. That is a beauty in my opinion. My daughter and I both got it and both of us are in love so I am sure you won’t be disappointed if you pick it up. I am going to try to do a look with it early in the week and will post to my IG.

Chantacaille is one of those companies that don’t get all the hype on YT, IG or blogs. There products are aesthetically pleasing and this powder is definitely that. The case is beautiful and the powder is very beautiful. It does have some fine shimmer/micro glitter? Anyway, I haven’t used it anywhere but on my cheekbone as a highlighter but I am going to try it lightly as a finishing powder the next time I do a full face of makeup. I love the companies commitment to preservation and I am happy to support their efforts. I tend to be a bit more of a high end makeup junkie than DS so the cost while super high, is okay with me. I have no regrets about this purchase either and I have only used the Violette liner once but think I am going to go back and pick up the other liquid eye liner. I haven’t had a chance to swatch it but it appears to be something between a gold/silver/platinum shade. I know, way to cover the whole metallic spectrum, Deborah!!

My haul next week will hopefully cover my most recent purchase from Toshiya, if it get here in time. The shipping is super fast but they are actually sourcing some origami paper for me so while the beauty products are ready to go we are waiting on that.I also placed a Beautylish order and I will probably relent and pick up a couple of things that Renee mentioned in her YT video that I couldn’t get at YesStyle. I agree with you, adding too many new skin care items at a time sort of muddy’s the water and you are never sure if one or the other has made a difference. Luckily, she and I have pretty similar skin types with my being pretty dry everywhere and she is dry except I think a little in her T-zone. So, the products that I have tried before based on her recommendations have been really good. That is how I found the Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol eye gel which is HG for me.

One last comment to my epic post here but I have had an increasing interest in Asian makeup and skin care which has grown over the past 2 years. I mostly looked to Asian brands for skin care and the occasional makeup item. Before I Iost my tablet in Europe (between dropping everything I touched and leaving things my daughter threatened to leave me in Europe) I watched a short video by a Korean makeup artist who is all the rage in Asia. She is young, beautiful and has perfect skin. I do mean perfect. I started watching her tutorials and have become a little bit obsessed with her techniques. Asian makeup application is so different from Western makeup and I am intrigued and wanting to try a few things. The makeup application itself is pretty minimal and the emphasis is on a good base. Anyway, I doubt I will give up all my makeup but it is interesting and something that has had me thinking about cutting back on my colored makeup purchases and working to find the very best base products that I can find.

I am in the process of writing an opus on my trip to Europe that details all of the ups and downs. I am going to be sending it to friends and family as my Christmas novel this year and it will serve as a good reminder. I want to capture it as much as possible before old age and memory retention take their toll.
Hope this helps.

Thank you so much, Deborah, for discussing your haul in such detail. You confirmed my suspicions about the Opulence collection: The quality is there, but the shades are redundant. Also, that Mothership V is a stunner!

Based on your recommendation (and Christine’s of course) I will order some of those MAC holiday shadows. As I wrote above, a product doesn’t necessarily have to be the highest quality to make a heart sing. There are those occasional products that are just plain pretty.

I was thinking of the Chantecaille Powder as a highlighter.

I will pass on the By Terry foundation stick.

You’ll have to let us know about your Korean makeup girl. At my age it might be nice to cut back on color, particularly eye shadow, as it takes so much time and my eyelids are becoming crepey.

Thank you again 😊

Haul/Rediscoveries: No hauls. Rediscovered both “Visions” and “Pure Passion” eyeshadows from Notoriously Morbid. Scrumptious!

Weekend plans: Well, I spent all yesterday on a job site working to correct some issues. Boo to working 6-7 days a week! Tired of it. Today I’m going to do some minimal gardening and some minimal chores around the house.

What was your favorite childhood movie?: I don’t think I had one. There were quite a few movies I liked, but nothing stood out to me as “my favorite.”

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