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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Bite Libra Lipstick, Anastasia holiday, Dose of Colors Desi x Katy
  • Weekend plans: I really need to put in extra time this weekend if I have any hope of not disappointing everybody this holiday season, LOL! Too many palettes stacking up.
  • How do you like to celebrate your birthday?: We don’t do much on our respective birthdays, usually just dinner out somewhere but often don’t even exchange gifts any more!

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Mellan is the ultimate good boy. I hauled the lipstories set with the $100 gift card…and still have not checked to see if Golden Gate is the one I have, that Jussi decided to sample….hope so. I think i’ll use the GC to get Phlur Greylocke and the newest Commodity small spray. Think the GC will still be good, when the 20 rolls around. W/e is really not my w/e, i.e. time off. Nothing different or exciting. Endless rain, outdoors inhibited. Too cold for the ocean. Birthdays? I have a big one in Oct, but my old time friends have not done the fall birthday get together in years. Think that is mostly my fault, because it started not happening, when I lost my last f.t. job and was socially as well as financially challenged. Might share a lobster with the dogs. Patticake is on high alert, when that crustacean appears!

HAUL: I delved a little into some luxury matte lipsticks, picking up a Burberry Lip Velvet in Ruby and a Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution in Opium Noir. The Burberry one is more like a satin but a nice comfortable lipstick. The CT ones everybody raves about so I had to try one, as a matte lip lover. It’s definitely nice and thin and velvety when it goes on but throughout the day it just doesn’t wear any better than a MAC lipstick. The product itself is not drying but I maintain and reapply throughout the day, and when my lips naturally dry out and flake a bit (like after lunch), reapplying it can get a bit gunky feeling. It happens, so not a fault of the lipstick, but not life-changing for $35 and I sent it back. Tomorrow I may go freshen up on two old faves, MAC Diva and Viva Glam I.

WEEKEND: I really need to do a good clean n sweep of my house #boring

I don’t like to do anything crazy for my birthday. Just dinner or a movie is good.

Haul: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for 50% off during Ulta’s 21-day sale. From Sephora, PMG MatteTrance Lipstick in the shade 1995, Berdoues Assam of India Perfume (travel spray), plus a free trial size of Armani Lip Maestro in the shade 501.

Tried to get the Colourpop Disney palette, but it sold out pretty much immediately. Oh well. That’ll teach me to get my hopes up for limited editions.

Weekend Plans: Family, chores, relaxing

Oops, I forgot the birthday question, which is pretty telling, I suppose, in that I mostly try to ignore my birthday every year. But my husband usually takes me to dinner and gives me a gift.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I’ve been using the latest Natasha Denona promos as inspiration and using my MUFE shadows to create some similar combos

Weekend plans: Going to a the launch of a printmaking center at the museum I work with, dinner party with my boyfriend, running a volunteer event at a food bank, and likely drafting pleadings. Exhausting!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?: I get anxious hosting any gathering where I’m supposed to be celebrated, so I like going on a camping trip with just one close friend and sleeping under the stars.

Aww Melan you’re so precious.

Haul : Colourpop x disney The palette, Jasmine , Snow White, Ariel , and Belle Lipsticks and under the sea eye shadow.

Weekend : I”m not sure. I think we are going to try to get in one last lake day tomorrow. Probably relax sunday. Thank you for all of your hard work. I love your blog so much. It means a lot all the extra work you put in to review holiday items.

Birthday : I’m pretty extra I guess since my 30th birthday we’ve been doing a weekend getaway either to Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA.

Mellan is such a good boy! It’s a good thing my dog Daisy is a corgi, because if she could reach my makeup, she’d definitely lick it and then she’d have a glitter tongue.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nada. I haven’t gone shopping nor have I done my makeup since the last free-for-haul! It’s the work from home freelance life.

Weekend plans: So much stuff! Weather is gorgeous right now, so definitely a bike ride tomorrow morning. Then we’re off to the tea festival, and dinner after that. Sunday I’ve got my on-line dance class, and if the weather holds we want to go for a hike. Maybe hit the farmer’s market and/or a bookstore. Also gotta find time to run errands and clean the kitchen.

How I celebrate my birthday: Usually go out for dinner someplace cool, just my partner and I. My partner will also give me a gift, but nothing too extravagant because usually I’ve chosen something else I want to spend money on as a gift to myself. Sometimes I also do lunch with a friend or meet for tea. Always very low-key though, my attitude is that birthdays are a convenient excuse to see people you’ve been wanting to hang out with lately 🙂

I had a Corgi fixation at one time. My Mum: ‘Now, Karen. I told you before with the border collie. You simply CANNOT get a dog that is smarter than you are.’ She was certainly correct, but I still admire both the Pembroke and the Cardigan.

We’re pretty lucky, Daisy has more enthusiasm than smarts 😉 She’s a very good girl and very eager to please but she’s not as clever as you’d expect a herding breed to be. We think she had a disadvantaged puppyhood before she was rescued, so she probably didn’t get the early stimulation she needed to really hone her mind.

Haul: I purchased the NuFace Trinity a couple months ago but did not want to give my thoughts until I had used the device for a minimum of one month. I do like what it does. The results are immediate (you can see them in the mirror and if you don’t want your face to be lopsided, you need to do what you do to both sides of your face). Those results are not permanent but there is evidence to suggest that the treatment increases the efficacy of other actives, such as Vitamin C and Retin A. Even without that benefit, I would still consider the NuFace Trinity to be worthwhile. If I do something that creates improvement in appearance for the day, I’m down with that. The only issue I have is time. It takes me 10-15 minutes to do the routine, which is suggested to be done a minimum of five days a week for I believe two months, and then you can cut back to 3-4 times a week. My schedule is already packed to the brim, so I find it very challenging to do the five days a week. I made it the first month, but there were several days I had to choose between the NuFace or wearing makeup. I was committed to the one month, so I chose the NuFace but I cannot maintain that for the long haul. Of course once I make it through the two months, I could conceivably only do it one day of my work week and then on the weekends. I don’t know, right now I’m feeling a little burnt out on the to-do list. I needed a break so I took one, and I haven’t used it this past week.

I wanted to give an update on the Paula’s Choice Resist Super Light Wrinkle Defense sunscreen. I was afraid to use it for fear of breakout, but when kjh (thank you kjh!) told me of her love for this product, it gave me the courage to actually put it on my face. I wore it all week, even to the gym, with no acne flare ups! It didn’t feel uncomfortable or burn. It isn’t thick or shiny. It evens out my skintone but is completely undetectable. It’s the best sunscreen I’ve ever had the courage to apply to my face, and if it continues to work well, I might finally be able to join the legions of women who regularly wear sunscreen.

I have been rotating amongst my Pat McGrath palettes and just want to take a moment to talk about Telepathic Taupe from the Platinum Bronze Palette. I just love this color! Normally taupe eyeshadows don’t look good on me but this is a complex golden bronze with a whisper of olive and an understated sparkle (you have to look closely but once you see the sparkle, it’s just so beautiful). I am loving it all over my kid with just a hint of Smoke and Mirrors in the outer v to create dimension. It is a neutral eye look but quite striking nevertheless.

Weekend plans: So it’s probably not a secret that I’m having a hell of a time with menopause. I had peri menopause symptoms for 7 years but when the real
deal hit last year, it was (and is) pretty bad. There have been many days this past year when I’ve thought I either have to work or go through menopause, one or the other, because I can’t do both. I was always going to be the woman who never got a hysterectomy or went on HRT, but in spring I finally went to a gynecologist for help. It took all summer to get all the appointments, visits, and tests completed. My gynecologist recommended hormone replacement therapy due to the severity of symptoms. So yesterday I had Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) pellets implanted in my hip. I’m actually quite anxious about the whole thing and trying not to freak out. According to my gynecologist, it will take 6-8 months to fully balance my hormones, although I should start to get some relief from estrogen within a week and the testosterone will kick in around week four. Please, don’t post negative comments, I’m already worried enough I’ve made a terrible mistake.

This weekend is my middle daughter’s 28th birthday party. I’m really just so happy to be spending time with all my adult children, their partners, and the grandchildren. I am very present (mentally and emotionally) in all family activities theses days, as my youngest son is scheduled to go to boot camp in December and these are likely my final two months of having him in my home. Having my youngest son making plans to leave home has caused me to reflect on 35 years of motherhood, and though there were many years I was certain it was going to be the death of me, not only did I survive (and the children survived too?), but it was worth it. I honestly did not know if I would be able to say that, but yes, it was.

Birthday: I like having a whole birthday month, where every special thing becomes part of my party. Good coffee? My birthday month! Dinner out? My birthday month! An extra Sephora order? My birthday month! Sleeping in on the weekend? My birthday month!

This year we will be combining my birthday party with my oldest daughter’s birthday (due to the number of birthdays, everyone is now sharing a party with someone else) in November.

This is an extremely informative post. Thank you for sharing your experience with menopause! I hope you get some release through your treatment.

Paula’s Choice Resist Super Light Wrinkle Defense is a must for me — my routine will never be without it (unless … no … I can’t even say it … they wouldn’t dare as it’s so popular). Amazing stuff — I truly can’t praise it highly enough.

Tammy, I think you have made a really wise decision seeking advice from your gynecologist. My twin sister had a shocking time too and I tried to convince her to seek medical support. Eventually she did and it was the best thing she ever did and does not regret it at all.
It’s always sad when a member of your household leaves home – but then again, I didn’t miss all that extra washing/ironing……
My birthday is in November too – the 20th and I like your idea of the birthday month celebrations.

The Big M. No fun at all, though mine was far easier than yours. More meno than pause. Kind of opposite from what you knew..3 weeks on, 1 week off. My mother’s was a piece of cake. ‘I didn’t get it this month, and I just know I’ll never get it again’…and she threw the pads all over the room. Funny, but she was right. My temp dropped permanently by a degree, and now tends to drop rather than rise, when sick. I was a PMS/PMDD person. The specialist I had BITD, when I had good docs, said it would never go away, that it would just morph into other cyclical issues, and he was right. I still have hot flashes and significant temperature instability…PMS is a hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis d/o, after all. acne is worse than as a teen. Metabolic changes. Urinary changes. My undertones went from pink to red. And I’m 70 all too soon. But it gives me great pleasure to make the rearview mirror sign, bec I do not miss it at all! Not tending to all that is simply marvelous. I only did HRT (oral) briefly, even in that time, when its use was common. I have to mention this funny, but somewhat horrifying anecdote. An 80+ y.o. I knew was prescribed HRT for her hot flashes and she got her period back. Unacceptable! Queasy. OMG. Adorable little, old, beautiful French Canadian lady, who was too embarrassed to tell the doc. She did, eventually, and quit. Good luck! So sorry that you had to suffer so much. Hope the tx helps immensely.

Oh, forgot to say that you can mix virtually any foundation with Paula long name. Most days, I just put in a hint of the Ordinary serum foundation or the Jouer TM, and save the Koh Gen Do for ‘real foundation’ days. That is one versatile product. When I started having sun intolerance, I began to put it under the go-to-the beach type titanium/zinc sunscreen. It cuts down on the clogging from the beach sunscreen, and makes it easier to wash off. And having a 50 over a 30 does not hurt.

By the way – I looked up that Telepathic Taupe again and it is sensational. I think it is the kind of shade that would work well on anyone.
Happy Birthday to your middle daughter – I hope she has a lovely day.

My heart goes out to you, Tammy. Because menopause combined with the realization that our nest is either about to be empty or suddenly is empty, is one tough combo! Definitely a time when one goes through periods of deep reflection, reliving happy memories one day, on another perhaps some introspection. It’s a bittersweet time. I’m just glad that you are able to do HRT for some relief! I wasn’t a good candidate because of a family history, plus my having hypertension (well managed, but still).

I see Mellan snooping around with his big nose!
*Haul – Huda Emerald palette – shimmers are great, mattes didn’t swatch well, but they apply and wear well over primer, even that matte mint green shade. I can see at least 3 color combos here ( mint green, teal green, and blackened green), glad I got this.
*Weekend – dinner with friends, work (boo), usual chores
*Birthdays – we go out to eat with family and friends, they treat, no gifts, except Hubby will give me Sephora/Ulta gift cards. He says I’m the easiest person to buy gifts for LOL

Love those shades in Huda Emerald, but because of my ‘green eyeshadow’ obsession a few years ago, I do have dupes for most of the shades. But it is still gorgeous.

Thanks Rachel! I think you’ll like it too. I look at the colors, and for some reason, I feel like they were inspired by Cleopatra, definitely a bold, interesting palette.

Haul: Just received my 2 bottles of UD All Nighter Setting Spray from Ulta’s 50% sale. Other than that, I’m just really peeved at myself for zoning out and completely FORGETTING to hit the CP site @ 10 am today. Put the SSS’s and palette in my cart, but missed all the lipsticks, highlighters and vault. So I just don’t know whether to proceed with that, or wait for a restock?

Weekend plans: Try to relax after a very rough 3 weeks dealing with a family crisis. I’m drained and burnt out. So, hair, nails, meeting. And continuing to do what I can to help my son.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Actually, I don’t. I haven’t celebrated it in 26 years! This decision is based upon what I’ve learned about the origin of birthday celebrations through my study of the Holy Scriptures, plus historical backup.

Thank you so much, Genevieve. It’s been an incredibly difficult 3 weeks since the odyssey began. I’m just all kinds of tired, stressed and sometimes very sad or angry over it all. Relying on my faith in God has been keeping me sane. My son’s situation seems to be improving. And he is not one to sit and wallow, so that right there is working in his favor.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No hauls, but have been reaching for my Charlotte Tilbury instant look in a palette (I wish this highlighter was available in a single!) and Mac Studio fix foundation.

Weekend plans: I’m taking a course this term so probably working on an assignment. Also I’ve been massively clearing out my collection (5 boxes and counting!) so I want to continue that. I hate that I have products that will go bad before I use them, so I’m trying to only keep my favourites so that I’m fully using my collection (and devoting time to products I truly love rather than products I feel meh about but feel the obligation to use because I have them).

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?: I share a birthday with my mom and my brother is the day before, so usually something with family in the time surrounding my birthday, and then usually just go out for dinner with my SO on the day of.


*Macy’s — Too Faced Gingerbread Palette. It arrived broken, so I’ll have to take to the store and exchange it. 🙁 🙁 🙁

*Wet n Wild — Fantasy Makers: Fantasy Makers MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Moonlit Gleam and If You’ve Got It, Haunt It; Prismatic Lipstick in Unicorn Soul and Immortal Tears; MegaLast Catsuit Liquid Matte Lipstick in Purple Panic, Hex-Cellent, Darkness Falls, and Sleepy Hallow; MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick in Shady Witch, Bewitched, Witch and Famous, and Pink Your Poison; Skull Queen Stencil; GWP Brush Roll 17 Piece Collection.

*Belladonna’s Cupboard — Gothic Siren Makeup Brushes (I only paid shipping; I had an apology coupon code).

*Other — Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in The Ultimatte and NYX Matte Lipstick in Eurotrash.

Weekend plans: Nothing special. I need to return that Gingerbread Palette. I have an article to write.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?: Usually we just dinner out with hubby and the kids, then birthday cake at home. Hubby usually gives me a gift. Occasionally he takes me away for a weekend as a the gift.

Article for Dear Darkling? I’ll be sure to catch it. Haha. I did forget my haul foul up. You inspired me to get Lunatick Vampire and Supernatural, plus a lip, during their sale. That is one nice formula. Someone forgot to put the shadows in the Supernatural! It has been so dark, that I was afraid to take the photos. I know they’ll be good about it, but I could procrastinate about having a cup of coffee….

Hi, kjh! Yes, for Dear Darkling. I just finished a couple round-up piece, and I’m hoping to write a proper article this weekend.

I’m glad you like Lunatick. That’s so crazy they forgot to put the shadows in Supernatural! I hope they get those to you quickly.

Ugh! Well that just stinks about your Gingerbread palette, Rachel. I am so sorry that happened to it. I know Macy’s will do the right thing and replace it.

Their customer service is really great. I spoke to them, so I can exchange the broken Gingerbread Palette and the broken ABH Dream Glow Kit that arrived broken in June (right after my mom went in the hospital, so I never got a chance to exchange it). I’ve never had anything from their shipping arrive broken before, then I get two things within three months of each other. It’s so weird.

You’re right, that is very weird that this happened 2 x’s in 3 months! Wonder if it’s that their packing method or materials changed, or if it’s a new delivery person who doesn’t know what “fragile” signifies… ?

Ah! The skull highlighters are back! I’ve been wanting one of those for the longest time. I think Moonlit Gleam would be a good color for me, and not really like anything I already have.

Haul/rediscovery: new stuff includes a La Roche Posay body cream. I initially got it for my 93 year old MIL, who was literally scratching herself raw. This cream did the trick – it’s a Lipikar balm but with a special anti-itch ingredient. Since she’s had such good results with it, I figured I should give it a try for winter. I also picked up a Smashbox Cover Shot palette in Punked (I got Minimalist last week and I’m so delighted with it that I wanted to try Punked, which caught my eye when I was buying Minimalist). Rediscoveries – Chanel Pirate lipstick and Tisse d’automne quad.

Weekend plans: yoga tonight, gym tomorrow and then taking my dear friend out for her birthday dinner (only a month late!)

How I like to celebrate my birthday – a nice dinner out, a visit or call from my children and, of course, if someone “must” get me a gift, I’m always happy with a Sephora gift certificate.

You will love that Tisse D’Automne quad – absolutely divine and you are a good friend too.
I think when the seasons change your skin can become dry and itchy – which is why I reached for Graham’s Eczema and Psoriases cream – it sounds similar to the La Roche Posay one. Olivia has come out in eczema this week (for the first time) and this cream has helped her a lot.

Genevieve, I’ve had the Tisse d’automne quad since it launched several years ago – it’s a “rediscovery” and so perfect for this time of year. As for MIL, she just scratches and scratches and scratches. Her skin is breaking down (she’s 93, after all). She takes really long, hot showers every day to ease her arthritis and so that’s not helping. She lives on her own but in a retirement residence (she has her own small apartment but meals are prepared and in a communal dining room, her meds and nursing care are handled there, etc.). We’d tried several creams but, of course, part of the problem is getting her to use them twice daily. We were reluctant to have the dr. prescribe cortisone cream again (she’d had it before and it helped but it can’t be used for too long and it thins her already thin skin). I went through all her toiletries and discovered she’d been washing her body with HEAD AND SHOULDERS dandruff shampoo!!!! She doesn’t need any soap or body wash at all – at 93 and the fact that she’s hardly working in a steel mill! We tried explaining all this too her but she’d darned stubborn (which is why she’s made it to 93!). Finally, I got her some Atoderm shower oil as well. I’m worried about the potential for slipping but I told her to rub it on her arms (her right arm and a bit of her back are the only trouble areas) BEFORE her shower (hoping it will protect somewhat from the drying effect of the hot showers she insists on taking every morning!) When my younger son had eczema as a child, we used LRP Lipikar cream on him with excellent effect but this “new one” (it has AP+ in the name) really seems to be working for MIL. Fingers crossed that it keeps working!

Quite often the products used in showers, shampoos and body washes, can be the very thing that makes the eczema worse. Cetaphil’s gentle body was is a good one – my sister gave it to her mother in law when she was in a nursing home and the staff thought it was great. The hot showers are a no no too.
You are in a catch 22 situation Mariella. At 93 years, people are reluctant to change their routines or the products they love. The Atoderm shower oil would help her too.

I like Punked. It is a purple leaning gray selection and probably the most truly cool palette out there. I want to swatch Prism. Punked works much better than the first set of Cover Shots that Christine reviewed, and works well with Zoeva En Taupe, which is my BPE (best palette ever.) The compact aspect of those CS palettes makes them so user friendly, and portable.

I have “Smoky” from the original release of Cover Shot and I really like it, but the others were a pretty dismal bunch. I think this newer release is much better and it seems to me that a lot of folks want to try Prism. I plan to take a look at it next time I’m at Shoppers. I wish the Zoeva En Taupe palette was available in store here; I’m just not an “on line” kinda gal and I’m even less a “paying for shipping, duty and more taxes” kinda gal!

It really is a nice one but at around the same time I bought a LE quad from MAC’s Haute Dogs collection (I think it’s called Posh Pedigree) and I like that one even more! But the Chanel quad is pretty fantastic too!

Haul: From Sephora, ABH Powder Bronzer in Tawny, Bite lip pencil, in shade 32 (mauvish nude and half price), a generous number of hair care samples that are not suitable for my hair type, and a nice tote bag because it was the grand opening of a new store.

Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner in Brunette.

Weekend plans: the usual food shopping and maybe start on transitioning my closets from summer to fall.

How do I like to celebrate my birthday? I love sugar so my ideal birthday celebration requires a cake and eating a lot of it.

Mellan’s so cute! I feel like patting him on the head.
Haul: Marc Jacobs O’Mega All Over Luminizer , Marc Jacobs new lip gold lipgloss
Picked up Urban Decay Born To Run palette on sale at Nordstrom, UD mini eye liner holiday set 20% off at Macy’s

Weekend Plans: Nothing much need to open some boxes of stuff I purchased online to see if I’m keeping everything, pack for an upcoming trip, watch Netflix and finish up some great books I’m reading!

How do you celebrate your birthday?: Go out to dinner, have a great dessert and open presents and cards.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I fall in love with BareMinerals Moxie lipgloss in Maverick every time I use it.

Weekend plans: Sleep!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?: Dinner out and tiny gifts with my husband.

<3 to Mellan!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Only a new shirt from LeTarjay. I’ve been spending so much money getting my sister up on her feet to work with wardrobe, makeup, and paying off her fees so she can drive, I’m pretty much 100% tapped. As for rediscoveries, I’m really enjoying a Tarte lip liner I got as a sample. I’ve really noticed a bit of border migration in the last year and this helps me look like me.

Weekend plans: Ferrying my sis to work at 3 am both days and then normal grocery shopping. I’m hopping to put up my fall decor this weekend.

Birthdays: I like a really big to-do. Usually a group dinner or small party. Not happening this year due to finances with my sister, which sucks cause it’s my 4-0!

Haul: Nothing this week, my Colourpop fall stuff arrived so I’ve been playing with that but I haven’t bought anything else.

Weekend plans: Brunch with my Mum on Saturday, then my husband is going fishing at the lake and leaving me to my own devices, which suits me just fine 🙂

Birthdays: We usually exchange small gifts and maybe go out for dinner, either as a couple or with family. My 40th is coming up in January so I’m trying to decide if I want to throw a big party or not. If the husband asks what I want for a gift, I’m going to say an overseas (island, probably) holiday, maybe New Caledonia or a week in Australia.

Look at Mellon, checking out your makeup! What a gorgeous doggie he is.

Haul – Nothing really this week.

Weekend plans: The Royal Melbourne Show went down very well with our grandchildren and Lachlan, who was not even keen to get on the rides outside a supermarket in our local shopping centre, just loved all of them (for his age group) at the Show. Both he and Olivia enjoyed seeing the animals too.
This Saturday is our AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final and we’ll be watching that – even though our team is not in it.
Sunday – nothing much planned at the moment.

Celebrating birthdays – Birthdays are a big deal in our household. It usually involves either a big feast at our place, or a dinner out with presents or gift cards. I usually like to spend mine going shopping with my gift cards in hand, purchasing some makeup or perfume and a dinner out – because I usually cook for everyone else.

Haul: I’m visiting a city with a flagship Sephora, so picked up the Shiseido gel lipstick in Ginza Red (the most comfortable red lip I’ve ever owned, including PMG), new moisturizer and some Hum supplements to try. And at Target, one of the MUG liquid lips which I don’t love nearly as much. And went to MM LeFleur and bought new work clothes.

Weekend plans: Driving home tomorrow morning and spending the weekend getting puppy kisses.

Birthday: I’ve moved so much that my core group of friends here is pretty small. Usually just a dinner with my husband.

I’m glad to read this about the new Shiseido lipsticks. I was looking at them a few weeks ago and trying to decide on a colour and then I promptly forgot about them the next time I was shopping. Next week for sure – either Ginza Red or Shizuka Red (both are stunning).

Kosas tinted face oil and a cream blush multistick from Au Naturale Cosmetics. Really excited to try them both.

I finally gave in and bought the ColourPop Fame palette, their free shipping this week was too good to pass up.

Haul/rediscovered : I didn’t haul anything but I rediscovered my ABH Norvina palette. You know you have too much makeup when it takes you a bit to play with new makeup! I love the shimmers in this palette and so many pinky looks to make!

Weekend Plans: on the hunt for a vacuum cleaner!

How I celebrate my birthday: lunch and shopping, a movie with a good friend!


**Haul** A bunch of lipglosses from Shiro Cosmetics … I know, I know … I’m a gloss hater … but Shiro will custom-create glosses and you can choose an “opaque” version; I apply these and blot them so the opaque-ish color remains, the hydrating elements are still intact, but the glossiness is gone — works great! (also, I bought some straight-up standard glosses, but how can you resist a gloss named “Nic Cage Resigned To A Loveless Marriage For The Good Of The Realm”? );

**Rediscoveries** Aphrodisiac Super Shock Cheek by ColourPop — I used it as a nude eye shadow with a really strong cheek and lip, and it turned out to be the perfect no-makeup nude eye for me.

Weekend plans:

Clean my office and prepare for Inktober; I should also do some weeding, but my heart’s not in it.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?:

I don’t. If someone else suggests something, I’ll usually go along with their idea, but left to my own devices I treat it like any other day.

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