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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk quad/blush, Laura Mercier holiday palette and cream eyeshadow set, Estee Lauder highlighters
  • Weekend plans: Same ol’, same ol’ for me — catch up blogging stuff, mostly write reviews this weekend.
  • What’s one thing you’re looking forward to right now?: Thanksgiving, which I’m aware is still a bit off…

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From NYX:
Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation in Light Porcelain which is an actual match for me!
Foil Play Cream Eyeshadow in Steal Your Man, Beauty Buzz, and Baroque. Prismatic Shadows in Golden Peach.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Macaron Set.

Annabelle Single Chrome Eyeshadows in Bismuth, Californium, Chromium, and Titanium.

Weekend plans: IMATS Toronto for Saturday only. I’m sad a few brands pulled out this year like Temptu and Kat Von D so we shall see what I pick up… I’m also going to see how taking photos on my iPhone X fairs over the Canon given the lighting condition. I can shoot in low light better with the phone… *_*

I’m also not sure what wig I’m going to wear as I have to wake up at 6 am…

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to right now?: Thanksgiving but it at the beginning of October for us. Halloween shopping and cooler weather. 😉

Successful Haul: At Ulta, I bought Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara on sale for $11, Wet n Wild Dragon Scales Eyeshadow Palette (because for $3, why not?), and The Emily Edit Wants Palette, which was only $16.50 using the regular Ulta $3.50 coupon. Also, I got my Ulta birthday gift (It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara) and with the Emily Edit purchase I was given a free eye/cheek palette called Fierce As Fire, which I gave to a coworker. At the Macy’s 15% sale, I picked up a ABH Moonchild Glow Kit and Diorshow Brow Styler.

Unsuccessful Haul: Maybe people already know this, but I didn’t, and neither did my relative when she bought me a Sephora gift card for my birthday: When you buy a Sephora gift card at a Sephora that is located inside a JC Penney, you cannot use it for Sephora online or Sephora stand-alone stores. I discovered this when I tried to use it to buy the products that have been sitting in my Sephora online cart for a couple weeks waiting for my birthday gift card. Unfortunately, these products were not available through the JCP Sephora. What a disappointment! This really should be explained by the sales associate when you buy the Sephora JCP gift card, not just printed in very tiny print on the back of it.

Weekend Plans: Family, chores, relaxing

What’s the one thing you look forward to right now?
LONG TERM: The end of hurricane season…still a long way off.
SHORT TERM: Lunch…it’s in the microwave right now.
(That’s two things. Sorry. 😀 )

Forgot to comment on the absolute adorableness of Mellan and the teddy bear!!! Will he destroy it, play with it, or ignore it? My dog would tear it to pieces if given the chance!!!

Haul: I’m obsessed with small palettes lately… I got the Smashbox Cover Shot in Prism, new Huda Beauty Precious Stones in Amethyst and Emerald. Also bought the Dior highlighter new formula in Holographic. Phew!
Weekend plans: none! Probably a yoga class and a hike.
Looking forward to: Halloween! I’m pretty excited for it this year.

I got very close to ordering the Emerald palette, but I thought really hard about it and realized I probably wouldn’t really get much use out of it. But it is soooo pretty to look at!

I might get prism, too. I like Punked, and prism leans cool, per Courtney/Phyrra, iirc. It reminds me of Danger Control, that I scored at double d/c…discontinue and discount. So, take DC (third DC; must be a trend) and compare swatches. Some of the lilac/pink/silvery shades might be too close. I think maybe Smashbox tweaked formula between the initial cover shots and now. I want the weird yellow one that is probably online only as well. Some of that says Subculture, without the formula drama.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I bought the Besame seven dwarfs lipstick set on clearance; I won’t get to try it until December, but I think at least half the colors will look nice and the itty-bitty size is ideal for me (provided they don’t break!).

Weekend plans: It’s the weekend already? Shoot. Well, I need to get schoolwork organized (some bureaucratic paperwork stuff, exams, homework), plan meals and grocery shopping (I’ve been trying to see how little I can spend on food during September — it’s been a fun challenge!), cook enough freezer meals for the next couple weeks, and provide emotional support to those in my family who are having a rough time.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to right now?: Wrapping up this semester’s schoolwork and moving back to the States. I can’t wait.


UD Original Naked Palettes: I bought two of these when they were being cleared out for half price to give as gifts.

Ulta 21 Days: Two Deep Pore Clarisonic brush heads and Buxom Plumpline lipliners in Cloak & Dagger, Anonymous Allure, Code Red, and Undercover. I try to pick up brush heads and Plumplines during every 21 Day sale.

Ouidad Leave-In Conditioner: I use this everyday mixed with Vitacurl Styling Gel.

Paula’s Choice Resist Super Light Wrinkle Defense SPF and Azelaic acid. I’m super impressed with the Paula’s Choice products I’ve incorporated over the past two months: Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner, Clear Regular Strength Anti Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid, the peptide booster, antioxidant booster, and now the azelaic acid. When I found our Curology was combining azelaic and salicylic acids with Retin A, I decided to purchase the PC azelaic acid and mix it with my 0.1% Retin A. I’ve been doing it for three weeks now and nothing bad has happened to my skin. In fact, right now my skin is looking better and feeling less irritated than it has in the past year.

Weekend plans: I have to make a menu for my weekend cookathon. I know salad will be at the top of the menu, as I’ve had to take it easy on the fresh veggies while I’ve been healing from my dental implant and I’m ravenous for a big salad full of spring greens, grated carrots, cucumbers, and baby tomatoes. I can just poach and shred some chicken, add four ounces to my salads, and I’ll eat those for lunch every day next week, along with fresh fruit (most days I have a cup of blueberries and a cup of raspberries).

What I’m looking forward to: A birthday party for my youngest daughter next weekend (we’re going to a local apple orchard for fall festivities, shopping, and feasting), and the following weekend my husband and I are going to Chicago! We go to Chicago every four months for my haircut, shopping and delicious food!

Lucky you, finding original Naked palettes. By the time I realized they’d been marked down and were being d/c’d, they were all gone from both Sephora and UD (though now the Canadian Sephora site is showing it again but at the regular price). I picked up a new-ish Smashbox Cover Shot palette that I think will take its place from now on, though.

Not in Canada. Crazy as it sounds, on the Canadian website (and we can only order from the Canadian website) it’s $66! But now that I’ve found the Smashbox Minimalist palette (which I got for about $2 after my seniors discount and using SDM points), I’m actually okay with the original being discontinued (okay, not really “okay” but you know what I mean…) Thanks for the “heads up”, though.

That Paula..the one I call long name…. SLDWD is as long as a Windsor moniker….is a total HG. I think I’ve used it every day for > 5 years. It takes add-in color very well, so that’s what I often use for foundation. Sheer, blurry, doubt anyone thinks I have anything on. For a person on whom virtually every foundation is too yellow, it is a Godsend. You can put a tad of brightener in, cheek gel, foundation; it is absolutely the most versatile thing ever. For me, the most important aspect is that it is titanium zinc. Chem sunscreens are a severe allergy. Eventually will get the AA booster, for use maybe AMs, and PMs over differin. Using the peptide booster targeted. I did not get to try Curology, bec also allergies to aloe. Aloe is in their base. Hope some of that allergy crap might be outgrown, but I will never dare try chem sunscreens again.

kjh, Those PC products do have ridiculously long names, lol. I am still very gun shy with anything containing sunscreen after my recent bout with acne. (I have now added back in all the previous products I was using, including Drunk Elephant, but I have been scared to try sunscreen again.) Maybe your enthusiasm for the SLDWD will give me the courage I need to give it a try.

I don’t actually use Curology. I get generic Retin A at Walmart and add the azelaic acid. I just happened to be looking at some of the Curology formulas, and as soon as I saw they had azelaic and salicylic acids in their Retin A products, I went ahead and purchased the PC Azelaic. It not only really improves my skin, but it also makes the Retin A much easier to spread across my face.

Oh, i’m so out of it. I thought all the six stuff was a nod to Toronto, and i’m not even Canadian. Holy duh, Batman! Am awaiting eye palettes from CP (Good Sport) and U (BM Aurora,) as well as Vampira (Thanks Phyrra/Courtney for the. cool palette review) and Supernatural. Now, when the shop kept my car and gave me a rental and a hefty estimate this AM, was rather sorry I had been so indulgent. At least the BM was Ultabucks and the Lunatick was on sale. W/e = SSDW, but after the car being jailed early In the day, decided to go to work anyway. That frees up next Tues, which is my real weekend. Looking forward to: getting started on the vast litany of repairs that need to be done to my (rental) house. You name it, it’s broken, and everything is a Catch 22. You can’t replace the dryer until the electrician fixes the light, and on and on….OMBFG. My Nov look forward is endoscopy, both ends. It will not turn out to be routine, but it may help with the issues that are confounding the docs. Glad that I have some baseline cheerfulness, because otherwise, I’d go postal. No offense meant for the unfortunate recent victims of workplace shootings and their families.

Looks like Mellan’s found a makeup buddy!
*Haul -nothing this week, but will go pick up my free birthday gifts from Ulta/Sephora
*Weekend – brunch with some friends, then kids play date at local park
*Halloween and pumpkin spice bread

HAUL: Tons of clothes, shoes, and grooming/makeup for my sister who got a job, hurray! So nothing for me but I’m happy to make sure she’s ready to go. She started on Thursday of this week. Not the best job in terms of pay but it’s a big step in her recovery.

Weekend: Clean up extraordinaire, more shopping, and possibly a little decorating for fall.

Looking forward: Holidays, having a bit more money, and I’m having a big birthday but I’m not sure we can do the things I actually want. Oh and holiday sets for makeup and skincare!

Congrats on you sister’s new job and recovery! She’s lucky to have you as sister. I am a single child and wished to have a sister /brother to ask for advice and to talk to about what worries me.

A ? and his ?! Warms my ❤️.

Haul: Just ordered a backup of MAC Marque lipstick from eBay… 2nd order from them in a little over a week. Last Friday, I had totally forgotten to add Nars Thessalonique e/s duo OG formula. I absolutely love how I can get a very simple, yet eye-brightening look out of this duo. Just adding my usual MAC Orb on browbone, a transition from ND Lila, black liner and mascara, and BAM!

Weekend plans: Just my usual. Hair, possibly nails, meeting on Sunday. This mundane routine is a *good* thing. I welcome it, as I have been extremely stressed out from worrying about a very serious family situation. Plus, many monumental changes stemming from it.

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to right now? Things settling down substantially and getting resolved quickly, as the stress is making me sick. Oh, and cooler weather, please!

Take care of you Nancy. Family issues are the hardest ones to overcome as they affect us the most. Hope everything will turn out okay in the long run. A big hug!

Thank you for your kind support, Sarah and Nicole D. There’s only so much I can say about this current situation, but I’m just hoping that things begin to to come together very soon. Yes, when it’s close family members, it can tear you up inside.

Haul: the new CoverFX Power Play concealer, Smashbox Minimalist Cover Shot palette (Christine have you seen the newer palettes in this Cover Shot line?) and UD Born to Run (which I’d initially decided to pass on but which I broke down and bought because of all the wearable shades in it that make up for those I’ll never use).

Weekend plans: gym tomorrow and maybe the Ancaster Fair. I want to go to a neat little sewing store in town to get an indie pattern and some really nice linen that they have.

One thing I’m looking forward to: having my kids here for Thanksgiving, assuming 2 of the 3 (the 3rd is too far away to travel home) are able to make it home for Canadian Thanksgiving.

and again I forgot to hit the button to receive replies…I do this waaay too much (any chance that drop down could be at the start of the comments box rather than after it?)

So far, so good. There is such a huge range of shades, as with their foundations, so getting a good match is a bit of a challenge, especially in the crummy lighting of Sephora. I may get a 2nd tube in the “P” shade (I have N now as I want to tone down redness as well as cover dark circles) to use for brightening. The dabber doe foot is a bit too large for dabbing a small amount under my eyes but that’s hardly a deal breaker. I love how the concealer doesn’t seem to crease for hours and hours.

Thank you Mariella! Just bought it in P Light2 and I was so surprised, I might add. I thought that a neutral shade (N) would be a perfect match, like all my other concealers. Nope, it was too yellow, whereas P Light 2 was perfect. On me it’s between Tarte Shape Tape Fair Neutral and Light Neutral, a tad darker than Fair Neutral though. Love the coverage and the staying power. Bonus: not drying!

Haul: I’m feeling virtuous because I avoided makeup temptation during the Ulta sale and stuck with skin care. I got Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar at half price, and decided to try out their new eye gel. I threw in a travel-size cleanser so I could get the bonus.
Weekend plans: Cleaning and maybe starting to switch out some of the summer clothes for autumn.
Looking forward to: Cooler weather and my October birthday!

Haul: Nothing for me. I’m saving my pennies for other things.

Weekend plans: Car to the mechanic and some reading.

Looking forward to: Cooler weather. It may be fall everywhere else, but in Georgia it is still very, very warm.

Mellan looks super cute with his bear!

Haul: This is my haul for the past three weeks. I did some damage.
Skincare: Jouviance Canada (20% sale): Collagen Boost Serum (Retinol wrinkle-filling serum) and Restructiv Retinol Cream ( Retinol anti-aging cream). Love the combo. Jouviance is a Canadian company founded by the late renowned dermatologist Dr. Guy Sylvestre along with his friend, a biochemist.

Makeup: Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan : Finally it came in stock online so I didn’t want to take chances and wait until the November sale.

PMG Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Buff: Excellent quality, very long lasting but unfortunately it’s only available online in Canada and I can’t try it in store.

UD 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Smog and Underground +Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara in Think Ink (50% off Sephora weekly sale).

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter (2 Light), CT Matte Revolution Lipstick and Lip Pencil in Pillowtalk. I love all these three products; the Flawless Filter is amazing (I use it under my foundation on the high points of my face) and the Pillowtalk lipstick is less drying than ABH Matte Lipstick in Kiss (one of my faves).

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Macaron Set.

Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1; Marc Jacobs Highliner in Over(night) – matte deep blue; Dior- Diorshow On Stage Liquid Eyeliner in Pearly Bronze (I already have it in Matte Brown and I love it) and Atelier Cologne Perfume Travel Palette (8x2ml). I fell in love with AT Vanille Insensée and I wanted to discover more scents from this brand.

Weekend plans: Some shopping, cooking (a cheddar broccoli cream soup without flour and Stifado chicken with a big salad) and then relax. I need to repot four plants (two Japanese Roses, one Lemon Tree and one Pink Oleander Tree), buy the appropriate soil and another large pot.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to right now?: We are under tornado alert here in Montreal area and we currently have winds between 90-110 km/hour and rain. It’s so dark outside and the wind is howling. Hopefully no trees will fall in the neighborhood and the electricity will be maintained.

Vanilla Insensee is my new favorite Atelier fragrance too! I love Atelier fragrances, I think I have four now. Vetiver Fatal is on my current wishlist, along with Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter.

Your cheddar broccoli cream soup sounds delicious and it will be appropriate for the weather. Today I woke up to our first cool morning of the season (central Illinois) after several weeks of unseasonable heat, but it’s still not cool enough for soup.

We jumped here in Montreal from 35C to 15C. Crazy weather this year. It’s cooler/colder now than the average for our area.
For the cheddar broccoli cream soup, I don’t use any flour (cornstarch or other flour) to thicken it. I sweat the peeled & copped stems from five broccoli along with two carrots diced, two leaks (the white + light green part), an onion in a mixture of avocado oil and butter, until they are very soft (10 good minutes). Then I add half of the broccoli flowers, fours cups of hot water or chicken broth and let it simmer for 15 min. I add some cooking cream and let it simmer for another 5 min. I steam the other half of the flowers for five minutes (in this way they keep that green colour). I put the soup in the blender, puree it and then add the steamed flowers. I prefer to add the cheddar while reheating the soup, because if I add it to the whole soup at the end of cooking, it will stick to the bottom of the pan when reheated (I banned the microwave from the kitchen five years ago, as it destroys most of the enzymes from food).

What a gorgeous pose – Mellon with a teddy.

Haul: City Colour Cosmetics came up for sale on Ozsales, an online retailer, and I grabbed a couple of colours Tidepool, Yasi, Cleo and a few more. It had been some time since they were reviewed here, but I knew they were and checked them out.
A’Kin fragrance free, sensitive hair shampoo (which is actually quite good)
A’kin Firming Night cream

Weekend plans: Friday – a cleaning day for me after having the grandchildren around a lot this week.
I desperately had to pack up the brio train tracks from our family room to vacuum…
Saturday – out for lunch at a mountain town, with my family. There is a big park across the road from the hotel we are lunching at.
Sunday – much colder and rainy weather forecasted so nothing really planned.

What are you most looking forward to? Taking Olivia and Lachlan to the Royal Melbourne Agricultual Show next week. It has animal nurseries, horse jumping, rides, showbags – the lot. They are so excited.

Hi Shari
Lachlan is fine now and we are just waiting for the paperwork to be completed so that he can have a procedure to check out his airways to see why this swells up so much during a croup attack. Every time he coughs, he just tells us ‘don’t get an ambulance, I’m OK’ So I guess it has impacted on him emotionally.
Thank you so much for thinking of him.


*Chaos Cosmetics — Eyeshadows in Viper, Usurper, and Enchanted Forest; Sylph Lip Gloss. It’s my first time trying the brand.

*Macy’s (20% off VIP sale) — ABH Soft Glam Palette, Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette in Punked, backup MAC x Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing Eye Shadow Palette (since it was 20% off clearance price), MAC x Aaliyah Lipsticks in Hot Like and More Than a Woman.

*Hot Topic (B2G1 free) — Tokidoki Spooky Eyeshadow Palette, Tokidoki Eyeshadow Palette, A Nightmare On Elm Street Never Sleep Again Eyeshadow Palette, Friday The 13th No Place To Hide Eyeshadow Palette, JCat Holographic 3D Eye Toppers in Azul Lemonade and Viridian.

Weekend plans: My hubby just got home from a 5-day business trip, so I want to spend time with him. Grocery shopping. Write some articles that I’m behind on.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to right now? My birthday and Halloween next month.

Haul: Korres Wild Rose exfoliating facial cleanser, Nivea Q10 + Vitamin C day cream (since the night and eye creams were so fantastic), Too Faced Peach Perfect loose setting powder and my Colourpop Good Sport palette and Retrograde set should arrive on Monday.

Weekend plans: Nothing strenuous, just relax on the front porch in the sunshine since the wisteria has started to bloom (it’s spring here), I’m planning to make spinach and ricotta cannelloni at some stage and I will try and fit in an afternoon nap if my oh so busy schedule allows 😉

Most looking forward to: Warmer, sunnier weather! This winter has been miserable and extremely wet so being able to go for walks and sit outside is wonderful. I’m easy to please!

Oh, Malian is such a cutie?

Haul…nothing. I haven’t even worn makeup in a week. Hubby is back in the hospital, this time with MRSA infection in his blood which somehow ended up in his toe. The doctors thought most likely from his chest tube being placed under less than sterile technique after his motorcycle accident. Anyway, the toe was amputated yesterday and then his heart monitor showed him having abnormal heart rhythms so now they are running a bunch more tests.

Weekend plans…get him out of the hospital and back home.

I’m looking forward to…Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday ??⛄

Wish you lots of strength Shari to overcome this difficult period. My best wishes for a speedy recovery of your husband! Christmas is my favorite holiday, too 🙂

Oh Shari, that’s awful that your husband contracted the MRSA infection, resulting in a toe amputation. It shows how easy it is to contract this kind of thing and I hope that he is responding well to his treatment and procedures.
You must be feeling now that this will never end and you would also feel emotionally and physically exhausted. Love and prayers to you both.

Thanks Rachel and Genevieve. Yes, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster. He started his home IV antibiotics today. I believe God has a plan for us even if we don’t see it clearly now…. because of the motorcycle accident we were in the hospital and we now know about the heart rhythm issues. On top of that, I had to place my mom in a nursing home which was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Fortunately, mom has responded well to the home and has made some friends. She’s doing great and is happy which has helped me cope. I’ve also joined an Alzheimer’s support group. Anyway, thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

Haul: From Sephora, Nest Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Reed Diffuser (new scent for the bathroom), purchased now to get the promo of Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft…. I can’t use radiance primers but find they work well as highlighters for me. Also 100 point perk Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch primer. I stopped buying the Benefit and Dr. Brandt primers because they are not CF and am still searching for a new HG blurring primer.

Not hauled from Sephora: PMG Bronze Seduction palette. I swatched it yesterday and it is so gorgeous but I will never wear the three glitters and I can get close enough with my Viseart palettes.

From Nordstrom: Sigma E45, E47 and E06 brushes.

Refill of Maelove The Glow Maker. Vitamin CE Ferulic formula plus hyaluronic acid.

Weekend plans: The regular weekend chores plus there is a community hazardous waste drop off so I am decluttering nail polish and hair color.

Looking forward to: a trip to Spain at the end of October.

I hope Mellan is enjoying his friend. My kitty Nikki had a stuffed mouse that was a constant companion and I still have it even though she has been gone many years.


Haul/rediscoveries : Too Faced Melted Chocolate Melted Matte Liquid Lip in Gingerbread Man

Rediscovered my MAC eyeshadow singles!

Weekend Plans: watch my daughter in pep band at HS football game. Also I have a wedding to attend

Looking forward to right now: Fall. Apples, pumpkins, cooler weather. Yup ready for it!

Mellan is so adorable 🙂

Haul: I picked up some Eyelure wispie lashes, and my partner and I went to the HQ of Espionage Cosmetics and picked up some nail wraps. Some for them, some for me, some for friends.

Rediscover: Last weekend I was really loving the Diamond Dust Glitter & Glow. It pairs perfectly with matte black shadow for a fast eye look that got me lots of compliments both times I wore it.

Weekend plans: Mostly staying close to home this weekend, since we were all over the place last weekend. About to head out to get doughnuts for breakfast, hit the local bookstore, and go to a cheese tasting at the grocery store. Then my partner will install my new video card and we can play video games. We’ll ride our bikes at some point if the weather plays nice. Tomorrow, we’re meeting a couple of friends at a game store with a built-in brewpub.

One thing I’m looking forward to: My weekly belly dance class resumes on Tues! I haven’t seen most of my classmates all summer because we’ve all been so busy.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Fenty Beauty Killawatt 7daywknd/Poolside and a new bottle of UD All NIghter 2.5.
Weekend plans: Worked Friday, relaxed yesterday, laundry today.
What’s one thing you’re looking forward to right now?: My job interview tomorrow and Staff Day in October.

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