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  • Haul: Dior Bronzers (just two of the new shades), Guerlain #62 Rouge G, YSL Liquid Color Balm (only 3 shades), Sephora Cream Lip Stains (12 shades, I think)
  • Weekend plans: Lots and lots to catch up with still since I was only half-working for a few days. Luckily for me, my family gets up late, so I can usually work from 6AM to 11AM with few interruptions and not feel like I’m choosing work over family! Nevertheless, I am trying to get caught up (this is why I very rarely go anywhere, lol!).
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: That’s so tough! I feel like you’ll often think of a superpower but then realize potential downsides to it… I tend to want to say the ability to make a lot of money mostly so I would be able to take care of my parents and my husband’s family forever.

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His ears feel even softer than they look! They're like velvet.

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L Avatar

Mac foundation, Mac mineralize blush in Naturally Flawless, UD lipstick in Faith, PC skin care.
No weekend plans.
If i had a superpower i would cure all cancers.

Have a beautiful weekend Christine, and a big hug for the always handsome Mellan. Love the soft ears on my boys too.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Haul: Picked up the new Hard Candy Look Pro palette (rosey one) and Just Glow Rooftop Rendezvous Bake Highlighter Trio.

Sally Hansen Pink Promise nail polish.

Weekend plans: Welp working till Sunday… But I got the whole week off which I wasn’t expecting. So I have time to finish my costume for Anime North next Friday. O_o I’m not even done the dress yet so I was in panic mode.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: More time, There never enough hours in the day to do everything I want and the job that supports me. So if I could extend the time I have that would be great.

Alice Avatar

Haul: Light Rose and Deep Rose blushes from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. Hazel and Myth liquid lipsticks from Black Moon Cosmetics.

Weekend Plans: It’s Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds tomorrow so I’m gonna try not to get sunburned while waiting in line with a bunch of drunk dudes for overpriced beer.

Dream Superpower: Super strong prehensile hair. Think the Marvel character Medusa (but not the crappy ABC show version).

Nicole Avatar

Dog ears are the best. 🙂
Haul: I’ve been trying to keep it down, because I have so many things I still haven’t pulled out and used (is makeup exhaustion a real thing?) but I did pick up some skincare: Sunday Riley Good Genes, UFO, and Juno. Prada Candy perfume (yummmm). I also picked up an ELF plumping gloss in Champagne something or other because it looks so pretty in videos. Long story short, I wish I’d found it a long time ago, I probably wouldn’t have so many other glosses lol. $5 vs $20 or $30 or $40? Yes please (it also doesn’t leave annoying tide lines on my inner lips).
Weekend plans: Nothing exciting, mostly cleaning.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: To make everyone do what I say. While that sounds grandiose, mainly I want every troll on social media to shut up and stop hiding behind keyboards, and want everyone who sits in front of a camera to tell the truth. Or they can also shut up. (But really I want to be a ballerina with superpower vampire strength who can also fly.)

kjh Avatar

lol, so true. Just so elfin sick of ATS. I think a lot of it is Schadenfeude. They just don’t feel good, unless they can down s.o. else. Who died, to make them the arbiters of behavior? FTS.

Seraphine Avatar

What a handsome portrait of Mellan!

I was disappointed by the B rating the MAC Mineralize Blush Sweet Enough received, but I thought I’d check it out in person anyway. I decided to buy it because gives me such a soft, natural-looking flush. But my blush-buying spree did not end there. I really tried *not* to buy the Smashbox Petal Metal Rosemantic Highlighter (which works as blush on my light skin tone), successfully passing it up on quite a few trips to the makeup counter. But the &$%# thing had lodged firmly in my brain and refused to budge. So, in the interest of ending the obsession and moving forward with my life, I went to Ulta and bought it…and was very happy to find out I had reward dollars to help pay for it! Rosemantic is finally mine! Deep breath in…exhale. Moving on.

Weekend Plans:
Shop for an outfit for an upcoming party. (I hate shopping for clothes.)

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
I just heard the awful news about Texas and…I don’t know what to say. I’m just so tired of all the hate and violence everywhere. So my superpower would be the ability to bring peace, love, joy, and understanding to everyone in the world, now and in future generations. (Sorry to get so serious and beauty-pageant-y with my answer, but it’s the best I can do, given the circumstances of the moment.)

Joyce Avatar

Christine, you are so incredibly generous with your resources. The first thought in accruing wealth to you is how you might help your family. That’s so amazing.

Haul: Again nothing. But I’m hoping to get a Tartan & Twine double zip makeup bag. We’ll be in PA/DE for the summer so I’d like to bring a bit more makeup than what can fit in a small zipper bag.

Weekend plans: Today is our 8 year anniversary! I can’t believe we got married at 19 and 20. Young dumb fools lol we’re headed to Shake Shack for lunch (they opened one in Charlotte!!) then watch Black Panther DVD again. Husband has to Uber all night after that 🙁 so hopefully Baby sleeps well ??

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: Although he’s my least favorite in MCU, Dr. Strange’s ability to manipulate time and matter are intriguing, even though it could have severe consequences. I can do a lot of the things he does in my dreams, so I think if I could do them in real life it would be quite convenient ?

Tracey E. Avatar

Happy anniversary to you and your husband! My spouse and I started dating at age 19 and 21 though we were in a bigger group of friends at age 15 and 17. Between dating and marrying, we’ve been together for 27 years. ?

Monica Avatar

Haul: No makeup related purchases. It’s been a while. I just bought some crafting classes.

Weekend plans: Ah I need to catch up too. I’ve got to clean and maybe making some layouts

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: The ability to teleport. No more packing stress lol

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Darling Girl (15% off – BINX15): In Living Color Eye Shadow Base (Corrupt, Sing Song), Supernova Chromashifts (Aurora, Nebula), Glitter Potion (Alchemy, Astral, Aura, Charmed, Divine, Enchantment, Glamour, Illusion, Incantation, Jinx, Ritual, Sorcery)

IDUN Minerals (10% off): Powder Foundation (Saga)

Illamasqua (20% off): Skin Base Foundation (Shade 06), Concealer (Shade 115), Gel Sculpt (Silhouette), Illamasqua 5 Piece Beauty Bundle GWP

Kylie Cosmetics: Crème Lipstick (Give Me a Kiss), Eyeshadow Palette (Kris)

LASplash (25% off – BINX): ProArtist Waterproof Liner (Obsidian, Daydream, Altered, Psychedelic), Art-ki-tekt Brow Defining Pencil Duo (Black)

Ulta: Morphe Blushing Babes Blush Trio (Pop of Blush, Pop of Fucshia)

Weekend plans: Mani as usual. I am returning some travel bottles I bought at Ulta. I had a Makeup Geek highlighter arrive completely shattered and plan to turn the dust into a shimmer lotion and also a cream highlighter. I realized that jars would be easier to work with. Like you, I also work on my blogs every weekend.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: Before I say anything else – Christine, awesome pick for your superpower. I really can’t answer this bc I feel that I’d pass on the offer.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Not much this week. Another dress for my trip to Europe in the fall. I also purchased the whole Wet ‘N Wild spring/summer release which still hasn’t arrived. I also placed an order on Beautylish for some Sulwhasoo products. I have a Sulwhasoo cushion which I like a lot. It has sheerer coverage so I use it for days when I don’t feel I have a lot to conceal. It wears well for me and is a fairly good color match. Asian makeup in general and Korean makeup specifically, tend to run peachier than other foundations outside of Asia and since my undertone is cool and leans peachy I find most Asian foundations work well for me. Sulwhasoo is known as an “older” skin cosmetics company with focus on skin care so I feel good about using their products. They make me feel like I am taking care of my skin while wearing makeup. Anyway, I placed on order for the Multi-cushion highlighter, Powder For Cushion (assuming this is a special powder for use with cushion foundations, not sure!), Radiance Blusher in Pink Harmony and an Essential Lip Serum in No. 6 Sweet Pink which is just a balm.

Weekend plans: Reorganizing furniture in my living room and one of the bedrooms so that when my daughter moves home next weekend we have someplace to put her things. She is spending the summer here at home to help me get some things done around the house before she moves to Southern California in the fall after our trip to Europe.

Super power: I have never thought about it but off the top of my head, I think I would like to be able to fly. is that a super power? Not sure. I was thinking of Superman, Iron Man etc just being able to fly would be amazing.

Nancy T Avatar

Mellan’s ears really do look super soft! They remind me of my dear departed Pookie’s coat. We always called her “the Velveteen Kitty”!

Haul: No makeup or beauty related items to report, unless one considers Walmart brand makeup remover wipes a “thing”! However, I did get the cutest cat t-shirt I may have ever bought, and a pair of BOBS for Sketcher’s Cat Scratch Party slip-ons that are just plain ADORABLE! And super comfy, too! (Thanks to Michele BinxCat!) ?

Weekend plans: As KJH would say, SSDW. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation! I’d go get my few family members all together in one place, and then whisk us off to various places to learn about various cultures and histories, plus, to enjoy fun activities! All this without ever setting foot on a plane or paying fare.

Erin Avatar

Haul: Nothing other than some stuff for my mom for her visit/mothers day. I’m thinking about getting the slip eye mask since I like the pillowcase so much.

Weekend Plans: I’m not sure, my mom is here so we might go to something like a museum or the botanical gardens.

Superpower: The thing that fascinated me as a kid was the power of duplication. I know it sounds odd but if you had the power of duplication and the telekinetic power to make it show up where you wanted it to, you could duplicate anything and send it home or to those in need. We were very poor, so that idea came to me when I was thinking up ways to feed myself and all those starving kids in Africa my mom would tell me about when I wouldn’t eat something I didn’t like! HAHAHA!

kjh Avatar

yeah, I remember putting a stamp on a baked potato and writing CHINA on it. Funny how guilty we were made to feel, if we disliked s.t., when others went hungry.

Denise S. Avatar

Haul: used the above link and got 25% off Stilla Gliter and Glow eye shadows in Beauty Junkie -pink and Gypsy-lavender purple. MAC Mama Starr lip gloss

Weekend Plans: Hang with my son before he goes back to Boston to get ready for medical school in August. Clean my closet! Go out to dinner

If you could have a superpower: To be invisible or either to be able to make people happy.

Lesley Avatar

Haul: I just spent a small fortune on new underwear. The girls were screaming with discomfort. And I picked up some replacement basics from Ulta. UD Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in peach (replacing a L’Oreal version),Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub (replacing an ELF scrub), Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream (a new area of my face that could use a peel),IT Cosmetics Perfect Lighting (replacing YSL Touché Eclat), and Brow Food tinted brow enhancing gel (replacing the Ulta brow gel).

Weekend plans: hair color. It takes only two hours but looms so large

Superpower: I have always wanted to fly.

Z. Avatar

Haul: No new buys this week but my colourpop lux lipsticks that I ordered a few weeks ago came in. I’m planning a trip in July, so my purchases from now until then are going to be carefully planned and executed.

Weekend plans: My boyfriend’s sister just bought a house, so going over there for a barbeque. Nothing too crazy.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: I once saw a post online about the power to refill things (e.g. bank account, food, fridge, the bladder of someone you dislike…) and I haven’t been able to get that out of my mind since!

Mariella Avatar

Haul: A lovely 5-pan shadow palette called French Trench from Lise Watier (it’s the totally cool toned neutrals that so many people like me, who can’t wear red, orange or fuchsia are always looking and hoping for), a bottle of the Estee Edit Radiance Activator Treat+Prep+Glow (it was under $20 at Marshall’s – I nearly fainted with delight; now if only I could find the Cargo concealer…at ANY price); a new bottle of LRP fluid sunscreen, another bottle of the Laura Biagiotti Roma eau de parfum spray and a tube of 24 Hours Glam mascara from Lise Watier. I also received some Kiehl’s hand dream and Midnight Recovery Oil as a Mothers Day gift. Oh, and some emery boards (I thought I had loads but I guess I used them all and I can no longer find any like the Revlon sand-paper coloured ones I used to buy).

Weekend plans: It’s Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and a friend is coming to stay for the weekend and we’re taking her out for a belated birthday dinner and we’ll likely go to the Royal Botanical Gardens if the weather is okay. Gym tomorrow morning and I want to take a least a peak at the Royal wedding. I’m taking over for another teacher who’s going on her honeymoon so I want to rest up a bit this weekend in preparation.

Superpower – I have thought about this long and hard and I’ve had my desired superpower worked out for a few years and it’s “Vehicular Vengeance”. I want the power to crash into cars that are parked blocking my driveway or on the wrong side of the street or in “No Parking/No Stopping” zones or fire routes. I want to be able to crash into people who do stupid, selfish and inconsiderate things – turning right from the left lane or turning left from the middle lane or cutting me off, etc. etc. Of course, I would do this without being injured or being charged (that’s what makes it a superpower) and I don’t want to hurt the other person either….just smash up their car with impunity.

kjh Avatar

Of course, Ulta carries the revlon emery boards, another Canada slight. I get very sick of auto infractions, as well, and have taken to asking customers who park in the fire lane “a favor.’ Then I lean in real close, and in the world’s loudest stage whisper, say ‘DON’T PARK IN THE FIRE LANE!’ I also speak to persons who are face timing/phoning family members etc, standing in obstructive places. ‘Are you ready to check out, sir?’ ‘Then please do so.’ I think most people are so used to being all about themselves, that they pay zero attention to the rest of the world. Bloody sick of it.

Mariella Avatar

I have the feeling that if I were to go to Walmart or Rexall, I’d find them but at this particular Shoppers Drug Mart, all the had were emery board from Joe Fresh and the ones from Revlon were those thick ones with floral designs on them – I don’t even know if they were emery board or nail buffers, to be honest. I just looked on Revlon’s Canadian website and they show the sort of emery board I was looking for….so they are still available and I think I just need to go to a different store.

AJ Avatar

Ha ha I love that super power! There is not enough parking at my apartment complex and people are always parking in the fire lane and it makes me so mad, especially when they are parked right behind my space and I can barely get in/out.

Mariella Avatar

All those other superpowers – being invisible, being able to read minds, etc. – well, they actually wouldn’t really help me very much in my day to day life with the things that really get on my wick. And I’d love to cure all those suffering in the world an also find safe haven for all the refugees from conflict (and I don’t say that lightly – about 1/3 of the students I teach are recent Syrian refugees). But the # of times I’ve wanted to be able to give a nice big DENT to a car that is blocking my driveway or parked in the bicycle lane or that runs a stop-sign because they’re far too important to spare 2 seconds of their valuable time….honestly, if I could get away with it legally and without danger to myself and if I could have a beater car (or a tank that wouldn’t be damaged), I would love to be The Vehicular Avenger.

AB Avatar

Oh, I love your superpower! I lived in Washington DC for many years, where I saw so so many tragic car accidents — including a friend losing his brother to a drunk driver — that just didn’t have to happen but for lazy or aggressive or reckless or otherwise risky drivers. I have a super low tolerance for those behaviors any more.

Mariella Avatar

Linda, I only used it for the first time today so my impression isn’t really firm yet but I do like it very much. It’s not the most intensely pigmented (2 of the 3 shadows I used) but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it makes it hard to “overdo” it. When I first saw them in store a few weeks ago, I tried the Business Casual set and it had really poor pigmentation but this French Trench one and also the Festive Gold one are really nicely pigmented and the colours are lovely. These are great for work days or for travel. The packaging is really sleek and lovely and looks an awful lot like the Burberry palettes.

Genevieve Avatar

OMG I just love that French Trench eyeshadow palette – and the Blue Denim one and the Bronze one too. They look so gorgeous.
We are going all out for the Royal Wedding tonight – including dressing up in our best clothes – I have just picked up a tiara for Olivia and a golden crown for Lachlan and I am about to make all the finger sandwiches.

Mariella Avatar

Is Lise Watier available in Aus, Genevieve? French Trench is really nice – 2 of the shades aren’t very pigmented but they’re buildable so it’s not the end of the world. The Denim one does look nice though I’ve limited need for a lot of blues, even subtle ones, though I should probably swatch it the next time I’m at the store. The bronze one is probably Festive Gold and it’s the other one I mentioned which caught my eye and which, I think, has good pigmentation.

I recorded the wedding (well, we didn’t leave for the gym until after the ceremony) – I recorded 2 different channels’ broadcasts to see if there would be different perspectives, etc. I felt a few of the commentators were woefully badly prepared or ill informed (one commented that Harry’s uniform would traditionally be worn with spurs but since he’d be kneeling, he wasn’t wearing them – well, I could plainly see them when he and Prince William were walking into the Chapel and again, quite plainly, as he was kneeling). Like many others, I was a bit let down that Meghan (or the Duchess of Sussex) didn’t curtsey to the Queen but some are saying she did and it just wasn’t caught by the camera angle. If we’d not had so much on this weekend, I might have arranged a little Wedding Breakfast here, complete with hats and gloves, just for fun. Your tiara and crown sound like they were fun for the kids.

Genevieve Avatar

Hi Mariella
No, Lise Watier isn’t available here, unfortunately. I wish it were. International shipping rates are so prohibitive at the moment that I don’t order anything from overseas anymore.
The commentary on our end for the Royal Wedding was pretty good and the new Duchess did curtsey to the Queen, but at that moment the camerman decided to do a wide angle shot and it was missed. I wondered that too. But I knew that protocol would not be broken here. But I would’ve liked to have seen it nonetheless.
The kids had a great time and loved their respective tiaras and crowns. They absolutely ate everything, which was amazing considering the mountains of different finger sandwiches I made and very few were left.

Mariella Avatar

Well, Genevieve, it’s just one reason you should visit Canada! I could take you makeup shopping and we’d have SUCH fun!

Re “the curtsey”, I know there was a fair bit of internet buzz about her not curtsying but it since seems to have come out that it’s just as you said – the “official camera” cut just at that point and didn’t catch it clearly (practically not at all). I recall Princess Diana’s deep and lovely curtsey at her wedding (with that puff-ball of a dress, it was very hard to miss but it was still so lovely) and I’d hoped to see it captured as nicely this time around.

Genevieve Avatar

I would love to come to Canada and go makeup shopping with you Mariella!
It was such a shame that the camera moved its focus as they walked up the aisle as it has created a lot of comment on the web, in a negative way. What a lovely bride Meghan was.

Katherine T. Avatar

*Dior Cooling Stick Cream Shadow in Fresh Pink – OMG!!! Finally found a light pink cream shadow that performs!! Smooth pigment, blends well, lasts all day over primer on my oily lids. Satin/soft metallic finish – has a nice cooling sensation when you apply on lids, can wear alone as soft wash of color or use as a cream base for pink powder shadows. This is part of their Summer 2018 collection, but I’m hoping they make it permanent, as this is such a hard color to get right. Beats any of the other light pink cream shadows I’ve tried from Mally, Kiko, ByTerry, Maybelline,or Bobbi. The bronze gold swatches beautifully too but I didn’t buy that one, maybe I should. Chantecaille Le Chrome Luxe Shadow Duo in Grand Canal -swatches well, beautiful finish, haven’t tested yet. Becca Hydra Mist Set & Refresh Powder -haven’t tested yet but thanks for the rec Nicole! Briogeo Be Kind Be Gentle Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo
*Weekend -not sure yet, but will probably involve some shopping and cooking
*Superpower – flying would be cool

kjh Avatar

Nada, but did make a substantial CP order this AM. Thanks for all the reviews on which I base the purchases. plans: SSDW, but I have Sat off. First in months, so people have stopped asking me to do things, but lucky, bec my day job got messed up, and cancelled my normal day off. Really have to mow the lawn, if the rain holds off. Behind on all housework. Superpower: well, I guess I would wish to cross over the life/death line, as so many persons are gone. I would love to see my parents and former pups again.

AJ Avatar

I love velvety dog ears 🙂

Haul: I haven’t purchased anything *this week* because I’ve been down for the count with jet lag. But I missed last week so I think my European haul still counts. I brought home a lot of drug store products, some Make-up Studio things, and a few NYX things (because they have a NYX store in Amsterdam but not Seattle). Can’t remember most of the actual products or brands, but mostly I bought lipsticks and a couple of eye shadows. Also, the Pat McGrath Platinum Bronze palette that I ordered arrived while I was gone, and right after I got home, I received the package from Julep with replacements for the items missing from my subscription box. So I’ve got a lot of new things and no energy to play with them.

Weekend plans: Nothing concrete, we’re playing it by ear based on my energy level. It’s Seattle Beer Week so we’ll probably go to a brewery or two. And I’d like to finish catching up on The Expanse.

Superpower: TELEPORTATION! I love traveling to new places but the actual travel to get there takes too long. And I have friends and family in so many places. It would be great to be able to just pop over to NY to have dinner with my inlaws, to AZ to see my parents, to Chicago to see a friend perform in a show, whatever, whenever.

Linda Avatar

Haul: Nars Orgasm Lip Balm, Bite Beauty high pigment pencil in Bouquet, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout concealer, Wet n’ Wild blossom glow, Sephora Favorites bronzer/highlight kit

Weekend plans: not much, working, obsessively checking and Trendmood instagram I’m sure

Superpower: psychic powers. would be so fun.

AB Avatar

Haul: Urban Decay Lucky eyeliner; Marc Jacobs highliner in Fine Wine; mini Benetint

Weekend: Nothing special — the regular pilates, errands and tasks. It’s supposed to rain all weekend so I’ll probably take on some of my house projects list.

Superpower: Being able to help heal chronic diseases.

LindaP Avatar

Nothing makeup wise, yet a lot.


NIOD Modulating Glucosides — gosh, I love this skin health care line. Got me to break my Biologique Recherche habit (except for P50 and Mask Vivant).

Then I went to my med spa doc and did some forehead and filler work. Seriously, after a certain age no amount of hope in a jar can take the place of needles. Since I’m still in the work game traveling and presenting all over the country, I feel it helps me stay in that game. It helps me look like the best version of me. I still look my age and want to, just enhanced and at my best.

Went naked eyed to Sephora and took my time with the Pat McGrath Mothership II. I ADORE my Platinum Bronze palette and the Mothership II seemed like it would fill in some holes in my stash. In the end, I passed. It’s beautiful. It’s everything my Platinum Bronze palette is in terms of quality and (almost magical) ease. I just don’t need it. Oh well.

Long swim, chores, sons visiting on Sunday — same old, same old.

That’s easy. I would have the power that would give everyone else the power to live totally and completely by the Golden Rule — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I believe totally that if everyone lived to that standard, every ill, horror, discrimination, inequality, and hardship would take care of itself.

Pearl Avatar

Wayne Goss The Eye Brush Set – I’ve decided I’m going to just have to deal with the way a white brush looks with some color on it. I’ll probably clean these more than I would/do the brown-haired brushes that I have. I like having a full set for eyes. I’ll be doing a brush purge soon.

Pat McGrath La Vie En Rose, Platinum Bronze and Subversive palettes came in! YAY!

A few more nail polishes – am really enjoying Picture Polish and Cirque Colors releases.

Weekend plans: The usual – cooking, cleaning, laundry and staying in to recoup from the week. Might have a dinner get together Saturday night.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: I only see the downsides for pretty much all of them, but I remember Hancock’s powers being pretty cool.

LindaP Avatar

Hi Pearl,

Last year I did a brush overhaul. I researched and chose carefully. I got a combination of high end Japanese brushes and some by Wayne Goss. Honestly, the ones I go for every damn day are Wayne’s. I think I’m going to sell many of my other ones. His just work for me and are the best I use. Hope you like yours too!

You get used to the issue with the white. I find a spray like Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner can keep things spiffier and it keeps me from over washing them.

Pearl Avatar

I have a lot of Morphe and old MAC brushes I’m tossing/giving away and will keep my Real Techniques and Wayne Goss brushes. I ordered 2 of the new eye set and have 2 of the old eye set. I should be stocked for a while!

I used the MAC 217 and 239 this week and have found they clean up a lot easier than I remembered and decided to pull the trigger on the new Wayne Goss eye set. I love his brushes that I own thus far and the quality is worth it for me to get over my “white brushes have to stay white” thing.

Thanks for the blrush cleaner tip! I’m going to check it out – when I see the dirt it’s knee-jerk to clean them and I could end up over-washing very easily if I’m not careful.

Genevieve Avatar

Beautiful pic of Mellon!
Haul – nothing this week.

Weekend Plans: I am creating an English High Tea in honour of the Royal Wedding, which will be on tonight Aus time. I have set the table with all of my fancy tea sets and we are dining on a variety of finger sandwiches, mini sausage rolls, scones and chocolate treats. The family is coming over and we are all getting dressed up. Olivia, who helped (?) me make the scones and sausage rolls yesterday, has picked out my outfit and she can’t decide whether to wear her Elsa dress or her Cinderalla one……
Sunday – just chilling out.

Superpower – I like the teleportation one, but seriously I would like to end all violence and ensure that everyone has enough food.

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Nicole – love the idea of thehomemade appetizers and sweets.
We had a wonderful time Nicole and everyone dressed up. The sandwich selection was delicious: turkey/brie and cranberry; smoked salmon/cream cheese and chives; boiled eggs/cucumber; roast beef/horseradish etc. And the sausage rolls are all gone.
I thought Meghan’s wedding dress was just beautiful – so elegant.

Nicole D Avatar

Delicious sandwich selection Genevieve! I loved Meghan’s dress as well; a classic, elegant and timeless dress. They had such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Word is that she and Harry will come to Australia in October, in time for the opening of the Invictus Games 🙂

LindaP Avatar

Hi Genevieve,

That tea is simply a tremendous thing to do! What fun! I thought Meghan looked perfect. That simple, elegant dress with my favorite neckline. The symbolism on her veil. Her hair and simple makeup. She was classic, and sexy, and beautiful.

Genevieve Avatar

The High tea is not too difficult to do as long as you cook some elements the day or so before. It all worked out well and everyone had a great time.
I just adored Meghan’s dress – one of the best wedding dresses I have seen – so, so elegant.

Rachel R. Avatar

That is an absolutely gorgeous picture of Mellan!


*ColourPop — Lux Lipsticks in Trill, Confetti Cake, and Aeronaut; Pretty Much Pigment Palette; and Birthday SSS in Birthday Wish (freebie).

*Urban Decay — 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Roach, Kristen Leanne Vice Liquid Lipstick in Pulse (on sale), and deluxe sample of Vice Liquid Lipstick in Big Band (freebie).

*Milani — Rose Blush Trio Palette in Flowers of Love, Rose Blush Trio Palette in Floral Fantasy, and Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme in Matterialistic.

*Sephora — Kat Von D 10th Anniversary Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in Gold Skool.

*Target — Three bottles of e.l.f. Original Mist & Set, Pacifica Dream Big Mascara, and EcoTools Total Perfecting Blender.

Weekend plans: Visit my mother, who is in ICU at the hospital. Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty respiratory virus right before she was admitted to the hospital, so I haven’t been able to be around her. She was unconscious and not expected to make it through the night, but this morning she was responding to commands such as “blink,” and “squeeze my hand.” Doctors now say that it’s looking “hopeful” that she’ll recover from this incident.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: Good luck

AB Avatar

Rachel — sorry to hear of the tough time with your mother’s illness. I’ve been through that — it’s so difficult. Best wishes.

Anne Avatar

Haul: Repuchase of the Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid (and another bottle for my mom) as it’s super lightweight so perfect for summer. I also threw the Hanalei lip scrub into my cart as I was going to get the Wet’n’wild one they just came out with but Ulta didn’t have that or the Cetaphil moisturizer so I just searched on amazon for lip scrubs. Technically I could just use a wash cloth or make my own but with health stuff I know I won’t. Technically this isn’t a beauty purchase but I got the burgundy Puma shoes from the MAC X Puma collab.

Weekend plans: Take it easy as I pinched a nerve on Wednesday so I need to let that settle down.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: Before I got sick it would always be to understand, speak, read and write in every language as I feel like language barriers cut off so much of the world to each of us (and I’d always have employment as a translator if need be). Nowadays, definitely super healing abilities for obvious health reasons.

Nicole D Avatar

Haul: Nothing beauty or skincare related for the past two weeks. I was not even tempted to buy something tbh.
<Weekend plans: Studying, cooking and watching the Royal wedding and some tennis semifinals and finals from the Rome Open.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: I would love to be able to travel back in time to spend more summer vacations at my grandparents’ country home and to give some advice to my younger self. I miss my maternal grandparents so much. Also, I would love to live like 200+ years because I want to learn and to discover so many things, travel to so many places, explore several careers and I feel that one lifetime is not enough. But not alone; I would love for all the people to be able to live that long because I need my parents, grandparents, hubby and friends 🙂

Logan Avatar

Haul: Stila Chosen Ones Eyeliner Set

Weekend plans: Watching the royal wedding, then doing nothing!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: My top three picks would be telekinesis, being a seer, or controlling the weather.

Tracey E. Avatar

Haul: Sonia G Face One brush, ($30 off) Bobbi Brown Longwear Sparkle Stick in Gilded, Nourishing Lip Color in Rosebud, and Foundation Stick in Warm Ivory.

Weekend Plans: We have family coming in – yay!!

Super power: I would love to have the ability to travel instantly to anywhere iin the world.

Nikki Avatar

Sorry this is late (3 am Saturday night)-it took me a day to think of a good superpower!
Haul: My NARS x Erdem Larkspur lipstick came in this week. I have a few hauls sitting in a few online carts and am trying to decide their order.
Weekend plans: None, which is a good thing because I caught a cold this week. I already worked my weekend day, Friday.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: The ability to freeze time around me, so I could catch up on everything I need/want to do and then impress people when I started time up again!

Alecto Avatar

Interesting final question!

Haul: The only things I’ve purchased in the last couple weeks are lotions — Eucerin Eczema Relief and Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange.

Weekend plans: My weekend is essentially over as I’m writing this, but I had no real plans. I do intend to go outside and do some weeding before I’m done for the day.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?: Ach — so many intriguing choices! I think I would like to be able to nudge things to happen in my favor, like Domino or Longshot, only not limited to combat situations, and also not limited to things I’m consciously aware of. I guess what I’ saying is that I would want natural enhanced luck for all my endeavors.

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