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  • Haul: Becca Chocolate Geode Highlighter, Pretty Vulgar Highlighers (x3)
  • Weekend plans: I think it’s just going to be a low-key weekend… hanging with hubby and Mellan, working on the blog, the usual.
  • What is your usual evening routine like?: I try to start winding down work stuff between 8 and 9PM. I brush teeth and go through my evening skincare routine, then read for an hour or so. I try to have lights off by 11PM as I tend to wake up early.

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Haul: I actually bought something! Picked up a Mario Badescu spray when they were on sale for Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty.

Weekend plans: I’m trying to talk myself into going to an art fair this weekend. It sounds fun but a lot of the time I’m tired on the weekend and don’t feel like going out. I really wanted to get some yardwork done but it is pouring rain right now and even if it stops by Sunday everything will be mud.

What is your usual evening routine like?: Get home from work, maybe lie down for a bit to rest, then make dinner. Watch TV, read, or play on the internet. Depending on season maybe watch baseball or basketball game.(They’re both going right now so that’s fun.) Wipe down my brushes that I used that morning, put away anything I left sitting out in haste that morning. By 10 I want to be getting ready for bed, hopefully in bed by 10:30. (Does not always happen.)

Haul: picked up the UD Kristen Leanne palette on Friday, and 3 of the new Wet N wild palettes in Not a basic Peach, Rosé in the Air and Comfort Zone.

Weekend plans: More work on props and testing out my dress fabric to see if I can Lettuce hem it. Going to see ready player One and hopefully get a new phone.

What is your usual evening routine like?: Since I get up by 6 am for the one job I get home by 6 pm have super, work on the blog or cosplay items watch something and I try to get to bed by 11 pm… I usually can’t sleep until midnight or 1 am though. 🙁

The other job I try to get up at 8 am (and fail) I’m lucky if it’s only 9 am, I get home from work at 11 pm and try to fall asleep by 1 am but it usually 2 am. 😛

Haul: I got some Studio Calico stamps, American Craft One Canoe Two sticker book, and BSB concert tickets lol

Weekend plans: Visiting with best friend

What is your usual evening routine like?: I try and shut down all electronics at 8 p.m., Reading from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and then sleep.

Haul: Pur Visionary palette.

Weekend plans: just had my first baby last night! Leaving the hospital tomorrow morning! Try to recover and readjust at home. Snuggle my dogs lots. I’ve missed him snow much!

What is your usual evening routine like?: now that I have a newborn, I don’t know!

Congratulations on your baby Joyce!!! I imagine you’re over the moon with your precious bundle of joy and happiness 🙂 Wish you a quick recovery and lots of blessings to your baby!

Oh, Joyce, that is such wonderful news! Congrats on having your baby! This is a truly special, yet somewhat challenging time in ones life. Just take it all in and try to rest whenever your little one does! ?


I’d like to say something really profound and meaningful about babies and family, but to honest to god, all I can think of right now is that I hope it’s a good sleeper! 😉

All the best with your new addition! 😀

Now that’s a special haul! Congratulations Joyce and I hope the delivery was not too difficult.
How is bubba and you doing? I am sure your husband is over the moon.
Yes, your evening routine will be vastly different from now on. I hope you have someone to help and support you both for the first couple of weeks – assist with meal prep, putting on the washing machine etc.
I am so happy for you both.

Oh my gosh, Joyce, that went so much faster than my pregnancies, lol! Girl or boy? Are you madly in love??? Congratulations to you and your husband!

Congratulations to you and your husband. I wish your child a healthy and happy life.???

PS… I just realized your baby and I share our birthday! Too sweet.

Congratulations Joyce on the birth of your baby. Did you have a boy or girl and what did you name your baby? Hope you are getting some rest. Take care and enjoy being a mommy! 🙂

Wow! Good job! Hope you can get a tad of rest. The most important job you’ll ever do has started, and I know you’ll do wonderfully. Bet you have time to try your Visionary palette in July or October… congratulations to both of you.

Thank you everyone!

We had a boy! Such a surprise since we didn’t find out gender ahead of time. His name is Colin 🙂

I’ll let you all in on the quick version. I went into labor at 3:30 am while my husband was in Louisiana for work! He drove like a madman with his 7-car trailer (for work). Got pulled over for speeding in a Georgia (got a ticket!!) and rushed into the delivery room as I was pushing (5:47pm). I pushed for 12 minutes total then baby was here 🙂

We’re all doing well and so grateful to be a family of 4. Our Pitbull Rottweiler will always be our first baby 🙂

Thank you again to everyone. I love our Temptalia community!

Congratulations, Joyce. This is such an amazing and special time in your life. I wish you and your little one good health and a lifetime of happiness. The time goes by so quickly so enjoy every minute of it and take lots of pictures!

Congratulations, Joyce, to you and your spouse on the birth of your first child! Wishing for health and happiness in abundance, and sleep-filled nights sooner than later!

Mellan looks so elegant.

Haul: From Ulta, said to be arriving today, IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser, Bare Minerals Cleansing Oil, two MakeUp Revolution concealers, and a bonus of some Buxom lip glosses and a mascara. Two dresses, a tee, and a tote bag from the Uniqlo/Marimekko collab.

Weekend plans: dinner with some friends visiting from out of town. Cold weather and snow are in the forecast so I did a lot of errands today instead. That translates to a lot of Netflix time.

Evening routine. Dinner, clean up, set up coffeemaker for the morning, brush teeth, evening skin care, catch up on YouTube or TV, sometimes reading simultaneously, give my cat his pill, try to sleep.

bh cosmetics: Weekend Festival Shadow Palette

ColourPop: Ultra Satin Lip (Chance, Hi Suppose, Fluke), Meet Me at Sahara Set, Lux Lipstick (Cheetah)

Darling Girl (Sale plus used my 10% off Code BINXCAT4EVER8): Pucker Paint (Peep Show), Poof, I’m a Princess April COTM, Loose Eyeshadow (Heartsick), Balm Gloss (Peep This)

KKW Beauty: KKW x Mario Bundle (10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, Crème Lipstick, Gloss (Super Nude, Juicy)

Kokie Cosmetics: Artist Eyeshadow Palette (841 Treasured, 840 Utopia)

LASplash Cosmetics (25% off – BINX): Hydro Liquid Shadow (Chic, First Class)

My Pretty Zombie: Tiger Eyeshadow, Maxwell Eyeshadow

RealHer (40% off): Highlighter (Keep Going, Confidence in My Glow), Lip Gloss (I Am A Rockstar), Moisturizing Lipstick (So Sassy)

Sephora: Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter (Lilac Lust), Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Body Lava Body Luminizer (Who Needs Clothes?!), Nest Wisteria Blue (GWP). Had to have someone else buy this for me since I can’t use my Sephora account. After I made a return last November, and Sephora signed for it, they did not credit my credit card. I called and they said they’d call back. They didn’t. I emailed no reply. By January when I still had no credit, I filed a dispute with Discover and sent a copy of the USPS delivery confirmation and signature. After 60 days when Sephora didn’t reply to them, Discover found in my favor. I placed multiple orders since the original return but suddenly in March, Sephora blocked my account. I sent them copies of everything but their “Solutions Team” refused to reactivate my account. It was very very first return ever with Sephora and they blocked a Rouge customer (who spent thousands of dollars a year) over $54 that I could prove they received the product back on.

Ulta: – Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color (Slate) and Luminous Eye Color (Twilight) – BOGO

Urban Decay: Vice Lipstick (Singe)

Weekend plans: Nothing thrilling. Same stuff – blogs, swatching, nails.
What is your usual evening routine like?: After I finish my full time job I spend between 1 – 3 hours swatching, photographing, and labeling photos. I do a light dinner, respond to email, watch maybe an hour of tv. I do my skincare at around 7. I’m in bed by 8 usually as I get up around 3 a.m. typically.

Michele that’s awful that you received such poor customer service from Sephora! I’ve never had any problems with them regarding returns or credits. Surprised they didn’t get back to you to rectify the situation.

I am sure someone higher up in the Sephora chain would have a different view of your relationship. You should write to the president of the company. Maybe posting on their FB page would work too.

That is evil. It is somewhat retro but still effective to send a letter by snail mail to the President of the Sephora company. Most corporations maintain executive units to resolve complaints and you are an influencer.

What an awful experience with Sephora Michele – they have treated you like a criminal and it is all their fault. What a way to treat a loyal customer!

Bad. Just bad. Return by mail is so much more likely to develop gross incompetence. Return at store is a breeze. Considering your purchases and blogging, one would think they would value your patronage. This seems straightforward and you are anything but an abuser. Dreadful. Their loss, not yours, esp as you tend to specialize in indie CF.

My local Sephora is in a JCP and they won’t take back what they don’t sell in store so I had no alternative. I used the return system on the Sephora site where they provide you the tracking and pick-up at your home.

Haul: Nothing!- Money is going to preparing for Sephora sale/ some clothing for the new job!

Weekend plans: Pretty calm I hope. Going to a friend’s house, a few hours away, for her SO’s birthday board game party. But other then that just plan to do some packing for our move and meal prep for the week.

What is your usual evening routine like? It varies wildly I feel like depending on where I feel like my skin is at and how late I am running. xD

What a handsome boy!

MAKEUP HAUL: Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lotus Pink and Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Emilienne. (My lipstick no-buy resolution is a total failure. Oh well. Can’t wait for those new Guerlains!)

FRAGRANCE HAUL: Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum (1.2 oz) and Mugler Aura Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz), plus rollerball versions of Stella McCartney Peony and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, which I thought would be a good office scent, but it disappears into thin air after an hour on my skin. Also picked up a sample of Straight to Heaven by Kilian for my husband.

WEEKEND PLANS: Dinner with in-laws on Saturday, doing volunteer work on Sunday.

EVENING ROUTINE: I start winding down around 9pm by reading or watching TV while doing stuff on my iPad. I walk the dog around 10pm, then start my skincare routine and get ready for bed. I watch TV till I fall asleep. I try to be asleep by 11. Weekends, anything goes!

Alien is one of my favorites, so I was excited when Aura came out. I picked up a free sample, but wasn’t impressed the first time I wore it. I tried it again a few days later and it started to grow on me.

I wear perfume based on mood or occasion rather than having one signature scent, so I decided Aura would make a good addition to my collection. Have you tried it on yet? If not, I recommend getting a sample before spending money on it.

I like Alien too. Like you, for personal reasons, I wear fragrance based on mood. Since I have a fragrance blog, I often wear fragrances that really aren’t my taste so I can review them. I used to buy full bottles but my collection got way out of hand very quickly so now I try to get samples before I buy full bottles of anything. I haven’t tried Aura yet but it’s been on my list of fragrances I wanted to try. Thanks for your thoughts!

Other than being a Mugler, I was very interested in Aura because I have been looking for a “green” fragrance for my collection. Aura almost has a minty-green opening, then it settles into a sort of woodsy vanilla later on. Not quite what I was looking for, but it’s definitely unique. I am not good at describing fragrance, but I hope this helps better than my previous answer!

Haul: nothing this week! I need lip balm though so if I go to Target this weekend I’ll prob pick up a 3-pack of Burt’s Bees.

Weekend plans: Deep clean the kitchen & laundry room.

Evening routine: Watch tv/movie/play video games with the husband from 6-9/10p when he goes to bed. Do my evening chores (clean up from supper, take out trash/recycling, etc). Go back to doing art until 1a. Read for an hour-ish and go to bed about 2a.

He poses so effortlessly that he could easily get a side gig as a doggo model!?

Haul: Two orders are out for delivery today! ColourPop: Clock Work blush duo (I sure hope it shows on me…), Ladybird, Buzzin’ and Bubble Bee SSS’s, No Filter Concealer in #28 (for spot concealing) and #18 (undereye brightening). Cirque: 2 nail polishes in Taos and Wildflowers.

Weekend plans: Hair, possibly nails (not because they’re chipped or whatnot, but I’m bored with the shade after a week of it), meeting on Sunday. Also have an appointment this p.m., so a nice long bus ride to and from. Might hit TJ Maxx afterwards.

What is your usual nighttime routine? I typically begin getting ready for bed around midnight. Take off my makeup and cleanse face, get into my p.j.’s, begin my skincare regimen, read my Daily Text and do some Bible reading, do more skincare, get pestered by Clarissa for her laser beam play and submit to her demands, go watch a YT video or two (or three?), finish skincare, pray, then try to get some good, solid sleep.

LOL! Yep! And she has one of the ugliest “meows” I’ve ever heard, so my ears cannot afford to ignore her (literal) squawking! #SoundsLikeAVelociraptorAndACanadianGooseHadABaby!

They really do, don’t they? Same kitty who goes wild over the smell of Tiger Balm and tea tree oil! Y’know, I’m going to seriously miss this quirky phloofball when she one day leaves me… she’s 11 y.o. already.

Mellan is sitting pretty there! Love the Easter décor!
*Haul – Ulta 50% off beauty steals – UD shadow singles in Woodstock (love), C Note (OMG!!! radiant glow). Also X, Free Love, and Scratch – will go great with my Too Faced Peachy Mattes kit. And free deluxe lippie UD in Bad (also great). Ulta rules!!
*Weekend -rest, chores, family birthday lunch
*Evening – eat dinner with family, hot shower, skincare routine, catch up on email/facebook/blog/news

IKR??? I’ve been eyeing it ever since I saw it on this blog, over a year ago, but convinced myself I had enough green shadows/close dupes, and at $19 a single, was rather pricey. Thank goodness Ulta did their 50% off! I was stunned when I swatched it –it’s SO radiant and glowy, it’s like a MAC Extra Dimension blush, will make a stunning smoky green eye

Haul: Zipola! I’m in the planning stages for VIB sale. So far my only must-haves are a silk pillowcase and replacing my Farmacy HoneyDrop! Let me know if there is something I really need skin care, hair care, body care, or fragrance. I’m not sure I’m going to spend anything on Makeup until I make it through some of what I have.

Weekend: No specific plans yet, it’s my husbands last free weekend before going back to work, so probably it’s whatever he wants.

My evening routine usually starts early since moving to AZ. I swim almost daily so I shower after swimming to remove chlorine and sunscreen at about 6pm. My current combo is Fresh Seaberry Oil Cleanser to remove and then Tatcha’s powder cleanser. I will then do my basic routine for skin which is usually a few toners/essences/serum and an oil or moisturizer. Once I’m close to bedtime, I’ll brush my teeth, take my meds, and readdress my skin. If I got really dirty, I might splash water on my face or use micellar water. I’ll top off my skin care with anything I might need. This usually happens between 10 and 11 pm.

Haul : Laura Mercier Candleglow soft focus foundation (its actually good on my oily skin) , Laura Mercier Rose Petal Blush , ABH Brow Pencil 2x (trying to step up the brow game) , Urban Decay Special Effect mascara in Deep End, Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves, Lime Crime Highlighting Palette (forget color) , Phone call vice lipstick , KVD Studded Kiss Lipstick Mother whew I think that’s it. I went a little crazy on the 21 days of beauty lol.

Weekend Plans : My birthday is tomorrow so my boyfriend is taking my to my favorite Italian restaurant Maggianos which is about 1.5 hours a way so a nice day trip. I found out they have a beauty brands store there so I’m excited to actually be in a store instead of ordering online. Sunday my parents are taking my boyfriend and I out for dinner for my birthday.

Evening Routine : Wash off makeup/change into comfy clothes as soon as I get home. Then usually just dinner and spending some time with my boyfriend before going to bed.

thanks 🙂

Genevieve – Italian is excellent. Thanks :). Im really excited I had no idea they had stores on the east coast.

Tammy – Thank you :). Im excited.

Happy Birthday Emily and it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful birthday weekend. I love Italian restaurants myself. I hope you find something beautiful for a birthday treat in the beauty brands stores.

Thanks ladies :). I had a great weekends. The beauty brands store was awesome. They had 2 for $25 for many brands. I got 4 Redken styling products for $40 with tax by the time I used coupons. They clerk let me stack coupons which was pretty cool. I had a $10 we miss you coupon and she stacked another one for me.

My boyfriend got me a new Vera Bradley purse in Garnett Red (favorite color) so that’s exciting too.

Haul: Cover FX Halo liquid highlighter and Aurora glitter liquid. I’ve been eyeing them a long time and with the discount I couldn’t hold out anymore.
Weekend plans: Work, TV (rewatching The Wire and Hunter x Hunter), homework for my statistics class
What is your usual evening routine like? Lots of cuddling on the couch with my partner, usually a really late dinner because we’re both awful at starting cooking before 8 or 9:00.

The Wire. Best show ever. Great concept, years dedicated to a theme. Now I will watch virtually anything with a Wire actor and anything Idris Elba I can get my eyes on, good or not. Loved the drug dealers and the school kids years best (1 & 3.) The plots are great, but the screenplays and acting are just killer.

It’s the absolute best. It’s incredible that it premiered in 2002(!!!) and is just so well executed it doesn’t feel dated. Actually a lot of it feels heartbreakingly current… But yeah, for sure one of the all time great TV shows. 🙂

I LOVE Halo Coverfx. Apparently so much I purchased it twice my accident lol (I was looking through my collection and found a second bottle). I love using this to mix into my really matte foundations like Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation. I like it makes it less matte but doesn’t make me shiny.

I got Aurora too in the sale, It looks so pretty. I hope I can make them work, and not have too much glitter. I also got Blossom highlighter and the color adjusting drops. I love the pigment drops so much, they can really step up the look up foundation.

Hope you love your goodies 🙂

Late reply but the glitter is so good! I actually misremembered the name of the shade I got (it was really Luna, the blue-multicolored one), but honestly I feel like Aurora would function the exact same way. I’ve used it as a spot highlighter, veery lightly for dewy sparkle skin, and even on the body like the Fenty body luminizers. It’s good for everything!! And surprisingly–dare I say it?–tasteful?

Haul: a new compact of Lise Watier Multi Fini Powder Foundation; samples of rms Beauty’s “Un-cover” in shades 00 and 01 so I can see which, if either, might work for me

Weekend plans: gym, some groceries, picking up a shower gift…that’s about it

Evening routine: watch Coronation Street, tidy up, hang out with hubby. We both get up early so on “school nights” that we head to bed early. I change into pj’s (if I haven’t already), brush teeth, take off makeup/cleanse face and then put on my night skin care. On alternate nights, I shower before bed rather than in the morning so if it’s a shower night, that will precede the changing into pj’s, etc. Evening is also when I toss in laundry (our laundry room is on the 2nd floor of our house so it’s easy for me to then throw everything into the dryer and hang what requires hanging up before I go to bed. In winter, I turn on the heating pad to warm up the bed/warm my feet, I charge up my mp3 player (“quaint”, I know) and generally fall asleep listening to an audio book.

I love my electric blanket in winter too Mariella. I couldn’t live without it. Where we live is near to the mountains and the night time temperature gets really chilly.

What a gorgeous photo of Mellon, Christine – surrounded by all the Easter themed work. Just beautiful.

Haul: To my absolute amazement, Priceline, our budget beauty shoe here in Aus., had Maybelline’s Coffee Spark (normally we don’t get the current US shades until 6 months later or more) on sale. So I quickly snatched it up. It is a glorious shade.
My EA lipsticks arrived: Honeysuckle – a beautiful rosy nude, Georgia Peach – a shimmery peachy shade and the Too Faced Honey Bear. The latter two I gave to my daughter in law for her birthday this week and she just loves them. Honey Bear, which I know is one of your favourites Christine, really suits her and she hasn’t stopped wearing it.

Weekend Plans: Nothing much on the horizon here as we have had the grandchildren a lot this week and our house is just recovering. So lots of laundry, ironing and shopping.
The Commonwealth Games are on here so I will be watching that.

Evening routine: It is quite different now to when I was working full time – then I was in bed by 9.30 or so.
Usually by 8.30 I have cleaned the kitchen and I am happily settled reading a book (I always have a couple of books to read) or watching a TV program that I like. Sometimes I do watch a DVD.
By 10 pm I have had a shower, cleansed my makeup off, I always use oils on my face – either Chia Seed oil or Argon oil, then serum and after awhile night moisturizing cream. Another little read and I am off to bed.

Haul: Lila palette, Colourpop New Theory lippie set plus Lux lipsticks in Afterglow, Dream Easy, Angel City and Unravelled, RCMA foundation, Olay super structure moisturiser and eye serum and a cheap and cheerful face scrub thing from the supermarket that smells delicious.

Weekend plans: Brunch with my BFF, general avoidance of cleaning the bathroom. Maybe get a haircut because while it currently looks lovely, it is a major hassle to keep it manageable. 4 – 6 inches off should sort it out 🙂

Evening routine: Double cleanse with oil and then Erno Lazslo, eye cream, Korres wild rose serum and either a sleeping mask or rich moisturizer (I’m not quite sure what the difference is, to be honest, but whatever) or I use a retenoid or glycolic treatment a couple of times a week too. I do that right before I go to bed but other than that, I don’t really have a routine – I just go to bed when I get tired.

Oh, I got the Urban Decay Sin Afterglow palette as well – it’s so underwhelming I forgot all about it, even though I used it this morning.


But the thing I am learning with ND eyeshadows is that while they have amazing pigmentation and blend very well, they have very different textures and require different tools for application, shade dependent. So they require a lot more experimentation and work, they are definitely not just a “slap it on and go” type deal. Beautiful shades and top quality, no arguments there, but I can see why not everyone loves them.

It’s a little disconcerting to find your usual application techniques are suddenly not working with such an expensive and hyped product and that packing on a gorgeous shimmer shade suddenly gives you crepey texture issues – I have to admit, it’s been frustrating at times but I am getting there. I do love it but it’s not been effortless 🙂

I will throw my 2 cents worth in here even though neither of you asked for it, LOL. I did not like the one eye shadow palette of Natasha Denona’s that I purchased a few years ago because everything looked so muddy when I was done and there was absolutely no distinction between shades. One thing I learned was that I was way over blending them. They blend really effortlessly and I was blending way past the sweet spot. I have since found that I can use the palette and get really beautiful looks from it but it has taken awhile. A longer than usual learning curve for me!

I always like to hear what you think, Deborah! 🙂

They are definitely easy to blend, that’s a big plus for me. I recently switched all my brushes to Spectrum (and been loving it) but they don’t seem to play as nicely with the ND shadows as most other brands – the mattes are fine but the metallic and chroma crystals need a flatter, less dense brush so I need to pull out all my archived brushes and sort through them to see what works best.

How is that Niod eye serum working out for you?

I am not sure about the NIOD yet. I am using it once a day and so far have been using it at night. I was reluctant to completely stop using my Dr. Dennis Gross eye gel which I had been using twice a day. I think I am going to have to persevere for a while longer before forming an opinion. I don’t hate it.

I am actually glad you made these comments. I have been experiencing exactly what you’re talking about with Viseart, Pat McGrath, and Natasha Denona shadows. I sometimes don’t know if I have the patience to deal with these types of issues, as most of the time I am trying to get ready for work. I am willing to work with shadows if there is instruction available for what type of brushes and primers to use, but if I just have to randomly choose brushes and learn by trial and error, I am definitely not having fun.

Before I took the leap into Viseart about three years ago, I had not previously experienced texture issues with my eyelids. Another issue is the shadows not staying sharp, almost as if they blend together as the day wears on, and then they tend to look messier as the day wears on.

I am beginning to consider whether or not I want to continue investing in these palettes. I have seven palettes from Chanel that work beautifully and require very little effort on my part. I have eyeshadow singles from Urban Decay and Anastasia and MAC that are fabulous.

I agree it’s all about choice and how much time and energy you’re willing to invest in making something work – plus no one likes to suddenly feel incompetent doing something they love! The first few times I used them, I kept thinking “This is not turning out how I thought…” and while it’s tempting to blame the product for a look not working out, I am determined to find a way to master them. But of course, with makeup it’s so subjective and personal so what works for me won’t necessarily work for you or anyone else.

I watched all the tutorials for Lila on Beautylish and I’m just not ever going to wear really heavy, editorial styles like that so that was of limited use. I did discover the pans come out really easily so I might depot them into a larger magnetic palette and see if I can’t find some other shades and finishes they play nicely with.

Maybe I’ll drag out my Chanel quads and have a go with them first! 😉

Haul: Bite Beauty “XO Bite: Prep, Line and Color Lip Set” as I couldn’t resist.

Weekend plans: Maybe baking something (and by baking I mean directing my mom baking as I can’t physically bake these days) and trying out Haste’s Kitchen’s Chicken Kebab recipe (once again directing not cooking because bodies suck). Not much else.

What is your usual evening routine like?: Physio, meditation (the Headspace app is a game changer!), just try to chill for a while, usually watch some tv or play one of the two games I play (The Sims & Civilization). Shower, brush teeth, do the skincare stuff. Take my meds, watch an episode of whatever tv show I’m working my way through while they kick in, head to bed.

I use Headspace personally and I recommend it to my therapy clients. Mindfulness is such an amazing practice, I sometimes think there are no human problems that cannot be improved by regular practice. I use it with clients for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, chronic pain, and addictions.

I have generalized anxiety disorder and chronic pain, which of course causes some situational depression and stress so I fit right in that bubble. I have a lot of practitioners I’m starting to work with, including a very good pain psychologist and everything from osteopaths and acupuncture to vascular types, but all are on board with meditation as a helpful step.

Mellan should grace the cover of Martha Stewart Living. That’s what Martha should be. Haul: been very good from Ulta, only a Stila convertible color in Magnolia, nude mauve. Very good no m/u shade for me, but I fear I might be starting to eat cream blush again, it’s that subtle. CP: was not so good. SSS in cusp, Issa, frog, wittle, luckfully; HL in rocket science (love,) LLS in Gallop (needed that…NOT!) and 27; vacation mode PS palette, pretty much pigment palette, and PS crown jewel single. A fetch lippie pencil was thrown in (?freebie) and I use clear, so will try it as an eye pencil and doubtless live to regret it. W/e: SSDW and stepping down from the gabapentin. It’s not really working. Reading one of the last Kinsey Millhones from the late Sue Grafton and one of the Holland family James Lee Burke. My bank merged; all the cards and online have been down for a week. Pesty, but worse for them. Big mess. It actually snowed yesterday and today, so again, What Spring? I put all non washable winter coats and accessories away, not very bright. Snuggin’ with the pups. Our therapy dog at Thursday day job had to retire and is soon for the Rainbow Bridge. Very devastated. He was perfect, mostly AmStaff mix, genial, tolerant, unflappable. He gave our developmentally disabled clients so much pleasure, serenity, and self-regulation. We’re getting a frenchie, but Hathaway was one of a kind, like Mellan. Night routine: if not working, entertainment, dog snugging, and sheet/masks, double or triple cleanse, differin, and usually snail gel. Work nights: get home at 11, often it’s just cleansing wipes (skin food rice), differin, zonk on the couch with pups, watching ID discovery.

Haul: Nothing this week. Saving up for VIB Rouge sale!!

Weekend plans: Nothing exciting. This is the last weekend that my ex will be here as he is leaving Tuesday morning so our daughter is home for the weekend. We are finishing up packing, loading his truck and rearranging TV’s. When he moved up here 2.5 years ago he purchased a giant screen TV which had to be put in the living room. The TV that I had there went up to my daughter’s room, the TV from her room went to his room and the one in his room to my room. Crazy to have so many TV’s!!! So needless to say, he is taking his monster TV with him home to Georgia so we were busy doing everything in reverse. I am happy about the TV situation. I was never a big fan of super huge TV’s and actually hardly watch any TV myself. I am fixing a special dinner and that is about it.

My evening routine: Not sure if this is just referring to makeup removal routine or what I normally do in the evening but I usually watch a few YT videos, (currently hooked on Live Cam of three pregnant feral cats at a rescue just outside of Vancouver, BC), I also multi-task and read a couple of different books. After that I will remove my makeup and frequently put a mask on (like 3 times a week) and then I get into bed and do a few Sudoku’s. My makeup removal process is an oil cleanser, Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil, Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey cleanser, mask if doing one, spray with Pixi Milky Mist, Sunday Riley Good Genes, Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Eye Serum, Belif Eye Gel, Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer, Tatcha Water Balm and generally a face oil (I rotate through different ones). I slather moisturizer onto my hands and oil on my cuticles.
There is another aspect of my nightly routine that is just a little OCD, well maybe a lot OCD!! I can’t go to bed until the living room is returned to perfect order. Pillows need to be fluffed and put in the correct place, etc. I am better about it than I use to be, having a husband and child doesn’t lend itself to having everything perfect all of the time but it is still my preference to straighten up before bed.

Haul: From Net-A-Porter: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Facial masks, Hollywood Beauty Wand in Spotlight, Multi-Miracle Glow Cleanser, and Air Brush Flawless Finish Powder.

Weekend Plans: Finalize taxes, continue organizing/decluttering, lunch or early dinner out Saturday or Sunday.

Usual Evening Routine: Make dinner (me, spouse, or both), watch evening news and a show or two together, with the cat shifting between laps over the course of the evening.

I try to set aside at least 30 minutes in the evening for my skincare routine, which involves various peptides, serums, and creams with a focus on hydration, anti-aging, brightening, reducing redness, etc. I like when I can take my time for skincare in the evenings as it sometimes can feel rushed in the morning as I’m eager to get past skincare to get ready for the day.

Haul: I ordered the Juvia’s Palace Magic palette last week but it won’t be here until Wednesday. Picked up some false lashes, including the magnetic ones from Ardell.

Weekend plans: I’m at a belly dance festival all weekend! It started on Thursday. I’m taking workshops, performing, watching lots of shows, shopping, and socializing with friends. And Sunday night my partner and I will go out for a nice dinner because it’s Restaurant Week here, so I made reservations for us to cap off the weekend.

Evening routine: Brush my teeth and other hygiene stuff, write in my journal, sometimes meditate, and then read in bed until I fall asleep 🙂


*Sephora (sale page) — UD Naked Basics (A rare backup item for me, but for $19 I did it. I’m close to hitting pan on a couple shades.); NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette; Becca Light Chaser Highlighter in Opal Flashes Jade; UD Vice Lipsticks in Zealot, Wonderland, and Sabotage.

*Macy’s ($25 gift card) — Tarte Be a Mermaid & Make Waves Palette. With the gift card covering most of the cost, I caved and bought it for my collection.

*ColourPop — Pressed Powder Face Duos in Just Dew It, Winging It, and Clockwork; Pressed Powder Shadow in Glass Bull; Lux Lipstick in Cheetah and Getty.

*Notoriously Morbid — Premium Semi Loose Multichrome Shadow in Destiny; new Kills With Poison Pressed Shadow; and loose e/s in Confused All The Passing Piranhas.

Weekend plans: I’ve had a migraine the last four days, so I’m hoping that will clear up, and I can do some laundry and spend some time with my hubby. We’ve hardly seen each other this week.

What is your usual evening routine like?: Not very structured. I never know what will be happening with my back (I was rear-ended almost 4 years ago, and I still have back and sciatic nerve pain). I usually spend some time with the kids, make sure everyone gets fed, brush my teeth, take a shower every other night (every night tends to make my eczema worse). My hubby gets home from work at 9 p.m. at the earliest, so I try to see him before he heads off to bed. I’m a night owl with severe, chronic insomnia. So in the wee hours of the evening I’m usually working on writing articles on my computer. I usually go to bed between 3 a.m. – 5 a.m., which is hardly evening any more. lol

Thanks! The last couple days they’ve been more borderline. I was able to drive yesterday. Mostly now I’m just fatigued and “hung over” feeling. It’s the weather changes and pine pollen setting off the migraines, I’m sure.

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