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  • Haul: Hourglass palette
  • Weekend plans: I need to clear out the “mail room,” which is effectively my front entry area as it is overflowing with products that need to be sorted (donations, review later, review sooner, etc.). (I didn’t do it last weekend.)
  • What’s your favorite way to relax?: Just cuddling with Mellan or my husband,
    maybe watching HGTV!

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lol I love the weekly pics of Mellan

Haul: I bought an EcoBeauty flat kabuki brush from TJ Maxx, and it’s so good!

Weekend plans: Work on my art journal…I hope lol
Saturday I have to bring one sister to a teaching test and drop off supplies to another sister away at school.
Monday I will probably move in a sister to start year 2.

What’s your favorite way to relax?: I love reading books but lately just catching up with my favorite YT videos I’ve missed, usually vlogs

I call them my big sister duties lol
My sister is starting year 2 of college. I’ve pretty much helped all my sisters with moving into university unless it’s a work day.

I’ll probably be this busy, if not more until I hibernate from January to March lol

Haul: I post 2 videos for my IMATS Toronto haul because I got so much… My list in the description is for both because I haven’t had the time to time stamp everything. lol
It’s in the bottom link my post with photos as well.

Weekend plans: I going to FanExpo on Saturday. Getting up at 5:30am to get ready for the day. I’m still hand stitching some loose threads on my Merida dress but she is done.
Photo of it.

What’s your favorite way to relax?: Marathon a Series. 😉

haha, my in-law’s bichon sleeps upside down like that 🙂

Haul: Yes To Tomatoes charcoal mask and a couple Burts Bees lip balms from Target. I also found a signed Ray Bradbury first edition at a used bookstore and I think I’m going to get a display case for it so I can have it on my art desk.

Weekend Plans: A friend recently moved to Chicagoland so we’re going to her place Saturday to help her finish unpacking & setting up. Other than that just minor stuff around the new house – this weekend concentrating on getting the loft in order.

Favorite way to relax: Reading. Doing charcoal drawings. Going on walks and playing pokemon go 🙂

A signed Ray Bradbury first edition book??? I am thrilled beyond expression for you. I’m so glad you are creating a beautiful home for it. Isn’t it funny what is put into our paths? I hope you enjoy it!

Haul: Nothing this week, but I did RSVP “Yes” to the VIB Rouge holiday preview sale next weekend… so I’m saving my money for that 🙂

Weekend plans: Finally going out for a nice dinner with the gift certificate my partner’s work teammates sent him months ago! Plus lots of chores and errands and Netflix and video games. Since it’s a three day weekend the plan is Saturday: Fun times out and about. Sunday: Chores and errands. Monday: Relaxing day at home.

How I like to relax: A cup of tea, a good book, and snuggling with my pets.

Haul: nothing! How good am I?
Weekend plans: older son comes home from his deployment and, of course, as it is a busy time AND a long weekend, my car’s gas door thingy has suddenly gone on the fritz and the gas door won’t stay closed. The dealer has a slot for me tomorrow at 10:30 am which may end up being the most amazingly convenient timing or really bad timing depending on when our son’s plane arrives!
My favourite way to relax: either a hot yoga class or a yoga nidra guided meditation (I’m not all that spiritual or stuff but when I went to my first yoga nidra, I was absolutely blown away).

That’s funny Mariella, because the door on my husband’s car has gone wonky too and won’t close. We’re getting it fixed on Monday. It was so annoying.
And you’re a very good girl for resisting temptation on buying makeup. I’m shopping my stash at the moment and it’s like I have a Sephora in my bathroom cabinet, bench etc I have so much stuff.

Genevieve, I think I’ve said in past that my stash is so overwhelming to me that I often don’t enjoy it and so end up falling back on a few products, using them again and again because it’s so much “mental clutter” to have all this stuff and trying to remember to use it. It’s not like I don’t love the stuff I’ve amassed; it’s not like I want to purge and get rid of some of it but it’s just that there’s so much that it’s easiest to fall back on my “old reliables” especially for eyes – 2 Chanel quads, the original Naked palette, a self-made MAC quad (Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Mulch and Charcoal Brown).

Count me in on this too. I’ve been falling in love with my stuff all over again. And, really, what have we seen that is truly new? How can it be? There are only so many shades of eye, cheek, bronze, and lip colors that make sense. Likely we have multiples of what we like and looks good on us. We all have the latest and greatest in terms of various formulas. My Paris trip, when I brought so little and needed even less, opened my eyes. I’m good for now.

What a sweet, avid expression on your baby boy. We melt every week.
Haul: used bluemercury this week. They have the Nars that isn’t at Sephora. Just want to say not to leave them out of your purchase decisions. Low key, calm, not overly busy or picked over. Their anniversary bag has a large selection of 21 DSs, and is more reminiscent of Neiman’s goody bags than anyone else’s gwps. Everything from cleansers and blender cleansers through a petite La Mer is included, scent, mini laguna stick….a haul in and of itself. And my new furniture. Since it’s sunbrella, the dog hair brushes off easily! Plans: ssdw, with Sat off. Night job Sunday and Monday. Did not screw up the schedule and lose a day off…. Think the North Atlantic will be written off, as it was 54 degrees this am. Relax: anything that involves patting the dogs and lying or sitting around is relaxing. Reading, tv, iPad…Though I don’t know how such noisy, vigilant creatures can relax anyone. Especially close neighbors and their dogs!

Haul: The KVD Plum Quad, but it’s only for my sister for Christmas. Just sitting and waiting for ND Lila palette to release!
Weekend plans: Relaxing and possibly a boating adventure…?
What’s your favorite way to relax?: Since finishing my masters I have been find more time for relaxing and now I find I love to just cuddle up and read!

Haul: None lately, though I’m lemming eyeshadows from various sources
Weekend plans: Mainly “surfing the ‘net;” I think I’m coming down with a cold
What’s your favorite way to relax? Unfortunately, shop online!

I hope you don’t catch a cold – it always happend when the seasons transition. Luckily I have been cold free this year. We take horseraddish and garlic tablets and that seems to help.

Weekly Mellan photos are one of my favorite things on Temptalia! I love his twisted position here. I’ve caught my canine son sleeping in all sorts of bizarre configurations over the years.

No makeup (OMG!!), but I bought a 1.7 oz. bottle of Origins Ginger Essence fragrance, which came with a free gift of a cosmetic bag containing A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser, A Perfect World Age-Defense Treatment Lotion, and Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.

Weekend Plans:
Family, chores, Twin Peaks finale (What will I do with my Sunday nights when it’s over?)

Favorite Way to Relax:
Curled up with my dog, watching a movie, and noshing on yummy snacks

Haul: Wet N Wild three pan shadows in “Silent Treatment and Sweet as Candy”, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lipstick in “Rouge”, Ciate Lip Flip in “Infamous” and Glow to Illuminate blush in “Matchmaker”. I was interested in picking up another of the Ciate Lip Flip colors but in the length of time it took me to check-out it sold out so now must wait for it to re-stock.
Weekend plans: My ex-husband’s sister is having open heart surgery in Georgia so he is leaving to drive from Montana to Georgia to be with her during and after surgery. Consequently any further painting on the exterior of the house will have to wait until he returns and if he doesn’t get back before winter comes it won’t be finished until next spring. Not ideal but no other option at this time. He finished the inside ceilings and I can paint the walls so that will go forward.
Favorite way to relax: I love scrapbooking and genealogy so I work on my family tree when I need some down time. Scrapbooking is my creative outlet and I haven’t been able to do it for awhile as we have been working on the craft room and everything is in boxes.

I hope your sister in law’s surgery goes well and that she isn’t in too much pain after the operation. Hopefully, your ex husband will be back in time to finish the house.


More lipalooza…Smashbox Moscow Mulled, Iced Out, Haterade. Anastasia American Doll, Kat’s Backstage Bambi(wonders how drying the last two will be).

CP Yes Please Palette, and lippies in Mrs., Chandelier and Calypso. And got some kind of free highlighter. I think I have enough lippies now lol. I was thinking to get Socialite CR..but wondering if it would be too white for me. Empathy is ok when mixed with another color…it is pretty drying to me..and it is more of a matte than a satin on me. So, I am not even going to attempt at their matte lip paints. I am going to avoid mattes a bit I today’s formulas are so drying for the most part..sometimes when even labeled as a satin finish.

Tom Ford just released a perfume call F-ng Fabulous..between that and the Basic B palette..maybe there will be a new trend as far as names go..but hope not haha.

Plans dunno..probably tiding up the porch as there is a pigeon who has been liking to hang out on there lately…I need to kindly tell him to find another place to hang. Lol

Haul: Kat Von D palettes set to arrive, Just got a Korean skin care haul too.

Weekend: Moving nonstop, so tired.

Favorite ways to relax: Vacation, sleeping, and reading. Playing with my pups, massage, and a nice meal/glass of wine are high up there too. Kitty cuddles. I guess hubby cuddles but he’s often more trouble than he’s worth ; )

Haul: Colourpop Yes Please palette. I bought quite a bit of disappointing make up from colourpop in 2015, gave it all away, and decided I was done. I heard so many good things about Yes Please so I decided to break my two year Colourpop no-buy. I have gotten a chance to play with the palette (I posted a look using it that will be posted at Temptalia on Saturday) and I have to admit the shadows are pretty good. I especially love the yellow, as my other red/orange palettes are missing yellow, which looks amazing when used to blend out orange and red transition shades.

Weekend plans: Still trying to hang cabinet doors, lol.

Favorite way to relax: Watching make up application videos?

LOL! This may well be the funniest pic of Sir Mellan that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing! My Scunch-muffin, likes to sleep in awkward, hilarious positions as well!

Haul: *Finally* received my bottle of Sunday Riley UFO! Did not realize just how large that bottle would be, that’s a LOT of product! Also picked up Huda Lip Strobe in Fearless the other day. I love how it looks very different in various lighting! Strange but pretty?

Weekend plans: Feeling very lazy lately. Probably because late summer in AZ sucks all the life-force out of me. But my roots are in need of a touch-up…I prewashed yesterday. Let’s see if I actually get the energy to finish the job! Haven’t done a full, thorough mani in 3 weeks, just toes and then my 2 basecoat/nail strengthener on fingernails. I need an Energizer Bunny battery! ?

Favorite way to relax: A trip to the beach!!! It’s been 13 long years since I last saw the ocean. Which is so crazy, because when we lived in NJ, we went down to the Jersey shore every single summer multiple times each year! I need to go there to get refreshed and revived.??⛱

Laughed so hard at that Mellan expression. 😀

Haul: Two Aveda perfumed hair mists, some more My Beauty Diary sheet masks. This morning I ordered more of the ELxVB collection from the VB website (Saffron/Vanille eye duo, the Java and Saphir eye kohls, the lipsticks in Victoria and Black Cassis…I really want the Burnished Rose but it’s impossible to tell what type of pink it is and that makes a difference so I’ll wait to see the pictures start trickling in online…the other two eye products I want were already sold out (the navy/orange eye duo and the blonde mink eye metal) so I’ll order those when they release in the US). Hoping for the best.
Weekend plans: Dropping vehicle off for maintenance, working on my final paper for this semester, counting down the hours until next Tuesday when I can drop the youngest off to get her spayed. Waiting with excitement and dread for the Twin Peaks finale…I don’t want it to end! I waited 25 years for this and it has gone so fast. (After I watch the finale I’ll probably spend next week binge watching the final season again.)
What’s your favorite way to relax?: I do love couch cuddles with The Man. I also love to read and I’ve been making good use of the Kindle library on my computer to devour every book that piques my interest.

That picture of Mellan made me LOL! So cute!

Haul: Nars Blissful blush- so pretty, MAC Extended Play mascara- I heard it was good for bottom lashes, MAC Cork lip pencil, Nars Creamy concealer in Caramel- used my old one up. Can’t wait to see your review on the Hourglass blush palette. I almost brought it

Weekend Plans: May catch a few Labor day sales. I need new bathroom rugs. I brought nice fluffy one from Martha Stewart and they shed like crazy!! Barbecue some hot dogs and hamburgers, binge watch Claws, Broad Church and The Handmaidens Tale

What’s your favorite way to relax? : Reading, watching tv , and meditation helps me chill

ColourPop: Pressed Powder Highlighter (S’il Vous Play, Angel Food), Brow Boss Pencil (Soft Black), Brow Boss Gel (Clear), Precision Brow Pencil (Jet Set Black). Just shipped.

Creed: Viking (Sample). Haven’t received yet.

Gallagher Fragrances: Evergreen Dream (Sample). Just shipped.

Hermes: Twilly d’Hermes EDP, Eau d’orange verte (Sample). Review of twilly is on my fragrance blog.

Jo Malone: English Oak & Redcurrent and English Oak & Hazelnut (Samples). Hasn’t shipped.

La Natura: CocoVanilla Shea Butter (3: Buy 2, Get 1 Free)

Lime Crime: Metallic Velvetines (Seashell Bra). Haven’t received yet.

Lip Smacker: Tsum Tsum Duo (Jack & Sally, 2), Tsum Tsum (Darth Vader, Eeyore, Tigger, Cheshire Cat). Haven’t received yet.

Saks: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint (Sample). Haven’t received yet.

Saucebox Cosmetics (10% off): Autumn Goddess. Just shipped.

Solstice Scents: Perfume Extrait Sampler 10 Pack (Black Forest, Jack & The Devil, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, Corvin’s Apple Fest, Kitchen, Nightgown, Violet Mallow, Rose Mallow Cream, Conjure, Guardian)

Tarte (20% off): LE Mermaid Kisses Lipstick Set, LE Metallic Treats Glitter Liner Set, Birthday Gift. Ordered this morning.

Ulta (20% off): Nyx Brights Ultimate Shadow Palette (thanks Katherine!), Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation (Ivory), Blush (Shy Pink), and Eye Shadow (Countryside Lavender – GWP), Frank Body Creamy Face Scrub, Estee Lauder Smoothing Primer (deluxe sample)

Ulta ($50 gift card): UD Vice Liquid Lipstick Metallized (Flashback, Cruel), UD Vice Liquid Lipstick Comfort Matte (Psycho). Ulta split up my order. I’ve only received Cruel.

Urban Decay: Vice Lipstick (Heartache – Metallized). Swatch posted on my Instagram. this morning.

Urban Decay: Troublemaker Mascara (Sample). Meant to try this today but didn’t do makeup.

Urban Decay: Urban Tool Carryall, After Glow Highlighter (Sin – Birthday GWP). Ordered this morning but already shipped.

Weekend plans: I had a spa day today for my birthday: facial, mani, pedi. Tonight my daughter’s coming over and we’re getting carryout (Chinese). Tomorrow I may be meeting my Mother for lunch. At some point over the weekend I’m going to Ulta for my free Nyx birthday palette.

What’s your favorite way to relax?: Driving (not highway) listening to the radio.

This scarcely qualifies as a “haul,” but I recently scored Stila “Rain,” one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows; it’s discontinued, and the one I had got lost.
I found one on eBay, and by the time I got through paying for overseas shipping, the total was > $30.
Oh, well …
Anybody know of a dupe?

Happy birthday Michelle! I would love to try those Jo Malone Scents, and I love the names of some of the others, such as Corvin’s Apple Fest and Violet Mallow!

Tammy, Jo Malone had an offer posted for free samples (which is how I ordered them). Looks like it’s expired now – I checked for you. You should be able to call the Jo Malone counter at Neiman Marcus online. They’re usually pretty accommodating at sending out samples. I’ve just started testing the Solstice Scent samples I ordered. I’m only 2 in but they’ve both been good (great gourmand scents). I’ve got one review posted to my fragrance blog and will get the other one done soon. The sample set wasn’t terribly expensive.

Haul: They just renovated the Sephora in my local mall, so I went to the grand opening and picked up a few things, mostly replenishment: origins ginsing face wash, beauty blender, la vanila deodorant, bare minerals complexion rescue tinted moisturizer, shisheido cotton pads, Sephora collection coconut lip balm. Essie nail polishes in topless and barefoot, lady like and knee high. Mac fix +.
Weekend plans: Going to Vermont for the holiday weekend. Going to get the first dose of fall weather.
What’s your favorite way to relax?: Going to the beach weather permitted, or watching one of my favorite shows.

Haul: Chantecaille – Save the Forest palette and Matte Chic liquid lip in Linda;

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lipsticks in 503 Fatale and 600 Garconne, I’m loving them so much I placed an order for two more shades (just shipped);

Sephora – Grabbed the new luxury Play box which comes with the AmorePacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream, Diorshow mascara, SK-II Essence mini, Tom Ford Indian Rose mini, Hourglass Mineral Veil mini and Flowerbomb mini, I got a Fresh Sugar Caramel lip balm

Jo Malone – English Oak and Hazelnut (large size) and English Oak and Redcurrant samples.

CVS – Essie Gel Couture polish in Touch Up and the topcoat

Weekend plans: Just chill out and have a BBQ with friends (potentially indoor if it rains like it’s supposed to)

What’s your favorite way to relax?: Watch Netflix, read or go shopping

Thanks Genevieve, I’m sure I am going to love it once I finally dip in. I’m going to hold out for the rain to pass to try to get some good pictures and swatches and then it will be fair game!

I am really enjoying the balm. It wears well through drinking all day without wearing off completely on the glass. It’s also nice as a nighttime treatment so I wake up with hydrated lips. Bonus is it smells amazing!

I haven’t had any feathering or bleeding with the Armani Ecstasy Shines. They’re very hydrating on the lips, but I haven’t found them to slide all over my face or anything. Definitely a winner for me.


Spent the full week with a client at their annual meeting in Rochester, NY, so zero time for anything. Fits in with my no-buy, low-buy state of mind. 🙂 Possibly the best biz trip ever! Hubby came to the meeting mid-way, and we were able to tour the Erie Canal on a boat named for his (quite possibly mad) great, great, great+++ uncle, Sam Patch. The crew made a big fuss (never had a relative visit), and told him is was a “highlight of the season.” Very fun. 🙂

Two of our sons are moving, so as much as we want to stay OUT of it, we moved mattresses and other stuff today. We kept the weekend open to help them. Also, I’m leaving for a biz trip to LA next weekend, and with the crazy work week I have in place, I am already packing. Life is bountifully busy!

Relax? Hanging out “bored” with my hubby at home! On the flip side, away from home touring and experiencing a European cosmopolitan city, I do enjoy the yin-yang of extremes!

Funny about adult children, you are always there to help them. It’s lovely that you had some time to explore Rochester – sounds like a beautiful place.

Linda, Our oldest son and wife just moved back to the midwest from Colorado in August. We tried to stay out of it too, but my husband ended up taking a day off to go help them move their furniture. We are getting new furniture for our mid-level house renovation project, so there will be more trips to the St. Louis area to deliver our donated furniture to them.

Tested Satellite, man that is messy stuff right there. Five or six times trying to scrub off with make up remover and I gave up. I put lip balm underneath it too lol. Lol three dark blue stains that won’t budge and and overall blue stain to the I ate a very dyed candy of some kind..but put it all over my lips. A blueberry popsicle or jawbreaker. Fun shade..not so fun to take off..stained my fingers too lol..cause somehow I got it on them and teeth transfers lol. A bit too messy..not sure if I will get Razzle..but I might anyway.

Also tested Iced Out…a dark metallic blue…made my teeth look wretched color but another fun shade.

Oh Mellon – you’re such a lovely clown!

Haul: nothing this week

Weekend plans: On Saturday we are going over to my sister’s place, as she has just been released from hospital. She was admitted last Monday night because of her diverticulitis being so inflamed due her diabetes medication. She was given a bucketful of antibiotics, painkillers and stomach calming medication and is now much better.
Sunday is Father’s Day here, so we are having the gang over for dinner.

Favourite way to relax: Reading a good book is number one, going out for dinner with friends/family, listening to music and catching up on recorded TV programs.

I am glad your sister is out of the hospital. I am sending healing thoughts her way.

Enjoy your father’s day dinner!

Thank you Tammy – that’s kind of you. We had a lovely Father’s Day dinner and the most interesting aspect was Lachlan (19 months now) deciding that he loved the tomato sauce bottle! He grabbed hold of it, cuddled it and refused to share with anyone who geniunely wanted some tomato sauce! It’s amazing what interests little folk.

Haul: More things for nail art (makeup sponges, stamping plates, vinyls) a few poishes from the OPI Icelandic collection and a few Floss Gloss polishes.
Weekend Plans: Giving my self a manicure, laundry and cooking for the week.
What’s your favorite way to relax?: Lately it’s been giving myself a manicure and doing nail art. I find tutorials on youtube and then replicate them. It’s great because there are many without any talking at all that are only about 3 or 4 minutes long. Aside from that, it would be walking, having a cup of tea after a long day, or meeting friends at one of the wineries for a glass after work.

Haul: Labor Day sale at my local CCO: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 and a 4-pan palette (additional 30% off), and Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze and Estee Edit White Mud Exfoliating Scrub & Mask (extra 50% off) – all for $61 incl tax.

Weekend plans: Hopefully sit near a lake and enjoy the warm weather before it turns cool, and organize products stored in a bathroom cabinet (carry forward from last weekend).

What’s your favorite way to relax? Doing something and giving it my full attention, like enjoying the lake on a warm day, watching a favourite tv series or sports team, and enjoying a well-made, espresso-laced drink.

Haul: I haven’t tried most of this stuff yet, but I’ve made some pretty good hauls.
* Sephora — Kat von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum ($15); Smoke & Mirrors Grayscale Mini Lip Everlasting Liquid Lip Duo; Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick in Televator, Reverb, Razzle, and Wizard. Ciate London Glitter Flip in Iconic, Siren, and Fortune. BareMinerals set 500 pt. perk.
*Coastal Scents (50% off sitewide sale) — Summer Breeze, Painted Lady, Safari Dreams, Fuchsia Fairy, and Jardin Bloom eyeshadow palettes; an empty 28-color palette and Hot Pots to fill it with (mostly shades of red, fuchsia, yellow, orange and green); and the Blushed Too palette. GWP — tub of cocoa butter.
*Dolls Kill (clearance) — LA Splash Metallic Liquid Lipsticks in Frida, El Catrin, and La Bella Muerte. Also some jewelry.

Weekend plans: The family is going to see The Hitman’s Bodygaurd this weekend. I desperately need to go grocery shopping. I didn’t go last week due to migraines, and my cupboards are bare. I need to color my hair roots.

What’s your favorite way to relax?: Going to the coast. At home: Cuddling on the coach with hubby and watching TV or a movie.

Haul: Haven’t had too much time to go shopping but today I stopped by the CCO and picked up MAC Kinda Sexy and Naturally Transformed lipsticks. Also Tan and Blue Brown pigments and Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Blush. They had a 30% off of everything sale so how could I resist:)

Weekend plans: Nothing too specific. Just relaxing before school starts next week!

Favorite Way To Relax: Put in some movie marathon and just veg. There is a Harry Potter marathon this weekend. They do this a lot but I get sucked in every time though:)

Mellan, the twister!
*Sephora – KVD Glimmer Veil Lips in Televator- purple color and glitter is stunningly OTT, but wear time is terrible. I ate a meal with only light oil, and 85% of it was gone, nowhere near 24 hr wear, more like 24 minutes! Will keep, as the color is beautiful, and it’s easy to re-apply, plus it leaves a very strong stain behind, will look great under other lip toppers, GWP BITE Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Verbena ( love!), VIB Rouge Renewal Gift Sephora Pro Mini Flawless Airbrush
*GWP Laura Mercier Matte Caviar Shadow Stick in Au Natural- super curious, as these launched with very little fanfare, and there have been very few reviews or swatches of their new matte shadow sticks. It’s big winner! Easy to apply and blend (you do have to be quick though), and once it sets, it doesn’t budge on my oily lids with primer, lasted at least 12 hrs before I took it off. I will definitely be looking at other colors, as it’s hard to find matte cream shadows, most are shimmery
*Forever 21- Note Shadow Palette in Blue (good pigment in 2 swipes, haven’t tested yet but colors will make a beautiful moody blue/gray smoky eye, thanks Michelle!), Brite Organix Liquid Hair Chalk in purple
*Ulta 20% off + 10x Points – Maybelline Matte Metallic Lipstick in Molten Bronze ( the green shimmer is cool!) and Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude Lipstick in Raw Chocolate, Revlon Kiss Balm Lip Balm SPF 20 in Sweet Cherry and Crisp Apple (not too crazy about the artificial fruit scent/taste but it mostly dissipates, but love the SPF), 10 small bottles of Purology shampoos/conditioners (want to try the brand), Z palettes
*Relax –warm shower, walks, reading makeup blogs

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