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  • Haul: They’re not here yet, but hopefully today or by Monday… Ciate Lipsticks, Guerlain Lipsticks, Le Labo Santal 33 & City Discovery Set, Dose of Colors Desi x Katy
  • Weekend plans: I’m still extremely behind on everything re: the blog, so that’s all – I’m not allowed to do anything fun until I work through some things on my list.
  • What’s your favorite animal?: Camels! I love Mellan more than any animal,
    period, and while I love dogs, camels have my heart!

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Lesley Avatar

Haul: Caolion Pore Blackhead Steam Pack and Pore Original Pack;
YSL Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain in Rouge Laque;
samples of Benefit Gimme Brow, the two Becca primers, and Bite Agave Lip Mask.

The lipstick got me to Sephora VIB Rouge. I still can’t figure out how I spent so much money there when most of my skincare and hair care products come from elsewhere.

Weekend plans: Christine, I understand the psychic satisfaction that comes from a completed list, but please don’t spend the week-end working. We like the blog just fine as it is.

What’s your favorite animal? It is a toss up between cats and gorillas.

Christine Avatar

Hey Lesley,

I work every weekend – I normally work 7 days a week – if I worked less, the blog would be a total failure, to be honest! But I do need to put in some more hours this weekend than normal since I am behind (well, behind more than usual!).

How do you like the Steam Pack?

Lesley Avatar

We all benefit from your passion, so thank you.

I had a DS of the Caolion duo and found it really effective for the clogged pores on my nose so I bought a full size of it. I find it works better than the Glamglow that I was using before.

Michelle Avatar

Here are just a few reasons: (I have many more)
They’re highly entertaining to watch!
Such great little acrobats, can figure out how to get into any type of feeder, funny to watch them annoy other animals. Plus they’re such cute little buggers.

Erin Avatar

Haul: Got My Sephora play box (disappointing AF this month) and will probably pick up a few staples I’m low on for the points bonanza. IDK how much I’ll buy though. I might pick up that Hourglass lipstick shade I said I’d rather by the Chanel dupe of. There was also one or two stylos from them I want to but holy frack, I have so many lippies. OH and maybe Tarte ROTS II cause it’s on sale for $18. I don’t need it at all so I’m trying to restrain myself.

Weekend: Man, I went to a house showing on Thursday, been jammin’ at work making my company some large sales today. I’m stressed out to the max cause we’re doing so much new stuff at work but I’m ready for the weekend. Plans might be light as my hubby got injured on his last work thing and is on crutches. He’s got a boot and everything… What is currently scheduled is: Shopping for food and a Target run, Brunch with friends coming up from Portland, and a gaming night with friends too. OH and I’ve got a house inspection today, UG.

Fave animal: Oy, I love them all! Horses have always had a special place in my heart and wallet 😛 I love wolves, hippos, polar bears, elephants, dolphins, whales, deer, penguins, tigers… you name it I probably like it. Even ones people don’t like… I love Possums and Skunks. I love all normal pets too. Oh and I have a real weak spot for goats, donkeys, and sheep. BABY COWS OMG. I’d have a menagerie if I could.

Erin Avatar

Yeah, I have been. I’ve been doing it a little over a year, it exposes me to things I wouldn’t normally buy. It introduced me to a couple things, most notably one of my newer fave perfumes and the Christophe Robin Mask!

So now the million dollar question: Chanel Vie or Hourglass I Can’t Live Without?

Mariella Avatar

DONKEYS!!!!! My daughter adopted a donkey 5 or 6 years ago (the donkey has the same name as our beloved Golden Retriever who has been gone for 11 years now!). There is a wonderful donkey sanctuary about an hour’s drive from where we live and we’ve been a few times. It is such an amazing place and they are such incredible animals. The sanctuary takes in those that have been abused or purchased by people who don’t understand their distinct personalities and special needs, especially nutritional needs. They do a lot of teaching and it’s an absolutely beautiful spot.

Julia Avatar

Haul: Nothing beauty related this week, but I ordered a North Face jacket last night for my vacation that I am praying will make its way here before I have to leave! Going to go check out some shoes later today, in person because I can’t take anymore shipping timeline risks lol

Weekend plans: heading to St. Louis this afternoon to see my family, celebrate my brother’s elopment, view the eclipse, and turn one year older! Also hopefully make some more vacation plans because we leave in a week and all I have to show is plane tickets and hotel reservations ?

What’s your favorite animal?: Anything canine! I happen to think I have the greatest puppers in the world, but I really do love all dogs, and wolves, and foxes! They’re just so cute and so intelligent and so wonderful.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: A backup of the skinny Marc Jacobs Blacquer liner (I’ve no way of knowing when it’s going to run out but I’ve used this one daily for 6 months or so and figured I’d better be prepared), Tatcha Classic Polished Rice Enzyme Powder and a sample of the new Becca Pink Haze Soft Light Setting Powder (I think I’ll go back next week and get the full size – I really love it)

Weekend plans: younger son comes home from a week in Montreal so we’ll probably order in his fave Szechuan tomorrow night and we plan to head down to Niagara on the Lake at some point.

Favourite animal: the dog – a Golden Retriever, a Leonberger, a Sheltie or Bearded Collie….there are so many breeds I really, really adore. It’s funny you should say “camel”, Christine. My best friend’s (the one who often comes to stay for the weekend) mom started collecting camel figurines, paintings, carvings, etc. when they all lived in Libya in the 60’s (before Qaddafi chased everyone out). I mean, it’s a bit insane – almost everything in her house has a camel on it (tea pots, wall hangings, carpets, napkin rings, a huge round brass coffee table that is held up by rosewood carved camels….I think it’s the thing that started it and her mother is a woman of questionable taste, lots of money and a mania about owning certain things; my friend worries what the heck she’s supposed to do with the thousands of camel “tschatchkes” when her mother passes away. Maybe I should see about packing it all off to Arizona to a lovely beauty blogger who lives there!

Christine Avatar

Ha, ha! I have a few camel things – a pair of earrings, tote bag, a wooden figurine, not too much stuff, but I can see where having camels on just about everything one owns getting obsessive!

There might not be a cuter puppy than golden retriever puppies… and I say that knowing Mellan was pretty cute as a puppy as a labrador, lol!

Nancy T Avatar

Yep, those are the most enjoyable moments of all! Mellan thinks so, too, I’m thinking. ?

Haul: Just picked up one of Smashbox’s liquid lipsticks in Petal Metal. Not entirely sure what I was thinking! Supposed to receive my Dose Of Color Desi x Katy order today. And a cute kitty t-shirt that was supposed to be in my mailbox yesterday. Also waiting for Dermstore to get the Sunday Riley UFO backorder in.

Weekend plans: Per my usual; hair, nails, and Sunday meeting. Other than that, nothing else planned, which may just be a good thing!

What’s your favorite animal: Easy! Cats. Not just house-pet cats, though. ALL felines. I admire their gracefulness, athleticism, exquisite beauty and their tender, protective love momma cats show towards their young, tenderly picking them up with those super sharp teeth without ever puncturing their kitten/cub flesh. I’m also into sharks! Wouldn’t want to run into one while swimming, but I love watching them swim on the tube during “Shark Week”. But Felines still are #1.

Alice Avatar

Haul: No makeup this week, but we’re starting to replace some of the ugly light fixtures in the new house, so I bought a couple cool chandeliers and a custom pendant light. We might pick up an entertainment center from IKEA this weekend (we’re looking at the Hemnes series).

Weekend plans: Cleaning the garage and hanging the new light fixtures today. Having a few people over to brew beer tomorrow, I’ll probably also do work around the house. Sunday we might go fishing if we aren’t exhausted.

Favorite animal: That’s hard lol. Pangolins, elephants, bats, llamas, peafowl, snakes. My cats obvs 🙂

kjh Avatar

CP came; scored yes, pls before it ran out again. 2SSCs, and a few powder shadows. The palette fell. Thy all dropped out and got that white major messy, though nothing broke. Decided to depot all palettes and save the blank one JIC. Some needed labeling; some did not. Did manage to do an U order. They have a recorded message about code not working, which did clue me in. It was O not 0. W/e grossly ssdd, ssdw, but kind of determined to go in the ocean. Fave animal…so many. Tend towards liking the naughty or homely, like goats, toads, cormorants, vultures. Year of the rat: I have rats all over my house, year round. Camels do count. They can be so ill tempered, spit, and stink it up deliberately, be contrary and fail to take direction. Basically, I think they are refusing to be completely domesticated. Good idea, guys! But have a total bonding with dogs, ‘course.

xamyx Avatar

Haul: A couple of Maybelline Lip Laquers (Tease & the darkest one…), MAC Red Brick, Coppering, Rule, All That Glitters, & Kelly (I also grabbed Goldenrod, Love’s Lure, & Agate on eBay). Last week, I picked up several of the L’Oreal matte lippies, but I haven’t tried them yet, CoverGirl Elixer Foundation in 705 (I have 710, but I fall between the two…), UD Naked Heat & Gash single, several NYX lip pencils, Lancome Teinte Idole foundations in 90 & 130, and a few other random things I can’t think of…

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I was gifted Kat von D Shade + Light Glimmer palette, Sage quad, and concealer in L1, but since it’s a brand I don’t currently support, I haven’t even opened them…

Plans: Go through my wardrobe, decide what to keep, donate, or save for my daughter (she’s starting to fit into some of my old tops!). We just went through my daughters old clothes, and donated two trash bags of barely worn clothing, and it felt good to not only help others, but it helped me to see how grown up she’s become…

Favorite Animal: Cats, of all kinds!

Seraphine Avatar

Melancholy Mellan…adorable!!


The good: I bought their new matte lipstick in Ruby–it’s gorgeous and not overly drying. Love it! The bad: I also bought Dead Roses. I thought I would love this shade, but its extreme matte-ness made it look, well, dead on my lips. But the real problem I had with it was its dryness. It took a lot of tugging to put it on. Once on, it was extremely drying and uncomfortable, and felt a bit crumbly on the inside of my lips after awhile. The second time I tried to wear it, I moisturized my lips very well before applying, and it was better for the first 20 minutes or so, but then got uncomfortably dry again. I wore it around the house for a few hours trying to convince myself that I like it, but I couldn’t wait to take it off. I really, really don’t like returning used makeup, but there’s no way I’d ever wear this one. I’m just glad I bought it at Ulta, where returns are easy. (Since this was a highly-rated shade, I wonder if I just got a bad one somehow.)

Although blue is a bit of a crazy color for me, I wanted to get a blue lipstick for a particular event I am going to in a few weeks and was hoping NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Jet Set would work because it’s so inexpensive. But when I put it on at home to try it out, it didn’t wear well after only an hour, so I went ahead and splurged on…

…Matte Royal!! I like this shade because it’s slightly on the purple side (I think people call it “blurple”), so it’s a bit more wearable than a straight-up blue like NYX Jet Set. I also bought the lipstick Heroine. I already have Men Love Mystery and love it, but I also wanted a purple that’s a bit darker. This one is perfect.

(While on the subject of makeup, Christine, have you seen the new MAC Rollerwheel Eyeliner? Looks interesting for eyeliner-challenged people like me.)

Visit family, chores, Twin Peaks

Definitely dogs, though I adore all animals. Dogs are actually angels in disguise. 🙂

Kalliela Avatar

I have had my eye on Men Love Mystery for a while..seems like a great shade. I thought about gettin Matte Royal..but shade won’t work on me..I am sure. It’s a pretty color though!

CatG Avatar

Haul: No makeup but I have 5 new nail polishes coming in from ILNP!
Weekend plans: I may go play board games tomorrow and in the evening I have a Myers-Briggs meetup, and then Sunday it’s my niece’s going away to college dinner party with the family 🙂
What’s your favorite animal?: Giraffes

CatG Avatar

I don’t really know yet, I just joined the group! I guess there is a facilitator and different topics each time. The one I’m going to this weekend is called NJ’s Demystified 🙂 I think it’ll be fun! I’m an ENFJ btw!

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: A couple more Clinique Shadow Pop Lippies. Made an Ulta haul using 20% discount so stocked up on a few things and also purchased a couple of MAC lipsticks. I recently realized that I didn’t own Ruby Woo, gasp!! I ordered Ruby Woo, Flat Out Fabulous and Relentlessly Red. I also picked up a couple of lip pencils, MAC Soar, Cherry and Chicory, NYX lip pencils in Crushed and Summer Tease and Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipsticks in Mauve Wife and Crush It. GWP a MAC mascara, perfume sampler and a mini size Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick.
Also placed an additional order from Nabla which is coming to the end of their sale. I picked up E/S Juno Moon, Chemical Bond and Selfish. I picked up the Diva Crime Lipsticks in Cosmic Dancer and GOA.
Finally, I found a Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation in the color Porcelain on Ebay for a staggering $9.99 when it was originally around $60.00 so I picked it up. Another clear indication that Chosungah 22 is not making these types of foundations anymore. I follow a YT Gothamista and contacted her as she was the one that turned me on to this foundation and she says they are all over in South Korea so although they appear to be not making it any longer they still have some inventory over there. Wish I could afford to fly there and stock up. I am using the YSL Touche Eclat Cushion Foundation and liking it so far.

Weekend Plans: We are going to Kalispell, Montana on Saturday to pick up a piece of furniture I purchased a week ago and couldn’t bring home then on Sunday we are going to Spokane for a two night stay to have a “girl’s vacation” before my daughter moves back into Missoula and begins to look for work.

Favorite Animal: I love cats and dogs but overall I would say otters are my favorite. I love watching them play in the river and also in the ocean when I lived near the ocean. About 5 years ago my daughter sent me the picture of the momma otter holding her baby up and someone had captioned the picture, “I made dis.” She and I exchange that picture back and forth whenever we are apart for a long period of time. It gets to both of us.

Kalliela Avatar

That is a touching and sweet story! Otters are very cute but never see I am not near the coast.

What are super cute are these Desert Hare bunnies we get though..they are adorable and have super long ears.

I didn’t think of this..but I think I will give myself a thumbs up for the items I didn’t buy this month haha. Should I reward restraint with a purchase though? Lol:) Makes sense. Lol.

Deborah S. Avatar

I think a reward is definitely in order!!
I think little bunnies are so cute. My brother lives on the other side of the river from me and he has adorable Snowshoe bunnies that play in his driveway every morning when he leaves for work. I only live about 3 miles from him, as the crow flies, but we don’t seem to have any bunnies on our side of the river. I keep telling him I am going to trap a couple, hope they are boy and girl, and let them go on my side of the river.

Joan Avatar

Haul: DOC DesixKaty- hot fire, savage and the girls! I am in love with Savage on me already! Plus I received my Natasha Denona Green Brown Palette, ABH Dipbrow and the #bossbabe nudestix set.
Weekend plans: County Fair tonight, zoo or beach tomorrow and relaxing and prepping for the week on Sunday.
What’s your favorite animal?: Ugh, so hard, I just love a lot of animals. Probably some form of cat- I really like ocelots!

Joan Avatar

I rotate my palettes, so I haven’t had time to play yet. But I have the purple blue, star and sunset palettes too and love them. Sunset is my favorite, just due to the cohesiveness. I am a big fan of all the palettes because I feel I end up with colorful, bold and/ or dynamic looks.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Becca (15% off): Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter (Shimmering Surprise Smoky Quartz) – This is a pre-order. Ships around 8/21 I think but I didn’t pay for upgraded shipping so might be a while before I get it.

DUA Fragrances: Honey Havane. Arrived today. The perfumer also included a bottle of his new Vetivero fragrance as a birthday gift for me! I’m so excited to try both. The House makes great, reasonably priced original and dupe perfume and the owner/perfumer is a fantastic person!

Kate Somerville (10% off): ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer Sample, +Retinol Firming Eye Cream, RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream, Complimentary Skin & Hair Perfecting Kit, ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer, DermalQuench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment, ExfoliKate Intensive Sample. Still on the search for my HG. Just shipped. I upgraded shipping but still not being delivered until next Thursday. As a side note, kind of annoyed that when I received my Dermstore order of Vichy skincare ALL of the products were in Greek or Russian packaging. No English at all. I know they’re an authorized retailer but found it suspicious as their site shows the products intended for the American market. It took them days to respond and when they did, they responded all in bold and were really kind of rude. (Basically they stated they are authorized and if I didn’t like it to confirm with Vichy.) That came directly on the heels of them “shipping” to me and providing an invalid tracking number. They were impossible to reach by phone (held for over an hour and nobody answered), their Chat was disabled, and it took them over a week to respond to the Contact Form email off the website. I will NEVER buy from them again.

KVD: Studded Kiss Lipstick (Poe), Everlasting Lip Liner (Poe), Everlasting Glimmer Veil (Reverb)

La Natura (10% off): DedCool Handcrean (06/2), CocoVanilla Body Lotion

NARS: Audacious Lipstick (Kirat). NARS shipping is terrible unless you upgrade. I might have this Monday but it shipped about a week ago!

Saucebox ($10 off): Mertail Vanity Brush LE, Mermaid Life Palette. Received this yesterday. Swatched great (will post tomorrow on my IG). Will test for wear tomorrow also.

Sephora ($5.95 off): KVD Lock-It Blotting Powder (Light), Ciate London Glitter Flip (Forbidden, Infamous), A Sunny Soiree Sample Bag. Two orders really. Got the powder and love it. The Ciate arrives today.

Ulta (20% off): Philosophy Fresh Cream Spray, Weekender Tote (GWP, black), Alterna Caviar Repair Rx Instant Recovery Shampoo, Ulta Buttercream Cupcake 3-in-1 Smoothie, Sleek MakeUP Eyeshadow Palette (E10), Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel (GWP). Backups except the Sleek. This palette is fab (swatches will be up this weekend).

Ulta (20% off – they sent me a 2nd promo thru the app): Smashbox Be Legendary Triple Tone Lipstick (Berry Ombre, Red Ombre), Shiseido Facial Cotton (Regular and Travel Size), Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick GWP – Won’t have until next Wednesday I think.

Ulta ($3.50 off, $33 off in points): TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day, Entire Wet n Wild Mermaid Collection. Arrives today.

Weekend plans: This was a 3 day weekend for me since I took today off (was supposed to go on vacay with my bff but that’s been moved). Spent today with my bff on a mini girls’ day away. Did a little shopping in Pier 1 and had a fab lunch at a burger place that’s apparently rated #7 in the US. Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds. Since the entire WnW arrives today I’m sure swatching will be a big part of it!

What’s your favorite animal?: Cats. But I love all animals.

Kalliela Avatar

Wet n Wild Mermaid..I was thinking to get some of those..especially the lippies..but I just don’t think I can pull off the colors I wanted(the green and blue). Would like to hear how those work out for ya. How did you like Reverb?

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Kalliela, you can always try getting them from Ulta where you can easily return them if the shades don’t work for you. I posted my swatches of the WnW liquid eyeshadow and liners this morning and will post the lipsticks and highlighter tomorrow. Honestly, the lipsticks are more of a satin matte than they are metallic. They were also very dry-feeling on swatching.
I haven’t worn Reverb yet but I can tell you it stained like mad after swatching. of course KVD says the glimmers should be worn with something under them to prevent that. That said, I wore Razzle yesterday and was not impressed with the wear. After smoking 2 cigarettes (yes, not proud but it is what it is), the lipstick was just about GONE from the side I smoke on. After sipping a bit from a bottle of water, the remaining color was also almost gone. Eating part of a biscuit after that completely eradicated the remaining lipstick. That said, I don’t mind reapplying lipstick so I’m not unhappy. I plan on trying one of the Ciate Glitter Flips today for wear but will test another KVD Glimmer tomorrow.

LindaP Avatar

Haul: Still in a low/no-buy mode. I have been searching in my stash for a pinky matte that would work on me like a neutral that wasn’t brown toned. Have plenty of satins, but no matte. Found what I was looking for in MUFE M806 (antique pink). It’s tone looks nice and settles on me like a neutral which is what I wanted.

Weekend plans:I’ve got two work trips coming up, one that starts next Friday. Many evenings are quite formal, so I have some careful packing to do. My job has a huge truck leaving with supplies on Monday and we can we can add our personal suitcases to the load, which will make flying on Friday much easier. Other than that, swims, pups, and my lovely neighbors are having a pot luck tomorrow.

What’s your favorite animal?: Dogs. Always has been, always will be. I also go to pieces about elephants The community they build together, their strong matriarchs, how they mourn their dead. They get me in my soul All animals do really — love them all. Birds too. Bugs have their place. 🙂

Ariane Avatar

I wish you a Nice work weekend, I also have to work unfortunalety. But work means money to buy make-up LOL
I’m waiting for my Zoeva order, bought Some brushes. I’ve heard good things, so have to try it!
My favorite animals are dogs for sure!
I was wondering if you are going to review the new Dior liquid lipsticks?
Greetings from the Netherlands

Kalliela Avatar

Haul: I overdid it probably and am done for a while lol. I got Coloured Raine Empathy(thanks for saving me a couple of bucks with the code:)), Kat Von D Satellite(purchased before the staining review..will know better to wait next time, lol). UD Muse and Deep End liners, Smashbox Crimson Chrome lippie, CP Flitter which was a bust, CP Doozy which was a lot more wearable..a bit dry but wearable.

Weekend..hopefully sending off a couple packages, one for a for a friend..the other an exchange. Hopefully catchin some sun before the weather turns..cuddling and playin with my kitties. They also got a haul from the pet store lol:).

Favorite Animal: cats,elephants,hummingbirds,lambs,doves and I do love the winter owls we get pretty against the snowy background

Rachel R. Avatar

Christine, you have the most amazing work ethic. Thank you for all your hard work.

Haul: Laura Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Papaya from Hautelook. I had a $5 off coupon and scored it for $4.97. 🙂 My son saw it and said, “This is going to sound weird, Mom, but that looks kind of delicious.” lol

Coastal Scents has a 50% off sitewide sale going on, so I ordered some pre-made palettes, lots of hot pots, and a couple empty eye palettes for the hot pots.

Weekend plans: Helping my son and hubby get ready for their trips. Both are leaving Sunday. Hubby is going to a Thorium conference in St. Louis (for fun, because he’s a geek), and my older son is going camping with friends to view the eclipse.

What’s your favorite animal?: Real — Tigers Fantasy — Unicorns (I collect them.)

Ameerah Avatar

Haul: ABH Subculture palette, ABH lipsticks in Rosewood and Rum Punch, ABH blush trio in peach love, Caudalie beauty elixir (travel sized gold version, limited edition), Christophe Robin cleansing and purifying sea salt scrub for hair (travel size). Also bought Pat Mcgrath lipstick trio in the nude colours (have been using these and loving it!)

Weekend plans: As usual Saturday is my cheat day from my Atkins diet. (Lost a total of 30 lbs so far 🙂 ) So, I plan on eating lunch out with a friend, might go to benihana for some sushi.

What’s your favorite animal?: Horses! Also love bunnies and kitties. Like dogs too, specifically love Siberian huskies and little Maltese ones. They are too cute.

Nicole Avatar

Mellan is so adorable. <3

Haul: Not much, been recouping. However I did get a pair of boots, a Hogwarts tshirt, and a Marc Jacobs Glambition palette. I'm trying to save all the money for the upcoming Victoria Beckham makeup release. It all looks sooooo gooooooood.
Weekend plans: Taking it easy and hopefully getting into a shower.
What’s your favorite animal?: All baby animals! But I love love love little green tree frogs. They are everywhere right now and they make me so happy when I see them. (Their tropical siblings, the red eyed green tree frogs are also sweet.)

Genevieve Avatar

A pensive looking fellow – what a cutie!

Haul: Priceline, our budget beauty shop, had a 40% off sale on all of their cosmetics. So, I bought more Rimmel Match Perfection creme gel foundation in porcelain, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Light Vanilla, Nude by Nature Primer and BB Creme in porcelain, a Maybelline mascara and brow pencil. The Natio “Golden” eye shadow palette in neutral shades and my two Elizabeth Arden lipsticks arrived.

Weekend Plans: On Saturday morning I am going to see my twin sister in a fashion parade for Taking Shape, her favourite dress shop – she was asked to be a model for their next season’s clothes at a shopping centre way over the other side of town. She reckons she is Australia’s Next Top Model……We tell her they must be desperate….It will be lovely anyway.
Sunday – the usual gang over for dinner

Favourite animal: Beavers! Even though we don’t have these animals in Australia, I am really fascinated by them and am intrigued by how they negotiate their environment. I am really pleased that the European beavers have been released into the wild in England and Scotland.

Brittany Avatar

Haul: I recently bought the Pacifica cactus micellar water and just ordered 7 polishes from Nine Zero Lacquer today!

Weekend plans: Try to straighten out my apartment (which is a mess), do laundry, play some Mario Kart with my partner.

What’s your favorite animal?: SO hard to choose because I love a lot. Overall: cats. I’m basically the “Can’t Love Every Cat” lady.

Dianne Avatar

Haul: I took advantage of Ulta’s 20% off for platinum and cashed in a lot of points simultaneously. I picked up a 1.7 oz Armani Si perfume (I’d been waiting for 20% off to finally get a bottle after enjoying many samples), the Smashbox contour stick, some First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads, and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. After cashing in my points, I only paid about $1.60 for everything!

Weekend plans: Attending a friend’s housewarming party, hitting the gym a couple of times, and doing some planning for the upcoming school year!

What’s your favorite animal? Sea turtles! I am obsessed with them. I love the idea that they migrate thousands of miles a year and instinctually return to where they were born to breed. They’re such beautiful, peaceful, gentle giants!

Dianne Avatar

I just tried it for the first time today and I really like it. At first I was annoyed at how thin it is, but ultimately I think the thinness is a plus, not a minus. It’s very natural looking and not too subtle. It’s nice on its own but would make a good base for powder contour as well. So far, thumbs up from me.

Erica Avatar

Haul: ABH Eyeshadow singles in Ballet and Electro, Fresh face wash, Elizabeth and James Rollerball in Bourbon and some clips from container store to help squeeze put last bit of lotion out of the tube

Weekend plans: I don’t know. I’m having extreme sciatica nerve pain so I’m in bed with a heating pad and very uncomfortable. I don’t know how much I’ll be doing since sitting and standing is very discomforting right now

Favorite animal : I love all things giraffe 🙂

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Haul: Nada, but I might place one Sephora order for a lip set before the 4X points runs out…..

Weekend plans: Still working on updating Merida for FanExpo on the labour day weekend… IMATS Toronto is the weekend before as well.

What’s your favorite animal?: Lynx, I love cats in general but Lynx are some cool customers. 😉 Just can’t snuggle with them like pet cats or dogs. lol

Claire L Avatar

Haul: Look Incredible Deluxe box – Too Faced Funfetti eye palette, Too Faced Lip pencil in Perfect Red, Mac nail polish in Morange and Kiehl’s Line Reducing Concentrate. I love the Funfetti palette!

Lamora Eyebrow brush set from Amazon that i got for only £1 with a voucher code! It’s much Bette quality than I expected.

Not beauty related but I got a pair of black leather Nanette Lepore sneakers with embroidery from TKMaxx online. They look a bit like the Kate Spade embroidered ones which are more expensive so I’m very pleased!

Plans for the weekend: We’ve been away, my daughter and me up West to my parents and my fiance to Cyprus for his brother’s wedding. So a bit of recuperation after the travelling but we will go to a local canal fun day.

My favourite animal: I love animals, but cats are my favourite animal. They’re my soul animal, always have been. We had dogs when I was growing up, I’m fond of them, our first dog was my partner in crime but I always wanted a cat.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Haul: I picked up my 2nd 3rd NARS powermatte lip in Wild Night and London Calling, 1st is Under my Thumb; Literally the best formula to me!! Tarte Rainforest lipstick in Wild Night, THE ESTÉE EDIT
Metallishadow Crème + Powder in Cyberella, Estee Edit mattified lipstick in About Last Night, Sephora Golden Hour Illuminanizer on Twilight, MUFE liquid matte in 207, MUFE AQUA XL ink Liner in L-20, Huda Beauty lip strobe in Shameless and Snobby (these are so effing beautiful!), and ran out of UD all Nighter setting spray, Maybelline x Shayla mascar in Boomin Blue & Blackest Black + Citi Mini Palette, Anastasia lip gloss in Tara (my fav that I rebuy) and in Moon Jelly (which Huda Beauty in Enchanting does better!), picked up my NYX bday palette from Ulta and…i think that’s it.

Mo nerrell Avatar

I forgot to finish lol. Wknd plans is a kendrick lamar concert tonight…my 3rd this week I took my son and his bestie to see Logic for his bday. The 15th was shpposed to be Linkin Park (RIP CHESTER) so i went to see Belle and Sebastian with my coworker instead…we didnt know the band lol. yesterday was to be Justin Bieber but he cancelled. After the concert at midnight I’m taking a bus to chicago for my cousins wedding.

My favorite animal A TARSIER!! 60 million yr old species…its anatomically incorrect being both nocturnal and diurnal. They are the only animal with two different dental formulas. Their tails can lift them 30ft off into the air which is amazing considering their tiny size. They are vegetarians and their big eye sockets are one of a kind for an animal with such a small skull. They are amazing and while ppl think they are ugly and weirdlooking I find them absolutely beautiful.

Katherine T. Avatar

Awww, Christine, take it easy on yourself! You’re the hardest working blogger by far, so many reviews every day, 365 days a year, no way anyone can keep up with the onslaught of makeup out there.
*Haul -nothing came this week, but stuff is coming for next week
*Weekend-relax, work has been cray busy
*Favorite animal -dogs

Betty Avatar

Haul: A tiny one, the Urban Decay Go Naked Perfume Oil rollerball (I certainly thought about it long enough) and Ciate Blind Date blush – neither has arrived yet.

Weekend Plans: nothing strenuous or work related, particularly not housework for pete’s sake. I’ve done more than my fair share of late. Tomorrow morning I hope to go to my favorite Zumba class, the rest is come what may.

Animals: I love all animals. I like animals more than most people!. Recently I befriended a turtle. I’ve never met a turtle before but we seem to have an understanding. He had been living in a home (in Havana) for 15 years without a name – I couldn’t believe it – nameless, and everyone in the house was afraid of him because he looks like he will bite your finger off. No one talked to him or anything, I felt so sorry for him. Well, I talked to him everyday, named him Hector and started giving him some dry cat food I had for the homeless kitties in the street. He would come to me the minute I said hello and lets me pet his little head and everything. I look forward to returning and maintaining my friendship with Hector. I’m a little bit of an animal whisperer. Back at the ranch, my absolute favorites are cats, I just adore them.

Tracey E. Avatar

Haul: a small tube of CC foundation by IT Cosmetics. Testing to see how it covers flushing/redness.

Weekend: It will be a low-key weekend as I was not feeling well during parts of the week. Have odds and ends to sort and soft and catching up on Game of Thrones.

Favorite animal: I don’t know that I have a favourite. I’m amazed seeing buffalo/bison run and when they shed their coat. I love watching polar bears play, and seeing seal beside us when we would sail. I like the majesty of whales jumping out in the distance and the craftiness of beavers and amused by our family’s pets.

Shea Avatar

Late to the game!
Haul: 3 shades from China Glaze’s Street Regal collection and an ILNP ultra chrome in Undenied.
Weekend plans: Art fair and wedding planning.
Favorite animal: Polar bears!

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