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  • Haul: Chanel Cream/Powder Eyeshadows, Anastasia Summer products (not yet here), Natasha Denona Sunset Palette
  • Weekend plans: It’s Restaurant Week here, so we’re going out to a nicer restaurant for dinner. I need to organize my desk–I have over half a dozen earrings that need to be put away–and the front hall (which has become the “mail room”).
  • What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: Mellan and a hug from my hubby!

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HAUL: I’m on a very low, low buy. I got a NYX jumbo eye pencil in Sparkle Nude. It’s decent for the price. I find these crease on me and putting primer underneath makes them skip and hard to blend. Oh well, I will still use it. The color and bit of sparkle is nice.

WEEKEND: IKEA and flea market adventures.

A nice glass of wine usually cheers me up haha. Unless I’m really down, then I might need wine AND Gilmore Girls.

Hugs for Mellan!!

Have you tried a light layer of translucent powder either on top or under the NYX pencil? I wonder if that would help!

Gilmore Girls <3

Great job Christine!! Congrats Mellan, good boy πŸ™‚
*Haul -nothing came this week but have MAC x Fruity Juicy stuff coming in the mail next week
*Weekend – belated Mother’s Day celebration for all the mothers on Hubby’s side of the family. Since it’s so hard to get everyone together on one day, we usually end up doing an early or late celebration

Pearlmatte Face Powder (have been drooling over this for months) , Si Si Me Lipstick, Love In the Glades shadow kit, and Coconut Prep +Prime Spray

Haul: More stuff from the NARS XCG collection as it trickles in; got the face tint and Jo Multiple.

Weekend: Not sure. It was my anniversary on Tuesday, but we didn’t do much. We went to a Pilates class and got take out. I think we may try to see the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 this weekend now that the hype is lower. I’d like to do something, but we may have to go to Canada for a wedding this July so funds/celebration may be diverted. Other than that, I’m sure it will be shopping for food, a walk since it will be nice out, and video games regardless of add-ons πŸ˜›

Cheering Up: My pets! They are both lovebugs and cuddle monsters so it helps. Hot Tea, trees, the ocean, and even occasionally birdsong cheer me often. Speaking of the pets if they don’t get their momma time in the morning they get grumpy! *getting starred down as I’m typing*

Destination weddings can be so pricey but hope it’s somewhere fun in Canada that you can turn it into a little vacation, too!

Happy anniversary, Erin!

Yeah, Luckily we live in Seattle so it will not require airfare, just pet sitters, hotels, gas, and ferries. The issue is my husband is on a short leash with the military and #45 doesn’t want his assets going to Canada. We’re going to try to get an exception to policy but it’s not going to leave us much time to plan the trip which might lead to some very pricey hotels!

Happy anniversary! Looks like we’re doing something similar for ours also–Guardians! I loved the first one. We joke that I’m just like Rocket ?

Happy anniversary, Erin! Trees and the ocean seriously cheer me up, too. Can we tell that I’m not exactly living in the right part of the country? LoL????

Happy Anniversary! Pilates and take out sound exactly like something we would do! πŸ™‚

Trees, yes, trees. Always good for the soul.

Amen! Yeah, it wasn’t bad, My husband straight out forgot and I got close. I remembered the day before and about a week before. Things have just been crazy and we haven’t had any real ability to think about ourselves beyond scheduling workout and doctors appointments! Too much family drama and recent loss, so we’ve just been on autopilot.

Congratulations Erin on your Wedding Anniversary. Sometimes we have really celebrated ours and at other times we have just stayed at home.
I agree with Christine – destination weddings are expensive, so this could be a combined purpose if you can add a few extra days to make it a holiday.

YAY for good results! Have fun with Restaurant Week. I love when it comes around here as well.

ABH: Eye Shadow Singles (Gemstone, Enchanted, Ballet, Venice), Free 4 Well Shadow Palette – arriving today

Bumble & Bumble: Mending Shampoo, Thickening Hairspray, Thickening Hairspray Deluxe Sample, 2 sample packets

House of Matriarch – The Longing (2 ml)

Kiko Milano: Active Fluo Eyeshadow Palette

MAC: Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick (Lilacked, Clearance – Thanks Katherine!), Patentpolish Lip Pencil (Patentpink, Innocent – 2 of the new shades) – arriving today

MAC: Fruity Juicy – Eye Shadow x 6 (Oh My Banana), Prep+Prime Fix+ (Coconut – backup since I also pre-ordered one) – arriving Monday

Milk Makeup: Holographic Lip Gloss (Supernova, Mars), GWP – Mini Blur Stick, Sunshine Skin Tint (Light) – arriving Monday

Nordstrom (Thank you, thank you Katherine!): MAC Fruity Juicy – Eye Shadow x 6 (Love in the Glades), Lipstick (Si Si Me, Love at First Bite), Pearlmatte Face Powder (Oh My, Passion) – arriving today

Origins ($20 off): Anti-Aging Foundation (02 Light-Neutral – backup), Deluxe Samples – Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser, Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum, Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion

Sephora: Ciate Glow-To Illuminating Blush (Baby Doll) – Ok, gripe time. Ordered Monday and didn’t “ship” until 11 pm last night which means really didn’t ship until 5 today when UPS picks up from their warehouse. I’m VIB Rouge and clearly they didn’t ship per their policy. I won’t have this until Monday. Sephora is going downhill fast!

Skincare by Alana (10% off): Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy No. 6

Ulta: Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit (2NNA Pescara Black – 50% off), Hot Tools 15 mm Professional Long Spongy Rod Rollers (20% off)

Weekend plans: Finally a weekend not in the 90s, no rain, and no high wind. No plans but hope to enjoy the weather!

What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: Tie between my kitties and getting a package πŸ™‚

Restaurant Week is such a great opportunity when you live in an area where a lot of places participate!

My ABH order is supposed to arrive today – fingers crossed! That is really surprising that Sephora didn’t ship until last night – they’ve been SO good lately on shipping for me!

I’m in the DC/Baltimore region so I can take advantage of those as well as the Northern Virginia ones, and the few local ones.

Good luck on the ABH. Mine shows as out for delivery with FedEx!

I had tried calling Sephora the other day and they had a recorded message saying they were overwhelmed with orders (no clue why) and they were delayed 2-4 days. I’m pretty impatient, I admit, but waiting a week to get an order from a retailer who has a warehouse 1 day (overnight) to me is absurd. It takes less time for me to get orders snail mail from CA (cross country).

I just got VIP status on my last order BUT it takes them 5 days to ship usually. I refuse to get flash shipping. Their website is slick but I prefer Beautylish and Ulta. Shipping on both are a lot faster and I’d prefer to get the cash back than sample rewards as they never have anything I want.

I have the Flash shipping for free, but shipping from Sephora to me is always overnight once they actually ship. Since they aren’t tendering the package to UPS until this evening and UPS doesn’t deliver on the weekends here I won’t have it until next week. But I agree with you – their “rewards” are ridiculous. I have almost 12,000 points now and there’s either nothing I want or if there is something, it’s usually gone before I see it. I’m favoring other retailers over Sephora whenever possible.

Agreed – they need to rework their rewards strategies. My points just sit there collecting dust. I buy mostly from Nordstrom and SpaceNK these days.


I’ve been having major issues with shipping for some time now and then they fucked up my VIB Rouge haul, not once but twice. Plus they neglected to send me my samples on both my VIB Rouge hauls and get this, a point perk! WTF!

My replacement item for the VIB Rouge item I didn’t get, which I had to reorder sans discount because they were sold out during the rest of VIB Rouge took 11 days to arrive. 11! WTF!

Oh no! Yes, I didn’t even mention the samples! Sephora hasn’t added any of my selected samples in an order in I can’t even remember how long! I did have the same issue with them omitting a rewards purchase once but they actually did restore my points for that (since they were OOS by the time my order arrived). Of course, yeah, more unusable points….

So glad Mellan is doing better!

Haul: I NEED TO STOP BUYING. This week, I got:
– Fiona Stiles Illuminating Palette: it was 75% off, and I liked that the highlight seemed soft and subtle
– Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in Fair Cool (x2): I’ve been rather pale lately, so I grabbed up two of these at 40% off, since Powder Foundation usually gets used up quickly. I’m currently in Florida, though, so we’ll see how long I stay so pale.
– Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Obsessed: I didn’t wear blush for years, but I’m just now understanding the need for some color on the cheeks, especially with attempts at contouring. This looks like a good option for my pale skin phases. A light, cool pink.
-Fiona Stiles Blush in Maiden Lane: a bit more of a peachy/Coral blush, without any obvious shimmer
-Fiona Stiles Aqua Eye Veil in Arrow: Took a chance on this at 75% off, but I’m skeptical. I feel like when cream products are deeply discounted, it usually means they are dried up.

I think I’m at the point where I need to consider the “one in, one out” rule for my makeup.

Weekend plans: I’m with my parents and grandmother in Florida right now. Mainly just relaxing with them, since the beach is too hard on my grandmother. Still nice to be with them for a visit!

I’m always cheered up by cuddles from my kitties! And a sweet gesture from my husband, too. πŸ™‚

Try a no-buy! Maybe even just for a week or two if you feel overwhelmed! xo

I wonder if Fiona Stiles is getting discontinued or revamped?

I’m thinking of doing just that!! A no-buy is needed!

Also forgot my Urban Decay Vice Rx-Girlfriend lipstick and Naked 2 Lip Pencil set!

I asked, but the cashier at Ulta wasn’t sure. The brand is centered around the concept of mistake-free and softer looks with blushes/highlighters/face powders/etc., so maybe in a time of extreme strobing and desire for tons of pigment, it just didn’t get any buzz. I needed some subtle highlighters for days I go for a more natural look, as my Makeup Geek and Becca highlighters certainly aren’t subdued in the least! I swatched (my phone always tries to correct it to “searched”! Grrr) the blush in the store, and it was soft, but buildable. The foundation I tested on the back of my hand felt really nice, but sadly, they didn’t have any lighter shades in stock online or at the store.

Thanks! Yeah, a highlighting palette for less than $8…I was surprised there were still a couple left. I think the line is especially good for makeup newbies. It just doesn’t get nearly enough buzz, and social media exposure seems to be everything these days.

Did Fiona Stiles launch around the same time as the Natasha Denona hoopla? It’s seems that’s when I recall hearing the brand name, but admittedly it took a bit for me to keep them straight since it was two unusual brand names at once and I didn’t have a lot to associate either of them with. I’ve seen FS mentioned here and there, but nothing significant. I wonder if she was drowned out by hype for other niche brands?

Haul: Again, none this week. But I’ll probably have a lot to say next week πŸ™‚

Weekend plans: It’s our 7th wedding anniversary so we’re up in DE for an extended weekend. (Our actual anniversary was yesterday). Our lives are chaotic lately so we wanted a few days just in our own space and no schedule. We’re going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in IMAX 3D today and Borders Cafe TexMex for dinner. We’re excited to see our church family and friends on Sunday. Then we’re moving some stuff out of our house (we have to sell it) on Monday. This is probably the most eventful Weekend Plans I’ve ever answered on FFHF! Lol πŸ˜›

What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: My doggo and husband too! And feel-good shows on Netflix.

Happy Friday!

Haul: waiting on-

Colourpop SS shadows (on sale) and lip gloss( never tried their lip stuff)
Abh- Pool Party blush trio ( now wish I had ordered the pink one but this was more versatile)
Macy’s-Fix it.

Abh I’ll get today.

Weekend plans off this weekend! Gonna ride both days and gonna organize my house and do some cooking. Now grass. Domestic stuff that’s badly needed.

When my Mom and Dad both passed my dogs were the only thing that made me feel better. I was very down.

Glad to hear Mellan’s good reports! So often it doesn’t with pets. He’s a sweetie.

I got hack and tight fit both pinks!

I got London fog free and also ordered the lip primer. I wanted to try a lip primer and the price is right. That pretty red Mac lipgloss travels?

Mainly I was rounding out my order as they offered discontinued super shock colors flowershop, koosh and Ibiza.

Happy to hear about Mellan’s good news! <3
Haul: Does stocking up on dry shampoo count? πŸ™‚
Weekend plans: Organizing and cleaning and reading, as I think it's going to be a stormy weekend.

Yay for Mellan’s lab values! He looks the perfect gentleman, and you can tell he isn’t ailing. I noticed that we lost a couple of middle aged golden retrievers in my ‘hood. Turns out they were sibs and both crossed the rainbow bridge within a few weeks, due to cirrhosis of the liver. Not only does it point up the need for consistent good vet care, but also the ‘dangers’ of home breeding. What a heartbreak. But, I had better take up for the puppy mill mothers, before taking on neighbors who inbred a medical/genetic defect. So sad. Thinking about another pm mother, who is being spayed today. Maybe, but I just got Patticake on St Pat’s. Haul: had to go to Kohl’s to see POC Sparrow; not on Ulta and OOS on Lorac. Hauled it. The lipstick is in the thistle, cava, gone greige family, and the topper is a mauvey duochrome, shimmery, but very sheer. Made another MAC order, with fingers crossed. The kohl/Kajal set and Glades palette. Even got a second anniversary color. W/e: tonight off. Really liking my cut back and alternating w/e nights at my night job. Nothing special, just nice, after too many years with 2 jobs and 10 hours on Fri and Mon. TOFTS. Cheer up: Jussi and Patti, whether it’s long walks or hanging out. The learning curve is pretty short on a 7 y.o. dog, if you listen and observe their learning style. It’s all fun and games, until Jussi plays doctor!

Poor babies! My mom adopted two shih-poo brothers, and I worry for them and her when they go (not for a long while, all things considered). My aunt had mother, father, and an offspring, and that was always tough, too.

Happy to hear that Patti is doing so well in her new forever home!

So thrilled to hear Mellan is continuing to hold normal values. A number of weeks back, I shared that my walker hound/lab cross, Bernice uncharacteristically swallowed a couple of bones whole which resulted in an emergency vet visit. Well, that issue along with a list of other quiet but consistently increasing issues (listlessness, moth eaten coat, compulsive licking of her bowl, weight gain) had rather insidiously added up to a more serious problem. Last week, I booked an appointment as I started to suspect B might have a Thyroid problem. We ran tests this week and indeed she is quite seriously hypothyroid and now have her on meds which she will be on for the rest of her life. I absolutely kick myself for not putting it together sooner, but feel such relief to have an answer and solution.

Haul: I’m on a rather manic hybrid blush kick. I ordered both BB Antigua and MAC Cheeky Bits today. I’m also big on blurple and hauled two MAC singles e/s to work with a previous purchase of kajal crayon in Flourish me Bold.

Weekend Plans: after weeks of cold temps and rain finally have started spring planting the crops

The One thing that always cheers me up: Hiking in the woods with the dogs. Hairball’s silly text messages.

Also, I need technical help with foundation: how do you slightly darken a formula without screwing up the undertone and temperature? I’ve ranted about my difficult skintone ad nauseum. I have systematically reviewed all foundations and my best undertone matches are all slightly too light for my skin. I use 3 products for my optimal mix. (MAC pro concealer NC20, Kevyn Aucoin Etherealist #3, KGD 213 (the green one). I want to bump this mix up just a touch but not interfere with the tone result. If I add MAC pro c in NC25, is pulls peach. NC20 and NC25 are such different animals argh. Some pro guidance would be appreciated.

I’m so thankful that you and Bernice have figured it out and hope that she feels better soon! I beat myself up a bit, too, though I know you nor I should do that, so all I can say is focus on the solution πŸ™‚

What do you plant in the spring?

Normally, I would have said using a darker foundation… there are mixers like NYX Pro Primers, The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops, MUFE Chromatic Mixers (they have an oil-based and water-based ones). I’m wondering if any considerably darker (think NC40-45) might give you better olive undertones to mix with?

Thanks Christine πŸ™‚ High expectations and all.. you know what I mean.

Darker olive shades tend to run really golden warm, but I’m no expert. But I’ll give it a go with a few in stash that are warmer/darker.

Today I tried a slightly different ratio of my three which was better and used a bronzer to intensify and warm perimeter. I think the problem is the match is very good, but I’m now wearing heavier cover than I used to and so to my eye, I feel a bit ‘whited’ out. I’m merely quibbling about minor differences. There’s that perfectionism again.

I also wanted to add a big Kvetch to the big ‘S’.. do they ever update their coloriq info? They do not carry KGD #213 in Canada and I get it..not many looking for green cast foundation, however, many foundations are not to be found in the IQ database. Why not publish the darn number in the product descriptions for every single shade in the first place if it is such a great system.

I feel for you, my fellow olive toned friend! It’s definitely a balancing act to get a *just right* foundation match. One that ain’t so easy, either! Finally found one that I’m really loving in LancΓ΄me Teint Idole 24H in N 360, I’m guessing that I’m a more “neutral base” olive? Because it really does have a green cast to it, but no strong peach or gold tones, so it has filled that bizarre gap for me. Not easy being green!

I’ll take a look at that swatch Nance. The lightest in my mix is the KGD 213 which gives me that needed titch of green. I only use a small amount, so if I subbed in a teeny tiny bit your darker neutral olive shade, it might just be the ticket. Thanks for the input! I have same issue with certain tones standing out ridiculously on my canvas. Olive skin can be quite dull. I don’t mean in terms of looking in dire need of exfoliation, just in terms of it being very muted and when I swatch yellow, golden, peach tones on my arms, they sit very loudly on top.

Haul: BITE 052 lip pencil (the green one that matches Kale), Milk Makeup sunshine oil + cooling water mini set, Jack Black mini face wash & face lotion duo birthday gift, Farmacy mini mask & night oil duo point perk, NEST Black Tulip deluxe sample free gift.

Weekend plans: painting the entire interior of the house today & tomorrow so we can list it next week. Moving Sunday!!!

One thing that cheers you up: playing with my cats.

Have you had a chance to try the Bite pencil with Kale yet, Alice?

Have fun painting and good luck on your move, which I’m sure I’ll say against next week, lol!

I haven’t! I got it Tuesday but with packing and cleaning and yard work I haven’t been wearing makeup this week πŸ™‚ I’m planning on bringing it on my vacation though. We leave for Maui next Friday!

And thanks, I’m hoping it’s uneventful after all we had to go through with the closing and the sellers having all the utilities turned off, which meant we had to push back our original move-in date (we were supposed to move LAST weekend, can’t move in if there’s no electricity or running water though). They should all be back on by today, guess we’ll find out when we get there Sunday!

FWIW, I really like Black Tulip. I too got a deluxe sample at one point and the SA added in another 6 spray samples. I’ve used them all up. I have tested their other scents and nothing much appeals to me at least.

I haven’t worn it yet but my initial impression from opening the bottle is good. It seem like a nice dark floral. NEST perfumes are my favorite though so I’m biased πŸ™‚

Haul : finally broke my no buy. I bought the UD Gwent Stephany brow box on clearance, the lightest shade of the bareMinerals invisible bronzer, some Natasha Denona blushes (Nudes and a coral) on clearance.

Weekend: we are visiting a good friend tomorrow. I hope the weather will permit to spend some time outside. She has some wonderful parks near by her house! Sport, sport… I am so thankful I didn’t take much weight during my pregnancy because it is such a pain to lose anything… ?.

Cheering Up: my babygirl’s smile. Even when she is unwell she has one for us. A true blessing! If she’s in bed, some silly dancing with my partner can also do the trick! ?

That sure is very encouraging news about Mellan’s ALT levels! Sooo glad that the medication, plus all the diligent loving care that he received from you turned him completely. ???

Haul: MAC Fruity Juicy crazy! Pre-saled Oh My Passion Pearlmate, Fruit A La La eyeshadow palette, SΓ­, SΓ­, Me and Shy Girl lipsticks, picked those up yesterday afternoon. However, the night before last was CRAY. Stayed up till 2-ish refreshing their page to get Oh My Banana eyeshadow palette, fell asleep only to be woken around 5:45-ish by a white phloofball in bird hunting mode! Good thing, I guess, because around 45 minutes later MAC Fruity Juicy went live and I was able to nab that one online only item. Unfortunately, I paused to think over the Fix+ a bit too long, and it was gone. My own fault.

Weekend plans: Hair, nails, meeting on Sunday. And trying with all my might to live what I heard at last week’s meeting about NOT doing something I had actually stupidly done earlier that same day. Divine intervention and timely instruction!

What’s one thing that always cheers you up? Seeing my kids! Not a common occurrence either, as both live across town and work full-time. Also, my 2 goofy felines, Scunci and Clarissa bring smiles to my face!

I can’t believe how fast the Coconut Fix+ sold – makes it pretty clear that they need to make that permanent!!

Even though you don’t get to see them all the time, it must be nice to have them be mostly local!

Me either! It just sprouted wings and flew out of every store as well as online! Crazy!

It is comforting that they’re nearby. Honestly, they are literally the only reason that I stay in AZ. The heat, dryness, and lack of beaches or nearby woods can make me a bit grumpy! ?

How you feel is what I worry about for my parents – they are thinking of retiring here in AZ to be near me. My sister is in California with them now as she gets her master’s degree, but they have no idea where she’ll end up so they won’t follow her. They prefer and love California, and their life is there since they’ve spent the last 25 years there. However, California is expensive and their idea of “downsizing” is four bedrooms instead of five, LOL, and they want one-story. Those things are hard to find in California these days. I’d like my mom to actually have the ability to retire and stop working if she so chooses, but that’s really only possible in AZ (or another lower cost area). They could live without the beach/woods, but the heat… I’m not sure. They are happy as clams in low 70 weather!

Christine, it is quite the challenge to pick up and move out of ones comfort zone, where one has built their life due to wanting to live closer to their child or parent. When my Mom sold her house in NJ back in 1998 and moved to AZ, she was already 74! However, she no longer had need of a 3 BR house, the taxes for Tenafly NJ are astronomically high, plus maintenance of the property, she had just had enough. Then, after my split with my ex, I moved here with my 2 kids in 2002. Why? Cheaper cost of living and to be close by Mom during whatever time she still had left. But…now I really want to move back east! That’s the problem; if your parents really love their lives there, but they miss you and life there has become difficult due to the very high cost of living, the decision becomes quite weighty. It truly can be an internal tug of war deciding which course is best in the long run. I just hope that whatever your Mom and Dad wind up doing, that they are pleased and content with what they choose in the end!

Hello Christine, my heart goes out to you for your concern regarding your parents. Have you given any thought to New Mexico? It’s next door, the housing and property taxes are reasonable, plus the weather is, I think, not quite as hot as AZ. When my husband was offered a job some 17 years ago in New Mexico we jumped on it. While I love our hometown of Dallas, Texas and miss it, the cost of property taxes had become outrageous. Our home value sky rocketed, which was quite nice, but 7,000.00 in property taxes is ridiculous, not to mention housing insurance! Plus Dallas has become very congested, high crime and extremely humid. I’ve come to love New Mexico and the best part of living here is our son and daughter in law are near by. She teaches at the University and our son is a manager for a large spice company. We all love it here. I do hope things work out for you and your family.

Nancy, I can appreciate your comment about how seeing your kids cheers you up! Three of my four live locally, but we all get so busy that it’s hard to touch bases. Today I met all three at the shopping mall and got to buy everyone something special (a watch and shoes for youngest son, skin care and shorts for second daughter, shorts and tanks for oldest daughter, and summer wardrobes for my three grandchildren (ages 11, 22 months, and 8 weeks). I came home with my heart soaring!

Hi Nancy,

Loved your haul! I just managed to pick up the limited edition fix plus on the Canadian site!
I’m curious on what you meant by saying that you learnt not to do something at the meeting last week and that you are trying hard to not do something that you had done earlier that day? Think I might have missed something last week? Hope that makes sense!!
Thank you!!

That’s wonderful news about Mellan! Yay!!!

Haul: Nyx Angel Veil (regular repurchase); e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Precision Eye Shadow Brush No. 201 (haven’t tried yet).

Weekend plans: Nothing special. I’m hoping to touch up my roots.

What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: My hubby and kids telling me they love me.

Haul. Loreal infallible pro matte foundation and face powder and the makeup revolution light and shade eye contour palette.

Weekend plans: cleaning… bummer.

Cheers me up. Makeup lol.

Haul: Marcelle CITY Multi Protection Tinted Cream (not bad); a Garnier Moisture Bomb (love the name) sheet mask which I’m eager to try; a lovely new fragrance from Elizabeth Arden – White Tea and from La Roche Posay, an Effaclar toner/astringent

Weekend Plans: It’s Victoria Day long weekend in Canada and traditionally, that’s the start of gardening season. I hope to get out to do some planting and weeding and to admire my Japanese tree peonies (which have started to bloom – I came home to about 6 dinner plate sized beautiful pink blooms already). I want to get to the gym a fair bit and we’re bringing my MIL over for dinner on Monday and to start watching the tv series Vera with her.

What’s one thing that always cheers you up: coming home at the end of the day…I love my house and all it represents – peace, safety, comfort, my children and husband

Japanese tree peonies – I have never heard of those before! They sound beautiful (and I’ll be googling shortly).

Haul: Nada, I avoided the MAC Fruity Juicy collection for now, I’d rather spend the $100 at Anime North. πŸ˜‰

Weekend plans: Working all the way through until next weekend. I finished the dress, almost finished my wig (I need more wefts so I’m waiting for those to ship). I have armour pieces to finish. O_O

What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: Other people’s pets. lol

Haul: I went to my local (ish) CCO and got a few things including my first ever Tom Ford purchase! They had Neroli Portofino Acqua for 30% off and the girl I know there gave me her store discount on top of that so I spend less than I would for a Jo Malone purchase! I also picked up a backup of my Origin Original Skin serum (it’s 30% off on everything there so I stock up), two MAC items- their lip liner in Burgundy (which is great as mine ran out this winter) and their Modern Twist Kajal Liner in Grey Tide. I also ended up cracking and getting all three lip tints from the NARS X Charlotte Gainsbourg collection (I would love to get the two lip pencils too if I can find them!) and two lipsticks from the MAC Fruity Juicy collection- Love at First Bite and SΓ­, SΓ­, Me! I blame mom-related stress on my lack of impulse control XD. I also ordered the new Tanya Burr Collection earlier this week. They’re drugstore prices so I got all four items- two eyeshadow quads and two lipsticks. I also got her Rosy Flush check palette and her Midnight Smoulder eyeshadow quad as they were on sale and on my to-buy list. The Peachy Glow palette was sold out so I’ll have to wait for another round to order that one.

Weekend plans: My mom is coming back into town, so survive that…?

What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: My cat (he turns 13 today! I have a teenager!)

Thank you! And who knows, if I find it last longer than Jo Malone in terms of how much I need to use (ie cost per use), maybe I’ll have to re-evaluate buying Tom Ford full price. They do have gorgeous scents after all…

Weekend: binging on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; sending hubby away with baby so I can have the girls over without interruption.
Feel better: looking at my baby, snuggling my baby, my baby’s smiles and babbles.

Enjoy your baby-free time, Sarah! πŸ™‚ And then enjoy that moment you get to see her again after your break!

Mellan! You look like a puppy there. Glad your tests are good!

Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Nude Dip. I absolutely love it. There isn’t one thing I don’t like about it, dry or wet. Fantastic purchase.

Chanel Stylo Yeux in Noir Petrole. Looks really nice with brown eyes. I wanted something not too black, not gray, yet dark enough. This fills the bill.

Weekend plans:
Took today off and my husband and I went to Logan Airport to finish up our Global Entry approval. We were walk-ins, and they took us, all super efficient and friendly, I say with amazement. We’re going back to Paris in a few weeks, and this will make traveling much easier. Then we went to lunch, had a tour of Tiffany stained glass windows at a church we walked by and had never been in in all these years. It was wonderful.

At lunch, the hostess had on some lovely, simple eyeshadow. I had to ask. I was sure it was Nude Dip. It was Elf. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚ She couldn’t remember the name of the shadow, unfortunately.

Rest of the weekend, swim, pups, trip into the city to walk around with the dogs, tidy up. Not much.

Cheering Up: My boys so connected to each other and to us, our dogs for sure. And, truly, spending time with my husband. There is really no one else I enjoy being with more.

Nude Dip is amazing! πŸ™‚ It’s an easy go-to for a warm, neutral eye.

How exciting that you’ll be back in Paris soon, Linda!

Linda, I am so happy you got Nude Dip! It’s funny, I have never tried it wet–I need to do that. I Whenever I use Tom Ford’s cream colors in Platinum and Spice, I end up putting nude dip colors on top. I reach for Nude Dip when I’m using other quads also, such as Chanel’s quads. It’s funny how you get to know a certain color, and as you’re doing your look you think, “Oh, that highlight shade in Nude Dip would look great on the brow bone!”

Mellan looks like a puppy in this photo. Glad to see he is headed in the right direction with his health.
Christine I can’t wait for your review on one of your hauls; Chanel’s cream & powder eye shadows they look pretty intense.
I hope you enjoy restaurant week that sounds exciting; is it where the restaurants offer special menus with special pricing for a whole week?
Haul a couple of skin care products that I ran low on. A couple of kimono’s from Anthropologie and two sleeveless cami’s from J.Crew. They both carry petites which I am very happy about but they run out of petites sizes before the regular sizes all the time.
Weekend plans not much I have a sore throat which is probably from a cold/allergies combined.

Hey Maria!

Yep, restaurants offer a fixed price menu and usually have three courses with several options to choose from for each course. It’s a good way to try out (or enjoy) restaurants that may normally be out of the budget!

I hope your throat feels better soon!

I forgot what cheers me up? When my husband has a day off & better yet two days in a row off and we just get to spend time together doing whatever!

I got a new Lorac Pro palette, since mine has seen much wear. I also needed some MAC fill-ins so I picked up Satin Taupe, Star Violet and Amber Lights shadows and a new pro palette and insert combo to fill in with my loose pans. I also picked up a Lustering lipstick,since it has been calling to me for the past year.

As far as weekend plans, nothing really, just trying not to melt from the heat.

One thing that always cheers me up is seeing my doggie friends, one of which I count Mellan, happy and healthy, and spending some time with my daughter.

Haul – another big one this week! I’ve been dangerous! Pictures are on my Instagram if anyone wants to look – @unapologetic_lea

Giorgio Armani – Life is a Cruise face and eye palettes came in, along with one of the new liquid liners in Armani Cruise a brown/bronze shade. I’m holding off on the eye tints until I can see them in person; I have so many already.

Chantecaille – almost all my items are in – lips, eye and cheek trio, highlight and lip liners and cream blush from the regular line. Only waiting on the eye trio now.

Beautylish – I grabbed both of By Terry’s Sun Designer Palettes from last year (one accidentally a dupe but I’ll likely keep it; I don’t have that many blushes and bronzers, so a backup won’t kill me), two of the new By Terry Blackstar Stylos in Purpulyn Gem and Tasty Truffle, a Visesrt Theory Palette in Chroma (my first Viseart), May Lindstrom The Problem Solver mask and May Lindstrom masking bowl.

Tatcha – the Cherry Blossom lip trio, a stand-alone Cherry Blossom lipstick as a back-up because I loved the color and formula so much, and a couple of the cherry blossom lip balms. I really like the texture of the Tatcha balms. It’s quite different than most other balms.

Weekend Plans – nothing formally planned. I need to run some errands at some point and will probably continue my beauty closet organization. It’s a bit of a declutter, but only here and there. It’s more just to get things sorted and easier to find.

What Cheers Me Up? Not to be all mushy, but a hug and a bit of a cuddle with my husband always raises the mood. Certainly my cat as well before she passed.

I always forget something!

Ulta – a dozen sheet masks from Tony Moly and the new Dermalogica Daily Superfolliant.

I have heard great things about the May Lindstrom line but have never tried.

You are making me want the Tatcha Cherry Blossom lipstick now!

The May Lindstrom is nice, I used it this morning and my skin feels really nice. Not overly tight or dry. I also didn’t have any burning that some report in the comments, but I use acids twice a day so I’m not overly sensitive. Scent is very interesting, not in a bad way. Best comparison I can think of is a molasses and raisin cookie I used to eat growing up – I think it reminds me of the molasses.

Ha! The Tatcha is lovely. A bit sheerer than the red or plum from what I understand, but the formula is really beautiful for a company that focuses predominantly on skin.

Happy to share. I’ve been wearing the Chantecaille Lip Sleeks fairly non-stop, the Tatcha Cherry Blossom is the only other lip that’s made it into rotation. The Chantecaille’s wear very similarly to CdP lip luminizers, so somewhat sheer, with a shine, but very hydrating and a bigger punch of color. The color will definitely outlast the shine factor through eating and drinking, so that gives it a boost over CdP in terms of wear. Not retractable since it’s in a click pen. The MUA made a thinly veiled reference that it’s meant as direct competition to the lip luminizers – hence the shape and texture, so I’m hoping that means we can expect a range expansion in future.

The May Lindstrom Problem Solver is looking very promising. I waited a few hours after testing before putting anything else on my skin and didn’t experience any tightness or drying. I did end up doing a Tony Moly sheet mask, but it wasn’t necessary for hydration. Be prepared for a bit of a messy sink when rinsing though! It’s a greenish brown mask when it dries.

I’ve been using the Dermologica Daily Superfoliant as a morning cleanse and I really like it. I’ve been through a few of the Daily Microfoliant mini enzyme exfoliators and liked them. The Superfoliant has charcoal and AHAs, among other things. I think I prefer it to the original.

The By Terry Stylos wear just as well as the originals; long-wearing, budge proof. Love it! While I haven’t gotten into the Armani palettes, the eyeliner wore like iron in my swatch.

Haul: MAC Coconut Fix+ from the Fruity Juicy collection
Weekend plans: Off to a running start – I volunteered at a food depository with my work’s Young Professionals group, then came home and took Goose to the vet (just regular yearly stuff). Time to start packing for vacation – I’m leaving Tuesday for a week at the beach πŸ™‚ It’s cold and crappy here today, so I’m really looking forward to it!
What’s one thing that always cheers you up?: Dogs and husband πŸ™‚

Haul: Strawberry Moon and Lemongrass perfume oils from Black Phoenix

Weekend plans: cleaning out my closets and hauling stuff to Goodwill

What’s one thing that always cheers you up? A hot bath and a good book.

Any tips for having a great bath, Jammies? Every time I take one, I want to get out within five minutes, lol!

I have a bath tip: Go out of town! If you don’t have any pressing obligations, a bath can be a nice way to relax. When I’m at home I have so much to do, I can’t sit still. But if I’m at a hotel, it’s a different story.

Haul: Advanced Retinoid and Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary, and Supermodel from Colourpop!

Weekend plans: My boyfriend is visiting, I haven’t gotten to see him in way too long!!! And as much schoolwork as I can get done with him around. πŸ˜›

What’s one thing that always cheers you up? Usually? Taking a nap, honestly.

Btw, I’m rocksinformation on the discord!

Fantastic news about Mellan Christine – you both must be over the moon. He looks so well and healthy.

Haul: Anastasia Brow Whiz in Taupe (love it), Max Factor lipstick in Chilli (to come)

Weekend plans: Yesterday (Friday), when we had Lachlan (now 15 months!) for the afternoon, I took him for a long walk in one of those bike/pusher Tiny Tikes models that he loves. Whilst negotiating the uneven footpaths, the sun in my face and bushes along the way, he managed to undo the velco on little shoe and toss it. When I was nearly home, I realised he had a shoe missing. I re-walked our path, but couldn’t it. So I had to race in, with him, to our local shopping centre to buy him another pair. So I am going to have another look today for the shoe.
Apart from that, we’ll probably go out for brunch on Sunday.

Cheers Me Up: Seeing my grandchildren – having Olivia and Lachlan give me a hug and a cuddle.
Reading a good book; socialising with friends and going for a drive out into the country side.

I also meant to say Christine – Restaurant Week sounds pretty good to me – are you supposed to go to a different restaurant each night in the week? If so, I would LOVE that!
Enjoy your time off, you and your husband deserve it.

Participating restaurants typically offer a three-course fixed price menu – you can choose from a few items for each course (usually an appetizer, entree, and dessert). It’s usually a pretty good deal and cheaper than dining regularly.

Hope you can find the lost shoe, Genevieve! I once tried to put boots on Mellan (hot pavement here), but he was not having it… I cannot imagine trying to keep shoes on a baby/toddler!

He is fascinated with the velco aspect on his shoes and he always takes them off, especially when he is in the car. However, at home he can always find his shoes when you tell him to get them, unlike his older sister who puts them everywhere.

Hi Genevieve!

Like we didn’t have enough lost shoes with our own children, now your backtracking again! It is SOOOO funny! So, did you find it?

Nope – haven’t found it Linda! I have no idea where he actually lost it along the street and no one could use one shoe. Anyway, his new ones are actually a bit harder for him to take off, so that’s a blessing. At least I got a good walk in…… fitness regime for the day.

Haul: Urban Decay ….24/7 liner in Uzi and LSD, Revolution lipstick (on sale page) in F-Bomb, eyeshadow single in Thunderbird (my UD Junkie birthday gift). LOVING Thunderbird BTW!!!

Ulta … UD powder foundation and Afterglow blush in Fetish, both 40% off Makeup Revolution Iconic eyeshadow palette#3, NYX Cosmic Metals eyeshadow palette, Pacifica fragrance rollerball in French Lilac.
And that concludes my birthday hauls and so now back to no/low buy until Black Friday.?

Weekend plans: None,it’s my weekend to work.

What cheers me up: Hugs from my six year old son!

Happy birthday!! Fetish looks SO LOVELY! I swatched the tester in my nearby Ulta, but they were out of it….also sold out online. I picked up Obsessed instead. I like the powder foundation a lot! I’ve had better luck applying it dry as opposed to wet. Hope you enjoy! I kind of want Thunderbird!

That is great to hear about Mellan!

Testosterone, Claretcast and Up the Amp lipsticks
Ordered but hasn’t arrived yet: Oh My Banana and Fruit A La La eye palettes, Si, Si Me! lipstick, Oh My Passion! Pearlmatte Powder, 125 & 126 duo fibre brushes and the Fix + spray

Huge haul from Amazon, Bliss Kiss and Twinkled T for nails – peel off base coat (UNT), KB Shimmer top coats, dotters, cuticle remover, nippers, orange sticks, rubber-tipped cuticle pushers, clean up brushes, cuticle metal scraper/pusher, nail mat, cuticle cream (badger, burt’s bees) and czech crystal files. I’m thinking of getting stampers and vinyls but my nails stay on the short side, so probably won’t.

Weekend plans: Laying low – just leisurely cooking, cleaning and laundry, playing with makeup, maybe a brunch or lunch at a winery.

What’s the one thing that always cheers you up?: Makeup and any outing with my girlfriends that involves wine and food!

Thanks! I was only going to get the Oh My Banana and Si, Si Me but I have Saucy Little Darling (dupe for the other pink lipstick), so I figured I’d get both palettes. Then I had to get the face powder, then I had to get the . . .?

Haul: Tom Ford Highlighter Duo (awaiting delivery; NM can be so slow), Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector.

The Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in Sepia reported last week arrived while I was away. Am loving the shade and texture.

Weekend plans: Unpack from trip, catch up on sleep, pack away fall/winter clothes and bring out spring/summer clothes.

What’s one thing that always cheers you up? Hearing a favourite song playing (and doubly so if in the car on the open road)!!

I meant to add yesterday that I’m really eager (or perhaps “afraid”, LOL) to see those Chanel eyeshadows. They sound fascinating and I always love seeing new stuff from Chanel.

Swatches of the creams:

Swatches of the powders (I could not justify purchasing all the shades without knowing they were decent/good):

I might pick up more since Chanel’s PR ended up sending 3 of the creams and 3 of the powders (lol, they happened to be all ones I had purchased the day before!).

Oh, I thought it was some new formulation – a “cream/powder” hybrid sort of thing. Still, I have to go take a look – I love checking out new stuff from Chanel and they’d really scaled back their single powder eye shadows in recent years (at least in Canada), even phasing out Taupe Grise which I think has been a classic for them.

They are actually new – and while I haven’t tested all the shades yet, the texture on the cream one is more like a traditional cream eyeshadow compare to their Illusion d’Ombres!

Thanks so much for the link to the swatches. Some of them (both creams and powders) look pretty good but a few look less than average. The few I like the most are (big surprise) so similar to colours I already have (Titane looks a great deal like Nars Pygar, for starters….)

Christine, I’ve meant to say this for some time and keep forgetting so this is long overdue. It always amazes me, given the huge number of “members” and people who post here, that you manage to have such a strong sense of so many of us – what our likes and weaknesses are, etc. It really is astounding that, with all you do to “make” the site what it is and with all your testing and reviewing, etc., that you have the time to develop this very real sense of who your members are.

Aw, thanks, Mariella! I try to remember a few things about regular readers who comment, at least! Sometimes I feel like I need a little note system because I do tend to forget more than I’d like.

My haul this week….LancΓ΄me Matte Shaker Lipstick in Pink Power, MAC Fruity Juicy Split Fibre #125 Face Brush, new Chanel powder eyeshadow #18 Verde, #36 Desert Rouge and new Chanel cream eyeshadow #808 Lilas D’Or, #810 Pourpe Profond, #814 Silver Pink and Chanel nail color #562 Coraluim and Chanel Gel Top Coat. Ulta had a nail color sale, buy 2 and get one free, OPI Cajun Shrimp, GPS I Love You and She’s A Bad Muffuletta. Love the new Chanel eyeshadows. My pick me up is having a glass of wine with hubby before dinner out on the patio. We share the days events, the latest news, make plans and relax. Even in winter, we sit out on the patio bundled up with a fire in our outdoor fireplace! For this weekend, It’s Crave Restaurant, the best sweet potato fries.

Yay for Mellan! Many nose boops for your fur baby from me and my fur baby. πŸ˜‰

Haul: My first order from Credo beauty. Mostly skincare, as my face has been moodier than ever lately and I’m trying to get it under control before my wedding in July.

Haul: Just some MAC lipsticks from the CCO. Among the Flies, Long Legged and Fabulous, Creme in your Coffee, Little Budda and Shy Girl

Weekend plans: attending/attended a Latino Cultural Fair

One thing that makes me happy: having coffee with my daughter at our favorite local coffee shop

Hi Christine. Love the new Chanel creme eyeshadows. The colors are beautiful. I particularly like the satin shimmer and lightweight texture. The Lilas D’Or works better for me as a eyeshadow base. The results were beautiful with a light touch of color #2 of Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita. I didn’t have too much trouble with Pourpe Profond or Silver Pink probably due to my oily lids. has an online tutorial with Lucia Pica, where she recommends using your ring finger. I’am not a fan of sticking my fingers in my eyeshadows no matter how clean my hands are.

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