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  • Haul: Burberry Silk & Bloom Blush, Chanel Camelia de Chanel Highlighter
  • Weekend plans: My husband and I started watching Gilmore Girls (I know, totally late to that party!), so we’ll probably watch several episodes!
  • Letter, email, text, or phone?: Email! I like that I can read it and not feel like I have to reply that second.

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Possibly, he's spoiled. Just maybe ☺

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Finished off the restructuring of my brush collection with this shipment from Japan. Got rid of what I struggled with, and am much happier. Don’t need additional brushes, maybe just a dupe or two down the road.

Chikuhodo GSN-5 Liquid Brush — A+. Was using the powder brush GSN-2 for liquid foundation application, which I liked very much. But I also love the using GSN-2 (have two) for blush and other powder applications as it is intended, so I added this foundation brush to free it up.

Chikuhodo GSN-8 Eye Shadow Brush — A+, Love the shape of this brings and how I can manipulate the angles to make application so easy and precise.

Chikuhodo GSN-9 Eye Shadow Brush — A+

Hourglass Blushes in Diffused Heat and Mood Expsoure. That will round out the blush collection for now. Although let down with some Hourglass products through the years, I am crazy happy with these blushes. Love them both for effect, application, color.

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Macadamia

Sephora Lip Last Lipstick Pink Metallic, #25. Meh. Not sure about this yet…

On Order
Biologique Recherche: Lotion P50 and Creme Contour Des Yeux VIP O2. The Lotion P50 is legendary, universally acclaimed, and I have long wanted to try it. I need an eye creme with more oomph, so I took a chance on this one. This skin care line is new to me, but I have intended to try it for years. I’ll report back after I experience it for a while, especially the P50. Last year in Paris, my intention was to get a facial there, but the timing never worked out. Next trip!

Three of our four boys and GFs are descending at various times throughout the weekend. No empty nest here!

Letter, email, text, or phone?
Email first, text second. Please, not the phone. Hate the phone. I have a self-termed psych condition I call “phone baggage.” I don’t like making or especially having the phone ring. Childhood stuff — nothing good comes of the phone.

Yay for great Chikuhodo brushes! You’ll have to share your eventual must-have lists from all your new brushes! πŸ™‚

Hi Tammy!

Phone baggage sistah! Seriously, unless you feel what we feel, you can’t know how much the phone is a source of stress. Ugh.

The tiny brush I love is the Chikuhodo R-SL1 / RR-SL1 Shadow Liner. It looks like a usual size on the web, but it’s small, and it gets right into that lash line. I got the red handle, and I’m glad because I can find it quick. Use it every day.

That brush came back from Japan with my friend Yukari, but I did order this last get directly from Japan through Visage. Bigger selection than Beautylish. I don’t mind waiting the few weeks.

Linda, I have the same phone disorder! I got SO UPSET yesterday because I had to call my cousin, I mean seriously upset. It was just to say hi, we like each other…

I just HATE the phone!

I know, Michele! This phone thing is a REAL issue. It is huge in my life, and I just give into it because in 50+ years I have not been able to overcome the baggage. I have handled enough in my life I feel (as we all have), and this is just something I am not able to put in a box. So be it.

So if any of all y’all want to reach me, do anything but call. πŸ™‚ LOL!

Hi Tammy!

For transition and blending the crease, lots of options. Truthfully, since the haul of all the Chikuhodo brushes are relatively new to me, I’m still experimenting and figuring it out. Here’s my take at the moment.

General Comments:
All the Chikuhodo brushes I have, all are outstandingly PRO. Whatever they provided in the Lucky Bag was an outrageous mistake for their reputation.

Z Series — lovely, lovely for overall application (soft squirrel).
GSN and Takumi for more precision application needs.

The Z5 I use for the transition a lot. You can do an overall eye look with that one brush in a hurry. It’s a good workhorse to have.

The GSN-10 is effective for transition work, as is the Takumi T-7. The Takumi is short handled so you might be perplexed at first, but I like it a lot. For transition, though, my Sigma Diffused Crease also works well, FWIW.


I basically use two:

I am ADORING the GSN-8 for precision application. You can get down and dirty in the crease, blend it out, AND use it for the outer V and the outside of the lower lash line. Quality shadow + quality brush = short work of beautiful looks.

I also like the Wayne Goss 19. I use it regularly. It’s fun, satisfying, and effective to blend things out with that brush. It is a good one.

IF… you already have high-quality brushes you are satisfied with, then these brushes may not be as much as a revelation to you as it has been to me. They have rocked my world. I thought I was trading up when I invested in MAC (which were definitely a step up for me and good), but no comparison I will venture to say.

Hope this helps!

Hahaha this is cracking me up bc I’m also in the phone phobia club!!! I despise talking on the phone!!! I will literally do almost anything to avoid it, have my whole life!!! Smh.

Me too. This is ridiculous. Especially these “calling the cousin with no particular reason just to catch up” and the initial “warming up while you don’t know ehat to say”…

Haul: I ordered one more backup of my favorite “Love Me Pink” gloss from Sephora since it’s being discontinued, and I did something very rash – I blew all of my 1500 points on the Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle perfume reward. It seemed like such a good deal as it’s a full 1.7oz bottle, but I’ve never even smelled it in person!! I love honeysuckle and citrus, so I’m really hoping I did not waste all of my points.

Weekend plans: Nothing special… it’s cold again. My check-engine light is on and I have to drop my car off today so I may be stuck at home sans vehicle, ugh.

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Pertaining to work I much prefer email, but in my personal life I love texts! Emojis, pictures, and gifs can make conversations really fun. Sometimes when I’m bored on flights, I’ll just go back and read my husband’s and my text history – it’s hilarious! πŸ™‚

Texts are fun with the right people! Like I love texting with my family and close friends… mostly because they know if I don’t reply right away it’s 99% because I’m busy or left my phone somewhere in the house, haha.

I hope you love your new perfume!!

Oh, I know that fear of picking a scent you’ve never actually smelled. I recently purchased a sample of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540 and I hate it. If the sample didn’t cost $15, I would have been okay. Total waste of my money☹️

Ouch, that was an expensive sample – at least you didn’t invest in what I can only imagine is a very expensive bottle! I’m glad I am only spending “points” on mine but I’ll be very sad about the opportunity cost if I don’t like it πŸ™

Did you get Mellan’s final test results yet, Christine? Marya is starting to eat tiny bits of food with a little more texture since getting her teeth trimmed, but is still eating the hamster food hunks that I’ve pulverized for her rather than gnawing on a hunk herself…

Haul: waiting for a couple of orders to be delivered. I was thinking about ordering that Burberry blush, decided to wait for more reviews, and it sold out at Nordstrom while sitting in my cart, after they’d had it less than a week! I think I’ll stop by ULTA and maybe Macys while I run errands today, though, and see if anything catches my eye. The problem is that my local ULTA doesn’t get new products in until they’ve been out for a while, and my local Macys is small, doesn’t have many brands.

Weekend plans: I want to start a new knitting project.

Letter, email, text, or phone? I like email, too. I really like to talk to people on the phone, but don’t like being interrupted. I do use the phone when I need to call a company to make a complaint, because my creative way with words, forceful personality, and persistence can be more of an advantage that way; or if I have a complex series of questions to ask, that would make an email exchange long and tedious. Texts feel more urgent to me; they nag at me more until I respond to them. I’m careful who I give my cell number to. Letters are very sweet, but just too slow.

Still waiting! πŸ™ I have followed up three times with my local vet (the test is being done by Cornell, and the technician responsible for the test is not responding as of Tuesday) but no luck at this time.

I hope Marya starts eating totally on her own soon! Poor gal.

Waiting is so hard! The Cornell pathology lab can be a bit of a pain with human tests, too…

I stopped at the MAC counter at Macys, tried on Deep With Envy lipstick and liked it a lot, but it looked a bit of a mess without a liner, so the SA recommended the eyeliner in Undercurrent as a lip liner for it, and it worked great too, so I bought both πŸ™‚ I was much less happy when I looked in the rear view mirror in my car, it looked like more of a leaf green than a forest green in daylight. So I think I’ll only use it as part of an evening look. Because it really did look great in the dimmer lighting, brought out my eyes and all kinds of good stuff.

I’m frustrated as they told me 10-14 days, which is long but it is what it is… and it’s well beyond 14 days, so just an update/confirmation it’s in progress would go a long way!

Happy to hear that Undercurrent worked well with Deep with Envy!

I’ve had them report a mole biopsy as just abnormal, then revise their opinion to malignant… not sure exactly how that happened, but I think the first report must have gone out before the final review by the most experienced pathologist. But, just hearing that it’s in process rather than lost somewhere would definitely help!

Oh, that is not the kind of revision you want to see πŸ™

Turns out that there’s only one person who can do that particular test (see how much copper is in the liver sample), and they have been out the last three weeks and no answer on when they’ll be back… but at least there’s an answer!

Fran, if their pathology department is CAP certified they are required to have a certain percentage of cases reviewed by another pathologist for QA purposes. In a lot of cases they will choose to have a suspicous case reviewed by another pathologist who specializes in that tumor (such as melanoma) because so much is riding on it. It’s not unusual.

Yeah, my vet called me back today and said normally it’s about 10 days, and so it turns out there’s only one person who can do this particular test, and they have been gone for the last three weeks… and it is unclear if or when they’ll return. Next week will be interesting…

Oh my gosh, this reminded me of my mom so hard: “my creative way with words, forceful personality, and persistence can be more of an advantage that way…” I have seen her work miracles with refunds and fees over the phone. To the point that once when my partner was having a car insurance issue, I actually recommended we ask her to call even though that is embarrassing and odd because we are adults. She’s also a force of nature with letters to companies.

What are you knitting?

LOL, Blue, thank you for the compliment πŸ™‚

I’ve got several knitting projects going… a scarf and a sweater, but I’ve been finishing hats, since they’re so quick πŸ™‚

She’s gaining weight like crazy since I figured out how to pulverize her hamster food hunks (up to 49 grams today — she had dropped to 35 g. from 56 g.). And she really seems perfectly happy, healthy, and active other than being unable to eat hard foods. But I’m thinking she probably managed to damage her jaw when she got her teeth wedged in her cage bars (or in trying to get herself loose) and will need regular teeth-trimming for the rest of her life, in addition to pulverized food. Which is really not very much effort for us, and which (sadly) may only be for a few months — Dwarf hamsters don’t live very long, and she’s already more than 1-1/4 years old. I’m really charmed by the little critters, but have to be prepared to transfer my affections from one to the next because of their short lifespans. We fondly remember each one, though. It’s amazing to me how such tiny creatures can have so much personality, and how much each one is unique πŸ™‚

Oh wow, I didn’t know dwarf hamsters had such a short lifespan πŸ™ But glad Maryra has a such a loving, dedicated hamster mom to make sure she lives the happiest and fullest life possible!

Thank you for the compliment, Katherine πŸ™‚ We love our furbabies here. I’m grateful that the vet bills for guinea pigs and hamsters are smaller than those for dogs or cats, but, I feel strongly that, when we bring an animal into our home, we’re accepting responsibility for the quality of its life.

Since being bought up by big animal hospital chains, many of the veterinarians in our area have become very pushy about wanting to do every kind of test and procedure. I really want what’s best for my little friends, but I don’t always agree with the new approach. I feel that our little friends don’t know what’s going on, and can’t consent to these procedures. I don’t like it if the vet tries to make me feel guilty for doing what I believe is in my companion’s best interests when I decline some of these recommendations. (And I’m someone who’s had major surgery done on two guinea pigs, for breast tumors — I’m not neglectful because I don’t want to spend the money!) And then a lot of them charge more for hamsters and guinea pigs as ‘exotics’. Exotic? Really? It can be very difficult. Then I found our current vets: two vets who started a practice based on a co-op model, because they knew so many families who have difficulty paying for their pets’ veterinary care. People who have dogs and cats pay a monthly fee to join, and get preventive care for free, and a discount on sick visits. For the small animals like ours, we paid about $100 to join, and get our visits discounted. I was worried when we were referred for the teeth trimming, but the place she sent us to is still owned by the veterinarian who founded it, and the care was good *and* the cost was reasonable, so I was relieved.

Maybe just a weeee bit? Ooooh, curious about your new goodies!
*Haul- nothing this week, eyeing several things but want to swatch in store first or wait for sale/promo
*Weekend- no plans, relax
*Email for sure

Haul: Several Sephora Lip Stain shades
Weekend plans: Relaxing with hubby – who leaves for LA on Sunday. maybe some window shopping
Letter, email, text, or phone? I like e-mail although sometimes it better to pick up the phone.

He is doing advance work for the NAACP Image Awards. Then he will travel back for the actual awards a week later. I am very proud of him. He was nominated for an interview he produced with Roland Martin and former President Obama. I actually enjoy the “me” time if it is only for a few days.

Mellan is such a gentleman. Those toys are unharmed! Such a snuggle bug.

Haul: Revlon Praline & Caramel cream eyeshadows
Weekend plans: My sister will be in town, so just hanging with her!
Letter, email, text, or phone?: I guess it depends what it is. But generally, probably text. I enjoy letters more, use email for school/shopping, text for most things, and phone for grown up billing and nonsense stuff. (I hate talking on the phone. Much prefer face to face!)

Haul: BH Cosmetics Eco Luxe Brush set, Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss (Luminous), Milani Strobelight Instant Glow (Afterglow), Wet n’ Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipstick (Nice to Fuschia, Give me Mocha)
Weekend plans: Lots and lots of shopping, if I can help it! I want to get more setup materials for my vanity area! I also need to work on getting some clothes/shoes, as well as some organization for my clothes and jewelry.
Letter, email, text, or phone?: Depends on which me you are talking to! If it’s teenage Anime, I used to be ADDICTED to passing notes and writing letters when I was in school, as well as staying up all night on the phone! These days the majority of my communication is done through text or e-mail, and the most eloquent between the two tend to be E-mail!

I know for sure that I want to get another desk to put my computer+recording stuff on, and it’ll probably be the IKEA Micke to match the Micke I have my vanity on. (it’s the long, 2-drawer white one!) I also want to get a couple brush holders. I need to get a formal chair for the area, (I’m using one of those terrible auditorium fold-up chairs — it doesn’t even have back-padding!) even if it’s just a swivel office chair. I do also think it’s time for me to get an organizer for my jewelry, as well as a nice area rug. Finally, I need partitions for the area, or at the very least, a backdrop of some sort. It’s a bit of a list!

Haul: UD After Dark Palette and KvD Alchemy Palette. Nothing like trying them out in person to sell me one them.

I also picked up the NYX Total Control DropFoundation in 01 and 02. I was able to go to the Toronto NYX flagship store (Old MAC Pro store location) and see the new cream/liquid highlighters in 3 shades and 4 of the duo-chromatic powders in store. I had not realised there were more shades in both ranges so I’m looking forward to your reviews.

Also while in Toronto picked up my pink and black fabric for a mermaid/fishtail style dress that I’m cosplay in April. And some backup fabric for another cosplay in May…. I’m not 100% sold on it and still hoping I get a better one or print my own pattern on the fabric (but I’d rather work with a brocade or lace πŸ˜‰ first).

Weekend plans: Work resumes… Getting made I can’t take swatches because the past 3 weeks we have had nothing my grey skies in my city. >_<

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Email as well, like taking a moment to respond instead of a quick text. Phone second if I can't meet someone in person, I'm all about inflexion. πŸ˜‰

The Aura intensity. When these pigments get pressed they tend to be a sheerer wash less pigmented version of their loose counterparts on bare skin. I can see these instantly and are very noticeable. They break down to $11 CAN a pan ($44CAN) and though the palette is small for the price, but per shadow price, they are not horrible.

I still kind of wish this was cheaper ($37 to $40CAN) or larger pans but for me, this was what I wanted from the ABH Moonchild palette. Not glittery/shimmer, but very fine aura. πŸ˜‰

Haul: Notoriously Morbid January Vanishing Cabinet (every item is nice!), Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Triple Eye Correction Serum, Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel, and NARS Thessalonique eyeshadow duo.

Weekend: See the grandchildren!

I prefer emails or text messages.

I wanted to thank all the Temptalia members who describe how they use their haul items. I am especially grateful for reading about your eyeshadow combinations: it motivates me to play with my stash and use items that might otherwise be neglected.

“I wanted to thank all the Temptalia members who describe how they use their haul items.” Totally. We walk a very fine line here between being helpful and being “enablers.” LOL!

Well, I like to think that we are “helpful enablers”…that pretty much sums it up, especially when in our real lives, we might not have anyone to share or understand our interest in makeup. I was surprised, at work this past week (and a few times in past) to get nice compliments on my makeup. I started to wonder if maybe the people giving the compliments were also “closet” makeup junkies.

I am the only makeup junkie I know, so I really love hearing how Temptalia readers use their makeup and what they purchase.
I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time with your grandchildren Tammy, I absolutely adore mine.

Fran, I haven’t had much time to play with Thessalonique, but my first impressions are positive. I added on top of a deeper plum eye look and it was nice, and I am wearing it today by itself without Primer. I like how soft it is by itself, a perfect little something to wear with some mascara and a bit of eyeliner. It definitely gives a cool spring vibe to my eyes, even though in the pan it basically looks like white and grey. I will be excited to try it with the shadow stick you used, which I will probably buy next week. It is definitely dupable and not a must-have, but I have a soft spot for NARS and so my perception of the NARS products I buy is skewed by my affection for this brand. I like it!

I, too, have an inexplicable attraction to NARS products, even the ones that are just good, rather than outstanding. The effects of branding are so interesting! I tend toward makeup-artist founded brands in general, and NARS has a slightly more adult, sophisticated vibe to it while still being colorful and a bit edgy. Maybe that’s what hooks me. It’s definitely not the rubberized packaging, that I could do without.

Oh I see you got the PTR 10% Glycolic Acid Hydrating Gel, think we were chatting about this one time. One of my fave products. IMO, it’s not hydrating but great for dissolving dead skin cells and unclogging/shrinking pores. I will clean my face, apply a couple layers on the face, leave on for 30 min -1 hr, then rinse off. It really makes my skin feel baby smooth and tightens up my pores. Or you can put on a thin layer, apply moisturizer and leave on overnight for a gentler effect. Hope it works for you!

How’s he feeling?

ASOS (15% off): Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip (Waffle Cone)

Barney’s: Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

Darphin (15% off): Exquisage Beauty Revealing Serum, CC Cream (Light), Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition. I like the serums I use from Hylamide but they are often out of stock and hard to get. ISO serums I can more easily purchase (and hopefully continue to get discount or samples with!)

Kiko Milano (Buy 2, Get $7 off): Smart Eyeshadow Palette (Cool Shades, Garden Rose)

Lush: Bath Bomb (Pink, Butterball, Sakura, Sex Bomb)

Sephora: Milk Makeup Shadow Quad (Night Goals), Bumble and Bumble BB Color Stick (Black), Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon (Mist Me 55, Deja Blue 57,Fine(wine) 47), Marvis Strong Mint Mouthwash Concentrate

Shu Uemura (15% off): Chinese New Year Neon Balm (Glow-In-Pink)

Ulta (everything was on sale): Makeup Revolution Lip Geek Lipstick (Barbie is Jealous, Ken Will Want Me), Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadow (Frostbite, Volatile, Glass Slipper, Tin), Fizz & Bubble Large Bath Fizzy (Sandalwood Vanilla, Buttercream, Oatmeal Milk & Honey), Ulta Facial Cleansing Towelettes (3)

Urban Decay: Eyeshadow (Vice, Smokeout, Relish)

Weekend plans: My daughter had surgery yesterday so running a bunch of errands and then going over to visit with her.

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Text. I’m terrible at keeping up with people so the best way to get me to respond is by text. It’s also an easy way for me to let friends know I’m thinking about them since, again, I’m awful at keeping up with people.

He seems the same (he doesn’t have any symptoms that we can see – only that his liver enzymes are elevated on a blood test!), as far as I can tell! πŸ™‚

I wish Darphin skincare wasn’t as scented – are all their serums scented? I don’t think I’ve tried a serum from them before!

Hope he stays happy and well!

The face serum I have is pretty strongly scented but it does dissipate. I thought I’d hate the scent of the face serum but it’s actually pretty relaxing. The eye serum does not seem to have a strong scent and really does provide an immediate lift. I wouldn’t be able to use a skincare product that remains scented because it would drive me nuts! Darphin has a “system” where you do special application techniques for your skin. Much of it is about awakening your skin so it can better absorb the products and to flush toxins. Honestly I would have thought the toxin bit was a bunch of nonsense except that some of the technique was taught to me by an occupational therapist after my cancer to drain toxins through your lymph nodes. So their technique is actually legit medically. And obviously can be used with any skincare πŸ˜‰

Haul: Sephora Colorful eyeshadow in Mermaid Tail, it arrived broken but I’m in contact with CS! Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Cocoa Bear, Cherry Cola, and Poppy (I destashed my Viseart Dark Mattes so I’m collecting dupes of the shadows I did use in the palette!).

On order: Fyrinnae pressed shadow in Hitched; Makeup Geek shadows in Creme Brule, Pillow Talk, Hot Pants, Curtain Call, and pigments in Flamethrower and Prism; and Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit

Weekend Plans: Rockclimbing with my friends and reading for a class!

Letter, text, email, or phone?: Text for small/unimportant things, phone for making sensitive plans or deep conversation!

I love that your husband is watching Gilmore Girls with you. I’m not sure I could convince Babe to watch that with me. πŸ˜€

Also, I recently hauled ColourPop. I based my order entirely off your reviews. It took me hours to decide, but I finally settled on the shadows Get Lucky, Thirsty Girl, Just Fur Fun, Fringe, Mixed Tape, Telepathy, and Lace, as well as Ribbon. Can’t wait to play with it all!

I’ve been good this week, I’ve only picked up a MAC quick trick stick from the new Makeup Art collection, and the new L’OrΓ©al makeup sponge. I’ve got my eye on a bunch of stuff but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Haul: MAC Love Thing Mineralize Blush, Smashbox Cover Shot Smoky palette and Be Legendary creamy lipstick (not the matte one) in the shade Legendary. I tried to pick up one of the new Hourglass lip pencils (Visionary) but, despite what it said on Sephora’s website, these hadn’t arrived yet at my local store.

Weekend plans: not really sure but I do want to make a big pot of lentil soup. I made some last week and it was delicious. There’s a chance our youngest son might come home this weekend (we’re still waiting to hear) so if he does, that will be a focal point of the weekend.

Letter, email, text or phone? – it depends on who/what it is. For personal stuff – friends, kids, etc. – I so much prefer talking on the phone. It is so much more human than any of the other options. And I love actual real, paper birthday cards and other greeting cards. There is a effort involved in those that shows so much more care and thought than the other options.

Love Thing! Such a pretty one. How annoying that Sephora’s site they were in-store when they weren’t!

My dad is really into cards – everyone else I know has phased them out, but a card is a must for my dad!

That happens a LOT with Sephora. The way it works is supposed to spare you having to call around but, apparently, they designate products as being “in store” if the shipment has been sent, rather than when it arrives. I love the feature most of the time since then you don’t have to bother the sales people by phoning – you should have the info “right at your finger tips”.

My mother in law did the neatest thing. She has kept all the birthday, mother’s day and Christmas cards her 5 kids (and their spouses) have given her over the years and she’s given us each a big manila envelope of them to “re-give” her, rather than spending money on new ones. So funny and so neat and a great way to recycle, though I think we’ve misplace the envelope somewhere in the basement so we keep buying her new cards.

How do you like to make your lentil soup? The only kind I can get my son to like is spicy red lentil soup, like Indian dal. Wish I could get him to like more kinds!

I use a really simple recipe that I found online. It has spinach and red wine vinegar added toward the end (just to wilt the spinach) and I use an immersion blender to blend it a bit – not puree the whole thing but just so it thickens a bit. It’s Easy Lentil Soup from Chowhound. If you can’t find it, post here and I’ll try to post it, if Christine doesn’t mind. I’m lucky – my kids and husband love just about any kind of soup though hubby is allergic to shellfish and won’t eat anything with bacon, ham – anything that was ever on a pig (we visited his brother who was working on a pig farm whilst getting his degree in Agricultural Science and that experience grossed husband out entirely).

Hi Christine, so glad to hear you have a diagnosis for Mellan and that it is manΓ geable. Good to see him spoiled!

Haul: At the CCO, purchased Tom Ford Wicked blush and a Bobbi Brown angled face brush (it has a stiffness with some flexibility, so follows the lower cheekbone perfectly and makes them stand out beautifully).

Weekend plans: Low key. Spouse and I are watching Deadwood, so a few episodes are on tap. Generally cleaning up and catching up on paperwork.

Letter, email, text, or phone? Landline phone call preferred. I don’t want my cell phone to be a regular mode of contact. Of the few who have the number, prefer text, so can give a quick reply or share a moment. I always welcome a handwritten note sent through the mail. I deplore email as I’d rather call you to chat if possible.

I think maybe I should go ahead and get it, instead of the LE Burberry blush I’ve been obsessing about! I have more confidence that Wicked is going to look good on my skin tone.

Haul: I’m trying to shop my stash more, your dupes have helped me a lot. I did buy Flower Beauty (Drew Barrymore’s line) in warm hibiscus. Its really pretty kind of similar to Nars Orgasm or Nars Deep Throat but not exact, its has really pretty subtle gold shimmer in it. Price point is great too at around $9 at Walmart.

Weekend Plans : My mom’s birthday is coming up this week, taking her to lunch and a movie. Probably go to dinner or something my boyfriend Saturday night/relax sunday.

Letter, email, text, or phone: For personal life text is nice, but I’m okay with phone calls from friends if they want to catch up. Work I do IT support so lots of phone calls, e-mails that describe the issue are helpful in me preparing before calling the end user back, its nice not going in blind.

Haul: Nothing last week, but I went wild with OCC earlier this month because of their sales. I got the Fire Starter trio, Indrid and Derelict Lip Tars, and the black lip pencil. Plus the Pool Boy/Rime lip duo and Technopagan for my partner. All of it has exceeded expectation! Oh, I also got some Zoya polishes when they were doing their four for $15 thing.

Plans: It’s my honey’s birthday and we’re celebrating with fondue. πŸ™‚

Letter, email, or text: Text? I only email for work or purchase related purposes, and I don’t think I’ve yet bought stamps in my nearly 30 years of life.

LOL! I’m about to stop answering my cell because all I get are annoying spam calls (even though I’m on the do not call list) πŸ™

HAUL: Oh Christine, I splurged this week O_O. I got bangs last week (straight across) and it’s changed my makeup game a bit. They draw more attention to the eyes and really, really flatter a smokey/smoldery eye. So I was inspired to get some new colors. Couldn’t decide between Charlotte Tilbury Rebel palette and Tom Ford Last Dance so I got both #gulp. I’m excited to get them though and try out the formulas. Only problem is now I’m eyeing the other quads in those ranges #tugscollar.

WEEKEND: Forget my weekend… GILMORE GIRLS!! Love that show. I’d be interested to hear if your husband likes it. I mean, I do think it’s honestly a good show with great character writing and I consider Lauren Graham not winning an Emmy to be one of the biggest tragedies in Emmy history because she carried that show on her magnificent shoulders. BUT. It can get exhausting and soapy at times. I’ve tried to explain it to non-watchers before and I’m like, “Oh god, I know it sounds soapy but I swear it’s good!” I know there are male fans out there, though!

Still well-wishing for Mellan!!! <3 <3 <3

Let us know which quad wins you over (or maybe both will!) πŸ™‚

It’s by no means the type of show he’d probably watch on his own, but it’s smart enough to hold his interest. We just started season three, I think! It’s definitely a show he isn’t reluctant to watch with me. I’m really enjoying it – I never watched it growing up, but it’s the right type of show for me (fairly upbeat, funny, strong female characters)!

I’d say that we’re not adverse to either pairing on their own, but I’m not particularly pleased with how they’re moving from one boyfriend to the other (don’t care for the cheating/lying). Not sold on Jess, but we’ll see how they play his come back!

Yes! Four weeks down of this new year and still nothing to haul here! And I did make an appointment for a lesson at a Mac store for next week, because I promised myself I would do that already in December (but then my health condition got worse and I had to postpone it) so next week I will bring home some stuff, (heheheh), that will easily get me through February! Knowing I allow myself to spend money on 3 luxurious products this year, makes it easier, calmer in a way. I will pick my YSL or Bobbi Brown lipstick in the department store when I feel it’s time.
No plans yet. Doing things in the house and resting.
Email, text, phone: it really depends on the situation. Whatsapp for my friends, for work I’ll use email or phone. My parents: phone and skype.

How’s Mellan doing now? I hope he’s better even though he doesn’t want to play with his toys. πŸ™‚

Glad you’re feeling better and you can go to the MAC store for a lesson! πŸ™‚

He seems the same – you’d never know anything was wrong with him! We didn’t have any outward signs, so he continues to be his happy, usual self!

Haul: a varsity jacket, a bullet journal, pencils, colored pencils, a plane ticket to Vegas πŸ˜€

Weekend plans: Plan and book some more upcoming trips. Nothing that exciting.

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Text

Haul: Not much. I ordered two of the Persona cosmetics “Identity” palettes. One for me and one for my daughter. Not sure why, just liked the colors and the mix of matte’s and shimmers. Looked like a good little palette for travel. I have heard nothing about the products and cannot even remember now where I saw them swatched. Definitely on someone’s Instagram but who I could not tell you. Before I purchased I did go to their Instagram and saw some eye looks using the palette and liked the look of them so we will see. I ordered a couple of backups of Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. This winter has been a killer for cold and wind here in Montana and my lips are so chapped. We had 6 straight weeks of below freezing temperatures. Ugh!! Also picked up the Dior highlighters.

Weekend Plans: Keep watching the roof to keep from having any more ice dam water leaks. Can’t do much to fix the problem until spring and can’t go too far from home for too long as the buckets may over flow.

Letter/Phone/Email/Text: I am a dinosaur about correspondence and enough of a romantic to still love getting hand written letters. I know it is a dying art but nothing says I love and care about you as much as getting a hand written letter. I love talking on the phone with friends and it is easier than trying to send long texts or emails. I like hearing their voices as context and inflection are not transmitted via email or text. I prefer emails for business contacts and texting for quick contact. In general, texting and emailing lack the personal touch for me and in our busy lives I just don’t like loosing that personal contact.

I hope the new Persona palettes work well for you!

Do you use the potted version of Nuxe Reve de Miel? The texture of the potted one throws me off!

Yes I use the potted one. I find it is okay for the first 2/3 of the pot and then towards the bottom it becomes a bit granular to me and I don’t like that so I toss it then. I don’t know if it is something that happens with time or whether the honey in it hardens or what but I don’t like that texture. I use this mostly at night as a lip sleep mask. It is still there in the morning and since I wear a CPAP mask that is important to me. Many of the other balms I have tried are okay for during the day but they don’t last through the night.

Ugh, that roof situation sounds about as fun as watching paint dry! I have an un-opened pot of Nuxe lip balm sitting on my nightstand, as soon as I finish my current lip balm, it’s next on my list to try. I was eyeing it for years but thought it was too pricey, finally pulled the trigger when I caught a good sale/promo, think it was like $10. It must be good if you are using it during one of the coldest winters in MT!

Haul: It seems like I’m a stranger here! Haha I haven’t done one of these in SO long because I haven’t been buying makeup – hardly any in the past year at all. Last night I ordered four of the new lipsticks from MAC Colour Rocker tho. The “ugliest” browns they had πŸ˜‰

Weekend plans: Ah! Gilmore Girls?! I LOVED that show! Got Jeff watching a dozen or so key episodes last year to prep him for the new episodes they put out after Thanksgiving. Weekend plans here… just yard work! Lots and lots and lots of yard work! Wedding is in July and we are hosting it at the new house so that means building new decks, walkways, landscaping, etc. Lots to do!

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Phone all the way. It bothers me how uncomfortable it makes people because… it’s just a phone. I prefer doing business over the phone and if I want to talk to a friend, even just ask a quick question, it’s my preferred method of contact if “in person” isn’t an option or would just be inconvenient.

I feel so strange that it never was a show I watched growing up–I think I would have enjoyed it then–but it’s an awesome show and really holds up even though it was written so long ago. It’s actually the reboot that they did that made me go, “Well, maybe we should try it…”

Good luck getting all of the building done by July! Hope you get some good building weather πŸ˜‰ ha ha ha ha!

Perhaps a little *bit* spoiled, but Mellan is so worth it! His facial expressions are priceless and heartwarming!

Haul: Nothing.

Weekend plans: Same old same old. Hair, nails, meeting on Sunday. I like having some routine in my life. Especially now.

Letter, Email, Text or Phone Call: I prefer a good, old fashioned phone call. Or the Messenger app on my phone because it doesn’t limit how many characters per message like a standard text, so it all comes through at once, and therefore cohesively and understandable. And I definitely don’t mind emails, either, as they’re pretty easy to both read and write out.

Most definitely worth it πŸ™‚

Routine is nice. I’m a total routine kind of gal – give me a schedule, and I’m a happy camper!

Mellon midst his toys brought a smile to my face :-). My son’s dog has doggie beds in various rooms of the house and a big toy box for all her goodies. She loves playing with her toys! As Mellon obviously does as well. What a sweetheart <3 I hope he's feeling better and that the test results will bring some good news.

Mellan has three beds (my office, family room, bedroom), and then two, overflowing toy bins (my office, family room). He is most definitely not short on things to do or places to sleep, haha! πŸ™‚ Now, if only I could teach him to put his toys away… I have tried, but thus far, I’ve been unsuccessful.

Haul: Nothing. I’m trying to wait until next month (not too far away!) to get a few things I need and want, so I can get the extra Ulta points for my birthday month!

Weekend plans: Make sure my kids got their projects done, do laundry, maybe a few other things…

Haul: Nothing, I keep wanting to buy stuff but with the new federal hiring freeze, we’re up shit creek as my husband was just going to get out of the military and his particular job skills from the military (he’s also a disabled veteran) are really only useful to the government. I’ve got several things I’ve got my eye on, but for now, I’m loathe to pull the trigger on it. You never know when $100 might make or break you.

Weekend: My only for sure thing this week is a a vet appointment on Sunday. We’ll be making some decisions on Elroy’s care moving forward, we’re still not sure what is going on as his labs are clean as a whistle. Moving on to the biopsy stage probably. His nose looks better but the lump on his side is getting larger.

Communication: I’m very open to all, I’m happy with anything I get I suppose… I prefer to send emails or text first and if needed follow up on phone. I’m also fine with FB. Most of my communication with friends is via FB.

I’m glad Mellan is doing a bit better! How is the treatment going?

Oh, Erin, I hope things improve for your husband and his prospects soon.

Fingers and paws crossed for Elroy – it’s good to get clean results back but frustrating when you still feel like something is wrong πŸ™

PUPDATE: Elroy is going in for quite a few procedures tomorrow which is going to include tumor biopsy, nose biopsy, rhinoscopy, and a full dental cleaning. He will be down for a few hours under full anesthesia. He will be getting several stitches and will be cone-bound for two weeks. During his re-check the surgeon found lesions in his nose, so we are being cautious and getting the works. One of my co-workers dogs recently died at the ripe old age of five due to tumors in the sinus cavity and the vet said lesions aren’t a good sign but can come from several issues. Lupus is also still in the realm of possibility. This is all a costly endeavor but we need to know what is going on. I’d ask you to please pray for my little buddy, he’s the center of our lives and sorely needed. He’s too young for all this it seems but I know disease is no respecter of age.

I’m so sorry that you and your family are going through this with Elroy! I hope that you’re able to get some useful information/results soon and that whatever Elroy may have is treatable/curable. Mellan and I are sending all of our healing vibes to him!


It means a lot to me and Elroy too, even if he doesn’t know it. The community here is so supportive and helpful, it’s been a real strength to me this last year, so you all have my eternal gratitude!

Kathrine, me too! here is a copy of the Pupdate πŸ™

PUPDATE: Elroy is going in for quite a few procedures tomorrow which is going to include tumor biopsy, nose biopsy, rhinoscopy, and a full dental cleaning. He will be down for a few hours under full anesthesia. He will be getting several stitches and will be cone-bound for two weeks. During his re-check the surgeon found lesions in his nose, so we are being cautious and getting the works. One of my co-workers dogs recently died at the ripe old age of five due to tumors in the sinus cavity and the vet said lesions aren’t a good sign but can come from several issues. Lupus is also still in the realm of possibility. This is all a costly endeavor but we need to know what is going on. I’d ask you to please pray for my little buddy, he’s the center of our lives and sorely needed. He’s too young for all this it seems but I know disease is no respecter of age.

Oh Erin, your poor poor furbaby πŸ™ I hope that the lesions aren’t a sign of something more serious, and if it is, that it’s something easily treatable. Fingers and paws crossed for you and Elroy, please keep us updated if you wish to, but if not, can understand

Haul: I picked up the new Burberry blush and so glad you reviewed it today. I was afraid it would be to dark for my NW10/15 skin tone, but it is gorgeous. I also picked up both of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks in Pillow Talk and Valentine. I loved Valentine so much, it is the perfect pink nude for cool tone gals, that I bought a backup. I also picked up the Guerlain Spring Perles, Blush and the 2 Kiss Kiss Lipsticks, which I am disappointed about the lipsticks. They are bright neon pink, reminds me something from the 80’s. I was hoping for a soft english rose pinky color/muted. BTW, the Guerlain Rep from my local Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus advised that Guerlain is leaving the US and they have already disbanded the counters in both of my stores. I had a few friends check their local counters and they were disbanded as well. Has anyone heard about this news?

Weekend Plans: Catch up on home life as I have been busy with work.

I prefer Email and Text (close friends and family)

Woohoo! I’m thrilled to hear it is not too dark for your complexion, MGH!

Interesting to hear that Guerlain is leaving the U.S. – I feel like that would be huge, huge news? I wonder when we will hear it officially…

Oh thanks for the heads up! So strange Guerlain would leave USA, as there are big fans of their products, esp. the Meteorite Pearls. Maybe it’s finally time to pick up a Rouge G, has always been on my bucket list to try

Haul: Tom Ford – received the new Solar Exposure palette and pre-ordered one lip duo and cheek duo, but those are still on pre-order.

Sephora – got the large Good Genes by Sunday Riley and a lip balm from Bobbi Brown (I like this for overnight); I had ordered to Drunk Elephant Sukari Baby Facial but it was cancelled as out of stock before it shipped.

Nordstrom – I had a gift certificate so I went in for a Cle de Peau facial and grabbed a few of their new releases last night. I picked up the foundation stick in Ivory, the cream blush in Perfect Peach (typically I go for plummy shades), the cream blush brush, an eyeshadow duo in Purity, and Translucency Mask.

Saks – finally found the Armani Chinese New Year powder in store and grabbed one; also picked up the Armani setting spray.

Chantecaille – pre-ordered one of the new matte lip chic colors in Marisa. I have two already, but one (Suzy) is going to go back. Much too pale for me unfortunately. I like the formula though.

Weekend Plans: work and cleaning the house. I may try to make some soup, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

Letter, Phone, Email or Tex: any of them honestly. It all comes down to how quickly you need an answer and how best to get a response out of the person with the answer. If you want to make an impression though – letter, always.

Hope the new palette is worth the money! That is a splurge πŸ˜‰

How did you like the Cle de Peau facial? That sounds luxurious! I have my eye on their new foundation but soooo disappointed that there are only 4 shades. Have you tried their concealer – I’m curious how similar the concealer + foundation stick are!

The palettes are pricey – right?! I think this one will work out well. I liked the look of the Warm version, but wasn’t sure if I could pull it all off being more on the cool side. The Solar Expsoure is very similar but has a bit more neutral to cool tones mixed in, so I think my holding out on the warm will end up being worth it.

The facial was really nice as an end of the day treat. It’s not something I do a lot, but it’s relaxing. I ended up chatting with the facialist most of the time and she mentioned something about a BB cream coming. I hadn’t heard of that as part of this new CdP releases, but they may have more coming with a bigger shade range. I was surprised myself when they only released 4 shades. I’m not sure if they’re testing the market or if they’re just trying to stay in line with the concealer shades (though there are more than 4 in the concealer). They didn’t have the testers available yet, but I’ve used the concealer and radiant fluid foundation for years, so I knew my shade was going to be Ivory. I’ll let you know how similar the foundation is to the concealer when I open it tomorrow. I’m not a morning person, so I don’t usually experiment with something new when I have to go to the office. I like predictable!!!

I’m thinking it will replace my Tom Ford foundation stick in my bag and on travel. I like the Ford, but they’re weak on the pale end of the spectrum and the fairest cool tone is better for me in summer than in my winter ghost tone. It’s one of those things – I like to be prepared for a touch up or fixing something, though it actually occurs so rarely I should probably leave it at home!

The right foundation match is sooo hard to pass up, especially if the formulas are similar/both high quality! Knowing Cle de Peau, there’ll be two shades of the BB, lol!

But yes, I was surprised at the 4-shade range foundation when they expanded the concealer range – so I expected at least as many!

Haul: MAC Selena lipstick Como la Flor

Plans: Relax and watch Gilmore Girls! So happy you like it Christine, we’re on Season 6. It takes a long time which is great. Each episode is around 45 minutes. We just adore it!

Quick: text
Explanation: email
Important: phone
Heartfelt: letter, handwritten on beautiful monogrammed stationery

Haha! I’m not a big binge watcher (my husband is better at that than I am), and he’s like, “We need to binge watch! We’ll never get through them otherwise!”

Haul: only one thing, MAC Liptensity Gumball, which is too pink for me. I’m trying to hold off on buying any more makeup until my birthday on February 6th & then I’m going shopping again!! I’m in makeup withdrawal, lol. I’d also like to get a makeover at either MAC or Sephora that day. Weekend plans: not sure yet. I work 7pm-7am tonight, so I’ll sleep part of the day tomorrow and then figure something out. Letter, email, text, or phone? Phone. Texting is my next choice.

NYX eyebrow kits in 2 colors.
NYX round lipstick in Sunflower (a light warm red shimmer).
Nest Indigo fragrance mini.

Got a sample of Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum that didn’t work out for me.
Apparently the oil in it especially is absorbed topically, and my system didn’t like that.
So thankful that Sephora gave me a sample to try. I will remember that
next time I need skincare products.

I would not have thought that “Sunflower” would be a warm red, lol!

Thank goodness you didn’t buy a full size of the Drunk Elephant serum! Phew!

Nope. he’s not spoiled – he’s just loved! I would spoil/love him too.
Haul: Well I wasn’t going to get anything, but Priceline – one of our major budget beauty shops in Aus had a 40% off skincare sale – over all their skincare brands. So that was too good to miss. I got some La Roche Porsay skincare products -serum, night time moisturiser, cleanser and a couple more bottles of their ultra light SPF 50 sunscreen.
I also purchased more Aveeda Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, hand creams, body creams etc. It was a great deal.

Weekend Plans: Last Thursday was Australia Day here and as the day was reasonably warm, we all went to the beach. Very Australian thing to do. The beach we chose had a huge playground on the sands, plenty of trees for shelter and the best fish and chip shop across the road. Lachlan loved the water, ate the sand and Olivia was just a little fish.
This weekend – doing some more sorting out and decluttering and will take our grand children out to a park.

Email, Text, Phone: I think email nowadays because it is often the easiest and most convenient way to contact my friends in this day and age.

Haul: I got my colourpop order in!! The shimmery pressed shadows are BEAUTIFUL. I barely had to press my brush into the pan and I got enough to smooth onto my lids!! So beautiful ?.

I’m also really loving my Paula’s choice order! I became offiliated with them recently. So iv been switching my skin care over to more of their stuff for reviewing. And I’m really loving the liquid exfoliators, and the sun blocks! ! I love the sport one because it dries matte!

Weekend plans: SIGH. Will you all believe me if I said my jaw, where they took out my tumor two weeks ago, is now badly infected? ?. I had a fever last night and had to cancel a speech I was giving at work today because of it. I’m back on bed rest until my penicillin kicks in. πŸ™

Text, email, phone, etc: I prefer writing letters! Which I know is pretty weird for someone my age. But I love it!! I HATE talking on the phone. It gives me such bad anxiety oh my goodness!

Yayy! Happy to hear that your ColourPop eyeshadows are working well for you.

Sooo sad to hear that you have an infection πŸ™ I hope it gets better ASAP!

Thank you Christine!! Me too LOL. I’m on penicillin four times a day plus a antivbiotic mouth wash twice a day. So hopefully that helps!!

I’m seeing my surgeon again on thursday I think It is. So that’ll be helpful too!

πŸ™ Thank you Tammy!! I was going to leave you a comment,

I used colourpop’s Bel Air as a transition, then I patted Colourpop Glitterati onto my lids, then I added a bit of a deeper brown on the outer corners. Did some mascara, winged liner and I have a beautiful eye look today!!

You totally inspired this look! πŸ˜€

Uh oh, sounds like someone is falling down the ColourPop rabbit hole! I was totally hooked after my first order. Their shadows rarely disappoint, good thing they are so affordable. Ouch, sorry to hear about your jaw infection πŸ™ hope the drugs work quickly

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk, Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, and and KISSING lipstick in Valentine, which I sadly do not like and cannot return. πŸ™

Weekend plans: Going to a beer fest tomorrow, and no current plans for Sunday.

Letter, text, email, or phone: Email all the way! Despite my best intentions, I never get around to writing letters (and if I do, I never get around to mailing them!), I often forget to text back because I don’t keep my phone nearby when I’m at home, and talking on the phone annoys me to no end. I love having a clear inbox though, so I am quick to check and respond to emails.

Do you not like Valentine or all of them? I’ve been thinking about getting the new Pillowtalk lipstick but hope Christine reviews it first!

I love Pillow Talk. It’s the first Matte Revolution formula I’ve tried and it’s great and the color is perfect. The color of Valentine is totally wrong for me and makes my teeth look yellow, though it seems like a nice formula like the others in that range. I wish I had read the return policy before I bought it!

No Haul this week. After spending a week in Paris where it seems the gals don’t wear foundation, only liner, mascara and lipstick, I’ve decided to downsize my collection.
I had a facial in Paris and I’m saving up to buy some good skincare. Possibly Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, if I can find it somewhere in the states.

How is Mellan doing now? Hope he’s starting to feel much better. His photos always make my day.

Did you have a lovely time in Paris, Tatiana? What were your favorite parts of your trip?

He is good! He didn’t seem different before (no physical symptoms that we noticed), so he is still good now. We’ll be doing a re-check in about two weeks for blood (which is where things looked wrong), though!

Haul: Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Radiance Loose Powder. I love this powder so far. I have been using it for the last week and my makeup is still flawless by the end of the day (and I have a pretty active job). I use a Sigma F50 or MAC 187 to swirl it on and it’s just magic. It goes on velvet-matte at first, but then I think it must warm on the skin or something because it’s like it settles in and it’s just a beautiful, very subtle radiance. I still love Guerlain Meteorites Perles, love the very subtle glow, but it doesn’t help with longevity much. I’m going to use both because I have both, but I’m thinking this is a new favorite and might be reaching for this first. It comes in a mother-of-pearl opalescent jar/tub with a screw on lid and your standard plastic sifter inside. It looks lovely sitting out on a vanity. But there are 2 drawbacks to the Shiseido, if scent and price/value are considered: 1. Fragrance (it’s very subtle and dissipates within a minute or so), and 2. Price – Guerlain is $60 for 1 oz., Shiseido is $60 for .35 oz. I am still on my first tub of Guerlain Perles, and I bought that 2 years ago. Not sure how long the Shiseido will last me. Also, I’ve only tried the Shiseido with satin foundations, so not sure what it would be like over more luminous or more matte foundations.

Weekend plans: Laying low – just cooking and laundry. It’s in the 50s here so I’ll probably make a few pots of soup for the week, maybe roast a chicken for a nice Sunday dinner.

Letter, email, text, or phone?: I hate talking on the phone, hate it. People overtalk and think out loud anymore in this stream of consciousness and no one listens. There’s no question and response the way conversation is supposed to work – it’s just someone waiting until you finish so they can say what they’ve been waiting to say. Text is okay, but I feel pressured to respond right away. Letters are nostalgic but would take too long for me, I think. I definitely prefer email.

Haul: Bite Beauty Multi-sticks in Praline, Honey Wheat, and Biscotti. I also got the Sephora multi-purpose brush to go with them (small dense head); I’ve already experimented with it — it creates the most amazing, instantly-blended flush of color after patting it on the head of the multi-stick then stippling on my cheeks. Very happy. I think my color range (including Cashew) is pretty complete, with the possible exception of the purplish one, which is still on my list. (Mochi? Can’t remember).

I also got a refill of Besame French Vanilla powder, which I’m going to mix with my RCMA no-color powder and Silk Naturals Tempt Tryst to create a custom-blend setting/finishing powder. I got some eyeshadows from Silk Naturals too (mostly matte peachy shades that will be good for transition or crease).

Oh, also both CeraVe cream and lotion, as an experimental replacement for a Paula’s Choice lotion I’m going to run out of soon.

Weekend plans: I’m going to help my SO with his brake-pad changing project. Also, I’d really like to do some cleaning and organizing. And relaxing. It’s supposed to be slow season for my industry, but this is the busiest I’ve been for the past 8 or 9 months, and I’m burning out. Fast. Neeeeeed relaxation.

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Email! Always! Hate the phone! I have some weird thing where I don’t understand people well unless I have visual clues. Verbal clues aren’t enough to tell me when I should start talking, or move on to another subject, or whatever. I feel “blind” when I’m on the phone. I always end up talking over people or interrupting even when I genuinely don’t mean to. I’m a *completely* different person on the phone. And not a good person! Ugh.

Haul: Chanel Crayon de Couleur in Rose Violine, 2 sessions of IPL (first one is in 2 weeks)
Weekend plans: a yoga class, a run (hopefully on the beach), and probably going to see Rogue One at the theater
Letter, email, text or phone: text please. I used to write/receive letters a lot when I was younger. Then I emailed a lot. Now it’s mostly text, or Twitter/Facebook with friends that are abroad.

How is Mellan? Did you get the results from his last test, and did the vet clarify why she thought his hepatitis was auto-immune?

Just stopped by here to see how our sweet Mellan is doing! I sure hope his test results come back the best they possibly can be!!! So much love for that beautiful baby!!!

Haul: My Feelunique order came in Thursday, got some Bioderma stuff. And I also ordered some make-up from Japan.

Weekend plans: Nothing crazy, really.

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Email or text.

Haul: Just repurchasing my Origins Serum and Origins Essence.

Weekend plans: Not much. Have food poisoning…

Letter, email, text, or phone?: Usually text if I don’t need to respond right away. I don’t need to do the full pleasantries of an email but it’s not as anxiety-provoking as a phone call, or as much work as a letter

Haul: Medusa’s Makeup Sub Box: Glitter in Star Struck, Eye Dust in Purple Rain, 100% Maracuja Oil, and Lipgloss in Space Kitten. Some small, empty lipstick palettes (Petal Palette; got them on Amazon). Target clearace: A black and white striped sweater dress that’s surprisingly flattering, and black and red sweaters with sparkly threads running through them (gotta have my sparkle).

Weekend plans: Visited a friend. Housework (always).

Letter, email, text, or phone? I prefer email or text. I hate talking on phones due to my social anxiety.

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