Free for Haul Friday, Volume #353

Share any beauty goodies you may have picked up in the last week or so, or maybe what’s on your way or on your wish list for next week or month. πŸ™‚

  • Haul: Bite Beauty Multisticks (x16 arrived, waiting on two more, think they will arrive later today!), Hakuhodo Brushes (11 of them, here’s a pic!)
  • Weekend plans: Not too much; try to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.
  • Do you play any musical instruments?: I can play piano and that’s it! (By now, I am probably not even THAT good at piano as I haven’t played in years.) I always wanted to learn the harp.

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This week’s Mellan photo…

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Haul: Chanel eye shadow quad in Candeur et Experience & Urban Decay Moondust palette.
Weekend plans: Work, and meeting the kitty I’ll be catsitting next week πŸ™‚
Do you play any musical instruments? For the past couple of years I’ve been learning to play the alto sax. I have good days and bad days!

You know, I hadn’t noticed the gold color of the other ferrule. I’m so sorry that happened! Hakuhodo’s goat hair is on another level entirely! It’s extra-unfortunate because Hakuhodo has a very stringent return/exchange policy! This brush (The S/B116) was in my wish list from Hakuhodo but when Wayne Goss released the Air-brush I compared the differences and decided to buy that one instead (significant price difference) and I am very happy with my choice. Do you own the Air-Brush? If so, if you ever do a review on this brush haul, do you mind comparing these two? Sorry to ramble, Hakuhodo is just brush heaven for me!

It was my mistake – but I didn’t need two, LOL! I’m not sure if/when I’ll review these (I have brushes I’ve tested from 1-2 years ago… or longer), but I’ll try to remember if I do! πŸ™‚

No pressure at all — you already produce so much amazing content. Thanks for putting so much hard work and love into Temptalia! Your reviews are the only ones I /fully/ trust. For instance, I’m late to the KVD party, so I’m looking through all your past reviews to find which shade of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick to try first, which Metal Crush eyeshadows are the best, etc. I bought Thunderstruck on your high review and absolutely loved it.

As just a quick comparison (briefly looking at and feeling both) – they are similar in softness and feel on the face, but the Wayne Goss brush is thicker, not as flat (it’s not as dense but it has more bristles overall), has a more domed edge where the B116 comes to a more defined point at the edge. I haven’t used the 116 yet with actual product nor have I washed it yet, so that’s just looking at shapes and simulating using them on my face πŸ™‚

Based on my general brush-using experiences, the Wayne Goss looks like a better multi-tasking brush (applying, blending, buffing) vs. the B116 is better for applying and sweeping but less for all-over blending and buffing!

Thank you!

Haul: a bunch of B&BW hand soaps – lots of the lemon ones and a few fall scents; Vasanti Age is Just A Number facial elixir; neither of these count in my no-buy as they’re not colour cosmetics; I did also check out the new Chanel blush and lipsticks but I was really good about resisting

Weekend plans: we all have to converge at MIL’s tomorrow to work on getting her house ready to sell and to get rid of a whole lot of her stuff so she can move into a 1 bedroom seniors’ apartment.

Musical instrument: I used to play guitar (very poorly) before realizing I am just not a musically gifted person; in my fantasy world, I am my sis-in-law – a world-class harpist (though seeing what E goes through to move her harps around, it’s probably best that this remains, for me, a fantasy).

Love B&BW Foaming Hand Soaps! I might have to pick a few new ones up in the fall scents (my faves!), though I have to see how many I already have, lol.

Good luck cleaning your MIL’s home and getting it ready for sale!

Haul: I hopped on the Micellar water trend. I bought the one by Simple at the drugstore. My skin has been dry and I think washing it in the morning exacerbates that. Even if I use the gentlest non foaming cleanser, the tap water strips my skin. So the Micellar water takes off the oil without drying me out. Makes skin very soft and saves some time. It doesn’t feel squeaky clean, but that’s just something you need to get used to I guess. I’ve been slowly learning that I don’t need to take a detergent to my face and scalp πŸ™‚

Weekend: spending a few nights at my friends lake house. And savoring the olympics, which I can’t get enough of. So many great moments so far. It brings tears to my eyes lol.

Instrument: I used to play the drums. I don’t have a set anymore. I wish I could play piano! I’m so jealous. I’ve always thought it was the most beautiful instrument.

I’ve been using Garnier’s in lieu of their facial oil, and I have to admit I really like it. It’s just as good as the oil at removing makeup, and it is gentler on the skin than soap.

I prefer the blue top bottle, now that I’m trying the pink. It does better on more intense makeup, eyes, waterproof mascara, I think. Took me 2 years to find one that didn’t have any allergens and actually works. If I oil cleanse afterwards, I get nothing. Bravo!

Haul: Nada but I did get Becca pearl in a swap woohoo!

Weekend plans: Seeing the Suicide Squad and my Mom’s friend children are throwing a 65 surprise bash for her friend.

Do you play any musical instruments?: Alto Sax in school but not anymore. I wanted to learn the violin.

Smashbox Cognac lipstick( could not pass it up)
relax and date night with the hubby – a movie and dinner.

xoxo for the handsome Mellan. Have a great weekend Christine.

Spent the last two weeks in Paris. Below are some observations from the streets I thought some of you here might enjoy.

Haul: Not much time for makeup shopping, but mon dieu!–I forget my red lipstick. Cannot be in Paris without it. (See below.) I bought a great red by L’Oreal, Color Riche, Blake’s Pure Red. Perfect. Longest lasting lippie I’ve ever owned without a doubt.

Also browsed quickly through a store on Rue de Rivoli called Kiko Milano. It’s set up like a Sephora, with only their line. Bought a Burgundy eye shadow, the shade I’ve been looking for everywhere in every line here in the States. It was $8 euro. Score! If you want to check it out, they are online at

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE STREETS OF PARIS. Brief views of what I saw in makeup, fashion, and other sundries.


RED. LIPSTICK. The lipstick of record on women of all ages in Paris is RED! Not dusky rose red. Not coral red, but red-red. Day and night, dressed up or down. Full face makeup, or none. It’s always perfectly applied too — it’s so well done you know you they put it on carefully with a brush. Red lipstick has always been the Paris color, and some things never change. I LOVE it. If you go to Paris, find the color that looks red-red on you and bring it along!

Virtually no winged eyeliner like here in the states. On occasion you would see it on Asian or American tourists. But on the young Parisiennes in cafes, on the Metro, even those working the counter in high end stores, not once.

If you go to Paris, check out perfumerie Officine Universelle Buly 1803 on Rue Bonaparte for a step back into another glorious era. Wish I could share a photo.


We had only two warm days. The rest were lower 70s and sunny (perfect!) so I had a look at more than just hot weather every-day-wear clothing.

Jeans jackets are everywhere on everyone. Mostly coupled with a low-ish cut scoop tank under on women. Looked great, I thought.

Shoes — Wedges, wedges, wedges. High, low, sandals, shoes. Mostly the woven wedge. (Personally, I despise wedges, but clearly I know nothing of what I speak in that regard. πŸ™‚ )

Everyone — all ages and genders — are wearing ripped jeans. Mostly the ones with slits just in the knees. It was so ubiquitous, it has clearly moved from what was once a trend to something probably on the way out.

Lots of maxi skirts with this treatment — a mini under with long sheer chiffon of same color over. Super cute.

Earrings are mostly simple and understated. Lots of single pearl studs.

No Daisy Duke bum-hanging-out shorts. I did not see one pair on a young girl.

In the high-end department stores, there was no overarching color for fall. Colors were muted with a dusky tone. Saw more yellow than I expected, and yellow on the streets too (a color virtually no one looks good in, IMO.) Lots of black and white again for sure.


Happy to report that even after the recent attack, cafe life is alive and well. They were packed, and it was great to see.

If you go to Paris don’t miss L’Enfance Pate a Tartiner Noisette from Jean-Charles Rochoux Chcolatier — a hazelnut spread. There are no words. A one-off shop that makes all their chocolates on site.

So much smoking still. And now vaping is as common.

I am always amazed how how integrated dogs are in everyday life. They are in department stores, cafes, on the Metro, wherever you go. Paris dogs walk without leashes cuz they are so cool and know what to do. πŸ™‚

More than I remember on my other trips to Paris, saw quite a lot of sugar daddy action. Much older men, with very young women.

Edmond Fallot mustard is to die for.

Christine Ferber Jam is too.

Best frites in Paris are at Le Relais d’Entrecote. The frites are nothing like in the US. Best not to know what they’re cooked in I’m sure, but they are incredible.

Speculoos spread is a new low-end happy find.

Traveling on public trans is a pleasure. After living in Boston, it is startling. Respect for the populace is what that is. People need public trans and I’m not sure who does it better than Paris.

Chartres Cathedral is a mind blowing day trip. I loved it.

My husband and I have only one thing on our bucket list. To live in this beautiful city for at least six months.

One more thing — without a doubt, the longest, freshest-lasting blush on me is Becca’s Beach Tint Souffle (I wear Papaya Topaz). It lasted, without a touch up, for 14 hours. That’s with walking and perspiring, and going from the warmth of day well into the night.

Marc Jacobs Kinks & Kisses did well too — a solid 10, but it needed refreshing.

Sharing FWIW. I’m not usually out and about for 14 hours straight in my regular life. πŸ™‚

Loved reading through your post about Paris! I am just now starting to enjoy red lipstick. Will have to learn how to apply with a brush, because at my current skill level my lipstick does NOT look better when I apply it with a brush, lol. I am so glad to hear that there is a city one can visit that does not have all the young women wearing winged liner!

Linda, thank you so much for sharing your trip! I have the travel bug but have gone virtually nowhere. I am headed out for a week away pretty soon – kind of a pack our bags and go thing with no particular destination in mind other than a direction (north where it’s cooler). It certainly won’t be Paris but you can bet I’ll be bringing my best red lipstick anyway!

Hi Michele!

You’ll get there! It took me many decades into my adult life to do these kinds of trips. I never even boarded a plan until my 20s. I wish for you the destinations that your heart desires. Sometimes it takes patience and years to get there, but keep the vision and the faith. It’s worth it.

I REALLY needed to hear/read that today. I know it was for someone else, but it spoke volumes to what I’m currently going through. Much love!

Hahaha – well thank you but I already put in my time – or at least a good bit of it; I’ve worked since I was 14! 9/1 is my 50th birthday πŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement though. The week I’ve taken off work is actually the first time in my professional working career I’ve ever taken off more than 2 days in a row (thus no real vacations). I really don’t know why I rarely take leave. At the moment, and even with my week off, I believe I still have 6 weeks of accrued vacation time. My hope is to plan a “real” vacation for next year. Maybe Paris…

Thank you so much for your observations about Paris. I really enjoyed red it. I don’t like the ripped jeans fashion, but I certainly love the red lipstick one.
Isabella Muse is a great fan of Kikko cosmetics – which is Italian and a fantastic, but inexpensive brand. Love their products. It’s great to hear that Paris is still wonderful after what they have been through in the past year.

Hi Genvieve!

I had never heard of Kiko before before! I did enjoy the store, and the prices for the products I sampled blew me away. I didn’t have much time, so I guess I’ll have to go back! πŸ™‚

I did notice they have a few stores in NJ, so maybe they are making their way to the US.

I too went to Paris in April with my fiancΓ© and we loved it! We hired a bijou 2 room apartement near the Gare du Nord and although the area felt a little rough at first, especially at night, we got used to it and didn’t feel so vulnerable. We walked and took so much public transport! OK used to London underground but this was much busier and more metropolitan. We really enjoyed seeing nearly all the tourist sights, as well as just strolling around Montmartre and the Odeon. Lots of black clothes, yes, but the people were friendlier than we expected. Only one or two snooty people in the whole 10 days we were there. I was surprised though that poor people were much more visible than they are in the UK. I think the French or Parisians are more tolerant than people in the UK of having poor people around, I think in the UK cities they are made to disperse so that the tourists don’t complain.

I didn’t buy a lot of makeup, we were on a tight budget but I did visit Kiko and Sephora and really enjoyed the experience, although not being followed around by security! I’ve not had that experience before lol! We definitely want to go back again.

Hi Claire!

This was my third trip to Paris, and like you, I’ve yet to find any person who was deliberately rude or unpleasant. Like anywhere, some people are more aloof than others, but I’ve never felt unwelcome — just the opposite.

Oh, the homeless families. Sigh. It’s so disturbing, but the one that got to me was the family with the very tiny newborn. Seems the city made egg carton pads available to the families since the last time I was there, they were all just sleeping on the concrete. Then there are the beggars with their dogs. Do they ever see a vet? What do they eat? There are no words.

In my profession, I work for a large organization with a consortium of charities. Most of my time is spent on an alms program we have for people in the US. What we deal with day in and day out — I never get used to it. at least we try to help, but it’s never, ever enough.

That said, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and I’m glad we both got a good dose of it!

Very interesting! Have been twice, but not in ages. The Metro does compare favorably to the MTA (an age reveal, by what I call it,) although I’ve never been goosed in Boston. Had bodily fluids from strangers on St Pat’s though, and maybe I ought not mention the gent with the bandage on his member. Omg, hurtling sardine can of strange-os. My bff went more recently, and brought me back…you guessed it, a classic red lip from Sephora, the flagship. My faves have to be the museums. And the parks, outdoor spaces. As to the petite chiens, at least in Mass, the laws have changed. Service dogs do not have to wear a vest or have IDs. Didn’t want to leave Jussi in the car on a hot day, so I just hauled him into the local PO and announced that I knew the laws had changed…and that he was my psychiatric assistance dog! (I kind of need one, with a bf lie like that!). Glad you had an awesome trip, and thanks for the fun notes.

Maybe he’s trying to get his Vitamin D?
*Haul – *UD Moondust shadow in Horizon -this is a plummy brown with pink and gold sparkles, really sparkly and pretty. On its own, it’s kind of dry, and regular primer won’t do, as it resulted in a lot of fallout, so I can see why it only scored a C. But it works really well over Too Faced Glitter Glue. I was able to apply it both damp and dry over the glue, and it made a huge difference in smoothness, pigment, and longevity. It lasted at least 10 hrs with no creasing or fading on my oily lids, although there was a minor amount of fallout by the 5th hour, nothing serious, and I brushed most of it away with a Q tip. I can’t wait until fall to pair it with plum, rose, and brown shadows! I think it will also work well with glitter glue and cream shadows. Christine, I’ve posted an update under your review for this.
*MAC Trolls shadow in Sun’s Out, Bums Out – I initially passed on this one, thinking it was too yellow for me, but it’s a pretty yellow gold, much more wearable and flattering than I thought it would be, and the packaging is cute!
*Smith Cosmetics Small Laydown Eyeshadow Brush #253 – I don’t have tons of lid space, so I like how this brush is really small and tapered into a triangle, perfect for my inner lid area. I’ve been testing all week on a number of powder shadows, and it works well for that purpose, but you can also use it all over the lid, crease, outer corner. It is thinner and flatter brush, so it does pick up harder shadows better than my fluffier brushes. But for those baked shadows that are extra hard, I still prefer damp foam applicators. Shipping was super fast – only took 3 days to get from Canada to CA, and it was free due to their promo. But beware that they do ship DHL, which requires a signature and they only ship M-F, but you can go to DHL’s website and instruct them to leave at your door without signature. I will probably pick up a couple brushes more before the promo ends. Christine, I’ve posted an update under your review for this.
*Ordered Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover so I could get the Sephora sample skincare packet with Sunday Riley Luna Oil and Tidal Brightening Water cream, Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and Regenerating Cleanser, Tatcha Rice Powder and Camellia Cleansing Oil, Drunk Elephant C Serum & B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel.
*Weekend – relax, do some clean up, make some returns, get haircut
*No musical instruments

I just got glitter glue, I will try it with the Moon Dust shadows. Where do you get your sponge tip applicators? I assume they are disposable.

Yes, disposables, but you can wash them quite a few times until they go bad. I buy from drugstore and ELF. The ELF ones come in a packet, and a certain % are wonky (sponge is loose or crooked), but they are very affordable and have longer handles, which are easier to use.

Nice picks! I was considering Horizon and now I may need to get it! I’m finding ways of wearing warms again (I had thought I couldn’t bc of the change in my hair color). If you’re looking for a good cut crease brush (I have small hooded eyes so I needed one), I’ve found that the Artis #3 works wonders. I’ll check out the Smith Cosmetics one too – thanks!

Oh awesome Michele! Since I’m cooler toned, I used to avoid warmer colors, but I find they can be very flattering. I think Horizon will look amazing on you! The plummy brown will contrast nicely with your eyes, and the gold/mauve/pink sparkle will complement your lipsticks. Thanks for the tip on the Artis#3. I’ve been eyeing the Artis brushes, and will pick up a couple next time I see a good sale/promo.

Your dog likes to take a siesta!

I am so excited to read your reviews of your new brushes.

Haul: It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brow Brush #12 (I’ve used it everyday for a week, I like it better than any of my other brow brushes), Stilla Stay All Day in Ricco (I tried in on in Sephora and fell in love with the color, but I’m afraid to open it because the liquid matte formula lipsticks have never worked for me), NYX slim lip pencil in Bloom, NYX Roll on eye shimmer in Salmon and Platinum (wearing them today, they are surprising good), Too Faced Glitter Glue (for the NYX roll on eye shimmers-works
great!), and Lorac Alter Ego lipliner in Jet Setter.

I fell in love with Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Sand either last summer or the summer before. When I went to buy it the salesperson talked me into going two shades lighter, and I eventually stopped using it because it never looked right. I finally bought sand and I am so happy! I have worn it every day this week!

While I was playing at Sephora I asked the salesperson if they had the Bite Beauty lip sets that rapidly sold out online. They had them tucked away in a drawer because they had “no room” on the floor! I bought both sets: Tannin, Quince, Rhubarb and Chablis. I love these pencils and this was such a good deal.

Weekend: Maybe going to see Hamlet at the Illinois Shakespaere Festival.

Musical instruments; I took two semesters of percussion in college. I was never very good at drums but I loved them.

He does enjoy a good nap!

Love IT Brushes! I keep meaning to pick up more of the Velvet line when it’s on sale and always forget, lol!

So glad you got your foundation working for you again, Tammy!

Haul: Still doing good on this low buy because I didn’t get anything

Weekend plans: A wine festival and a sunflower maze

Do you play any musical instruments?: I used to play the violin, haven’t in years

Haul: Nothing! (But we’re getting an Ulta closer to home not this weekend but next, and the temptation might prove too great by then.)

Weekend plans: Other than laundry and getting my car looked at tomorrow, no telling.

Instruments: I used to play clarinet, and I can play probably 5 chords on the guitar. I need to revisit both of these at some point.

Silly Mellan!
Haul: (20% Off, Lippies on Clearance): The Balm Girls Lipstick (Amanda Kissmylips), Jouer Hydrating Lipstick (Sophia), Dr. Brandt Glow Revitalizing Retinol Eye Cream (Planning on using the Dr. Brandt at night and the EL eye cream by day.) When I received my delivery, the Balm Girls product came completely melted into the lid. Unfortunately, they can’t replace it as they said they aren’t getting more stock of anything. Trying to plan my next buy here since they are officially closing in September and all Drugstore Dollars will be available as of 8/15.

Estee Lauder (15% Off and 6 free deluxe samples): Advanced Time Zone (Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Eye Cream, Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Cream SPF), Advanced Time Zone Night Age Reversing Line/Wrinkle Cream, Perfectionist [CP+R] Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum, Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Lipstick (Naked Ambition). Trying something completely different. The REN made my skin look great but by process of elimination I realized it was causing break outs. I’ve only been using the EL a few days but it seems to be doing ok so far. The lipstick order just shipped; I should have it Monday.

MAC: Lipstick (Odyssey and New York Apple). Both of these swatched beautifully. I’ll probably wear one of them this weekend. I posted the NY Apple swatch this morning.

Sephora: Ouai – Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Soft Mousse, Soft Hairspray, LancΓ΄me DRAMA LIQUI-PENCILβ„’ Longwear Eyeliner deluxe sample in CΓ΄te D’azur, Sephora Collection Colorful 5 Eye Contouring Palette (Light), Burberry CAT Lashes deluxe sample. I am still on the hunt for the right hair products. Oribe was a failure. The Oribe volumizing duo left my hair dry and frizzy. The Oribe volumizing mist left my hair sticky and actually really hard to blow dry without my brush getting caught! The Christophe Robin is ok, but still leaves my hair a bit frizzy. I’m hoping to go back to a rotation of Ouai so I can get volume in my fine hair that is also touchable/soft. I do completely love the Ouai hair mask, the hair oil, and the texturizing hair spray. I’ve tried the Smooth Duo and it hasn’t left my fine hair weighed down or frizzy when I air dry so I may alternate between that and the Oribe Beautiful Color duo.

Ulta: Pacifica – All On Sale (Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub – 2, Sea Foam Complete Face Wash – 3, Cactus Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic – 2, Coconut Damage Mask – 2/BOGO Β½ off), Psssst! Sheer Dry Oil Finish Spray (on sale), Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick (Cognac), Benefit 3 Piece GWP. I got the Smashbox lipstick based on your review! I tried the Coconut Mask this morning and liked it. It left my hair touchably soft and frizz-free. I don’t think it’s as moisturizing as the Ouai mask but it does also seem to add volume. I will probably plan on doing the Ouai on Mondays and the Pacifica on Fridays (since the Ouai is way (pun intended) more expensive.)

Weekend plans: I have some Dress Barn Dollars that I want to use so I’ll probably head there tomorrow to see what I can find. Unsure as to anything else since the heat index will be around 110….

Do you play any musical instruments?: It’s been a while, but I can play piano (took 6 years of lessons), guitar (took 3 years of lessons), and a little clarinet (took 1 year of lessons).

Nice haul! I’m curious just how much they will discount or what will be cleared out while they wind down. I wonder if they’re able to send any product back to brands to be sold through their other channels or if they’re fully committed.

I wanted to know the same thing! The guy I was talking to was clearly pretty upset about losing his job so I didn’t want to ask too much and make him feel worse! I’m torn though bc I don’t want to hold too long on the Dollars and have everything I may want sell out first.

It just makes sense that some can be sent back to brands and resold at full price via Sephora etc. or that even a retailer like Sephora or discount retailer like TJ Maxx would buy inventory at less than full value (but more than they could make by selling) – I just don’t know how that works in beauty. Will be curious to see!

Classic MACs. Good for cool folks. This heat isn’t doing my L/s any good. The 95 degree heat upstairs is ruining everything. I never ship l/s in summer, too risky. I put on bite kale instore, and it was melty in the air conditioning. Learned my no summer ship lesson ordering 2 bites that were not in stock in August. Both were destroyed at the door.

Haul: I bought an air purifier for the house yesterday. Trying hard to resist some NARS lipsticks
β€’Weekend plans: Still working on getting the house back in order. I’ll be painting interior door trim this weekend and hopefully cleaning out the garage. I also need to study some more for my grad school exam.
β€’Do you play any musical instruments?: I don’t but I would love to learn the violin. I imagine that some day when my kids are a little older we will take lessons together.

Haul: I basically troll the Sephora online sale section constantly, and this week I picked up 2 of the Formula X Holographic polishes (which I am going to try out today!) and 5 of the Liquid Crystals.
Weekend plans: Going to a minor league ball game tomorrow as a company outing, maybe Star Trek on Sunday with my love.
Do you play any musical instruments?: I played guitar and clarinet both very briefly in my adolescent years, it didn’t stick ?

That’s how I like to look at it! You could also say I’d save a lot more money by NOT looking at the sale section, but I’m a glass-half-full kind of girl πŸ˜‰

And he’s doing that with a major fur coat on, too! I don’t know how, either ?

Haul: UD Vice Lipstick in Tilt, Hada Labor Gel Cream Moisturizer (the one with “triple hyluronic acid”), Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunette Hair, WnW eyeshadow primer, Jack Black Lip Balm peppermint and shea butter.

Weekend plans: A 3 day Convention down in Tucson Arizona. Yaaayyy!

Do you play a musical instrument: I had violin and guitar lessons as a kid, but couldn’t *even* now! Would have loved to learned piano, though.

He has to tip toe but then will just lay on the grass. I don’t understand him sometimes, LOL!

I’ve never been to Tucson – how do you like it there? Presuming you have been before!

Doggie “shoes” can help with that! I never knew of them until I had lived here awhile, and many people who are new here have no idea how how invaluable they are for their dogs feet. ?

Tucson is way greener and slightly less hot than up here. But it is a very long ride back and forth for all 3 days! Most of the others stay down there in hotels over the weekend, but I can’t get a good night sleep in a hotel. Plus, I don’t want to leave my cats for 3 days. Not unless my son could come each day to feed them and keep them company for an hour or two.

I got some, but man, they are a pain to get on him!

Ahhh, got it – that would be annoying to make the drive to and from each day! But sleep is worth it. I’m the same way – really tough to sleep decently at a hotel. We started buying pillows when we landed, because hotel pillows are CRAZY flat.

There is a Hada Labo with 5 diff molecular weights of hyaluronic that is a HG, per Fiddy snails. I screen shot it on my iPad, to recognize it. The bottle top is orange. I’m using their cleansing oil and hyaluronic mist. If you don’t know Fiddy, and you are getting into Asian, her blog is 50 Shades of Snail. AKA Jude Chao, who has done a collab with Memebox. I get it at a local Chinese superstore, although it’s Japanese. Their foaming cleanser is widely acknowledged as first rate, but boring. ( They mean no drop dead trendy ingredients). Hada Labo has filled in some of the holes in my routine, pretty good and not expensive.

Thanks for the tip kjh! I will definitely check out her blog. I got a TonyMoly Snail Emulsion from Hautelook and have been totally hooked on it, want to try other snail products and Asian brands, but didn’t know where to start.

Others, K: Cat on Snow White and the Asian Pear, Chel of Holy Snails (she of the famous, cult Shark Sauce, etc.) are fairly must reads for me. Also look at Skin and Tonics, fanserviced b, and Kind of Stephen, irregularly. He is a cosmetics chemist, but his blog has so much to wade through to see what you want to check. Though, the Nivea seagull sunscreen thing could be the most bizarre ad campaign ever. Google it.

Haul: Nothing yet for myself, I had to put in a large Amazon order for my husband who is downrange. He’s getting all sorts of skin and bath products since he’s out of everything I sent him with.

Weekend: I honestly don’t know. My brains wants too, all my body wants is sleep.

Play and Instrument? I can kind of play the piano by ear and bells. If tambourine and triangle count then sure. I’m not terrible at bongos either. I grew up really poor and my family didn’t have money for lessons. For 7 years we had a piano in our house and my father played guitar. I was always in the church choir so I can sing fairly well, though my ability to project and hold a note has suffered from lack of practice. I also need to sing in my full chest voice to sound really good, which is very loud. Not a lot of places you can go ham with singing in my daily life.

Haul: My Douglas haul just came in and it’s biiiig πŸ™‚ Gonna post a haul video soon. Got stuff from Clinique, Origins, Batiste, Garnier and Essence.

Weekend plans: Seeing friends for dinner tomorrow. The hubby and I are going to bring dessert, so tomorrow we’re (attempting to) bake a French chocolate cake.

Do you play any musical instruments?: Nope. I can’t even whistle… :-S

You can haul from Douglas and didn’t haul any Zoeva? I always scan down the list of Douglas. They are EVERYWHERE. I’m sure you could use them as landmarks to give directions, like many people do in eastern Massachusetts with Dunkin Donuts. Seriously. It’s a thing. Bizarre, but a thing.

Haul: my 3 Bite Beauty multisticks came in (love them) and Urban Decay foundation (not in love…may return). Also placed my first Makeup Geek order for 15 shadows. Oh and that Too Faced deal where I got the coconut bag with the purchase of 3 specific face products.
Weekend plans: nothing planned yet!
Do you play any musical instruments?: I am a music teacher! Violin, viola, cello bass- with violin and viola as my specialty. And a little piano and marimba from high school.

yes. I had such high hopes based on reviews I’ve seen. But no matter how I apply it I always see streaks and cakiness. And I keep accidentally wiping it off my own face, despite trying to set it with different powders. That hasn’t happened to me since my NARS All Day Luminous fiasco!

I was really Hoping the new Foundation to be good because the all Nighter Setting Spray has so good reviews. So the Same Name does not mean that it is the Same quality.
Waiting for your review.

Haul: I back 2 Mac for Pure Zen lipstick, which I’ve tried on several times and went back and forth about but it looks nicer now that I have a tan! Fix + and Coral Eyeshadow
Weekend Plans: I’m attending a wedding tomorrow and I have a BBQ on Sunday, it’s supposed to be a very hot and humid weekend here in NY so formal wear and being outside should be fun ?
Do you play any musical instruments? No unfortunately I started a tiny bit on the piano at age 9 but didn’t continue

> Haul: I succumbed, bought TF Honeymoon quad, and also Viseart Minx palette (though at least the latter was free via Amex points). I slightly prefer the Viseart, only because it suits my coloring a tad better and has more shades, though both are fabulous. Also Buxom eyeshadow Invite Only; I looked for Twilight Tryst but it wasn’t in stores. Picked up a backup UD Lovelight Revolution at an outlet store.
> Weekend: Either entering a facility that addresses eyeshadow addictions, or preparing for my next week’s consignment appointment at a great local shop.
> Instruments? No. I played piano as a child but we moved so much that I couldn’t keep it up; the piano didn’t fit in the suitcase.

Rehab for cosmetic addiction, lol! But wait, for the amount of money it would cost to be cured of make up addiction, couldn’t I buy ALL the limited edition make up that will be released for the fall and holiday season???

Hi Mellan: our 4 are hanging indoors with a heat wave bringing us humidex values in the over 40 Celcius range. It is positively stifling. Day 3 of this crap and they are totally pissed off and bored silly.

Haul: MUFE Artist lipsticks in 500 and 501. I prefer 501, it looks more matte and very velvety. Colour is better for me too. Cover FX drops in Celestial, YSL du regard wp pencils in bronze impertinent and bourgogne ose. Ordered a few Smith brushes; 2 of the small crease, 1 large crease, and 1 angeled spoolie.

Weekend plans: I have no plans to stray too far away from A/C and maybe try and play catch up with business papers and accounting.

Do you play any musical instruments?: I learned piano as a young woman. I was never anything spectacular, but have a decent ear. I also play mandolin and electric guitar and also like to sing. My MCTD includes RA and my hands and wrists are among the joints most negatively affected. I use my mandolin and guitar because it is fun and relaxing and I love music, but also to try to keep my hands better co-ordinated and my fingers stronger. I have lost a significant amount of dexterity, but can still embrace my inner rock star. ?

My aunt has lupus, and she’s always been an avid tennis player – and she basically pushes herself to keep playing because she knows the longer she can push, the longer she’ll be able to keep playing, so I totally get doing what you can and enjoying it! πŸ˜€

Haul: Colourpop Lippie Primer, trying two of their eyeshadows (Get Lucky and Wilshire, based on Christine’s high ratings), their Creme Gel Color (Punch and Exit, based on Christine’s high ratings) and one of their blushes (Cruel Intentions, based AGAIN on Christine’s high rating), Milani mini-haul (They restocked the Metallic Matte Lip Creme so I got Chromattic Addict and Pure Matteness (which is a new shade, part of the permanent collection!!) and Matte Lip Creme in Precious (It was a vegan shade I believe, and I wasn’t so in love with the formula — will try one in the non-vegan range.)
Weekend plans: The man is out of town, so it’s home alone with all my brushes that I need to clean. Maybe I’ll play with some more makeup — I recently purchased some neon pigments to experiment with, so I have a lot to look forward to!
Instruments: I grew up playing Viola (Think bigger Violin with lower strings) for 7 years, learned some violin during that time as well as piano. I own a guitar but I’m not great at it by any means (I’m really bad LOL) and I also sing! I still play my viola occasionally.

I have my fingers crossed that you like your ColourPop goodies, Anime!

I need to go and check out the new Milani shades! So glad they made them (some of them?) permanent!

I called Milani the day I saw them restock and the representative stated they are all permanent, and also now in the same packaging as the Amore Matte lip cremes.

Haul: Sephora order – MUFE i804 artist shadow (to use as blush), Sephora avocado sleeping mask, deluxe samples of UD Fireball shadow and Milk Makeup Pilsner brow pencil.

Weekend plans: Install the bathtub in the master bath, maybe start putting up drywall. Pick out the tile we’re going to use for the tub walls.

Do you play any instruments: I played flute & piccolo for 12 years, and have a couple years experience with clarinet, saxophone, and guitar.

I also played hand bells for 8 years, IDK why but I always forget that was a thing I did. Like I was really good too, I got into a national choir that you needed to go through 3 rounds of auditions for, and I was the youngest person they’d ever accepted by like 10 years (I was in high school at the time).

Yeah it’s nice, I’m excited to try it! I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but I swatched it on the inside of my arm and it has a really nice pinkish iridescence and isn’t as orange as I thought it would be.

NYX liquid lip suede Subversive Socialite which is a purple and I always wear purple lipstick on Vikings Game day!! PRESEASON FOOTBALL BEGINS!!!!!
NYX Lingerie (trying for a second time – still don’t like), Essence “Liquid Lipstick” which isn’t bad for $3 and packs some nice pigment.
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen InstaDri in Gp For Gold (a beautiful metallic gold, almost chrome like) and another brand which I think is another sally Hansen brand in a cute dark gold/gold/foil like glitter that looks fab with the nail designs I created.
Melani Amore Matte Lip Crème in Devotion: A sexy, dark, smoldering red that just screams FIERCE!
Haven’t gotten to Sephora yet so who knows LOL.

β€’Weekend plans: My son is gone to IL with his dad’s family for two weeks so I’m kid free with nothing planned. redecorating my son’s room to a more 14 yr old theme (a bday surprise for his return home) and work on my book, make a new wig for myself, and maybe hang out with a few girlfriends. HOPEFULLY a date with the new guy who is always so busy but worth it.

β€’Do you play any musical instruments?: I can’t play a tune on any kind of instrument to save my life. LOL

Have a good weekend!

Have you gone to any Vikings games, Mo?

What kind of book are you working on? Fingers crossed for your possible date πŸ˜€

I went to game in our old stadium. There’s Vikings just got their new stadium do I’m going to try to go to a game but they are hiking the prices. My job gets a discount on crappy seats but it may be worth it just to check it out.

I’m crossing my fingers for the date too. I really like this guy but he seems so disconnected…not just from me but in general. He pleases too many ppl.

My book is of the many men I’ve slept with. The encounters are all funny, interesting, but most importantly a lesson for young men and women on the emotionality of sex and how it can ruin you in the future… So. It’s hard to finish because some encounters i write about are too painful yet the lesson behind them are too good to keep to myself. If you’re interested, I’m looking for people who don’t know me personally yet to read and give me their opinion.

Haul: The SauceBox Art Nouveau Palette I ordered last week arrived. Other than that, nothing.

Weekend plans: Nothing special

Do you play any musical instruments?: No, unfortunately I never had the opportunity to learn.

Haul: Bought an old-school Clinique powder blush in Honey Blush from a CCO. Kind of an impulse buy, but I realized I had no matte warm-toned blushes in my collection. It was a deal and I’m loving it so far.

Weekend plans: Just arrived at the beach! Planning to soak up some rays and have some delicious seafood with my mom and sister.

Do you play any musical instruments? No, but I would love to learn to play the guitar. I was a choir kid in school, so singing is more my strong suit.

Haul: Clarins concealer and an eyeshadow palette from the Lancome x Sonia Rikyel collection, both are supposed to arrive today. Can’t wait to hear the UPS truck pull over!

Weekend plans: dinner with friends on Saturday, outlet mall on Sunday. And hopefully sleep! I’ve had trouble sleeping this entire week, and I’ve entered zombie mode now. I’m off today so I’ll try to get a nap if I can…

Musical instrument: I learned to play the clarinet when I was in middle school, but I have played in over 20 years now, so I’ll have to say no.

My yorkie Sunny loves laying out in the sun, no matter how hot it is. In fact, he likes to take naps in the middle of the road (disclosure: we live on a cul-de-sac and he is on a leash. Why my dad *lets* him do this, I have no idea! But there they are, my dad standing around looking bored holding a leash, while on the other end is something dark laying flat on its side.)

We had a neighbor chihuahua who played speed bump, too. He would get a tad angry, when I would pick him up and carry him to the front door and ring the bell. My street is more like a parking lot. I always say it’s 3′ long, with 38 cars. The last number is not an exaggeration…and that’s the residents, not the people who are trying to cheat on paying beach parking. Take good care of that Yorkie. I loved mine so much.

7 lipsticks from Tom Fords lips and Boys LE and some Mac Archies Girls things from eBay.
Urban Decay Vice lipsticks in temper, UNICORN and menace. And a lot of lip products from colourpop. Mostly new colours in metallic Finish and some others which were on Sale. Made my First buy from beautylish (and I went over your Website Christine because of the Support, I have to remember this now everytime I buy from These Shops). Got jeffree Star lipsticks in 714 (wanted this colour for so Long and now it was repromoted) and watermelon Soda. I did not Know that shipping to Germany is free When you buy for more than 35 $. This is a very good offer. Sephora is such a big and sucessful Company so I Wonder why they Do not have an offer like this. I would buy so much from sephora When they had free shipping.

No Weekend Plans and no Music Instrument.

Seven! Wow! Which of the seven is your favorite so far?

Free shipping on $35? Wow! That is amazing. Thank you for the support πŸ™‚

Funny about Sephora. Some (euro) people have to go to France to shop there. In the states, it’s free shipping for rouge, and I think over 50 USD. But Aussie Sephora has Zoeva, and US doesn’t. Quite the haul. You might…or might not…wish to read about the Jeffree brouhaha. He’s blowing up the wireless.

I also Wonder why shipping from sephora france to Germany is over 13 Euro??
I think there is a sephora in Luxembourg, I have to go there When I Visit my Aunt next Time.
I have heard that there is something with jeffree Star but I Do not Know what.

Haul, skincare, nothing exciting about that. I think I’ve bought some makeup things, but I can’t remember what as it wasn’t this week. Took a quick look around, and yes, there were a few new things.
From OPI nailpolish in Madam President
From Lancome Miracle Air de Teint foundation in 01. Turns out it’s a bit too dark and a bit too yellowy warm for me. Not too happy with it, though I like the formula.
From UD, Naked Skin, One and Done, Hybrid Complexion Perfector SPF 20 in light.
Weekend, doing laundry, I might go to IKEA, not sure about that yet.
Do I play any musical instrument, not anymore. I might just copy your answer, Christine πŸ™‚ Used to play the piano, but really wanted to learn to play the harp.

Haul: Some Tarte stuff from the Hautelook sale, some Charlotte Tilbury stuff from their 40% off Ibiza sale.

(if anyone’s interested in the CT sale the page is here:
and the code is: CTIBIZA40
and the sale ends 7/14)

Weekend plans: Nada as per usual.

Do you play any musical instruments?: Nope, though I’ve always wanted to learn piano and guitar.

Haul: Buxom Ruby Temptress Matte Lipstick, Lorac Pro Palette 1 and the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. I have had my eye on the Lorac Pro Palette for a long time and just hadn’t taken the plunge. I kept staring at “Garnet” and finally just had to do it! This is my first Buxom lipstick. I have worn it 2 times since purchasing. It doesn’t last very long on my lips but my daughter says I “worry” my lips all the time so not surprised it doesn’t last. I bought the Tarte concealer after hearing so many raves about it on YT. I used it today for the first time and like it so far. I have persistent hyperpigmentation which even color correctors don’t seem to impact and no concealer has helped. This at least seems to lighten them a little. I got shade fair which is the lightest and usually they are not light enough for me but this might even be too light.
Weekend Plans: Driving back to California. My ex-husband is still down there awaiting surgery but I had to come back to Montana for Doctor appts. and to bring my daughter back for college. I am headed back down and will stay until he finally has surgery and recovers enough to come back to Montana with me. California is not good for me because there are Sephora’s, Ulta’s, Kiehls, Lush etc. at the mall and since I don’t have access to them close to me in Montana I may over-spend.
Instrument: Not really. I took piano lessons for about a year in early high school but realized I was only taking them because the teacher was so darn handsome so I quit!!

I like Shape Tape but wish it came in more shades!

I can’t believe you’re driving to California from Montana! The drive between here (AZ) and CA is painful at 14 hours.

Safe drive!!

Haul: Essie Gel Couture in Gala-vanting and the top coat you’re supposed to use with it, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in Budapest and Prague.

Weekend plans: Get some cleaning done around here and pay WordPress to renew my blog domain.

Do you play any musical instruments?: Not currently, but I really want to return to the violin.

I think he’s getting a good dose of vitamin D – but still, it does look hot out there. A mystery.
Haul: Nope, I’m still good. Waiting for my lipsticks to arrive. We don’t have QVC, Ulta, lots of Sephora’s etc to tempt us like you have.
Weekend plans: definitely watching the cycling in the Olympics. Michael Phelps is a legend! What a great swimmer.. You may love this one – in the past week we have had to fill our Census online. One of the questions was How many hours of domestic housework do you do (for each person living in the household) with time choices – 0-5 hours per week, 6-15 hours etc. I was at the hairdressers yesterday and we all had a big laugh about what how husbands were trying to work out how many hours they did (we were all baby boomers). Did emptying out the dishwasher once a week count? It was a scream.
Play an instrument: Nope – though I wish I did. Guitar would be my favourite.

How funny! And how times have changed, too, because I am sure the answer would be different for more men now than before.

Absolutely -my married son (the parent of our grand children) does a heap of housework – cleaning up, laundry, bathrooms, the oven, folding up and he’s a great cook too. Times have really changed – for the better I think.

Funny about Sephora. Some (euro) people have to go to France to shop there. In the states, it’s free shipping for rouge, and I think over 50 USD. But Aussie Sephora has Zoeva, and US doesn’t. Quite the haul. You might…or might not…wish to read about the Jeffree brouhaha. He’s blowing up the wireless.
Omg, I think this is going wrong and squiffy again. The above is to Kylie.
Gen: I find it stunningly odd that the census would ask that. Esp since we know the older Ys do zero, zip, nada. The young Ys are a vast improvement. Our census only asks for occupation and number of dogs. So sad that I can only put one.

I think the aim of the question is to show generational change regarding who does domestic duties between the genders at home. I think it is a life skill to know how to work a vacuum cleaner, sort out the washing and how to clean a bathroom etc. I taught both my boys how to do these tasks. It was certainly a great discussion at the hairdressers.

I was all set to say that I bought nothing this week until I remembered that I pre-ordered the Chantecaille Protect the Lions eye palette and Pride cheek color from Barney’s and an exclusive Chantecaille trio shadow “I Only Have Eyes for You” palette. The Lions and Pride items ship sometime this month, but the trio came in. It has colors I already use and love, but it’s a great size for my make-up bag and has a cute case and brush, so it’s perfect for on the go. I can’t wait for the new palette though; the colors look beautiful.

Haul: Not a lot as I’m on a very low-buy. Went to Boots today and bought Biore charcoal wash, 3 for 2 on minis of the Sanctuary whipped face cream, Yes to Cucumbers face wipes and Mitchum pink deodorant. Not very exciting! Before I went away for 2 weeks to my parents’ tho, I did buy an NYX Ultimate eyeshadows palette in Warm Neutrals and a Paul and Joe 20th anniversary set which came with a very cute cat tote bag, makeup bag and coin purse. The makeup items in that was a lipstick, face powder compact and eyeshadow. I also got L’Oreal Nude Magique cushion foundation in 01 which I am loving because of its flattering, dewy finish!

Plans for the weekend: Looking to get a council flat or house, we’re broke and have to move out of my parents’ flat ?, they’ve asked us to move out as they need to sell it. I’ve been living there a long time – since 1999 when I was working full-time. Then my Crohn’s took a turn for the worse and I had to give up full time work. I’ve never been fully fit and healthy enough to go back to work as you have to give a consistent performance day after day, there’s no taking a nap when you need it etc! My fiance works full-time but it’s only a temp job and it pays only just above what I was earning as a admin assistant in 1999! So it’s a bit of a worry with only one income and having to pay rent on top. We have a 2 year old and it’s too expensive to send her to nursery if I got a part-time job. So I’m on a no-buy for the foreseeable, except if I use my Boots points etc.

Do I play a musical instrument? I did have piano lessons when I was about 11-13 but couldn’t really get into it lol. I wanted to like it but it was too much like hard work, haha! I was better at Highland dancing though!

Good luck figuring out the new housing situation, Claire! How stressful it must be, but I’m sure you and your fiance will figure something out.

Haul: Chanel eyeliner in Eros; MAC Saint Germain lipstick; Givenchy Pisme Libre Mousseline Pastel set w/mascara & lipgloss; Argan Oil; e.l.f. eyebrow kit and cool bronzer; COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick Kitty Purry; eight MAC eyeshadows; and two MUFE eyeshadows along with three of their empty trio palettes. It’s definitely been retail therapy because I shop when I’m stressed!

Weekend plans: My daughter is in the hospital having contractions but they don’t think the baby will be born tonight. They even mentioned the possibility of not keeping her overnight. I don’t know if we are leaving here before this day is over or not! And it’s my youngest daughter’s birthday today! It’s hard to believe she’ twenty-three. It would really be crazy if the baby was born on her birthday. πŸ˜€

No matter what else happens or doesn’t, I’m going to be working on finishing a blanket I’ve been crocheting for my granddaughter. I hope to get it finished while we are in Hollywood so I can give it to her before we leave. I’ve been working on it for hours at a time, but still have at least fifteen more rows to do plus the decorative border — which I haven’t decided on yet. I kind of want to do a bobble border (say that five times fast!) but may just end up doing a simple scallop. My fingers are going to be sore!

Do you play any musical instruments?: I play piano/keyboards and synthesizer, and I used to play organ and violin.

Happy birthday to your youngest daughter, Cat!

Hope you and your family can get some rest during this crazy time! Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery for your daughter, when your grandchild is ready to grace the world, of course πŸ™‚

Rest? What’s that? πŸ˜‰ I didn’t sleep at all Friday night so I was a mess yesterday. They kept her overnight but, even though the contractions became more painful, she never went into full-blown labor. So… still no little guy.

They plan to induce on Tuesday and hope she can have a normal delivery. However, since the baby has omphalocele (as well as fluid around his heart), they will have a team on-hand in case she needs a c-section. I am unsure of what circumstances would determine whether or not a c-section is necessary. Trying to get facts from my daughter is nearly impossible because she can’t seem to retain information very well right now. She has been really stressed… and about more than just the baby. She’s just not in the best situation. πŸ™

I’m so sorry to hear that everything is not going perfectly smooth right now! It sounds like she and the baby will have a team of experts, and hopefully they can do everything for them both. You are all in our thoughts!

All good thoughts are deeply appreciated. She’s been messaging me, sending me links to cute and silly videos. She’s like her mother, she finds ways to distract herself when she’s scared, nervous, or stressed.

I’ve been crocheting ALL DAY. Just rows of different patterns that I’ll pull out later so I can reuse the yarn for something specific. My fingers ache, but I’ll be crocheting again until I go to bed. It’s good practice I suppose, and I learned some new patterns last night and today. I’ll be able to crochet a house before this is over! πŸ˜‰

Whatever you can do that is (relatively!) healthy and keeps your mind off of something that basically just requires a lot of patience is a good call. I am glad she is finding ways to cope with what must be such a difficult situation!

Wow, sounds like a busy weekend for you! Chanel Eros is on my buy list, but I’m hoping to catch a promo/rebate to help soften the blow to my wallet, but I can’t wait forever since it’s LE. Wishing your daughter has a safe (and quick) delivery, and a healthy baby!

Still no little guy. They kept her overnight but released her the next day — only because she’s staying right across the street from the hospital. They are going to induce on Tuesday. Because he will be in the NICU after birth, I’m not sure when we’ll really get to see him.

Yeah, that’s a tricky situation with the eyeliner. If you wait, it may sell out because it’s a unique color. But paying that much for one eyeliner is a little painful, especially when you can get a set of three deluxe-sized eyeliners from MJ at Sephora right now. The deluxe-sized MJ highliners contain .01oz — three times the amount of Chanel Eros!

Oh Cat, I really hope everything goes well with the delivery, and you will see your grandbaby soon! Guess what? I was at Sephora inside JCPenny, and happened to stumble across a $25 value set of MJ eyeliners that included Jazzberry. Woohooo!!! The set wasn’t on their website, and it was the last box left, so I pounced on it. I’m wearing Jazzberry today, and it’s gorgeous, thanks for the rec! Chanel Eros is next on my hit list !

Hope you get that blanket finished before your new grand baby gets here! I will be excited to hear the good news. And happy birthday to your daughter?

I finished the blanket on Saturday… because I was awake all night Friday and able to work on it! That blanket is for my granddaughter who turns three later this month. I have started on a new blanket for the baby for when he comes home. He’ll be in NICU during his stay at the hospital so it wouldn’t get any use while he’s there.

I would like to be excited, but I’m more concerned than anything. The baby has omphalocele and will be taken to surgery within 24 hours of birth, and they found a “tumor” in my daughter when they did the MRI to assess the degree of the omphalocele so the surgeons will be prepared. They are unsure of what the tumor is. They’ve also referred to it as a “mass”… as if that alleviates worry. :-/

I just want my daughter and the baby home, healthy, and safe. I’ve been a nervous wreck for weeks.

Oh no! I just saw your other comment about your daughter and the baby. I’m hoping your whole family will be ok, sending you my support from afar

Thank you. I really appreciate that. I am taking my laptop with me so I might pop on here and give an update tomorrow night. Or, I might pass out. I didn’t sleep at all last night. I didn’t even go to bed because I knew it would be fruitless. Eventually, I will be able to relax and get some rest. I don’t think my daughter slept much either… which is quite understandable.

I’ll be so glad once we’re able to get her and the baby home (but not her significant other). I know she’ll be happy to be home because she’s been telling me how much she hates being there, how much she wants to be at home where she feels safe and comfortable. I’m really hoping things go smoothly and neither her nor the baby need to be in the hospital for long.

This sounds so stressful. It is now Monday night as I am writing this, so tomorrow is induction day. You, your daughter, and that little one will be in my thoughts.

Thank you. It has been very stressful. Almost every time she went to the doctor, she came back with bad news. It’s been a high-risk pregnancy for a number of reasons and I’ve just tried not to think about it so I could function.

When I think about just how frightened she must be, I just start to cry. This is a situation I can’t make better for her and I’ve felt so helpless as a mother.

Cat, how is your daughter and the baby? I wish we were friends on Facebook so I could check in with you. My full name is Tammy Burtch, if you’d like to add me to your friend list. I’ve heard I am hard to find (my security settings are set high). At any rate, I am hoping all is going well.

Sorry for not posting sooner. I was at the hospital until 1:30am, then again from 6:30am until 11:30am. I came back to the room and crashed… without even removing my makeup!

My daughter and grandson are doing well! She did not need a c-section, thank goodness! We were able to go into NICU to visit with the little guy and we stayed for quite a while. He was moved to Children’s Hospital a few hours ago but I haven’t made it there… yet. I’m getting ready!

Here’s a link to some photos I just uploaded. =)

Oh my goodness, Cat, little Ely’s pictures brought tears to my eyes. I am so relieved that he and your daughter are doing well. I know that there is more to come for you, your daughter, and little Ely. You are all in my thoughts.

Haul: Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliner in Fireball and Zodiac, MAC Trolls lipstick in dance off pants off, Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Violate, Clinique bottom lash mascara, Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, and Urban Decay all nighter foundation in 1.0.
Weekend plans: Mainly just work. I go on vacation next week so I’ll be working the next several days.
Do you play any musical instruments?: I played the clarinet all through high school and college but I’m not even sure I could still play that well.

I like them so far. I’ve never really used liquid liner so I’m kind of trying to get used to that lol. But so far no major problems..i mainly got them bc I got sucked in by the pretty colors lol. And I don’t have anything else in m stash quite like them.

On a totally random note, wherever I click the link from my email to view the correspondence, my phones gets a virus attack and shifts from your page to some “your android has virus” page that i can’t get off of. I end up having to go to your page separately then find My comment…. Anyone else experience this or just me?

That is really weird, Mo! If you can take a screenshot and email me at christine[at], I’ll have my team look into it.

Is this in the email that notifies you of comments/replies?

Haul: No purchases this week.

Weekend plans: Watching the Olympics, going out for brunch, hopefully enjoying a considerable drop in humidity.

Instruments Learned: Piano and alto sax. Wish I was more talented musically.

Haul: Suqqu Autumn Color Collection Brick Red Eyeshadow Quad, Extra Glow Lipstick 02, and Blush Urushibi. Then passed by the RMK counter and loved their new theme, Classic Cinema moments, so added the Eye Liquid in Silver 01 and Lip Gloss (05) a deep mauvy orchid.

Weekend plans: Beers by the river, catching up with friends.

Musical intruments: I was always rather tone-deaf, so sadly no.

Surprisingly good for a Japanese lipstick. They usually tend to be more like glosses rather than lipsticks, but this one reminds me of MAC satin lipsticks. I think they have to add some more pigmented colors now that they`re breaking into the Western markets, at least in the UK. Thanks for all the great content, btw. Have you done a review of Tarte`s Swamp Queen palette? How would I search for it on your site? I live in Japan so I want to know as much as I can before investing into Sephora stuff and ordering online. Thanks!

I am jealous of your summer! Last Wednesday it was only 14 degrees Celsius here!
But I am very happy my Smith brushes arrived, within a week! All the way from Canada! Yay! And this turns out to be a very satisfying makeup-week: I bought the Nude Blush eye palette from Burberry, and it’s on it’s way! Also second hand is another purchase: a back-up of my Khaki PrΓ©cieux Waterproof Stylo Yeux from Chanel. I am very pleased that I accidentally found it (wasn’t really looking for it) because it’s such an unique shade and it does something magical to my eyes. Trying to sell some of my items as well to make place for the new comers. πŸ™‚ I have to take it easy this weekend because the concussion I have (I refuse to say ‘my concussion’ any longer) is bothering me again… πŸ™ Doing my makeup is a good distraction: I can do it indoors, by myself without to many head movements. πŸ™‚

14! Ahh!

Happy to hear you got your Smith Brushes so quickly, Ouineque! πŸ˜€ Chanel’s eyeliners are beautiful – I so wish the formula was better for me!

Within one week! All the way from Canada… I mean, wow. And yes, it’s true that Chanel’s eyeliners, at least this one, is a bit hard. But once it’s on, it doesn’t move! πŸ˜€

Haul: been good. Went to 2 Sephoras yesterday, and only bought 3 sleeping masks. Who ever heard of 12 bucks at Sephora? Tried to get some Viseart @ muse, but it wouldn’t go through. Don’t want the double order thing to happen again. I think it’s an iPad thing. Ought to start with the regular computer. Lesson half learned. The sleeping packs are rec’d. What’s to lose at that price? Liked the waterline pencils and kale I put on. I’d def get kale if I were 20 years younger. Nobody even looked at me funny, even itrw. Those darks are such conservative colors in everything but l/s, that they don’t shout at all. Unfortunately, I’m not iris Apfel. Watched a POV on her last night….fascinating. Plans: the usual, plus anti haul videos. Need some inspiration, or to have some sense knocked into my head. Even Courtney (Phyrra) did one. Esp since I now have skincare addiction as well! Finally turned on the air. They lied about it being cooler. Jussi doesn’t mind. He stays on the porch to lie in the sun, too. At 108 heat index. I don’t let him. He might meet a new chihuahua adoptee this w/e. They both have Oedipal complexes, so it might not go too well. I had recorder once, but was unable to find a teacher. One of my college nightmares was a class in music history (not theory) in which the prof asked me to go to the piano and play a chord….s.t. Like an augmented seventh in A. Totally freaked out and Dropped that one quickly; can’t even read music. Fairly knowledgeable about ‘classical’ though.

A mere $12 at Sephora? That’s practically unscathed πŸ˜‰

Hope the doggie meeting goes well for the two of them KJH!

Haul: Viseart Cool Matte and Dark Matte palettes ( I took advantage of the Muse pro beauty sale and got both for $128, thanks for the heads up on that Christine!).
Weekend plans: Laying low other than cleaning, laundry and cooking for the week.
Backyard plans have stalled because we keep breaking the sod cutter. ? That’s okay though, it gives me more time to pick out things for certain corners and pops and all that.
Do you play any musical instruments?: No – I tried to teach myself piano when I was little but couldn’t make it past Chopsticks or that other song (can’t remember the name of it). I sound like Christina Aguilera in the shower though, if that counts.

NYX Cosmic Metals in 06 (light warm red metallic shimmer) lip paint. Want to get Speed of Light as well, currently sold out at the NYX store.

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