Free for Haul Friday, Volume #293

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Smashbox #ShapeMatters palette, LORAC Pro Metal palette (review shortly), Zoeva palettes
  • Weekend plans: Father’s Day feast!
  • Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: I don’t mind them! If that’s what makes someone’s life easier on a gift-giving occasion, I’m happy, as I can purchase whatever makes sense at the time.

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Isn’t he a gentleman? πŸ˜€

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Haul: Nothing, which is good.
Weekend Plans: Going to see “inside Out” tomorrow
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: Yes, I do. A gift card is always better than a gift you can’t use.

Aww, Mellan looks kind of serious here !
Haul – Jill Stuart Juicy Oil Rouge Lip Gloss (the cute packaging got me), Milani Bella Eyes in Cobalt and Chiffon, Paula’s Choice sunscreen and moisturizer
Weekend – kids birthday party, will take Dad out next weekend
Gift Cards – love them, especially Sephora ones!

Haul: nothing but all these companies tempt me so lol
Weekend plans: Going to dinner w/ my family for father’s day
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: yes especially when it comes to make up or book stores.

Mac lipstick(btm), lip conditioner, Extra dimension shadow x1, Clinique Mango lip balm.
relax this weekend. Saw Spy this week and going to see Jurassik World today while the hubby is at work.
Love gift cards so I can buy what I want.

Mellan is a gorgeous gentleman. xoxo for Mellan from me and the boys. Have a great weekend Christine.

Ha ha…aw, Mellan. So prim and proper! πŸ™‚ We had a black lab growing up who would cross his paws like that and I always found it so funny.

Haul: A few items from the latest Chanel Les Beiges collection: Marinière No. 1 face powder, blush stick in No. 21, and Le Vernis in Beige Rose.

Weekend plans: Starting to pack and prepare for our trip to Denver!

Gift cards yay or nay: Definitely in the yay camp! I LOVE receiving gift cards! I always say that the best gift you can give me is the gift of shopping. πŸ˜€

My Siberian Husky crosses her paws too. For that matter, my little black cat does as well. It is so freaking adorable when animals cross their paws!

Haul: Clarins LE Aquatic Treasures bronzing compact – that’s all, except for my NEW CAR!!!

Weekend plans: younger son coming home tomorrow evening and Fathers Day brunch for my hubby and kids

I LOOOOVE receiving gift cards – Sephora, The Bay, Lululemon – I’m over the moon to get gift cards from those 3 stores especially.

It was a toss-up between the Lexus 350, which I liked plenty, and the Toyota Venza, which I absolutely LOVED because it drives a bit like my Mazda 6 Sport Wagon (if they still made that car, I’d have just bought another!). This one is used (like half a year old!) and came loaded with features that didn’t even exist when I got my last car. What gives me even more pleasure is that I was able to give my daughter my car (which only has about 44,000 miles on it….I don’t really like driving!). She was really needing a new car but as a newlywed with a new home, there wasn’t a lot of money in the budget. I honestly think my delight at her having a “new” and safer, more reliable car is even greater than it is about my own car (at one point, I actually wanted to get her the new car and I’d have kept my old one but hubs drew the line at that one!). Thanks, Christine, for the congrats. It seems that every really rotten drive is out on the streets now that I’m driving a new car….some ditzy dame coming OUT the one-way IN lane of a parking lot yesterday as I was going to the liquor store!)

Awwww! πŸ™‚ Win-win, really, it sounds like. I bet your daughter is so thrilled to have a “new” car — 44K miles is nothing at all!

And I hear you on having a new car and all of a sudden it’s like twenty near-accidents occur, lol!

Stately Mellan..such the gentleman. I miss my doggy. Still in the hotel. Planning to be back in my house by Mon.! πŸ™
Haul: Not too much this week with all that is going on with the disaster at my home unexpectedly. insurance will take forever for reimbursement. But it is a crazy thing that actually will be on the roofing company. So, I am nervous as heck with an upcoming surgery and a week in a hotel already. But, I can’t resist some things! πŸ™‚ I hauled the Lorac contour and metals eye palette. ColourPop metamorphisis eye kit ,Swift, Homie, and about 5 or 6 shadows ( I am not sure what they are as I left them at the house), Nars Angela.
Weekend Plans: MAJOR home clean up. Apparently, in 2005, the former home owners who had an addition built on, used a company that instead of hauling the scraps( shingles,lumber,insulation) decided to dump it into the ceiling and use plaster of paris vs regular plaster for the ceiling. Eventually the weight was too much and it came down. Thankfully, we happened to be out.If that had fallen on is, it may have killed us or really injured us. Our TV , couch ,coffee table, curtains, hardwood floors, all is a mess is not a total loss. Plus the dust is horrible. We have had an industrial clean-up crew and rebuild crew working pretty much day to night all week and it smells horrible and every inch of my home is covered with dust. Watch who does your work..make sure you trust the workers. I would watch them and in the least check on them daily if not more.
Gift Cards: I love gift cards! I can get whatever I want! πŸ™‚
Happy Weekend everyone! πŸ˜€

You’re almost there! At least you will be back and the house will be safer soon and you weren’t there when it happened.

Your right Christine. I know I should focus on the positive. Sorry on the typos…phone is always hard for me if I don’t ‘re – look at it a million times! Picked out the new couch today…there’s a positive. I personally would be okay in the hotel because they wash all the towels,lol. But, my daughter gets bonkers, lol! πŸ™‚

Ugh..I know..The workers said Sat., Now they say Mon. But I was there today trying to clean. Up some of the dust and decided to get professionals in to help. Our hotel is 5 min from home. So , she’s been doing her regular activities. But, kids go ,go,go from the second they wake until crash. Its pretty wild. Lol. I sometime wonder when one starts requiring coffee to start.:)

Hey, Nicole, sorry to hear about your home disaster. When it rains, it seems to pour πŸ™ At least everyone is safe and sound. Property can always be replaced, but not pets and people. I’ve been postponing some home renovations, just dread having to babysit the contractors. Hope your house is cleaned up soon, and you can enjoy some of your Colour Pop goodies

Thanks Katherine! It sure does! Lol. At this point , all I can do is be grateful that we are all ok and that at least it made me finally get the walls painted,lol! It definitely could be worse. It is pretty sad that we have to watch contractors. I have always felt like I should just get out of their way.

Thank God that none of you were home when it caved in! Some of these contractors out here, I’m tellin ya, putting all that crap overhead like they did, is downright criminally negligent, if you ask me! And you didn’t need the stress of this happening right before your surgery, either. When it rains, it pours, but eventually the sun comes back out and so does the rainbow! Hoping for things to get a whole lot better for you, Nicole.

Thank you Nancy! Your so sweet. Yes, I could have done without all of this..true.But, not much I can do now except roll with it. Like my grandma always says,”This too shall pass”. Since it was not water or electrical,etc damage, the insurance typically would not cover . it will be a drawn out process I have a feeling, but they decided in this circumstance to involve their attornies and reclaim the funds from the company ultimately responsible. I’d like to press some sort of legal action because I don’t see how its not negligent. But, apparently, this kind of stuff happens often. Pretty sickening Imo.

Thank you Telesilla. It was pretty crazy. Someone was watching over us. The construction worker had me pick up a piece of the plaster . I could barely lift it. Had to be close to 70#. He said with the force of the fall and the weight coupled with nails,edges it could have meant serious injuries or even fatalities. My dog must have caught some of it because she was dusty and shaky..wouldn’t come out of the corner for the night. I sent my daughter to my sisters house the first night and slept on the floor with her.But ,she’s back to her normal self now .You just never know.

Thanks Lotus! We are pretty much over the shock,of it now Just tired of the hotel and cleaning every day.Construction was supposed to be done sat. Its not. Just wearing me out. It will be done soon. Just totally was unplanned,ya know? Stressing me and my bank account. The Insurance adjuster told me that it was safe once the walls were up, meaning they likely won’t reimburse the hotel after that. But, I was there today . There is still so much fiberglass floating around, my skin starts itching and I start coughing. I am going to have a cleaning company come in I guess. Its just too much. I’m going to,be calling the adjusters boss and discussing fiberglass and lung issues. I feel worse for my daughter.This pretty much kicked off her summer break..poor kid.:(

Wow, Nicole, that’s quite a bit going on in the weeks prior to surgery! I highly doubt you’re girl will hold any bad feelings about the mess as I’m sure she knows it was nobody’s fault and that everyone is lucky to be safe, most importantly. But I can understand your worries when it comes down to how the sweet innocent ones are affected, esp at times like a summer break starting! Ugh! Is there anything you can do to fight expenses & speed things up if you detail them about your condition? Stress can be debilitating so maybe the doctors can help? I hope something occurs to make the entire overwhelming situation more of a sigh of relief to you all more quickly than not! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love to you. <3 Hugs

Thanks are always so thoughtful. Yes, it’s been so stressful- my days seem to be running into each other. My daughter is great. She understands and is hanging in there. We picked out her Birthday party spot today . Her Birthday is July 8. But she willingly postponed her party hoping I would be feeling better after the surgery. As far as speeding up things with insurance, apparently and unfortunately, they just don’t care if you are well or ill. it all comes down to the dollar bill. I wound up paying up front for the clean-up, restoration, major furniture pieces we will need( couch ,Tv,tv mounting, storage,etc) up front hoping to reimbursed. It could be a while , I was told at least a few weeks to get the funds and they will only reimburse the hotel for 5 days and we stayed 9 because the fiberglass was just too much and we couldn’t be in there to clean without coughing and itching- much less sleep. Plus, that sets me up for pneumonia so close to a major surgery Insurance makes no sense. I just hope they reimburse me back what I expect. I am going to try to argue for the full hotel reimbursement with a physician note ( who I see Thur). Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Mine are always with you as well. XXX πŸ™‚

Wow, I’m so glad no one was hurt! That sounds awful, and I hope either your insurance covers it or you can sue the contractor for the repair cost!

Our house’s previous owners also had suspect contractors when they remodeled, luckily the worst we had was a busted pipe in the basement because they pushed sawdust down the kitchen sink drain instead of vacuuming it up.

Thanks Alice! Insurance is supposed to be covering everything. But, so far I have paid for everything. Supposedly , I will be reimbursed. I better be. The insurance company is attempting to track the company who did it. Im,pretty uneasy about it and want an entire first floor( where the addition was) roof inspection. And I want them to pay for it.

Haul: Origins Plantscription Eye Cream and Hand Cream. I’ve samples both and they’re great — the eye cream you can actually apply to the lid, which I think is great.
Weekend plans: graduation party for my niece
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: I prefer them! I like ‘consumable’ gifts, or gift cards I can spend as I please.

Haul: A Clarins exfoliating toner repurchase.
Weekend plans: Run with brother a couple of times, since ma is heading out of town!
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: Yes! I prefer them.

Meghan, is that the Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner? If so, I also love that stuff. I know the instructions say to use it once or twice a week but I’ve used it every day at times and there is absolutely no problem because it is so gentle but effective.

Yes it is Mariella! I use it every day too (used to use it am & pm, but now just pm) and I love it. It’s a holy grail for me, and I also love the First Aid Beauty exfoliating pads (which I use in the am) and the Michael Todd organics Blue Algae toner. I like to check out what Caroline Hirons’ recommendations since she’s a U.K. skincare guru & the Clarins toner is one of them πŸ™‚

Hey Megan, I just started reading her blog here and There. I actually just ordered this Clarins toner and the Pixi Glow tonic based on her recs. I may eventually pic up the FAB pans since I can get those local and they are relatively inexpensive. She has me wanting this serum with a crazy US exchange rate for my sunspots now,lol. I just wanted to thank you. I have noticed you mention her blog a few times. I’ve seen other skin care blogs and they seem to be into a strick”one fits all” long routine.

Awww, Mellan, so dapper πŸ™‚

Haul: My Glominerals order just got in today, woot!

Weekend plans: Take it easy. Need to recover, I can’t handle partying during the week as well as I used to.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: Sure, better a gift card than something you don’t really like. I don’t care that it’s not exactly very personal.

Haul: Natural Republic Aloe Vera 92% Gel and Super Aqua Max Combination Water cream(for combination skin),Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact, Burt’s Bee Peppermint Body wash, CoverGirl Lashblast mascara and Jack Black Beard Lube Shave plus Clinique Post-Shave Soother as a gifts for my father
Weekend Pland?: Father’s day party!
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: yes,because sometime I received a awkward gifts from someone that not close to me to know what I like,so just gift cards is a good to go for them

Nice skincare haul πŸ™‚

I totally agree that gift cards are great for when you don’t know someone that well! It is better than buying something that they don’t want!

Absolutely! And, so fit for a lab too. Most labs I know are such chunky monkeys :-3 You must be pretty good at giving him the right amount of exercise.

Like with people, exercise is good, but good eating habits are even better. Very controlled amount of food, few treats, and I try to only buy treats that have calorie counts so that I have a good idea of what his kcal/day looks like (no hidden calories).

I love the crossed paws. My cats do that, too. πŸ™‚

Haul: I discovered a new indie brand, Rituel de Fille, and ordered three cream eyeshadows. The packaging is pretty but not very user-friendly. I’ve only swatched them so far, but the colors are gorgeous!
Charlotte Tilbury has come to my local Nordstrom’s! I got eyeshadow palettes in Dolce Vita and Uptown Girl, Filmstar Bronze and Glow, and Dark Pearl eye pencil. I had a $20 Nordstrom Note, so that helped a bit! πŸ™‚
Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder Tie Dye Edition in Coral
The new L’Oreal highlighter and highlighting powder in Neutral and a Milani brow and eye highlighting pencil.

Weekend plans: Volunteering at the Humane Society, celebrating Father’s Day with the in-laws, and a Zumba class.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: I love gift cards!

Awww, I love how cute and proper Mellan looks with his paws crossed. I love when my kitty sits and puts both his front legs/paws straight out, like Superman. I call him Super Kitty! I know, I know, I’m cheesy. πŸ˜›

Haul: Finally found Rimmel 107 lipstick at Ulta the other day, and grabbed 2 Real Techniques brushes (blush and setting) during their buy 1, get 1 50% off! Still trying to find the new Covergirl liquid liner.
Weekend plans: Forever cleaning and organizing. Hopefully will get out of the house if the weather’s good.
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: Yes! I’m very picky, so I like getting them for stores I love, like Sephora, Nordstrom and Anthropologie. I can buy what I want, especially to help defray the cost of something pricier on my wish list.

Haul: theBalm Desert Balm during their 50% off flash sale. I’m excited!!
Week-end plans: a bbq with friends on Saturday night
Do I like receiving gift cards as gifts: yes, it makes things easier for the gift-giver and myself. They don’t have to guess what I’d like or ask me for a wishlist, and I get to purchase exactly what I want.

Haul: Bioderma, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, CT Bitch Perfect lipstick, Ct Pillow Talk lip pencil, and CT Retoucher.
Weekend plans: End of summer I finals and studying for COMPs that I take next week (so I can graduate in the fall). I often come over here for a study break!
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?:Β I do. I am very particular with things, so I usually prefer gift cards.

Haul: my MAC and Sephora packages came in, I think I mention them last week! From MAC I got an under eye corrector, the cucumber Fix+, 4 eye shadows (vibrant grape and goldenrod, both ok, but typographic has a lovely matte2 texture and I’m pretty sure sumptuous olive is my new HG shadow. I’ve never known love like this!). Sephora I got the Clinique lip liner in Baby Buff, and my 500 point Laura Mercier perk.

Weekend plans: doctors office for bloodwork, work on Saturday, going into the city on Sunday, and Father’s Day dinner with my dad! I think I’ll try to catch Mad Max while I’m in the city!

Gift cards: yes! Especially if you don’t know someone very well it’s a safe bet. And I prefer to chose my own things so I appreciate cash and gift cards!

Oh, also I’m getting new glasses on Sunday! So I guess that’s both a haul and a weekend plan! πŸ™‚

Haul: Shiseido Facial Cotton, Lush Tea Tree Toner, Nars Smudgeproof, Clarisonic Brush head, Sunday Riley Luna Oil, MAC Eyeshadows in Gorgeous Gold, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Girlie, Beautiful Iris, Satellite Dreams, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive, Swimming, Tilt, Fresh-water, Deep Truth, MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Defiantly Feline, MAC Lipsticks in Heroine and Men Love Mystery

Weekend Plans: I actually have to make a PowerPoint, a lesson plan, and attend a teacher training tomorrow.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: I guess so, it’s nice to be receiving a gift at all. I love Sephora gift cards especially.

I wasn’t a believer that cotton rounds could be any different until I tried the Shiseido ones and fell in love. Now I’m tempted to try the Cle de Peau and Chanel ones, too.

Well if you’re already trying all of those, you can’t leave out the Chanel ones, I’ve heard those are the best of the best, but expensive. πŸ˜‰

Haul: MAC Instigator lipstick, Stone lip pencil, and Fathoms Deep shadow.

Weekend Plans: Putting new brakes on my pickup on Saturday. Guy Ritchie movie marathon with a couple friends on Sunday.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts: YES I love it! I’m super picky and specific about what I want, so gift cards are perfect.

Yeah. I maintain my pickup, husband maintains his car, and we work on our 1969 Thunderbird together. When you grow up on a small farm in the middle of nowhere like we both did, you don’t really have a choice about learning vehicle maintenance & mechanics πŸ™‚

Haul: Mac fix +, Mac 231 (lip brush), Mac 184 (fan brush), and Mac 168 (contour brush). Also picked up Milani lipsticks in Pretty Natural, Teddy Bare, and Natural Chic. I like them all, and Pretty Natural is possibly the best neutral for my skin tone (NC 37) that I have ever tried.

Weekend plans: Father’s Day barbecue with my husband and kids: hamburgers, corn on the Cobb and chocolate cake. We want to take him to see Jurassic World.

Gift cards as gifts? YES! I am always jealous when women show up at the make up counter with $200 gift cards to spend on anything they want.

Haul: Nothing yet… I’m resisting! My mother in law died this week and it’s been so very hard. Trying not to use it as an excuse to haul with abandon! If I do haul, it will be full of Sunday Riley, LM Artist Palette, and Fresh lip balm…

Weekend Plans: Not much, it’s been a hard week.

Cards as gifts: Yes and no. I like them and keep them forever. It’s been so long since I’ve recieved an actual gift though!

Haul: I went to shop at a Sephora store last Friday, but ended up buying a ton of MAC instead. lol
Kat Von D shade and light eye brush from Sephora.

From MAC
MINERALIZE SKINFINISH NATURAL in Light (I’ve missed having this one.)
FLUIDLINE BROW GELCREME in Dirty Blonde; I was checking out the Anasatia Dipbrow shades, but they all ran WAY to dark for me. I might pick up MAC’s Ash Blonde later on if I like this. πŸ˜‰

Weekend plans: My Grandma’s B-day, she finally out out of the hospital this week!!!
Learning how to inject insulin. O____o Yeah I’m somewhere between a type 2 and type 1 diabetic. It’s been a month since the first diagnosis, so the clinic is giving me insulin to start taking to bring down my high numbers until I can see the Endocrinologist and figure what is happening with my body properly. The medication I’m on after 3 weeks is having little effect. >__> The only good news is that my Ketone levels were very low, so I’m currently not doing damage to my body in this high blood sugar state (or losing weight rapidly!)

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: I like money, yes!!! I’m hard to buy for because of my size 14/16 proportions, plus I’m a makeup junkie and makeup is a something that is more personal.

I want to hug Mellan right now. I need something to squish to make me feel better. lol

Squish away, he enjoys a good hug. He’s an affectionate dog, but he enjoys getting affection more.

Hope you can see the endocrinologist soon!! Fingers crossed for you πŸ™‚

Haul: IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette. It’s 50% off on Ulta today!
Weekend plans: African American Music Festival in Baltimore, MD. Spending Father’s Day with my dad.
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts? Love it! That way I can purchase exactly what I want, when I want it.

haul: I messed up my no buy with a set of LORAC Liquid Lustres, the UD Mia Wallace lipliner, and a blue UD liquid liner all on the cheap from Nordstroms Rack. I paid like $11 for that LIquid Lustre trio and it was LE, a total steal that I have no regrets about. …Then of course I went to regular Nordstrom and picked up MAC Extra Dimension e/s in Sea Worship and Smoky Mauve, so that was not a steal but they’re very nice. Smoky Mauve is actually an unusual color for me and it’s so pretty with my offbeat lipsticks. It’s close enough to neutral that it doesn’t compete, but it has enough color to really bring brightness and complexity to the face! πŸ˜€

Weekend plans: kettlebell workout, maybe read a book for this summer book bingo thing a friend set up. πŸ™‚

Gift cards: YES PLEASE. One of my grandmothers is an amazing person–loving, intelligent, open minded, stands up for herself, the list goes on and on, she is a pleasure and more than worthy of looking up to. She is, however the worst gift giver I know. For a few years now she has given me bags–purses, totes, mini-backpacks, duffel bags, all kinds of bags for Christmas. And they are all just arrestingly heinous on the eyes. Furry quilted knit that sheds icky orange, purple, and green hairs on my apartment if I dare look or even think too hard in its direction? WHY NOT? Mini-backpack with elaborate and slightly nauseating busy paisley pattern in all jarring shades of warm colors? OF COURSE. My little sister got a similar tote obviously from the same designer in blue and green tones and on my mom’s advice we re-gifted them to our other grandmother. As mom put it, “They’re both 90, she will love them” and she did. The really depressing part is that I’m sure she pays too much for these awful things, and I’ve got so many now, I can’t just keep them around! Besides that, I’m actually really picky, I only want what I want, and if I want it I’ve probably already bought it for myself!

Awww!! I actually have someone similar in my life that doesn’t really know my style/preferences so I always feel bad when I receive things that I know I won’t wear. At least you’re able to make your other grandmother happy with ’em πŸ˜‰

Haul: Too Faced Matte Natural palette and Beauty Expert Darlings set, The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz cream, LUSH Cupcake face mask (I exchanged it for 6 empty packagings, such a good concept), and last but not least bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (it was 60sek/7usd instead of 395sek, I couldn’t pass!!)
Weekend plans: Midsummer celebration!
Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: Yes I love it! My family honestly isn’t the best at presents, they don’t know a lot about makeup haha.

Haul: mac stone lipstick, shiseido lip gloss in marachino for 12.99 from winners

Weekend Plans: laundry, going to a nearby area for the day-we’re gonna go out for breakfast, check out the superstore as it sells milani, wet n wild, and elf apparently, and just see what else there is to do, father’s day on sunday

Gift cards: yes, particularly ones for book stores.

Haul: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (which I love already), Nyx Pore Filler, Nyx Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Crepe, Nyx High Voltage Lipstick in Wine & Dine

Weekend plans: the usual–baseball and errands

Do I like getting gift cards? Yes. I like actual gifts, but gift cards make it easier for people and I’m perfectly fine with that, especially since my mother really likes to shop online for gifts.

The Amazon wish list is a godsend for those who prefer to shop for gifts online. I make everyone give me theirs, LOL! Or else they’ll end up with something small and a gift card.

A most distinguished gentleman I must say! Love his crossed paw-paws! Mellan is precious <3

Haul: Since I didn't get a op last week too report that yes, I did get my very 1st ColourPop haul in my hot little hands! The first look I did was with Sugar, Krinkle and also MUFE Black Satin ( very sparkly, but so gorgeous!), Quarters and Highly Waisted on my cheeks with a little Poolside to sculpt, MAC Ravishing on lips. Been REALLY enjoying all my cheek products daily! Pie w/ Monster is a pink cheek I do look great in, wore it yesterday with Maybelline Blushing Bud topped with MAC Domestic Diva lipglass. Love Butterfly Beach w/ Quarters and/or Poolside. Getting more!!!

Weekend plans: Last weekend was crazy busy, but in a good way! This weekend? The usual, I'm generally a creature of habit! Although doing my mani/pedi today with Orly Naked Canvas, such an ethereal and cool, pale , glowy shade.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts: I'm perfectly fine with it. In fact, I *almost* prefer them, lol! Because then I get to pick out something that I know for a fact I'll actually use. That said, however, I most certainly and sincerely DO appreciate any and all thoughtfully chosen gifts that I have ever received from others!

Haul: Nothing. I made a Colour Pop order, though not as large as I’d have liked. lol I ordered Coconut, Bill and Girl Crush shadows; Monster, Hippo, and Smoke n Whistles highlighters; and Pegacorn and Rain blushes.

Weekend plans: Pick up my younger son from MIL’s (he switched places with my older boy last weekend); celebrate Father’s Day.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts? Not as much as cash, because then I can buy whatever from wherever. I don’t mind gift cards, though. Truly, I’m thankful for any gift I receive.

Nothing like cold, hard cash! What’s nice about that is if you don’t want to buy anything, you can just save it, too!

Woohoo! Happy Friday! Dapper Mellan.. So gentle and poised. πŸ™‚ My last furbaby crossed both sets of legs in all things HE did! He loved his reflection, stared for hours, and preferred pink blankets and pillows to any other color.. We also learned he was sneaky and drank coffee.. He was so unique! And you really must take great care of Mellan because I do not know 1 golden retriever owner that can say no to extra treats or food.. Those faces and brown eyes.. How do you do it? He’s so svelte! Good for you, though! He must be extremely happy that healthy! πŸ™‚

Haul: I’m so very proud of myself! Early this week I received the ColourPop order I made which included The Metamorphosis collab quad, Jet, Feather, and Swan. And.. I BOUGHT NOTHING THIS WEEK! :O I feel I’ve enough variety from ColourPop to ever order again.. Though I say that excluding extremely unique things in my favorite colors! πŸ˜‰ Oh, I’m not sure it counts as I bought it prior to this week, but I hauled gifts for my father for Father’s Day! A big set of Issey Miyake’s Classic male grooming scent selection! He loves their aftershave balm, so this was a great deal and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it! πŸ™‚

This weekend I am resting & spending some time with the father on Sunday, of course! Oh I’ll also be going through new boxes that were sent to me from my storage! That means MAKEUP! I totally forgot SO MUCH I had put in a friend’s storage back in the city! It’s all sealed and fresh so I’m hoping to be able to give most of it away! πŸ™‚ As time & stamina permits, I’ll be going through that and making assessments. πŸ™‚

I think gift cards are a grand idea EXCEPT iTunes.. I can’t really use them as cash at any store I want… I feel badly about not needing them because recently someone gifted me a large amount in them and I’m not an app/game person & I prefer to own music.. A large part of my life! So any ideas are welcome! Otherwise, I feel they are a classic & thoughtful gift. Either way, I’m grateful to be thought of! πŸ™‚

I’ll play with him instead, which he enjoys almost as much as eating, and is better for him anyway! Plus, he’ll gobble up anything you give him in seconds, and at least play time can last a little longer, lol!

One can only imagine the stash you must have!

Have a lovely Father’s Day, Lotus! Hope you enjoy the time spent with family, as I’m sure you will πŸ™‚

Playing is the best! πŸ˜€ That is so great to hear because I’ve witnessed many pet owners neglect playtime and that makes me sad! That box.. I’m not even going there right now, way overwhelmed! And thank you, Father’s Day was lovely. πŸ™‚

Haul: Clinique Quickliner For Lips in Sky Violet, Buxom Lip Tarnish in Wardrobe Malfunction and Scandal, Sephora Colorful blush in Over The Moon, a few more nail polishes, and I finally picked up Milani’s Luminoso baked blush (after hearing it mentioned repeatedly).

Weekend plans: Celebrating Father’s Day with my husband and the kids. My stepson will be arriving on Sunday and spending two weeks with us so we’re all looking forward to visiting with him. I think we might also head back over to the pier to see the humpback whales again while they’re still at Avila.

Do you like receiving gift cards as gifts?: I don’t mind gift cards at all. The only difficulty we’ve ever had was when we received one for a restaurant that didn’t have a location even remotely near us.

Ummm, not so much. I applied it twice, using different techniques and different brushes, and… I failed. Or, perhaps, it’s just not a color/finish I can work with easily. It was either feast (I looked like a shiny, peach clown) or famine (layer, layer, layer without seeing any result). I seem to have difficulty with baked products. I’m having my daughter return it — she’s customer service at the store at which I bought it. At least I satisfied my curiosity!

Mellan seems deep in thought. I love when dogs cross their front paws like he does here. Cute! <3
Haul, I know I said I shouldn't but I failed this week. So here goes.

From MAC Sin and Diva lipsticks, someone here mentioned Sin, ans I didn't have it so I went to just check it out, and it turned out I really liked it, then Diva also a good colour for a bit of lip-drama. I also stood swatching like mad before I decided to buy Stolen Moment Extra Dimension eyeshadow.

Sales are on so from Sisley I got an eyeshadow in Amber, Not on sale but I felt I wanted to try it, Cocoa Powder Foundation in Golden Light from Too Faced, unfortunately I think it's a bit on the warm side for me. From Bare Minerals I got an eyeshadow quad, The A-List.
I also got some skincare and some sunscreen.

Weekend has passed and I had no plans, and I really didn't do anything fun.

I think giftcards are an OK gift. A lot better than to get something you really don't like and then having to excange that.

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