Free for Haul Friday, Volume #202

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: I bought soaps and candles from Bath & Body Works earlier this week, but they’re not here yet!
  • Weekend plans: Β Shaun’s family is coming to visit, so we’re going to be having a lot of family time this weekend!
  • Do you have any pets?: Just one beautiful big boy πŸ™‚ His full name is Magellan, but it’s been shortened to Mellan over the years (along with 34897234 other names).

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! πŸ™‚

This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Yesterday was game day πŸ™‚ Β It says “Wide Retriever” on the back, LOL!

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I love Mellan’s jersey!

Haul: Nothing! I am finally having a successful no-buy. I haven’t bought any cosmetics since we came home from vacation last month.
Weekend plans: I am cleaning out all of our closets. We’re moving in a few months and I’m trying to downsize before we have to start packing!
Do you have any pets?: A beagle-cavalier mix named Trigger. We adopted him on a whim on his first birthday (I had been begging for a dog for a year and my husband finally caved) and he has become our baby.

β– Haul: MakeUpGeek eyeshadows in ShimmaShimma, Beaches and Cream and Hipster. The pigments in Nightlife and New Year’s Eve. I’m impressed by their quality and wildly annoyed that the 5 eyeshadows I bought dupe my YSL Drive Classy palette I bought last week- and with better application for less than a 3rd of the price. Face palm. Also, MUG eyeshadows have just rendered my MAC shadows useless. Talk about good quality and value!

β– Weekend plans: Nada- and I love this.

β– Do you have any pets?: 5 cats. Felix (12), Sophie(18), Boogie(5) (pronounced Boo-gzee), Zeus(2) and Gus (2)

Haul: Prestige eyeshadows in Hypnotized and Bewitched, Revlon nail polish in Rich (gorgeous pewter shade…Revlon does such a great metallic polish)

Weekend Plans: Working, ugh. Hanging out with friends on Saturday.

Do you have any pets? I personally do not, as my complex doesn’t allow pets, but my mother has two cats named Toby and Fluff and a dog named Murphy. Toby is more or less “my” cat, since I’m the one he’ll spend the most time with when I visit.

It’s worth the purchase, but you may have to hunt for a bit. The display I found it on leads to believe it may be an LE shade, but hopefully it’ll be added to the permanent lineup. (I found mine at Target, if that helps.)

Haul: I haven’t bought anything in sooooo long. And I accidentally dropped “Embrace Me” lipstick in a public toilet this week so that’s like a negative haul. Ugh.

Weekend plans: It’s gonna rain so I’m going to go to the office and clean up my desk. Nothing fun tho’.

Do you have any pets? I’m embarrassed to admit but I have five cats (I’m doomed to be a crazy cat lady). Kittens keep wandering up and I’m a total sucker and say “ok, you can stay”. They’re “The Kitten” (the oldest), Orangejello, Little Girl, Bitchy, and Abejundio.

Haul: alba botanica shampoo in plumeria, NYX Tea Rose lipstick, and I think that is it.
Weekend plans: work, film video, edit, study, church, and work again.
Pets: at the moment I have two dogs, Apollo(catahoula/healer mix), and Calypso(lab, healer, pit mix).

OMG MELLAN!!! Gosh he’s adorable. One thing I wish I could do with the cats is putting nice outfits on them. I have tried but they basically refused to walk, so I gave up πŸ˜‰

Haul: Dior Grege quint and A LOT of shoes πŸ™‚

Weekend plans: Our niece’s birthday party. She’s turning 8 :).

Do you have any pets?: We have two rescued cats, Big Cat and Little Cat. But I also call them a million different things lol.

Haul: I was bad this week and got a few things (this no buy till November is killing me!)
At Rexall theBlam Tolie Blush, NYX slide on pencil in Platinum, and Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Hip.
At Target NYX matte lipsticks in ο»Ώο»ΏHippie Chic, ο»ΏPale Pink (there where half off), and Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Silk.

Weekend plans: Shopping for fabric in Toronto on Saturday and putting together my Alex piece and table from Ikea for a new work station on Sunday.

Do you have any pets?: Not currently. My apartment to small felling for me and I would not want to subject and anime to cabin fever. lol

haul-I bought some items from BBW too! (fall wallflower plug ins)
weekend-The Green Fest in D.C.
pets- a mixed breed- jack russel-border collie-pit bull who was a present from my daughter’s boyfriend when she was 12-I know, shameful to have a BF at 12. A beautiful black cat we found in a marina when we were boating, my favorite-are we allowed to have favorites?-since they are like our kids- our rescue treeing walker coonhound ,who cuddles with me evey night and who is super affectionate, and last, but not least, my daughter’s pot-belly pig, who is adorable even at 100+ pounds

Haul: OCC lip tar in Lovecraft, Marc Jacobs Dot rollerball, Kat Von D Saint rollerball, Philosophy Gourmet Popcorn Toppings, Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation in Shell, Anastasia clear brow gel, tweezers, and brow pencil, Living Proof Full Volume & Body Boosting Travel Kit, TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixir in Absinthe No. 84, Pure Ice polish in Heaertbreaker.

Plans: Hopefully get our flowerbed done. It seems like we’ve been working on our yards for forever! Try to hunt down any Disney Villains makeup from Walgreens. I swear my area rarely gets any LE drugstore stuff.

Pets: I don’t fancy pets that much. I had a turtle when I was younger. Saved up months for her. She was great. Then less than a month of owning her, my family had to stay a week with my grandparents, and my grandfather convinced my grandmother to make turtle soup. No joke. He ate her! Besides a beta fish that lived for eight years, I haven’t been able to get over the loss of my turtle, but my husband loves pets and has been dying to get a kitty. We’re waiting for a Sphynx litter to choose our new kitty. I hope I can love her.

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry about your turtle! I can’t even believe that!

I hope your new kitty will help mend your loss a little!

Something similar happened to a friend when he was little, only with a rabbit & his stepmother. Now, he’s the biggest animal-lover I know! He even took in my kitty when I couldn’t keep her, and could find her a “forever-home”.

Mellan’s such a cutie! πŸ˜€

Haul: I got myself another tote from Burberry, a Canon EOS 60D, three pairs of flats, and MAC Eyeshadows in Divine Decadence and Sex & the Oyster.

Weekend plans: A family friend invited us for lunch on Sunday, a lot of catching up will be involved. πŸ™‚

Do you have pets?: Yes, a lot, actually. We have dogs, horses, an iguana, a fishpond full of koi, a python, and an aquarium with different species of saltwater fish.

Awwwww, Mellan looks adorable in his little outfit πŸ™‚

Haul: Make-up from the Estee Lauder fall collection, and it’s prreeeetttyyyy!

Weekend plans: Do a few chores around the house, but mostly just chill πŸ™‚

Do you have any pets?: I used to have a lab, just like Mellan, but the girl version πŸ™‚ Her name was Lenka. She was the sweetest dog ever. I still miss her so much. I’m actually afraid of getting a new dog, because I don’t think any dog will ever be as perfect as my Lenka was to me πŸ™

Omg he is the cutest thing ever! i have a pitbull sleeping right next to my legs haha

Haul; got a mac pro large duo palette but i need to buy peel off magnets since my depotted eyeshadows don’t stick on there boo! i also got two sponges from mac too

Weekend plans; finishing my discussion questions

Do you have pets? two! a pitbull (1) and a maltese (12) i love them both so much <3

Haul: My backup of Fixed On Drama y maybe FB.
Weekend plans: I have a Quinceanera and visit my grandma.
Do you have any pets?: Yes i have A Chihuahua his name is Hachiko. and He is so Jealous with my mom.

Haul: A few Sephora by OPI polishes, Urban Decay lipstick in Anarchy, and a couple of TokyoMilk Dark lip elixirs in Cherry Bourbon and Salted Caramel

Weekend plans: Get over this abhorrent cold πŸ™

Do you have any pets? Two cats, a rather rotund orange tabby (Vyacheslav) and a gorgeous Balinese (Bosque Brown). However, we are in the process of adding a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy to our family so we’re pretty stoked about that!

That photo is so cute! I can’t even stand it; I just want to squeeze him!

Haul: I ordered a few things from Sephora this week, but haven’t received them, yet. I needed more Josie Maran Argan Oil and lash adhesive, so I ordered that. I also got UD ABC Gum and Too Faced Glitter Glue.

Weekend plans: Husker Football Saturday, but otherwise not much since I’m feeling kind of ick.

Pets: Just one! I have a Bichon-Schnauzer mix. He’s been my fur kid since 2001.

His name is Bubba. When we got him, we hadn’t even planned on getting a dog that day. Once I held him, I wouldn’t put him down, and we ended up taking him home that day. Since he was unexpected, we didn’t know what to name him; we just kept calling him “Bub.” Since he started responding to that, we didn’t want to confuse him, so we added the extra ba to make it similar since Bub isn’t really a name. We find it kind of humorous because here’s a 20lb dog with a name that usually makes one think of a large biker dude.

Haul: Nothing…….yet! I’ve been in a forced no-buy these last few weeks – too much work to do!
Weekend plans: Take my mom to the doctor, the usual chores and catch up on beauty blog reading. I am sooooo behind!
Do you have any pets: An adorable black Lab called Kasumi! She’s one and a half years old – she’s super playful, sweet and funny. And she seems to be over her “destroying” phase πŸ™‚ !

This Friday’s photo of Mellan is one of my favorites ever!! “Wide Retriever” – how cute is that?!! And he seems ready to catch a pass!!

So glad Kasumi is over her destructive phase!!

We saw the jersey at Target, and we both busted out laughing – I had to get it. SO worth it.

I assume Kasumi’s the one showing on your pic? If so, she’s a total stunner! I love labs and big dogs. I myself had a great golden retriever. πŸ™‚

Haul: I bought the Anastasia Brow Wiz in brunette and the Origins Ginzing Mascara. Plus, I bought Rimmel Airy Fairy and Dusty Rose lipsticks.

Weekend Plans: It is raining, so I plan to be lazy and relax.

Pets: A lab mix named Max, a dachshund named Dexter, and a yellow tabby named Honey.

Haul: Picked up a few Butter London. La Moss, Knackered and Dodgy Barnett.
Weekend plans: Fighting off some illness so likely a lot of sleeping.
Do you have any pets?: Two cats! (Ernest) Shackleton and (Humphrey) Bogart.

Haul: Geek Chic eye shadows: Desert Chic, Prepare to Die, The Trickster and Newb. I love all of them and they were a great small company to deal with! I also bought some Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” face cleaners and mask, which I haven’t yet received, but I am looking forward to that.
Weekend plans: Visiting my Grandparents.
Do you have any pets?: I have two beautiful kitties, Pepper and Toby and a box turtle named Doris. I’m a sucker for rescues! If I am able to move into a bigger place I hope to get more. I hope everyone has a great week-end!

cutest doge i can’t. ;;

Haul: Drugstore times!
Essence – Eyebrow pencils in Blonde and Brunette, Stays All Day Eyeliner in black, I <3 Stage Eye Primer and one of their matte glitter polishes.
And a top coat from P2!

Weekend plans: Nothing, actually! I want to go to Metzingen but I'd just stand in front of the Burberry outlet depressed and broke so…

Do you have any pets?: No. πŸ™ My boyfriend's parents have two lovely rescue dogs, though, who I spoil with fuss whenever I can.

Haul: Nothing, but I have a fairly large one planned for next month, so I’m saving up a bit!

Plans: Aside from the regular chores, nothing planned this weekend…

Pets: I don’t currently have any actual pets, unless my 7-year-old counts, LOL? I have to feed, bathe, and walk her; I have to take her for appointments, groom her, and buy her toys… Plus, she’s super snuggly! I always had cats growing up, and until my daughter was born, and I always considered them my “babies”, LOL.

You know, while I totally understand that dogs (or pets) are not children (the human variety) and that there are major differences… sometimes when I hear parents talk to their kids, “Stay! No! Sit!” I am very reminded of early puppy training, LOL!

Haul: Stila Curacao liner, Maybelline Barely Branded eyeshadow (I wanted to try using a base), UD Vice 2 palette, and UD Obsessed and 69 lipsticks. I was unsure whether the Vice 2 palette would be worth but uhhhhhhh WOW. I am in love. I want to wear all the colors all the time. They’re just so…PERFECT. (Christine, do you think there’s any chance that you could put up a how-to on any of the looks you created with the palette?)

Weekend Plans: It’s one of my best friends’ birthdays so I’m making him a cake. Otherwise, I think I’m just going to hang around and chill out.

Do you have any pets?: My family owns a lovable yet crazy golden retriever named Harvey. I’m waiting until I move out to get a cat though.

I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying the colors of the Vice 2 palette!

I don’t think I’ll be doing any how-tos, BUT I know that xSparkage will have some πŸ™‚

Haul: NARS makeup: Shanghai Express lipstick, Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel, Satin Lip Pencils in Isola Bella and Het Loo.

Weekend plans: Catching up on reading for school, visiting my cats, seeing a friend.

Do you have pets?: I have 2 cats, but they are in foster care (that’s why I have to go visit them).

Haul: Just ordered some Hakuhodo brushes. S103 Powder Blush Brush pointed (finally back in stock, yay), G5521BkSL Highlight Brush pointed, J5541 Powder Brush Round & Flat and Yachiyo medium pointed. Also, the Chikuhodo brushes I ordered two weeks ago finally showed up in the mailbox this week, GS-T Temari Brush and MK-2 Powder Brush (seriously the softest thing ever with the prettiest handle ever!).

Weekend plans: Celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday on Saturday.

Pets: Unfortunately pets are not allowed in the apartment I live in. I have grown up with cats and desperately want one (or two or three). I live by myself a few hours from where I grew up and don’t know a lot of people so it can get very lonely at times.

90!!!! Awesome πŸ˜‰ Happy birthday to your grandma!

You’ll have to tell me whether you feel Chikuhodo is significantly better than Hakuhodo and if it merits the price tag!

Haul: Urban Decay Vice 2, Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2, Urban Decay Venom and Naked lipsticks, Urban Decay Venom lip liner, Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara, Dr. Hauschka Pure Care cover stick in 01, Tom Ford lipstick in Flamingo,and BeautyBlender brush cleaner. It hasn’t been a good week for my bank account…

Weekend plans: Attending a continuing education course my clinical’s company is putting on at the clinic. While it will be useful, it also means early mornings all weekend.

Do you have any pets?: Two cats at my apartment with me, Jace and Sage. At home, we have two cats, Cass and Violet, and a mini schnauzer named Lexus.

How does Lexus get along with the cats? I’ve never had a cat (allergic), but I’m so surprised at how many people have cats and dogs together!

Haul: UD Vice 2 palette (the fun purchase) and Dermadoctor KP Duty body scrub (the not-fun purchase) from Sephora.
Weekend Plans: An art show tomorrow morning, and then I’m off to see the Wizard! The Wizard of Oz is in IMAX 3D theaters for one week, and the nearby IMAX is showing it!
Pets: I have 2 kitties – Wrigley and Fenway. (I’m a baseball fan!)

Aww!! πŸ™‚ We used to have a dog blog, but honestly, I could not keep up with that and Temptalia. I’d love to write about something else on occasion, but I don’t have the time to really dedicate to another blog, unfortunately!

That pic of Mellan is stunning! He’s such a beautiful dog.

Haul: nothing!
Weekend plans: I… I actually have no idea how to say this in English. Induction weekend, perhaps? Orientation retreat? In French, we call it “Weekend d’intΓ©gration”. Basically it’s a trip organised by second year (or more) students for first year ones so we can all get together and know each other. It’s quite a tradition in France, especially for post-grad schools like mine, to create a group atmosphere. It’s SO MUCH FUN! So this weekend I’m meeting a bunch of new people, playing games, and dancing till late in the night! πŸ™‚
Do you have any pets?: my dear cat AlizΓ©e (see the pic)! She’s impossibly sweet. I also had a dog and another cat I lost a year and a half and a year ago, sadly. We miss them so much, but I feel blessed they both could live a happy, long and healthy life, even in their old age.

Thank you, Anne! πŸ™‚

We call that orientation here! πŸ™‚ Sounds like you’ll have a blast!

Sorry to hear about your two beloved pets, but I am so glad they had long and happy lives!

Haul: I bought Clinique Take the day off Cleansing Balm and Clarins Gentle Exfoliatior Brightening Toner. Bot products were highly recommended by Caroline Hirons, the “new” Skincare guru. I think her philosophy makes sense and my skin likes both products so far.
Weekend pans: Yesterday a thank you issue organized by my company and today watchin youtube, tv, go to the election and have pizza with a friend tonight.
Do you have any pets?: No. But our neighbours cat sometimes says hello.

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