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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #192

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Nothing but I think something is supposed to arrive later today!
  • Weekend plans:  We’re going to have a nice dinner out on either Saturday or Sunday as a kind of “date night.”
  • Pool, lake, or ocean?:  Pool!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! 🙂

This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Summer is here!


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Julia Avatar

Haul: Nothing!

Weekend Plans: Our German exchange student and his family are coming to our house on Saturday. His family is going elsewhere on their road trip on Sunday, but he is staying with us for a month. Then, on Tuesday, our Spanish exchange student is also coming back for a month long visit! I also have to study, study, study. Our finals and practicals start next week.

Pool, ocean, or lake: Lake, as long as it is deep and fish/weed free, or at least I can’t see the fish/weeds. Pools aren’t fun anymore, not after 18+years of competitive swimming. I haven’t liked oceans since we went snorkeling on a windy day. Everyone swallowed so much salt water and lots of people were throwing up…gross.

Julia Avatar

It was. They both are actually just coming back for a visit. Our Spanish exchange student was with my family for a year in 2011 and our German exchange student was with us for 6mo in 2012. Our Spanish exchange student came back last year as well for a month stay, so our German exchange student decided he would come to stay for a month this year. Not to be out done, our Spanish student decided to come back as well for a month this year. I never had brothers growing up, and now I have two! We honestly could not have asked for better kids.

Sunny Avatar

Mellan is one lucky happy in his doggie pool! Seems like he can’t decide which toy to pick up first lol

Haul: Dior Capri Diorblush Cheek Creme and YSL Pink in Paris Rouge Volupte Shine. I figured it’s time to finally check the Rouge Volupte Shines out, and I really love the formula of the Dior cream blush!

Weekend plans: There’s a typhoon raging outside in Taipei, so Saturday will most probably be spent holing up in the house. Hopefully something fun on Sunday though!

Pool, lake, or ocean?: I’m going to go with ocean because I love snorkeling!

Ani_BEE Avatar

Haul: Nada I’m a no buy (or try to be on a no buy) til October to save up for a Canon EOS 70D.

Weekend plans: Wedding shower.

Pool, lake, or ocean?: Lake! Our frigged Canadian lakes, then Pool. 😉

xamyx Avatar

Haul: Salma Hayek/Nuance Cheek Trio in Mauve; Physician’s Formula Bronzer/Blush Duo in Bronze/Natural; a random, off-brand eyeliner pencil set at Ross (it was $2.99, so I grabbed it on a whim, LOL).

I had a CVS ExtraBucks for $4.50, and was planning on just the Cheek Trio, but when I got to the store, I noticed PF had $6.00 EB, so I used the $4.50 on that, and grabbed the Cheek Trio withe the $6.00!

Plans: Nothing yet…

I much prefer a pool, although I’m not big on swimming, anywhere.

xamyx Avatar

PF has been on sale *alot* lately! I like the brand overall, but I rarely buy anything impulsively from them because at full price, it can get expensive. However, with a $6.00 rebate, or 40-75% off, I’ll usually grab something.

Precious Avatar

Nice way to cool off, Mellan! Has he ever splashed you, Christine? 🙂

Haul: Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipsticks in Bright Plum, Deep Burgundy, and Devon Sunset; Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (to wash my make-up brushes with); St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

Weekend plans: We’re planning to take the kids to a nice place down south, so I’m hoping for clear weather.

Pool, lake, or ocean?: We have our own pool at home and I rarely swim in it, I prefer the beach. 🙂

Yellowlantern Avatar

I’m currently in the market for a high-ish performance one. That’s $1000 or less. Costco has a few on sale that puts the price in my range so I’ve been looking at those. Also asking the business that supplies the laptops for my work if they have any thing that meets my requirements. 🙂

Lacey J. Avatar

I’ve really cut down on buying makeup since it seems I never want to wake up early to get to ready for work nowadays. The past month I’ve only worn makeup twice, and this month so far it is twice as well.

I’m running out of some basics. Concealer mainly, so I will probably pick that up eventually.

Haul: Since I am running out of concealer, and I dont seem to have enough time to do all the appropriate steps in the morning for my face makeup. I thought I would pick up covergirls 3 in 1 foundation, primer, concealer and foundation. I haven’t tried it yet. I hope it gives me good coverage, enough so I can just throw that in the morning with a little blush, a lip butter, and some mascara, and my brows.

I also bougt the new Maybelline Falsies big eyes in WP. Just for the heck of it.

I miss being enthused about getting ready in the morning. But work sucks honestly. I only get one day off at a time, and usually I just spend that day off running errands and cleaning. So it’s not really a day off. LOL.

I just need to find a way to do my makeup bare minimum to where I look put together without too much time and effort. Anyone has any suggestions I would be glad to hear them. Products or techniques!

Weekend plans: THE GYM, and also WORK. might have a date too but I keep pushing it out because honestly with my schedule I don’t feel like I have the time or energy for a boyfriend.

Oh… and a lake… :), I love the ocean but I’m closer to rivers lol.

Veronica Avatar

Last year, I was working full time and attending school along with it, so I did a lot of five minute makeup on public transport. One of the things that I found helped right off the bat was keeping a small makeup bag full of “basics” that went with me wherever I went. Cream products are also a major help, as they can be applied with fingers and smoothed out easily. I usually kept a cream blush and shadow with me, with a good concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and a lip shade or two in the bag. No fuss and travel friendly. I generally recommend eschewing foundation if you have good skin – I prefer Kevyn Aucoin’s suggestion of using a high coverage concealer and using your fingers to gently smooth over “problem” areas like redness or blemishes, blending it into your skin rather than covering the whole face.
On a side note, Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation is pretty high coverage. As I wear my foundations sheer, even one pump is almost more than I need, so it should work fairly well if that’s what you’re looking for!

VickyM Avatar

Haul: I had a huge haul for my standards I bought:
Chanel Peridot nail polish (repurchase), since I finished my first bottle I went and bought a second one on my favorite counter, I love how they still get stocked on long lost LE polishes and items like no ones business.
Estee lauder apricot Sun lipstick, this is a very nice color that I had no dupe for in my collection
Lancôme L´absolu rouge lipstick in 354 Rose Rhapsody, the most gorgeous pink rose lipstick in my collection, glorious.
A Drugstore pearly white nail polish.

Weekend: Finish a final project paper for a class, go out, pick up a Chanel eyeliner, and maybe another lipstick.

Pool, lake or Ocean: I love pools for some reasons and the Ocean for others, so to me it would be both.

Aida Avatar

Look, there’s a puppy in the pool! Mellan is as cute as ever 🙂

Haul: I’m not a good example this week, as I’ve allowed myself too many expensive beauty purchases, but here it goes: from Dior’s Mystic Metallics collection I got both quints, Bonne Etoile (which I think translates into Lucky Star) & Constellation and two of the nail polishes, Destin & Galaxie; I also got YSL’s Gris Underground nail polish, which I’m completely in love with, such a beautiful gray with a hint of lavender, I would say). I love it so much I painted both my toe and finger nails with it yesterday. Lastly, I got a JulieG nail polish in Kickin’ It, a gorgeous, vibrant turquoise color.

Weekend plans: Nothing planned, it’s still raining everyday in Georgia 🙁

Pool, lake, or ocean? Lake and ocean! We lived in Gulf Shores, AL (on the gulf coast) for three yeas before moving to Georgia and our place was 5 min away from the beach. I don’t like to lie in the sun, but I LOVED going to beach every now and then for a nice walk and to watch the sun set. We occasionally went swimming in the ocean, too. We love hiking and most of the states parks we go to have lakes and it’s always lovely to hike along the lake or go out on the boat :). I’m not much of a pool person though… Maybe if we had our own, that would be one thing, but I never go to a community pool…

Mariella Avatar

Haul: Also nothing (though Shoppers Drug Mart is having another 20X the points even tomorrow so I’ll be getting some mascara and another Essence mattifying powder)

Weekend plans: my final dress fitting and “undergarment” shopping – yeesh! Also the final meeting with the people doing the reception to finalize table linens, etc. Both families getting together for Mass on Sunday (mother in law’s former priest is filling in at DD’s new church – in the city where she’ll be living with her new husband – so we’re all getting together for Mass and brunch and so Nana can see the kids’ house!)

Pool, ocean or lake: how ’bout all three depending on where and what time of year and what the conditions are in the lake!

Rachel Avatar

Nothing yet (just got paid yesterday), but I’m going shopping tomorrow:
Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000 Hyaluronic Acid Complex Serum
Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Shiseido Urban Environment Oil Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42 for Face
Anastasia Brow Whiz Medium Ash

and exchanging Stila Kitten Single Eyeshadow for another one because mine broke after only a few weeks of use

Rachel Avatar

Forgot the rest (oops! :-/)
Weekend Plans: Pacific Rim tonight with the bf and some friends, the aforementioned shopping tomorrow, and resting/relaxing while the bf plays in a Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Tournament all day tomorrow and Sunday.

Pool, lake, or ocean?: All of the above! probably ocean the best though.

Veronica Avatar

Haul: Covergirl Outlast Fabulous foundation, Maybelline FITMe foundation stick (so convenient!), Mario Bedescu Drying Cream, and Chanel Gri Gri eyeshadow from the Fall collection. Because I’m on something of a foundation kick right now, I also took home a sample of Armani’s Maestro to try out, and oh my goodness, they weren’t kidding about this being the definition of “second skin” technology. My only qualm about it is that I’m uncertain if they have an exact shade match for me, since the shades matching my summer skintone seem to run very warm. Shade 3 seems like a good match for an NW10, so it may have to be a foundation I save for winter. It’s definitely caught my eye, though!

Weekend Plans: I have entrance exams this upcoming Wednesday, so I am spending the next five days eating, breathing, and drinking math, biology, and science.

Pool, lake, or ocean?: I’ll go in any body of water, as long as it’s daylight. Nothing good comes of dark water. *shudder*

Veronica Avatar

My roommate has been raving about the cleanser recently, and after seeing your review for the cream, I just had to try it! 🙂 All that summer sunscreen takes its toll on my skin after awhile.

I did want to ask, though – you mentioned in the review that its efficacy will wear off after a few months due to being an open container. Do you have a recommendation for how often I should replace it after opening it?

Mar Avatar

Haul: Thierry Mugler Alien Taste of Fragrance. I’ve been lusting after this for a year and with the friends & family sale going on right now, I took the opportunity to not have to spend $90 later on.
Weekend plans: Not much! Date with the gentleman tonight. We took the kids out earlier today and that was really the extent of our plans for the weekend.
Pool, lake, or ocean?: Ocean. I was born in a seaside town!

Nicole Avatar

Haul: I had no time and opportunity to shop.
Weekend plans: Just do nothing special.
Pool, lake, or ocean?: Pool, the next ocean or sea is far away.

Rad Avatar

Haul: ysl rouge golden lustre lipstick in bright pink, mac fiery impact blush, 159 brush, mineralize blush in sweet samba and exotic ember.
Weekend plans: Relaxing! Need to have a BBQ now that the weather is nice 🙂
Pool, lake, or ocean?: lake – pretty to gaze at!

Amber Avatar

Haul: Urban Decay Anarchy lipstick
Weekend plans: work on my blog
Pool, lake, or ocean: I can’t swim so I didn’t base my choice off that, but definitely the ocean! I love the beach! The sand, the waves, the people watching, lol!

KaseyCannuck Avatar

Haul: My second Fyrinnae order in a month. I managed to grab Hitched before it sold out, and decided to try some Lip Lustres this time. I’m sitting here wearing Dragons Blood and I can’t believe I found a red that looks good on me. I’m absolutely floored!! Lets just say “My name is Kasey and I’m an addict.” In other words, it’s no-buy time..for a long time I think!

Weekend plans: None.

Pool, lake, or ocean?: Chlorine burns my eyes and does wonderful things to my hair, so I’ll take the natural approach any day!! Lakes are more accessible than an ocean where I am, so I’ll go with lake, although the handful of times I got to swim in the oceans, Pacific and Atlantic, are all great memories from awesome trips.

Mariella Anna Avatar

Haul: I just bought Lorac’s Porefection Mattifying Primer and a bottle of Skindinavia No Shine Setting spray. I’ve yet to try them both, but I’ll report back at next week’s Free for haul.

Weekend plans: I’m going to read and play games alllllll weekend.

Pool, lake, or ocean?: Ocean! There’s something about swimming in a humongous body of water that’s overwhelming and humbling.

Jennifer Avatar

Haul: NARS And God Created the Woman eye palette, NARS Taj Mahal blush, Dior Diorshow Iconic mascara
Weekend Plans: going to the beach with my family so ocean of course! 🙂

Erica Avatar

Celebrating my July 6th birthday all summer (when I can). This week’s haul was sponsored by Nordstrom’s pre Anniversary sale, Neiman Marcus, QVC, Amazon, Sephora and MAC.

Nordstrom’s: Put A Lid On It primer, Lancôme Doll Eyes Limited Edition by Alber Elbaz (sigh), MAC’s Brown Face Kit by Rebecca Moses, NARS radiant creamy concealer (Amande),NARS Cordura & Surabaya duo eyeshadows and Clinique’s lip chubby stick in richer raisin and eye chubby stick in fuller fudge.

Neiman Marcus: Laura Mercier creme eye liner in canard (omg) and nail lacquer in bare mocha.

MAC: another 224 brush, 2 sided pro palette, Stylish Me blush, Nude and Metallic eyeshadows (deep fixation, love’s lure, body conscious) and some permanent classics (mulch, espresso, smut and satin taupe). Nude and Metallics Lipsticks ( show all, restrained and wholesome).

QVC: Philosophy Micro-delivery body wash and super sized face wash.

Amazon: Sleek brow kit , Sleek Sahara blush (love it) and Contour Kit, LE Real Techniques duo fiber collection, powder brush and setting brush.

Sephora: Fresh soy face cleaner and Sephora PRO bent eyeliner brush. My Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush is a little too rough for my eyeballs now.

Plans: back to Nordstroms Saturday with my Mom. She wants her own haul!

I’d rather be in a boat on the ocean or lake.

Madelyn Avatar

I hauled some more of ELF’s mineral eyeshadows, and a bunch of Ulta brand eyeliner with their store sale. At $1 a pop, it was worth trying. This weekend I am going to try playing Pathfinder Society, a type of role playing game. I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but now or never! And I don’t have a pool, but I like the lake better. I like it better when it is not too crowded.

Cat G Avatar

Haul: Tarte Tipsy Amazonian Clay Blush, Lancome La Base Pro, Make Up For Ever 1K Kohl Pencil
Weekend plans: Burgers with a friend tomorrow!
Pool, lake, or ocean?: Ocean

BooBooNinja Avatar

Aw, “Mellan Fridays” make me happy. Have a great weekend, Christine!

ps I’m still on my ban so I have no purchases to report. Woo hoo 🙂

Yanira Avatar

Love Mellan! I didn’t know you had videos too. He’s so adorable. Wish my chihuahua liked getting wet. Giving him a bath is so sad. He gets scared so we do this very fast 🙂

Rikki Avatar

Haul: Urban Decay Revolution LS in Rush. Can’t wait for it to arrive! Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- really liking it! And can’t beat the $6 price! I didn’t think I’d actually like it because it sounded too good to be true! LOL.
Weekend plans: Had my in-laws over for dinner Friday night. Was nice 🙂
Pool, lake, or ocean: DEFINITELY a pool! Sensory issues LOL…. hate the sand!!!

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