Free for Haul Friday, Volume #086

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul:  A bunch of products from Chanel’s fall collection

Weekend plans:  Hopefully catching up on many, many neglected things on my to-do list

Are you ready for fall makeup:  No, not at all; I really wish collections were a little more in step with actual seasons–sure, before it officially starts, but hey, summer just officially began.  I’d rather wait ’til August!

Keep adding your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! 🙂

This week’s Mellan photo…

It’s bat dog!  I posted a few quick videos of Mellan on my Tumblr, too 🙂

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Haul: Armani Eyes to Kill intense 3,4 and 5. NARS blush Angelika, NARS Sheer Glow foundation Deauville, YSL Rouge Couture 06 Rose Bergamasque, Le Metier de Beauté eyeshadow in Jojo.

Weekend plans: Fun quality time with my child.

Are you ready for fall makeup: YES!! I am always ready for something new, as long as my wallet agrees 😉

Haul: MAC’s Hocus Pocus (should arrive today); I tried to buy Jealousy Wakes but found, as so many others did, that it was already sold out; also picked up another WnW Walking on Eggshells to give to a friend who loves the LE Grand Entrance; the lid colour is very close and a much cheaper dupe than UD’s Sin.

Weekend plans: my son in the military is coming home tomorrow and will be home for 8 days so being with him will be a big focus of the weekend

Am I ready for fall makeup – Fall is my favourite time of year, PERIOD, and that goes for clothes, fabrics and makeup so I am ready though I do find it hard to think about fall in the middle of July heatwave.

Haul: Make Up Forever metal powder in gold (#3 I think), MAC Blog Obsessions items (incl. Jealousy Wakes), and a ton of DEX New York cosmetics. I got his mineral glow, tinted hydrator, 2 lip glosses, several eye shadows, bronzer, 2 cream liners (twilo midnight blue and limelight green) and 1 awesome pigment (South St. Metallic Green) which looks great with his limelight liner (amazing for brown eyes!). I also bought a few hair extensions so I can have long, sexy hair (Yay!)

Weekend plans: I’ve got to work but hopefully I will have an opportunity to sport my new red carpet glow look that I learned from Dex (creator of DEX New York Cosmetics).

Are you ready for fall makeup: Not really. I’m really loving the healthy glowing skin summer look right now. Maybe when the weather gets colder and I start wearing my winter wardrobe with “not so bright” fun summer colors. 🙂

Haul: Smashbox 24k e/s, Stila Bronze Illuminating Powder, Stila Azure, Jade, Twig, Vieux Carre, Borealis, and Fandango eyeshadows, Smashbox Bionic Black mascara.

Weekend Plans: CLeaning my apt. on Saturday; photo shoot on Sunday.

Are you ready for fall makeup?: I am, but I could still use a little more time to prepare. It’s like the cosmetics companies don’t think we need luxuries like food or electricity!

Haul: Nars Sheer Glow and 2 NYX Blushes

Weekend plans: Try to rest up, I have been sick for the past two weeks.

Are you ready for fall makeup: I’m in australia, so we are getting ready for spring make-up, which I can’t wait for!!! Bring on the pastel colours!

Haul: I bought a back-up of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, because I use mine so much, and I picked up the UD Fun Palette at the same time. I also hauled a few old LE MAC shadows from a reliable UK discount site; I got Modelette, Wondergrass, Flip and Ego (Starflash). Oh, and Peachtwist blush. Crikey – i didn’t think I’d bought much this week but it looks like I was wrong!

Weekend plans: Going to a bar for a friend’s 30th birthday tonight, but I’m on a diet so no alcohol for me 🙁 Then tomorrow I am baking mini cupcakes for my entire street for our annual BBQ! How I’m going to manage that on a diet I don’t know. The BBQ itself is on Saturday evening. On Sunday we are going to the pub with friends for lunch. And somewhere I have to fit in a workout or two!

Are you ready for fall makeup:

Oops – hit submit too early! And NO! I’m not ready for Fall makeup, even though it’s my favourite season (for makeup and in general) because there are still lots of summer collections to go =)

Haul: Jealousy Wakes, am so excited to try it!!
weekend plans: working like a mad woman
ready for fall collections: yes, but only cuz the colors flatter me more

3 things: MUFE HD Primer in Mauve, MAC Lipglass in Sonoran Rain & e/s in Jealousy Wakes, of course!

Weekend plans: a whole lot of work, Gold Cup final, wine party, and wishina friend happy travels.

Fall Makeup: yes! super ready! me and summer don’t get along so all things fall I love although waiting for the Givenchy’s fall line is making me crazy (having time to save up for it is good though).

I didn’t buy anything this week, but I went to try Kenzo’s new perfume in limited edition cause I want to ask for it for my birthday.

Weekend plans: Taking care of my dog, she’s been ill that week, having infection and kidney problems, she had to stay at the vet with drip and antibiotics since tuesday so now that she can be back home, i’ll take care of her. I was so scared i could lose her…

I’m not really ready for fall… I’m worried i might now like fall collection, and I already want to enjoy summer as much as possible.

Mellan’s so cute !!
For pet pics, are all pictures ok? cause I have pictures from this winter and since she’s not yet as well as usual, I don’t want to take a pic today so i’d post one of this winter if that’s ok 🙂

she is actually, they managed to stop the infection and she’s more energic so we can bring her back home. We were scared cause she didn’t eat for days. But the vets finally managed to make her eat and to take care of her infection. I was so relieved when they told us we’ll be able to get her tonight! Thanks for your reply ! I really appreciate. I guess that as long as you’ve had 1 dog, you cannot live without them anymore. She’s a member of the familly to me

Indeed !! She’s with us now, we just have to give her meds and redo her bandages but i’m so glad she’s back with us. And the vet will check up on her on Monday again.

Haul: going to check out the fall chanel collection after work today, planning on hauling some nail polish, eyeshadows, and the khaki eyeliner

Weekend plans: not sure, just started a new job where i don’t work weekends (for the first time in almost 3 years) so i have no idea what to do!

Fall makeup: no i’m not ready, it is too early for fall collections i just picked up some summer stuff from MAC and NARS…august would be better for fall collections

I love the Mellan pics. 🙂

Haul: First in a looooong time! I got MAC Parisian Skies, Evolution Revolution and Sonoran Rain. I wanted Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus but I was too late. Lousy work meetings got in the way of my online ordering!

Weekend plans: Gardening and the boring house work. Hopefully I can sit on the couch, catch up on blogs and get over this terrible sore throat I have 🙁

Fall makeup? I love fall but am so not ready for it or the makeup. There was a lady on the train the other day wearing dark lipstick and it just seemed too soon. I love the corals and pinks of summer.

Have a nice w/e Christine and all.

Haul: Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus e/s; Cargo Swimmables Eyeliners.

Weekend: A yummy lunch tomorrow with my husband and son… Middle Eastern/Lebanese – a favorite!

Fall Makeup: I do think they rush the seasons, but then, all of fashion industry does that. God forbid you need a coat in winter! You should have bought it in September! LOL!

Haul: Nothing. Not this week at least… Actually that is wrong. I just didn’t haul any makeup items…I was in England on an exchange with friends so I hauled some accessories, a super comfy sweatshirt, and a pair of nautical flats.

Weekend Plans: Reading, Sleeping, Eating. Nothing much. (READ: NO SHOPPING)

Are you ready for Fall Makeup: NO. Summer just started! And why must they make Summer seem so short when I still have 2 1/2 months left! Plus, these MAC Collections and the Sephora within walking distance from me, they don’t make my wallet happy.

Mellan looks like a happy running dog!

Haul : a whole lotta stuff… The summer sales have just started here in France! I got skincare, a Sisley eyeshadow, a Guerlain KissKiss lipstick, a bunch of Sephora accessories (tweezer, brushes), and I don’t remember the rest :p

Haul: Nars Pro Prime Eye Shadow Primer
I’m having a no-makeup weekend. It’s midsummer, and I’m just relaxing. Time for sauna soon!
I always like to know about upcoming (Mac) collections, but for now, I’m just waiting for Semi-Precious which comes here in 7 days! (1st July) Thanks for the swatches, Christine.

Haul: Nothing and Nothing till November unless someone can get me some Inglot.

Weekend plans: Bento I’m preparing for a picnic.

Are you ready for fall makeup: It’s still summer… that’s crazy talk!

Haul: Jealousy Wakes & Evolution Revolution from MAC, two Victoria’s Secret mascaras

Weekend plans: Going to the wedding of two good friends! I’ll be in tonight doing a test run of my look just to make sure everything looks right, since I hate rushing at the last minute!

Are you ready for fall makeup: No way! I love summer way too much. But I’ll still give in to the collections!

Haul: Maybelline Falsies Mascara, Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette and Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush. Also FINALLY got the UD naked palette!
Weekend Plans: Packing for Summer vacay!
yes i am soooo ready for fall makeup

Haul: Jealousy Wakes (was able to order before it was marked as sold out, so hopefully I’ll get it!), Hocus Pocus and Evolution Revolution

Weekend Plans: Nothing planned, but I’ll probably force myself to clean the entire kitchen (inside cabinets and all that stuff).

Are you ready for fall makeup: In a way I am. I’ve been waiting for and looking forward to wearing bright and colorful summer makeup for months now, but now that summer is finally here all I can think of is deep burgundys and dark, smokey browns.

Just a general question (seems as good a place as any to ask it): I just opened my package containing Hocus Pocus. Mac’s site shows this as being Velux Pearl but the label on the actual shadow says it’s a Satin. To me, not having applied it yet (I’m on my way to try it out), it looks more VP, Frost or Duochrome than Satin. Anyone else????

Thanks, Christine. You’d think MAC would get their act together (in more ways than one….like making MORE Jealousy Wakes, for starters!). I’m going to check the US site to see how it’s described (not that it matters now, since it is sold out).

no haul this week – what a change of pace

wkend plans – working, running errands, etc

fall collections – im ready if they are fabulous, if not, then i can wait 😉

After a few quiet weeks, did I ever do some haulin’ this week!

I got Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, and Sonoran Rain < All gorgeous, by the way!

I b2m'd for Impassioned Lipstick.

I picked up MUFE Aqua Cream in #15 at Sephora.

I have a Sephora order coming today, with the Naked Palette (finally, lol), MUFE Beauty in a box, Make Up Tricks and Treats (what a steal, the cost of the box is less than the one Aqua Cream that it contains!), and some skincare stuff.

Not much planned for the weekend. My hubby wants to watch the NHL draft, so I'm sure that means the guys will be here.

I love fall makeup, more than any other season. As soon as the long sleeve tops come out, so do the vampy colours. I'm not quite ready for it yet though, as the summer just started!

Haul: Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks in PEACH and PETAL. MAC Blogger’s Obsession e/s in JEALOUSY WAKES (YES!) and HOCUS POCUS; l/g in EVO. REVO. (was delivered yesterday– love it!!)

Weekend plans: Nothing much. Just supporting my friends who will be in the Pride Parade in Chicago on Sunday!!

Are you ready for fall makeup: Sure. Since it hasn’t been much of a summer (it’s been rainy and cold in Chicago), I feel that, as sad as it sounds, fall is basically just around the corner— 🙁

Friday Friday Friday YES. 😀 Been a long week but tomorrow is a sleep-in day!

Haul: Just Jealousy Wakes and Caqui, from the Bloggers’ collection.

Weekend plans: A graduation party, maybe making some chili or other crock-pot goodness (it’s 65 and rainy here!), and definitely the sleeping in.

Fall makeup? Nope. As much as I love it, it’s only June. The Chanel collection is making me drool, but I’m not buying it now just to have half of it sit in my makeup drawer.

Weekend! Yay!

Went absolutely nuts at MAC this week. I was married two weeks ago and wanted to purchase almost all of the colours from my wedding makeup (had it done at MAC). Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to get Jealousy Wakes, but I did get the following:

Eyeshadows: Expensive Pink, Gleam, Handwritten, Coppering, Sushi Flower

Lipstick: Shy Girl, Brave, Hibiscus (got the last one in stores! Yipes!)

Plushglass: Ample Pink

And a tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink

Weekend plans involve bars and clubs for the start of Pride week here in Toronto!

And please, no fall makeup yet! I’m still loving the summer trends!

Haul: Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette + Tako & Dollipop single shadows, OCC Lip Tar in Trollop, Coastal Scents Creative Me #2 Palette, Kryolan Aqua Color in Black and I just ordered the Tarte True Blood Collection. All current lemmings have been taken care of, with the exception of the new Tarte Balancing Foundation. Still waiting for that to hit Sephora…

Weekend plans: Clean my apartment, organize/purge my stash (gotta make room for all the new stuff!), and finish reading Game of Thrones.

Are you ready for fall makeup: Meh. Too soon to think of Fall anything…

Haul: I went on a Chanel binge, grabbing Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in BR10, Rouge Coco Shines in Bonheur and Romance, Inimitable Intense mascara in Purple, the Lilium quad and the Oasis quad.

Weekend Plans: Homework. *sigh*

Ready for Fall Makeup: I want the new Chanel eyeshadows! Alas, after my haul this weekend I put myself on a buying timeout for one month.

Haul: Jealousy Wakes of course 🙂 A bunch of indie cosmetics too from High Voltage Cosmetics and Darling Girl Cosmetics!

Weekend plans: Just trying to see the boyfriend

Are you ready for fall makeup?: Nope I’d like to stick to bright summer make up and I’d like to avoid the prospect of fall because of school!

Haul ; jealousy wakes, hocus pocus and sonoran rain from the bloggers obsession collection. Went to a account yesterday and bought e.l. double wear and the powder. Also picked up the smokey pigment set from tartan tale!

Weekend plans ; probably taking care of my sick boyfriend

Are you ready for fall make up ; no way. I love summer colors a lot more than other seasons 🙂

Haul: 4 sleek storm palettes, 2 sleek blushes in flushed and scandalous. Very impressed. Macs cream sheen supreme lipstick in Bare Again. Also I was of the lucky few to snag Jelousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus and Evolution Revolution.

Weekend Plans: Crossing my fingers for sun so we can spend a family day outside.

Fall Makeup: Here in Seattle it still feels like Winter. Im stil praying for sun. I love Fall though, it’s my favorite season. The colors are gorgeous. I guess I better get ready the older I get the more time flies!

Haul:I ordered several nubar goodies.
Plans:Study! weather is perfect,my best friend is in town but there comes a week filled with exams:(

Are you ready for fall makeup? Hell Yes:) I will be on holiday for a month several weeks later,so I will be enjoying some bronze/teal/blue combinations but I am already missing my sultry looks and dark lipsticks.

I pre-ordered some things from the Semi-Precious collection and got my Bare Minerals deluxe brush roll in from QVC–Love it! 10 face brush slots, 10 eye brush slots and an elastic one for my kabuki 🙂 Gonna hold off visiting my Chanel counter til I figure out exactly I have to spare this week for splurging! I also got a couple more Sheen Supreme lip colors from MAC (New Temptation and Good to Be Bad), which are perfect for me because I’m not a fan of traditional lipstick formulas, and I love that they’re a hybrid of lip balm and lipstick. Really hoping they’ll release more shades in the line, because I have 7, and since I organize my lipsticks in rows of 3, it’s looking really awkward! But that’s my OCD talking 😛

Oh boy….It seems every time I do this, I forget the other two parts of the post! Too excited about my makeup, I suppose 😀

Weekend plans: Possibly checking out Alameda County fair in CA.

Ready for fall makeup? I love doing the olive or purple smoky eye look, which is more suited to fall. I’m also super excited about trying metallics (a la Chanel). Or a rich wine lipcolor (MAC’s Good to Be Bad Sheen Supreme) with an understated eye. But I’m just not ready for the fall weather 😛 It’s not even acting like summer where I live yet, so I’m not in a hurry to skip to the next season already!

Haul – Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus & Evolution Revolution! It will be delivered today! Woot!

Weekend Plans – Not much really, going to help my mom & dad prepare for big 4th party they are having. I also have to work on a video for work, and I want to shop for a new purse 🙂

Ready for fall makeup: It’s too warm and humid out to really think about, but fall/winter are my favorite makeup seasons so I am excited to see what’s coming out!

Haul: Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry, Pure Acetone (so I can try to wear glitter polish), a bunch of cheap stuff…saving the fancy stuff for the weekend…hoping to get a couple Chanel and Dior lipsticks.

Weekend plans: Fresno (yeah yeah) to visit my huband’s grandma and gamble.

Are you ready for Fall makeup: Ready to find out what it is, but not ready to buy it since I can’t wear it! Like you I would rather wait until August for it to come out.

Haul: Nothing yet,I am going to this weekend though!

Weekend Plans: Well today is my 24th birthday! So celebrating and such

Are you ready for fall makeup: Guh, it seems that summer just started, I am not ready. Im loving my brights right now!

Haul…some cute yellow leather gloves, but no makeup this week.

Weekend plans: Getting my hair done. Maybe some ice skating. Prep work for Anime Expo.

Ready for Fall? Hell yeah! I don’t care much for spring and summer colors. I’m all about the fall collections.

Haul: Blogger’s Collection: All shadows except Sparkle Neely. All lip glasses except Evolution and Nitro. Couple of shadows from Smashbox, Urban Decay from Hautelook(couple of shadows and tinted moisturizer) Butter London polishes, Barielle and Essie polishes on clearance at Ulta.

Weekend: RELAX

Fall: Not ready for fall makeup just yet!!!

Haul: All from MAC: Eyeshadows in Jealousy Wakes, All That Glitters, Shroom, Hocus Pocus, and Mulch. Lipglass in Evolution Revolution. Lipstick in Creme Cup. Should be arriving today!

Weekend plans: Working, working, working. Closing tonight, 9-4 tomorrow, and 9-4 Sunday. Planning on trying to pick up another shift either Saturday or Sunday night!

Are you ready for fall makeup: Not yet… it’s barely summer!

Haul: Blogger’s Obsession- Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, Parisian Skies, Nitro:licious, and All My Purple Life. Delivered yesterday, and they’re all gorgeous!

Weekend: Don’t know yet.
Ready for Fall? No.

Haul: a new Inglot palette. 3 loreal hip pigments they were on clearance at Walgreens for only $3 in visionary, restless, and tenacious,some lashes, milani blush in dolce pink, maybelline lipsticcks in nude blush and born with it, covergirl lipstain in Coral Chiffon, Milani 3D glitzy glamour gloss in Stylish, and Revlon colorstay clear liner.
Weekend plans: playing rapunzel for a little girl’s tangled themed birthday party.

Am I ready for fall makeup: absolutely not! I love me my summer colors!

Haul: MAC eyeshadow-Lucky Green, a mac duosized sponge (great for travel), and a sample of the Face atelier foundation (awesome). I also got some lotions and candles from Bath and Body works. Coconut mango-Smells great!

Weekend plans: Cleaning out my closets! UGH

Are you ready for fall makeup? Yes but I am currently enjoying all my summer favorites!

Haul: I’m hoping my MAC order arrives today. I ordered Jealousy Wakes (Yay!), Hocus Pocus, Parisian Skies, Evolution Revolution and Caqui.

Weekend plans: Just running some errands and hopefully doing something fun.

Are you ready for fall makeup: No, I’m all about summer and spring makeup. 🙂

I order Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, Sonoran Rain, and Caqui from MAC. I also ordered Lauren Luke’s new brush set, and I’m expecting both to arrive some time this afternoon.

Weekend plans are working, as usual. And yes, I’m totally ready for fall makeup.

Haul: I won’t count the Blogger’s Obsession stuff since it’s not gonna get here until Tuesday evening apparently, boo hoo! So I picked up powder puffs, and some Sally Hansen nail strips and polish.

Weekend plans: Got started early going swimming, took a nice long walk to Rite Aide and Target, and now movies with my mom “Something Borrowed” at the discount theatre and tomorrow a Greek Festival (Greek food is amazing!) and after Disneyland. No IMATS this year. I think next year I may go again.

Are you ready for fall makeup: No, I am barely getting into summer mode by swimming and the sun is finally shining daily here in Orange County, so no way no how!

Haul: Picked up the Tarte True Blood collection 🙂 Also put in my pre-order for EVERYTHING from Semi-Precious! Picked up another Pumpkin masque from Terra Firma cosmetics just today (and they came out with a new lid primer that’s basically their Halloween makeup – I’m kind of excited to try it because I’ve been using their Halloween makeup as an eyeshadow base for the past couple months and I’ve been really loving it)!

Weekend plans: Working around the house… I have too much to do I’m going nuts :/

Are you ready for fall makeup: Holy crap no! I get why the fashion industry works the way it does but I’ve always thought that clothing AND makeup need to be a little better lined-up with the seasons. Summer doesn’t really get warm around here until August! By that time anything summery that you want, you can’t find anymore :/

Haul: Not much this week – Stila tinted moisturizer, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in Greed, L’Oreal one sweep eyeshadow in Smoky for all eyes.

Weekend plans: Catch Up On Sleep!!

Are you ready for fall makeup: Of course! I always like to see something new. Fall’s colors tend to be more my style, too, as opposed to summer’s.

I got Jealousy Wakes and Gorgeous Gold eyeshadows and Soft and Gentle skinfinish from MAC. From Sephora I got Terracotta light bronzer in Blondes and TheBalm Mary-Lou manizer. Not sure how I feel about Blondes yet… I think my Dior Aurora might be better on me.

No fun weekend plans yet.

I love summer… not read for fall yet!

Haul: ELF blush/contour powder duo, stila backstage eye palette and Pixi energy bush in naturally sunny. Planning on picking up a few thing sfrom semi-precious next week <3

Weekend plans:
Are you ready for fall makeup:

oops! I forgot:
Weekend plans: sleepover, work, friends house, studying (last final is on Monday- English yay :))

Are you ready for fall makeup: well, yes. but ONLY because it was raining the whole day, and that makes me feel like it’s fall. But once it’s the REAL summer, then no!!! I want to be able to enjoy the summer and collections without having to think about the fall and going back to school -_-

Haul: an urban decay hautelook order came in! I got a shadowbox palette, a tinted moisturizer unfortunately in a shade too light, and cream shadows in mushroom and grass that I am loving, I need more before they get discontinued! Also I got three Mac big bounce eyeshadows becauseeven though I have oily eyelids, while using nars smudgeproof they work beautifully on me!
Plans: moving out of my college apartment its going to be busy!
Ready for fall makeup?: absolutely not!

Haul: I bought the Chanel Brinze Universal, MAC Opulash and as a gift for a 14-year-old girl MAC All that glitters and twinks. She was so happy. The perfect gift.

Weekend plans: Regenerate my body from the wedding I was invited to. It was a long party.

Are you ready for fall makeup: No, because it it’s still cold and I have no summer feeling, so I can’t wear or deal with fall makeup. It’s to early for that.

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