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I have brown eyes and brown is one of my least favorite colors to wear. I finds colors like bold purples, greens, teals, and blues SO flattering on brown eyes. I don’t do crazy makeup but I do love me some color on my eyes.

I purposely wear colors that dont match my eye color. That is why I bought Jealousy Wakes and am waiting it for it to arrive. Actually the brighter the color and more dramatic the color makes me look younger. Although I love UD Naked colors, they dont make my dark brown eyes stand out like the blues, greens and purples all worn on different occasions. Smokey eyes are a “no no” for me.

With brown eyes and a lot of brown shadow products on the market, I almost always end up wearing something like my natural color.

My eyes are dark chocolate brown, and I find eyeshadows that mach that warm dark brown hue very flattering, they make my eyes huge.

I’m a total sucker for the “Buy THIS set if you have blue eyes!” kinds of palettes, but I never buy them because they are ALWAYS THE SAME: faded sand/rust colors and grayish blues. At least with brown, green, and hazel eyes, palettes offered are normally unique combinations of purples, browns, and greens. πŸ˜›

My eyes are blue and green. I LOVE green eyeshadow, and I realize that matching eyeshadow to iris color is a biiit of a no-no, but I do it anyway, ’cause I love green everything. On the other hand, I find most blues really hard to pull off. I don’t know if they clash with my eyes, or my skin tone, or what (I’m hesitant to say my hair color, because that changes and blues still look weird). So I stay away from those unless they’re really irresistibly pretty or if they play into a look.

I have green eyes and rarely wear green eyeshadow. I prefer browns, taupes and purples to make my eyes stand out.

I have my hair strawberry-blonde and my eyes hazel, and I find golds, coppers and oranges really flattering, though lots of people said to me that orange wasn’t a color for blondes

No, not really a fan of blue eye shadow except for a couple of lighter MAC shades. I tend to go for subtle contrasting colors. Lines like Sugarpill are just not for me. Way too garish and over the top!

Yep, I wear all sorts of greens, golds, yellowy greens and olives. They are my favourite colours to wear as I find they make my eyes vibrant. Green is also my favourite colour regardless.

I have green eyes and though I stay away from bright greens in my make-up, there are several green shadows and liner that I like to use. A really beautiful green for my eyes is mac’s long gone “Zone” – my very first mac product πŸ™‚ and my of course mac’s rosemary&thyme khol which kind of brings out my natural green eyes, though it should do it according to color-theory.

I have brown eyes, brown hair, and light skin, so I look good in brown shadows if I wear color elsewhere on my face. Actually my eyes are so brown only a dark liner would match but the taupe to chestnut range of shadow collies look great, sophisticated.
But I want to hear from blue and green eyed girls. Do they do brights? Tacky brights? Pastels? Navy blue could look great on anyone but what about cornflower? πŸ™‚

I have blue eyes and occasionally I do a really blam! blue look with Deep Contrast and something lighter. Other times I do a turquoise eye or a light blue one. πŸ™‚

I have brown eyes and wear browns & taupes as a rule. Bright colours scare me – i’m afraid i’d just look tacky if i were to wear colours during the day. I think brunettes with dark eyes (like yourself) look stunning in colours but pale blondes….not so much:-) However i do wear Freshlook colorblends contact lenses in green and hazel when i want colour!

Uh yeah – browns are easy to fall back on and work appropriate πŸ˜€ Sometimes the colored shadow I want wear isnt work appropriate

If it looks nice with my skin tone (alone or with other shades), then it doesn’t matter what colour/shade it is. I generally don’t wear cooler blues though, as I look better with warmer tones. Or at least I look better with blues that have greenish/yellowish or violet undertones,

With my blue eyes, I have never liked using blue eyeshadow. I just find that they clash too much for my taste. Although, I do like using grreny

I have brown eyes and I do wear a lot of brown shadows but that’s because I like neutral looks the best. But I’m always on the lookout for colours that will make my brown eyes more intense and, apparently, that is supposed to be complementary colours, so shades like blue, which I find a bit too OTT for some reason.

I read many times it is not good thing to wear eyeshadow matching your eye colour. That’s why I wear purples and pinks to contrast my green eyes. But there is something about MAC Green Smoke hue – although it absolutely duplicates my eye colour, it looks just amazing on me πŸ™‚

I have green eyes and only don’t wear green eyeshadow because I feel like it makes my skin look red.

I have brown eyes and only wear brown shadow because I am to nervous to wear brighter colours and step out of my comfort zone.

I wear eyeshadow in shades that I can wear in clothing. If it passes the t-shirt test, then I know that it will look good on me.

I have brown eyes and I wear every colour except yellow and orange. I ve never worn yellow and orange in all forms (eyeshadow, clothing, accesories etc).
For eyeshadow I like colours and you can even wear blue eyeshadow and make it look subtle.

I have green eyes and could not live without my green eyeshadows. MAC’s Humid and Bitter are among my all time favourite e/s.

I try but i’m having a difficult time wearing blues with my blue eyes
do you have any tip Christine? cause I’m in love with some blues but dunno how to wear them. Thanks !

I have green/brown eyes and I love both green and brown shadows too! I think there’s more to makeup than just the typical “across the colour wheel” shades.

My eyes are mostly blue with some green and gray mixed in. I will wear green (loving Mac’s Humid right now!) and gray, but I mostly stay away from blue…not because I have blue eyes but because I think blue is THE hardest color to pull off

I have brown eyes with hints of green. Love brown shadows, but green just sits there and looks out of place. Maybe I am using the wrong shades?

With Hazel/Honey eyes, I tend to gravitate towards dark browns, yellows, greens, and copper! I have huge eyes, I think these colours complement them.
Also, when I feel like a bad a**, I do the smokey look and it lightens my eyes πŸ™‚

My eyes are very pale grey ( at least grey is what they call it on my DL), almost clear, like you can see every structure inside. I wear grey sometimes but I really love my brights the most.

My eyes are nearly the exact shade of green olives. They are medium opaque with a lot of golden tones underneath. Green eyeshadows that are more on the yellow side (nearly identical to my eyecolor) really make them POP. Golden greens, purples (esp. cranberry), bronzes and browns highlight my irises. Being that my green are on the yellow spectrum, I have to stay away from wearing anything that has blue in it. Purples that have more blue than red, as well as turquoises look horrible on me. On another note, I can’t wear yellow in makeup or clothes as it makes my eyes reflect the shade. People will ask if I’m wearing yellow contacts!

Just to add a question – I’ve also read that it’s wrong to match your shadow with your eye color? What is the reason for that? I see people do it all the time and it looks fine.

I think some feel that it all looks monotone or it takes away from their eye color. Maybe too much X color? I always wear brown and green, and it never occurred to me that I shouldn’t!

I have dark grey eyes with orange, but I don’t do grey eye shadows. Grey does not suit my skin tone.

I have green eyes and I adore green e/s! Some shades of green tend to “wash out” my eye color. I avoid blue, because I am unable to pull it off. Greensmoke is one of the best workplace neutral greens that I have found! I wear brown, but only when I am doing a neutral eye and the best brown for me is benefit’s where there’s smoke!

No, I’ve got blue eyes and blue eyeshadow (even teals) just makes my eyes look dull. Plus it’s just looks harsh with my pale skin and red hair.

When I first started wearing makeup I was told to never wear eyeshadow the same as my eye color because it would all just look washed out. My eyes are slate blue and I stick navy in with some looks but I usually wear golds and browns.

My eyes are green-gray, and I wear those colors all the time! I love silvers, and don’t have an issue with any shade of green. I could see if my eyes were very uniform in color and shade, not being able to pull off certain shades of my eyecolor. However, I’ve got a bit of variation going on, so I find that picking certain shades will make other parts of my eye pop out. For instance, going closer to chartreuse will make my eyes appear a deeper green, but going silver/plum and smoking things out usually make my eyes seem a lighter, brighter green by contrast.

I have grey-green eyes and I can wear all shades of green and khaki, they look great on me. I also wear silver, orange, taupe and a combination of pink and dark grey. Blue and purple don’t work for me.

Not yet really! I’ve got brown eyes, and for all of my life I’ve been anti-brown. No shoes/other accessories, certainly no brown clothes. It just doesn’t appeal.
I’m ok with my eye color I guess, just because they look ‘dark’, but I’ve never reached for brown shadow.
I’ve recently purchased a couple of nice browns though during shadow buying sprees, I’ve yet to try them though!

I have blue-gray-green eyes and so it seems that no matter what I wear nothing matches my eye color LOL. Bough Grey eyeshadow is probably the closest match.

Blue eyeshadow is probably the weakest color on me (tends to muddy my eye color) but I wear it anyway, usually paired with gray and a navy liner that brings out the green.

No. I have boring brown eyes so I try to mix it up a lot. Lately I’ve been into Benefit Velvet e/s “Nice Melons” with MAC Vapour to highlight, Soft Brown in crease and Dazzlelight in inner eye corner. I’m always using color – love UD Deviant with a neutral eye, greens violets.

I have green eyes and do wear green shadows – but am very picky about my green shadows. I find my green eyes will pop more with the right dusky lavenders but not used as an all over shade. Again, it’s best for me to blend. Navy liner will make my green eyes pop. Green liners will make them blend in and not look greener. I don’t like those Almay kits of this is your eye shade so pick me as the colors you should wear and they are all in the green shades.

For some reason, brown looks terrible on me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m very fair, or what the reason is. I always have to wear bright or light shades for it to look okay on me. It’s weird!

I have dark brown eyes, and I love to wear brown shadows sometimes. Most of the time I love bright colors. Blues, purples, greens, and pinks. One of the benefits of brown eyes and dark skin is, you can wear almost anything.

yep, i wear blue and green, especially bright vivid colours and have always gotten complimented.. when my eyes are grey or yellowy [when im mad, tired/crying, respectively] i can match them as well although grey and yellow shades flatter when my eyes are regular colours πŸ˜€

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