How do you feel about the "no makeup" makeup look?

How do you feel about the “no makeup” makeup look? Is it something you’ve tried?

I think it can take a lot of skill to pull off fully, though for me, I don’t want to look like I have no makeup on fully – skin that still looks like skin, absolutely, but teal eyeliner can’t be considered natural and that’s a go-to 😉

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As a guy who appreciates a “natural” look, the “no makeup” makeup look is exactly what I try to achieve. Like Christine said, it’s actually a LOT harder than it sounds haha. I’ve been trying for years now, and am still not completely satisfied. Go figure.

It’s certainly interesting to do! Although I like red lipsticks too much to go for the look often. And eyeshadows. Okay, so “no make-up” make-up look is rarely done outside job interviews for me.

Also, laziness: Sometimes I’d rather go without make-up altogether than spending precious sleeping time in the morning trying to make it look like I’m not wearing any. 😛

For me, a no makeup makeup look just means a look using makeup that would equate to flawless skin that’s naturally healthy, flushed, luminous, bright eyed.. I’m all for the “no makeup” makeup look Less is more 😀

I’m comfortable enough in my own face that a no-makeup look is completely useless to me and actually a waste of time. I’d rather have fun with purple lips or green eyeliner.

I absolutely love it, but I’ve never been able to achieve it. No matter what I do, I can’t get a foundation to look very natural on my skin up close. My skin takes a VERY long time to absorb anything (foundation, moisturizers, etc) and I think this is part of the reason why foundation never looks good on me. I always feel like everyone can see the foundation just sitting on my face and I can’t stand that, especially for a “no makeup” makeup look since a perfect and undetectable base is the most essential part.

I agree thats it might be actually tougher to get right! But it does look every effortless and “I-woke-up-looking-like-that” is what everyone strives for! 😀

I don’t feel the need to really fool anybody that I have no makeup on, but I think it’s the look in which I’d generally prefer to look together with a bit of bb cream, some blush, a lip stain and that’s it. Of course the other person will know you have makeup on.

I love it! My favorite part of the make up routine is the face and that’s all about the face!

I don’t mind it for work, or just more subtle days. But I get sick of people who tell me all makeup should be imperceptible- I don’t want to look OTT but I like colour and fun.

Well, sine it’s the one I have to wear every day (not entirely by choice), I can’t say I’m always thrilled about it! However,if you pull off my personal circumstances, I really like the idea for skin especially! Sure, I love my bright colours and glitter, but sometimes, there is enormous satisfaction to be derived from the perfect ‘stealth’ makeup! 😉

I like the no makeup look I think its great for starters in makeup or people who are not ready to rock another look, but it’s not something I reach for because (like Christine) I don’t want to look like I have no makeup on for some parts of my face and I reach for a lot of things that are not natural, bright lips, dramatic eyes, all that good stuff

I think it can have its uses, but it’s generally not for me. I like doing fun looks that are borderline “unwearable” at times and tend to use either really bright or really dark colors all the time. If I’m going to put all of the effort into getting my face to look flawless, I’d rather go all out and do fun eye and lip colors, too.

I’m just trying to imagine myself in front of my stash looking for things that will only make me look like I have no makeup on and colour and texture are far too exciting for me. There are times where I go for a more natural look or I don’t have time to do a full face, but I like to mix things up and then wear something bolder. I can honestly say I have never tried to put makeup on so I decidedly look like I am not wearing makeup. I guess I don’t really understand the concept because I’m thinking I would simply not wear it and go bare faced. Is the no makeup look the same thing as dabbing a bit of concealer under my eyes, filling in brows a touch and running out the door? Or is this more something done for the photography, fashion end of things, or infomercials before and after pictures (giggle) purportedly without makeup?

I really like the no makeup look, but I have to agree with you Christine, that I think it takes skill to execute well, and sometimes more product than I care to use daily. I think young faces can handle it well. And for me at this age, I DO need a bit of colour as I can look sallow or really tired. (two kids under 4, and I’m over 30!)

Yeah… No. I mean, no red lipstick?! In the words of a good friend of mine, “I spend a lot of damn money on my makeup, let me look like make up!” Haha! Leave that “no makeup makeup” look to Anna Wintour and the likes.

I find it incredibly deceptive, particularly when it’s used on celebrities and magazines…mostly because it’s often used in accordance to the claim that the women in question aren’t wearing makeup at all, which is usually outright false. It’s less problematic to me when an average woman uses it in her routine, particularly since plenty that work in conservative environments that require it. In general, I don’t think it really…works? The best “no-makeup” looks are the ones that correspondingly use very small amounts of makeup. If you’re doing full face, no matter how “natural” you’re going, it still looks like full face makeup to me.

I second the teal eyeliner! Besides, if I’m going to wear makeup,I love to indulge in colours. I just adore brightly coloured lipbalms, tints and lipsticks especially. Honestly, I consider makeup an accessory, what/how much I wear depends on the occasion and venue. Also with my colouring (black hair, dark eyes, pale pink lips, light olive skin), I don’t think the natural look is particularly flattering on me.

For my definition a no makeup look consists of flawless skin, skintone colors and a little shine/shadow.

I don’t do the full no makeup look with covering every imperfection and highlighting/conturing very often. I prefere a lighter version including foundation or tinted moisturizer, powder, maybe a little neutral blush (the old Armani No 5), mascara and a light gloss or lip balm. That’s it, my natural office look I can pimp with some brighter/bolder lip color, when I need it.

I prefer a glamorous natural look- a pretty highlighter, a fresh blush, brown winged eyeliner and lots of mascara. Something that makes me look awake and healthy but also like an adult. Of course, this also makes an excellent backdrop for a fun lipstick…

I adore the no-makeup makeup look, it’s the one look I’d wear to any occasion. However, you’re absolutely right that it’s incredibly hard to execute. Everything has to be subtle and just right.

Pros call this look face zero. When an artist can perfect this they can perfect anything. “face zero” can magnified to the size of billboard and when done right you still can’t all the makeup. Digital enhancement can only help so far you know? I love looking at Biotherm ads in mags for inspiration. Most days I wear face zero. The rest of the week I play with neutrals or strategic colour. Too much makeup makes me look older.

I think it can beautiful on faces who can pull off a “no makeup look”. I tend to look better with than without makeup. If someone is going for the “less is more” type of look, it can be well done. But, a completely natural look makes me appeared tired and dead. haha

“Sometimes I’d rather go without make-up altogether than spending precious sleeping time in the morning trying to make it look like I’m not wearing any.”


ya I do like no make up make up look for days that I am just out running errands.!
I will usually use a powder foundation, fill in my brows, tightline my upper lash line, some mascara, contour around the nose and cheek very slightly, light blush and a tinted lip balm!

My mom taught me as an impressionable tween/teen that the point of makeup was to make it look like you weren’t wearing any. Whether or not this was good advice is up for debate, but it’s stuck with me. I always go for neutrals and more subdued colors except for lipstick, and even there I don’t like super bright lips.

I wish natural look would be more popular. Sometimes u can see girls with literally all colours of the rainbow at the same time & it’s so heavy. If I give my 5yrs old freedom to do a makeup she will ended up with more appropriate look than those girls & she loves colors

I love the no makeup makeup look and am working to perfect it! I think it looks so effortless and modern but still polished. I think heavy makeup can easily look dated and aging. If I wear a bright lip or strong winged liner, I make sure to keep the skin and other features looking super natural in order to keep it looking fresh and effortless.

I often wear waaaaay more obvious makeup, but without the no-makeup makeup look, I look really sick – so I am definitely a fan!

It all sounds wonderful on paper and I would be all for it if only I didn’t look like the bride of Frankenstein without makeup (am looking out of the window as I write and I can see the villagers gathering with their torches!). On the odd occasion that I’ve tried it, its taken as long as it would have taken to put a full face on only to look meh!
Me thinks I’ll stick with what I know best….

I really like it! I like to give myself a healthy skin look.. I am so good at it that co workers have said they think I wear very little make up.. HA It takes a lot of make up/ skin care/ moisturizer, eye cream.. for me to get there.. 🙂

I certainly see how this look pairs appropriately with the extreme elaborate fashion of now but it is so difficult to accomplish. I spend a good two-three times the energy/effort I do normally for an overtly made-up look. I do enjoy it for now.

I like it and I also like when someone looks like they have makeup on and it is done well. The most natural looking way to have a “no makeup” look would be to not use eyeliner or eyeshadow, to go lightly with the amount of brow products used ( I often see brows that looked drawn on), to wear a lipstick shade that is close to your lip color or just lip balm and to use blush that is close to a natural flush or that gives a soft glow. I think what really makes or breaks the “no makeup” look though is the color of a foundation and the finish it gives (if the color matches the skin well and if it makes the skin look too matte/powdery or too shiny/luminous).

Honestly? I think it’s boring. I don’t like doing it, and I don’t care for looking at it. I admire when people do it well because it’s hard to do, but I don’t prefer it. Plus, I don’t like what it does (or should I say doesn’t) do for me, which is pretty much nothing.

It can look beautiful on some people, but I don’t think I’m able to make it “believable”. The give-away for me is mascara, which is always detectable on my lashes. If I don’t wear it people say, “Are you not feeling well?” Generally the only times I notice makeup that I think is the “no-makeup look” it’s probably someone not wearing makeup, or someone wearing only a touch of foundation.

I try and try but I feel lost without my eyeliner. Maybe there’s a way to make eyeliner look “natural” but I don’t think it’s really possible with the shape of my eyes.

Ooh! Can I brag for a sec? LOL! This is actually something that I pride myself on because it’s something I can usually do very well.

I think the biggest tricks are to shade-match, not worry about covering every “flaw” and texture, texture, texture! Nothing makes skin loose it’s natural appearance like the loss in texture and shine. I’m ALL ABOUT the not-so-natural looks but if you’re GOING to go for natural then I think you should be able to SEE your skin.

And one more! Haha!

NO BRUSHES! In my experience “no makeup-makeup” is SO much easier when you use your hands and fingers for almost everything. I find it’s much easier to blend and build with my hands than it is with a brush.

I agree the no-makeup look is hard to do. I don’t mind looking polished and made up, as long as it’s not over the top for the occasion. I recently had to use no makeup at all for 2 months for medical reasons and was surprised to find as time went on that it didn’t look that bad and gave my skin a long rest that I didn’t know it needed.

Definitely something I admire since I started my job which sometimes requires me to wake up extra early. I wouldn’t want to look too made together in those early mornings, and I believe the “no makeup” makeup look really cuts down on time to get ready since there is usually less products involved to achieve the look 😀

Super boring! Why would I go through the trouble of putting makeup on so that it looks like I’m not wearing anything? Might as well have not put anything on in the first place. Plus, it feels kind of like a lie to make people believe that you actually look like that without makeup on.

I like the look but I often feel a bit more color is needed. I think there is a fine line between no makeup makeup and very natural makeup. Skin always needs to look like skin to me. Cakey stuff is a no go.

I feel like it’s really hard to do! Hahah I do like it on celebrities etc but on me it just looks…a bit odd not to have anything defining my eyebrows or eyes…I should give it a go one day but easier said then done!

With a particularly ornate dress or particularly beachy look, I like it. In the office, I like it. Especially on the skin. However, I like one item to stand out – not dramatically as that ruins effect. But enough to make sure I don’t fade into the wood work.

Sometimes, it’s a touch of bronzer/blush and mascara for pop.
Sometimes, it’s eyeliner.

Love the natural look..! And I work in the Medical field so that’s that!! But I really just love looking natural and pretty. It suits my personality. As makeup should, it’s an extension of who you are!! Wether that’s natural or crazy and colorful!!!

I only ever pull use it if I’m going to be meeting the family. I’d take a BB cream, a very light pink blush like MAC Dainty, skip the eyeliner and use mascara only, and use a MLBB lip pencil to get a nice even matte colour.

The “no make up” make up look is probably my most worn look. It’s my everyday, go-to face, and I love it because it plays up my natural features. I get my color in when I want to, but the “no make up” look is definitely my favorite.

Hah, I get this question a lot as a fan of the look! The same reason you want your foundation to look like you don’t have any on. To subtly enhance your features: bring your eyes and lips forward, make yourself look more expressive without bright colors or special effects getting in the way. It’s like having the ability to look like yourself on a good day all the time. Like if you’re undergoing treatment for something, say, you can pep yourself up with a bit of mascara and blush: it’s not noticeable, but you look and feel livelier, if that makes sense!

I absolutely love it and I find it to be my personal go to. I like to look like a more polished version of myself, and just well-groomed. I like to enhance my own features rather than have my makeup take over completely, so basically all of my makeup revolves around this type of thing. I might build up and go hyper-real, putting more emphasis on the eyes or adding a bold lip. The most I’d go for is classically elegant/vampy, but I’m definitely NOT a red eyeshadow, purple lip or hot orange cheek kind of girl. Not that I don’t admire a bold look!

For an acne sufferer who has finally gotten her adult acne under control, the ‘no-makeup’ look is THE dream look. I’m sure I speak for those who suffer from acne that the biggest desire is the look of clear skin. Makeup in this case is more out of necessity to camouflage, and less about enhancement. Even then, the ‘no makeup’ look becomes more like a mask. I’m really, finally enjoying makeup now that my skin is clearer.

I think it’s a lot of effort to look like you’re not wearing makeup. I like to show off my makeup.

I personally don’t do the no make up look because if I want to look like I’m not wearing makeup then I won’t wear it at all. I’ll do minimal makeup, but I like to pile on the mascara. It gives my eyes definition, so just because of that I look like in wearing makeup.

Like someone else said, why spend precious sleeping time making it look like I’m not wearing makeup.

Also I like my colors, so rarely do I want a natural look. Lucky for me my job is ok with bright, bold, or dark looks.

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