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I feel the same with and without makeup. I didn’t start really wearing makeup until last year, age 21…well I’ll still 21, but anyway xD. So I’ve basically been bare-faced throughout high school and college so I’m very comfortable without makeup. And most days I don’t wear any makeup.

I lied, I’m 22 now. Apparently I forgot my age xD. But yeah, didn’t start wearing makeup until last summer.

i do feel more comfortable than before because i can have bare face going out sometimes now but i still more confident wearing some make up . it’s like an extra boost!

Not really, most days I don’t wear any, I only have time on weekends. I would feel self-conscious if I was not wearing any to certain special events or in a professional environment.

I do feel different–more comfortable, because I don’t have to worry about smudging or smearing anything. Sometimes if my skin is misbehaving, I also feel a bit insecure, but not enough to actually put anything on!

I go out barefaced 90% of the time so obviously I feel comfortable doing it, but I definitely feel prettier and sexier when I have makeup on

I certainly feel the same! As much as I love make-up, I refuse to feel like I need it in order to be acceptable out be out in public. I’m going to continue owning agency over my own body and wear what I want, regardless of whether people find it attractive or not. Take that, patriarchy. 😛

I think I look less polished, but I don’t mind going bare-faced – I don’t feel worse about myself or anything. I just think that looking my best gives me a bit of a pick-me-up and is just a nice thing to do!

Otherwise… I think that my makeup is generally light enough that I don’t really feel it on, unless I happen to be wearing a lipstick or something.

Unfortunately I am not as comfortable bare-faced as I’d like to be. I will go grocery shopping or to my friend’s house but not much else. I feel vulnerable without my face on! It’s kind of my protection against the “outside”. Also people assume I’m 10-15 years younger than I am so I find no makeup only makes that judgement feel more likely to happen.

I just hit 30 last year and I finally started to use some skin care products regularly like toner and cleansers occasionally too (mostly Michael Todd products). I definitely feel comfortable without makeup now because I know I’m taking care of my skin. I also started using sunscreen on my face daily last year (thanks to this site and the Neutrogena recommendation as a great cheaper way to go) and making sure I’m removing all of my makeup, which I definitely didn’t do in my 20s!

No i don’t. I didn’t start wearing makeup (tinted moisturizer, blush,tinted lip balm, mascara, concealer, eyebrow pencil) until i was 23 and i’m 25 now. i only wear makeup during the work week and take it off as soon as i get home. I would like to start wearing more eye shadows.

I feel the same with or without makeup. I absolutely go out without makeup on. However, I do usually wear makeup when I go out. I like wearing makeup, but mainly as a form of artistic expression.

No, I don’t necessarily feel different without makeup on anymore. I’ve loved makeup on & off for about 13-14 years & I’m 27 now. I know when I was younger I wasn’t as comfortable in my own skin but since I’m a bit older now I find I could care less about going out without makeup on. Which is probably ridiculous because my collection is bigger than ever now haha. I would also say that having a good skincare routine that really works for my skin has helped a lot & while my skin isn’t perfect I’m not hung up about putting on makeup before leaving the house! 🙂

I actually feel different with makeup on lol. Like older and sexier. I don’t wear much makeup on a regular basis so when I’m full faced it’s like a little extra oomph

Absolutely. If I have acne, I’ll only go out without makeup if it’s just like a quick run to the grocery store or something. Without acne I’m slightly more comfortable without makeup but I’d still rather have a full face of makeup on.

I feel more confident with makeup. As a teen I thought my skin was really bad, but actually it worsened over time due to all drying products I used on my sensitive, extremely oily acne prone skin. I never go barefaced! I really love makeup, so even if I had ‘flawless’ skin, I would still ‘paint’ my face every day- I just love the whole process 🙂

It depends on the situation; I feel so much more put together and polished when I’m fully made up. I’d be uncomfortable at work without any but don’t have any problem going without on the weekends. Tho’ I’d prefer to have some minimal makeup for running errands.

Yes, but like you, Christine, I’m so much more comfortable with my natural face than I was years ago, especially in my late teens. I would absolutely not have gone out without most of my makeup on, and sometimes, I wouldn’t even stay home without my makeup on if anyone might see me besides my mom.

Now I’m in my later 20s and I’m juuuuust starting to be comfortable bare-faced, although it does feel strange sometimes, like I forgot my pants or something!

This is going to sound horrible but I can’t leave the house without makeup on. Without it I feel like a slob. I’m VERY pale and feel like a “nothing” when I don’t have it on. The only time I don’t wear makeup outside is when I’m sick and going to a dr. I actually went on a vacation this weekend and made an appointment for a facial and was mortified to have to walk around the hotel to get back to my room without makeup on. It’s awful but that’s how I feel.

It’s kind of funny that this question should come up today, because just this morning I had to go to the lab to have blood drawn for [routine] tests, and I went practically bare-faced – I wore only mascara, [un-tinted] sunscreen, a few dabs of concealer, a few swipes of powder, and some tinted lip gloss. That’s “bare-faced,” for me. I have dark lashes and brows, large eyes, nice lips, and decent skin, so I look all right with the “bare minimum.”
However, I think I look a bit brighter with some eyeshadow and soft liner.
I’m 50, and, apparently like many others, I felt VERY self-conscious about going bare-faced when I was young. I literally had bad dreams about being “caught” in public with no makeup. These days, while I prefer a light-to-moderate makeup application, as long as I have on tinted lip balm, I feel fairly presentable.

Wear sunglasses it helps! I do it when someone takes pictures of me and I don’t have make up on lol

Cindy, you’re not the only one. I feel EXACTLY the same! To me, when I get up in the morning, I HAVE to do certain things: get dressed, wash my face, brush my hair, brush my teeth, and put my face on ( I don’t wear much makeup, but still…). If I don’t, I feel tired, grubby, washed out, bleary-eyed, and like a slob. Not putting my makeup on in the morning feels the same as if I lazed around in my pyjamas in bed all day . It feels slovenly to me.

I’m pretty comfortable both with and without makeup. Most days if I’m wearing makeup I wear an oil absorbing mineral primer around my chin where I get oily. So on no-makeup days I do feel pretty greasy there.

I feel the same with and without unless my eye makeup our whatever is uncomfortable. Actually, I might be more uncomfortable in more makeup because I wonder if it’s traveled.

I’m always barefaced. I cannot for the life of me wake up in the morning and even think about makeup. I think I enjoy it more when it’s not a daily chore and only for night or special occasions.

While I don’t have acne I have dark circles the size of russia but since I can’t see them without a mirror they’re not my problem. *cackle*

Not really. I guess I notice the difference more if I *am* wearing makeup – like I can feel it on my skin, on my lips, and if I have a good mascara on, when I open my eyes up, my eyelashes tangle in my eyebrows (odd feeling).

I feel good with or without makeup. I like my makeup to be sheer or close to my skin. I feel very comfortable in my own skin. Sometimes I will wear a sheer lipstick shade or lipgloss. I always moisterize my skin and have something on my lips.

I have no eye brows so yeah i feel different. way better wit at least brows on!!! and if i didnt feel any different i wouldnt hoard makeup

I am much more comfortable not wearing make up now than I was in my twenties and thirties. My eyes, lashes and brows are very light so I feel almost invisible, if that makes any sense- like an albino rabbit but no red eyes. Well usually no red eyes.
I don’t wear make up at home but do it going out. Will do a quick coffee run barefaced too.

When I was younger I almost never wore any, but getting (ahem) more mature, I think it helps me look more finished and polished. I definitely feel different without it and think I look better with it, even though it’s fairly subtle (well, ok, except for mascara). It just makes me look more defined.

I sure do! I feel so much of my personality is the face I put forward to the world. I love being the best I can be and going without makeup is not that! Besides, makeup is such fun!

I just don’t feel like me without makeup on, sadly. I feel like people are looking at my flaws and not at me.

It makes no real difference to me except that of course it can be a little like being underdressed at a party. Sometimes I wear just gloss and sunglasses especially in hot weather. Work days though, I want a more put together face to go with my more professional attire. That doesn’t mean I won’t rush out bare-faced at any moment including work if I’m too pressed for time and put a little something on when I have a moment.

I’m two different girls, with and without makeup! I’m really only comfortable WITH it on! I make lots of time for cosmetics!

I’m just as comfortable without makep as I am with it on. I usually don’t wear makep during the day, only when I go out and I take good care of my skin too.

I’m comfortable without makeup and I can go without it just fine. I just feel like a Plain Jane without it, like I blend in, and I’d rather just go out and look really fancy with lots of colour. But it’s not a requirement for me.

I look pretty much the same with or without makeup. Sure I look better with the redness in my face reduced by base product, I like having my brows shaped nicely and filled in a bit, I like having my eyes defined a bit, but I don’t think I have the type of face that looks drastically different. Elaborate makeup looks are lost on me and don’t work, but that could be just my own version of how I see myself speaking. That being sad, overall, I am the type of person that enjoys being pulled together when I go out. I don’t care what other people think or say, but I feel good inside when I get to put on nicer clothes, throw on a bit of makeup, feel pretty and girly..even at 50. For me, that will never change. Do what makes you feel good and it’s great to find comfort in your own skin.

I feel different, but not in a bad way. I tend to think I’m prettier/more put together in makeup, but sometimes it’s fine not to be, I don’t feel like I have to be dressed to the nines everywhere. When I’m wearing a full face of makeup I’m a bit more worried about smudging it, whereas when I’ve taken of I’m happier to do more outdoorsy stuff.

Interesting comments. I hit the big 5-0 last summer. I feel a little undressed without makeup but I make it a point to go without makeup on the weekends and vacations unless I’m going to an event. At my age I’m more concerned with skin care than makeup. I was born with allergic reactions to certain foods and products so I always paid attention to my skin. Now I’m reaping the benefits of being diligent with my skin care regimen (thanks Mom!). When I go out without makeup I slather on an extra dose of moisturizer with sunscreen, my favorite sunglasses and lip gloss.

oh yeah–totally different. i’m a fair-skinned redhead with transparent, basically colorless, brows and eyelashes. i would be very uncomfortable to run into someone i know from my professional life if i were to dash to the drugstore or market without any makeup. i don’t go out with a naked face, but it only takes a bit of blush, liner, and mascara to make me feel presentable.

I’m a teacher so I put makeup on every day. Nothing too precise or extravagant. I stick to neutrals but I would feel very uncomfortable if I didn’t wear it! One time I forgot to wear mascara and I stopped at a drug store before getting to work to buy one! Crazy I know 🙂 I have some discoloration around my eyes so I feel like I need concealer. If I don’t wear it I look tired.

Honestly, I feel the difference without some sort of base product. A decade of acne and acne scars plus super sensitive skin that’s oily in areas with enlarged pores in my T-zone, I do prefer to at least apply a dusting of mineral powder. Base makeup also feels like an invisible barrier between the elements and my skin, like a protective layer (which probably isn’t a scientifically-backed statement). I’ve worn TM since I was about 12 so it feels second nature to have it on. At the same time, I’m fine without it, it’s just a preference.

I do feel different without makeup,just like I would feel if I didn’t fix my hair. My minimal look is wearing concealer and a bold lip. When I was in my 20’s I mostly just wore lipstick but I find the older I get the more products I need to achieve the look I want.

I am pale and have well-pronounced dark circles under my eyes and pale and short eyelashes, so I feel very conscious of that whenever I am not wearing any makeup. I feel that I need to have a bit of color to my complexion and definition for my eyes to feel comfortable. Otherwise, I loooove wearing no makeup and take it off as soon as I get home 🙂

As a student who adores sleep, I only wear makeup about half of the week. I forget that I’m barefaced until the mirror reminds me!

I love makeup, I do. But it’s more of an expression. I’m comfortable leaving the house with nothing on my face. Around the house, I’ll either have nothing or the random lipstick just for kicks. I didn’t start wearing makeup until after I felt comfortable with myself. Now it becomes about how I feel. Makeup can be fun, it can make me look polished. No makeup can feel comfortable. So in a way, it does feel different to not wear it. It just doesn’t feel necessary.

I have been wearing makeup on a daily basis since I started high school, but mostly because I think it’s fun. When I had acne I used much more foundation than before and would never show my naked face outside. When I actually did, I met a friend from school who said “your skin looks weird”. Thank you. Nowadays my skin has cleared up and looks good, and I don’t use as much eye makeup but instead more lipsticks. I think it creates a good balance with a strong lip, almost naked eye and strong bright red eyebrows (I have bright red hair). I feel out of place if I don’t wear any makeup to a special event but other than that I don’t care because I appreciate what I have more now than before, now that I don’t have acne anymore.

I feel better because people treat me better. Especially men. They hold open doors, buy drinks, and let me go first at stop signs when I’m made up. No joke. Women treat me about the same. When I’m not wearing makeup, men don’t even notice me unless they see me from behind with the auburn hair and the big butt. Hate to admit it but it’s true.

I don’t mind a bare face, but it does make me feel prettier and more polished when I wear makeup. Sadly, I use to break-out a lot and have scars on my face, so I feel the need to cover them.

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